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[ ]Movies;Reviews"Her" Brings You and I Closer to Us5:41/292014
[ ]4 Paws for Ability;Mikkelson, Maija;White, Elizabeth4Paws Superhero Spotlight4:11/292014
[ ]Sports;Basketball;Basketball - Women;Jurewicz, Sarah;[Photos];Fund Raising;Bloom Africa;Project WomanBarefoot for Barefeet 7:21/292014
[ ]Greek Life;Fraternities and Sororities;Webb, SarahGoing Greek? Why I Did Go Greek6:31/292014
[ ]Greek Life;College Life;Fraternities and Sororities;Stutz, MorganGoing Greek? Why I Did Not Go Greek6:11/292014
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities;Philanthropy;RetentionGreek Life By the Numbers6:31/292014
[ ]Greek Life;Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT);Fraternities and SororitiesHow Homophobia Hurts Greek Life6:11/292014
[ ]Health;Marks, Josh;Applin, ShirelleInfluenza Infects Wittenberg 4:31/292014
[ ]Academy Awards (Motion Pictures);CelebritiesIt's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Awards Season5:11/292014
[ ]Social Media;Internet;DatingLove on the Line3:11/292014
[ ]Martin Luther King, Jr., Day;Convocation;Wiley, Maya;Concerned Black Students (CBS)MLK Convocation: Speaker Calls for Community [Wittenberg Takes Day To Reflect Upon A Man and His Dream] 3:21/292014
[ ]Sports;AthletesNational Girls and Women in Sports Day7:11/292014
[ ]Bars - Springfield;Restaurants;[Photo]Occupancy Rates Ensure Safety at McMurray's2:11/292014
[ ]Ritter, John;Geology Department;AwardsOhio Professor of the Year: Dr. John Ritter4:11/292014
[ ]Sports;Softball;Ross, Rachel;[Photo]Rachel Ross Honored as Wooden Cup Semi-Finalist 8:11/292014
[ ]Sports;Football;Cunningham, Brendon;Florence, Reed;Widemon, Matt;Kirkman, Desi;[Photos]Seniors Represent Wittenberg at USA Football Bowl [Football Seniors Still Bowling] 8:11/292014
[ ]Solution Center;Information and Technology Services;Sparks, Rick;Dennis, Kathy;Mickool, Rick;QbaseSolution Center Outsourced to Major Technology Firm1:11/292014
[ ]Plays;Theatre;Theatre and Dance Department;Cunning, Moriah;Pytel, Brandon;Parry, Eileen;Rogus, Amanda;Craig, Courtney;[Photo]Student Director Presents "Doubt" 5:11/292014
[ ]Sports;Football;National Football League (NFL);Super BowlSuper Bowl Sunday Full of Intrigue 8:11/292014
[ ]Ayele, Yonatan;Ayele, Belule;International Students;Police and Security;[Photos];AssaultsTwins Arrested [Ayele Twin Arrests] 1:11/292014
[ ]Sherman, Richard;National Football League (NFL)Who's a Thug Now: A Defense of Richard Sherman7:11/292014
[ ]Academics;Awards;Honors;Office of University Communications;Gerboth, Karen;Hall, Leigh;Duraj, JonWitt Implements New Merit Program1:31/292014
[ ]Sports;Ice Hockey;Beebe, Alex;Kennedy, AndyWittenberg Beats the Puck out of the Wheeling Jesuits [Hockey Dominates Wheeling Jesuit] 7:11/292014
[ ]Online Exclusive;Sports;Ice Hockey;Beebe, AlexWittenberg Ice Hockey Crushes Wheeling 1/292014
[ ]Campus Safety;Police and SecurityWittenberg Police Log3:11/292014
[ ]Weather;Kinney, Hannah;[Photos];Lopez, Mark;Brady, Michael;Physical Plant;Duncan, Christopher;Campus SafetyWittenberg Winter Wasteland1:11/292014
[ ]Roys, Bethany;Brown, Katherine;4 Paws for Ability4Paws Superhero Spotlight [Superhero Name: Conan] 3:22/52014
[ ]Republicans;National News;Opinion;Obama, BarackA Presidential Address Long Overdue 6:12/52014
[ ]Honor Societies;Academics;Smiseck, Wendy;Fairbanks, Angela;Mortar Board;Preston Nickoson, Carol;Allan, James;Honors ProgramAcademic Honors Societies: Too Legit to Quit Joining? 3:42/52014
[ ]Campus Safety;Police and Security;Lopez, Mark;Uecker, John;Wissinger, Jarred;CrimeBold Robberies Shake Campus 1:12/52014
[ ]Olympics;Russia;Pankhurst, Jerry;Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT);Dawson, SteveControversial Olympics Begin This Week1:12/52014
[ ]Online Exclusive;Sports;Basketball;Basketball - Men;Masin, Scott;Leahy, Zachary (Zack)Denison Drops Tigers 2/52014
[ ]Drugs;Marijuana;Police and Security;National NewsDrug Violations Getting High(er)? 1:12/52014
[ ]East Asian Studies;[Photos]East Asian Studies Festival3:22/52014
[ ]Online Exclusive;Greeks;Preston Nickoson, Carol;Greek LifeFrigid Temperatures don’t Freeze Recruitment 2/52014
[ ]Fraga, Eduin;Cuba;ArtFrom Cuban Hillsides to Green Bay Packers [American Life Provides New Subjects for Cuban Artist Eduin Fraga] 5:12/52014
[ ]Sports;Track and Field;Track - Men;Track - Women;[Photo];Penney, CraigIndoor Track Season Heats Up 7:12/52014
[ ]Online Exclusive;Sports;Lacrosse;Lacrosse - Men;Owen, Jay;Shoger, Jordan;Bornhofen, Jack;Bergenty, NickJay Owen Tabbed to Lead Men’s Lacrosse Team 2/52014
[ ]Sports;Swimming and Diving;Swimming;Swimming - Men;Swimming - Women;Crum, Jared;Burt, AJLast One, Fast One 7:52/52014
[ ]Online Exclusive;Student Employment;Jobs;Siemon, LauraLife Experiences: Wittenberg’s Work Study Award 2/52014
[ ]Social Media;Technology;HealthMindfulness in the Modern World4:12/52014
[ ]Police and Security;Lucas, Don;Lopez, Mark;[Photo]New Interim Chief of Police [Chief of Police Resigns, Lieutenant Takes Over] 1:42/52014
[ ]Obama, Barack;Rape;Sexual Assault;Campus SafetyObama Gets Serious About Campus Sexual Assault [Obama’s Rape Task Force] 2:12/52014
[ ]Cyrus, Miley;Jane, Hollis;Lewis, Ryan;Macklemore;Obama, Barack;Remsburg, Cory;National News;Social MediaPeople as Props: New Fad or Old Habit? 5:12/52014
[ ]Online Exclusive;Pocket Lint;Alderson, Molly;Pytel, BrandonPocket Lint Show: New Location, Same Success 2/52014
[ ]McCollough, Kiley;[Photo];Sports;Basketball;Basketball - WomenPositive Attitude is a Lesson to Athletes Everywhere 7:12/52014
[ ]National News;Environmental Issues;LaCagnin, MichaelRight to Bear Secrets [Freedom Industries Reports Another Chemical in WV Leak] 2:12/52014
[ ]Study Abroad;Travel;Summer Session;Summer Courses;Bennett, JoAnn;Hunt, Katie;Daniels, Kenzie;Jones, Dorri;[Photos];Jenkins, Allidia;Roys, BethanyStudents Left to Decide the Fate of Summer Study Abroad 3:12/52014
[ ]Super Bowl;National Football League (NFL);Manning, PeytonSuper (Boring) Bowl XLVIII8:42/52014
[ ]National News;Obama, Barack;United States of AmericaThe State of Our Union [Obama Delivers State of the Union Address] 6:12/52014
[ ]Sports;Golf;Golf - Men;Wetterich, David;Chaney, John;Geise, Sam;Stilwell, Sam;Andrews, AlexTiger Golfers Do it Big Over Break 8:12/52014
[ ]Online Exclusive;Alcohol;Alcohol PolicyWeapons of Mass Consumption 2/52014
[ ]Democrats;National News;Opinion;Obama, BarackWho’s really to Blame for Inequality? 6:32/52014
[ ]Goins, DaVante;Veterans;Homeless in AmericaWitt Student Helps Give Homes for Homeless Veterans 4:12/52014
[ ]Police and Security;Campus SafetyWittenberg Police Log 3:12/52014
[ ]Steiner, Rachel;Stevens, Mattie;Waers, Nicole;Records, MollyWord on the Street 4:12/52014
[ ]Seniors;Graduation;Founders Pub;Longstreth, Benjamin;Lloyd, Erin;Reynolds, Sam;[Photos];Class of 2014100 Days Left [Seniors Celebrate their Wittenberg Experience in Founder’s Pub] 1:12/122014
[ ]Olympics;Russia;Global News;Everett, Rob;Journalism;[Photos]Are Journalists' Expections of Sochi Too High? 2:12/122014
[ ]Sports;National Football League (NFL)Cold Day in Jersey, Cold Month in Denver 8:32/122014
[ ]Valentine's Day;Springfield;Restaurants;FoodDinner for Two Review [Springfield Loves Food] 4:12/122014
[ ]Sexual Harassment;Valentine's Day;Picklesimer, Donna;Causbie, Kate;Brems, Emma;[Photo];Kelleher, ShannonDrawing the Line: A look inside verbal sexual harassment on Wittenberg's campus 1:32/122014
[ ]Valentine's Day;Poetry;Mattison, Michael;Writing CenterEver Mine, Ever Thine, Everytime 4:32/122014
[ ]McGree, Ann;Reynolds, John;Miller, Jen;Bergstrom, Tricia;Matson, Kelsey;[Photos]Having Light, Ann Passed it on to Wittenberg [Ann Testimonials] 3:12/122014
[ ]Sports;Ice HockeyHockey Dismantles Rival Denison 8:32/122014
[ ]Valentine's Day;Movies;NetflixIf Your Valentine's Day Date is Netflix: A Guide to Picking the Best Rom Com Now Streaming on Netflix [The Netflix Rom Com Grab Bag] 4:32/122014
[ ]Leahy, Zachary (Zack);Leahy, Zach;Sports;Basketball;Basketball - MenLeahy Leads Tigers Closer to NCAC Championship 8:12/122014
[ ]College Life;SexualityLet's Talk About Sex: A Perspective on Hook-Up Culture 7:12/122014
[ ]Wally Witt;Advertising;DatingLonely Heart Want Ad5:32/122014
[ ]Olympics;Russia;Putin, Vladimir;Global NewsMost of the Stars Align in Sochi Opening Ceremony 1:12/122014
[ ]Johnson, Kelsey;Gasser, Regina;Nichols, Beatrice;Baldwin, Christy;Engagement;MarriagePut a Ring On It [Testimonies from Students] 4:12/122014
[ ]Movies;ReviewsThat Awkward Moment... When the Movie is Misogynistic6:42/122014
[ ]Valentine's Day;McGree, AnnThe 5 Types of People You Meet on Valentine’s Day 7:12/122014
[ ]Marks, Josh;[Photo];Hummel, Melissa;DatingThe Bachelor [Online: The Bachelors and Bachelorettes of Witt] 5:42/122014
[ ]Seymour Hoffman, Philip;National News;DrugsThe Death of An Every-Character Man: Remembering Philip Seymour Hoffman 6:12/122014
[ ]McGree, Ann;Central Dining Room (CDR);[Photo]The Life of Ann McGree 3:12/122014
[ ]Valentine's Day;HolidaysThe Origins of Love [The History of Valentine’s Day] 2:12/122014
[ ]Sports;Basketball;Basketball - Women;Haralamos, Katelyn;Schroeder, Heather;Fogle, Mady;[Photo]Tigers Roar at the Finish 8:12/122014
[ ]Valentine's Day;Hamm, Jessica;Holidays;OpinionWhat About Love? Stupid Cupid, Stop Picking on Me 7:32/122014
[ ]Valentine's Day;Matson, Kelsey;Holidays;OpinionWhat About Love? Why I “Love” Valentine’s Day 7:12/122014
[ ]Campus Safety;Police and SecurityWittenberg Police Log 2:42/122014
[ ]Campus Safety;Police and SecurityWittenberg Police Log2:42/122014
[ ]Online Exclusive;Wright, Heather;Anes, Michael;Bennett, JoAnn;Bennett, Timothy;Tune, Rachel;Tune, Andy;Collier, Matthew;Collier, KristenWittenberg Professor Couples 2/122014
[ ]Allen, Woody;Sexual Assault;Farrow, Dylan;Inboden, RobinWoody Allen: Liftetime Abuser? 6:12/122014
[ ]Yellow Springs;Agriculture;Environmental Issues;Diffley, Martin;Diffley, Atina;Films"Turn Here, Sweet Corn," GMOs, and Their Effect on Farming [An Appeal Against “Not So Sweet” Corn] 5:42/192014
[ ]Alcohol;Health;Hallman, David;Campus SafetyA Sobering Wake Up Call 1:32/192014
[ ]Football;National Football League (NFL);Sam, Michael;Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT)Flagged for Intolerable Cruelty 8:12/192014
[ ]Olympics;Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT);Germany;RussiaGerman Olympic Team’s Alleged Anti-Gay Protest Falls Through 2:12/192014
[ ]Fisk Jubilee Singers;Music;Musical Events;Springfield;[Photos];IMANI Gospel Choir;Kawami, Paul T.;Hickey, KearstinHistoric Fisk Jubilee Singers Entertain Witt 1:12/192014
[ ]Wittenberg University;Academics;Finances;Budget;Hinson, Scot;[Photo]In Wake of Budget Cuts Professors Get Resourceful 2:32/192014
[ ]Alcohol;Athletes;Alcohol Policy;Hubbard, Beth;Collins, Sam;Weston, TobieIs Dry Season Effective? 8:52/192014
[ ]Minimum Wage;Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC);Economy;National NewsKeep the Wage: Mo' Money Mo' Problems 6:32/192014
[ ]Television;Parker, Sarah Jessica;Dunham, Lena;Women;CelebritiesLadies Who Lunch 5:12/192014
[ ]Rape;Sexual Assault;Jacobs, StacyLetter to the Editor: Slut-Shaming is Emotionally Harmful4:12/192014
[ ]Rape;Sexual Assault;Criswell, Lindsey;Wagner, BrookeLetter to the Editor: The Surest Way to Stop Rape is to Stop Raping4:22/192014
[ ]Founders Pub;Olympics;Russia;Pankhurst, Jerry;Dawson, Steve;McClandish, ValerieLiberal Arts in Action [Wittenberg Faculty Lead Discussion on Sochi Olympics] 3:42/192014
[ ]Stridsberg, Chrissy;[Photo];Theatre and Dance Department;Dance;Faculty;Columbus Moving CompanyNo Standing, Only Dancing 3:12/192014
[ ]National News;Ohio;Wishart, David;Minimum WageOhio Joins Minimum Wage Debate 6:12/192014
[ ]Olympics;Sports;CurlingOlympic Crash Course: Curling 7:12/192014
[ ]de Verona, Donna;[Photos];Commencement;Class of 2014;Graduation;Olympics;SportsPassing Her Light On: Olympian and activist Donna de Varona to speak at the class of 2014's commencement ceremony [Olympic Gold Medalist to Speak at Commencement] 1:12/192014
[ ]Online Exclusive;Campus Safety;Police and SecurityPolice Log 2/192014
[ ]Minimum Wage;Economy;National NewsRaise the Wage: An Issue of Prosperity and Justice 6:12/192014
[ ]Campus Safety;Police and Security;Crime;Lopez, MarkStudent Concerns Voiced at Safety Forum 1:42/192014
[ ]Jobs;Career Center;Smiseck, WendySuit Up: The job hunt for many seniors is heating up... or just beginning 3:12/192014
[ ]Yellow Springs;Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs);Agriculture;Diffley, Atina;FoodThe Land Has Feeling - Organic Farmer/Documentary Filmmaker Speaks in Yellow Springs 5:12/192014
[ ]Sports;Basketball - Men;Masin, ScottWittenberg Basketball Falls to DePauw 7:12/192014
[ ]Rape;Sexual Assault;Campus Life;Wagner, Brooke;Askeland, Lori;Causbie, Kate;Pickelsimer, Donna;Lopez, Mark;AlcoholWittenberg's Rape Culture - Students, Faculty, and Staff Speak to the Culture of Rape that Permeates our Community4:12/192014
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS);National Underground Railroad Freedom CenterA Visit to National Underground Railroad Freedom Center: Celebrating Black History4:12/262014
[ ]Zielenbach, Audrey;Reynolds, Patrick;Theatre;Plays;ReviewsBoy Gets Girl 6:12/262014
[ ]Page, Ellen;Czyzselska, Jane;Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT);HomosexualityBreaking the Silence [Ellen Page Breaks the Silence] 5:12/262014
[ ]Role-Playing Guild;McDaniel, ChristopherHark, Do You Know How to LARP? 3:42/262014
[ ]Vazualdo, Diego Mattos;[Photo];McIntyre, Christine;Cuba;Latin America;Emigration and immigrationImportant Conversation Begins Here - Wittenberg Hosts 13th Annual Ohio Latin Americanist Conference [Ohio Latin Americanist Conference Brings Important Conversations to Campus] 1:12/262014
[ ]Gradwohl, Wendy;Religion;Campus Crusade for ChristLetter to the Editor 7:32/262014
[ ]Animal rights;EthicsMarius the “Surplus”: Copenhagen’s Decision to Euthanize 2:12/262014
[ ]Police and Security;Lopez, Mark;AlcoholMeet Mark Lopez [Interview with Chief Lopez] 2:12/262014
[ ]Tune, Rachel;ReligionMore Than Just a Mission Statement? The Status of Religious Life at Witt 7:12/262014
[ ][Photo];Brooks Hedstrom, Darlene;Archaeology;AcademicsNew Minor Unearthed [New Minor Will Allow Students to “Uncover” Their Potential] 1:12/262014
[ ]Munson, Robert;[Photo];FinanceNew VP Looks to help Wittenberg students 5:42/262014
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS);Rosenberg, Scott;RacismPut Both Feet on The Floor: Celebrating Black History Month4:32/262014
[ ]Global Issues;Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)Science Column: The Case for Climate Change 4:12/262014
[ ]Trivia;Academy Awards (Motion Pictures)Ten Things You Didn’t Know About The Oscars 6:12/262014
[ ]Physical Fitness;HPERC;[Photo]The Skinny on Campus Weight Loss 5:12/262014
[ ]Ross, Bob;Art;Wittenberg Art LeagueThis Is Your World Wittenberg Art League Presents: Bob Ross Night 3:22/262014
[ ]Basketball - Men;Masin, Scott;[Photo];Leahy, Zachary (Zack);Bond, Cole;Newell, Steve;McDowell, JustinThousand Point Tigers Lead Senior Night8:12/262014
[ ]Outdoor ClubTrapped in Triadelphia 3:22/262014
[ ]Religion;Campus LifeWhat Would Jesus Do? Party? 7:12/262014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Careers;EmploymentWitt Experiences Largest Number of Employed Graduates [Wittenberg Students Get Hired] 2:32/262014
[ ]Campus Safety;Police and SecurityWittenberg Police Log 3:12/262014
[ ]Online Exclusive;Careers;Mann, Eric;Biehl, Alec;Ross, Rachel;InternshipsWittenberg Seniors Offer Insight on Post-Graduation 2/262014
[ ]Sports;Basketball - Women;Rice, Amber;[Photo]Women's Basketball Seniors Top Oberlin in Final Home Game 8:12/262014
[ ]Dittmer, Amy;Eating Disorders;Body image"I'm Surviving" 4:53/52014
[ ]Kennedy, John F.;Peace Corps;Wittenberg University;Wittenberg History;Taylor, Thomas;Craig, CourtneyA "Peace" of the Puzzle: Wittenberg's Role in the Peace Corps Story 3:13/52014
[ ]Ayele, Yonatan;Ayele, Belule;[Photo];International Students;Ayele, Michael;Everrett, Robert;Sexual AssaultAyele Twins Brothers' Family, Friends Speak Out 1:43/52014
[ ]Movies;Reviews“Pompeii:” A Disaster in Itself 5:33/52014
[ ]Body image;Feminism;Dunham, Lena“Real Women” Don't Shame Other Women 6:23/52014
[ ]Etiquette;Career CenterCareer Services Hosts Networking Workshop 3:43/52014
[ ]Sallah, Ya Haddy;American International Association (AIA);Lui, Lisa W.;International Education;Bennett, JoAnn;Abaye, Menna;Concerned Black Students (CBS);Iris Qiu;Mackintosh, CameronCuts to International Office Enrage Foreign Exchange Students 1:13/52014
[ ]Swindler, Kelsey;[Photo];English Majors;Alumnae/Alumni;PublishinEmployable English Major 1:13/52014
[ ]National Basketball Association (NBA);Collins, Jason;Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT)Jason Collins: Breaking Through the Glass Backboard 7:13/52014
[ ]Sports;Lacrosse - Men;Shoger, Jordan;[Photo]Lacrosse Continues Early Success 7:13/52014
[ ]Sports;Basketball - Men;Bond, Cole;[Photo]Men's Basketball Tripped up in Tournament Final 8:13/52014
[ ]Honors Program;Academics;Allan, James;Doll, Elizabeth;Coulter, Kailey;Matson, Kelsey;Matthies House;[Photo]New Honors Program Offers More Flexibility 2:33/52014
[ ]Stechison, Caroline;Bockert, Walter;Carson, Britta;Ulmer, Jake;Rogus, Amanda;Lorko, Kelsey;[Photos];Theatre;Plays;Reynolds, Bobby;Yalaz, HannahOne-Act Weekend 5:13/52014
[ ]Sexual Assault;Rape;George, Dylan;Schichler, LaneSexual Assault: Men Are Victims Too 6:33/52014
[ ]Sports;Softball;Rose, Laura;Ross, Rachel;Harrison, KatieSoftball Looks to Soar 7:33/52014
[ ]Enos, Clay;[Photo];PhotographySuccessful Photographer Shares Experiences with Witt 2:13/52014
[ ]Sexual Assault;Rape;One Student/No Woman Left Behind;Campus Safety;[Photos]The Unheard Voice 6:13/52014
[ ]Student Loans;Finances;Green, Randy;Financial AidUnderstanding Student Loan Debt 1:13/52014
[ ]Thiossane West African Dance Institute;Black History Month;Bradford Kounta, Suzan;[Photos]West African Dance Club Closes Black History Month Celebration [Thiossane Brings West African Dance to Campus for Close to Black History Month] 5:33/52014
[ ]Spring Break;TravelWhat are YOU Packing? [How to Pack Efficiently for Spring Break] 3:23/52014
[ ]Crean, David;[Photo];Music;Music Department;Chapel OrganWittenberg Organist Brings Passion, Experience: David Crean, a doctoral student at the Julliard School, has big plans for Wittenberg 4:13/52014
[ ]Sports;Basketball - Women;Schroeder, Heather;[Photo]Women’s Basketball Season Comes to a Close 8:33/52014