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[ ]MacAdam, William A.Alumnus has been promoted to first VP at Manufacturer's National Bank of Detroit4:31/151982
[ ]Social SecurityBenefits drop4:11/151982
[ ]International HarvesterBusiness courses taught in local factory6:31/151982
[ ]Springfield Arts CouncilBusiness courses taught in local international Harvesterr factory6:31/151982
[ ]CARE (computer registration system); Registrar's OfficeCARE system evaluated1:51/151982
[ ]Trimble, Marian A.Class of 1958 graduate is elected president of Heritage Securities, Inc., a nationwide insurance company4:61/151982
[ ]Alumnae/AlumniClass of 1958 graduate, Marian A. Trimble, is elected president of Heritage Securities, Inc. a Nationwide insurance company4:61/151982
[ ]Martin, ElizabethClass of 1975 graduate is Peace Corps volunteer with CARE in Chile4:11/151982
[ ]Alumnae/AlumniClass of 1975 graduate is Peace Corps volunteer with CARE in chile, Elizabeth Martin4:11/151982
[ ]WrestlingCoach Dellapina hoping for a good season. team is young5:51/151982
[ ]DanceDancers present "Images," Jan. 20-23 at 8:15 PM (photos)1:11/151982
[ ]Senior SpotlightDianne Russell6:11/151982
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Discusses by-laws1:11/151982
[ ]FacultyDr. Vrooman is new chair of business dept. (pic)6:11/151982
[ ]FacultyFaculty takes on Channel 2 in a basketball game held in benefit for cerebral palsy (pic)5:31/151982
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Holding sale of wholesale priced dry goods open to students during 3rd week of winter term1:31/151982
[ ]East Asian Studies Department; FilmsJapanese films to be shown4:11/151982
[ ]Spyro GyraJazz group to perform in field house Sunday, Jan. 24, at 8 pm1:41/151982
[ ]Campaign for WittenbergLynn Fluegge, a Kentucky craftsman, builds rockers to help Wittenberg campaign4:31/151982
[ ]Lacrosse - MenMeeting for interested students5:41/151982
[ ]Vrooman, DavidNew chairman of business dept. (pic)6:11/151982
[ ]Track and Field - WomenPreseason team starts practices5:41/151982
[ ]WCA; Weaver Chapel AssociationSponsors refugees4:21/151982
[ ]MusicSpyro Gyra, jazz group to perform in fieldhouse (pic)1:41/151982
[ ]Swimming and DivingTeam nearly folds due to lack of interest5:11/151982
[ ]Basketball - Men; Basketball - Men; BasketballTigers off to a 7-5 start but Coach Hunter is optimistic5:11/151982
[ ]Basketball; Basketball - WomenTigers trounce Urbana 70-39. Team record now 2-0 (pic)5:11/151982
[ ]Intramural SportsVariety of sports featured this season5:51/151982
[ ]Alumnae/AlumniWilliam A. MacAdam, alumnus, has been promoted to first VP at Manufacturer's National Bank of Detroit.4:31/151982
[ ]MusicWitt students perform in Springfield Symphony Orchestra6:11/151982
[ ]Campaign for Wittenberg$50,000 grant from United States Steel Foundation, Inc., of Pittsburgh, PA1:61/221982
[ ]Huff, ChrisAwarded "Player of the Week" by OAC in Basketball5:41/221982
[ ]Career CounselingCareer Counceling & Placement offers aid to job-seekers (pic)1:41/221982
[ ]Union BoardCBS & UB combined efforts to bring Spyro Gyra to campus (pic)1:11/221982
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS and UB combined efforts to bring Spyro Gyra in (photo)1:11/221982
[ ]Basketball - Men; Basketball - Men; BasketballChris Jeff awarded "Player of the Week" by OAC5:41/221982
[ ]MusicChuck Jenkins to perform in the Rat (pic)1:11/221982
[ ]MusicConcert to honor Pulitzer Prize winner Edward Ives6:41/221982
[ ]Greek LifeControversy over traditional Greek Dance3:61/221982
[ ]McEvoy, Dr. Alan; Brookings, Dr. JeffDr. Brookings and Dr. Alan McEvoy explain marital violence in their recently published handbook6:41/221982
[ ]Brookings, Dr. Jeff; McEvoy, Dr. AlanDr. McEvoy and Dr. Jeff Brookings explain marital violence in their recently published handbook6:41/221982
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Dry goods arrive for co-op4:11/221982
[ ]International StudiesGeneva, Switzerland program termed "unique"1:41/221982
[ ]Greek LifeGreek Dance made good times for everyone4:41/221982
[ ]MusicGuest Artist Recital, Friday. Erika Klemperer, violin, and Eleanore Vail, piano4:11/221982
[ ]Ferncliff HallHall alarms tested due to too many false alarms during fall tern1:51/221982
[ ]Jenkins, ChuckJenkins to perform in the Rat1:11/221982
[ ]Basketball; Basketball - WomenLady Tigers loose to Central State5:51/221982
[ ]FacultyMcEvoy and Brookings explain marital violence in their recently published handbook6:41/221982
[ ]Alumni AssociationNominations being taken for Alumni assoc. award2:31/221982
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Okays construction6:31/221982
[ ]ROTCProgram offers many options4:11/221982
[ ]Field HouseSeating limited due to construction5:31/221982
[ ]McCarthy, KathyStudent finds satisfaction in just clowning around6:31/221982
[ ]Foreign StudentsStudents from Liverpool face challenges in America1:31/221982
[ ]Basketball - Men; Basketball - Men; BasketballTigers defeat Baldwin-Wallace 58-55 (pic)5:11/221982
[ ]Track and FieldTwelve returning lettermen to lead '82 squad5:21/221982
[ ]Kopp, MarmeUB president enthused about her experience (pic)6:11/221982
[ ]Wittenberg ChoirUsed for TV commercial during Christmas season (pic)6:51/221982
[ ]Lacrosse - MenVarsity lacrosse will be returning to Witt after a 7-year absence (pic)5:31/221982
[ ]Senior SpotlightWarren Siefried and Brenda Rice6:11/221982
[ ]Swimming and Diving - WomenWitt defeated by Wooster5:61/221982
[ ]Cincinnati BengalsWitt hit with Bengal fever as Cincy prepares to take on San Francisco 49ers in Superbowl XVI, Sunday, Jan. 245:61/221982
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Works to change faculty by-laws1:11/221982
[ ]Lacrosse - Men1982 dates are scheduled5:21/291982
[ ]Curtis, Andy28 yr. old quits job to get college degree6:41/291982
[ ]Music72-voice Gettysburg College choir to perform Sun in First Lutheran Church and Feb. 1 in Weaver Chapel6:51/291982
[ ]Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)Activists to speak (pic)1:61/291982
[ ]LutheransChurch history recalled of time span over Hitler's reign6:51/291982
[ ]Track and Field - WomenCoach Mike Marshall rehired as coach5:41/291982
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Concerned Black Students sponsors civil rights leader/lecturer Dr. Alvin Poussaint, MD4:11/291982
[ ]Basketball; Basketball - WomenDenison defeats Witt 65-415:61/291982
[ ]Dixon, MimiEnglish professor expounds upon past career (pic)1:11/291982
[ ]Irwin, JulieFinds Austia an "eye-openin" experience4:21/291982
[ ]FacultyFormer prof., Hank Storgers, spoke at Accounting Association on "life in real world"6:11/291982
[ ]Senior SpotlightMary Rankin and Andy Nyblade6:51/291982
[ ]Basketball; Basketball - WomenMelinda Wigton, a senior, is a team leader for the lady Tigers (pic only)5:11/291982
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Senate approved (pic)1:51/291982
[ ]Financial AidStudy funds offered4:11/291982
[ ]JuniorsTake first writing proficiency test1:11/291982
[ ]House of RepresentativesTwo bills passed-debates liquor sales and hazing1:31/291982
[ ]Swimming and Diving - WomenWitt defeats Xavier & Muskingum5:41/291982
[ ]Basketball - Men; Basketball - Men; BasketballWitt is defeated by Otterbein5:11/291982
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA);Levander, Carl;Bollenbacher, Bob T.'The Store' off to good start3:52/51982
[ ]Wittenberg Review of Literature and Art;Hilbrink, John E.;Galluci, Randy C.'Witt Review' seeks writers6:32/51982
[ ][Photo];Sports;WrestlingAn opponent "grapples" with one of the Witt wrestlers in a recent match.5:42/51982
[ ]Writing Proficiency;OpinionAre we proficient yet?2:12/51982
[ ]National NewsBank litigation causes tremors2:42/51982
[ ]Sports;Basketball - Women;Evans, Pam;[Photo]Busy week produces Tiger victory5:12/51982
[ ]Alcohol;Prohibition;OpinionClocks turn back sixty years for the Prohibition weekend2:12/51982
[ ]Lundquist, Ingrid;International StudentsCounselor recruits foreign students1:12/51982
[ ]ScholarshipsEight students receive funds3:42/51982
[ ]Bolls, Imogene L.;[Photo];PoetryEnglish professor furthers poetic endeavors6:12/51982
[ ]Greek LifeGreek house residents suffer from cabin fever2:32/51982
[ ]Billings, EricHonors received4:22/51982
[ ]Equal Rights Amendment (ERA);Johnson, Sonia;Johnson argues for ERA1:12/51982
[ ]Mower, Bob L.;Thomas Library;[Photo]Library director talks of past6:12/51982
[ ]Thomas LibraryLibrary not a country club2:62/51982
[ ]Cornett, ClaudiaLive, it's Mother Goose4:42/51982
[ ]Pitzer, Lawrence;McCutcheon, JamesMusicians perform6:52/51982
[ ]Yingling, Greg;Eimer, Erhard O.;Psychology DepartmentRats take up new home6:32/51982
[ ]Reagan, Ronald;PoliticsReagan symbolizes courage, strength2:32/51982
[ ]Cornog, ClayRecital presented6:52/51982
[ ]Sports;BasketballRoundballers beat Bishops in overtime thriller, 71-685:12/51982
[ ]Rogers, Earl;Police and SecuritySecurity Director enjoys service1:42/51982
[ ]Snelson, Janet;[Photo]Senior Spotlight - Janet Snelson6:12/51982
[ ]Buckley, John;[Photo]Senior Spotlight - John Buckley6:22/51982
[ ]Eakins, R. Gene;Eakins, BarbaraSex differences in speech explained6:42/51982
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)SGA discusses elections1:22/51982
[ ]Campus SafetyStaffer urges 'use caution'2:62/51982
[ ]Sports;Swimming and Diving - Women;[Photo]Swim team splits meet5:42/51982
[ ][Photo];Sports;Swimming and Diving - MenSwimmers "take the plunge!"5:42/51982
[ ]Plays;Reynolds, Steven;Jeter, Richard W.Theatre 'in the round' to make debut4:12/51982
[ ]Union Board;McCarthy, KathyUB offers dance, exercise5:52/51982
[ ]Wittenberg Alcohol Task Force (AFT)Witt alcohol-free weekend planned 1:32/51982
[ ]Women's Collective;Knisely, Dee;Englund, KrisWomen's organization continues rapid growth6:52/51982
[ ]Track and Field - Women;Marshall, MikeWomen's track team fairs well in meet5:32/51982
[ ]Student SenateBudget proposalNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.3:15/271982
[ ]Rugby"Keep off the Grass"7:19/241982
[ ]Hall DirectorsCampus has four new hall directors10:19/241982
[ ]Scott, Crystal T.Campus suffers loss1:49/241982
[ ]Dallman, LauraDallman begins first year as admissions counselor10:19/241982
[ ]Field HockeyField Hockey goes 1-1 (pic)7:39/241982
[ ]Greek LifeGreeks honored during dessert8:49/241982
[ ]Herrold, WhitneyHerrold Improving4:39/241982
[ ]Maurer, DaveKinnison fires Maurer from A-D position7:19/241982
[ ]Union BoardLeuci to speak on NYPD experienced8:19/241982
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)Look for the Caveman at RHA events this term11:49/241982
[ ]Myers HallMyers construction4:49/241982
[ ]AlcoholNew Ohio drinking law causes confusion (pic)1:19/241982
[ ]New Students DayNew Students Day: more than orientation4:29/241982
[ ]Student SenateSenate holds first meeting8:19/241982
[ ]Wittenberg SeriesSpeakers announced for Wittenberg Series5:19/241982
[ ]FootballTigers undefeated (pic)6:19/241982
[ ]Lacrosse - MenVarsity LaX at Witt (pic)7:19/241982
[ ]Field HouseWinter opening (pic)6:39/241982
[ ]Durgans, KenWittenberg welcomes Durgans (pic)10:19/241982
[ ]Mortar Board (organization)Activities Fair Saturday9:110/11982
[ ]Alumnae/AlumniAlumni career experiences4:310/11982
[ ]FootballCBS Airs B-W game; 60% of nation watching6:110/11982
[ ]Union BoardCity Cop reveals the "inside" story4:110/11982
[ ]Williams, Dr. Robert C.Dr. Williams discusses "nuclear secrecy" (pic)1:310/11982
[ ]TheatreFall theatre production8:310/11982
[ ]HazingHartley Discusses Hazing5:110/11982
[ ]Radio station; Radio Station WCSO; WUSOHoffman alters WUSO's staff and power (pic)9:110/11982
[ ]McDonald, CaryMcDonald gains new perspectives in India10:110/11982
[ ]McGuffey, LaneMcGuffy Lane finally arrives at Witt10:110/11982
[ ]Intramural SportsMiller revamps program7;110/11982
[ ]FootballNCAA says Witt ineligible6:310/11982
[ ]HALTNew Halt Chapter Created8:310/11982
[ ]Student SenateStudent activities budgets1:310/11982
[ ]FootballTigers cage butler 17-76:310/11982
[ ]SoccerWittenberg Booster Drop three7:310/11982
[ ]FootballB-W stings Tigers on TV; Tobias injured (pic)6:110/81982
[ ]RathskellerBevan at Rat3:110/81982
[ ]Senior SpotlightCraig Jackson10:110/81982
[ ]Cross CountryCross Country Hunter 13-26:410/81982
[ ]Field HockeyField Hockey6:110/81982
[ ]Financial AidFinancial aid available for students5:110/81982
[ ]Hall DirectorsHelter enjoys double trouble4:110/81982
[ ]HomecomingHomecoming Festivities '821:310/81982
[ ]Senior SpotlightJean Howat10:310/81982
[ ]McGuffey, LaneMc Guffy Lane "Let the Hard Times Roll"9:310/81982
[ ]Scott, Crystal T.Memorial held4:310/81982
[ ]Baldwin, Dr. RogerNew asst. provost enjoys challenge10:310/81982
[ ]Union BoardProgramming quality may go up4:110/81982
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesRush activities explained5:110/81982
[ ]SoccerSoccer Coach enjoys Witt7:110/81982
[ ]SoccerSoccer wins forfeit7:310/81982
[ ]VolleyballVolleyball starts7:310/81982
[ ]Student PatrolWitt students on patrol4:310/81982
[ ]Greek CouncilGroups general purpose misunderstoodNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.4:110/121982
[ ]Sociology MajorsPlan now for future careerNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.8:310/131982
[ ]Myers Hall"Keep off the cement"9:310/151982
[ ]Homecoming1982 royalty crowned at game1:110/151982
[ ]Stafford, TomAlumni return to campus and discuss careers1:210/151982
[ ]SoccerBooters now 6-46:310/151982
[ ]Field HockeyField Hockey7:410/151982
[ ]FootballFootball wins easy (pic)6:110/151982
[ ]HomecomingHomecoming floats: the Agony and the Ecstasy9:110/151982
[ ]North HallHousekeeper secret smile8:110/151982
[ ]HomecomingParade marred by rain and float trouble10:210/151982
[ ]Prospective students weekend; Prospective StudentsProspective students welcome this weekend (pic)4:110/151982
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Sen. Bond returns10:110/151982
[ ]Olds, SharonSharon Olds presents poems9:110/151982
[ ]International Student Exchange ProgramWant to study down under4:110/151982
[ ]Campus Tour GuidesWe can be very friendly...5:110/151982
[ ]VolleyballYoung team has slow starts7:110/151982
[ ]Tower HallBreak-in suspect released6:110/221982
[ ]Student SenateFaculty shocked by advertisement1:110/221982
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)Fines8:110/221982
[ ]SoccerGetting their kicks; Booters third in OAC5:310/221982
[ ]Greek LifeGreeks comb campus7:410/221982
[ ]Basketball - Men; Basketball - Men; BasketballHunter has high hopes5:110/221982
[ ]Senior SpotlightJeffery D. Rudolph8:110/221982
[ ]Kinnison, Dr. William A.Kinnison Chairs Merger Committee1:110/221982
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities; AlcoholNon-alcoholic fraternity rush has advantages3:110/221982
[ ]Ramsay, Prof. GeorgeRamsay shows sabbatical work (pic)8:210/221982
[ ]WCA; Weaver Chapel AssociationRefugee family adjusts well6:310/221982
[ ]Senior SpotlightSheila J. Simon8:310/221982
[ ]FootballSingle-wing cooked5:310/221982
[ ]Amazing KreskinAmazing Kreskin mentalist performs (pic)9:310/291982
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)Associate dean of residence halls fired1:110/291982
[ ]Fellowship of Christian AthletesAthletes solve problems (pic)8:310/291982
[ ]Senior SpotlightBill Wilmer9:110/291982
[ ]SoccerBishops bethrone Tigers; Denison last hope6:110/291982
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Bond challenges audience3:310/291982
[ ]Art DepartmentField trip money stolen from Art department4:110/291982
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities; PhilanthropyFrats launch philanthropies5:310/291982
[ ]Hobby, BobHobby takes sacred music "major" seriously5:110/291982
[ ]Senior SpotlightLynn Spangler9:310/291982
[ ]Wittenberg ChoirMyers cites choir variety show "best" ever (pic)5:110/291982
[ ]FootballONU game decides blue division (pic)6:210/291982
[ ]Student SenateSenate discusses firing1:310/291982
[ ]Financial AidStudents on Aid driving cars9:110/291982
[ ]Karate ClubTae Kwon Do: Self-defense9:110/291982
[ ]FootballWitt eligibility restored possible raking next week7:110/291982
[ ]Theatre"The Miser" captivates audience11/121982
[ ]Field HockeyArena Marks year successful6:111/121982
[ ]Parent's DayBlame the football team4:311/121982
[ ]Cross CountryCC qualifies for regionals6:111/121982
[ ]Senior SpotlightCheryl McNally10:111/121982
[ ]Committee to Preserve Wittenberg ImageCommittee to Preserve Image?1:111/121982
[ ]Hall DirectorsFirestine H. D. enjoys people10:311/121982
[ ]FootballGame and controversies6:111/121982
[ ]Peer Advising GroupGroup presented to faculty5:311/121982
[ ]Basketball - Men; Basketball - Men; BasketballHunter opens with "cautions optimism" (pic)6:111/121982
[ ]Intramural SportsIntramurals6:311/121982
[ ]Wagner, Mrs. MargaretMom is alive, well, and living in the ATO house5:111/121982
[ ]AirbandMore to Witt "Air-band" than meets the eye (pic)4:111/121982
[ ]HPED BuildingNew facility "First class"7:111/121982
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)RHA members visit washington5:111/121982
[ ]Student SenateSenate encourages minority hiring1:111/121982
[ ]Student SenateSenate to hold referendum on fee increase1:111/121982
[ ]Student hearing boardStudent Judiciary recognizes tension4:111/121982
[ ]Languages; Religion DepartmentStudents and Profs discuss sexism in classrooms (pic)1:111/121982
[ ]Senior SpotlightTim Kroger9:111/121982
[ ]Senior SpotlightTim Tingen9:111/121982
[ ]VolleyballVolleyball tourney (pic)6:411/121982
[ ]TheatreWenchus displays enthusiasm for the theatre8;111/121982
[ ]Athletics for womenWinter programs (pic)7:111/121982