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[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)Adopted new program assistance policy & allocates funds for it6:41/131977
[ ]Economics DepartmentBrings 5 films to campus on economic growth4:81/131977
[ ]Pi Kappa AlphaCharter suspended1:61/131977
[ ]Weaver ChapelDating workshop for couples facilitated by Pastor Reisz4:11/131977
[ ]Security Officedesignate all classrooms, elevators, auditoriums, and theatres as No Smoking areas4:61/131977
[ ]Resident CounselorsDispute over policy commitment forces RC's to leave their jobs1:11/131977
[ ]Marty, Martin E.Guest lecturer for the Epiphany discussed religious pluralism Jan. 96:11/131977
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Looks at criteria for OPIRG evaluation1:11/131977
[ ]Ferritto, JohnMusic school faculty member appointed visiting prof of school of music at Ohio Univ.4:61/131977
[ ]Crutcher, RonaldMusic school hires recruiting cellist for string program4:11/131977
[ ]Women's ProgramPanel explores the pledging question6:11/131977
[ ]Buscemi, Michael A.Speech to explore roots of drug use Jan. 191:61/131977
[ ]Basketball; Basketball - WomenStart season against Wright State5:61/131977
[ ]BasketballTigers cop 6 straight, win Lutheran Tourney5:31/131977
[ ]Security OfficeWitt gets new ITT security force1:11/131977
[ ]WrestlingWitt hits the mats, Coach Dellapina sizes up team5:31/131977
[ ]Swimming and DivingWitts' tank low - get off to bad start5:71/131977
[ ]TUT(Theatre)"Once upon a mattress" performed Feb. 23-276:31/201977
[ ]Book Reviews'Children' [Children of Dune] closes series2:61/201977
[ ]Movie Reviews'Solution' [The Seven-Per-Cent Solution] displays maturity2:61/201977
[ ]Basketball3-2 record defeating Reco-Pabst 56-55, Denison 61-50 & Ohio Wesleyan 65-575:31/201977
[ ]Ohio Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG)Attorney Rick Parker named new director6:11/201977
[ ]Psychology Student-Faculty Advisory Board;Buildings;Gray HallBoard expresses thanks2:11/201977
[ ]Satire;Kinnison, Dr. William A.;Commission on Mission and Priorities (CMP)Broken computer messes up decisions3:41/201977
[ ]Choristers (women's choir)Choristers needs members4:51/201977
[ ]Project OutreachCollects stamps4:71/201977
[ ]Music Reviews; Ozark Mountain DevilsDaredevils' menu offers smorgasbord of sounds2:41/201977
[ ]WrestlingDefeated by Muskingum & central state5:31/201977
[ ]Martiney, RichardoEnjoys being housefather to his Guild House family6:$1/201977
[ ]Firestine HallFirestine plans casino night4:11/201977
[ ]CounselingFive group workshops offered by counseling & testing office4:21/201977
[ ]Alexander, Ann;ReligionFocus on religion: God bestows a childlike peace2:51/201977
[ ]Pi Kappa AlphaFrat reinstated1:41/201977
[ ]Union BoardFree concert offer prompts UB debate1:11/201977
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Gives support to Black Emphasis Week, discussed Spring Day, the calendar study and additional freshmen on CC1:61/201977
[ ]Satire;Pi Kappa AlphaGreek plot foils attempt at ridding Witt of frat3:61/201977
[ ]Heusinkveld, Dr. Edwin D.;Pi Kappa Alpha;Disciplinary actionsHeusinkveld announces change2:31/201977
[ ]SkiingHPED course attracts many6:31/201977
[ ]Carter, Jimmy;PoliticsInertia prevents drastic changes3:11/201977
[ ]Kinnison, Dr. William A.Kinnison appointed to LWC committee1:71/201977
[ ]Basketball; Basketball - WomenLose to Wright State 72-45 & Ohio Wesleyan 50-395:71/201977
[ ]LibraryMatsumoto Collection on Japan & East Asia increased by 400 volumes1:51/201977
[ ]Young, Willie J.New counselor discusses Witt4:51/201977
[ ]Smoking;Geil, GusNo smoking areas3:41/201977
[ ]Distinguished Teaching AwardsNomination process begins4:11/201977
[ ]Ohio Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG)OPIRG surveys grocery prices3:11/201977
[ ]PhilosophyPhilosophy Department4:31/201977
[ ]Pi Kappa Alpha;Disciplinary actionsPi Kappa Alpha responds2:11/201977
[ ]AdvancementPlans for funding of building projects being considered6:11/201977
[ ]National Science Foundation (NSF)Present career choice workshop for freshmen and sophomore women at Univ. of Dayton, Feb. 86:11/201977
[ ]Graduation;Kinnison, Dr. William A.;EditorialsSelection needs organization2:11/201977
[ ]KilgoreThe library cat and picture1:21/201977
[ ]BasketballTigers tied for first place after beating Capital 62-56 Jan 185:31/201977
[ ]Gas ShortageWinter break saves gas said Tom. D. McSkimming1:11/201977
[ ]Lucas, Dr. VirginiaWrites innovative children's text6:41/201977
[ ]TheatreActing II class will present a "mini-tour" in other departments4:11/271977
[ ]Swimming and DivingBeat Muskingum, but lose to Kenyon5:31/271977
[ ]Black Emphasis WeekBlack Emphasis Week to be a commemoration. SGA will support it "in its entirity" Feb. 14-201:31/271977
[ ]Borden, Dr. RobertBorden experiments with the "Personalized System of Instruction"6:31/271977
[ ]Buscemi, Michael A.Buscemi lectured on "Drugs: The Problem or the Symptom?"6:11/271977
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS sponsoring high school weekend Jan. 27-304:11/271977
[ ]Commission on Mission and Priorities (CMP)Chaplaincy Evaluation Task Force investigates the effectiveness of the campus religious program1:51/271977
[ ]Halm, Scott D.Chosen to attend the Direct mail Marketing Assoc. seminar in Dec6:41/271977
[ ]Clark County Juvenile Detention CenterClark County Juvenile Center offers course on volunteer training in juvenile rehab4:61/271977
[ ]WrestlingDefeated by Heidelberg, but improving5:61/271977
[ ]Honor SocietiesElected 2 seniors as new members4:61/271977
[ ]Ermarth, Prof. Margaret SittlerErmarth will be awarded Medal of Honor on Founder's Day1:21/271977
[ ]Galster, GeorgeGalster speaks at urban program on "Pussyfoot land planning and the Poor"6:61/271977
[ ]Horn FestivalHorn fest presents an afternoon workshop and evening concert6:21/271977
[ ]Ohio Instructional GrantIn financial trouble due to cut in funds from state1:11/271977
[ ]Kinnison, Dr. William A.Kinnison asks for support of request for conservation1:61/271977
[ ]GreeksNew pledges for winter term6:61/271977
[ ]Security OfficePlan new bank runns due to insurance reason. ITT to be accompanied by off-duty Springfield police1:71/271977
[ ]Pre-Medics ClubPresents Dr. Shirley Schneider speaking on dentistry4:81/271977
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Questions its constitution, selected a student for Provost Comm. & swore in a new officer1:11/271977
[ ]BasketballTigers stopped Otterbein 68-64 & Muskingum 71-56 Jan 25, winning 11 straight games5:31/271977
[ ]McSkimming, Tom D.University plans to meet energy needs1:61/271977
[ ]Urban StudiesUrban term students to live in city enviornment in Cincinnati4:31/271977
[ ]TUT(Theatre)"Ex Miss Copper Queen on a set of Pills" done as Senior Comp. by Gary Stross4:82/31977
[ ]GradingAcademic board eyes grade point averages1;12/31977
[ ]American StudiesAmerican Studies offers two new courses and one old4:22/31977
[ ]Union BoardBooking top-quality concerts isn't easy6:22/31977
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS announced schedule for Black Emphasis Week1:72/31977
[ ]College Council (CC)College Council considers new calendar alternatives1:12/31977
[ ]Hartje, Dr. Robert GDaughter invited to inauguration ceremony6:52/31977
[ ]WrestlingDefeated capital5:32/31977
[ ]BasketballDefeated Capital 53-50 and Denison 61-375:52/31977
[ ]Buildings; Tower Hall; FiresFeb. 1, Tower was evacuated due to a fire caused by a candle, damage estimate $50,000. Officials answerd residents' questions about clean-up and insurance1:2, 62/31977
[ ]Jackson, Dr. MabelJuggles roles in ready-made family after adopting 2 children4:32/31977
[ ]Languages DepartmentLanguage department joins with History dept. in offering course on Germany4:62/31977
[ ]Long, Dr. CharlesLong lectured on Relition and the fundamentals6:12/31977
[ ]Organization of Jewish Cultural AwarenessLooks at Jewish culture4:62/31977
[ ]Basketball; Basketball - WomenLose to Cedarville 92-22, record of 0-25:72/31977
[ ]David Hartman Memorial ScholarshipNominations being accepted4:22/31977
[ ]Ohio Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG)Rights of tenants outlined in book4:72/31977
[ ]Linton, ChristySecurity officers shift keeps peace6:12/31977
[ ]TrayingTrayers hit the slopes at Myers with over 650 trays taken form Hallmark4:12/31977
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Voted to have a special election to amend their constitution, refused Torch salary increase and recognized the Newman Club1:52/31977
[ ]BasketballWin 12th straight beating Denison 75-685:12/31977
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Allocates additional funds to 3 organizations1:62/101977
[ ]National Association of BroadcastersAnnounced essay contest on "The first amendment and the electronic media"6:22/101977
[ ]Greek CouncilAnnounces Greek Week6:32/101977
[ ]WrestlingDefeat Ohio Wesleyan, but lost to Ohio Northern5:32/101977
[ ]Basketball; Basketball - WomenDefeat Urbana 53-40 for 1st win, lose to Central State5:12/101977
[ ]SkiingDoesn't have to be expensive6:52/101977
[ ]Blaher, Dr. MichaelEast Asian expert to visit & lecture Feb. 234:72/101977
[ ]Buildings; Tower Hall; FiresEd Wittenberg describes rescue from fire1:12/101977
[ ]Swager, Mary LouEnjoys the job of admissions counselor6:22/101977
[ ]Springfield Symphony OrchestraFeature guest pianist Santiago Rodriquez, Feb. 124;72/101977
[ ]Ohio Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG)Gives back less cash this term6:72/101977
[ ]American StudiesHarvey Damaser's kit explaining Am. Studies gets nationwide attention4:52/101977
[ ]Union BoardHolds computer matched dance4:12/101977
[ ]Schlump, Prof. John O.Job as temporary assistant to the dean offers a wide range of personal contacts6:12/101977
[ ]Provost CommitteeKinnison announces members1:72/101977
[ ]Anderson, Mr. & Mrs. David PretzLike the life of Myers as RC4:12/101977
[ ]Swimming and DivingLose to Wright State & Wooster. Meet with Hiram cancelled5:42/101977
[ ]Miller, Ann LytleMemorial services were held for Mrs. Miller who died Feb 71:72/101977
[ ]ApplicantsNew survey to compare enrolled applicants with non-enrollees1:12/101977
[ ]Computer CenterNew time-sharing system 'proving a good investment'6:62/101977
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)Plans for RHA week1:52/101977
[ ]BasketballTigers beat Kenyon 83-73 & Ohio Wesleyan 82-77 for 13 consecutive wins & #1 ranking in Div. III5:32/101977
[ ]Urban StudiesUrban term is explained to students4:42/101977
[ ]Seniors"Graduate magazine available to seniors"6:12/171977
[ ]TheatreActing II stages mini-tour4:62/171977
[ ]BasketballDefeated Wesleyan 72-52 and Capital 57-52 & Otterbein 47-467:12/171977
[ ]Steimle, Dr. Edmund A.Guest preacher at Weaver Chapel Feb. 206:72/171977
[ ]Basketball; Basketball - WomenLose to Muskingum 80-50 & Ohio Dominican 56-437:12/171977
[ ]Engle, Paul;Engle, Hauling NiehMao Tse Tung poetry to be read by couple6:12/171977
[ ]BasketballMarietta breaks Tigers streak 87-81; Tigers defeated Capital 56-55 but lost Rick White with a hamstring tear. Feb 15 lost 1st home game 76-64 to Otterbein & Greg Seay sprained his ankle7:12/171977
[ ]WrestlingMatmen lose to Urbana and Marietta7;32/171977
[ ]Oldham, JamesParamedic discusses handling of major medical emergencies6:32/171977
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)Promotes passage of new funding increase1:12/171977
[ ]Taylor, Liet. DaveSecurity chief resigns1:42/171977
[ ]SeniorsSenior meeting was held to discuss Kinnison's veto of graduation speakers1:12/171977
[ ]Education DepartmentStudent teachers fight bad weather as their assigned schools are closed1:12/171977
[ ]Ohio Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG)Suggests bus transportation to the mall6:62/171977
[ ]Black Emphasis WeekSummary of all events4-52/171977
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Tables motion on tenure policies, heard from Student Hearing Board and recognized the Pre-Med association2/171977
[ ]Marshall Tucker BandUtilizes image of horse in music.1:42/171977
[ ]Marshall Tucker BandUtilizes image of horse in music. Performed Feb. 24 in the field house1:42/171977
[ ]Sauer, Rev. Kenneth H.Will preach at the Ash Wednesday Holy Communion Service1:72/171977
[ ]Batey, CharlesBatey explores discrimination, affirmative action5:32/241977
[ ]Bogle, DonaldBogle addresses stereotyping for BEW5:12/241977
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Candidates explain their platforms in an open forum1:52/241977
[ ]Hallmark EmployeesCaters to student wants8:12/241977
[ ]Delta ZetaCheryl Schneider was the winner of the 1976-77 DZ Baby Beauty Contest4:32/241977
[ ]Chess ClubChess Club to hold chess tournament4:32/241977
[ ]Commission on Mission and Priorities (CMP)CMP will host a panel discussion March 11:32/241977
[ ]Track and Field - WomenCompeted in the Ohio Wesleyan invitational placing 3rd out of 4 teams6:32/241977
[ ]Founders DayDinner planned for March 115:12/241977
[ ]Montgomery, RichardEmphasizes need for entrepreneurs5:72/241977
[ ]Farris, HowardFarris nearing second on all-time swim list7:12/241977
[ ]Cornett, Dr. ClaudiaFate delivers Cornett to Witt's Education Dept.4:12/241977
[ ]Phi Mu DeltaGreek house redecorated4:42/241977
[ ]Laming, Mrs. DorothyLaming to present "The voices of Vincent" for "Quest & Question" series sponsored by mortar board8:12/241977
[ ]Basketball; Basketball - WomenLose to Capital 76-47. Defeated Wilmington college 57-52, won a bid to the state tournament7:42/241977
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)Passed on a $3 per person funding increase & formed a new Program Committee1:12/241977
[ ]Symphonic BandPerforming in concert Feb. 274:62/241977
[ ]AgoraPlans starting for Agora IV to be held May 73:42/241977
[ ]Maurer, Howard RedReflects on past experiences8:42/241977
[ ]Seay, GregSees a championship7:12/241977
[ ]WrestlingSet for OAC finals6:32/241977
[ ]Eberhardt, Clydespirited Clude wins at Witt7:32/241977
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Studies tenure proceedings1:72/241977
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Styles in for spring fashion show5:72/241977
[ ]BasketballTigers defeated Muskingum 58-53 Feb 19. They now play Ohio Wesleyan in the OAC tournament6:32/241977
[ ]Writer's WorkshopTo be held at Sinclair Community College4:62/241977
[ ]Scott-Heron, Gil, Brian Jackson & The Midnight BandTo perform at Antioch4:12/241977
[ ]Urban StudiesUrban night rescheduled, Dr. George Galster of Wooster to be guest speaker1:32/241977
[ ]Swimming and DivingWitt divers improve6:52/241977
[ ]Union BoardWitt to participate in the Arts program1:12/241977
[ ]BowlingWomen defeated Ohio Wesleyan, Otterbein & Capital. In fourth place in league7:12/241977
[ ]Bugliosi, Vincent"Helter Skelter" author to speak March 6 on the Manson trial4:63/31977
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)Advises candle ruling1:43/31977
[ ]American StudiesArchitechture and art for American Studies courses on display in the Alumni Room4:83/31977
[ ]Jazz EnsembleAuditions for singer3:33/31977
[ ]Advancement; Bloomfield, RogerBloomfield desrcribes deferred givings4:33/31977
[ ]Buildings; South Hall; FiresCandle blaze second dorm fire of month1:13/31977
[ ]Chien-yuan, T'angChinese musician visits campus4:73/31977
[ ]WrestlingClose out 10th in OAC5:53/31977
[ ]Commission on Mission and Priorities (CMP)Diversity is lacking at Wittenberg1:63/31977
[ ]Basketball; Basketball - WomenFall to Ohio University 66-37 in the state tournament5:53/31977
[ ]Morrison, YoniGuest speaker sketches dilemma of "humane scholar"4:13/31977
[ ]Engle, Paul;Engle, Hauling NiehLecture highlights Mao's poetic sight6:13/31977
[ ]BasketballLose to Ohio Wesleyan 77-75 in double overtime, regroup for Carnegie-Mellon5:13/31977
[ ]Marshall Tucker BandMarshall Tucker Tuckers Out3:13/31977
[ ]Marshall Tucker BandMarshall Tucker tuckers out (review)3:13/31977
[ ]Educational Policies Committee (EPC)Open forum to focus on Witt curriculum1:13/31977
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)Plans special week4:13/31977
[ ]Geology ClubPlans trip to the Gulf Coast & northern Florida for spring break6:43/31977
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Run-off election to resolve tied vote for President1:53/31977
[ ]Solomon, BernardSeries of 10 wood engravingson display at Weaver Chapel4:63/31977
[ ]Swimming and DivingTeam broke 6 school records but still placed 8th in the Ohio Conference Championshiop meet5:13/31977
[ ]Track and Field - WomenTeam improves at last meet at Ohio Wesleyan5:43/31977
[ ]Career Education ProposalWitt plans new career education program1:23/31977
[ ]Plays"Homecoming", "Glass" performed in Yellow Springs4:54/71977
[ ]Racism; Racial IssuesBlacks charge "Lampoon" with racial insensitivity4:74/71977
[ ]Bugliosi, VincentBugliosi investigates Manson mystique in lecture8:14/71977
[ ]BaseballCoach Alt previews Witt season6:64/71977
[ ]Open HousesDepartments help decide majors8:74/71977
[ ]Celms, Prof. PeterDr. Peter Celms chosen for endowment4:14/71977
[ ]Shell Companies FoundationGives $2000 to Witt programs1:44/71977
[ ]Hamilton, Mary JaneHamilton will discuss women and the law5:64/71977
[ ]Veler, RichardHonored as distinguished teacher1:14/71977
[ ]BasketballHunter named coach of the year, Witt claims national championship1:54/71977
[ ]Kozol, JonathanKozol reflects on socialization in the school system8:74/71977
[ ]Tennis - MenLoses to Ball State 9-0, Indiana State 9-0 and Xavier 5-47:14/71977
[ ]Photography ClubMet for the first time April 48:14/71977
[ ]Tennis - WomenOpens season agianst Wright State April 78:24/71977
[ ]Theatre Artists GuildPerformed "The Cherry Orchard" April 4 in the union dining room5:24/71977
[ ]LibraryReceives 83 vol. set of city directories from Wallace & Turner, Inc.1:34/71977
[ ]GolfRosencrans rebuilding team7:34/71977
[ ]ProvostSearch nears close. Field narrowed from 136 to 158:54/71977
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Selected representatives to quiz prospective provosts1:14/71977
[ ]Buildings; Tower Hall; FiresSixth floor is fully repaired after fire1:74/71977
[ ]Freiburg Baroque SoloistsSoloists performed in Weaver Chapel April 195:14/71977
[ ]Newman, John AverySpeaks on artful meaning April 44:34/71977
[ ]Omicron Delta KappaSponsor leadership conference8:84/71977
[ ]Weaver Chapel Association; WCASponsoring on campus retreat8:84/71977
[ ]CartographyStudent graphs winter temperatures4:14/71977
[ ]Track and Field - MenTiger trackmen have better depth9:54/71977
[ ]BaseballWash and Dry Tiger try to get underway tidat at Capital7:14/71977
[ ]Wittenberg GothicWitt gets new, copyrighted letterhead1:34/71977
[ ]Basketball; Basketball - WomenWomen's team can't advance7:74/71977
[ ]Tennis - WomenLose to Denison 3-2, defeated Wright State 5-0, and season at 8-2Note: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.6:54/121977
[ ]Tennis - WomenAce Wright State 4-15?74/141977
[ ]Tennis - WomenAce Wright State 4-15:74/141977
[ ]Omicron Delta KappaAnnounces "Excellence in Teaching Award" for new faculty1:14/141977
[ ]BaseballChuck Thompson helps Tigers fet ogg to fast start beating Muskingum 5-4, Capitol 9-5 and splitting a double header with Ohio Wesleyan5:34/141977
[ ]Commission on Mission and Priorities (CMP)CMP enters a final work stage1:44/141977
[ ]ScholarshipsColumbia Broadcasting System establishes string instrument scholarship in honor of Robert G. Cambell, former Witt students and president of that company4:64/141977
[ ]ComputerComputer seminars on how to run Witt computer given4:14/141977
[ ]Yalaz, Dr. Numan H.Died after open heart surgery1:64/141977
[ ]Jazz EnsembleJazz group offers outlet4:34/141977
[ ]Kozol, JonathanKozol stumbles over issues of social indoctrination6:64/141977
[ ]Track and Field - MenLose to Cedarville 49-69 in first meet5:34/141977
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)New candle policy decision caused conflict1:14/141977
[ ]Alma MaterNominations are being accepted4:24/141977
[ ]Heubler, JamesPhysics prof finds basics a challenge to teach4:14/141977
[ ]International HarvesterPledges $25,000 to Koch Hall renovation1:64/141977
[ ]TuitionRising cost cited as reason for $300 tuition hike1:74/141977
[ ]PrisonSocial ministry and the office of the pastor sponsor a panel series on prisoners4:44/141977
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)Starts new room selection policy1:14/141977
[ ]Appalachian ProgramStudents praise Appalachian program4:64/141977
[ ]RugbyTakes on their toughest opponent, Scioto Valley5:54/141977
[ ]Omicron Delta KappaTaps new members4:54/141977
[ ]Ivy RingTaps sophomore women4:34/141977
[ ]Tennis - MenTop Wright State for first win5:34/141977
[ ]GolfWitt golfers outstroke Cedarville5:64/141977
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)YAF recognition tabled, two biology groups recognized1:54/141977
[ ]Basch, Richard"Guest" art prof finds fascination in everything4:14/211977
[ ]Graduate Record Examinations (GRE)Add analytical skill area6:64/211977
[ ]Tennis - MenBeat Henry Ford Comm. College 6-3 and Denison 6-35:34/211977
[ ]Chicago Children's ChoirChicago children's choir to perform; directed by '76 Witt graduate, Lourin Plant4:74/211977
[ ]Blackeby, LeslieCoed hospitalized after fall from ATO house roof1:14/211977
[ ]Marker, Dr. DaveDecisions are topic of speech for RHA week6:34/211977
[ ]Tennis - WomenDefeat Ashland 5-0 and Baldwin Wallace 4-1, lose to Univ. of Cincinnati 4-15:64/211977
[ ]Hamilton, Mary JaneFemale grads earn $6,000, males $18,000 says Hamilton6:14/211977
[ ]HolocaustHarvey Damaser's program intended to educate4:44/211977
[ ]TuitionIncrease explained1:64/211977
[ ]GolfLinksmen split match5:14/211977
[ ]Buildings; Myers Hall; FiresLint causes a small fire1:34/211977
[ ]Wee, Dr. MorrisPhi Kappa Psi scholar of the year6:24/211977
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Recognizes Young Americans for Freedom and Witt Christian Fellowship1:54/211977
[ ]Springfield Symphony OrchestraRicci Paganini concerto featured6:14/211977
[ ]Joseph C. Shouvlin Center for Lifelong LearningShould be completed by July1:34/211977
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)Supports YAF recognition bid1:14/211977
[ ]Track and Field - MenTeam runs at Capitol and Otterbein, then have sole home next against Denison5:74/211977
[ ]Wittenberg GuildTo present style show4:64/211977
[ ]Reformation Theology and History CourseTour of Germany and Switzerland slated for winter6:74/211977
[ ]Thomas Library"The Nuremberg Chronicles" donated; valued at $15,0001:55/51977
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)Accepts allocation of funds from RH fee1:65/51977
[ ]AgoraAgora is this Saturday!1:15/51977
[ ]Mootry, Dr. Maria K.Black women's role topic of discussion6:65/51977
[ ]Educational Policies Committee (EPC)Change of institutionals to be recommended1:15/51977
[ ]ProvostCommittee near completion of search with list narrowed to 31:25/51977
[ ]Tennis - MenDefeat Wooster 5-4 and Muskingum 9-05:65/51977
[ ]Tennis - WomenDefeat Wooster and Capitol 4-15:15/51977
[ ]BaseballDefeated by Ohio Wesleyan 4-2, to meet Marietta in double header5:45/51977
[ ]Marker, Dr. DaveExplores students roles in decision process6:35/51977
[ ]Alpha Lambda DeltaFreshman honorary initiation to be held4:75/51977
[ ]Stein, Dr. Marjorie L.Math dep't to host guest lecturer4:55/51977
[ ]American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS)New group plans activities6:75/51977
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Pledges Agora support1:55/51977
[ ]Wright StatePresents "Godspell"6:75/51977
[ ]Residence HallsRoom selection set; room, board raised1:65/51977
[ ]Ivy RingSchedules auction6:65/51977
[ ]English DepartmentSponsors literary awards contest4:45/51977
[ ]BaseballTigers split with Musky 4-3 and 6-2, fall to UD. 8-75:15/51977
[ ]School of MusicTo perform Spring festival of the Arts4:35/51977
[ ]Track and Field - MenTop Denison 83-535:75/51977
[ ]Phi Mu Delta; Student UnionTwo Phi Mu Deltas were suspended after admitting destructiveness1:45/51977
[ ]AgoraVariety show will open Agora festivities4:45/51977
[ ]Department of DefenseVet discharge reviewed4:25/51977
[ ]McEvoy, Dr. AlanWants to break barriers with students4:15/51977
[ ]GolfWin Witt Invitational5:15/51977
[ ]AgoraAgora: Reflections and pictures5:45/121977
[ ]Petry, AliceBalances class and job as secretary of the English dept.4:15/121977
[ ]Phi Mu DeltaChapter suspended by Dr. Husinkveld1:15/121977
[ ]Ramsay, Prof. GeorgeCombines art and technology for future studies course5:15/121977
[ ]Certified Public AccountantsCPA's awarded grants totaling $1,9004:15/121977
[ ]Biology DepartmentField trips to provide first-hand experience4:55/121977
[ ]Tennis - MenFinish undefeated in OAC, winning last nine matches6:75/121977
[ ]Schilb, KathyGoes pro in summer theatre4:65/121977
[ ]GolfGolfers pace tourney, to host OAC matches6:15/121977
[ ]Haden, Dr. AlbertHaden studies Anglican clergy4:45/121977
[ ]USAF BandInvites guests to "sit" in at Wright-Patterson8:65/121977
[ ]Keiner, KurtKeiner earns academic honors by being placed on the 3rd team of the College division academic all-American basketball team6:55/121977
[ ]Keiner, KurtKeiner earns academic honors by being placed on the 3rd team of the College Division Academic All-American Basketball Team6:55/121977
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Mass task force to study alcohol issue at Witt1:15/121977
[ ]Meachan, StewartMeachan will discuss AFSC Vietnam revisit4:25/121977
[ ]College Council (CC)New curriculum debate will continue1:55/121977
[ ]Napoli, LindaNotes rising appeal of women's sports7:15/121977
[ ]Communication-Student DissentPhi Mu Deltas, letterhead, tenure, tuition were among topics at an open forum May 9, a result of the faculty meeting1:65/121977
[ ]Armour, Dr. Richard W.Popular humorist to visit4:45/121977
[ ]PrisonPrison panel is last of series8:15/121977
[ ]Williams, John W.; Ware, GilbertReceives study grants from LCA4:45/121977
[ ]Roodenko, IgalRoodenko Finds Challenge in Search for Non-Violent Solutions8:15/121977
[ ]ArtSpecial exhibition and sale of Oriental art to be presented May 104:15/121977
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Student Handbook revision begins1:25/121977
[ ]Communication-Student DissentStudents air gripes with faculty after being closed out of a faculty meeting1:25/121977
[ ]BaseballTigers fall twice to Marietta 4-3 and 10-3; shutout Urbana 10-06:35/121977
[ ]Honors LuncheonTop awards went to Robyn McComas, Alma Mater; Donna Rosenbaum, M. Alice Geiger Award; and Dr. Glenn F. Wilson, ODK Excellence in Teaching1:65/121977
[ ]Council of International Educational ExchangeTravel catalog available free8:15/121977
[ ]Track and FieldWinding up season with the conference championships6:75/121977
[ ]Linville, Ronand Doug MyserWitt's first and second, first to last7:35/121977
[ ]Bettenhausen, Dr. ElizabethWoman theologian to preach May 158:55/121977
[ ]ArtArt faculty exhibition in Chapel4:45/191977
[ ]Athletic FacilitiesAthletic Facility excavation begins1:55/191977
[ ]Ivy RingAuctions held4:65/191977
[ ]Mootry, Dr. Maria K.Black women presented through slides, readings4:55/191977
[ ]BlacksBlacks will present play, "Clara's Ole Man"1:85/191977
[ ]CheerleadersCheerleaders chosen for next year4:55/191977
[ ]Bach ChoraleChorale to perform major works of Bach4:65/191977
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)Execs to allocate funds for fall; 5 attend National Conference1:75/191977
[ ]GolfGolfers head for nationals5:35/191977
[ ]Marketing ClubHeld survey on Huntington-Lagonda Bank4:55/191977
[ ]Tennis - WomenLaurel Robertson captures title for women5:65/191977
[ ]Tennis - MenNetters second in OAC5:45/191977
[ ]Communication-Student DissentOff campus housing, residence life to be topic of next open forum1:15/191977
[ ]Track and FieldPlace tenth in OAC championships5:75/191977
[ ]Butcher, GracePoetress to hold workshop4:25/191977
[ ]Spinelli, Dr. LouisProfessor to study Cuban Schools1:15/191977
[ ]Gallop, GeorgeReveals moods of Americans1:55/191977
[ ]RugbyRuggers top Bowling Green, win tourney5:35/191977
[ ]Meachan, Stewartsee gains made within Vietnam1:25/191977
[ ]Theatre DepartmentStudents to stage own plays1:65/191977
[ ]Transcedental MeditationSuccess of TM questioned6:35/191977
[ ]Armour, Dr. Richard W.Synthesizes serious and humorous4:15/191977
[ ]BaseballWitt takes 4 of last 5 for departing Alt.5:35/191977
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Alcohol policy unveiled6:65/261977
[ ]Ivy RingAuction offers potpourri4:55/261977
[ ]BaccalaureateBaccalaureate to be held during Alumni weekend on Sun June 54:15/261977
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Budget, alcohol policy dominate meeting1:15/261977
[ ]ProvostDecision now up to Kinnison1:55/261977
[ ]RugbyFinish at 5-4, lost to Miami Valley 9-35:35/261977
[ ]Literary AwardsFour writers honored May 24th. Bill Langmanand Karen Flynn-Poetry; Keith Wegner-Fiction; Jennifer Knerr-Creativity6:15/261977
[ ]GolfGolfers compete in national tourney5:15/261977
[ ]Master ClassesPhiladelphia musicians to host percussion and trumpet classes6:75/261977
[ ]Brownmiller, SusanRape historian criticizes men in lecture4:55/261977
[ ]Communication-Student DissentSecond forum lacks interest1:65/261977
[ ]Poco, Starcastle, and Michael Stanley BandShell-shocked spectators overlook noise and heat6:25/261977
[ ]Lacrosse - WomenStickers drop two in tournament, finish 1-6 for season5:45/261977
[ ]Moore, TimStudent magician holds audiences spellbound4:25/261977
[ ]Honor SocietiesTaps new members6:15/261977
[ ]Radio station; WUSOThreatened with shut-down due to budgeting probles1:55/261977
[ ]BaseballTigers finish 3rd in OAC, Paul D'Arrigo named MVP5:45/261977
[ ]Nagpal, ReginaA new reference librarian1:69/91977
[ ]Balling, William J. Jr.Balling joins Witt faculty as assist. prof of speech and theatre1:69/91977
[ ]SoccerBooters to rely on defense5:69/91977
[ ]Brown, Dr. Clifford EliasBrown joins Witt faculty as assistant prof of psychology1:69/91977
[ ]Brown, Dr. LarryBrown joins Witt faculty as the new medical advisor1:69/91977
[ ]Brown, Dr. LarryBrown revamps health services3:49/91977
[ ]Commission on Mission and Priorities (CMP)CMP ends goals search1:19/91977
[ ]Cornell, DavidCornell resigns Witt post in June, 19771:39/91977
[ ]Copeland, Dr. WarrenDr. Warren Copeland joins Witt faculty as Assistant Professor of Religion1:69/91977
[ ]Ermarth, Prof. Margaret SittlerErmarth succumbs to long illness (pic)1:59/91977
[ ]Visiting ProfessorsFive visiting profs will be on campus this year: Paul B. Dornan. Dr. Linda L Stoneall, Henry Sturges, Dr. Margaret Persin, and Kenneth Scheffel6:19/91977
[ ]Graduate StudentsGrads continue studies6:39/91977
[ ]TuitionHigher costs explained1:79/91977
[ ]Huffman, Dr. James L.Joins Witt faculty as assistant prof of history1:69/91977
[ ]Jordan, Keith EugeneJoins Witt faculty as assistant prof. of heatlth and Phys. ed1:69/91977
[ ]Wangler, Dr. Lila HildaJoins Witt faculty as assistant prof. of the language department1:69/91977
[ ]Community Education; Joseph C. Shouvlin Center for Lifelong LearningJoseph C. Shouvlin Center for Lifelong Learning to be completed by mid-19774:79/91977
[ ]Kinnison, Dr. William A.Kinnison addresses opening convocation1:59/91977
[ ]LaRose, Albert JosephLaRose joins Witt faculty as the new head reference librarian1:69/91977
[ ]Miller, PaulMiller discovers unfinished novel4:79/91977
[ ]Phi Eta SigmaPhi Gamma Delat gains national recognition4:19/91977
[ ]Rendon, MargaretRendon leaves library post4:79/91977
[ ]Rich, Buddy and the Killer ForceRich and Force to make Witt swing on Thursday3:19/91977
[ ]Doll, RobertRobert D. Doll joins Witt faculty as assistant prof. of business1:69/91977
[ ]Cross CountryRunners seek improvement5:59/91977
[ ]Ivy RingSponsor bedspread sale4:49/91977
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Sponsor used book sale4:59/91977
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Students hold key to power action3:79/91977
[ ]FacultyTen new faces join faculty1:69/91977
[ ]FootballTigers to defend OAC crown5:19/91977
[ ]Williams, John ThomasWilliams visits Estonia4:19/91977
[ ]Lutheran Church in AmericaWitt hosts conference on church and future1:19/91977
[ ]American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS)AIBS is for students of biology4:29/231977
[ ]H.E.W. (Health, Education, Welfare), U.S. Dept. ofAwards grant to Univ. of Dayton9/231977
[ ]SoccerBooters to host Heidelberg5:39/231977
[ ]Swimming and Diving - WomenCoach Pat Domer thinks they show promise5:19/231977
[ ]Brown, Dr. LarryDoc speaks of flu shot, weight loss3:19/231977
[ ]Eutsler, LuellaEutsler retires from Witt library4:79/231977
[ ]Springfield Symphony OrchestraFerritio announces orchestra season6:19/231977
[ ]Keller, EzraFounder of Witt was prof, administrator, minister (pic)6:19/231977
[ ]Butts, RichardFree concert Sunday to feature bassoonist R. Butts4:59/231977
[ ]ScholarshipsFriends of Animals announce scholarship6:79/231977
[ ]Cross CountryHunter high on runners5:69/231977
[ ]Kappa DeltaKD's slate blood drive4:49/231977
[ ]Tennis - MenMen compete in tennis tourney5:69/231977
[ ]Residence HallsPost of RC for Myers Hall is filled1:49/231977
[ ]Resident AdvisorsRAs examine hall program1:59/231977
[ ]Reisz, Rev. H. FrederickReisz unveils discussion groups6:39/231977
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)SGA creates new post, discovers fund surplus1:19/231977
[ ]Joseph C. Shouvlin Center for Lifelong LearningShouvlin Center is home for new student offices1:59/231977
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesSororities receive awards1:19/231977
[ ]Field HockeyStickers led by four seniors5:39/231977
[ ]FootballTigers stun Eastern Kentucky5:49/231977
[ ]TUT(Theatre)TUT schedule very busy1:79/231977
[ ]Wyatt, Daniel E.Witt controller quits post1:49/231977
[ ]Rothfuss, Diane K.Witt student in Germany1l49/231977
[ ]VolleyballWomen face rugged schedule5:49/231977
[ ]SoccerBooters shut out Heidelberg (1-0) and Cedarville (3-0) to start off season5:69/301977
[ ]FootballDefense helps Tigers trip Butler5:19/301977
[ ]Education DepartmentEd. Department to computerize records1:49/301977
[ ]Cross CountryHarriers place sixth in Ohio Athletic Conference5:49/301977
[ ]Rich, Buddy and the Killer ForceJazz series launched by a powerful "Force" (pic)3:19/301977
[ ]Lutheran Church in AmericaLCA holds education conference6:59/301977
[ ]Doll, RobertNew business prof.1:59/301977
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Plans budget poll1:49/301977
[ ]Pousette-Dart BandPousette-Dart to headline concert for homecoming3:79/301977
[ ]Arcady, PatRC brings experience4:39/301977
[ ]Radio station; WUSOReturned to regular programming6:29/301977
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)SGA establishes espulsion process1:59/301977
[ ]Foreign StudentsStudent visitors entich campus4:79/301977
[ ]Foreign StudyStudents study abroad4:&9/301977
[ ]Field HockeyTeam triumphs over Kenyon5:39/301977
[ ]United WayUnited Way sets fund campaign1:79/301977
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)University Affairs scrutinizes alcohol policy, student handbook1:19/301977
[ ]Cram, Harkness W., Jr.Vice Pres. of J. Walter Thompson Co. to speak at Witt1:19/301977
[ ]RugbyWitt rugby club opens season at Great Lakes Regional Tournament in Detroit5:69/301977
[ ]CheerleadersWitt tiger talks1:79/301977
[ ]Student EmploymentWork study changes1:29/301977
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities54 upperclasswomen and transfers pledge3:110/71977
[ ]Cram, Harkness W., Jr.Ad exec discusses "State of the Art"1:610/71977
[ ]AlcoholAlcohol rules enforced1:310/71977
[ ]SoccerBooters win fourth straight after Kenyon and Ashland5:610/71977
[ ]Ohio Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG)Campus to mall bus considered for community residents1:110/71977
[ ]Collick, CarolynCarolyn Collick chosen as senior celebrity4:110/71977
[ ]Cross CountryCC scored a loss to Ohio Northern and were 3rd in Witt invitational5:610/71977
[ ]Hauser, BillChosen as senior celebrity4:110/71977
[ ]Springfield Arts CouncilCouncil announces offerings4:610/71977
[ ]Shearer, DickJazz 'bonist joins faculty of Music School6:710/71977
[ ]Kappa DeltaKD sorority to celebrated 50th anniversary1:610/71977
[ ]VolleyballLost of BGSU at Mt. St. Joseph5:310/71977
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)RHA reconvened1:410/71977
[ ]RugbyRuggers win twice in tourney5:410/71977
[ ]Foreign StudyStudents gain from study abroad4:110/71977
[ ]HomecomingTen nominees for queen: Barb dePenaloza, Darlene Davies, Princess Cook, Linda Mendenhall, Heidi Kroger, Virginia Cargile, Vicki Weber, Jennifer Brown, Cindy Galebach, Richie Patrick1:110/71977
[ ]FootballTigers romp over OWU, 35-75:110/71977
[ ]Union Board; Wittenberg Christian Fellowship (WCF)WCF/UB features cultural film series6:110/71977
[ ]HomecomingWeekend filled with fastivities1:410/71977
[ ]Swimming and Diving - WomenWin over Xavier and lose to OWU5:310/71977
[ ]Tennis - WomenWitt women's tennis team to have fall tryouts5:810/71977
[ ]Football6800 watch Tigers whip B-W5:410/141977
[ ]SoccerBooters drop two, Levey hurt5:110/141977
[ ]Brown, Dr. LarryBrown seeks best health care4:110/141977
[ ]College Council (CC)CC moves to keep calendar1:110/141977
[ ]Alpha Lambda DeltaHonorary initiates 9 girls4:510/141977
[ ]Laming, Mrs. DorothyLaming to present "Sound of Vincent"6:310/141977
[ ]Cross CountryRunners place 4th out of ten5:410/141977
[ ]Scheffel, Dr. KenScheffel likes Wittenberg4:710/141977
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)SGA owes funds1:310/141977
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)SGA surplus account "dries up"1:110/141977
[ ]Joseph C. Shouvlin Center for Lifelong LearningShouvlin Center dedicated to learning1:110/141977
[ ]Field HockeyStickers 2-25:310/141977
[ ]Kovalich, GaeStudent aids space shuttle (pic)6:610/141977
[ ]FootballTigers seen on regional TV1:110/141977
[ ]TUT(Theatre)TUT stages "Crucible"4:210/141977
[ ]Union BoardUB concert series tries to please listeners6:310/141977
[ ]Union BoardUB elects new officers1:510/141977
[ ]Senior CelebritiesVicki Hopper and Allen Flickinger chosen6:610/141977
[ ]VolleyballWomen top Denison, Marietta5:710/141977
[ ]Student Employmentwork study changes1:610/141977
[ ]Bach, RichardBach to visit Wittenberg8:510/211977
[ ]SoccerBooters tie 5th-ranked Denison6:610/211977
[ ]Joseph C. Shouvlin Center for Lifelong LearningCenter dedicated last Friday1:310/211977
[ ]Cross CountryDann excels in cross country7:610/211977
[ ]Field HockeyDillahund lauds tiger Stickers7:810/211977
[ ]FinancesFinancial aid available to Witt students1:110/211977
[ ]FootballFoster, Sitler reflect on careers, seek OAC title7:110/211977
[ ]Cross CountryHarriers place 22nd7:310/211977
[ ]Swimming and Diving - WomenHersh, Saxton set marks for tankers6:310/211977
[ ]Huffman, Dr. James L.Huffman enjoys triple role as teacher, writer and researcher5:510/211977
[ ]Senior CelebritiesJill Perry and Chip Johns chosen8:510/211977
[ ]Ohio Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG)Mall bus refused1:810/211977
[ ]Tennis - MenMannies brightens tennis outlook7:110/211977
[ ]Omicron Delta KappaODK sponsors leaders' forum4:410/211977
[ ]Wangler, Dr. Lila HildaProf recalls Soviet trip4:110/211977
[ ]Frasca, Dr. AlbertRadiation-oriented careers available8:110/211977
[ ]College Council (CC)Requirements designed for relevance1:410/211977
[ ]RugbyRuggers lose finals6:610/211977
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)SGA announces results1:310/211977
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)SGA elects auditor, slates fee referendum1:510/211977
[ ]VolleyballSpikers 6-56:510/211977
[ ]FootballTigers run, pass to route ONU6:110/211977
[ ]Tyson, Dr. BradyUN officer to speak1:110/211977
[ ]InternshipsUrban internships involve 16 Witt students4:110/211977
[ ]Thomas LibraryA-V Center expands its capabilities1:310/281977
[ ]Senior CelebritiesBecky Fort adn Mike Clohossey chosen6:110/281977
[ ]Thomas LibraryCenter hit by thieves1:710/281977
[ ]Bach ChoraleChorale will give "Death" voice1:110/281977
[ ]Collegium MusicumDark side of Renaissance presented6:110/281977
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesHouse mothers snatched4:310/281977
[ ]SoccerKickers set record5:210/281977
[ ]Kinnison, Dr. William A.Kinnison named to Ohio Board of Regents' Advisory committee2:510/281977
[ ]Myers HallMyers Hall serves as Historic Chapter4:110/281977
[ ]Project OutreachOutreach organizes services4:210/281977
[ ]Harper, JamesR.C. finds rewards in his jobs4:610/281977
[ ]RugbyRuggers rip circle city5:510/281977
[ ]Cross CountryRunners look ahead to conference finals5:610/281977
[ ]Phi Eta SigmaSophomore joins society6:410/281977
[ ]VolleyballSpikers win 45:710/281977
[ ]Field HockeyStickers up to 5-4-25:610/281977
[ ]Swimming and Diving - WomenTankers break more records5:510/281977
[ ]FootballTigers come from behind to top Wooster5:210/281977
[ ]Union BoardUB now efficient selective group (pic)6:310/281977
[ ]Union BoardUB plans activities4:110/281977
[ ]Joseph C. Shouvlin Center for Lifelong LearningUtilities, upkeep Shouvlin keys1:710/281977
[ ]Bach, RichardBach espouses philosophy6:111/41977
[ ]Balling, William J. Jr.Balling finds satisfaction in working with students4:111/41977
[ ]Senior CelebritiesBarb Steele and Larry James chosen6:511/41977
[ ]SoccerBooters drop two straight5:611/41977
[ ]Merrill, Prof. HerbertEnglish prof recounts steps to success6:311/41977
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Forum airs fee increase issue1:311/41977
[ ]Lichtsteiner, RuediGuild RC teaches4:711/41977
[ ]Cross CountryHarriers place seventh in Ohio Conference5:411/41977
[ ]Elliott, GeorgeOfficial will speak on writing and art1:711/41977
[ ]Ohio Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG)OPIRG backs bottle bill3:711/41977
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Ousts WUSO manager1:711/41977
[ ]TUT(Theatre)Prepare to stage "A raisin in the sun"4:311/41977
[ ]Ferritto, JohnProf keeps O.U. job6:511/41977
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)RHA proposes candle policy1:111/41977
[ ]RugbyRuggers 7-2-15:811/41977
[ ]VolleyballSpikers made semis5:611/41977
[ ]Field HockeyStickers finish 3rd in state!5:611/41977
[ ]FootballTigers crush cap for 13th straight win5:111/41977
[ ]Union BoardUB officers speak out6:111/41977
[ ]Swimming and Diving - WomenWomen drown Dennison5:311/41977
[ ]American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS)AIBS chapter seeks members4:711/111977
[ ]Allen, Gerry;Allen, GeoffAllen, Davis cover Tigers on WIZE (pic)6:111/111977
[ ]Symphonic BandBand to be in concert Nov. 131:311/111977
[ ]SoccerBooters finish with best mark ever5:611/111977
[ ]BasketballCagers aim for OAC title5:311/111977
[ ]College Council (CC)CC rep reports progress2:111/111977
[ ]Wittenberg ChoirChoir slates "Messiah" for Jan. 81:611/111977
[ ]Union BoardConcerts announced (pic)6:311/111977
[ ]Taylor, LivingstonLivingston Taylor to perform Nov. 121:711/111977
[ ]Senior CelebritiesPam Cassidy and Ron Mavus chosen6:711/111977
[ ]FootballPenalties, injuries mar Tigers' win5:111/111977
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)RHA sets activities6:4411/111977
[ ]RugbyRuggers enjoy winning season5:811/111977
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)SGA officials debate validity of fee increase1:111/111977
[ ]Wittenberg Honor SocietiesSociety taps new members1:311/111977
[ ]VolleyballSpikers get bid5:311/111977
[ ]Swimming and Diving - WomenTankers close at 5-35:611/111977
[ ]Union BoardUB holds final meeting of term1:211/111977
[ ]Morrison, RodUnion manger fills triple role4:111/111977
[ ]Vugteveen, RobVugteveen sees other side as RC6:411/111977
[ ]Radio station; WUSOWUSO aims for quality6:611/111977
[ ]Young Americans for Freedom (YAF)YAF donates library books1:711/111977