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[ ]Staach, Dr. HagenChairman of Muhlenberg College Religion Dept. to speak in Weaver Chapel on Jan. 18, 19701:51/161970
[ ]BasketballLose to BG 68-673:11/161970
[ ]WrestlingSeason opened at New Concord against Denison4:11/161970
[ ]O'Hair, Madelyn MurraySpoke on "The Separation of Church and State in America"1:11/161970
[ ]O'Hair, Madelyn MurrayDiscussion of talk by students and faculty3:11/231970
[ ]Aiken, Dr. HenryProfessor at Brandeis Univ to speak here Jan 292:51/231970
[ ]WrestlingTigers lose to Wesleyan7:11/231970
[ ]Educational Policies Committee (EPC)EPC examines institutional requirements5:11/301970
[ ]Debate TeamGreg Weiss, Jon Koppenhoefer to be in Mardi Gras National Invitational Tournament in New Orleans1:11/301970
[ ]Student SenateRevised constitution vote Tuesday3:11/301970
[ ]BasketballWin over Wilmington 85-76; over Oberlin 80-568:11/301970
[ ]WrestlingWinn over Otterbein, Heidelberg7:11/301970
[ ]Shell Companies FoundationReceive $1500 grant5:22/61970
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Statement on Black House submitted to HEW1:12/61970
[ ]WrestlingWin over Earlam, Wooster7:12/61970
[ ]BasketballWin over Heidelberg 63-58; over Muskingum 59-546:12/61970
[ ]Hanley, Dr. and Mrs. Stanley M.$500,000 in endowment funds from a gift of $1,000,000 made in 1957 by Dr. Hanley to be used for chair in Physics honoring Dr. E.O. Weaver5:42/131970
[ ]Reck, W. EmersonAnnounces retirement. Will conclude 44 years in education career1:12/131970
[ ]Physics DepartmentChair established in Dept. through gift of Dr. Stanley Hanley to honor Dr. Weaver5:32/131970
[ ]Upward BoundFifth program planned2:32/131970
[ ]Swimming and DivingLose to Muskingum 45-545:32/131970
[ ]WrestlingLost to Baldwin-Wallace, Akron, won over Denison6:42/131970
[ ]Environmental StudiesWitt received at $10,000 grant to help develop program4:32/131970
[ ]BasketballWon over Wesleyan 70-67; won over Mt. Union 66-507:12/131970
[ ]Andeen, Dr. G. KennethAndeen to leave Feb 25 for a 20 day tour of England, Italy, Switzerland and the Netherlands3:32/201970
[ ]Lutz, Dr. ArthurLutz to become first occupant of newly established Dr. E. O.Weaver Chair of Physics5:42/201970
[ ]WrestlingWon over Capital 23-167:42/201970
[ ]BasketballWon over Denison 60-46; won over Eastern Michigan 101-807:12/201970
[ ]BasketballWon over Denison 60-46; won over Eastern Michigan 101-808:12/201970
[ ]Woodrow Wilson FellowshipAwards to James Ferral and Meta Zimmeck8:12/271970
[ ]Swimming and DivingLose to Denison 66-357:42/271970
[ ]Encounter Action GroupMeeting held. Make new set of demands3:12/271970
[ ]Ellis, WilliamPresident of the Lutheran Human Relations Assoc. to speak in Weaver Chapel Mar. 12:12/271970
[ ]Ferral, JamesWoodrow Wilson National Fellowship Award Winner8:12/271970
[ ]Zimmeck, MetaWoodrow Wilson national Fellowship Award Winner8:12/271970
[ ]Whitney, Mrs. EleanorCampus crusade for Christ member to speak here on Mar 109:43/61970
[ ]Dudycha, Dr. George J.; Jurkat, Elmo; Reck, W. Emerson; Founders DayDudycha to end 44 year career; he and others honored at Founder's Day; March 7 marks 125th anniversary1:33/61970
[ ]Encounter Action GroupEAG receives response from the administration and the CBS1:23/61970
[ ]Debate TeamJon Koppenhoefer, David Berber, Reimund Manneck, and James Lagos take fourth place at Cuyahoga C. Coll.4:33/61970
[ ]BasketballLose to Oberlin 65-5812:13/61970
[ ]Tranquill, GaryAccepts position at Ball State University7:13/131970
[ ]Founders Day; Koppenhaver, Allen J.Dr. Allen Koppenhauer awarded Teacher of the Year award at Founders Day banquet6:33/131970
[ ]Encounter Action GroupEAG finds that their demands for equalit of employment have been in effect and there was no basis for demand1:13/131970
[ ]WrestlingGrapplers take OC championship1:13/131970
[ ]Koppenhaver, Allen J.Koppenhaver receives distinguished Teacher Award (pic)1:13/131970
[ ]Browne, Attorney BitnerBrowne to receive honorary degree at commencement exercises on June 14, 19704:24/101970
[ ]ChoirChoir performed in California during spring vacation, March 19-303:14/101970
[ ]Dobzhansky, Dr. TheodosiusDr. Theodosius Dobzhansky to receive honorary degree at commencement exercies on June 14, 19704:24/101970
[ ]Honorary DegreesFive men to receive honorary degrees at annual commencement exercises on June 144:24/101970
[ ]Karsten, Rev. Robert E.Karsten to take 15 month leave to complete work for doctorate degree3:14/101970
[ ]Kniskern, MaynardKniskern to receive honorary degree at commencement exercises4:24/101970
[ ]TennisLose to Bowling Green 9-0; win over Marietta 8-110:54/101970
[ ]LacrosseLose to Ohio State Univ. 9-411:34/101970
[ ]Human Relations CouncilMade a five point statement in answer to demands of Encounter Actopm Group1:34/101970
[ ]Miller, EldonMiller resigns to accept coaching position at Western Michigan Universtiy (pic)1:14/101970
[ ]Miller, EldonMiller resigns to accept coaching position at Western Michigan Universtiy (pic)10:14/101970
[ ]Environmental Action CommitteeProgram proposed for teach-in at Witt for Earth Week1:14/101970
[ ]Cox, WilliamRev. William Cox to receive honorary degree on June 14, 1970 at Commencement exercises4:24/101970
[ ]BaseballWin over Heidelberg 12-011:14/101970
[ ]Baker, LarryBaker named to 1969-70 All-Lutheran College Basketball Team6:34/171970
[ ]Institutional RequirementsFaculty approves changes in requirements8:34/171970
[ ]LacrosseLose to Bowling Green 12-36:44/171970
[ ]TennisLose to Kenyon 6-316:34/171970
[ ]BaseballLost to Otterbein 6-416:14/171970
[ ]Thrasher, JamesNamed to 1969-70 All-Lutheran basketball team6:34/171970
[ ]King, Rev. Charles H., JrResume of past activities and accomplishments7:14/171970
[ ]GolfWin over Marietta 11-9: Muskingum 10 1/2-9 1/2; Carnegie-Mellon 17-316:44/171970
[ ]Track and FieldWin over Ohio Wesleyan 77-5916:24/171970
[ ]Wittenberg Community Scholarship FundWittenberg opens fund drive. Goal is set at $25,0008:14/171970
[ ]FootballWittenberg's win-loss record of 78-9-1 recognized by President Nixon and U.S. House of Representatives6:14/171970
[ ]Alma Mater1970 candidates are Ellen Trinter, Nancy Music, and Diane Smith (pic)1:14/241970
[ ]Music, NancyAlma Mater candidates for 19701:14/241970
[ ]Smith, DianeAlma Mater candidates for 1970 (pic)1:14/241970
[ ]Balliet, Dr. Conrad A.Balliet to take sabbatical leave during winter term to study the teaching techniques and processes of some outstanding teachers of undergraduate English courses6:44/241970
[ ]Bush, Prof. EverettBush to be on leave for 1971 to conduct independent study at the University of Newcastle in Australia6:34/241970
[ ]Trinter, EllenCandidate for 1970 Alma Mater1:14/241970
[ ]Encounter Action GroupEAG labels the Human Relations Council as a "basically powerless body"4:44/241970
[ ]GolfFinish 5th in meet at Denison7:44/241970
[ ]Hartje, Dr. Robert GHartje will use the spring term to complete his biography of Jefferson Davis and to work on anthology "Man and War"6:44/241970
[ ]Kilver, Mary AnnKilver to be on leave of absence during 1970-71 to work on research and to write doctoral dissertation6:54/241970
[ ]Klick, CoraKlick to conduct research of Judism of the Hellenistic era during spring term at Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati and Dropsie College in PA6:54/241970
[ ]Graef, Rev. RichardOn leave during autumn term for research adn to work on dissertation at the Lutheran Sch. of Theo., Chic.6:44/241970
[ ]Weinlander, Dr. AlbertinaOn leave in fall term for research and writing concerning learning disabilities6:44/241970
[ ]Boyer, WillisPresident of Republic Steel Corp. to be a speaker at the Wittenberg Symposium on Business and the Liberal Arts at Wittenberg April 30, 1970 (pic)1:14/241970
[ ]Idzerda, Dr. S.President of St. Benedict College in Minnesota to be a speaker at the Wittenberg symposium on Business to be held April 30, 19701:14/241970
[ ]Celms, Prof. PeterProfessor Celms on leave in autumn term to conduct research in German historiography and philosophy of history6:44/241970
[ ]Hodgkinson, Dr. H. L.Research Education in the Center for Research in Higher Eduation at the Univ. of Calif. to be a Speaker at the Wittenberg Symposium on Business and the Liberal Arts on April 30, 19701:14/241970
[ ]Fryscak, MilanSabbatical leave in 1970-71 to complete research and to work on a college-level grammar and textbook of the Czech language6:34/241970
[ ]Gardner, Ellis B., Jr.Senior vice president of Litton Industries to be a speaker at the Wittenberg Symposium on Business and the Liberal Arts on April 30, 19701:14/241970
[ ]Kniskern, MaynardSpeaker at the Wittenberg symposium on business on Apr 30, 1970 (pic)1:14/241970
[ ]Track and FieldTie with Capitol. Finished fifth8:14/241970
[ ]BaseballTigers lose double header to Marietta7:14/241970
[ ]O'Brien, Charles H.To be on leave next year to conduct postdoctoral study and research in Switzerland6:54/241970
[ ]Laux, Dr. Louis JTo pursue post graduate study in 1970-71 at the Center for Ecological Research of the Univ. of Pennsylvania6:34/241970
[ ]Wilson, Eric L.To spend 1970-71 academic year at Vanderbilt Univ for refresher courses6:34/241970
[ ]Wittenberg GuildTo sponsor "Parade of Nations" style show on April 253:44/241970
[ ]TennisWin over Denison 5-48:14/241970
[ ]LacrosseWin over Kenyon 4-3; over Vanderbilt 17-28:34/241970
[ ]Graef, Rev. RichardAwarded a grant of $6,000 by the Education Fund of the Lutheran Church of America for advanced study toward the doctor of philosophy degree in '70-'713:35/11970
[ ]Ferncliff HallFerncliff will be co-ed for 1970-711:45/11970
[ ]Gerstner, Rev. Dr. John H.Professor of Church History at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary to be guest speaker at Weaver Chapel May 3rd (pic)3:45/11970
[ ]LacrosseTeam wins 5-3 over Wooster4:25/11970
[ ]TuitionTuition for 1970-71 will be $2,010. Room and board charges will be $195 a term or $585 for year1:15/11970
[ ]BaseballWin over Capital 6-1; win double header over Denison4:15/11970
[ ]GolfWin over Heidelberg; lose to Akron and Marietta4:45/11970
[ ]TennisWin over Hiram 9-04:55/11970
[ ]Arends, PatriciaArends to attend American U in Washington DC on a graduate assistantship3:55/81970
[ ]Fryscak, MilanAsst. professor of Russian to spend 10 weeks in Moscow in summer of 19707:35/81970
[ ]Brookhart, C. FrankBrookhart wins scholarship to Vanderbilt Divinity School3:45/81970
[ ]DiFranco, DianalinnDianalinn DiFranco to hold fellowship at the University of Virginia, specializing in education of the mentally retarded3:55/81970
[ ]Trinter, EllenElected as 1970 Alma Mater. Installed at Honors Convocation1:15/81970
[ ]LacrosseLose to Ohio Wesleyan 6-28:15/81970
[ ]BaseballLose to Wooster 403 and 6-48:15/81970
[ ]Miller, James P.Miller wins scholarship to Vanderbilt Divinity School3:45/81970
[ ]Freeman, JosephReceives scholarship to Yale Divinity School3:45/81970
[ ]Wittenberg Honor SocietiesTwelve scholars honored at convocationNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:45/91970
[ ]Protests;National News"A peaceful demonstration"1:15/151970
[ ]Alma Mater;Opinion;Women's Liberation"Why not an alma pater?" position defended2:55/151970
[ ]National News;Racism;OpinionA Black speaks out - Bobby Beware2:15/151970
[ ]OpinionAbscenities - Dear America2:35/151970
[ ]National News;RacismBeginnings for Wittenberg2:35/151970
[ ]Choir;Williams, John W.Choristers perform Sunday2:35/151970
[ ]Sports;Track and Field;Bibbee, BillCindermen ready for OC; Bibbee starts at Ashland8:35/151970
[ ]Environmental Action Committee (EAC)EAC to reorganize pollution fight3:15/151970
[ ]England;Exeter Program;Study Abroad;[Photo]Exeter Program in England offers study, travel7:15/151970
[ ]Racism;Discrimination;OpinionFrom Our Side - The Cloud2:15/151970
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS);Racism;National NewsIn Grill Room Tuesday CBS presents questions to white Wittenberg1:15/151970
[ ]Bond, Julian;PoliticsJulian Bond to speak at WU1:55/151970
[ ]Environmental IssuesMetrix speaks2:45/151970
[ ]Behanna, GertrudeMrs. Behanna, "The Late Liz," to present her philosophy here3:15/151970
[ ]Sports;Lacrosse;Parks, JimParks sparkles with four goals as Tigers smash Yeoman 10-48:45/151970
[ ]Plays;HumorScapin is entertaining, but like week, unfunny6:45/151970
[ ]OpinionStudents, faculty obligated to challenge, act responsibly6:15/151970
[ ]BaseballTigers give Polar Bears cold reception in baseball8:15/151970
[ ]Rieschaure, EdwinAmbassador to Japan from 1961 to 1966 to speak on Student Dissent in Japan4:45/221970
[ ]Behanna, GertrudeAuthor, lecturer to present her philosophy of life in the Union on May 18 (pic)6:15/221970
[ ]White, JoshGave 2 concerts on W-Day, Mary 20th4:15/221970
[ ]Hartje, Dr. Robert GHartje to take part in summer seminar on social and economic development in east Africa4:45/221970
[ ]LacrosseLose to Denison 5-58:45/221970
[ ]Norris, TracyResigns as director of publicity (pic)1:15/221970
[ ]Wittenberg Honor SocietiesSeniors chosen for 1970 honor society3:35/221970
[ ]Alt, PaulAlt wins most valuable player award in varsity sports (baseball)8:35/291970
[ ]Baker, LarryBaker presented with Sports Illustrated Award of Merit8:35/291970
[ ]AdmissionsCommittee reports aid to black students for 1970-71 will be $200,000 or 20% of budget7:45/291970
[ ]Curry, TyroneCurry wins most valuable player award in basketball and the Bill Edwards Scholarship Award in basketball8:35/291970
[ ]ScholarshipsEight seniors receive grants for advanced study. Steven Atkin, William Braun, Stephen Buchenroth, Brian Edwards, May Lou Harsa, Terry Kilgore, Alexander Rowlands, and Charles Williamson7;15/291970
[ ]New Congress MovementNewly formed group organizes to back peace candidate in the fall election1:15/291970
[ ]Young, TomReceives an All-American certificate from the Assoc.Press and named winner of "The Golden Helmet"8:35/291970
[ ]Turnau, RogerResigns to accept position at Susquehanna Univ. at Pennsylvania1:15/291970
[ ]Wilson, JamesSenior class president accepts membership in Alumni Assoc. for class of 19701:45/291970
[ ]Peacock, LarryVoted most valuable honors in football and lacrosse8:35/291970
[ ]BaseballWin over Central State 8-4, over Ashland 5-08:35/291970
[ ]LacrosseWin over Michigan State 12-58:15/291970
[ ]Andeen, Dr. G. KennethAndeen streamlines administrative departments1:110/21970
[ ]Crabill Art CenterAnnex is located in house on corner of Stoughton Place and Woodlawn Ave.6:110/21970
[ ]Niemeier, Dr. Donald L.Assocaite dean of students for Standards and procedures appointed (pic)1:110/21970
[ ]Dietrich, HeimtrautAssociate Dean of Students for programs and activities5:110/21970
[ ]Heusinkveld, Dr. Edwin D.Becomes Vice-President for Student Affairs under administrative changes1:110/21970
[ ]Darling, FrankChairman of the Political Science Dept. at DePauw University to speak here October 15th3:110/21970
[ ]AdministrationChanges made to "streamline" administration: Board of Directors: President, Dr. Kenneth Andeen; Vice-President for University Affairs, Dr. William Kinnison; Vice-President for Business Affairs, Mr. Manford Holck; Vice-President and Treasurer, Dr. Roland M1:110/21970
[ ]Faculty Artist ConcertConcert to feature Orcenith Smith and Robert Howat on Sunday3:510/21970
[ ]Dahl, Dr. ErnoDahl becomes Vice-President for Academic Affairs under administrative changes1:110/21970
[ ]Lewis, JoeDemocratic candidate for U. S. Congress from the 7th district to speak Thursday1:410/21970
[ ]Holck, Rev. Manfred, Jr.Holck appointed VP for Business Affairs under new administrative changes1:110/21970
[ ]Kinnison, Dr. William A.Kinnison becomes VP for university affairs under new administrative changes1:110/21970
[ ]Matthies, Dr. Roland C.Named Vice-President and Treasurer of Wittenberg1:110/21970
[ ]College Council (CC)New governmental system to be put into effect at Wittenberg this fall3:110/21970
[ ]Community Organizations United for ProgressNew group organized to eliminate institutional white racism4:410/21970
[ ]Cooper, PatriciaPatricia Cooper is studying at American University this fall under the Washington and Urban Semester programs5:410/21970
[ ]Communications CenterService listing campus activities, course, etc.5:110/21970
[ ]Heusinkveld, Dr. Edwin D.Still serves as Dean of Students in addition to being Vice-President for Student Services5:110/21970
[ ]Howat, RobertTo be featured in Faculty Artist Concert with Orcenith Smith on Sunday October 4, 19703:510/21970
[ ]Van Poppel, RobertTo be soccer coach and assistant basketball coach7:110/21970
[ ]Rosencrans, Robert E.To be wrestling coach and assistant football coach7:210/21970
[ ]Weibel, Timothy J.To serve as Assistant dean of students for residences5:110/21970
[ ]FootballWins over Central State 40-8 on Sept. 268:110/21970
[ ]FootballWittenberg wins over California State (Pa.) 61-0 on Sept. 19th8:110/21970
[ ]HomecomingCandidates for 1970 Homecoming Queen; Barbara Zaug, Linda Shaw, Janet Greek, Mary Dillard, Charlotte Swann, Kathy Heller, Judy Markle, Cathy Cornelson, and Marti Moore1:410/91970
[ ]Cross CountryCross Country team lose to Otterbein 23-33 and to Capital 20-378:110/91970
[ ]Hartley, DavidDemocratic candidate for state representative from the ninth district spoke to "Campaign '70" students3:110/91970
[ ]Lewis, JoeLewis spoke to "Campaign 70" students (pic)3:210/91970
[ ]BuildingsOver $300,000 in repairs made to buildings and facilities during the summer4:110/91970
[ ]Collins, JudySinger of folk and contemporary music to entertain Friday, Oct. 16 in the Field House (pic)1:310/91970
[ ]FootballWin over Otterbein 76-7 on Oct. 3rd6:110/91970
[ ]SoccerWitt loses to Oberlin7:110/91970
[ ]Plays"The Firebugs" by Max Frisch, will be the last production of the year8:410/171970
[ ]Plays"The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail" by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee is to be presented by the University Theatre4:110/171970
[ ]Plays"Woyzeck" by George Buchner, to be presented by the University Theater8:410/171970
[ ]Plays"Yerma" by Frederico Garcia Lorca, to be presented by U.T. on April 6, 19718:410/171970
[ ]Homecoming Queen1970 Mary Dillard reigns as Queen1:110/171970
[ ]Heller, KathyAttendent to homecoming queen1:110/171970
[ ]Merkle, JudyAttendent to homecoming queen (pic)1:110/171970
[ ]Cross CountryCross Country team lost to Denison 40-209:110/171970
[ ]Wittenberg Community Scholarship FundDrive reached its goal. $25,160.63 pledged5:410/171970
[ ]Copeland, BeverlyFolk and jazz singer to perform on October 20 at the Rathskeller (pic)4:310/171970
[ ]Kinnison, Dr. William A.Kinnison takes over position of VP of University affairs and public relations this fall3:110/171970
[ ]SoccerLost to Heidelberg9;110/171970
[ ]HomecomingMary Dillard is queen. Attendents are Kathy Heller and Judy Merkle1:110/171970
[ ]Groden, Dr. AustinNew member of the Education Dept.3:110/171970
[ ]Lawrence, Dr. DavidNew member of the Poli Sci department3:210/171970
[ ]Los Reges, Julio deOn campus for a two-day workshop-concert in flamenco guitar5:310/171970
[ ]FootballWin over Denison 30-09:110/171970
[ ]Lakey, GeorgeAsst. prof. at the Martin Luther King, Jr. school of social change at Crozer Theological Seminary to speak at Wittenberg (pic)4:110/221970
[ ]Collins, JudyCollins performs at Homecoming concert (pic)3:110/221970
[ ]FootballWittenberg wins over Findley 48-06:110/221970
[ ]Plays"The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail" to be presented (pic) of author6:110/301970
[ ]McDaniel, Rev. MichaelFilling vacancy left by Pastor Karsten, who is on leave for the 1970-71 term4:110/301970
[ ]Kinnison, Dr. William A.Kinnison to speak at chapel in honor of 125th anniversary of the opening of classes at Wittenberg3:110/301970
[ ]Lakey, GeorgeLakey speaks on "nonviolent revolution" (pic)1:310/301970
[ ]Hockey - WomenLost to Ohio University 3-0; tied with Ohio state 3-3. Also tied with Wooster 1-13:410/301970
[ ]Wycoff, Arthur T.New on the psychology teaching staff (pic)4:410/301970
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesPan Hellenic council to sponsor lecture on Diamonds, Monday, Nov. 23:110/301970
[ ]FootballWin over Baldwin-Wallace 21-148:110/301970
[ ]SoccerWin over Marietta8:410/301970
[ ]Cross CountryCross Country loses to Muskingum 27-287:411/61970
[ ]Wordsworth, WilliamEnglish Dept. holds convocation for poet's 200th birthday (pic)1:111/61970
[ ]Peoples, DanOn the debate team which is to complete in the 23rd annual William Pitt cross-examination tournament (pic)3:111/61970
[ ]Koppenhoefer, JonOn the debate team which will compete in the 23rd annual William Pitt Cross-Examination Tournamet (pic)3:111/61970
[ ]Blue KeySeniors tapped are David T. Anderson, Bill Barton, Jim Thrasher, Bill Vollrath, and Tim Zachman3:111/61970
[ ]Fleissner, RobertTeacher from Central State to speak at Wordsworth convocation1:111/61970
[ ]DebateTeam, consisting of Jom Koppenhoefer and Dan Peoples, to compete in the 23rd annual William Pitt Cross-Examination Tournament (pic)3:111/61970
[ ]Westberg, Rev. Granger E.To lecture on "grief" on Nov. 6 (pic)1:111/61970
[ ]Hockey - WomenWin over Cedarville 5-0 on October 277:411/61970
[ ]FootballWin over Ohio Wesleyan7:111/61970
[ ]Danforth AssociationWittenberg to be host to the Ohio Region of the Danforth Associates Program1:411/61970
[ ]Plays"The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail" proves timely (pic)4:111/121970
[ ]Residence HallsMen's residence hall council and the women't residence hall assoc. merge to form the Residence hall association3:111/121970
[ ]Thorsen, Dr. ByronNew Asst. to the President and Director of International Research3:111/121970
[ ]Physics ClubNew officers are: Phil Pilgrim, Mike Donges, Jim Shockey, and Gary Bergstrom3:211/121970
[ ]Dad's AssociationParents' gave $34,900 toward the improvement of faculty salaries last year. New goal to be announced1:111/121970
[ ]FootballWin over Wooster7:111/121970
[ ]Plays"Waiting for Godot" to be presented by the University players on November 223:111/201970
[ ]King, Rev. Charles H., JrForms Urban Crisis, Incorp. a consulting firm in human relations (pic)3:111/201970
[ ]Dabo, SillatyLecturer in French at Foural Bay College in Sierra Leone, West Africa tours Wittenberg (pic)1:311/201970
[ ]FootballWittenberg wins over Ashland 14-66:111/201970
[ ]Plays"No Easy Miracle" a play by Dr. Allan J. Koppenhaver, associate professor of English, to be presented Dec. 34:312/31970
[ ]Kirschenmann, Dr. FrederickDirector of the consortium for Higher Education religion studies, speaker at honor society meeting3:112/31970
[ ]Maurer, F. Davis DaveNamed Kodak College Division Coach of the year for section 27:512/31970
[ ]Wittenberg Honor SocietiesSeniors honored3:112/31970
[ ]BasketballTigers win over Indiana Central 90-663:412/31970