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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Myers Hall1851 roof replaced1:31/71966
[ ]Flinner, Jack; Warncke, Wayne W.2 faculty members receive PhD's4:51/71966
[ ]American Association of University WomenAAUW assist foreign coeds3:21/71966
[ ]Holck, Rev. Manfred, Jr.Authors magazine article4:21/71966
[ ]CurriculumCourses approved by faculty; requirements are announced1:11/71966
[ ]Duermit, MikeDuermit eyes Ohio shooting percentage titles5:11/71966
[ ]LibraryGift from colemans books library's fine art collection4:11/71966
[ ]Gifts; Coleman, Mr. & Mrs. E.A.Gift from Colemans boost library's fine art collection4:11/71966
[ ]National Science Foundation (NSF)Grant finances map course5:21/71966
[ ]WrestlingMatmen's season begins Jan 1215:4-51/71966
[ ]Presser FoundationMusic School receives grant3:41/71966
[ ]CurriculumNew curriculum advantages seen1:31/71966
[ ]School of MusicReceives grant3:41/71966
[ ]TorchYAF, honor code rated top news stories1:11/71966
[ ]Basketball"Little Three" face complex job7:41/141966
[ ]BandConcert band to go on tour during spring break1:31/141966
[ ]Folkman, Dr. Jerome D.Dr. Folkman expounds on the art of love and marriage1:11/141966
[ ]Hayakawa, Samuel I.English prof to lecture on semantics Feb. 21:41/141966
[ ]LibraryLibrary increases by 1m693 books4:11/141966
[ ]National Science Foundation (NSF)NSF award to WU finances Clark County math program1:21/141966
[ ]Physics DepartmentProfs attend meet6:41/141966
[ ]TorchPublishing weekly Torch complex process5:11/141966
[ ]Sigma Alpha PhiSAI initiates patroness6:31/141966
[ ]Hayakawa, Samuel I.; Lecture Series 1965-1966Samuel I. Hayakawa1:41/141966
[ ]BasketballSecond half five of Tigers almost overtake Otterbein8:11/141966
[ ]Food Preference SurveySteak, hamburgers students' choice3:51/141966
[ ]Basketball"Lords are dead"...Nietzsche6:32/41966
[ ]Allbeck, Willard DowAllbeck writes book4:52/41966
[ ]Murray, NealeArt instructor exhibits work4:22/41966
[ ]Dunifon, Don M.Art instructors exhibit works4:22/41966
[ ]Wilson, Eric L.Awarded PhD4:12/41966
[ ]Dowouis, MurphyCampus visitor in La. prison5:22/41966
[ ]Chrysler CorporationChrysler donates car to Witt4:52/41966
[ ]Schuman, WilliamComposer addresses convo; speaks at symphony concert1:12/41966
[ ]Social RegulationsCurfew extensions passed3:42/41966
[ ]Allen, Dr. Ned B.Dr. Allen takes position4:12/41966
[ ]Miller, L. DavidDr. Miller steps up to post as School of Music Dean112/41966
[ ]Young Americans for Freedom (YAF)Faculty recognize YAF constitution4:32/41966
[ ]Watkins, Dr. Joel S.Geophysicist to speak here2:42/41966
[ ]Celebrity SeriesGlen Yarbrough1:32/41966
[ ]Karsten, Rev. Robert E.Karsten will help produce two religious films5:42/41966
[ ]Yarbrough, GlenSinger stars in WU celebrity series concert1:32/41966
[ ]Association of College and Research LibrariesThomas Library granted $5004:32/41966
[ ]LibraryThomas library granted $5004:32/41966
[ ]Fusco, JamesTwo students win playwright contestNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:22/51966
[ ]Watkins, Dr. Joel S.Astrogeology expert lectures4:12/111966
[ ]PlaysCast selected for "Oh Dad, Poor Dad"1:52/111966
[ ]Art DepartmentCrabill students use "torch" in creating unique art forms7:12/111966
[ ]BasketballDescription of Marietta game8:12/111966
[ ]Student SenateDynamic structural changes are initiated4:1-52/111966
[ ]Kumar, KanwalEconomic changes benefit India7:32/111966
[ ]Lecky, LCDR Hugh F.Hamma alumnus is honored chaplin7:42/111966
[ ]Hunt, SarahLife is "high adventure" for (blind) coed1:12/111966
[ ]Art DepartmentLocal architecture in Crabill display6:52/111966
[ ]Hayakawa, Samuel I.; Lecture Series 1965-1966Samuel I. Hayakawa7:12/111966
[ ]Schuman, WilliamSchuman talks on NY center5:32/111966
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesSecond semester pledges3:42/111966
[ ]Hayakawa, Samuel I.Semantics is road to better communication - Dr. Hayakawa7:12/111966
[ ]Schuman, WilliamSymphony highly praised; composer hears own works5:12/111966
[ ]BasketballWitt survives Capitol scare after bowing to scots, 74-568:22/111966
[ ]WrestlingWrestlers edged by Muskied8:32/111966
[ ]Sigma Alpha Phi7 to perform SAI musical5:12/181966
[ ]Zartman, Evelyn N.Bequest to university3:32/181966
[ ]Military ServiceDeferments questioned by draft boards1:22/181966
[ ]Lucktenberg DuoDuo slated for concert3:42/181966
[ ]Quest and questionEconomics2:42/181966
[ ]Krieg HallFuture music center1:22/181966
[ ]Nault, DaveJazz organist scheduled for Union Concert1:42/181966
[ ]LibraryLibrary receives limited editions5:22/181966
[ ]ChoirNomadic choir journeys west1:52/181966
[ ]Philippi, DieterPromoted to controller4:22/181966
[ ]Schultz, RobertQuest and Question on economics2:42/181966
[ ]Student SenateSenate discusses constitutional revisions1:12/181966
[ ]Atherton, JamesAtherton, James wins playwright contest: "The Egg"1:22/251966
[ ]BasketballCagers scheduled6:52/251966
[ ]Rowan, Carl; Lecture Series 1965-1966Carl Rowan1:32/251966
[ ]Schultz, RobertClassical economics argued4:42/251966
[ ]Quest and questionClassical economists argued4:42/251966
[ ]Johnson, Dr. Benjamin A.Joins Hamma staff1:12/251966
[ ]Track and FieldMen ready for track season5:42/251966
[ ]Rowan, CarlRenown columnist talks on U. S. and Revolution1:32/251966
[ ]Swimming and DivingTigers set three pool records6:32/251966
[ ]BowlingUlery cited most improved bowler6:32/251966
[ ]Witt's EndWitt coffeehouse will soon be reality3:42/251966
[ ]WrestlingWrestlers lost to Dinison6:22/251966
[ ]WUSO; Radio Station WCSO; Radio stationWUSO broadcasting begins; officials salute new service1:42/251966
[ ]Grading3-3-3 will introduce freshmen grade system1:33/41966
[ ]Student Senate3.2 beer in Union discussed by Senate1:13/41966
[ ]Crowl, Les; WUSO; Radio Station WCSO; Radio station; WUSO; Radio Station WCSO; Radio stationAnnouncer recalls WCSO radio6:33/41966
[ ]BandBand will devote afternoon concert to student works2:13/41966
[ ]BasketballCagers defeated by Otters in Southern Division finals8:43/41966
[ ]Rowan, Carl; Lecture Series 1965-1966Carl Rowan4:43/41966
[ ]International WeekFair to climax festivities1:33/41966
[ ]Wittenberg History JournalHistory Journal to stimulate student thought4:13/41966
[ ]Schultz, RobertLecture explores many economic ideas5:13/41966
[ ]WrestlingMers' wrestlers get satisfaction in last contest7:43/41966
[ ]Claremont QuartetMusical quartet to perform here3:13/41966
[ ]LibraryOrdered chaos in study retreat5:23/41966
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesPan Hel, IFC chiefs chosen1:13/41966
[ ]Soker, Jo Ann; Sommer, DanPan-Hel, IFC chiefs chosen1:13/41966
[ ]Fowler, Dr. JosephPhysicist slated for lectures here6:23/41966
[ ]Quest and questionSchultz lecture explores many economic ideas5:13/41966
[ ]Swimming and DivingTigers ward off Muskies: prepare for weekend meet7;23/41966
[ ]Rowan, CarlU.S. Student revolutions4:53/41966
[ ]Founders DayWU "Lively Liberal Artists" to perform Founder's Day1:13/41966
[ ]Dunn, Nancy3 faculty members plan to retire (por)1:33/111966
[ ]Plays; Bishop CompanyBishop Company presents play on Woodrow Wilson4:13/111966
[ ]International WeekCelebration to begin on Saturday. Proceeds to be used to sponsor student1:13/111966
[ ]ChoirChoir slates home concert4:13/111966
[ ]WrestlingGrapplers close season with eighth place finish in finals7:43/111966
[ ]White, JoshJosh Jr. here soon1:33/111966
[ ]Celebrity SeriesJosh White Jr.1:33/111966
[ ]Witt's Endopens tonite at 85:33/111966
[ ]Claremont QuartetQuartet gives concert tonight6:13/111966
[ ]Flesner, David,Senior David Flesner gets Woodrow Wilson Fellowship1:13/111966
[ ]Woodrow Wilson FellowshipSenior David Flesner receives award1:13/111966
[ ]Track and FieldSix thinclads run in finals8:33/111966
[ ]Swimming and DivingTankmen take 2nd in Conf. meet; break 7 shool, 1 Conf. Records7:13/111966
[ ]Theatre of ConcernTheatre of Concern comes to campus6:33/111966
[ ]FacultyThree faculty members plan to retire1:33/111966
[ ]Kelley, G. VernonThree faculty members plan to retire (pic)1:33/111966
[ ]WUSO; Radio Station WCSO; Radio stationWhy FM only is explained3:33/111966
[ ]Williamson, RuthWU coed "afraid to be herself" notes women's head resident5:13/111966
[ ]BaseballBaseball season outlook good, promising fresh aid to team5:43/181966
[ ]PlaysCritique of "Oh Dad, Poor Dad"4:13/181966
[ ]White, JoshJosh to sing; ends series1:43/181966
[ ]Celebrity SeriesJosh White Jr.1:43/181966
[ ]BowlingKeglers tourney hopes fade6:43/181966
[ ]Witt's EndNew student hub2:13/181966
[ ]Ylvisaker, JohnSing along with5:33/181966
[ ]Witt's EndStudents throng "Witt's End" weekend entertainment slated1:13/181966
[ ]PlaysStudents to give original plays on March 251:33/181966
[ ]Track and FieldThinclads take 7th on O.C. indoor championships6:23/181966
[ ]Blackmer, Elmer F.Blackmer named Kentucky Colonel3:13/251966
[ ]Wittenberg Christian CounselConference slated on role of church1:53/251966
[ ]Faber, Dr. James Arthur; Otten, Terry R.; Faculty; Brinkman, Dr. Elizabeth; Damaser, Harvey G.Four new faculty announced for English department1:33/251966
[ ]International Harvester FoundationGift planned to aid new science building5:13/251966
[ ]Lanier, William J.Lanier to take post in NC3:33/251966
[ ]SyncopatesPicked for autumn squad8:43/251966
[ ]Koprio, Dr. George S.Reformation letter from original WU translated here7:33/251966
[ ]Women's Residence Hall CouncilTo propose curfew modifications1:13/251966
[ ]Theatre of ConcernUnique thespian presentation slated6:43/251966
[ ]Klopfenstein, Miss FlossAlumna presents $10,000 annuity3:14/11966
[ ]Science HallBid exceeds estimate for building4:44/11966
[ ]PlaysCritique: Student Workshop2:14/11966
[ ]Gulf Oil CorporationGulf bosters building fund6:54/11966
[ ]Hamilton, GeraldOrganist here April 125:34/11966
[ ]Zhou, SifasRhodesian student appeals for books4:54/11966
[ ]Student SenateSenate votes to accept 'principle' of constitution during 3 hour meeting1:34/11966
[ ]Military ServiceSS drafts deferment policy; test or class rank is option3:14/11966
[ ]SAFE (Students Advancing Freedom and Equality)SDS is radical organization, say SAFE guests1:44/21966
[ ]Education DepartmentStudent Teaching--program and experience2:1-54/21966
[ ]ChoirChoir group will entertain at "Ohio Night"4:14/151966
[ ]Reading ClinicClinic benefits children, tutors2:34/151966
[ ]Science HallConstruction will begin soon on center1:4-54/151966
[ ]King, James RoyDr. King has book published3:44/151966
[ ]Newman ClubExpands aids. Enters convention competition3:14/151966
[ ]Howat, Robert Y.Howat and Wynne in duo recital1:54/151966
[ ]Spivak, Lawrence E.; Lecture Series 1965-1966Lawrence E. Spivak1:14/151966
[ ]Student SenateProposed constitution on April 20th ballot5:64/151966
[ ]Spivak, Lawrence E.Spivak will sidelight "Meet the Press" here1:14/151966
[ ]Texaco, IncTexaco, Inc. grants $15001:14/151966
[ ]Honorary DegreesWittenberg to grant 5 honorary degrees1:14/151966
[ ]Upward Bound"Upward Bound" program to begin at WU this summer1:44/221966
[ ]Ivy Oration1966 - Judy Jaeger1:44/221966
[ ]Heil, Anne2 juniors share $250 writing award7:14/221966
[ ]BandBand in concert7:34/221966
[ ]W-DayBells will peal for "W-Day"3:24/221966
[ ]Berg, JohnBerg and Judy Jaeger are to be traditional Ivy and Oak orators (por)1:44/221966
[ ]Physics Department; Biology DepartmentBiology and physics opn house slated5:34/221966
[ ]Coyle, Dr. WilliamDr. Coyle elected by CEA5:24/221966
[ ]ChoirFolksongs top choir program at Hootenanny1:34/221966
[ ]Fitch, Louis HarrisonFormer FBI agent6:24/221966
[ ]Hamma choirHamma choir to tour2:34/221966
[ ]Track and FieldHarriers lose to O. Wesleyan, Earlham; Turner smashes mile record for 4:23.78:24/221966
[ ]Psi ChiInitiates6:44/221966
[ ]Oak OrationJohn Berg1:44/221966
[ ]Jaeger, JudyJohn Berg, Judy Jaeger are to be traditional Ivy and Oak orators1:44/221966
[ ]Junior-Senior PromLou Christie set for prom1:54/221966
[ ]BaseballMaurer's nine open loop play with dual victory over Princes7:44/221966
[ ]Blackmer, Elmer F.; Miller, L. DavidMiller, Blackmer to give clinic in Formosa4:24/221966
[ ]Biology Department; Physics DepartmentOpen house slated5:34/221966
[ ]Stauffer, Dr. John N.Pres. Stauffer to assume post5:44/221966
[ ]Wurmbrand, Prof. RichardProf. Wurmbrand to speak in chapel2:34/221966
[ ]Science HallReceive grant of $500,000 for building4:24/221966
[ ]Student SenateSenate stamps 'okay' on constitution1:14/221966
[ ]Allen, Dr. Ned B.Shakespeare part of our lives4:34/221966
[ ]SAFE (Students Advancing Freedom and Equality)Specializes in tutoring1:24/221966
[ ]Hamma School of TheologyTo present "Cain Cycle"6:44/221966
[ ]Dickenson, AlindaTwo juniors share $250 writing award7:14/221966
[ ]Karsten, Rev. Robert E."God is dead" thology is too young to be weighed in aims and dominance2:44/281966
[ ]Faculty; Giffen, Wallace C.; Markendorf, Dr. Arthur C.2 new faculty appointments announced1:14/281966
[ ]Bekeny, John; Killheffer, Bill3 men, 1 coed head publications (por)1:14/281966
[ ]Muetzel, Karen3 men, 1 coed head pulications1:14/281966
[ ]Balliet, Dr. Conrad A.Balliet awarded grants7:34/281966
[ ]Physics Department; Biology DepartmentBiology and Physics open house slated8:54/281966
[ ]TennisD.U. slams netters8:54/281966
[ ]Bodenstein, DietrichEmbryologist to speak here7:44/281966
[ ]Johnson, Martin E.Geography: vital to students3:14/281966
[ ]LibraryInterlibrary loans started by WU, 4 area colleges8:34/281966
[ ]Mowery, Bob LeeMr. Bob Mowery to visit Yugoslavia8:44/281966
[ ]Biology Department; Physics DepartmentOpen house slated8:54/281966
[ ]Parents Weekendplanned; pageant participants named1:44/281966
[ ]Bloomfield, RogerRoger Bloomfield named Union Board prexy7:14/281966
[ ]BandTuba solo featured in band concert7:54/281966
[ ]BaseballWittenberg leads conference with undefeated record 3-08:14/281966
[ ]Pray, ShirleyAlma Mater1:15/61966
[ ]Science HallBuilding to be functional1:2-45/61966
[ ]Engineering Science ClubClub takes field trip7:45/61966
[ ]BandConcert band to play, tape4:35/61966
[ ]LibraryConvention set for librarians6:55/61966
[ ]Student SenateElection results1:1-55/61966
[ ]Moore, Dr. Robert O.Exchange with Hampton set6:25/61966
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesFraternity and sorority sings to highlight Parents' weekend3:15/61966
[ ]Harshman, Rev. Ralph A.; Library; Schreiber, ClaraLibrary receives 3 new collections6:35/61966
[ ]Pershing, Benjamin H.Library receives three new collections6:35/61966
[ ]Roach, PhillipOWU ass't coach joins HPED staff6:35/61966
[ ]Durrani, ManzerPolitics, strikes, world affairs interest Pakistan collegiates5:15/61966
[ ]National Defense Education Act; National Defense Education Act; Pohowsky, RobertR. Pohowsky awarded fellowship7:55/61966
[ ]BaseballRain hampers Tigers' attempt at fourth win.8:15/61966
[ ]Seismographic Service CorporationSeismographic equipment given to WU6:55/61966
[ ]Alma MaterShirley Pray queen for 19671:15/61966
[ ]George, Dr. ZelmaSociology specialist slated for 2 lectures1:45/61966
[ ]Fine Arts DepartmentStudents to hold art exhibit, sale6:45/61966
[ ]Track and FieldTiger "mudder" out-sloshed by Muskingum, B.W. in rain8:25/61966
[ ]Hamma choirVariety keynote in Hamma concert7:15/61966
[ ]Voris, James L.WU photographer displays campus and travel pictures (por)6:15/61966
[ ]LacrosseWU's first lacrosse squad captures win8:25/61966
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities"Blue" and "Thirsty" Greeks win first places in weekend sings1:15/131966
[ ]Plays"Streetcar Named Desire" termed great success2:45/131966
[ ]Delta Gamma'Blue' and 'Thirsty' Greeks win 1st place in sings1:15/131966
[ ]Love, Janet; Saylor, Susie2 seniors receive awards for grad school5:35/131966
[ ]Upward Bound22 WU students to participate in Upward Bound1:35/131966
[ ]Lambda Chi AlphaBlue and Thirsty Greeks win 1st places in sings1:15/131966
[ ]Schneider, Stanley D.Dr. Schneider to speak4:45/131966
[ ]Witt's EndEntertains enthusiastic parents3:35/131966
[ ]Howat, Robert Y.Faculty-Guest artist series to present Howat1:45/131966
[ ]National Science Foundation (NSF)Grants WU $17,8001:15/131966
[ ]LacrosseLacrosse team beats Denison in win no. 26:25/131966
[ ]Freshman SeminarSeminar to center on creativity1:45/131966
[ ]Track and FieldTiger lose first conference game, bowing 6-5 to Kenyon6:35/131966
[ ]TennisTiger tennis team downs O. Wesleyan6:35/131966
[ ]Theatre Study TourTour announced4:45/131966
[ ]Berkhofer, George H.A.Two new profs announced for language department1:35/131966
[ ]Iglesias, Dr. Manuel J.Two new profs announced for language dept1:35/131966
[ ]AthleticsWittenberg All-sports banquet6:15/131966
[ ]Nelson, John G.Admissions office will enlarge staff3:55/201966
[ ]Publications BanquetBanquet honors WU journalists1:15/201966
[ ]Benco, NancyBanquet honors WU journalists (por)1:15/201966
[ ]CommencementCommencement, Baccalaureate, Alumni Day program announced1:55/201966
[ ]Adams, Dr. PhilipDr. Adams to make address1:35/201966
[ ]Adams, Dr. Philip; CommencementDr. Philip R. Adams to make address1:35/201966
[ ]Hamma School of TheologyDr. Stanley Schneider speaks at graduation6:15/201966
[ ]GolfGolfers end 4th; Logan medalist8:15/201966
[ ]Greten, DickGreten wins award6:45/201966
[ ]Hartje, Dr. Robert GHandwriting analyst points up many moods of the History department4"15/201966
[ ]Allport, Mary; Allport, Mary; Buehler, J. NicholasMary Allport and J. Nicholas Buehler receive grants for graduate study4:45/201966
[ ]Hetric, W. Deane; Spriggs, TanisNDEA fellowships given Spriggs, Hetric7:45/201966
[ ]George, Dr. ZelmaNegro blasts "nigger"; knocks irony of U.S. race relations7:15/201966
[ ]Hamma School of TheologySlates summer study6:45/201966
[ ]Upward BoundSociologist to direct program3:15/201966
[ ]Schneider, Stanley D.Speaks at Hamma graduation6:15/201966
[ ]LacrosseStickers meet first loss; OWU triumphs 6-48:25/201966
[ ]TennisTiger net men nail sixth win8:25/201966
[ ]BaseballTiger nine edge way toward Ohio conference championship8:45/201966
[ ]Track and FieldTurner is a ray of sunshine in a rather damp track season8:35/201966
[ ]Phi Mu DeltaWins marathon5:45/201966
[ ]TorchWittenberg around the world; students and news span globe7:55/201966
[ ]Foreign StudentsWittenberg students and news span globe7:55/201966
[ ]Science HallWomen's cadaver unearthed at site of new science building4:4-55/201966
[ ]Alumnae/AlumniWU ranks 6th natioinally in alumni donors7:35/201966
[ ]Football"Wittenberg to be at the top" says "Sports Illustrated"6:39/241966
[ ]ChoirChoir returns from world tour; lauded in Congressional Record59/241966
[ ]GradingGrade system change to commence this year1:19/241966
[ ]Class Registration; Registrar's OfficeRegistration process different than in 18454:39/241966
[ ]Honors ProgramSelect undergraduate students to begin program1:39/241966
[ ]Freshman SeminarSeminar opens year; sudents face demanding week1:59/241966
[ ]Lutheran Youth Leadership GrantsSix WU freshmen get $300 grants4:19/241966
[ ]FootballTiger football anniversary to be marked6:29/241966
[ ]S&H FoundationWU shares in grant4:59/241966
[ ]Plays"The Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat..."4:59/301966
[ ]Faculty47 faculty members, 9 administrative personnel added1:19/301966
[ ]Freshman SeminarConvocation presents challenge; sets stage for seminar program1:39/301966
[ ]Cross CountryCross-country team predicts good season8:39/301966
[ ]Bindman, Dr. Aaron M.Faculty adds 47 members ; administrative offices add 91:19/301966
[ ]Heusinkveld, Dr. Edwin D.; Sadler, Lee A.; Scott, Wayne H.Faculty adds 47 members, administrative offices add 91:19/301966
[ ]Audrieth, Elsa C.; Baer, Robert; Behrman, Dr. Cynthia F.; Borden, Dr. Robert; Briner, Mrs. Jeanne L.; Chin, Lee-Hua; Cobau, Dr. William; Cross, Dr. Henry; Dice, Dr. Stanley F.; Eick, Dr. Ronald E.; Fine, Richard B.; Gerrard, Dr. Thomas; Hamilton, Stanley;Faculty adds 47 members; administrative offices add 91:19/301966
[ ]Rodgers, Jr., Dr. Paul C.Faculty adds 47 members; administrative staff adds 91:19/301966
[ ]FootballFrom the bench8:19/301966
[ ]Pieters, EdwardNathional Merit scholarships won by 5 in freshman class (por)3:19/301966
[ ]Heilman, GaythaNational Merit Scholarships won by 5 in freshman class3:19/301966
[ ]Nemitz, EugeneNational Merit scholarships won by 5 in freshman class3:19/301966
[ ]Zimmeck, MetaNational Merit Scholarships won by 5 in freshmen class (por)3:19/301966
[ ]Trout, DavidNational Merit Scholarships won by five in freshman class3:19/301966
[ ]FacultyNine faculty members promoted; permanent tenure granted5:49/301966
[ ]Johnson, SarajaneSarajane Johnson spends 10 weeks in European post5:39/301966
[ ]Merit ScholarsScholarships won by 5 in freshman class3:19/301966
[ ]McCachran, Marshall T.; Thurau, Robert H.Thurau and McCachran win four-year scholarship grants5:19/301966
[ ]Freshman SeminarWhyte & Bronowski books start seminar1:39/301966
[ ]Leadership Conference200 guests to visit campus1:310/71966
[ ]Borgmann, SuellenBorgmann will spend semester on floating campus (port)4:110/71966
[ ]SoccerClub to open season agains team from Heidelberg7:410/71966
[ ]Dittmann, David NobleDittman teaching in Libya as Peace Corps volunteer (por)8:410/71966
[ ]Peace CorpsDittman teaching in Libya as volunteer (pic)8:410/71966
[ ]Dobzhansky, Dr. TheodosiusEvolution theorist to open series8:310/71966
[ ]FootballFrom the bench7:1-410/71966
[ ]Liberal Arts SymposiumFuture of liberal arts college is theme of two-day symposium1:310/71966
[ ]Noll, BarbaraNoll joins VISTA (pic)8:110/71966
[ ]Buildings; Tower HallReasons given for Tower Hall completion delay1:410/71966
[ ]Stauffer, Dr. John N.Sets 'frontiers' at opening convocation1:110/71966
[ ]Foreign StudySuellen Borgmann will spend semester on floating campus (por)4:110/71966
[ ]Rilling, Rev. Dr. John be inducted Sunday; Rev. Fry will preach sermon1:110/71966
[ ]Ostrom, Dr. John W.To be principal speaker at annual Poe commemorative5:310/71966
[ ]Waltonen, Linda J.Wins foundation gift for 1966-67 (por)5:110/71966
[ ]Bayley Alumni HouseAlumni House located in section of Ferncliff5:310/141966
[ ]Ohio College AssociationColleges to sponsor taped television programs6:410/141966
[ ]Dobzhansky, Dr. TheodosiusDr. Theodosius Dobzhansky speaks at WU; genetics evolution ae topics1:110/141966
[ ]FootballFrom the bench8:110/141966
[ ]Geology Field ConferenceGeology club will sponsor 17th intercollegiate field trip5:110/141966
[ ]Rilling, Rev. Dr. John W.Made president of LCA Ohio synod1:310/141966
[ ]WUSO; Radio Station WCSO; Radio stationPayton predicts greater diversity when WUSO begins year1:310/141966
[ ]Cross CountrySnyder Park is home ground to busy cross country team8:310/141966
[ ]SoccerSoccer club wins 5-1; beats Otters in opener7:110/141966
[ ]Upward BoundSupervisors seeks volunteers for program3:110/141966
[ ]Faculty Enrichment SeriesWU hosts first enrichment series6:210/141966
[ ]Liberal Arts Symposium"Generally optimistic" future seen for liberal arts colleges6:1-210/211966
[ ]Antioch String QuartetAntioch group will perform at WU tonight5:510/211966
[ ]FootballFrom the bench7:110/211966
[ ]Greater Wittenberg FundGreater Wittenberg Fund names two chairmen1:310/211966
[ ]HomecomingHomecoming has a new format; Queen finalists are announced (por)1:110/211966
[ ]Balmut, Marcia; West, JudyHomecoming queen finalists (por)1:110/211966
[ ]McConnell, KarenHomecoming..Queen finalists1:110/211966
[ ]Student SenateInvestigations into drinking and open dorms8:410/211966
[ ]Kmet, Mary A.Kmet honored by fraternal organization8:310/211966
[ ]Cross CountryMufaro Hove paces victory, Tigers meet with Capital7:310/211966
[ ]Wick, JanPeace Corps intern describes experiences5:110/211966
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesPledges4:110/211966
[ ]Leadership ConferenceStauffer addresses8:110/211966
[ ]Liberal Arts SymposiumSymposium receives criticism6:1-410/211966
[ ]Studio StageTo present "The Chairs"1:210/211966
[ ]PlaysUniversity Theatre slates "The Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat..."1:4-510/211966
[ ]Dad's DayWeekend schedules concerts, lectures and film1:510/211966
[ ]Dad's Day(pic)8:2-510/291966
[ ]Foreign Study20 WU students will spend term in Great Britain6:110/291966
[ ]Air Force BandAir Force Band to give 2 performances here Tuesday4:110/291966
[ ]DebateDebate teams preparing for busy season6:210/291966
[ ]Edwards, BillEdwards marks 150th victory; eyes victory over Bishops1:110/291966
[ ]West, Judyelected homecoming queen (por)1:610/291966
[ ]Student SenateElection results6:510/291966
[ ]Bruns, BevEngland correspondent writes; U. of Leeds and WU compared7:110/291966
[ ]Wittenberg EnrollmentEnrollment at record high3:310/291966
[ ]FootballFrom the bench10:110/291966
[ ]HomecomingHomecoming displays center on "Beat Bishops" theme5:110/291966
[ ]Homecoming QueenJudy West1:510/291966
[ ]HomecomingJudy West elected Homecoming queen (pro)1:610/291966
[ ]Wigert, JanJumps for joy (por)9:310/291966
[ ]Jackisch, FrederickPresents organ recital in Weaver, Sunday5:310/291966
[ ]FootballThese eleven their final Wittenberg Homecoming engagement8:210/291966
[ ]Vietnamto focus on U.S. in Vietnam1:110/291966
[ ]SAFE (Students Advancing Freedom and Equality)Tutors needed4:310/291966
[ ]PlaysUniversity Theatre slates "The Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat..."4:510/291966
[ ]Community RelationsWittenbergers, townies clash. Five arrested1:310/291966
[ ]Cross CountryWU beats Otters; lose to Ashland10:410/291966
[ ]SoccerWU Soccer club bombed out, 2-310:510/291966
[ ]Student dress; Dress RegulationsDress code guidelines stress informality1:111/11966
[ ]PlaysFour cast members [of "The Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat..." ] (por)1:111/11966
[ ]Nichols, Dwight"Magnificent Greece" to open Union Board Travel series (por)1:111/41966
[ ]Foreign Study18 WU students now studying on foreign campuses6:111/41966
[ ]Beta Theta PiBeta, KD, South-Keller win homecoming competition (pic)7:111/41966
[ ]SoccerClub falls to Kenyon; ties Ohio Wesleyan 3-38:411/41966
[ ]Kappa DeltaDisplay Winners (pic)7:111/41966
[ ]Kappa DeltaDisplay winnters1:411/41966
[ ]Upward BoundFaces possible financial loss3:411/41966
[ ]FootballFrom the bench8:111/41966
[ ]HomecomingHomecoming displays center on "Beat Bishops" theme (pic)1:411/41966
[ ]HomecomingHomecoming displays center on "Beat Bishops" theme (pic)7:111/41966
[ ]Student SenateOff campus activities and 3.2 beer pass unanimously1:311/41966
[ ]CurriculumReactions to 3-3-3 curriculum cover inside range of viewpoints5:111/41966
[ ]PlaysUniversity Theatre slates "The Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat..."1:311/41966
[ ]CampusWard Street will become parking lot1:311/41966
[ ]SoccerClub trounced twice5:411/111966
[ ]FootballFrom the bench6:211/111966
[ ]Cross CountryHarriers place seventh in conference finals5:211/111966
[ ]Sasaki, Dr. TetsuroRCIE scholar-in-residence visiting Wittenberg campus1:111/111966
[ ]PlaysStartling drama grips audience ["The Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat..." ]4:111/111966
[ ]Wills, J. Robert Jr.To open Quest & Question series with teatre1:311/111966
[ ]Quest and questionTo open with theatre series by Wills1:311/111966
[ ]Schorr, DanielTown and Gown lecture debut saltes newsman (por)1:511/111966
[ ]Town and Gown lecture seriesTown and Gown lecture debut slates newsman Daniel Schorr1:511/111966
[ ]Abell, Mme. MarcelleWoman of letters, scholar scheduled for two lectures1:311/111966
[ ]Student Union"It's time for a change"3:511/181966
[ ]Student SenateAbolishes chaperones for all on-campus activities5:411/181966
[ ]Schorr, DanielEast-west balance is topic of Town and Gown lecture1:311/181966
[ ]Town and Gown lecture seriesEast-West balance is topic of Town and Gown lecture1:311/181966
[ ]Garman, Thomas DaleGarman teaching English in Tunisia4:111/181966
[ ]Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia; Woods, Kittyis Sweetheart of Phi Mu Alpha4:211/181966
[ ]Ermarth, Prof. Margaret SittlerLCA commission appoints Ermarth1:111/181966
[ ]Lille, RanierOrgan virtuoso to give recital3:411/181966
[ ]Wind EnsemblePremiere scheduled1:111/181966
[ ]Wittenberg SymphonySeason to open in Weaver tonight4:411/181966
[ ]Glasoe, Dr. PaulSt. Olaf appoints Glasoe to board4:311/181966
[ ]PlaysStartling drama grips audience ["The Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat..." ]1:111/181966
[ ]Wills, J. Robert Jr.To open Quest & Question series with teatre1:511/181966
[ ]Quest and questionWills opens Quest and Question with talk on American theatre1:511/181966
[ ]DebateWU speakers on the road4:211/181966
[ ]FootballWU whips Kalamazoo 33-76:111/181966
[ ]BasketballCagers face BGSU6:312/21966
[ ]Phi Alpha ThetaConvenes at Wittenberg. Historian to speak1:412/21966
[ ]Military ServiceDraft--yes or no?2:112/21966
[ ]FootballFrom the bench6:112/21966
[ ]Westneat, Dr. David F.Ivy ring slates encounter #21:312/21966
[ ]Minister, Episcopal priest scheduled for Weaver Chapel5:412/21966
[ ]Lawson, Very Rev. PeterMinister, episcopal priest scheduled for Weaver chapel5:412/21966
[ ]Blackmer, Elmer F.Organ recital slated Sunday1:412/21966
[ ]Higham, Dr. JohnPhi Alpha Theta convenes at WU; historian to speak1:412/21966
[ ]Hertz, Dr. Karl H.Resigns college post to join Hamma faculty in fall1:512/21966
[ ]Ivy RingSlates encounter No. 21:312/21966
[ ]Quest and question; Wills, J. Robert Jr.Views amateur theatre5:312/21966
[ ]Peace CorpsVolunteers recruit and relate experiences in Turkey1:112/21966
[ ]Plays"Malmedy: Case 6-24" tryouts scheduled6:312/91966
[ ]Blue Key2 honoraries tap in Chapel1:312/91966
[ ]Regional Council for International Education3 faculty study under RCIE in Latin American program6:112/91966
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesAcademic high; WU rates summa cum laude3:112/91966
[ ]ProvostBoard of Directors approves position of University Provost5:412/91966
[ ]Burnside, JaneBurnside will work abroad this summer7:112/91966
[ ]Upward BoundCenter will close for Xmas3:212/91966
[ ]SoccerClub ends season8:312/91966
[ ]LibraryCommittee formed to study joint area facilities1:112/91966
[ ]Krosnick, Aaron B.Duo piano concert on Sunday with Mary Lou Wesley1:312/91966
[ ]Phi Eta SigmaFijis paint mercy crest7:212/91966
[ ]BasketballFrom the bench8:112/91966
[ ]Irvine, BarbIrvine wins LB design award for Xmas card3:112/91966
[ ]CurriculumNew biology department equipment changes curriculum at all levels5:112/91966
[ ]CampusNew lighting to be added5:112/91966
[ ]Strahler, Miss ClytieOne of three faculty members to study under RCIE in Latin America program6:112/91966
[ ]Honors ProgramSixty-four freshmen named as candidates1:312/91966
[ ]WUSO; Radio Station WCSO; Radio stationStation manager resigns in face of directors' plot to oust1:512/91966
[ ]Favole, Juan G.Three faculty members study under RCIE in Latin American program6:112/91966
[ ]Bush, Prof. EverettThree faculty study under RCIE in Latin American program6:112/91966
[ ]Swimming and DivingTigers place fifth in Conf. relays at Hiram College7:312/91966
[ ]Jackisch, FrederickTo serve as LCA member on New Commission3:512/91966
[ ]Ivy RingTwo honoraries tap in chapel1:312/91966
[ ]DebateWU debaters win honors at Pittsburgh tournament (por)1:112/91966