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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Cherry, BobBob Cherry earns recognition in football, basketball, track (por)5:41/41963
[ ]ChoirChoir tours US military posts1:11/41963
[ ]Four PrepsFour Preps to sing at Wittenberg (por)1:31/41963
[ ]GiftsGift from Esso Foundation1:11/41963
[ ]Hagelberg, M. PaulHagelberg receives grant to study liquids' properties5:11/41963
[ ]Esso Education FoundationStoughton announces gift of $2,000 from foundation1:11/41963
[ ]Sounds of WittenbergTo tour with U.S. Military to posts1:11/41963
[ ]Hamma choirChoir makes record1:11/111963
[ ]Cosmopolitan ClubCosmopolitan Club sponsors international week3:11/111963
[ ]Fisher, BillFisher follows brother on WU basketball court (pic)7:11/111963
[ ]Fisher, BillFisher follows brother on WU basketball court (por)7:11/111963
[ ]Four PrepsFour Preps to sing at Wittenberg (por)1:21/111963
[ ]Edwards, BillReceives national award7:41/111963
[ ]Sounds of WittenbergTo tour with U.S. Military to posts (pic)6:11/111963
[ ]CheatingCheating on campus3:12/11963
[ ]Horn, BobHonor chairman answers poll on cheating (por)3:12/11963
[ ]Inman and IraInman and Ira to perform1:32/11963
[ ]Thrasher, AlPaces team4:42/11963
[ ]International WeekActivities1:22/81963
[ ]Gensel, Rev. John G.Gensel to play, speak at WU4:42/81963
[ ]Pfnister, Dr. AllanSpeaks to faculty1:32/81963
[ ]Sounds of WittenbergTelevised3:32/81963
[ ]Taylor, BillyTo present concert4:42/81963
[ ]International WeekActivities1:12/151963
[ ]Zhou, SifasForeign freshmen number 33:12/151963
[ ]Foreign StudentsForeign students at Wittenberg3:12/151963
[ ]Ratchford, RobinFreshman wheels go round and round at Wittenberg4:12/151963
[ ]Gensel, Rev. John G.Gensel to play, speak at WU1:22/151963
[ ]Wittenberg Christian CounselIn review5:52/151963
[ ]Miller, EldonSuccessful coach7:12/151963
[ ]Logan, BobSuccessful freshman (por)7:12/151963
[ ]Jarrell, RandallTo address convo5:22/151963
[ ]Nero, PeterTo appear1:12/151963
[ ]Taylor, BillyTo present concert1:22/151963
[ ]Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.Awarded honorary degree1:12/221963
[ ]BasketballBasketball finishes regular OC play with 14-0 record (por)6:12/221963
[ ]Laposky, Ben F.Electronic art exhibit shown1:52/221963
[ ]Jarrell, RandallTo address convo4:12/221963
[ ]Nero, PeterTo appear1:12/221963
[ ]Plays"Antic spring" to be produced by students1:53/11963
[ ]Belleman, Warren R.$20,000 scholarship fund is set up for Hamma students6:13/11963
[ ]Gensel, Rev. John G.Church should serve, not judge, says pastor5:13/11963
[ ]McLaughlin, JohnIFC chooses new officers3:33/11963
[ ]Lohse, Dr. EdwardLohse visits Hamma3:23/11963
[ ]Sounds of WittenbergReturn after 6-week tour5:33/11963
[ ]Delta Sigma PhiRiflery is the latest (por)6:33/11963
[ ]Peiffer, LayneSeminar offers experience in government4:13/11963
[ ]Jarrell, RandallTo address convo1:13/11963
[ ]Nero, PeterTo appear1:33/11963
[ ]American UniversityWashington semester program4:13/11963
[ ]American UniversityWashington semester program4:13/11963
[ ]Cherry, BobBob Cherry makes all OC team6:43/81963
[ ]Howat, RobertFaculty artist series will present Howat in concert1:13/81963
[ ]Thrasher, AlMakes all Ohio Conference team6:43/81963
[ ]Mao, Dr. JeffreyMao airs U.N. troubles: China, veto, Congo3:13/81963
[ ]Hamma choirProgram will feature trumpets1:13/81963
[ ]BasketballTIgers whip Zips by 18, take 5th consecutive crown [Ohio Conference]1:13/81963
[ ]Plays"The importance of being Ernest"1:43/131963
[ ]Block, MichaelBlock young pianist, will play with symphony5:13/151963
[ ]Don Cossack ChorusCossacks feature daggar dance1:13/151963
[ ]CossaksCossacks to perform1:13/151963
[ ]Swanson, SandraIs Wilson recipient1:43/151963
[ ]Woodrow Wilson FellowshipSwanson, Sandra1:43/151963
[ ]Nero, PeterTo appear2:13/151963
[ ]Todd, Honorable R. S. GarfieldTo speak4:13/151963
[ ]ChoirChoir to tour three states in ten days1:13/161963
[ ]Plays; Plays-Religious"Family Portrait" to be directed by Mr. Hammond1:13/221963
[ ]Plays"The family portrait" is directed by Mr. Hammond1:13/221963
[ ]BasketballBasketball wins OC 5th consecutive crown (pic)73/221963
[ ]Hamma choirChoir to give concert (pic)1:33/221963
[ ]Hamma choirChoir to give concert (pic)1:33/221963
[ ]CossaksCossacks to perform1:43/221963
[ ]Don Cossack ChorusDon Cossack Chorus to appear Saturday1:43/221963
[ ]Flack, Dr. E.E.Flack honored1:13/221963
[ ]Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.Honored by alumnai1:13/221963
[ ]Smith, JoyceReceives national Science Foundation grant1:13/221963
[ ]Hartje, Dr. Robert GRevolution of freedom and the cold war4:13/221963
[ ]FeesStoughton announces increase in tuition1:43/221963
[ ]NCAATigers at Evansville - 2nd place73/221963
[ ]NCAA; BasketballTigers at Evansville - 2nd place8:13/221963
[ ]Todd, Honorable R. S. GarfieldTo speak5:13/221963
[ ]Basketball; Thrasher, Al; Cherry, Bob; Fisher, BillWittenberg places third on All-Tourney team8:33/221963
[ ]Plays; Plays-Religious"Family Portrait" to be directed by Mr. Hammond (pic)1:13/291963
[ ]Plays"Teahouse of the August Moon"6:33/291963
[ ]Plays"The family portrait" is directed by Mr. Hammond1:13/291963
[ ]ChoirChoir selected for Protestant Hour for 8th year5:13/291963
[ ]Norris, TracyFormer FBI agent discusses propaganda in book3:13/291963
[ ]Four PrepsFour Preps to sing at Wittenberg (por)1:33/291963
[ ]Glasoe, Dr. PaulGlasoe to read three papers3:43/291963
[ ]Kleintop, Milton T.Kleintop receives teaching award1:13/291963
[ ]Laming, Mrs. DorothyLaming to play leading role in "Family Portrait"1:13/291963
[ ]Chiapusso, JanPianist to play, speak at WU1:13/291963
[ ]ScorchScorch4/11963
[ ]TorchScorch14/11963
[ ]Klick, Pat3 named Alma Mater candidates (por)1:24/51963
[ ]Beatrice Foods CompanyBeatrice Foods Company donates building1:14/51963
[ ]Borkenstein, Robert F.Borkenstein will receive honorary degree1:34/51963
[ ]ChoirChoir reports on tour by Jackie McClaran4:14/51963
[ ]Citizens Dairy Co.Citizens Dairy Co. donates building1:14/51963
[ ]Corwin, Clarence A.Clarence A. Corwin will receive honorary degree1:3-54/51963
[ ]Cooper, BeckyExchange student from Hampton3:44/51963
[ ]Geology SeminarGeology seminar takes field trip1:54/51963
[ ]Heine, Rev. RobertWill receive honorary degree1:34/51963
[ ]Homrighausen, Rev. TomWill receive honorary degree1:34/51963
[ ]Valbracht, Rev. Louis H.Will receive honorary degree1:34/51963
[ ]Klick, Pat3 named Alma Mater candidates (por)1:34/191963
[ ]BandBand to give 8 concerts1:14/191963
[ ]Moser, Prof. LeoCanadian professor will speak on math5:44/191963
[ ]Cindrich, BobMatmen select 'Most Valuable'7:34/191963
[ ]Mennell, PeterMennell to speak at convo1:14/191963
[ ]Parsons, Harriet K.Peace Corps representative will visit WU4:54/191963
[ ]Maurer, DickSwim team honors 2 members8:14/191963
[ ]Pease, BobSwim team honors 2 members8:14/191963
[ ]Walters, William R.To preside at conference5:34/191963
[ ]Sittler, Dr. Joseph Jr.To speak at Convocation1:14/191963
[ ]GiftsTwo donors give $175,0006:44/191963
[ ]Meyer, Dave2 receive psychology awards4:44/261963
[ ]Sherwood, Dave2 receive psychology awards4:44/261963
[ ]Anderson, Richard J.Anderson, Richard J. will speak on "Man on the Moon"1:44/261963
[ ]Peace CorpsArticle (insert in Torch)4/261963
[ ]Boyd, PatriciaBoyd receives graduate award5:54/261963
[ ]Frank, MarkNew President of Student Senate1:14/261963
[ ]Thompson, KennethOrganist to perform1:14/261963
[ ]Shell Companies FoundationStoughton announces gift5:44/261963
[ ]Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.To speak on radio1:14/261963
[ ]Milkovich, RadovinTo visit1:44/261963
[ ]Lengel, RobertTruman, MacArthur answer letter sent by WU freshman3:44/261963
[ ]Christian College DayWittenberg U will join in observing2:44/261963
[ ]Stelle, Richard"Oak" orator1:15/31963
[ ]Student Union"The State of the Union"6:15/31963
[ ]Ivy Oration1963 - Bev Whited1:15/31963
[ ]Gooding, Judith2 Juniors receive Bloomhardt award6:55/31963
[ ]Wasner, Harold S.2 juniors receive Bloomhardt award6:55/31963
[ ]Philippi, DieterAccountant joins WU staff (por)5:15/31963
[ ]Hahn, Dr. Samuel Wilfred.Associate dean5:45/31963
[ ]Frederick, DaveBoard chooses editors, manager (por)1:35/31963
[ ]Gilbert, RonBoard chooses editors, manager (por)1:35/31963
[ ]Schreiber, TerryBoard chooses editors, manager (por)1:35/31963
[ ]PlaysComedy to feature veterans4:15/31963
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesDeferred rush will start next year7:15/31963
[ ]Flack, Dr. E.E.Flack to retire3:35/31963
[ ]Peterson, Donald N. MikeGets IU study grant6:35/31963
[ ]Peterson, Donald N. MikeGreeks choose pair as Mr., Miss Greek4:45/31963
[ ]BandHome band concert to feature classical, dixiland, modern1:15/31963
[ ]Whited, BeverlyIvy Orator15/31963
[ ]Oak OrationRandy Steele (por)1:25/31963
[ ]Hitt, John B.Receives advance study grant3:15/31963
[ ]TorchReceives OCNA awards5:35/31963
[ ]Steele, RandySenior class elects orators1:25/31963
[ ]Maurer, DickSwim team honors 2 members8:15/31963
[ ]Thrasher, AlTeams and individuals receive awards at "Dinner of Champions"8:15/31963
[ ]Logue, JimTeams, individuals receive award at "dinner of champions" (por)8:15/31963
[ ]Cherry, BobTeams, individuals receive award at 'Dinner of Champs'8:15/31963
[ ]Beach, DaveTeams, individuals receive award at dinner of champions (por)8:15/31963
[ ]Cindrich, BobTeams, individuals receive award at Dinner of Champions (por)8:15/31963
[ ]Moore, Dr. Robert O.To participate with board on linguists6:45/31963
[ ]Steininger, StephanieAlma Mater1:15/101963
[ ]Horn, BobCabinet names Horn prexy (por)1:45/101963
[ ]Hillila, Dr. BernardHillila to open sessions3:25/101963
[ ]Sounds (publication)Staff to unveil5:25/101963
[ ]Alma MaterStephanie Steininger queen for 19641:15/101963
[ ]Beckman, BobWitt choses Beckman, Landis (por)1:15/101963
[ ]Flack, Dr. E.E.Flack accepts call6:35/171963
[ ]Alpha Delta PiLambda Chi and ADPi take first places in Greek sings4:45/171963
[ ]Lambda Chi AlphaLambda Chi and ADPi take first places in Greek sings4:45/171963
[ ]Long, Robert O.Long to travel and study in India3:45/171963
[ ]Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.To retire on June 3rd1:15/171963
[ ]Plays"Kiss me Kate" to be presented for Dad's Day4:59/131963
[ ]Celebrity Series; Chad Mitchell TrioChad Mitchell Trio opens [Celebrity] Series1:19/131963
[ ]Garner, Arthur F.Faculty and staff add 261:39/131963
[ ]Bates, BrianFaculty, staff add 261:39/131963
[ ]Bolls, Dr. NathanFaculty, staff add 261:39/131963
[ ]Bolls, Mrs. ImogeneFaculty, staff add 261:39/131963
[ ]Brenner, MasonFaculty, staff add 261:39/131963
[ ]Butts, RichardFaculty, staff add 261:39/131963
[ ]Carle, Miss PhillieFaculty, staff add 261:39/131963
[ ]Cullum, Miss MargaretFaculty, staff add 261:39/131963
[ ]Dankert, HerbertFaculty, staff add 261:39/131963
[ ]FacultyFaculty, staff add 261:39/131963
[ ]Fallis, RobertFaculty, staff add 261:39/131963
[ ]Hanes, DavidFaculty, staff add 261:39/131963
[ ]Hanes, Mrs. LindaFaculty, staff add 261:39/131963
[ ]Hartwig, GordonFaculty, staff add 261:39/131963
[ ]Helland, Miss ClaireFaculty, staff add 261:39/131963
[ ]Jacobson, AllvarFaculty, staff add 261:39/131963
[ ]Kline, Raymond A.Faculty, staff add 261:39/131963
[ ]Murray, NealeFaculty, staff add 261:39/131963
[ ]Nieting, LorenzFaculty, staff add 261:39/131963
[ ]Philippi, DieterFaculty, staff add 261:39/131963
[ ]Rickard, EdwardFaculty, staff add 261:39/131963
[ ]Schedler, GilbertFaculty, staff add 261:39/131963
[ ]Schenk, Miss ElvinaFaculty, staff add 261:39/131963
[ ]Schooley, JamesFaculty, staff add 261:39/131963
[ ]Warncke, Wayne W.Faculty, staff add 261:39/131963
[ ]Wills, J. Robert Jr.Faculty, staff add 261:39/131963
[ ]Student UnionInitiated by class of 19671:39/131963
[ ]Albert, JanNames and faces2:49/131963
[ ]Frank, MarkNames and Faces2:49/131963
[ ]Gilbert, RonNames and faces2:49/131963
[ ]Horn, BobNames and faces2:49/131963
[ ]McLaughlin, JohnNames and faces2:49/131963
[ ]Schreiber, TerryNames and faces2:49/131963
[ ]Steininger, StephanieNames and Faces2:49/131963
[ ]Beckman, BobNames and faces (por)2:49/131963
[ ]Frederick, DaveNames and faces (por)2:49/131963
[ ]Celebrity Series; Chad Mitchell TrioChad Mitchell Trio to sing here (pic)1:39/201963
[ ]Douglas, Senator PaulDouglas to speak at Witt Nov. 21 19633:19/201963
[ ]Kappa DeltaKD wins national award for scholarship, activities, and campus standing1:59/201963
[ ]TraditionsLittle known traditions at Wittenberg3:39/201963
[ ]Oaklief, SusanNamed to staff [of University]1:19/201963
[ ]Webster, MargaretTo appear here on October 3rd1:49/201963
[ ]Phi Mu DeltaBegin work on new dorm5:39/271963
[ ]Celebrity Series; Chad Mitchell TrioChad Mitchell Trio opens series1:49/271963
[ ]Dudycha, Dr. GeorgeDudycha has third book published4:19/271963
[ ]Lambda Chi AlphaLambda Chi Alpha wins 1st place in national public relations trophy1:59/271963
[ ]Foreign StudentsSeries of Torch articles by Witt students studying abroad3:29/271963
[ ]Webster, MargaretTo appear here on October 3rd1:39/271963
[ ]Maukonen, LarryWitt freshman is 9th to get GM scholarship1:19/271963
[ ]Celebrity Series; Chad Mitchell TrioChad Mitchell Trio scores hit with capacity audience5:410/41963
[ ]Education DepartmentCurriculum accredited by National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education1:310/41963
[ ]Ream, Dr. and Mrs. HowardDr. and Mrs. Howard Heam give properties valued at $32,000 to Wittenberg to be credited for music and drama building1:210/41963
[ ]Capuano, AlFootball co-captain, 1963-645:110/41963
[ ]Delta Sigma PhiHouse has 'face lifted'(por)4:310/41963
[ ]Foreign StudentsSeries of Torch articles by Witt students studying abroad3:110/41963
[ ]Spicer, EarleTo perform3:210/41963
[ ]Fatemi, Dr. N.S.Visiting scholar to give lecture on Middle East1:510/41963
[ ]Galens, IreneYear in Germany is "wonderful experience"3:110/41963
[ ]Community Relations"Wittenberg Week" proclaimed by Springfield5:110/111963
[ ]Cherry, BobAll-around athlete at Wittenberg5:110/111963
[ ]Art ClubArt Club planned6:310/111963
[ ]ChoirChoir to present concerts on tour in Ohio & Kentucky1:110/111963
[ ]English ClubClub to be revitalized3:310/111963
[ ]National merit scholarsFour at Wittenberg4:110/111963
[ ]Kinnison, Dr. William A.Kinnison promoted1;510/111963
[ ]Krosnick, Aaron B.Krosnick to perform3:110/111963
[ ]Outing ClubOpportunities for varied activities6:110/111963
[ ]Wittenberg WeekProclaimed by Mayor Waterman of Springfield5:110/111963
[ ]Racial Equality GroupTo be established4:510/111963
[ ]Stauffer, Dr. John N.To be inaugurated as President of WU Oct. 18, 19631:110/111963
[ ]Alpha Delta PiWittenberg chapter receives National Achievement Award2:110/111963
[ ]Merit ScholarsWittenberg has four merit scholars in 1963-644:110/111963
[ ]Fox, PeggyWU has 4 Merit Scholars; most since '564:110/111963
[ ]Johnson, CeceliaWU has 4 Merit Scholars; most since '564:110/111963
[ ]Hoyer, MiriamWU has 4 Merit Scholars; most since 19564:110/111963
[ ]Cook, VirginiaWU has four Merit scholars; most since '56 (por)4:110/111963
[ ]Stauffer, Dr. John N.Inaugural address1:310/151963
[ ]Plays"Kiss me Kate" to be presented for Dad's Day2:310/191963
[ ]Homecoming Queen1963 Susie Taylor1:110/191963
[ ]Taylor, SuzieCampus choses Suzie Taylor queen1:110/191963
[ ]Laming, Mrs. DorothyLaming to present Shakespearian reading4:310/191963
[ ]Management Development CenterMajor source of publicity for Wittenberg5:210/191963
[ ]Foreign StudentsSeries of Torch articles by Witt students studying abroad3:110/191963
[ ]Stauffer, Dr. John N.To be inaugurated as President of WU Oct. 18, 19631:110/191963
[ ]Ferrante and TeicherTwo-piano team to perform as second 1963 Celebrity series concert1:310/191963
[ ]Plays"Kiss me Kate" to be presented for Dad's Day1:210/251963
[ ]Skeldon, LarryHalfback begins fourth year on football team5:110/251963
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesHistory of development of Greek letter societies3:110/251963
[ ]Ostrom, Dr. John W.Named to office in state English organization1:410/251963
[ ]Wittenberg Christian CounselStudents aid Springfield service agencies3:310/251963
[ ]Wittenberg Christian CounselStudents aid Springfield service agencies4:110/251963
[ ]Plays"Kiss me Kate" to be presented for Dad's Day1:111/11963
[ ]Alpha Delta PiAlpha Delta Pi celebrates 50th anniversary of founding of local chapter5:111/11963
[ ]Getty, C.N.Getty joins WU business staff1:511/11963
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesHistory of development of Greek letter societies4:311/11963
[ ]Foreign StudentsSeries of Torch articles by Witt students studying abroad3:111/11963
[ ]Phi Kappa PsiWinning homecoming display to be seen on TV1:111/11963
[ ]Gulmi, RobertWU student gets Masonic scholarship1:511/11963
[ ]Plays"Kiss me Kate" to be presented for Dad's Day6:111/81963
[ ]Alpha Delta PiAlpha Delta Pi celebrates 50th annversary of founding of local chapter3:111/81963
[ ]CurriculumEvaluation of courses to be subject of all-campus survey5:511/81963
[ ]Eirich, ConstanceGeology books, journals received from Miss Constance eirich7:511/81963
[ ]Great Teacher ProgramIntroduced as part of annual fund-raising efforts of Alumni Association and Dad's Association3:#11/81963
[ ]SAFE (Students Advancing Freedom and Equality)New group organized to study racial problems5:211/81963
[ ]Quest and questionNew series of lectures and discussions started4:411/81963
[ ]Wiley, Dr. Bell I.Noted Civil War historian to visit Wittenberg1:111/81963
[ ]Kennedy, John F.Wittenberg address of 1960 featured as editorial in Washington Post, Oct 24, 19631:111/81963
[ ]Stewart, RichardWU man finds "for whites only" clause in Southern hospitality1:311/81963
[ ]Plays"Kiss me Kate" to be presented for Dad's Day2:411/151963
[ ]Football3rd consecutive year to win Ohio Conference1:111/151963
[ ]Worden, JimAll-conference defensive end has had unusual football career6:311/151963
[ ]Ziekursch, MarionCoed 'worries about English'3:111/151963
[ ]WUSO; Radio Station WCSO; Radio stationCreation of FM station planned by students1:311/151963
[ ]Brown, Dr. EdgarDr. Edgar S. Brown, Jr., noted author and leader in Christian worship, to visit campus3:411/151963
[ ]Music SchoolSchool to offer junior year abroad for Church Music Majors4:111/151963
[ ]Klick, PatGreek Week concludes with crowning of Mr., Miss Greek1:411/221963
[ ]Wiley, Dr. Bell I.Noted Civil War historian to visit Wittenberg1:311/221963
[ ]FootballSeniors leave with 45 new records6:311/221963
[ ]Plays"The warrior's husband" presented by stagecraft class4:412/61963
[ ]Green, Charles; Cherry, Bob; FootballBob Cherry and Charlie Green receive Mike Gregory Awards for outstanding Conference lineman and back6:212/61963
[ ]Peace CorpsCommittee holds first meeting1:312/61963
[ ]Cherry, BobGreen, Cherry take awards6:212/61963
[ ]Green, CharlesGreen, Cherry take awards6:212/61963
[ ]Great Teacher ProgramIntroduced as part of annual fund-raising efforts of Alumni Association and Dad's Association3:412/61963
[ ]Kennedy, Mrs. JacquelineMrs. Kennedy sent sympathy scroll signed by Wittenberg Students1:312/61963
[ ]Plays; Plays-Religious"Home by the Stable", a morality play, to be presented in Weaver Chapel1:512/131963