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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Cherry, BobBob Cherry recognized5:41/41962
[ ]Coleman, ConnieConnie Coleman studies south of the border in Mexico City3:11/41962
[ ]Hagelberg, M. PaulHagelberg receives grant5:11/41962
[ ]ChoirChoir leaves for north6:11/111962
[ ]Hamma choirChoir to tour three states1:11/111962
[ ]Countess, JudithJudith Countess will speak1:51/111962
[ ]Judith, Countess of ListowellJudith to talk at Wittenberg1:51/111962
[ ]Pfnister, Dr. AllanWill succeed John N. Stauffer as college dean1:11/111962
[ ]Curriculum17th century studies begin1:21/121962
[ ]CurriculumAmerican studies course is on the West1:41/121962
[ ]Chi OmegaChi Omega is victorious in debate (por)4:21/121962
[ ]Smith, Sue WalkerCoeds feature story takes first place1:11/121962
[ ]Flinner, JackFlinner receives Foundation grant5:21/121962
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterHealth center opens1:11/121962
[ ]Kommel, Miss MargaretKommel to give recital1:11/121962
[ ]Saint Augustine's HouseSenior visits Lutheran monastery3:11/121962
[ ]Carskadden, RalphSenior visits Lutheran monatery3:11/121962
[ ]Kissing BridgeStudents take initiative2:11/121962
[ ]BasketballWittenberg collects 7 straight victories6:11/121962
[ ]Hamma choirChoir to tour three states1:31/191962
[ ]A Thurber CarnivalCoca, Treacher shine in show1:41/191962
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesConcern expressed about brotherhood in campus groups2:11/191962
[ ]A Thurber CarnivalHammond, Donovan reminisce1:11/191962
[ ]Coca, ImogeneImogene Coca likes college audiences (por)2:11/191962
[ ]Outing ClubNewly recognized Outing Club will travel to Indiana4:41/191962
[ ]Donovan, King; Hammond, RayReminisce1:11/191962
[ ]Summers, Dr. HollisSpeaks to English Club1:31/191962
[ ]World Affairs Seminarsto start1:41/191962
[ ]Wightman, Mrs. FrancesNew housemother likes her jobNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.4:12/11962
[ ]Delta GammaHouse construction underway1:12/21962
[ ]Shapiro, Dr. SeymourWill lecture5:42/21962
[ ]Thompson, RalstonWorks to be exhibited3:52/21962
[ ]Schrag, Dr. F. JamesBecomes fellow of institute1:32/91962
[ ]DramaDrama Groups to participate in "The Festival of Faith"1:22/91962
[ ]Miller, Dr. & Mrs. Harris E.Gives gift2:42/91962
[ ]Architecture and the ChurchHamma will sponsor panel3:12/91962
[ ]Spanish HouseSpanish house turns coed4:12/91962
[ ]Williams, RogerTo perform here1:12/91962
[ ]Hamma School of TheologyWill sponsor panel on architecture and church3:12/91962
[ ]Johnson, Mrs. AudreyWrites article4:52/91962
[ ]Hertz, Dr. Karl H.Writes Chapter of book4:42/91962
[ ]Wittenberg TrioConcert to feature trioNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.6:42/111962
[ ]TorchFreshman issueNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.2/151962
[ ]Opera"Benjamin" to be presented1:32/161962
[ ]Opera"Mr. Godfrey" to be presented1:22/161962
[ ]Albert, Rev. Harold R.Albert, Rev. Harold R. to speak1:12/161962
[ ]Mears, RamonBasketball: A year round thing6:12/161962
[ ]Bellam, PaulBellam to act1:12/161962
[ ]Wise, ToniBoard names Miss Greek (por)3:42/161962
[ ]Kantonen, Dr. Taito A.Kantonen writes ninth book5:12/161962
[ ]Prior, TomReigns as Mr. Frat (por)3:12/161962
[ ]Donbar, Robert M.Robert M. Donbar joins faculty; will succeed Mrs. Haley1:22/161962
[ ]Bishop, Terry;DeathsTerry Bishop dies1:22/161962
[ ]Williams, RogerTo perform here1:42/161962
[ ]Mullen, SandraTo represent wittenberg (Mademoiselle College Board)4:12/161962
[ ]Opera"Mr. Godfrey" and "Benjamin" to be presented by Robert Haskins1:32/231962
[ ]Coyle, Dr. WilliamDr. William Coyle awarded Fullbright grant1:12/231962
[ ]International WeekForeign students work on planning International Week32/231962
[ ]American MusicaleMusical fraternities to hold American Musicale1:12/231962
[ ]Zimmerman, Dr. William DavidAdvances to position of Assistant dean (por)1:13/21962
[ ]Augustana ChoirAugustana Choir will sing here2:33/21962
[ ]Beaver, Prof. W.C.Beaver revises manual5:13/21962
[ ]Lickfield, Rt. Rev. Francis WilliamBishop to speak4:23/21962
[ ]International WeekForeign students work on planning International Week33/21962
[ ]Ort Hall; Sprecher HallNamed5:33/21962
[ ]Student UnionPlans continue for new center2:13/21962
[ ]Allen, Roy; McCrory, WilliamTeam chooses '62 leaders6:43/21962
[ ]Izenouf, Dr. GeorgeTo speak at Founders Day dinner1:13/21962
[ ]Sears, Dr. Paul Bigelowto visit.1:43/21962
[ ]Tranquill, GaryVoted to most valuable spot on Tiger team6:33/21962
[ ]Hovgren, Doris; Minor, Jessie2 seniors receive awards at convocation in chapel1:13/91962
[ ]Coyle, Dr. WilliamDr. Coyle to talk on Emerson, Luther1:23/91962
[ ]Waite, DennisIFC selects new president1:53/91962
[ ]BasketballNCAA tournament1:53/91962
[ ]Prior, TomSwimmers tie for 3rd place (por)5:33/91962
[ ]Scott, Dr. NathanTo speak about Hemmingway1:13/91962
[ ]Honor CodeWhat is it?2;13/91962
[ ]DebateWU students jam Hiller Chapel in 1912 for 1st college debate tournamentNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.5:13/131962
[ ]Fisher, Bill2 Tigers make OC teams7:43/161962
[ ]Grice, John3 receive fellowships1:#3/161962
[ ]Grice, John; Smith, Ross; Voeringer, Heidi3 receive fellowships1:33/161962
[ ]Thrasher, AlAll American team7:23/161962
[ ]Krout, Charles A.Alums honor Krout on Founder's Day1:53/161962
[ ]Armstrong, Tom; Swimming and DivingArmstrong, Tom gets swim award7:53/161962
[ ]Kelley, G. VernonAwarded citation2:53/161962
[ ]BasketballBasketball beats Gammpm8:13/161962
[ ]Cherry, BobBob Cherry relaxes in locker room (por)8:23/161962
[ ]Class of 1962Class of '62 Seniors adopt giving plan1:13/161962
[ ]Coyle, Dr. WilliamCoyles study Portuguese an hour a day (por)5:13/161962
[ ]Petre, Mr. and Mrs. RobertDonates gifts2:53/161962
[ ]GiftsDr. Stoughton announces gift from anonymous alumnae6:43/161962
[ ]International WeekForeign students work on planning International Week4:13/161962
[ ]Gifts; Cummins Engine FoundationHillila announces $5000 gift to ATS2:43/161962
[ ]Klick, CoraNew instructor2:33/161962
[ ]Carr, BarbaraPan-hel names DZ president1:23/161962
[ ]Maurer, Dick; Pease, BobTankers name new captains7:33/161962
[ ]Fisher, BillTwo tigers make OC team7:43/161962
[ ]Thrasher, AlTwo tigers make Ohio Conference teams7:43/161962
[ ]Miller, Dr. & Mrs. Harris E.WU receives two major gifts2:53/161962
[ ]Boulanger, NadiaBoulanger appears on campus1:23/231962
[ ]Butterfield, BillyButterfield to be featured1:53/231962
[ ]Hamma choirChoir to tour three states2:23/231962
[ ]Varsity NightGreeks to vie1:23/231962
[ ]Haskins, James RobertHaskins to present work1:43/231962
[ ]Mussulin, DanMVP5:23/231962
[ ]Sigma KappaRecognized3:53/231962
[ ]Stucky, DavidTo join University staff this September4:23/231962
[ ]Martin, RogerTo play3:43/231962
[ ]Vila, Dr. Benjamin speak3:43/231962
[ ]Rhythm ChoirWill interpret1:13/231962
[ ]Plays;Religion; Plays"Barabas" to be presented at Easter5:33/301962
[ ]Plays"The Matchmaker"1:53/301962
[ ]Anderson, JudithAnderson, Judith will star1:13/301962
[ ]Hamma School of TheologyAnnounces new appointment6:53/301962
[ ]Butterfield, BillyButterfield to be featured1:13/301962
[ ]ChoirChoir on spring tour1:53/301962
[ ]Landis, JimDudycha, Landis run for senate presidency (por)1:33/301962
[ ]Fisher, BillFisher named most valuable6:33/301962
[ ]Varsity NightGreeks to vie4:53/301962
[ ]Hefner, Rev. Philip J.Hamma announces new appointment6:53/301962
[ ]Student SenatePropose amendments5:13/301962
[ ]Conrad, TomTom Conrad receives fellowship3:43/301962
[ ]Phi Kappa PsiWin in competition4:53/301962
[ ]Plays;Religion; Plays"Barabas" to be presented at Easter1:14/61962
[ ]LacrosseClub to organize6:24/61962
[ ]Butterfield, BillyConcludes series on sour note1:54/61962
[ ]Lambda Chi AlphaDinner to benefit nursery1:14/61962
[ ]Kessler Foundation LecturesDr. Vilmos Vajta4:34/61962
[ ]Landis, JimDudycha, Landis run for senate presidency2:44/61962
[ ]World Affairs SeminarsHistory honorar resumes seminars1:34/61962
[ ]Vajta, Dr. VilmosLWA director to lecture at Hamma4:34/61962
[ ]Perkins, Dr. DexterPerkins to speak on campus1:14/61962
[ ]SyncopatesThirty-eight added to drill team5:44/61962
[ ]Pep BandTo be seen and heard (pic)4:34/61962
[ ]Roelofs, Dr. GerritTo speak1:34/61962
[ ]Zimmerman, Dr. William Davidaccepts position with Danforth (por)1:14/131962
[ ]Anderson, JudithAnderson, Judith will appear1:44/131962
[ ]Cherry, BobBob Cherry takes first in relays5:54/131962
[ ]Rosenkjaer, JornDenmark forced to decide future as member of Common market2:14/131962
[ ]Perkins, Dr. DexterPeace discussed4:34/131962
[ ]Rhythm ChoirPerforms3:44/131962
[ ]Dudycha, ArtPresident of Student senate1:24/131962
[ ]Smith, George RossReceives fellowship1:44/131962
[ ]Ballentine, Doris; Hampton Institute ExchangeStudents bring back Hampton memories4:14/131962
[ ]Hiller ChapelStudents jam Hill Chapel in 1912 for 1st College debate tournament5:14/131962
[ ]History of WittenbergStudents jam Hiller Chapel in 1912 for first college debate tournament5:14/131962
[ ]Albert, Rev. Richard W.Wittenberg to award degrees to 61:54/131962
[ ]Harris, Guy; Honorary Degrees; Keyser, Rev. James L.; Lee, Rev. Robert E.; Wilson, John L.WU to award degrees to 61:54/131962
[ ]Burns, NormanWU to award degrees to six1:54/131962
[ ]Washington Seminar for Lutheran Students15 Wittenberg students attend2:44/271962
[ ]BandBand to leave on 4-day tour of Ohio1:14/271962
[ ]Student UnionCenter to be finished by 19643:14/271962
[ ]Coyle, Dr. WilliamDr. Coyle will spend week at Hampton, Va.1:44/271962
[ ]Weigle, Dr. LutherGives source book to Thomas Library5:34/271962
[ ]CurriculumHamma to offer course to faculty3:14/271962
[ ]Honorary organizationsHonorary groups plan May Day ceremonies1:14/271962
[ ]King, James RoyKing leads discussion3:34/271962
[ ]Coppess, Mrs. RenaMrs. Rena Coppess will retire4:44/271962
[ ]Mears, RamonNears signs with Tennessee1:24/271962
[ ]Dodson, NormanNorman Dodson receives 3 grants5:44/271962
[ ]Hamma School of TheologyTo offer course to faculty3:14/271962
[ ]Selkis, Miss HelenUniversity to add English instructor6:14/271962
[ ]Knudsen, Dr. Johannes H. V.Addresses Hamma graduating class1:45/41962
[ ]BrailleBraille encyclopedia volumes received in library2:45/41962
[ ]Student UnionCenter to be finished by 19645:15/41962
[ ]Student UnionConstruction to begi5:15/41962
[ ]Oak OrationDennis Flood (por)1:35/41962
[ ]Coyle, Dr. WilliamDr. Coyle to receive citation4:45/41962
[ ]Diehl, HenryHenry Diehl travels to Ghana4:15/41962
[ ]Lovett, James SLovett to address5:35/41962
[ ]Flood, DennisSenior class president announces orators (por)1:35/41962
[ ]Field Enterprises Educational CorporationThomas Library receives Braille encyclopedia volumes2:45/41962
[ ]Beta Theta PiWU Betas host conclave3:45/41962
[ ]Hutchison, James2 senior mem receive grants1:35/111962
[ ]Marcis, Richard2 senior men receive grants1:35/111962
[ ]Campbell, PatCampbell presented as Alma Mater (por)15/111962
[ ]Phi Eta SigmaFijis hold section convention2:15/111962
[ ]Hopper, DaveHopper to head court1:25/111962
[ ]Alma MaterPat Campbell queen for 19631:15/111962
[ ]GolfTiger golfers to compete in Ohio Conference3:15/111962
[ ]Phi Mu DeltaWins sing trophy2:45/111962
[ ]Armstrong, Tom; Swimming and DivingArmstrong, Tom coaches award MVP's5:45/181962
[ ]Beaver, Prof. W.C.Book begins 6th printing (por)4:45/181962
[ ]Celebrity SeriesCelebrity Series will expand to six concerts (schedule)1:15/181962
[ ]Beach, Dave; Cherry, Bob; Logue, Jim; Miller, RandyCoaches award MVPs5:45/181962
[ ]Delta ZetaDelta Zeta becomes parents of Grecian girl3:15/181962
[ ]Delta ZetaDelta Zeta wins sing trophy for 2nd consecutive year2:45/181962
[ ]CommencementDr. Villaume to serve as graduation speaker (por)1:45/181962
[ ]Fisher, BillFisher named most valuable5:45/181962
[ ]Lanier, William J.New assistant dean1:55/181962
[ ]Neff, EmiliePshychology majors get awards1:25/181962
[ ]Miller, Herbert; Morse, EdwinPsychology majors get awards1:25/181962
[ ]McCall, AlanReceives Kentucky Fellowship5:15/181962
[ ]Hamma School of TheologyThe graduate 331:25/181962
[ ]Villaume, Dr. William JohnTo serve as graduation speaker1:45/181962
[ ]Mears, RamonTribute to Mears2:45/181962
[ ]United States Steel FoundationUniversity to get gift of $20,0003:15/181962
[ ]Tranquill, GaryVoted to most valuable spot on Tiger team5:45/181962
[ ]Ivy Oration1962 - Janet Schwiebert1:35/271962
[ ]Lewis, CarolynBoard announced publications choices (por)15/271962
[ ]Tarrier, JoyceBoard announces publication choices15/271962
[ ]Cheetwood, Pamela; Gilbert, Ron; Landis, JimBoard announces publication choices (por)15/271962
[ ]Honors ConvocationCeremonies combine1:15/271962
[ ]Choir15 students to travel as entertainment for USO5:19/141962
[ ]ChoirChoir to sing on the Lutheran series of the Protestant Hour5:39/141962
[ ]Presidents of WittenbergDr. John Stauffer to be new Witt president1:19/141962
[ ]Edwards, BillEdwards ready for 1962 challenge8:19/141962
[ ]Blackmer, Elmer F.Faculty staff increase with 24 members1:19/141962
[ ]Alexander, Beverly; Bash, William G.; Binz, Marion; Boyd, Miss Deborah; Dukes, Reese; Gilbert, Norman; Hartman, Rev. David; Krosnick, Aaron B.; Lanier, William J.; Richard, Benjamin H.; Wilson, Eric L.; Hefner, Rev. Philip J.Faculty, staff increase with 24 members1:19/141962
[ ]Weaver, Max G.Faculty, staff increase with 24 members (por)1:19/141962
[ ]Graef, Rev. RichardFaculty, staff increases with 24 members1:19/141962
[ ]Sounds of WittenbergFifteen students to travel with USO show5:19/141962
[ ]History of WittenbergFirst catalog reveals freshman requirements39/141962
[ ]Newhart, BobFirst in senate series4:39/141962
[ ]FootballFreshman team7:29/141962
[ ]Tarrier, JoyceNames and faces2;49/141962
[ ]Carr, Barbara; Cheetwood, Pamela; Horn, Bob; Lewis, Carolyn; Dudycha, Art; Waite, Dennis; Campbell, PatNames and faces (por)2:49/141962
[ ]Strahler, Miss ClytieOne of 24 new faculty members1:19/141962
[ ]Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.Praises choice of new president1:29/141962
[ ]Stauffer, Dr. John N.To be new WU president1:19/141962
[ ]Hefner, Rev. Philip J. Faculty, staff increase with 24 members1:19/211962
[ ]Plays"Brigadoon" tryouts will be held1:19/211962
[ ]American University4 students study at American University3:19/211962
[ ]Peiffer, LayneA student to study at American3:19/211962
[ ]Woodrow Wilson FellowshipCompetition begins1:59/211962
[ ]Trinkle, OrisDies1:19/211962
[ ]Edwards, BillEdwards begins 30th year at Witt5:19/211962
[ ]Blackmer, Elmer F.Faculty staff increase with 24 members (por)1:19/211962
[ ]Alexander, Beverly; Bash, William G.; Binz, Marion; Boyd, Miss Deborah; Dukes, Reese; Gilbert, Norman; Hartman, Rev. David; Krosnick, Aaron B.; Lanier, William J.; Richard, Benjamin H.; Wilson, Eric L.Faculty, staff increase with 24 members (por)1:19/211962
[ ]Graef, Rev. RichardFaculty, staff increases with 24 members1:19/211962
[ ]Miller, EldonHead basketball coach5:39/211962
[ ]Strahler, Miss ClytieOne of 24 new faculty members1:19/211962
[ ]Newhart, BobProgram to feature1:19/211962
[ ]Second Generation ClubTo have picnic2:29/211962
[ ]SyncopatesTo march1:19/211962
[ ]TraditionsWitt3:49/211962
[ ]Cross CountryCross country team to organize6:59/281962
[ ]Blackmer, Elmer F.; Faculty Artist SeriesFaculty Artist series to hold first program1:29/281962
[ ]Mao, Dr. JeffreyHistory department adds 3 members5:19/281962
[ ]Celms, Prof. PeterHistory department adds three members to staff5:19/281962
[ ]Wussow, Prof. WalterHistory dept. moves, adds 3 members to staff5:19/281962
[ ]Newhart, BobStars1:19/281962
[ ]OrchestraString orchestra to play1:49/281962
[ ]Wells, CharlesTalks at WU1:19/281962
[ ]Jentsch, Dr. WernerWill visit1:49/281962
[ ]Military TrainingAir Force will begin program2:310/51962
[ ]Albert, Dr. CharlesAlbert, Rev. Harold R. to speak1:110/51962
[ ]HomecomingAlumni office releases titles of displays1:310/51962
[ ]Godfrey, ErnestGodfrey to be honored1:210/51962
[ ]Doan, Rev. GilbertGuest writer3:310/51962
[ ]OperaOperas to be presented in English1:210/51962
[ ]Chait, WilliamWilliam Chait to speak1:510/51962
[ ]Albert, Rev. Harold R.Albert, Rev. Harold R. stirs WU2:110/121962
[ ]North HallConstruction continues5:310/121962
[ ]Dad's DayDad's Day program1:110/121962
[ ]Wittenberg EnrollmentEnrollment exceeds 3,0006:410/121962
[ ]Hahn, Dr. Samuel Wilfred.Hahn to attend conference1:210/121962
[ ]Kantzer, MargaretKantzer sets standards for employment1:110/121962
[ ]TraditionsKissing bridge must go2:310/121962
[ ]McCrory, WilliamMcCrory, Allen lead Tigers in successes8:410/121962
[ ]Allen, RoyMcCrory, Allen lead Tigers in successes (por)8:410/121962
[ ]Ivy RingMembers seek to help campus know itself3:410/121962
[ ]Outing ClubPlans expeditions3:110/121962
[ ]PlaysPractices start. Hightlights televised1:210/121962
[ ]Jentsch, Dr. Wernerwill visit5:110/121962
[ ]Management Development Center4800 have participated in program5:410/191962
[ ]Beaver, Prof. W.C.Beaver prepares glossary6:210/191962
[ ]Westervelt, DeeCoed compares rules (por)3:410/191962
[ ]OrientationColleges vary3:210/191962
[ ]Dad's DayDad's Day program1:210/191962
[ ]Kinnison, Dr. William A.Kinnison to give paper5:310/191962
[ ]Midboe, Chaplain E. O.Midboe will speak at Chapel1:410/191962
[ ]Sounds of WittenbergSelected4:110/191962
[ ]Rigg, BobSeniors elect Rigg in WU elections1:510/191962
[ ]Whited, BeverlyWU senior works with Governor DiSalle4:410/191962
[ ]Homecoming Queen1962 Nancy Moore1:110/271962
[ ]Homecoming3 may take trophy permanently1:3-410/271962
[ ]Godfrey, ErnestBeaver reminisces on Godfrey4:110/271962
[ ]Steckler, Hon. William E.Dads choose2:510/271962
[ ]Delta GammaDelta Gamma's dedicate house7:310/271962
[ ]Moore, NancyElected Homecoming Queen110/271962
[ ]Godfrey, ErnestGodfrey honored today4:110/271962
[ ]HomecomingNancy Moore elected queen (por)110/271962
[ ]Worth, DonReports after six weeks in Japan5:110/271962
[ ]Homecoming3 may take trophy permanently11/21962
[ ]Ostrom, Dr. John W.Becomes VP6:211/21962
[ ]Beta Theta PiBeta Theta Pi awards 126:411/21962
[ ]Cahill, JosephCahill receives first scholarship from alumni group4:311/21962
[ ]Hartje, Dr. Robert GHartje reviews background of Mississippi3:111/21962
[ ]Lambda Chi AlphaHousemother is "pinmate"4:311/21962
[ ]Lambda Chi Alpha Memorial FundJosephef Cahill recieves scholarship4:211/21962
[ ]Brown, Clarence J.; Lausche, Frank J.Political figures speak at WU6:111/21962
[ ]PlaysPractices start. Hightlights televised1:111/21962
[ ]Hertz, Dr. Karl H.Speaks at Washington1:411/21962
[ ]HomecomingTigers bug Bishops 37-08:311/21962
[ ]Gamma Phi BetaWins trophy; fraternities lose 10%1:111/21962
[ ]DebateWomen's debate team to take extended tour of 5 states1:411/21962
[ ]Equitable Life Assurance SocietyCompany gives gift to WU4:311/91962
[ ]FootballGettysburg vs. Wittenberg7:111/91962
[ ]Hartje, Dr. Robert GHartje takes team on tour of Gettysburg6:211/91962
[ ]Heiges, Rev. Dr. DonaldHeiges installed as seminary head4:411/91962
[ ]Mudde, Prof. WilemHolland organist to lecture on Lutheran music in Europe1:411/91962
[ ]Hopper, DaveHopper to participate in "international living" (por)5:311/91962
[ ]PlaysPractices start. Hightlights televised1:111/91962
[ ]Honor CodeRepresents basic ideals2:311/91962
[ ]FacultyScience publication lists 22 Wittenberg faculty members5:111/91962
[ ]Theatre GuildThe Stage--them of the season1;111/91962
[ ]SyncopatesTo march1:411/91962
[ ]Peter, Paul;Peter, MaryWill sing1:111/91962
[ ]Plays"Summer and smoke"6:111/161962
[ ]Ham, Prof. John BennettAssociation elects Prof. Ham4:211/161962
[ ]Brown, Robert L.City manager's representative to visit Wittenberg's campus1:411/161962
[ ]Mao, Dr. JeffreyDr. Mao's lecture on China problem to be series' 5th4:311/161962
[ ]Jensen, Dr. ElwoodGuest of biology department3:511/161962
[ ]JudoJudo at Wittenberg3:111/161962
[ ]PlaysPractices start. Hightlights televised1:111/161962
[ ]FootballTigers wallow over Zips for O.C. championship8:311/161962
[ ]Frederick, Dave; McLaughlin, JohnTKA chooses 2 from WU as officers1:211/161962
[ ]Miller, EldonBasketball's youngest coach to Tiger team5:111/301962
[ ]Bergendorf, Dr. ConradBergendorf to speak Sunday1:411/301962
[ ]Rinehart, Dr. Joseph H.Doctor's father witness to battle (por)4:111/301962
[ ]Woodrow Wilson FellowshipFourteen seniors nominated1:111/301962
[ ]Knoderer, WilliamKnoderer to be chapel guest1:411/301962
[ ]Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.Portrait1:311/301962
[ ]Plays"Summer and Smoke"1:112/71962
[ ]Cheetwood, PamelaCoed honored by anthology4:112/71962
[ ]Roth, Richard P.Discovery marks start of hobby (por)3:112/71962
[ ]Ford, LeslieFord spends year in Spain4:212/71962
[ ]Hunt, Don; Noffke, BillHunt, Noffke win national awards8:512/71962
[ ]Loew, Dr. Ralph W.Loew will speak Sunday1:412/71962
[ ]Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.Portrait1:112/71962
[ ]Edwards, BillReceives award1:112/71962
[ ]Peter, Paul;Peter, MaryWill sing2:112/71962
[ ]Smart, John C.WU senior signs baseball contract with NY Mets7:512/71962
[ ]Allen, RoyAllen selected most valuable7:112/141962
[ ]Collegium MusicumCollegium Musicum to present program1:112/141962
[ ]Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.Movie studio gives plaque4:112/141962
[ ]Thrasher, AlPaces team7;112/141962
[ ]Varsity NightRemains5:112/141962
[ ]Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.Time of retirement moved up1:412/141962
[ ]Hartje, Dr. Robert GWU conducts experiment in freshman history class4:212/141962