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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterHealth centerNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:31/121961
[ ]Alumni AssociationDistinguished teaching award1:21/131961
[ ]Brown, MillieFrosh coed is presented with division award8:51/131961
[ ]Haas, Dr. Mary EllenHaas resigns post1:11/131961
[ ]LibraryRecord services3:31/131961
[ ]Porgy and Bess SingersTo be on campus1:21/131961
[ ]Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.To speak at Student senate5:51/131961
[ ]Bachelor of the YearWomen to select Bachelor of the Year1:11/131961
[ ]Plays"All My Sons"5:22/31961
[ ]Manns, Xandra Sandyindia offers experience, home for sophomor4:12/31961
[ ]Porgy and Bess SingersProgram to highlight1:42/31961
[ ]National Science Foundation (NSF)Science grant to cover costs for acid study1:52/31961
[ ]Bachelor of the YearWomen to select Bachelor of the Year1"12/31961
[ ]Pease, Bob"Dedicated Swimmer" (por)5:12/101961
[ ]Smith, Dr. HustonConflict of religion, science1:12/101961
[ ]Hertz, Dr. Karl H.Discusses country's problems3:#2/101961
[ ]Parks, NormaExchange student4:42/101961
[ ]Remsberg, Dr. Robert G.Group to fight with individual (por)3:22/101961
[ ]Miller, EldonMan of week5:32/101961
[ ]Bachelor of the YearPaul Frank named (por)4:32/101961
[ ]Student UnionPlans being made2:12/101961
[ ]Bolewski, Dr. HansTheologian to discuss roles of church, state1:12/101961
[ ]Tcherepnin, Alexander"Way of Composer" to be given tonight by composer, pianist1:22/171961
[ ]Theatre GuildArrange for speaker1:22/171961
[ ]PlaysCurtain will go up1:12/171961
[ ]Maurer, DickFreshman talent5:12/171961
[ ]Glasoe, Dr. PaulGlasoe speaks on specialization3:12/171961
[ ]Farwig, CarolGreek Queen2:42/171961
[ ]Wittenberg TrioGuest artist series to present recital of chamber music2:12/171961
[ ]Chaney, LoryLory Chaney attends Carnival2:12/171961
[ ]Wolfe, Donsparks team as basketball playmaker (por)4:42/171961
[ ]Shanor, Rev. Dr. Carl W.Specialization, ecumenical trend to confront nation3:52/171961
[ ]Student UnionNew Student centerNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:52/221961
[ ]Mussulin, DanAward goes to Dan Mussulin3:42/241961
[ ]DebateDebaters tie for first place1:22/241961
[ ]Pershing, Benjamin H.Describes city for Britannica1:32/241961
[ ]Hartje, Dr. Robert GEconomy, history give indication of future (por)2:32/241961
[ ]Patmos, A. EdwardEconomy, history give indication of future (por)2:12/241961
[ ]Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.Gave talk at Student Senate1:32/241961
[ ]Ohio Intercollegiate AssociationIndividual events tournament. Students participate1:12/241961
[ ]Kunst, SkipKunst steps in as new prexy of frat council (por)1:42/241961
[ ]Miller, EldonPart of WU backcourt team4:42/241961
[ ]Student UnionPresident speaks to Senate regarding plans for center1:32/241961
[ ]Taylor, Mrs. Angelin E."Mom" takes on student roles; joins daughter3:33/31961
[ ]Danforth FoundationDanforth Foundation gives funds to provide for faculty study1:23/31961
[ ]Hickes, Dr. RoyDirector of summer school1:53/31961
[ ]FacultyFaculty adopts new test policy1:43/31961
[ ]Illinois BalletIllinois Ballet will perform next Saturday1:23/31961
[ ]Indiana University Madrigal SingersIndian University Madrigal Singers will perform2:53/31961
[ ]Student CourtSecrecy explained4:43/31961
[ ]Smith, Dr. Hustonto speak here1:33/31961
[ ]Student scholarship fundWCF fund helps students in need3:23/31961
[ ]Ostrom, Dr. John W.Writes book on paragraph construction1:33/31961
[ ]BasketballBasketball captures OC title5:43/101961
[ ]Alumni AssociationDistinguished teaching award1:13/101961
[ ]English DepartmentEnglish proficiency policy to begin new1:13/101961
[ ]FacultyFaculty adopts new test policy1:13/101961
[ ]Wolf, Dr. Herbertgets Danforth grant1:53/101961
[ ]Illinois BalletIllinois Ballet will perform next Saturday1:53/101961
[ ]Mussulin, DanMussulin is named conference champ in 157-lound group6:53/101961
[ ]Danforth FoundationProfessor Wolf gets Danforth grant1:53/101961
[ ]Student CourtUnder fire2:33/101961
[ ]Plays;Religion; Plays"The Way of the Cross" to be presented by chapel players3:43/171961
[ ]Haskins, James RobertArtists' recital will headline faculty, student4:23/171961
[ ]BasketballBasketball captures OC title7:53/171961
[ ]BasketballBasketball captures OC title6:33/171961
[ ]Bolbach, AnnBolbach receives award from Wilson Foundation1:33/171961
[ ]Hartje, Dr. Robert GCivil War holds great place in history of United States5:43/171961
[ ]Delta Sigma PhiDelta Sigma Phi's take up babysitting6:43/171961
[ ]Ermarth, Prof. Margaret SittlerErmarth receives teaching award1:13/171961
[ ]Walters, William R.Featured in Artists' recital4:23/171961
[ ]White, Luolaheads sorority council2:33/171961
[ ]Alumni AssociationMrs. Ermarth1:13/171961
[ ]Peace CorpsTalk given2:43/171961
[ ]Ermarth, FritzTwo seniors receive fellowships awards from Wilson foundation (por)1:33/171961
[ ]Richards, Willis J.Awarded fellowship1:23/241961
[ ]BasketballBasketball captures NCAA title1:53/241961
[ ]Marin, Mrs. Maria C.Coeds experience French living3:33/241961
[ ]French Housecustoms3:33/241961
[ ]Fisher, GeorgeSports writers elect Fisher as center on all-tourney team7:13/241961
[ ]Ranta, AnneleTennis shoes, slang amuse...Finnish student2:13/241961
[ ]Wilcox, Tonyto appear in Cincy3:53/241961
[ ]Hamma choir(por)1:24/71961
[ ]Hamma choirChoir gives home concert Sunday3:44/71961
[ ]Ancient ConcertsConcept to feature instruments from ancient musical periods3:14/71961
[ ]Kessler Foundation LecturesDr. Paul Qualben2:44/71961
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolInstallation of Hamma dean will begin 2-day program2:44/71961
[ ]Hillila, Dr. BernardInstallation of Hamma dean will begin two-day program2:44/71961
[ ]Christensen, James B.James B. Christensen presents problems1:44/71961
[ ]Qualben, Dr. PaulKessler lecturer2:44/71961
[ ]Miller, EldonMost valuable player4:14/71961
[ ]Shearing, GeorgeTo appear1:24/71961
[ ]Altick, Prof. RichardAltick will speak to English club5:24/141961
[ ]Carney, Dr. David E.Carney will speak5:14/141961
[ ]Kessler Foundation LecturesDr. Paul Qualben5:54/141961
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolInstallation of Hamma dean will begin 2-day program5:54/141961
[ ]Hillila, Dr. BernardInstallation of Hamma dean will begin two-day program5:54/141961
[ ]Qualben, Dr. PaulKessler lecturer5:54/141961
[ ]Kommel, Miss MargaretKommel sings at symposium5:34/141961
[ ]Walters, William R.Speaks to Philosophy Club1:54/141961
[ ]CurriculumWU to expand graduate study in fall of 19611:34/141961
[ ]Hedrick, JanBoard names publications editors business managers (por)1:24/211961
[ ]Hillerich, DonBoard names publications editors, business managers1:24/211961
[ ]Lewis, CarolynBoard names publications' editors, business manager (por)1:24/211961
[ ]Prior, TomBoard names publications' editors, business managers (por)1:24/211961
[ ]Phi Mu DeltaCaputure first place at Varsity night4:34/211961
[ ]Getter, CarolGetter goes to naitonal contest3:24/211961
[ ]Kommel, Miss MargaretKommel to sing with symphony4:14/211961
[ ]Logue, JimLogue captains golf squad6:14/211961
[ ]Conrad, TomStudent Senate president1:14/211961
[ ]Shearing, GeorgeTo appear6:44/211961
[ ]Ragatz, Dr. Oswald give recital1:44/211961
[ ]Bodenstein, Dietrich; Tracy, Joshua I.Two scientists to visit in May1:14/211961
[ ]Plays"Nine Girls" by Wilfred H. Pettitt1:24/281961
[ ]Delta GammaDG's auction slaves; raise money to aid Swedish student1:14/281961
[ ]Home Economics DepartmentHome Economics major discontinued1:14/281961
[ ]Flinner, JackHonors assembly will feature Flinner1:54/281961
[ ]Voeringer, HeidiJunior coed will serve as Sounds editor (por)1:34/281961
[ ]Westfalian KantoreiMusical group will perform at convocation1:24/281961
[ ]Guest Artist SeriesScheduled events4:14/281961
[ ]Howat, RobertTo play in final concert1:44/281961
[ ]BandTour to include 8 concerts in 2 states1:44/281961
[ ]CurriculumWittenberg will end major in home economics1:14/281961
[ ]Peace Corps"Needed Skill" is prerequisite for volunteers2:15/51961
[ ]Alma MaterAnna Walchiner queen for 19621:15/51961
[ ]BandAnnual spring concert presented1:45/51961
[ ]WUSO; Radio Station WCSO; Radio stationGroup organizes for radio station2:25/51961
[ ]Walchner, AnnaPresented Alma Mater (por)15/51961
[ ]TorchReceives 3rd place in OCNA1:15/51961
[ ]TennisTennis team makes strong bid for crown4:25/51961
[ ]Meister, LynnTorch bearers (por)1:15/51961
[ ]Thomas, Harold O.Family gift of $1,000,0001:15/61961
[ ]Krieg, Sara D.Three Canton residents give $1,000,00015/61961
[ ]Ivy Oration1961 - Cheryl Martin1:35/121961
[ ]Freshman Counselors78 counselors plan program for new class1:15/121961
[ ]Block, Kenneth L.Block named as U. S. intern1:25/121961
[ ]Collegium MusicumCollegium Musicum give concert1:15/121961
[ ]Oak OrationDwight Oberholtzer2:25/121961
[ ]Delta ZetaDZ's and Beta's win trophies for sings2:15/121961
[ ]Beta Theta PiDZ's, Betas win trophies2:15/121961
[ ]Miller, EldonMVP basketball3:45/121961
[ ]Brame, SkenderMVP- Baseball3:45/121961
[ ]Tranquill, GaryMVP-football3:45/121961
[ ]Logue, JimMVP-golf3:45/121961
[ ]Mussulin, DanMVP-wrestling3:45/121961
[ ]Minor, JessieReceived K.G. Lind Memorial Award1:35/121961
[ ]Nave, Dr. Floyd R.Receives post1:35/121961
[ ]Martin, Cheryl; Oberholtzer, DwightSeniors name convo orators2:25/121961
[ ]Wilcox, TonyWU athletes receive awards (MVP-track)3:45/121961
[ ]Ivy Oration1961 - Cheryl Martin5/191961
[ ]Honorary DegreesArchitect, scientist, theologian will be awarded degrees June 51:15/191961
[ ]Breacher, Rev. Edwin W.Breacher will receive honorary degree1:15/191961
[ ]Harman, BillCeremonies to recognize seniors..1:45/191961
[ ]CommencementDr. Krout to talk at Commencement1:55/191961
[ ]SyncopatesDrill team to hae 48 members5:45/191961
[ ]Oak OrationDwight Oberholtzer (por)1:25/191961
[ ]Ferrenz, Dr. George H.Ferrenz will receive honorary degree1:15/191961
[ ]Gaul, JudyGaul heads WU cheerleaders4:35/191961
[ ]Wonning, HarveyGift of $115,0004:15/191961
[ ]Hamma choirHamma Choir records music4:35/191961
[ ]Krout, Dr. John A.Krout to speak at commencement1:55/191961
[ ]Martin, CherylMartin to receive award from President Kennedy1:55/191961
[ ]OrchestraPlans concert3:55/191961
[ ]Martin, CherylSeniors name convo orators1:35/191961
[ ]Martin, CherylSeniors name convo orators (por)1:35/191961
[ ]Oberholtzer, DwightSeniors name convo orators (por)1:25/191961
[ ]Commencement; Hankey, Dr. William C.Synod president to speak Sunday to Hamma seniors1:45/191961
[ ]Martin, CherylTo receive award from President Kennedy1:55/191961
[ ]Shinowara, Dr. George Y.Will receive honorary degree1:15/191961
[ ]GolfWU golfers second in OC competition6:35/191961
[ ]Jovanovic, MichaelFaculty, staff receive 26 new members1:19/131961
[ ]Plays"Carousel"3:19/151961
[ ]Anspach, Pastor Paul P.Anspach, Pastor Paul P. new pastor3:59/151961
[ ]Mears, RamonBasketball coach writes notebook6:29/151961
[ ]Men's Glee ClubCame before choir3:29/151961
[ ]ChoirChoir returns from Europe1:19/151961
[ ]Hahn, Dr. Samuel Wilfred.; Johnson, Mrs. Rex W.Dean Stauffer announces 2 chairmanships4:39/151961
[ ]Edwards, BillEdwards leads team to over 100 wins in career (por)6:49/151961
[ ]Aziz, Paul D.; Balliet, Dr. Conrad A.; Chatfield, Earl Charles, Jr.; Cook, Mrs. Florence; Dorsey, Mary Ann; Dunifon, Don M.; George, Miss Allaire; Graham, Jerry R.; Hitt, John B.; Koo, May; Koppenhaver, Allen J.; Lenhert, P. Galen; Lloyd, Bruce Allen; LouFaculty, staff receive 26 new members1:19/151961
[ ]Hutchison, Keith R.Faculty, staff receive 26 new members1;19/151961
[ ]Platt, Floyd G.Faculty, staff receives 26 new members1:19/151961
[ ]FootballFreshmen players hope to help team5:29/151961
[ ]Lewis, CarolynMeet campus leaders2:49/151961
[ ]Conrad, Tom; Hedrick, Jan; Kunst, Skip; Van Meter, Sue; Voeringer, Heidi; Walchner, Anna; White, LuolaMeet campus leaders (por)2:49/151961
[ ]BasketballSchedule6:39/151961
[ ]Faculty-Guest Artist SeriesSeries gets new look4:19/151961
[ ]Williams, Rogerto perform at Wittenberg1:19/151961
[ ]ConvocationsTradition in convo processions3:39/151961
[ ]Glee ClubWhen organized3:29/151961
[ ]CurriculumWU English department adopts broader curriculum4:49/151961
[ ]Schlump, Prof. John O.Faculty, staff receive 26 new members1:19/161961
[ ]Anspach, Pastor Paul P.Anspach, Pastor Paul P. new pastor3:39/221961
[ ]Walls, GrantCoaches join staff5:59/221961
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterHealth Center4:19/221961
[ ]Leamer HallLeamer becomes health center4:49/221961
[ ]Porter, William H., Jr.Named full time director of student aid4:49/221961
[ ]Miller, EldonNew head residents take over chores1:29/221961
[ ]Price, BertPlays for U.S. in Israel6:59/221961
[ ]Phi Eta SigmaReceive all-sports trophy in intramurals4:39/221961
[ ]Celebrity SeriesSeason tickets sell out1:19/221961
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolSeminary renamed1:19/221961
[ ]Mathis, JohnyTo perform1:19/221961
[ ]Dunkel Rating ServiceTorch to have service3:19/221961
[ ]McCrory, WilliamTranquil, McCrory provide deadly attach from air6:39/221961
[ ]Tranquill, GaryTranquill, McCrory provide deadly attack from air6:39/221961
[ ]Second Generation ClubClub propsed1:19/291961
[ ]Easton, Dr. ElmerEaston to speak on engineering5:39/291961
[ ]Rinehart, Dr. Joseph H.Encounters odd cases6:19/291961
[ ]Norstog, Knute J.Receives foundation grant4:39/291961
[ ]Delta Sigma PhiWho needs ladders?3:39/291961
[ ]Plays"Carousel"3:310/61961
[ ]HomecomingAnnual homecoming activites will start with open house1:210/61961
[ ]Anspach, Pastor Paul P.Campus worships strange religion2:510/61961
[ ]CheerleadersCheerleaders add four to squad (por)1:210/61961
[ ]Easton, Dr. ElmerEaston to speak on engineering1:410/61961
[ ]Stauffer, Dr. John N.Established goals for campus2:310/61961
[ ]Homecoming Queen1961 Shirley Anderson1:110/141961
[ ]Anderson, ShirleyAnderson, Shirley is homecoming queen (por)1:110/141961
[ ]Bailey, Mrs. EldonBailey gives gift5:310/141961
[ ]HomecomingCampus groups build displays1:110/141961
[ ]Stobbs, William T.Class of '42 honors7:510/141961
[ ]Walls, GrantCoaches Cubs' football team5:510/141961
[ ]Ostrom, Dr. John W.Conducts teaching seminar5:410/141961
[ ]Bayley, Mrs. Elden, Sr.Dr. Stoughton announces gift5:310/141961
[ ]Wittenberg TrioFaculty series trio program packs Hiller3:210/141961
[ ]SyncopatesPerform7:110/141961
[ ]McCall, AlanSenior class elects McCall to serve as '62 president1:410/141961
[ ]HomecomingShirley Anderson is queen (por)1:110/141961
[ ]BandTiger tracks6:110/141961
[ ]Mathis, JohnyTo perform4:410/141961
[ ]Stauffer, Dr. John N.Will serve in national post - Phi Gamma Delta1:310/141961
[ ]Plays"Carousel"5:210/201961
[ ]Carpenter, BillBill Carpenter sights record6:110/201961
[ ]HomecomingCampus groups build displays8:410/201961
[ ]Chemistry DepartmentChemistry Department gets approval of American Chemical Society1:310/201961
[ ]Second Generation ClubClub proposed1:310/201961
[ ]Gifts; Carnegie CorporationGift provides Sandak slides1:210/201961
[ ]Schrag, Dr. F. JamesReturns from Austria3:110/201961
[ ]Wittenberg Christian Fellowship (WCF)Sponsors informal talks4:510/201961
[ ]Mathis, JohnyTo perform1:510/201961
[ ]Phi Kappa PsiWin golf tourney8:210/201961
[ ]Pinkert, PaulWorks on play staging5:210/201961
[ ]Plays"Carousel"1:310/271961
[ ]ChoirChoir releases new record6:110/271961
[ ]Kantonen, Dr. Taito A.Kantonen will speak at Reformation Day convo1:410/271961
[ ]Laatsch, Melvin H. League of Nations meets in Recitation5:110/271961
[ ]Green, CharlesLenkaitis, Green represent freshmen on football field8:110/271961
[ ]Makeba, Miriam and Chad Mitchell TrioMakeba, Miriam and Chad Mitchell Trio1:110/271961
[ ]League of NationsMeets in Recitation5:110/271961
[ ]GiftsSecond largest total received4:410/271961
[ ]Pinkert, PaulWorks on play staging (por)1:510/271961
[ ]CurriculumWU introduces advanced studies to select group1:210/271961
[ ]Plays"Carousel"1:111/31961
[ ]Dad's DayActivities begin tomorrow1:111/31961
[ ]LibraryDisplay of Berenmeyer collection6:111/31961
[ ]Enquist, Dr. RoyEnquist gives paper on worship6:411/31961
[ ]Remsburg, MaryGotwald clan keep tradition at Wittenberg4:111/31961
[ ]Davis, JeffJeff Davis is president3:411/31961
[ ]Koo, MayKoo brings Oriental charm from Hong Kong3:211/31961
[ ]Makeba, Miriam and Chad Mitchell TrioMakeba, Miriam and Chad Mitchell Trio1:311/31961
[ ]Collegium MusicumCollegium Musicum performs in Kentucky4:111/101961
[ ]Haskins, James RobertHaskins writes piece for band4:311/101961
[ ]Hesse, SueHesse steals "Carousel" from lead actors without singing2:111/101961
[ ]Weber, Walter L.President of Dad's Association1:111/101961
[ ]Jackisch, FrederickSolos Sunday in concert series1:511/101961
[ ]Little AshramStudent group holds annual [retreat]1:111/101961
[ ]Chuong, TranvanViet Nam ambassador to speak at Convocation1:211/101961
[ ]Van Chuong, TranVietnam ambassador to speak at special convocation Monday1:211/101961
[ ]Stauffer, Dr. John N.Advances to post of dean of collegeNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:111/161961
[ ]Van Chuong, TranAmbassador gives warning of "Cold War" tactics3:111/171961
[ ]BandBand to present pop concert1:311/171961
[ ]Hammarskjold fundcontributions1:311/171961
[ ]Makeba, Miriam and Chad Mitchell TrioMakeba, Miriam and Chad Mitchell Trio2:111/171961
[ ]Bogard, AllenStudents, faculty protesting Mr. Bogard's call by Army1:111/171961
[ ]FootballTigers clinch Conference title6:311/171961
[ ]Romani, Dr. J.N.Will visit5:211/171961
[ ]Plays"The Chalk Garden"1:512/11961
[ ]Heinzen, Steve4 Wittenberg football players make all-conference first team7:312/11961
[ ]Hunt, Don4 Wittenberg football players make All-Conference first team7;312/11961
[ ]Schlump, Prof. John O.Art jury accepts words6:212/11961
[ ]Bicycles on CampusBicycles on Campus5:112/11961
[ ]Weaver ChapelChurch services in chapel to begin Sunday1:412/11961
[ ]Home Management HouseCourse requires 560 hours of lab4:112/11961
[ ]Thomas, Harold O.Death1:112/11961
[ ]Tranquill, GaryFour football players make All-Conference 1st team7:312/11961
[ ]Carpenter, BillFour Wittenberg football players make all-conference first team (por)7:312/11961
[ ]Schola CantorumTo sing for first time1:612/11961
[ ]World Affairs Seminarsto start1:112/11961
[ ]A Thurber CarnivalWith Imogene Coco and Arther Treacher1:312/11961
[ ]Wilcox, TonyWU alum...plays with Globetrotters8:212/11961
[ ]Plays"The Chalk Garden"1:212/81961
[ ]Student UnionCenter construction1:312/81961
[ ]Kissing BridgeCoeds' graduation hopes fade2:412/81961
[ ]Howat, RobertDuo-pianists to play1:512/81961
[ ]Wilcox, TonyJoins Chicago majors5:412/81961
[ ]A Thurber CarnivalWith Imogene Coco and Arther Treacher1:212/81961
[ ]Plays;Religion; Plays"Holy Family" cast to include students5:412/151961
[ ]The TannersCampus quartet sings on local radio station6:212/151961
[ ]Hammarskjold fundcontributions5:212/151961
[ ]Delta GammaDG chapter breaks ground for house6:112/151961
[ ]FootballNational ranking includes Tigers8:512/151961
[ ]Phi Mu Alpha SinfoniaPresents composition recital1:412/151961
[ ]BasketballTigers to have busy holiday schedule8:212/151961
[ ]A Thurber CarnivalWith Imogene Coco and Arther Treacher1:112/151961