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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Student UnionState of Union good on 4th birthday3:31/111949
[ ]TuitionJumps to $40. Raise send charges to $190 per semester1:41/121949
[ ]Pi Kappa AlphaPi Kaps to secure new fraternity house (por)1:31/121949
[ ]DegreesTo offer religion degrees1:51/121949
[ ]CurriculumTwo new courses offered in dramatics1:21/121949
[ ]Ivy Oration1949 - Dorothy Zenk1:41/191949
[ ]Class of 1949Class of '49 orators elected1:41/191949
[ ]Oak OrationJune Lindow1:41/191949
[ ]FacultyPrexy-seeking group to give report1:51/191949
[ ]Doering, EdSenior class elects commencement week speakers1:41/191949
[ ]Lindow, JuneSenior class elects commencement week speakers1:41/191949
[ ]Zenk, DottieSenior class elects commencement week speakers1:41/191949
[ ]CommencementSenior class elects speakers1:41/191949
[ ]Wittenberg EnrollmentWitt tops enrollment figures1:51/191949
[ ]Saddlemire, Dr. Gerald L.Service extended by counselors1:51/211949
[ ]Beacham, John C.'36 graduate accepts job as alumni secretary3:32/91949
[ ]Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.Accepts presidential call1:12/91949
[ ]Presidents of WittenbergDr. Clarence Stoughton accepts presidential call (pic)1:12/91949
[ ]Stauffer, Dr. John N.Elected to office3:22/91949
[ ]Marriage CounselingInterest in marriage counseling help rises3:22/91949
[ ]Keasey, Lester DeanNew instructor joins teaching staff4:12/91949
[ ]FacultyPrexy-seeking group to give report1:12/91949
[ ]ChoirChoir tours three Eastern states in late March1:32/161949
[ ]Stroup, PaulPersonality parade2:32/161949
[ ]Kantonen, Dr. Taito A."World Biography" lists four faculty members3:32/231949
[ ]Tulloss, President Rees Edgar"World Biography" lists four faculty members3:32/231949
[ ]Van Why, Professor John B.One of four faculty members listed in World Biography3:32/231949
[ ]CheerleadersPortrait1:22/231949
[ ]Christian Careers Conference WeekPresident of Marion College heads list of speakers1:22/231949
[ ]McHenry, TedUnofficial "mayor" of college maintenance community3;12/231949
[ ]Flack, Dr. E.E.World Biography lists four faculty members3:32/231949
[ ]Tchou, Col. M. ThomasChiang Kai-Shek's former secretary convo speaker1:33/21949
[ ]ShiftersOdd socks and shoes, high heels and low--it's Shifter's time1:23/21949
[ ]McKnight, Robert J.Art professor enters sculpture piece in exhibit1:43/91949
[ ]ChoirChoir tours three Eastern states in late March1:53/91949
[ ]Shreck, CarolynPersonality parade2:33/91949
[ ]Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.To visit campus late in March1:23/91949
[ ]Roeth, BillWins "Most Valuable" award4:43/91949
[ ]Inouye, Richard49 key number in minds of Hawaiian students3:23/161949
[ ]Uemoto, Tony49 key number in minds of Hawaiian students3:23/161949
[ ]Movie of WittenbergFirst be taken in spring1:53/161949
[ ]Schultz, Dr. Clarence K.Resigns1:53/161949
[ ]ChoirWitt grad guest soloist in choir tour4:53/161949
[ ]Plays"Death takes a holiday"; Brees and Rhodes have leads in spring play1:43/231949
[ ]ChoirChoir tours three Eastern states in late March (por)1:13/231949
[ ]Hahn, Dr. Samuel Wilfred.New math instructor to join college staff in autumn1:23/231949
[ ]Stauffer, Dr. John N.Personally parade2:33/231949
[ ]CurriculumSocial work course added2:43/231949
[ ]Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.To visit campus late in March1:53/231949
[ ]Plays "Death takes a holiday"; Brees and Rhodes have leads in spring play1:33/301949
[ ]Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.Dr. and Mrs. Stoughton win place in our hearts1:13/301949
[ ]ChoirFour nearby stations to air choir broadcast1:23/301949
[ ]Roeth, BillAnd Makowski awarded positions on new All-Ohio line up4:24/61949
[ ]ChoirChoir homeward bound after successful eastern tour1:24/61949
[ ]ChoirChoir tours three Eastern states in late March1:24/61949
[ ]Dussel, Mrs. Catherine AnnaCollege receives $60,000 in bequests1:24/61949
[ ]Rumbaugh, Mrs. MaryCollege receives $60,000 in bequests1:24/61949
[ ]Makowski, EdMakowski awarded positions on new all-Ohio lineup4:24/61949
[ ]DegreesNew religious degree opens 4 additional study fields3:34/61949
[ ]Stavers, Jean BeanerTakes AAU title4:14/61949
[ ]Wilmington College Aeolian Choirto sing at convo1:44/61949
[ ]Alma Mater(June) Lindow, Alma Mater (por)1:34/141949
[ ]Kantonen, Dr. Taito A.Kantonen called abroad to help in church reconstruction1:14/231949
[ ]TorchACP awards...first class rating1:54/271949
[ ]Fitch, Louis HarrisonAppointed business manager2:34/271949
[ ]Flack, Dr. E.E.Flack to give Gettysburg lecture1:44/271949
[ ]Dickerson, KenKen Dickerson takes TORCH editorship (por)1:14/271949
[ ]Taylor, AnnNew Alma Mater Queen1:44/271949
[ ]Rhoads, HaroldPersonality parade2:34/271949
[ ]Schreiber, JackPresident-elect of Student Council (por)1:44/271949
[ ]Nystrom, Dr. Wendell C.resigns as college dean1:44/271949
[ ]Baker, JeanThree new staff heads appointed for 1948-49 Torch (por)1:14/281949
[ ]CommencementCommencement week to open June 41:25/41949
[ ]Schreiber, JackElected head of Blue Key honorary3:55/41949
[ ]Baker, JeanPersonality parade1:35/41949
[ ]Hilbrink, BernardPersonality parade2:35/41949
[ ]FacultyFaculty to take appraisal exams given by students1:35/121949
[ ]Miller, SuePersonality parade2:35/121949
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolTo hold exercises on May 151:15/121949
[ ]Phi Kappa PsiWin sing (pic)1:45/121949
[ ]Hamma Divinity School To hold exercises on May 151:35/181949
[ ]Sorority SingsAlpha Delts win1:45/181949
[ ]Alpha Delta PiAlpha Delts win Sing (por)1:45/181949
[ ]Hobo DayAs students celebrate35/181949
[ ]Reck, W. EmersonHonorary degree conferred upon Reck1:35/181949
[ ]Library FundsLibrary shows balance over $9,0002:25/181949
[ ]Phi Alpha ThetaNew history honorary to be installed tonight2:55/181949
[ ]Pi Kappa AlphaPi Kaps regain home, plan open house Sunday (por)1:15/181949
[ ]Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.Second book published1:35/181949
[ ]Kantzer, MargaretTiny Miss Kantzer reveals music, books, driving her interests in life1:55/241949
[ ]Class GiftsClass '49; a portion of Blair overlook and a new electric scoreboard for football stadium5/251949
[ ]CommencementCommencement plans set; six to receive doctorates3:45/251949
[ ]Presidents of WittenbergDr. R. E. Tulloss honored--Twenty-nine "Tulloss Years"15/251949
[ ]Tulloss, President Rees EdgarTo head ULCA drive for $6,000,0002:15/251949
[ ]Tulloss, President Rees EdgarTwenty-nin "Tulloss Years"15/251949
[ ]Wittenberger (annual)Yearbook surprises; to be issued on time4:45/251949
[ ]CampusCampus gets $15000 facelift1:19/151949
[ ]Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.Gives first address1:49/151949
[ ]Phi Mu DeltaMoves to new quarters1:29/151949
[ ]Norquist, Nels L.New faculty and staff greet students1:59/151949
[ ]Fries, SherwoodNew football mentors selected4:49/151949
[ ]Shields, Harold L.New football mentors selected4:49/151949
[ ]Bryden, EwenBryden ends season with Portsmouth4:39/211949
[ ]CounselingCounseling service extended by counselors1:59/211949
[ ]McKnight, Robert J.Prof works on T-V4:19/211949
[ ]HomecomingRules, plans revealed1:19/211949
[ ]Thompson, CarrollTwo appointed to staff2:19/211949
[ ]Wrolstad, Merald E.Two appointed to staff2:19/211949
[ ]Wittenberg MovieCampus will be scene of movie depicting typical college life1:59/281949
[ ]HomecomingInauguration holiday announce, display judging is moved up1:19/281949
[ ]Barbecue Pit"Outdoor union" given by alumni1:110/51949
[ ]Wittenberg MovieCampus will be scene of movie depicting typical college life1:110/51949
[ ]Carman, Harry S.Columbia dean to conduct symposium at Stoughton inauguration2:410/51949
[ ]Marquart, Dr. J. RogerMarquart gives therapy medicine2:210/51949
[ ]Melberg, Mrs. LydiaMelberg flees Russians, Germans, looks ahead to brighter fruture here3:410/51949
[ ]International Relations ClubWorks for understanding2:310/51949
[ ]Wittenberg MovieCampus will be scene of movie depicting typical college life4:110/121949
[ ]Clinton, DonaldDonald Clinton, '48, takes award in national contest4:310/121949
[ ]Public Relations DepartmentPRD plays the informer, tells all about everything to everyone3:110/121949
[ ]AttendanceStudent leads named for movie4:110/121949
[ ]Nicholson, AnnStudent leads named for movie4:110/121949
[ ]Heath, WilliamVarious class presidents (por)110/121949
[ ]StadiumConstruction cost of the stadium exceedes $100,0004:1-210/181949
[ ]Alpha Delta Pi1949 Homecoming decoration award winners210/221949
[ ]Pi Kappa Alpha1949 Homecoming decoration award winners310/221949
[ ]Homecoming Queen1949 Mickey Michelfelder1:210/221949
[ ]HomecomingDance, barbecue featured events1:310/221949
[ ]HomecomingDecoration award winners announced2, 310/221949
[ ]HomecomingMichelfelder will reign over today's festivites (por)1:210/221949
[ ]Ostrom, Dr. John W.Cited by Martha Kinney Cooper Association for Poe letter1:110/261949
[ ]Schreiber, JackStudent leads named for movie4:110/291949
[ ]Duncan, CarlThe man who attempted to rescue E. Gray Swingle '16 from the battlefield1:310/301949
[ ]Warmingham, Dr. Osbert W.Author to speak at chapel service2:311/21949
[ ]Foreign Mission FellowshipMission groups address 1,000 in action move3:311/21949
[ ]PlaysParts cast for "Dear Brutus"1:211/21949
[ ]Schreiber, JackWittenberger aids in selecting queen1:311/21949
[ ]ConvocationsStoughton to discuss situation at S.C. meeting1:211/161949
[ ]Thompson, RalstonTakes leave to teach at U.C.1;411/161949
[ ]Blair HallArt department redecorates2:411/221949
[ ]FootballWittenberg looks forward to her alliance with opponents of four other states for the football season2:112/51949
[ ]Bishop, CharlesGridders honored at banquet, (Bishop=most valuable player)4:412/71949
[ ]Heinlein, Dr. Christian PaulHeinlein resigns to complete books1:512/71949
[ ]PlaysParts cast for "Dear Brutus"1:512/71949
[ ]ConvocationsStoughton to discuss situation at S.C. meeting1:212/71949
[ ]Wolford, ThomasNamed as lead for movei4:112/101949
[ ]AttendanceStudent leads named for movie4:112/101949
[ ]Honor CodeHonor code is future Student Council plan1:112/141949
[ ]PlaysParts cast for "Dear Brutus" (pic)1:412/141949
[ ]BasketballPre-Yule cage trip starts tomorrow.1:412/141949
[ ]Braverman, DickStudent to hold ten-way chess meet1:212/141949
[ ]Class ColorsBoost "W" advocates establishing tradition of class colors1:112/201949