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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Lowe, Betty(por)4:41/141938
[ ]TorchCo-ed issue1/141938
[ ]Dance ClubDancers portray emotion, coordination, rhythm (por)3:31/141938
[ ]CoeducationFirst co-ed received cool welcome in18741:41/141938
[ ]PlaysLandwehr portrays title role in "Hedda Gabler"1:51/141938
[ ]Sunday, ChristinePortrait1:21/141938
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesWomen ponder men1:11/141938
[ ]Plays;Religion; Plays"The Passing of the Third Floor Back" to appear during Lent1:41/211938
[ ]National Lutheran Education ConferenceMarks twenty-fifth year of activity1:21/211938
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesMen ponder women2:21/211938
[ ]CampusWomen donors2:31/211938
[ ]Phelan, GraceAmateur title-holder exhibits typing speed3:22/41938
[ ]Imperial Singers and Bell RingersBell ringers will perform1:52/41938
[ ]Jackson, FlorenceConsultant to visit campus1:22/41938
[ ]CampusThe observatory2:22/41938
[ ]Imperial Singers and Bell RingersBell ringers will perform2:32/111938
[ ]Helvern, A. J.;DeathsCollege carpenter dies after illness of six months1:22/111938
[ ]CampusCollege cemetary2:22/111938
[ ]Varsity NightDropped from semester's program1:32/111938
[ ]Jackson, FlorenceFewer personnel tests is trend, speaker asserts1:52/111938
[ ]Birch, Dr. T. BruceOn the death (poem)2:12/111938
[ ]Blough, Prof. William HerbertScience degree due ten-year bachelors, asserts Prof. Blough4:52/111938
[ ]Tranter, Capt. E. W."Old Ranger" en route to 16,000 acre ranch in Wyoming, visits Myers Hall2:32/181938
[ ]Plays;Religion; Plays"The Passing of the Third Floor Back" to appear during Lent4:62/181938
[ ]BandBand to give Radio concert1:12/181938
[ ]Seger, Dr. GerhardtGerman political exile denounces Nazi government2:32/181938
[ ]O'donnell, Norbertspeaks at Akron today (pic)1:32/181938
[ ]Corry, Mr. Homer C.Springfield attorney will speak in chapel1:22/181938
[ ]CampusThe Koberger Bible2:22/181938
[ ]Plays;Religion; Plays"The Passing of the Third Floor Back" to appear during Lent4:62/241938
[ ]Constitutional SesquicentennialCoeds will model famous dresses1:62/241938
[ ]CampusCollege print shop2:12/241938
[ ]Barn, TheCross-section of college life meets in campus melting pot, the Barn2:32/241938
[ ]Gilkey, Rev. Dr. James GordonGordon urges development of latent abilities4:32/241938
[ ]Shannon, FrankHigh scorer1:22/241938
[ ]Copenhaver, Helenportrait1:42/241938
[ ]Brees, Prof. Paul R.Professor helps children correct speech handicaps2:42/241938
[ ]Plays;Religion; Plays"The Passing of the Third Floor Back" to appear during Lent1:63/41938
[ ]Lind, Karl G.Article (pic)1:53/41938
[ ]BasketballCagers down Marietta for League title3:43/41938
[ ]BasketballFirst at home, first abroad, first in hearts of loyal fans13/41938
[ ]BasketballLutheran quintet sets five basketball marks during 1937-38 season3:13/41938
[ ]Work, Joenamed by faculty to present oration (por):23/41938
[ ]Harry, Rev. Dr. C. P.Official of the Lutheran Church visits campus2:43/41938
[ ]ChoirReduced choir of 41 prepares for tour of eastern cities1:13/41938
[ ]Coleman, ArdelleSeniors to elect class speakers4:43/41938
[ ]CampusStudy rooms2:23/41938
[ ]Founders DayTo observe annual Founder's Day1:43/41938
[ ]School of Music1500 students to be involved in weekend festival1:53/181938
[ ]ConvocationsAudiences want entertainment, survey indicates2:33/181938
[ ]Illingworth, Davis JohnstownDr. Kelley selects 1938 Peace Orator1:13/181938
[ ]Dykstra, RayDykstra voted most valuable3:23/181938
[ ]Ondov, MichaelFate of accident victim rests on spinal operations1:53/181938
[ ]ChoirReduced choir of 41 prepares for tour of eastern cities1:23/181938
[ ]Porter, Rev. Dr. EliottSpeaker asserts that cynicism is prevalent today1:43/181938
[ ]Poetry ClubTo enter National Society as 31st chapter2:43/181938
[ ]Freeburg, Ruth(por)1:63/251938
[ ]Darvall, Dr. Frank O.British writer to give speech1:23/251938
[ ]Ondov, MichaelHamma plans drive for funds to help recovery of Ondov1:13/251938
[ ]ChoirReduced choir of 41 prepares for tour of eastern cities1:53/251938
[ ]Summer CoursesFourteen credit hours offered in summerNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:13/271938
[ ]Ondov, MichaelFund collections exceed $2001:44/11938
[ ]Honor DayGroups to give cups, Monday1:54/11938
[ ]Phi Eta SigmaHonorary to install Wittenberg chapter1:64/11938
[ ]CampusSigns of the Zodiac2:44/11938
[ ]ChoirTraveling choir invades New York to make sixth appearance1:34/11938
[ ]Valbracht, Rev. Louis H.Wins in forensic contest1:54/11938
[ ]Alma MaterWWL presents 1939 Alma Mater Queen on Monday4:34/11938
[ ]Plays"Hotel Universe" to be presented next1:44/81938
[ ]George, FlorenceActress...heads list of Witt's famous alumnae4:44/81938
[ ]BandBand performs double function, Oehlsen asserts2:44/81938
[ ]Community RelationsCollege to aid city in Northwest Territory celebration on May 122:34/81938
[ ]Illingworth, Davis JohnstownDr. Kelley selects 1938 Peace Orator1:44/81938
[ ]McGilvray NatatoriumEngineer tells of water curing process in pool3:44/81938
[ ]Ondov, MichaelFund collections exceed $2001:54/81938
[ ]BasketballGroup honors cage champs3:24/81938
[ ]Honor DayGroups to give cups, Monday1:14/81938
[ ]Hallauer, JohnHallauer to stage marionette show1:64/81938
[ ]Alma MaterMary Elise Heckathorn1:14/81938
[ ]ChoirTraveling choir invades New York to make sixth appearance1:24/81938
[ ]Varsity NightRules set1:24/111938
[ ]PlaysDramatic season will end with three performances of Barry's "Hotel Universe"1:44/221938
[ ]CampusNew names identify 31 kinds of campus trees2:34/221938
[ ]Honor DaySecond honor day to appear1:44/221938
[ ]ChoirTraveling choir invades New York to make sixth appearance2:34/221938
[ ]Parents WeekendWeekend program to honor parents2:14/221938
[ ]Illingworth, Davis JohnstownDr. Kelley selects 1938 Peace Orator1:54/291938
[ ]Pi Delta EpsilonJournalism group to initiate first coeds1:24/291938
[ ]CampusLoud speaker2:44/291938
[ ]Honor DaySecond honor day to appear1:34/291938
[ ]Parents WeekendWeekend program to honor parents1:64/291938
[ ]Parents WeekendWeekend program to honor parents4:44/291938
[ ]Alma MaterAlma Mater pageant1:25/61938
[ ]Community RelationsCollege to aid city in Northwest Territory celebration on May 121:45/61938
[ ]BandInaugurates series of annual concerts1:65/61938
[ ]Shatzer, Charles GallatinTo preside over sessions of Ohio Academy of Science2:35/61938
[ ]Illingworth, Davis JohnstownWittenberg adds another orator to "Hall of Fame"1:25/61938
[ ]OratorsWittenberg adds another orator to Hall of fame1:25/61938
[ ]Ondov, MichaelBegins seventh month in Mansfield hospital2:45/131938
[ ]Community RelationsCollege to aid city in Northwest Territory celebration on May 121:35/131938
[ ]Delta Sigma PhiDelta Sigma Phi wins men's contest1:45/131938
[ ]Dudde, WilliamDudde, Howard Young become Torch staff leaders (por)1:65/131938
[ ]Knudsen, William S.G.M. Executive to give address in convocation1:25/131938
[ ]William Dudde, Howard Young become Torch leaders (por)1:65/131938
[ ]Plays"As you like it" to be rehearsed in campus hollow1:45/201938
[ ]Alma MaterAlma Mater pageant (por)1:15/201938
[ ]CommencementCampus activity heightens as seniors, faculty prepare for 93rd Commencement1:65/201938
[ ]Chi OmegaChi Omega triumphs in sorority song contest1:35/201938
[ ]Knudsen, William S.G.M. Executive to give address in convocation1:35/201938
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolHamma Divinity School graduates 91:65/201938
[ ]Ham, Prof. John Bennett(por)1:45/261938
[ ]Plays"As you like it" to be rehearsed in campus hollow1:25/271938
[ ]Ivy Oration1938 - Ardelle Coleman1:65/271938
[ ]Alma MaterAlma Mater pageant1:15/271938
[ ]Stover, Rev. Ross H.Alumnus speaks2:35/271938
[ ]CommencementCollege, seminary will honor 235 graduates1:45/271938
[ ]CommencementCollege, seminary will honor 235 graduates4:35/271938
[ ]Honors coursesFour will pursue work1:35/271938
[ ]Knudsen, William S.G.M. Executive to give address in convocation1:35/271938
[ ]Work, Joenamed by faculty to present oration (por)4:55/271938
[ ]Sultzbach, RichardOak Orator of class of 19381;65/271938
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolSchool graduates 91:35/271938
[ ]Coleman, ArdelleSeniors to elect class speakers1:65/271938
[ ]Sultzbach, RichardStudent wins national prize4:55/271938
[ ]Voitovich, SamStudent wins Ohio State scholarships1:55/271938
[ ]Oak OrationSultzbach, Richard1:65/271938
[ ]Beaver, Prof. W.C.Beaver wins recognition for achievements in many fields1:39/161938
[ ]Bodenberg, Dr. E.T.Bodenberg shows trees reveal life1:29/161938
[ ]Phi Gamma DeltaCampus dwellings undergo changes2:59/161938
[ ]Pi Kappa AlphaCampus dwellings undergoing changes2:59/161938
[ ]CommencementCollege, seminary will honor 235 graduates2:39/161938
[ ]FacultyFaculty members win recognition for achievements in many fields1:39/161938
[ ]FootballFootball schedule3:59/161938
[ ]Hall, JamesHall takes over job of assistant football coach (por)3:69/161938
[ ]Larimer, Dr. Loyal HerbertLarimer celebrates 30th anniversary at Wittenberg4:59/161938
[ ]Linn, Alvin F.Professor Emeritus observes golden jubilee as staff member2:59/161938
[ ]FacultySummer schools call three as instructors4:19/161938
[ ]Pershing, Benjamin H.Theological professors re-elect Dean Pershing2:19/161938
[ ]Faculty; Patmos, A. EdwardThree join staff this semester1:19/161938
[ ]Pershing, Benjamin H.Wins recognition for achievement in many fields1:39/161938
[ ]Tulloss, President Rees EdgarArrives home after vacation in Europe1:39/231938
[ ]FootballFootball team1:39/231938
[ ]ActivitiesHalf-dead bodies.2:19/231938
[ ]Alpha Delta PiAlpha Delta Pi will hold silver jubilee1:69/301938
[ ]HomecomingCommittee plans gala homecoming1:19/301938
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesPledges4:19/301938
[ ]Plays"She stoops to conquer" cast picked by Grant1:110/71938
[ ]Phi Gamma DeltaCampus dwellings undergo changes4:310/71938
[ ]Pi Kappa AlphaCampus dwellings undergoing changes4:310/71938
[ ]HomecomingCommittee plans gala homecoming1:110/71938
[ ]Foreign StudentsExchange students from foreign countries reveal ambition, hopes4:510/71938
[ ]FootballFootball Freshman roster3:510/71938
[ ]Gifts; Culler, Rev. Dr. Jacob H.Rev. Culler marks birthday (por)2:310/71938
[ ]ActivitiesTwo dissolve1:610/71938
[ ]Carnegie Science Hall'Forgotten room' becomes newest biology quarters1:210/141938
[ ]Bell, Rev. A.E.Bell receives post on UCLA board1:510/141938
[ ]FootballBowl 'em Lutherans!3:210/141938
[ ]Alpha Lambda Deltafreshmen find reward for studies in national scholarship honoraries4:410/141938
[ ]Phi Eta SigmaFreshmen find reward for studies in national scholarship honoraries4:410/141938
[ ]PlaysGrant casts Freshmen in first play1:110/141938
[ ]Second Generation ClubOffspring of alumni (por)1:210/141938
[ ]Getzendaner, MarkStudent takes first place in Clark Co. oratory competition2:310/141938
[ ]BandBand will appear in brilliant uniforms at game tomorrow1:110/211938
[ ]Christian Youth Council of OhioChristian Youth Council of Ohio selects Springfield as 1939 site4:310/211938
[ ]HomecomingCommittee plans gala homecoming1:310/211938
[ ]History of WittenbergPompous affair marked opening of grid stadium3:410/211938
[ ]Clinchy, Rev. Dr. E.R.Rev. Clinchy to talk at Friday's chapel1:310/211938
[ ]Getzendaner, MarkStudent orator wins district competition of Young GOP club2:410/211938
[ ]FacultyWho's who in America cites eleven1:410/211938
[ ]LibraryZimmerman Library holds over seventy books per student2:510/211938
[ ]Homecoming Queen1938 Marie Wurtenberger1:210/281938
[ ]BandBand drive for funds nets $61.101:110/281938
[ ]HomecomingCommittee plans gala homecoming1:510/281938
[ ]Homecoming; Wurtenberger, Marie Homecoming Queen: Marie Wurtenberger1:210/281938
[ ]Scott-Morrison, DonaldPianist will give campus concert4:210/281938
[ ]Wurtenberger, MarieWill receive homage of campus subjects at Oberlin game1:210/281938
[ ]FootballWill these aerialists click tomorrow?3:110/281938
[ ]Anspach, Carolyn; Depression, Mental"Chinese matrimonial match-makers have depression" says Miss Anspach1:411/41938
[ ]Plays"She stops to Conquer" enters third night of successful run1:511/41938
[ ]Alpha Delta PiAlpha Delta Pi will hold silver jubilee1:211/41938
[ ]Alpha Delta PiAlpha Delta Pi, Phi Psi, Alpha Delt decorations win1:611/41938
[ ]Foley, MariaLibrarian for 15 years, retires4:511/41938
[ ]HomecomingPhi Psi, Alpha Delt decorations win1:611/41938
[ ]Football, History ofSpartans gave football its start in ancient Greece 2,000 years ago1:411/41938
[ ]Ondov, MichaelTravels about in wheel chair after one year in Mansfield hospital1:311/41938
[ ]George, Florence(por)4:511/111938
[ ]Alpha Delta PiAlpha Delta Pi celebrates its quarter-century anniversary311/111938
[ ]FootballHail seniors, and farewell5:211/111938
[ ]Brown, HarrisonLondon lecturer to speak6:511/111938
[ ]Copenhaver, Helenportrait311/111938
[ ]Keyser, Dorner L.Statisticians name Keyser (por)1:411/111938
[ ]Eddy, SherwoodEddy will give talk Monday1:411/181938
[ ]Theta Chi DeltaNational chemistry honorary will meet here1:111/181938
[ ]Varsity NightRules set1:511/181938
[ ]BasketballSchedule5:211/181938
[ ]Barker, Dr. John W.Toastmaster (por)1:211/181938
[ ]Mamatey, Viktor"America is very different" says Czechoslovakian1:412/21938
[ ]Coffer-Miller Players'Queen's education was incomplete without zippers' declares actress1:312/21938
[ ]Phi Gamma DeltaCampus dwellings undergo changes1:512/21938
[ ]FootballFour win football honors3:112/21938
[ ]Krakeur, Dr. Lester GilbertKrakeur receives recognition as a scholar4:412/21938
[ ]Kruger, Dr. Frederick KonradKruger cited for high honor1:612/21938
[ ]ActivitiesTwo less1:212/21938
[ ]Schweitzer, Mrs. AlbertWife of missionary lectures on work in equatorial Africa1:312/21938
[ ]Volwiler, Dr. Albert T.Doing research for biography while on leaveNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:312/41938
[ ]Plays"R.U.R." gets technical crews1:512/91938
[ ]Albright, DavidAlbright Third most popular (port)1:112/91938
[ ]Blue KeyBlue Key to elect on merit system1:212/91938
[ ]Wurtenberger, MarieKeyser, Wurtenberger receive popular accounts1:112/91938
[ ]Keyser, George; Prominarity ContestKeyser, Wurtenberger win popular acclaim1:112/91938
[ ]BasketballLettermen3:2-412/91938
[ ]Loper, Kitty LouLoper second most popular1:112/91938
[ ]Van Why, Professor John B.Prefers American sports to European ones3:112/91938
[ ]Rankin, TomSecond most popular (por)1:112/91938
[ ]BasketballTen Lutheran cagers prepare to embark on exhibition tour through 3 eastern states1:512/91938
[ ]Copenhaver, HelenThird most popular (por)1:112/91938
[ ]Sayers, Dr. Frank G.Will speak1:312/91938
[ ]Ham, Prof. John Bennett(por)1:512/161938
[ ]Buckeye Intercollegite Athletic AssociationBuckeye loop will disband1:312/161938
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesFraternities remove objections to rules1:312/161938
[ ]Allbeck, Willard DowLeading figues at Christmas vespers (por)4:412/161938
[ ]Beecher, Prof A.A.Leading figures at Christmas vespers4:612/161938
[ ]PlaysPlayers will give satire on society1:112/161938
[ ]Presidents declare positions1:312/161938
[ ]Illingworth, Davis JohnstownPresidents declare positions1:112/161938
[ ]O'donnell, NorbertPresidents declare positions (por)1:212/161938