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[ ]Collucci, Dr. FrankDr. Colucci talks of seeing German dictator during "Blood Purge" last July1:51/181935
[ ]Gamma Phi BetaGamma Phis to remodel home1:51/181935
[ ]Smith, Dr. Sherman speak in convo4:21/181935
[ ]DebateVarsity ties for 2nd place in Ohio conference1:3-51/181935
[ ]Levitski, Mischa"If in doubt, don't enter music profession", says Levitski1:41/251935
[ ]PlaysThird play. "The Doll's House" to be presented1:71/251935
[ ]Smith, Dr. Sherman speak in convo1:21/251935
[ ]Plays"Doll's House" draws close1:32/151935
[ ]Gamma Phi BetaGamma Phis to remodel home1:52/151935
[ ]BandBand plays in convocation1:53/11935
[ ]Ames, Sir HubertCanadian statesman to speak on war aftermath1:33/11935
[ ]History of WittenbergCollege life of "best american essayist" reveal the Wittenberg of 65 years ago1:13/11935
[ ]DebateDebaters hold first place in Ohio Conference1:13/11935
[ ]Kruger, Dr. Frederick KonradKruger finds social education stressed in German colleges1:33/11935
[ ]Kruger, Dr. Frederick KonradKruger gives impressions of Nazi Germany2:63/11935
[ ]Ames, Sir HubertAmes presents post-war view1:23/81935
[ ]History of WittenbergTuition of Wittenbergers in 1845 was 1/9 of present cost1;33/81935
[ ]DebateWomen win Ohio Confernce with victory over Kent1:13/81935
[ ]Smith, Ethlyndewill present program in convocation at Field House2:33/231935
[ ]Founder's Day270 students to take part in pageant1:53/291935
[ ]Kruger, Dr. Frederick KonradKruger speaks on German armament4:53/291935
[ ]Rifle ClubStudents show interest3:33/291935
[ ]PlaysStudents present "Doll's House" on radio program1:44/31935
[ ]Founder's Day270 students to take part in pageant1:54/51935
[ ]Woide, EmilieCommencement orator1;64/51935
[ ]Smoller, Rabbi Phineasto speak here2:54/51935
[ ]Plays"Ten nights in a barroom" with "beer" to flow as players present drama1:14/121935
[ ]PlaysBarroom play presented by Casey Troupe success1:35/31935
[ ]Parents' WeekendCollege to entertain parents this week-end1:25/31935
[ ]Honor DayGive awards in assembly2:45/31935
[ ]Alma MaterMargaret Brillhart queen (por)1:35/31935
[ ]Lutheran Youth ConferenceOver 600 attend meet4:65/31935
[ ]CommencementCommencement 1935: secure speaker for graduation, Dr. Winfred Leutner1:45/171935
[ ]Prominarity ContestOver 300 names appear on first ballot of first Prominarity contest1:45/171935
[ ]TorchPaper takes second at Convention1:35/171935
[ ]Leutner, Dr. Winfred GeorgeSecure speaker for graduation1:45/171935
[ ]Faculty"Old Guard" to be honored1:55/241935
[ ]Alma MaterAlma Mater to present Alma Mater fete June 81:45/241935
[ ]Wittenberger (annual)Annual to honor old professors1:45/241935
[ ]CommencementCollege to confer 158 degrees June 101:55/241935
[ ]Class GiftsFive classes pay for new overlook2:45/241935
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolHamma Divinity School graduates 11 seniors1:35/241935
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolHamma Divinity School graduates 11 seniors1:35/241935
[ ]Lawson, Dr. C. A.Add three new professors to teaching staff1:29/271935
[ ]Logue, Prof. FlorenceAdd three new professors to teaching staff1:29/271935
[ ]CommencementCollege confers degrees on 2211:49/271935
[ ]FacultyFaculty add three new teachers to teching staff1:29/271935
[ ]FacultyFaculty group takes charge of athletics3:69/271935
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesFraternities announce pledges4:19/271935
[ ]Schultz, Rev. Rudolph G.Hamma graduate becomes President of Carthage4:49/271935
[ ]FootballVarsity football squad3:19/271935
[ ]Honors coursesFaculty honors three students1:410/41935
[ ]Honors coursesFourteen take honors courses4:210/41935
[ ]Cornwell, Oliver K.O.K. Cornwell goes to North Carolina post3:610/41935
[ ]PlaysPlayers to present four plays, including "Duley"1:610/41935
[ ]Tulloss, President Rees EdgarThis man Tulloss2:410/41935
[ ]Shatzer, Charles Gallatin"This man Shatzer"2:310/111935
[ ]DebateAnnounce subjects1:110/111935
[ ]LibraryLibrary installs new equipment to aid students3:310/111935
[ ]Bjorklund, A.J."Tony" bids Wittenberg farewell after eight years on campus1:310/181935
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesFraternities announce pledges4:110/181935
[ ]United Wittenberg PartyGreek letter groups oppose Dorm League and independents1:610/181935
[ ]Sternheim, Dr. EmanuelGuest condemns static America1:210/181935
[ ]Pershing, Benjamin H.This man Pershing4:310/181935
[ ]Homecoming Queen1935 Elanor Baily1:510/261935
[ ]HomecomingAlumni return for Homecoming activities1:610/261935
[ ]HomecomingAlumni return for Homecoming activities1:310/261935
[ ]PlaysDramatic season to open November 61:310/261935
[ ]FootballFrosh squad4:510/261935
[ ]United Wittenberg PartyGreek letter groups oppose Dorm League and independents1:210/261935
[ ]Linn, Alvin F."This man Linn"1:411/81935
[ ]Schneider, Dr. John Philip"This man Schneider"4:211/81935
[ ]Homecoming300 graduates visit campus4:411/81935
[ ]Huntington, Rev. Park W.Chaplain to address assembly1:111/81935
[ ]Gamma Phi BetaHomecoming display winners4:411/81935
[ ]Theta Kappa NuHomecoming display winners4:411/81935
[ ]Haines, Mrs. Betty FreemanOrchestra leader shows interest in aeornautics as well as music1:311/81935
[ ]PlaysPlayers present "Duley"1:311/81935
[ ]Seall, Harold L.Band leader will appear Saturday2:511/151935
[ ]Hoak, EugeneHoak delivers oration4:411/151935
[ ]Weaver, E. O.This man Weaver2:311/151935
[ ]Plays"Everyman" to follow comedy hit1:311/221935
[ ]Plays"Everyman" to follow comedy hit1:311/221935
[ ]Ness, J. Anderson"This man Ness"2:311/221935
[ ]Zigler, Dr. Virgil E.Medical missionary speaks before Hamma assembly4:511/221935
[ ]Varsity NightNine groups compete1:611/221935
[ ]Walsh, Van WormerWorld traveler speaks in convo1:211/221935
[ ]DebateDebate places 3rd in contest1:412/131935
[ ]YMCADevelops side by side with Wittenberg during half-century1:112/131935
[ ]YMCAFormer leaders of Wittenberg YMCA are eminent Christian leaders of today1:612/131935
[ ]Patterson, Charles C.Teacher gives $25,000 to Wittenberg thus bringing his donations to $50,0001:212/131935
[ ]Birch, Dr. T. BruceThis man Birch2:312/131935
[ ]PlaysTo present "Everyman" Dec. 16-191:312/131935
[ ]Plays"Everyman" sets record of five performances1:112/201935
[ ]DebateDebate to meet Xavier4:212/201935
[ ]Les TravailleursFrench Club affiliates nationality1:212/201935
[ ]Les TravailleursFrench club affiliates nationally1:212/201935
[ ]Phi Sigma IotaFrench club affiliates nationally1:212/201935
[ ]Meister, Rev. H. L.Meister is convo speaker1:512/201935
[ ]ShiftersShifters increase members to 231:112/201935
[ ]Hiller, Professor Robert H.This man Hiller2:312/201935