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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Trempe, HelmutPraise given faculty men1:31/131933
[ ]Miley, Mary AliceChi Omega entrant to receive cup as Miss Wittenberger1:71/201933
[ ]Hansen, C. RoyCrime Lecturer thanks college1:51/201933
[ ]FacultyDean names committees1:61/201933
[ ]AthleticsProposed denominational league approved only as last resort by Wittenberg3:11/201933
[ ]Morris, EarlAlumnus named for law honor1;42/101933
[ ]Bowen, AubreyBowen Old Line orator1:52/101933
[ ]Shatzer, Charles GallatinDelivers addresses on radio1:22/101933
[ ]Kruger, Dr. Frederick KonradDiary of General, edited by Dr. Krueger1:22/101933
[ ]Lind, Karl G.Lind seeks the new and unusual in news and life1:32/101933
[ ]Burns, Vincent J.Poet talks at student gatherings1:12/101933
[ ]Plays"East Lynne" to be presented in January1:72/241933
[ ]Arrow and MaskArrow and Mask plans to go national1:52/241933
[ ]International ClubConstitution is submitted1:12/241933
[ ]Volwiler, Dr. Albert T.Finds time for recreation along with research and writing1:32/241933
[ ]GolfWittenberg adds golf to program3:32/241933
[ ]Plays"East Lynne" to be presented in January1:43/31933
[ ]Founder's DayFounders' program is complete1:43/31933
[ ]FinancesGrave financial situation creates tension among students and administrative heads1:13/31933
[ ]International ClubHolds first meeting1:33/31933
[ ]League of NationsModel League of Nations will assemble in April1:73/31933
[ ]Denton, Dr. MinnaDr. Minna Denton recalls government experimental work, regard for Washington, D.C.1:33/171933
[ ]Bergquist, GretaFaculty selects student speaker1:43/171933
[ ]Founder's DayFounders' program is complege1:23/171933
[ ]League of NationsModel League of Nations will assemble in April1:13/171933
[ ]League of NationsModel League of Nations will assemble in April1:13/171933
[ ]Bjorklund, A.J.Orchestra director advocates starting music lessons young2:13/171933
[ ]BaseballTen games scheduled for season after lapse of 4 yrs.3:13/171933
[ ]Recitation HallWorkmen restore circular windows1:33/171933
[ ]Plays"Ingomar" to be presented1:33/311933
[ ]Cadman, Dr. Charles WakefieldCadman to present recital in chapel1:23/311933
[ ]Montor, MaxDramatic reading presented1:23/311933
[ ]League of NationsModel League of Nations will assemble in April1:13/311933
[ ]Research InstituteNew service to be installed1:53/311933
[ ]Cadman, Dr. Charles WakefieldCadman to present recital in chapel1:74/71933
[ ]FeesCollege to institute new fee plan1:24/71933
[ ]Honorary organizationsGroups asked to file data1:64/71933
[ ]League of NationsHold model assembly of league1:34/71933
[ ]Simmonds, O.E.Present British war debt views1:54/71933
[ ]Bell, RuthAlma Mater honor is given to Toledo girl (por)1:24/281933
[ ]Class of 1933Class of '33 selects motto, colors1:24/281933
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolHamma Divinity School will graduate nine1:54/281933
[ ]Alma MaterHonor is given to Toledo girl (Ruth Bell).1:24/281933
[ ]Honor DayProgram is presented1:44/281933
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesRegistrar releases semester average2:54/281933
[ ]Harris, Capt. KilroySoldier - traveler talks on Australia3:64/281933
[ ]Plays"Ingomar" to be presented1:45/51933
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolHamma Divinity School will graduate nine1:15/51933
[ ]Mother's DayMothers will be honored by students and faculty with weekend activities1:75/51933
[ ]BaseballTeam Portrait3:35/51933
[ ]Plays"Ingomar" to be presented1:15/121933
[ ]History of Wittenberg$21 paid full tuition, fees, in 1871, old receipt shows1:75/121933
[ ]Honorary organizations22 honoraries answer query1:25/121933
[ ]Alma MaterLeading roles assigned for fourteenth annual fete.1:35/121933
[ ]Mother's DayMothers will be honored by students and faculty with weekend activities1:45/121933
[ ]TorchSecond best weekly1:35/121933
[ ]Phi Mu DeltaWins sing1:55/121933
[ ]Plays"Ingomar" to be presented1:45/191933
[ ]Alma MaterAlma Mater announces Alma Mater practice1:55/191933
[ ]CommencementCommencement 1933: Completing plans for graduation1:15/191933
[ ]Greenawalt, Rev. SamuelExpires May 11. Was in first Hamma class1:25/191933
[ ]Gamma Phi BetaGroup sing won by Gamma Phis1:25/191933
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolOhio synod ordains three Hamma grads at Wooster2:55/191933
[ ]Greater Wittenberg PartyChi O's, Delta Sigs join conservatives1:125/261933
[ ]CommencementCommencement 1933: Completing plans for graduation1:75/261933
[ ]Honors coursesFaculty names1:55/261933
[ ]Gebert, Otto O.;DeathsFormer Spanish teacher at Wittenberg dies in Detroit3:15/261933
[ ]Purdy, Mary M.Lives at historic Crosby Hall during her English visit1:25/291933
[ ]Commencement200 degrees are granted1:39/221933
[ ]Summer Courses492 enroll1:69/221933
[ ]Clausen, Dr. ClarenceDr. Clarence Clausen is new professor (por)1:49/221933
[ ]FootballFootball 1933 roster3:19/221933
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolList of students (fall 1933)1:59/221933
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesPledging4:19/221933
[ ]Coles, Dr. Henry L.Two faculty members go1:49/221933
[ ]Volwiler, Dr. Albert T.Two faculty members leave1:49/221933
[ ]Prince, Dr. Benjamin Franklin;DeathsWittenberg's "grand old man" dies at age of 93; has association of 73 years with Wittenberg1:39/221933
[ ]FootballFreshmen roster3:19/291933
[ ]Arnold, Prof. Henry J.Arnold gives pro-seminar1:210/61933
[ ]Honors coursesFaculty picks 11 for honors1:610/61933
[ ]WrestlingMay be introduced here3:310/61933
[ ]Brass QuartetQuartet starts four years ago4:410/61933
[ ]United Students AssociationTakes decisive victory over GWP1:610/61933
[ ]BandBand totals 40 with 24 new players1:110/131933
[ ]Von Preuschen, Baron Hans J.impressed with activities of American cities1:510/131933
[ ]Manny, RoseManny enjoys sights in Germany2:410/131933
[ ]HomecomingPlans near completion1:710/131933
[ ]Gehring, EstherHail the (Homecoming) Queen!2:310/201933
[ ]HomecomingHail the queen! (Esther Gehring)2:310/201933
[ ]HomecomingPlans near completion1:610/201933
[ ]Football, History ofWitt has four undefeated grid teams in 40 years; was first intercollegiate sport here3:310/201933
[ ]Homecoming107 register at festivities1:311/31933
[ ]Gamma Phi BetaHomecoming display winners1:311/31933
[ ]Knubel, Dr. Frederick H.Knuble to present six lectures1:411/31933
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesPledging4:111/31933
[ ]Phi Gamma DeltaWinners of homecoming display contest1:311/31933
[ ]Purdy, Mary M.Dr. Mary M. Purdy tells of sources and facts of "Courtships of Queen Elizabeth in Literature"1:311/101933
[ ]Knubel, Dr. Frederick H.Knuble to present six lectures1:411/101933
[ ]MacPherson, Miss GeorgiaMacPherson to speak in poetry society meeting4:211/101933
[ ]Buildings; Myers HallNew tower is not roost for birds, say authorities2:311/101933
[ ]LibraryForty-four books added to librar2:311/171933
[ ]PlaysIbsen drama "Ghosts" staged1:511/171933
[ ]ConvocationsIlls studied1:611/171933
[ ]AthleticsWithdrawal from Buckeye is final1:711/171933
[ ]Kruger, Dr. Frederick KonradKruger debates Nazi movement1:712/81933
[ ]Garber, ClarkLife of Esquimaux is subject of talk1:412/81933
[ ]Pershing, Benjamin H.One of three professors installed1:312/81933
[ ]Varsity NightPhi Mu Delta wins contest1:512/81933
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolThree professors are installed1:312/81933
[ ]Kantonen, Dr. Taito A.Three professors installed1:312/81933
[ ]AlumniAlumni to convene in "round-ups"1:312/141933
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolDirectors not to merge Hamma1:612/141933