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[ ]Extra-Curricular ActivitiesActivities will balance activities with student grades. A report by Prof. O. Myking Mehus2:51/121928
[ ]Blair HallBlair Hall movies start4:61/121928
[ ]Christiansen, Dr F. MeliusDr. Christiansen, director of the St. Olaf Choir, will present that choir at Memorial Hall Port.4:3-41/121928
[ ]Vocational BureauDr. M. J. Neuberg is in charge of newly established vocational bureau41/121928
[ ]Dyer, ElizabethDyer, head of household administration department of the University of Cincinnati visits Witt5:21/121928
[ ]Class RingsExpect senior fight on class ring discussion5:21/121928
[ ]Theta Chi DeltaFraternity will hold the 1928 meeting at Wittenberg1:11/121928
[ ]Neuberg, Maurice J.In charge of newly established Vocational Bureau4:41/121928
[ ]Bay, Hassan B. KhaldiJerusalem, Palestine will enroll at Witt5:2-31/121928
[ ]Manikam, R. B.Manikam speaks at chapel4:61/121928
[ ]Davey, Martin LutherMartin Luther Davey discusses trees at chapel talk4:31/121928
[ ]Lunn, Miss EnidMember of the State Dept. of Education to be speaker at Home Economic banquet6:21/121928
[ ]Belmer, Rev. Dr. H.B.;DeathsMember of Wittenberg board of directors dies1:61/121928
[ ]Little TheatreMonthly dramatic features promised1:61/121928
[ ]Shatzer, Charles GallatinNamed chairman of hte district of Lutheran Churches to raise $4,000,000 endowment fund for ministerial pension and relief1:51/121928
[ ]Berry, Dr. Ira P.Passion play. Famed production to be presented by noted actor, Dr. Ira P. Berry6:11/121928
[ ]Pi Gamma MuPi Gamma Mu, national fraternity for students of the social sciences petitioned for.4:61/121928
[ ]Curry, T. BurtonReligious leader will hold three-day conference here Feb. 24-261:31/121928
[ ]Student VolunteersReturned delegates plan to hold international student discussions5:31/121928
[ ]Ridenour, J.H.Wittenberg graduate succumbs in Eastern hospital5:31/121928
[ ]Class of 1871; ReunionsFifty years for Wittenberg. By Daniel Paul Grosscup (This poem was read at the 'Golden Reunion' of the Class of '71)2:41/181928
[ ]Volwiler, Dr. Albert T.Accepts position at Alma Mater. To teach summers at Univ. of Pennsylvania1:21/191928
[ ]CurriculumArt courses in drawing and designing will be offered to students at Wittenberg for the first time; Dayton Art Institute instructors will conduct the classes3:11/191928
[ ]Lunn, Miss EnidDiscusses home and education3:11/191928
[ ]Dorm LeagueDissolve Dorm League organization as impressive ceremonies are observed1:31/191928
[ ]Dorst, J. WilburDorst, asst. General Secretary of the Young Men's Christian Assoc., died3:21/191928
[ ]ChapelMonday named for long chapel period to bring better chapel speakers to Witt1:31/191928
[ ]FilmsShow first pictures today in Blair Hall, announce seven films for student entertainment at little theatre3:31/191928
[ ]Student VolunteersTo open series of international group discussions1:61/191928
[ ]ExaminationsAbolition of final exams has been agitated2:12/21928
[ ]Mudge, F. LeighCo-editor of the Methodist church school publication will be banquet speaker at the annual Schaus Fellowship4:22/21928
[ ]DegreesEducation; Bachelor of Science in Ed. now offered1:22/21928
[ ]Prince, Dr. Benjamin FranklinSeriously injured1:3-42/21928
[ ]TorchTorch moves into office on campus1:32/21928
[ ]Dunbrook, Raymond F.Dunbrook experiments with aresenic, antimony, and tin1:32/31928
[ ]The Witt"Birthday" number will be 4th issue of the year2;32/91928
[ ]Kappa Phi KappaBuys home1:22/91928
[ ]Central Ohio Industrial ExpositionCentral Ohio Industrial Exposition and Springfield Panorama of Progress: Twelve co-eds will act as fashion models1:32/91928
[ ]Evjen, Dr. John O.Evjen invited to contribute articles to a German symposium on practical theology to be conducted by the Univ. of Leipzig1:62/91928
[ ]Cook, DorisFirst co-ed student-prof (por)1:52/91928
[ ]Schneider, Dr. CarlInvited to contribute articles to German symposium on Practical Theology at Univ. of Leipzig1:62/91928
[ ]Class RingsRings vs. spirit2:12/91928
[ ]Pre-LawStudents eligible to compete for two scholarships valued at $425 each, offered by the University of Cincinnati, College of Law1:52/91928
[ ]International Symposium of Feelings and EmotionsSymposium echoes are again recorded1:12/91928
[ ]Honors coursesWittenberg to bestow honors on quartet at commencement1:22/91928
[ ]ScholarshipsOpen to local student. Awarded by the Japanese Student Brotherhood of New York1:62/111928
[ ]Women's LeagueAdopt shield as their insignia4:42/161928
[ ]Arrow and MaskArrow and Mask recipient of $20 Alma Mater prize1:52/161928
[ ]Volwiler, Dr. Albert T.Claims that Chicago Municipal executive avoids real problems to gain favor4:32/161928
[ ]Lindsay, BenCompanionate marriage as advocated by Judge2:12/161928
[ ]Curry, Dr. A. BruceCurry will conduct state-wide meeting1:52/161928
[ ]Philblad, Rev. C. TerrenceOffers substitution for Dawes PLan1:32/161928
[ ]Arrow and Mask; Alma MaterPageant prize awarded to "Arrow and Mask," senior women's honorary society1:52/161928
[ ]The WittThe birthday number of Witt appeared, celebrating it's 6th birthday4:22/161928
[ ]LibraryThe library obtains a set of the famous official publications of the "secret archives of Germany" from the German foreign office4:42/161928
[ ]Beta Beta BetaBiological frat will be installed at Witt1:12/231928
[ ]Johnson, EleonoraCollege dietician1:32/231928
[ ]Curry, Dr. A. BruceCurry will conduct first session tomorrow; 225 to attend1:62/231928
[ ]Economics DepartmentDept drops economics as a prerequisite for students wishing to major in business administration1:22/231928
[ ]Kohler, Rev. PaulPastor at Mansfield gives address at Commencement (pic)4:22/231928
[ ]Class RingsRings approved1:22/231928
[ ]Rhodes ScholarsStudents must file application with selection committee1:62/231928
[ ]Miller, Dean RossMiller receives appointment from War Dept. as Army chaplain1:32/281928
[ ]Chemistry LibraryChemistry library criticism2:13/11928
[ ]Class RingsClass rings sample will be on display in bookstore1:63/11928
[ ]Krauss, Rev. PaulComing from Ft. Wayne, Indiana to speak at chapel4:23/11928
[ ]Schneider, Dr. CarlElected to membership in German Philosophical Society1:43/11928
[ ]Pi Theta PiNinth man's Greek letter group on campus1:63/21928
[ ]WUSO; Radio Station WCSO; Radio stationFacilities have been increased at WCSO through purchase of new portable amplifier and microphones4:13/41928
[ ]Chemistry LibraryAnswer to criticism2:2-43/81928
[ ]GymnasiumCampaign for "gym" fund will be event of spring1:23/81928
[ ]CoachingCoaching school to enter second season5:2-33/81928
[ ]CoachingCoaching school to enter second season4:33/81928
[ ]CoeducationFirst co-ed at Witt in 18741:3-53/81928
[ ]Geiger, AliceFirst co-ed to graduate from Wittenberg1:33/81928
[ ]YMCANominate officers for election. Platforms stated1:53/81928
[ ]Women's Athletic AssociationNow a member of National Amateur Group5:43/81928
[ ]Steiner, Edward AlfredSociologist to speak at Chapel services1:13/81928
[ ]Ohio College Newspaper AssociationSponsors contest for best collegiate paper1:13/81928
[ ]Kappa Phi KappaTo hold national assembly at Wittenberg in 19291:13/81928
[ ]Prince, Dr. Benjamin FranklinMay walk despite his broken hip1:23/111928
[ ]Politics, CampusCome clean fellows2:13/151928
[ ]Volwiler, Dr. Albert T.Edits personal letters of a civil war officer4:23/151928
[ ]Geiger, AliceFirst coed graduate takes part in Founder's Day pageant4:1-53/151928
[ ]The WittMatrimonial number to be on campus Tuesday morning1:23/151928
[ ]Founders DayPageant.4:13/151928
[ ]Swoyer, G. ElmerPresent pastor of Mt. Zion Lutheran Church, Pittsburg Pa. to be speaker at Honor Day banquet1:23/151928
[ ]Steiner, Edward AlfredProfessor of Applied Christianity at Grinnell College, Iowa addresses long chapel1:33/151928
[ ]Student Health GroupVotes for reorganization1:13/151928
[ ]DebateWitt claims championship of Ohio conference1:4-53/151928
[ ]Prince, Dr. Benjamin Franklin"Doc Benny" sends cheery greetings from hospital4:43/221928
[ ]Problem-Project GroupsAppeal is made to student body for cooperation1:13/221928
[ ]Lindsay, BenFormer judge of Juvenile court in Denver, CO to debate marriage question with Rev. Sundberg2:63/221928
[ ]Sutphin ScholarshipsLaw school of Cincinnati College plans aptitude quizzes for students desiring scholarships4:13/221928
[ ]Linn, Alvin F.Linn chosen dedicatee of the 1928 Wittenberger4:63/221928
[ ]Sundberg, Rev. Carl A.Marriage question to be debated by Ben Lindsey and Rev. Sundberg2:63/221928
[ ]DebateOpen forum style introduction by Oxford Univ. (London) team is gaining favor in the East2:33/221928
[ ]Swoyer, G. ElmerSage of a real man; one who could play, fight study, and smile3:63/221928
[ ]Rugby TeamSpeaks in chapel1:23/221928
[ ]ScholarshipsStudents with high grades to receive scholarships to Cincinnati School of Law4:13/221928
[ ]Trautwein, William J.To become coach at Ohio University, Athens, Ohio1:23/221928
[ ]Gilbert, JohnFilm star is cooperating in dual voting arranged by three campus publications. Gilbert will name co-ed beauty1:4-53/231928
[ ]Adler, Dr. AlfredAdler will deliver an address on psycho-analysis to the student body1:63/291928
[ ]DebateChampionship to be celebrated in chapel under auspices of Boost "W"1:3-43/291928
[ ]Theta Chi DeltaConclave held April 6 and 71:13/291928
[ ]McPherson, WilliamDean of graduate school of Ohio State University to be principal at the National Convention of Theta Chi Delta on campus1:13/291928
[ ]Thrasher, KatherineFreshman is a member of a family which traces its lineage through a period of over a half century of continous representation on the college campus4:2-33/291928
[ ]Lindsay, BenLindsay approves small college1:23/291928
[ ]Lindsay, BenLindsay interviewed on the theory of companionate marriage1:13/291928
[ ]Washburn, CarletonSuperintendant of Winnetka, Illinois School speaks at the sixth annual Spring Education Conference of Clark County and Springfield Schools1:63/291928
[ ]Harmon FoundationFund aids 56 students in six years4:24/51928
[ ]Theta Chi DeltaMeets for first time on Wittenberg campus1:14/51928
[ ]Walters, Dr. J. E.Personnel expert at Purdue will address student body at chapel1:54/51928
[ ]Spelling BeeTorch sponsors old time spelling bee1:64/51928
[ ]Wittenberger (annual)Unique feature to augment the 1928 yearbook, by incorporating pictures from Wittenberg College in Germany4:64/51928
[ ]Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldEducational conference. The 6th annual session meets on the campus4:14/191928
[ ]Swoyer, G. ElmerPortrait1:64/191928
[ ]Adler, Dr. AlfredProf. Alfred Adler will be given the degree of doctor of laws at chapel in his honor1:24/191928
[ ]Swoyer, G. ElmerAddresses annual Honor Day Banquet4:14/261928
[ ]Cornwell, Oliver K.Athletic Department has new graduate manager3:3-44/261928
[ ]Helvern, A. J.College "Handy Man" is an inventor; holds government patents on devices1:3-54/261928
[ ]Adler, Dr. AlfredFamous Austrian psychologist receives honorary degree from college1:44/261928
[ ]Spelling BeeFerncliff league wins cup offered for best speller1:14/261928
[ ]YMCAFirst session of the state spring training program of the collegiate Christian organization held at Wittenberg during the past week4:54/261928
[ ]Birch, J.B.J B Birch appointed attendant physician at Pennsylvania University2:24/261928
[ ]Kohler, Rev. PaulKohler gives address at seminary graduation1:24/261928
[ ]Offerman, Rev. Henry C.Leaves for New York pastorate4:44/261928
[ ]International Discussion GroupTo be entertained at Wilberforce University Sunday. Arthur Rugh, foreign Y.M.C.A. secretary in China led the discussion4:64/261928
[ ]Alpha Theta AlphaAlpha Theta Alpha replaces the name Sadhe Aleph fraternity as a social fraternity4:25/31928
[ ]CoachingCoaching school forecasts a large enrollment1:15/31928
[ ]Tulloss, President Rees EdgarHeads drive for new gymnasium and field house3:45/31928
[ ]Mills, RobertMills takes 2nd place on oratorical contest on constitution. To complete in finals Tuesday4:15/31928
[ ]Alpha Theta Alpha; Sadhe Aleph FraternityName changed to Alpha Theta Alpha4:25/31928
[ ]Reyer, Karl D.of the School of Commerce and Administration at the University of Chicago, comes as Assistant Professor in the Department of Business Administration2:65/31928
[ ]Grabau, MartinProfessor has been engaging as assistant professor of physics2:65/31928
[ ]Ohio College Newspaper AssociationSixth annual conference to be held on campus1:45/31928
[ ]Wittenberg Publication - CatalogTo feature reorganization of curriculum and course description2:25/31928
[ ]Recognition DayCampus ceremonial will be held May 11. Seniors will don cap and gowns1:15/101928
[ ]Extra-Curricular ActivitiesDean hopes to limit activities. Concentration of offices in the hands of a few lowers the efficiency of the office and of the group as a whole4:15/101928
[ ]Reading and oratorical contestFirst high school meet is success4:15/101928
[ ]GymnasiumFund drive begins May 21st. Week long intensive drive to take place1:55/101928
[ ]Hodge Podge ReviewName of last issue of the Witt for the year1:15/101928
[ ]Smith, Dr. Edgar FahsSuccumb to a sudden attack of pneumonia4:65/101928
[ ]Morris, EarlTied for 1st place in the state peace oratorical contest. Awarded 2nd prize money2:65/101928
[ ]Bloomhardt, Dr. Paul F.Bloomhardt, Professor Paul F. awarded Phi Beta Kappa Key by the Iota Chapter, located at Gettysburg1:55/171928
[ ]TorchEvaluated by W.G. Vorpe, feature editor of the Cleveland Plain Dealer2:65/171928
[ ]Ferncliff Dormitory LeagueLeague is social organization of co-ed living in Ferncliff and Woodlawn Lodge affiliated with Sigma Sigma Delta, National non-sorority organization1:45/171928
[ ]Buildings; Woodlawn Hall; Deaths; Sipe, Hilda; Fires; AccidentsOne killed, one hurt, when Woodlawn Hall burns1:65/171928
[ ]Root, H.G.Site of arboretum to be west of Recitation Hall. The spot is to be a peony garden1:25/171928
[ ]GymnasiumStudents to parade for fund drive campaign1:15/171928
[ ]Hodge Podge ReviewWill be a variety review1:45/171928
[ ]Alma MaterWittenberg Women's League to present Alma Mater Fete1:25/171928
[ ]GymnasiumCampaigners give promising report at 1st luncheon1:35/231928
[ ]Politics, CampusAgain, we say "come clean"2:15/241928
[ ]GymnasiumCampaign parade shows student interest1:25/241928
[ ]CoachingCoaching school enrollment now in excess of estimate3:15/241928
[ ]Honors coursesCommittee grants six honors courses1:45/241928
[ ]Wittenberger (annual)Presidential committee refuses to recognize 1929 Wittenberger heads elected by class1:25/241928
[ ]GymnasiumStudents launch 2 day campaign drive to aid fund drive1:55/241928
[ ]TrophiesTrophy case in new gymnasium1:65/241928
[ ]Prince, Dr. Benjamin FranklinWill appear on campus on crutches for at least part of commencement exercises4:65/241928
[ ]CommencementWork on pageant for week is under way1:55/241928
[ ]FootballNot as hard a game as it formerly was5:29/81928
[ ]Sigma Alpha IotaAlpha Delta chapter installed. Was formerly Delta Mu1:59/201928
[ ]Student ChestBoard meets on October 3 and 41:19/201928
[ ]Brunner, Dr. EmilBrunner, Dr. Emil of Zurich lectures1:19/201928
[ ]Buckeye Athletic AssociationBuckeye Athletic Assoc. disbanded3:39/201928
[ ]Buckeye Intercollegiate ConferenceBuckeye Intercollegiate Conference formed3:39/201928
[ ]Lind, Karl G.Calendar publicity1;69/201928
[ ]CoachingCoaching school enrollment now in excess of estimate39/201928
[ ]Roth, KatherineFirst woman elected president of class1:19/201928
[ ]Home Economics DeptFood course new1:49/201928
[ ]YMCAHave a membership goal of 5001:39/201928
[ ]GymnasiumHouses razed for the new gymnasium1:49/201928
[ ]Kappa Phi KappaInitiates1:19/201928
[ ]Spaeth, SigmundIntroduces civic music project. National director of community concert movement1:69/201928
[ ]Lebold, AdrianLebold, Adrian, returned from the University of Teisen4:29/201928
[ ]Cornwell, Oliver K.Oliver Cornwell new manager of athletics2:69/201928
[ ]LibraryReserve books placed on closed shelves1:39/201928
[ ]Krauss, Rev. PaulAddresses chapel concerning materialistic beliefs3:19/221928
[ ]Presidents of WittenbergCollege has an enviable record in selection of seven presidents3:39/221928
[ ]TorchFirst appeared 1851-523:69/221928
[ ]Founders DayOfficials state aim of Founder's Day3:39/221928
[ ]Personnel DepartmentOpen for benefit of Wittenberg students. Vocational counseling and placement bureaus will help students3:19/221928
[ ]Flying Dutchman's PapPaper received by the appearance in 1866 of the Flying Dutchman's Pap3:69/221928
[ ]KnickerbockerThe Knickerbocker sprung up as the college journal for a short time3:69/221928
[ ]Bloomhardt, Dr. Paul F.Bloomhardt collaborates with Dr. F. K. Krueger in publishing booklet "Wittenberg in the Old World and New"3:29/271928
[ ]Buckeye Intercollegite Athletic AssociationBuckeye Intercollegiate Athletic Association discuss athletic professionism in member schools3:39/271928
[ ]Burns, NormanBurns granted Yale Graduate scholarship for second time4:19/271928
[ ]Blair HallKindergarten placed in Blair Hall4:59/271928
[ ]Kruger, Dr. Frederick KonradKruger collaborates with Dr. Paul F. Bloomhart on bookley, "Wittenberg in the Old World and New."3:29/271928
[ ]Kruger, Dr. Frederick KonradKruger naturalized as an American citizen3:29/271928
[ ]Reymert, Dr. Martin L.Receives "Who's Who" rating1:19/271928
[ ]Volwiler, Dr. Albert T.Receives Who's Who rating1:69/271928
[ ]Mahr, ArthurSpringfield president of the student chest board1:49/271928
[ ]Veler, HerbertToledo student chest campaign manager1:29/271928
[ ]Student ChestWittenberg in China1:39/271928
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeAccredited by the Dept. of Education of the State of Washington1:59/291928
[ ]Massey, B. D.Massey, B.D. selected as an intern in John Hopkins Medical School4:39/301928
[ ]Lutheran Students' Assoc of AmericaNominate for the new council1:19/301928
[ ]Turmann, MargaretExchange scholar, from Berlin1:110/41928
[ ]Honors AwardsFaculty makes for new honors awards1:210/41928
[ ]Career Development and Placement; Office of Career Development and Placement; Placement ServiceService finds jobs for graduates1:110/41928
[ ]Student ChestWittenberg in China1:4, 2:210/41928
[ ]Tsao, Ruth A.Chinese student gives impressions of American customs1:210/111928
[ ]Clarke, Harry N.Convocation speaker1:610/181928
[ ]Poore, Henry RankinPaintings on exhibit in the library4:310/181928
[ ]Schneider, Dr. CarlProfessor in Australia4:210/181928
[ ]Gifts; CampusWalk project for campus begun4:110/181928
[ ]Beiswanger, George B.Beiswanger now Asst. Prof. at Ohio Wesleyan1:310/251928
[ ]Blough, Prof. William HerbertBooking agent for musical groups1:410/251928
[ ]Clarke, Harry N.Clarke speaks on vocational guidance1:110/251928
[ ]Pig ChaseContest held at halftime of Bluffton and Wittenberg football game1:310/251928
[ ]Gerlough, Mrs.Gerlough will be new assistant in Home Economics until Miss Elizabeth Barker returns1:410/251928
[ ]Home Economics ClubMince meat sale an annual affair4:310/251928
[ ]Teacher EducationTeacher's courses offered to teachers to complete degree4:110/251928
[ ]GymnasiumBids let to contractors5:611/11928
[ ]SpringfieldBond issue for civic improvement1:211/11928
[ ]Gifts; CampusCampus improvements. Walks, drives, lighting included in program of change4:211/11928
[ ]Class GiftsClass gifts for half a century listed3:2-511/11928
[ ]Cosmopolitan ClubCosmopolitan Club has picture taken3:3-511/11928
[ ]Extension DivisionExtension Division holds classes in 6 cities in Wittenberg territory3:611/11928
[ ]Week Day Religious Educators of OhioFifth annual convention1:611/11928
[ ]Cosmopolitan ClubFirst public meeting Nov. 91:211/11928
[ ]FootballFootball is ancient sport3:611/11928
[ ]Harmon FoundationFund available to men1:411/11928
[ ]Clarke, Harry N.Harry Newton Clarke leads in small group discussions on vocational guidance2:211/11928
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesHousing problem found in joint home3:111/11928
[ ]Keyser, Dr. Leander S.Keyser publishes two books3:511/11928
[ ]Pig ChaseSecond annual chase1:311/11928
[ ]Crowl, LesWCSO announcer returns to announce Witt-Ohio U. game3:3-411/11928
[ ]Daum, Mary K.Mary K. Daum receives appointment as clerk of Union County1:611/61928
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolUnited Lutheran Church increases seminary allotment1:611/61928
[ ]Dinwiddie, Dr. E.C.Dr. E. C. Dinwiddie '91, lobbist of the Anti-Saloon League, spoke on debate program6:111/81928
[ ]Turmann, MargaretSpeaks to W.A.A.6:411/81928
[ ]FootballTrophy will be exchanges for first time between Miami and Witt1:311/81928
[ ]GymnasiumBreak ground on homecoming day for gymnasium1:311/151928
[ ]Cosmopolitan ClubFirst campus appearance in public1:311/151928
[ ]Allen, RalphFull-blooded Pawnee Indian presents a concert1:511/151928
[ ]FootballIna Telberg, foreign student, gives her conception of football1:111/151928
[ ]Neuberg, Maurice J.Makes personality profiles of students4:111/151928
[ ]Merrow, Dr. L.Merrow lectures the freshmen on health1:511/151928
[ ]Kappa Phi KappaInstalls matron1:111/221928
[ ]Dengler, Joseph H.Joseph H. Dengler, Director of Austro-American Institute of Education, speaks in chapel4:111/221928
[ ]Kincaid, Mrs. E. C.Kincaid becomes first house mother for a fraternity1:111/221928
[ ]Krumbine, Dr. Miles H.Krumbine edits "American Lutheran Preaching"1:611/221928
[ ]Older Boys ConferenceOpen house. General campus open house to 1000 boys4:111/221928
[ ]Strobel, CarlSings to German classes4:311/221928
[ ]Rose, Edward E.Writes class play "The rear car"1:411/221928
[ ]Larimer, Dr. Loyal HerbertAddresses the Lutheran Students' Assoc. at U. of Mich/1:112/61928
[ ]Dengler, Dr. PaulDr. Paul Dengler of Vienna, Austria addresses chapel1:612/61928
[ ]Keyser, Dr. Leander S.Member of advisory board of League of Evangleical students1:112/61928
[ ]Reymert, Dr. Martin L.Visits Dr. Carl E. Seashore1:212/61928
[ ]DebateCo-eds vie with men in heated argument6:212/81928
[ ]Prince, Dr. Benjamin FranklinHonored on 88th anniversary1:512/131928