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[ ]Humor; National News"Hey, beautiful, what's your new sign?" 8:011/262011
[ ]Music; Reviews"Thank you, happy birthday" 9:011/262011
[ ]Convocations; Martin Luther King, Jr., Day; Sellers, Cleveland; Wittenberg Series"Unsung heroes, MLK convocation"3:011/262011
[ ]"Panstingel, Joe; Advice; Racism; Diversity; Erickson, Mark"An ugly incident deserves an ugly response 9:011/262011
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS); ConvocationsCampus reacts to racist sign 1:011/262011
[ ]"Philanthropy; Dickson, Whitnee"Distance 4 Dreams goes the distance for Shylynn 2:011/262011
[ ]"Boshier, Derek; Art Department"Famous Pop Artist Visits Wittenberg 3:011/262011
[ ]"Weather; Campus; Health; Donathan, Hallie"Lack of salt to blame for treacherous sidewalks 4:011/262011
[ ]Philanthropy; Relay for Life; Colleges Against CancerRelay for Life Kicks off for April event 5:011/262011
[ ]Music; Entertainment; HumorSex and Music are the same (to Your Brain) 5:011/262011
[ ]Racism; Police and Security; Residence Halls; Tower HallSign found on door of black student 1:011/262011
[ ]"Springfield Museum Of Art; Art Department; Beavers, Katalin"Student art on display at Springfield Museum of Art 4:011/262011
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS); Convocations; RacismTeach-in organized to protest racism 6:011/262011
[ ]Sports; Basketball - MenTigers fall just short of monstrous week 11:011/262011
[ ]Sports; Basketball - WomenTigers look strong against conference rivals 10:011/262011
[ ]Duraj, Jon; Faculty and Staff; Student ActivitiesWittenberg welcomes new director of Student Activities 2:031/262011
[ ]Motion Pictures; Faculty and Staff; WilkersonA boot camp that features more than pushups 5:012/22011
[ ]Homosexuality; Johnson, E. Patrick; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldAuthor performs to bring new understanding to Springfield 2:012/22011
[ ]TorchCorrections2:032/22011
[ ]Technology; Cellular Telephones; HumorFlooded inbox: dropped calls in the toilet 5:012/22011
[ ]"Panstingel, Joe; Education"Get to know Joe 9:022/22011
[ ]Health; Smoking; Marijuana; DrugsHow much is too much? 3:012/22011
[ ]Sports; Basketball - MenMen's basketball has dominating week 10:012/22011
[ ]Entertainment; Television; ReviewsMTV's new show Skins showing a little too much skin 8:012/22011
[ ]"Admissions; Humor; Faculty and Staff; Kelly, Sarah; Hunt, Karen"New approach to admissions 1:012/22011
[ ]Internet; Intramural Sports; SportsNew intramural website a toss-up 11:032/22011
[ ]"Provost; Faculty and Staff; Pankhurst, Jerry"One step closer to a new Provost 2:012/22011
[ ]Spring Break; Finance; HumorSpring Break '11 4:012/22011
[ ]"Residence Halls; Woodlawn Hall; Health; Faculty and Staff; DeVilbiss, Mark"Students find mold in dorm rooms 3:012/22011
[ ]Sports; Lacrosse - MenTiger lacrosse season outlook 11:012/22011
[ ]"International Education; Study Abroad; Alcohol; Douglass, Brad; Larson, Hannah"Transition from being abroad to being back at Witt 4:012/22011
[ ]"Panstingel, Joe; Advice; Family; Health"What is the meaning of being a man? 9:012/22011
[ ]Internet; Facebook; HumorWittileaks uncovers the secrets of Wittenberg1:012/22011
[ ]Weaver Chapel; Campus Ministries; MusicCandlemas takes audience back in time 2:012/92011
[ ]TorchCorrections2:022/92011
[ ]Weather; Campus; Police and SecurityIce storm causes campus three day closure; first in 34 years 1:012/92011
[ ]Entertainment; Student Activities; Games RoomLet the games begin; Founder's kicks off Photohunt league 3:012/92011
[ ]"Campus Life; Humor; Copeland, Warren"Maybe this is what really happened9:012/92011
[ ]Sports; Lacrosse - MenMen's Lacrosse falls short to Michigan10:012/92011
[ ]Police and Security; Crime; HumorPolice and Security log 3:012/92011
[ ]Sports; FootballSteelers packing in Super Bowl XLV 11:012/92011
[ ]Campus Life; Dating; HumorStudents express their opinions on PDA 4:012/92011
[ ]Bennett, Timothy; Choy, Howard; Faculty and Staff; Hong Kong;China; Livingstone, Amy; Paris, France; Study Abroad; Wierenga, Leanne; Wittenberg, GermanySummer study abroad opportunities 5:012/92011
[ ]Television; Sports; Football; EntertainmentSuper Bowl commercials not to miss 1:012/92011
[ ]Entertainment; Television; Music; ReviewsSuper Bowl entertainment disappointed 4:012/92011
[ ]Campus Life; Dating; HumorValentine's day gifts for all relationship statuses9:012/92011
[ ]Weather; Students - RecreationWhat did you do on your ice days? 6:012/92011
[ ]"Careers; Lal, Vinisha"Where are they going: Vinisha Lal 5:012/92011
[ ]Student ActivitiesWitt Love2:022/92011
[ ]Sports; Basketball - MenWitt prepares for biggest week yet 10:012/92011
[ ]Students - Recreation; Humor"Do the Witt shuffle, do the, do the Witt shuffle"9:012/162011
[ ]"Study Abroad; Political Science Department; Smigelski, Lauren; Internships"A different kind of Hill: Stories from abroad 8:012/162011
[ ]World News; Politics; Egypt; ProtestsA guide to what's happening in Egypt 2:012/162011
[ ]Sports; BaseballBaseball looks for postseason run 11:012/162011
[ ]"Crime; Automobiles; Police and Security; Loney, Carl"Car thefts leave police asking students to hide their valuables 1:012/162011
[ ]Finance; Food; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldCousin Vinny's5:032/162011
[ ]"Admissions; Faculty and Staff; Kelly, Sarah"New admissions approach leads to record number of applicants 3:022/162011
[ ]Finance; Food; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldPaddy's Pizza5:012/162011
[ ]Finance; Food; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldPizza face off: Which pizza joint ranks highest among Witt Students 5:012/162011
[ ]Finance; Food; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldStation 15:022/162011
[ ]"Health; Dogs; 4 Paws for Ability; Steinberg, Erin"Students with allergies find service dogs unhelpful 1:012/162011
[ ]"Panstingel, Joe; Family; Advice; Health"Survival tips from the ICU 9:012/162011
[ ]"Music; Ellis, Derek; Payton, Colin; Miller, Jen; Berg, Ashley"The down beat: A taste of Witt's musical talents 6:012/162011
[ ]Sports; Basketball - MenTigers come back to shock Scots 10:012/162011
[ ]"Careers; Cohagan, Mitch"Where are they going: Mitch Cohagan 4:012/162011
[ ]Family; Campus LifeWitt Love part two 2:022/162011
[ ]Dating; Student LifeWittenberg students say 'I do' to marriage before graduation 3:012/162011
[ ]Campus Life; Dating; Fraternities and SororitiesYears five through eight of your High School career 4:012/162011
[ ]Employment; Humor"The life of a retail worker; the good, the bad, and the ugly" 9:012/232011
[ ]Study Abroad; Alcohol; RecreationAbroad hangover: Students find adjusting back to Witt Life difficult 2:012/232011
[ ]Motion Pictures; Reviews; Television; EntertainmentAnd the Oscar goes to 8:012/232011
[ ]Residence Halls; Campus Life; Dating; HealthCollege roommates; you love 'em or hate 'em 5:012/232011
[ ]"Provost; Faculty and Staff; Pankhurst, Jerry"Committee narrows down provost candidates1:012/232011
[ ]TorchCorrections2:022/232011
[ ]Motion Pictures; ReviewsEverything is Illuminated 4:022/232011
[ ]Police and Security; CrimePolice and Security Log highlights from the past two weeks 3:012/232011
[ ]Sports; Basketball - MenPoor rebounding proves costly for Tigers 10:012/232011
[ ]Residence Halls; Technology; ComputersResidence hall computers to be replaced this week 1:012/232011
[ ]Sports; SoftballSoftball looks to get back championship game 10:012/232011
[ ]Motion Pictures; ReviewsThe Mechanic takes action 4:012/232011
[ ]Motion Pictures; ReviewsThe roommated from hell: Horror falls short 5:012/232011
[ ]Torch; Internet; TechnologyThe Torch is now online 3:022/232011
[ ]Careers; Desantis, HeatherWhere are they going: Heather DeSantis 4:012/232011
[ ]"Study Abroad; Political Science Department; Smigelski, Lauren; Internships"Who's on the Hill?: Story from abroad 9:012/232011
[ ]Students - Recreation; Humor; DatingWittenberg Gone Wild: Where is the craziest place you've gotten busy on campus? 6:012/232011
[ ]Music; Reviews"""Go-Go Boots"" not typical album for Drive-By Truckers" 5:013/222011
[ ]Moody, Stephen; Police and Security; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldA day in the life of Springfield's police chief 4:013/222011
[ ]"Alma Mater; Alma Lux; Awards; Henry, Anna; Conklin, Allison; Watson, Sarah; Wilson, Mary; Miller, Gabby; Johnson, Benjamin; Moore, Aaron; Millice, Jordan; Duffy, Michael; Hertzog, Brian"Alma Lux and Alma Mater awards2:023/222011
[ ]Athletics; AcademicsAthletic initiative sets Witt athletics apart from the rest 3:013/222011
[ ]Central Dining Room (CDR); Finance; FoodCDalteRnatives: The Barn 4:013/222011
[ ]"Panstingel, Joe; Advice; Women's Studies; English Department; Richards, Cynthia"Is this what it's like to have the curse? 9:013/222011
[ ]Sports; Lacrosse - MenLacrosse off to best start in program history 10:013/222011
[ ]Police and Security; CrimePolice log 5:033/222011
[ ]Finance; World News; AutomobilesPressure at the pump increases coming into peak driving season 3:013/222011
[ ]Athletics; Buildings; Facilities; Health, Physical Education and Recreation Center (HPERC)Rumors surround new indoor fitness facility 2:033/222011
[ ]Music; Wittfest; Union Board; Girl TalkRumors surround potential WittFest Performers 1:013/222011
[ ]Athletics; Seniors; College LifeSenior athletes get used to retired life 6:013/222011
[ ]Crime; Police and SecuritySuspects in spring break murder case indicted 2:013/222011
[ ]"Vallery, Eddie; Football; Careers"Vallery working to take talents to next level 11:013/222011
[ ]Recycling; Environmental Issues; FoodWitt's recycling under par 5:013/222011
[ ]"Faculty and Staff; Provost; Duncan, Christopher; Pankhurst, Jerry"Wittenberg appoints Christopher Duncan as provost 1:013/222011
[ ]Philanthropy; Empty Bowls; Art Department"Empty Bowls raises $35,500 for second year in a row" 1:013/292011
[ ]"Theatre and Dance Department; Stout, Adrienne""Freshman stars in ""Wait Until Dark""" 4:013/292011
[ ]Curriculum; Editorials; Physical Education"How Witt stays fit, p-credits or otherwise" 9:013/292011
[ ]"Panstingel, Joe; Advice; Torch; Wittenberg Community"A family that reads together 8:013/292011
[ ]"Buildings; Koch Hall; Smith, Eric; Schmid, Caroline; Schwan, Clara; Bildsten, Kirsten"Art students display work at Painters Painting event 1:013/292011
[ ]Curriculum; Editorials; Physical EducationBy the numbers [sidebar to How Witt stays fit]9:013/292011
[ ]Central Dining Room (CDR); Finance; FoodCdalteRnatives: Collier's Family Restaurant 4:013/292011
[ ]TorchCorrections2:023/292011
[ ]"Police and Security; Loney, Carl; Fires; Campus Safety"Fire alarms become habit for students 3:013/292011
[ ]Residence Halls; Myers Hall; TraditionsGhost horse in Myers: Fact or twist on the real story? 5:013/292011
[ ]Little Sibs Weekend; Union BoardLil Sibs weekend at Witt [photographs]2:013/292011
[ ]Sports; Lacrosse - MenMen's Lacrosse improves 7-0 10:013/292011
[ ]Curriculum; Editorials; Physical EducationMore quotes from the survey [sidebar to How Witt stays fit]9:023/292011
[ ]Students - Recreation; HealthRunners lace up to hit the trails 6:013/292011
[ ]"Finance; Tuition; Fees; Financial Aid, Student"Senior Circle inspires students to give back 3:013/292011
[ ]Sports; SoftballTiger's split with Case Western10:013/292011
[ ]"Seniors; Careers; Snyder, Christa; Advice"Where are they going: Christa Snyder 5:013/292011
[ ]Sexual Assault; Rape; Dating; Technology"""Sexversations"" hits close to home for 82% of campus" Note: this issue of the Torch appeared on 04/05/2011, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 04/03/2011. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 1:014/52011
[ ]Music; Internet; Technology; Entertainment"""We so excited"" about Rebecca Black" Note: this issue of the Torch appeared on 04/05/2011, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 04/03/2011. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 8:014/52011
[ ]Music; Reviews30 Years in the Making: R.E.M's New Sound Note: this issue of the Torch appeared on 04/05/2011, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 04/03/2011. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 5:014/52011
[ ]"World News; Politics; el-Qaddafi, Muammar"A crash course in the Libyan civil war Note: this issue of the Torch appeared on 04/05/2011, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 04/03/2011. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 2:014/52011
[ ]Central Dining Room (CDR); Finance; Food; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldCDalteRnatives: Ha Ha Pizza Note: this issue of the Torch appeared on 04/05/2011, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 04/03/2011. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 4:014/52011
[ ]American International Association (AIA); Campus Life; Fashion; Gay-Straight Alliance; PhilanthropyHitting the runway: Surprise guest and Witt models strut for a cause Note: this issue of the Torch appeared on 04/05/2011, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 04/03/2011. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 6:014/52011
[ ]Gustafson, Molly; Sports; Swimming and Diving - WomenMolly Gustafson: newest All-American Note: this issue of the Torch appeared on 04/05/2011, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 04/03/2011. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 1:014/52011
[ ]Abortion; Women; HealthTerror and shame in the heartland: the beat goes on Note: this issue of the Torch appeared on 04/05/2011, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 04/03/2011. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 8:014/52011
[ ]Lacrosse - Women; SportsTigers shock Presidents in overtime Note: this issue of the Torch appeared on 04/05/2011, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 04/03/2011. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 10:014/52011
[ ]Internet; Technology; EntertainmentWebsites that specialize in procrastination Note: this issue of the Torch appeared on 04/05/2011, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 04/03/2011. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 9:014/52011
[ ]"Awards; Koukis, Natalie; Hassink, Hilary; Berzins, Meredith; Campbell, Julie; Zajac, Mo; Gradwohl, Wendy"Wittenberg Women of the Year AwardsNote: this issue of the Torch appeared on 04/05/2011, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 04/03/2011. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 3:014/52011
[ ]Music; Reviews"Brett Dennen's ""Loverboy"" left me swooning" 5:014/122011
[ ]"Wittenberg Series; Gruen, Sarah; English Department; Colloquia"Best-selling author talks writing and elephants 1:014/122011
[ ]Central Dining Room (CDR); Finance; Food; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldCDalteRnatives: Perkins Family Restaurant 4:014/122011
[ ]"Residence Halls; Woodlawn Hall; Catania, Sam; Pence, Erica"Cockroaches invade basement of Woodlawn 1:014/122011
[ ]TorchCorrections2:024/122011
[ ]Abortion; Cengel, Lauren; Editorials; Health; Letters; Politics; ReligionDear Editors 8:014/122011
[ ]Finance; Automobiles; ProtestsJust say no to useless gas protests 8:014/122011
[ ]Writing Center; English Department; Wittenberg Poetry SocietyMatchbook Project aims to celebrate the poet in everyone 4:014/122011
[ ]"Sports; Tennis - Men; Lehner, Rob"Men's tennis gets back on track 10:014/122011
[ ]Police and Security; CrimePolice Log 3:024/122011
[ ]Philanthropy; Relay For Life; CancerRelay for Life fights cancer with fun 2:014/122011
[ ]"Sports; Softball; Allen, Jessi"Softball opens conference play with sweep of Gators 10:014/122011
[ ]Advice; Panstingel, JoeStubbing your toe is an excuse to buy new shoes 9:014/122011
[ ]WittFest; Music; Concerts; Union BoardStudents have mixed reactions to announcement of Girl Talk3:014/122011
[ ]Lesotho; Africa; PhilanthropySurvivor Africa 4:014/122011
[ ]Sports; Baseball Tigers split with Denison and Wooster11:014/122011
[ ]Fashion; Campus Life; WeatherWhat to Wear When the Weather is Crazy: A Style Guide to April 6:014/122011
[ ]"Business Department; Tassone, Megan; Hertzog, Brian; Pike, Tarah"WittEntrepeneurs give students real life experience 2:024/122011
[ ]Music; Reviews"Foo Fighter's ""Wasting Light"" more electric than last album" 5:014/192011
[ ]"Fashion; Riley, Conor; Business Department""FOR SALE: Wittenberg ""Boyfriend Cut"" Underwear" 3:014/192011
[ ]"Lallo, Jake; Academics; Advice"16 year old balances high school and college 5:014/192011
[ ]Central Dining Room (CDR); Finance; FoodCDalteRnatives: Bob Evans 9:014/192011
[ ]Celebrate Service; Community Service; PhilanthropyCelebrate Service [photographs] 6:014/192011
[ ]Philanthropy; Relay For Life; CancerDamp weather doesn't dampen Relay spirits 1:014/192011
[ ]Editorials; Entertainment; Letters; Little Sibs Weekend; Nibert, David; Union BoardDear Editors 8:014/192011
[ ]"Food; Neyhouse, Jimmy; Food Services; Post 95"Football player wins burrito eating contest 4:014/192011
[ ]"Philanthropy; Student Senate; Corrigan, Brendan"Ice Cream Social raises money for Japan relief 1:014/192011
[ ]"Wittenberg Series; Honors Convocation; Faculty and Staff; Smith, James; Fashion"More than just a silly hat 3:014/192011
[ ]"Residence Halls; Woodlawn Hall; DeVilbiss, Mark"No More reports of cockroaches in Woodlawn2:024/192011
[ ]"Art Department; Buildings; Koch Hall; Beavers, Katalin; Heminger, Mary"Senior Art Exhibition [photographs] 2:014/192011
[ ]"Panstingel, Joe; Advice; Politics; Finances"The Snakes Want You to Swallow a Bitter PELL 9:014/192011
[ ]Sports; Lacrosse - MenTigers off to 10-0 start 11:014/192011
[ ]"Sports; Track and Field; Peterson, Earl"Track & Field competes in All-Ohio meet 11:014/192011
[ ]"Careers; Fike, Bryan"Where are they going: Bryan Fike 4:014/192011
[ ]"Admissions; Faculty and Staff; Hunt, Karen; Admissions Office"Witt accepts record number for class of '15 2:024/192011
[ ]Lacrosse - Women; SportsWomen's lacrosse notches another big win 10:014/192011
[ ]Reviews; Motion Pictures"""Water for Elephants,"" a movie for the ages" 4:015/32011
[ ]"Careers; Bierut, Patrick; Neff, Parker; Hall, Haily; Motion Pictures""Look out, Hollywood! Witt trio heads west"4:015/32011
[ ]Editorials; Fashion; World News"Royal Wedding: A ""Real Life"" Fairy Tale" 8:015/32011
[ ]Editorials; Secret SocietiesA not-so-haunted cemetery 9:015/32011
[ ]"Food Services; Finance; Genetin, Deb"Frustrated Sodexo workers speak out 3:025/32011
[ ]Music; Concerts; WittFest; Union BoardGirlTalk hit with Witt students at Wittfest 1:015/32011
[ ]World News; Politics; Obama, Barack; Brooks Hedstrom, Darlene; Religion; Middle EastHistory in the making: University reactions to the killing of bin Laden 1:015/32011
[ ]"Panstingel, Joe; Advice; Technology"I'm technologically challenged and proud 9:015/32011
[ ]Sports; Lacrosse - MenLacrosse bounces back after first loss 11:015/32011
[ ]"Wittenberg University Film Society; Campus Activities; Goodman, Clark; Caligaris, Michael"New Film Club viewed as industry stepping stone 3:015/32011
[ ]Internet; TechnologyNew online Portal Project slated for fall blast-off 2:015/32011
[ ]Buildings; Recitation Hall; FinancesReplacement of air conditioning system in Recitation may save University Thousands 3:015/32011
[ ]"Sports; Softball; Allen, Jessi"Softball earns berth in conference tournament 10:015/32011
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department; Concerts; ReviewsSpring concert showcases spectrum of dance talents 5:015/32011
[ ]Health; ExerciseSummer Circuit Training 6:015/32011
[ ]Summer Jobs; EmploymentSummer job tips 5:035/32011
[ ]Health; Cancer; FashionThat desire for golden glow outweighs cancer fears 5:015/32011
[ ]Music;ReviewsAlbum Review: James Blake, “James Blake”¯ 5:19/72011
[ ]Food;Food ServicesBeing Vegetarian at Witt: A Difficult Endeavor 8:19/72011
[ ]Africa; Community Service; Lesotho; Study AbroadLesotho 2011: Students recall their 2011 trip to Lesotho, Africa6:19/72011
[ ]Opinion; McKune, Maggie; TorchLetter from the Editor9:19/72011
[ ]Exercise;Athletics;MusicMusic While Exercising: A Weighty Issue? 9:19/72011
[ ]Duncan, Christopher;Provost;Convocation - OpeningNew Provost Speaks at the Opening Convocation of the 167th Academic Year 2:19/72011
[ ]Central Dining Room (CDR); Food Services; Jacobs, StacyParents Plan Protest on CDR 3:19/72011
[ ]Police and Security;Crime;AlcoholPolice Log 5:19/72011
[ ]Administration;Erickson, MarkPresident Erickson Steps Down 1:19/72011
[ ]Residence Life;Melesse, Biniyam;Wittenberg communitySpotlight on RAs: Biniyam Melesse 4:19/72011
[ ]Sports;FootballWeather Delay Not Enough to Stop the Tigers from Winning 700 10:29/72011
[ ]World Events;Campus LifeWitt Remembers September 11th: A Calendar of Events 1:19/72011
[ ]Technology;Internet;Cellular TelephonesWittenberg Brings QR Codes to Campus 2:19/72011
[ ]Sports;Soccer - MenWittenberg Men’s Soccer Season Outlook 10:19/72011
[ ]Sports;Volleyball - WomenWittenberg Volleyball Goes 3-0 in Invitational 11:19/72011
[ ]Erickson, Mark; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning (LGBTQ); Wittenberg - Relationship with Springfield“It’s simply a matter of justice”¯: Wittenberg Community Members Stand Up For Equality in Springfield 3:19/72011
[ ]Music; ReviewsAlbum Review: The Horrible Crowes – Elsie 5:19/132011
[ ]Freshmen;College Life; AdviceAttention Freshmen! Advice for Freshmen from Freshmen 8:19/132011
[ ]Entertainment;ActivitiesAutumn Activities 6:19/132011
[ ]Smiseck, Wendy;Career CenterChanges at the Career Center: Wendy Smiseck Begins Tenure as Director 2:49/132011
[ ]World Events;Campus LifeFaculty and Staff Reflect on 9/11 1:29/132011
[ ]Art Department;Faculty and StaffFaculty Art Show 9:19/132011
[ ]Food Services;Food Advisory CommitteeFood Advisory Committee Unites Students and Dining Services 1:19/132011
[ ]Founders Pub;Food;Campus ActivitiesFounders Freshens Up Their Image 2:19/132011
[ ]Entertainment;TelevisionGet With the Programs 5:19/132011
[ ]Editorials; Harris, Lauren; SeniorsPerspective of a Senior 9:19/132011
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesSorority Fall Informal Recruitment Upcoming Events 4:19/132011
[ ]Activities; Food; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldSpringfield Farmers Market: A Hidden Gem 7:19/132011
[ ]World Events; Campus LifeStudents Reflect on the Events of September 11 3:19/132011
[ ]Student Activities;ExerciseStudents Work to Organize New Biking Club 11:19/132011
[ ]Politics;National NewsThe Candidates: Who Are They? 4:19/132011
[ ]College Costs; EditorialsThe Case for Liberal Arts: is it Worth the Money? 8:49/132011
[ ]Sports; FootballTigers defeat Battling Bishops 34-13 11:19/132011
[ ]Sports;Soccer - WomenWomen's Soccer Improves with Winning Streak 10:19/132011
[ ]4 Paws for Ability; Community Service4 Paws-Meet and Greet 7:19/202011
[ ]Central Dining Room (CDR); Food Services; Worthman, GenieA New Face in the CDR: Genie Worthman begins as the CDR’s Newest Chef 1:29/202011
[ ]Music; ReviewsAlbum Review: The Red Hot Chili Peppers: “I’m With You”¯ 5:19/202011
[ ]Theatre; EntertainmentAs They Like It: Seeing Shakespeare in Stratford 2:19/202011
[ ]Entertainment;ActivitiesCorrections: Autumn Activities9/202011
[ ]Corrections; Smiseck, Wendy;Career CenterCorrections: Changes at the Career Center: Wendy Smiseck Begins Tenure as Director9/202011
[ ]Corrections; Sports; Soccer - WomenCorrections: Women's Soccer Improves with Winning Streak9/202011
[ ]Sports;Field HockeyField Hockey Defeats OWU 2-0 11:19/202011
[ ]Advice; Dating; EditorialsFriends First: a Key to a Successful Relationship 9:19/202011
[ ]Letters;EditorialsHow Important is Mail? 9:39/202011
[ ]Freshmen;Advice;Study HabitsLate Night Studying and Procrastination 8:19/202011
[ ]Sports;Golf - Men;Millice, JordanMillice Leads Tigers to Record Breaking Weekend 12:29/202011
[ ]4 Paws for Ability; Community ServicePause for 4 Paws 6:19/202011
[ ]Crime;Police and Security;AlcoholPolice Log 3:19/202011
[ ]National News;Politics;RepublicansPresidential Update: Social Security for Gen Y 4:19/202011
[ ]Automobiles;ReviewsReview: 2011 Chevrolet Cruze LTZ 5:19/202011
[ ]Erickson, Mark;Office of the PresidentSearch Begins for New Wittenberg President 3:19/202011
[ ]Central Dining Room (CDR); Editorials; Food Services; Letters; PoliticsStarving? Student Responds to CDR Protest 8:19/202011
[ ]Sports;Football;Florence, Reed; Williams, SeanTigers Defeat Washington and Move to 3-0 11:19/202011
[ ]Sports;Volleyball - Women;Dyer, KimmieVolleyball Finishes Weekend 2-1 10:19/202011
[ ]Student Activities; MusicWitt Wednesday: Battle of the Bands 4:19/202011
[ ]Freshmen; AdviceAttention Freshmen: Clean Up Your Language! 8:19/282011
[ ]Corrections; Letters;EditorialsCorrections: How Important is Mail?2:49/282011
[ ]Corrections; Music; Student ActivitiesCorrections: Witt Wednesday: Battle of the Bands2:49/282011
[ ]Music; Reviews; EntertainmentDas Racist – Relax 4:19/282011
[ ]Concerts; Entertainment; Sexual AssaultExiting X-Fest: Harassment at a Rock Show 9:19/282011
[ ]Greek Life; Campus ActivitiesGreek Week 2011: What to Look For 5:39/282011
[ ]Television; Finance; EmploymentMade in America?: Freshman May Have to Choose Between Helping American Economy and Helping their Colleges 2:19/282011
[ ]Sports; Soccer - Men; Hogue, SpencerMen’s Soccer Loses Conference Match 9:19/282011
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities; Hazing; Sopher, MindyNational Hazing Prevention Week Comes to Witt 6:19/282011
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department; Reviews; FreshmenNew Student Showcase: A Review 8:19/282011
[ ]Politics; Employment; National NewsObama’s Jobs Plan: Could it Pass? 3:19/282011
[ ]Elections; Internet; Politics; TechnologyPresidential Update: Who do you “like”¯? 5:19/282011
[ ]Health; Health and Wellness Center; AdviceSick So Soon: What’s Got Everyone Sniffling? 1:19/282011
[ ]Sports; Soccer - WomenTigers fall to Allegheny 1-09:39/282011
[ ]Sports; FootballTigers Win Second Conference Game Against Allegheny 10:19/282011
[ ]Union Board; Campus Life; EntertainmentUnion Board Preview Fall 2011 5:39/282011
[ ]Wittenberg Series; Leventhal Lecture; Brands, H.W.; Politics; History DepartmentWitt Series: Author Uses History to Explore the Problems of the Present 1:19/282011
[ ]Music; ReviewsAlbum Review: Wilco – The Whole Love 8:110/52011
[ ]Finance;Freshmen;AdviceAttention Freshmen! ATMs: Magic or Myth? 8:110/52011
[ ]College Life; Homosexuality; O'Neill, Kevin; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldBoycott Bigotry, and McMurray’s: Student Calls for Campus-Wide Boycott of McMurray’s 1:110/52011
[ ]Business Department;Gradwohl, Wendy;MajorsBusiness Department Introduces New Major 4:110/52011
[ ]Bergold, Roy;Business Department;Food;Health;CareersControversy Over Marketing Extraordinaire’s Planned Visit to Witt 1:110/52011
[ ]Internet;Facebook;Social NetworksFacebook Uproar for Nothing 9:110/52011
[ ]Health; Health and Counseling ServicesFlu Shots: The Ins and Outs 2:110/52011
[ ]Sports; FootballFootball Stays Undefeated With Win Over Oberlin 10:110/52011
[ ]Crime;Police and Security;Alcohol;DrugsPolice Log 2:110/52011
[ ]Politics;ElectionsPresidential Update: Constitutional Conservative 5:110/52011
[ ]Internet;Social Networks;FinanceSleeping with Strangers: Couchsurfing USA 5:110/52011
[ ]Buildings;Hollenbeck Hall;Askeland, Lori;Wright, Heather;Brooks Hedstrom, Darlene;Taylor, Thomas;Rosenberg, ScottThe Doors of Hollenbeck Hall 6:110/52011
[ ]Volleyball - Women;Sports; Batanian, JessieToo Many Kills: Tigers Defeat Oberlin 3-0 10:410/52011
[ ]Online Exclusive;Food;Food ServicesVegetarian Article Follow-up 10/52011
[ ]Baseball;Tomko, AnnWittenberg Junior Shows Off Her Pitching Skills at Cleveland Indians Game 9:110/52011
[ ]Soccer - Women;SportsWittenberg Women’s Soccer Bounces Back with a Win Over Oberlin 9:410/52011
[ ]Freshmen;Advice;DatingAttention Lovebirds! 9:110/122011
[ ]Corrections; Buildings;Hollenbeck Hall;Askeland, Lori;Wright, Heather;Brooks Hedstrom, Darlene;Taylor, Thomas;Rosenberg, ScottCorrections for 10/5/11 Issue2:410/122011
[ ]Women; MusicDepartments Work Together to Present Women in Music Series 1:110/122011
[ ]Ferncliff Cemetery and Arboretum; Springfield - History Ferncliff Cemetery: A New Perspective 6:110/122011
[ ]Sports; Field HockeyField Hockey Takes Down Oberlin 10:110/122011
[ ]Travel;Finance;EntertainmentFun on Fall Break 3:310/122011
[ ]Health; HIV (virus); Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)HEART Mobile Health Unit: Vice President of HEART Boasts Success 2:110/122011
[ ]Homecoming;Union Board; Tiger FestHomecoming Preview 2011 5:410/122011
[ ]Student Organizations;Kayaking Club; Barr, EthanKayaking Club Makes Waves at Buck Creek Bash 11:110/122011
[ ]Police and Security;Crime;Alcohol;Drugs;TheftPolice Log 2:410/122011
[ ]Sports; Volleyball - WomenSeniors Prevail against Wooster: 3-010:410/122011
[ ]Coffeehouses; Food; Kairos KoffeeSomething Heavenly This Way Brews 8:110/122011
[ ]Music; ReviewsSticks and Stones: Feist Rests her Bones with “Metals”¯ 4:110/122011
[ ]Crime;ScienceThat’s The Culprit… 9:110/122011
[ ]Ferncliff Cemetery and Arboretum; Springfield - HistoryThe Mysteries of Ferncliff 5:110/122011
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department; Plays; ReviewsTheatre Review: Crimes of the Heart 8:110/122011
[ ]Advice; Health; Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)Tiger Doc-Dr. Kathryn McKee’s Monthly Advice to Stay Healthy 3:110/122011
[ ]Sports; FootballTigers Record First Loss of the Season to Huntingdon 11:110/122011
[ ]Wittenberg Choir;Music DepartmentWittenberg Choir to Perform at OMEA 2012 1:110/122011
[ ]Motion Pictures; Reviews“What’s Your Number?”¯ Movie Review 5:110/122011
[ ]Africa; Community Service; Duncan, Christopher; Lesotho; Rosenberg, Scott; Study Abroad2012 Lesotho Summer Program Cancelled 1:111/22011
[ ]Sports; Swimming and DivingA Double Win for Swimming and Diving 10:111/22011
[ ]Technology;Motion Pictures;Reviews;Internet; TelevisionA Proud Netflix User Speaks Out: Netflix is Good 8:111/22011
[ ]Music; ReviewsAlbum Review: Ryan Adams – “Ashes & Fire”¯ 9:111/22011
[ ]Reviews;AutomobilesCar Review – Mazda2 5:111/22011
[ ]Editorials; Letters; Health; Food; Human Rights; Animal RightsLetter to the Editor: Dr. David Nibert on Roy Bergold's Visit3:111/22011
[ ]Sports;Soccer - WomenLoss to the Rival on Senior Night 11:111/22011
[ ]Community Service; HalloweenMake A Difference Day 6:111/22011
[ ]Sports;Soccer - MenMen’s Soccer Falls to Wooster at Home 11:411/22011
[ ]Technology;Internet;Motion Pictures;TelevisionNetflix on the Decline and Hulu on the Rise 8:411/22011
[ ]Alcohol;CrimePolice Log 3:111/22011
[ ]Africa; Amstutz, Evan; Baker, Madison; Community Service; Keeton, Amber; LaCagnin, Michael; Lesotho; Murphy, Devoni; Reynolds, John;Schueler, AdamStudent Reactions to the Lesotho Program Cancellation 5:111/22011
[ ]Homecoming;Sports;PhilanthropyTiger Tri 2:111/22011
[ ]Africa; Community Service; Lesotho; Mauch, Katie; Rosenberg, ScottWhy We Go: Lesotho 2012 9:111/22011
[ ]Busarow, Donald;Music Department;Wittenberg ChoirWiittenbergs Mourns Passing of Dr. Busarow 5:411/22011
[ ]Patton, Roxie; ;Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning (LGBTQ)Witt Alumna Brings Transgender Issues Out of the Closet2:311/22011
[ ]Sports;Cross CountryWittenberg Cross Country Hosts NCAC Meet 10:411/22011
[ ]Bladh, Dr. Kenneth; Finster, David; Food; Food; World News7 Billion Strong: Or Are We? 1:111/92011
[ ]Music; ReviewsAlbum Review: Coldplay, “Mylo Xyloto”¯ 4:111/92011
[ ]Cancer; Colleges Against Cancer; PhilanthropyCancer Conscious: Witt “Saves Second Base”¯ 3:111/92011
[ ]Philanthropy; Seniors; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldClass of 2012 “Adopts”¯ Lincoln Elementary School 1:111/92011
[ ]Ice Hockey Club;Student ActivitiesClub Hockey Falls to Holy Cross 11:111/92011
[ ]Reviews;Music;Concerts;WUSOCMJ 5:111/92011
[ ]Reviews;Theatre and Dance Department;Dance Concert; Kula, EmilyFall Dance Concert: A Showcase of Talent 6:111/92011
[ ]Alcohol;Campus SafetyFreshmen Column 9:411/92011
[ ]Celebrities; Editorials; Kardashian, KimKeeping up with the Kardashian’s Divorce 9:111/92011
[ ]World News; Politics; LibyaLibya’s New Freedom-But At What Price? 9:111/92011
[ ]Music;Concerts; Walker, AlanLisztomania At Wittenberg: A Celebration of the Music of Franz Liszt 2:111/92011
[ ]Sports;Basketball - Men; Black, Clayton; Brandt, Alex; Cooper, MichaelMen’s Basketball Season Outlook 11:111/92011
[ ]Automobiles; ReviewsNew Car Review: 2012 Chrysler 200 Limited 4:111/92011
[ ]Basketball - Men; Black, Clayton; Brandt, Alex; Cooper, MichaelTiger Pride: Seniors to Watch This Season 11:411/92011
[ ]Volleyball - Women; SportsVolleyball Wins Conference Title 10:111/92011
[ ]Awards; Student SenateW Award Winners Fall 2011 3:411/92011
[ ]Motion Pictures; Reviews“In Time”¯: Perfectly Time Appropriate 5:111/92011
[ ]Traditions;Sports;MusicBehind the Scenes: Tiger Rituals 11:111/162011
[ ]Music; ReviewsDubstep: Why You Should Love It10:111/162011
[ ]Environmental Issues;Energy;Residence Life;Scholl, Andrew;DeVilbiss, MarkEnergetic Efforts to Save Energy 3:111/162011
[ ]Sports; Football; Weber, Cory; Zoeller, Ben; Warye, ConnorFootball Profiles 6:111/162011
[ ]Central Dining Room (CDR); Faculty and Staff; Food Services; McGree, AnnHappy Birthday, Ann!2:111/162011
[ ]Cotner, Stuart; Delta Tau Delta; Hair; Hassan, Adan; Parker, Matt; Philanthropy; Ruble, Jack; Traditions; Weible, WillMatch their 'Stache4:111/162011
[ ]Basketball - Men; Leahy, Zachary "Zack"; SportsMen’s Basketball Gains Division I Experience With Transfer Student 10:111/162011
[ ]National Novel Writing Month;BooksNaNoWriMo: A Novel Endeavor 9:111/162011
[ ]Reviews;Automobiles;RecreationNew Car Review: 2012 Hyundai Veloster M/T 5:111/162011
[ ]Central Dining Room (CDR); Dining Services; Ristau, NoahNoah Ristau: Demystifying the CDR 5:111/162011
[ ]Pfeifer, Mary;Cross CountryPfeifer Qualifies for Third National Championship Appearance 11:111/162011
[ ]Crime;Alcohol;Dean of StudentsPolice Log 2:111/162011
[ ]Energy;Advice;Environmental IssuesSaving Energy Made Simple 8:111/162011
[ ]Central Dining Room (CDR); Dining Services; Online ExclusiveStarving for Answers 11/162011
[ ]Music;Poetry;Founders Pub;Blackman, Toni; SkratchmatikThe Art of Hip Hop & Spoken Word Draws Large Crowd in Founders 1:111/162011
[ ]Politics;Elections;National News;OhioThe Issues of Election Day 1:111/162011
[ ]Online Exclusive;Traditions;SportsThe Wittenberg/Wooster Rivalry: Where the Tradition Began 11/162011
[ ]Health;Health and Counseling Services;AcademicsTiger Doc: Tips from Dr. McKee 4:311/162011
[ ]Sports; FootballTigers Defeat the Scots: Game Summary 11:311/162011
[ ]Online Exclusive;Student Life;Campus ActivitiesWhat to do at Witt: Upcoming Events 11/162011
[ ]Freshmen;Advice;WeatherWitt Tips: Winter Weather 8:111/162011
[ ]Greek Life;Fraternities and Sororities;Preston, Carol; Wason, BrittanyWomen Interested in Formal Recruitment: On the Rise? 4:311/162011
[ ]Editorials; Thanksgiving; VegetarianismA Vegetarian’s Thanksgiving 9:311/222011
[ ]Christmas; Editorials; RecreationAre You Really Complaining About Christmas? 9:311/222011
[ ]Editorials; Finance; RecreationBlack Friday: Are the Crowds Worth It?8:111/222011
[ ]Christmas; EditorialsChristmas Coming Too Soon? 9:111/222011
[ ]Education;Finance;Financial Aid;Politics;Green, RandyHigher Education Cuts Not Such a Smart Idea 2:111/222011
[ ]Sports; Basketball - MenMen’s Basketball Falls to IU-East in Season Opener 10:111/222011
[ ]National News;Finance;PoliticsOccupy Update 2:411/222011
[ ]Pfeifer, Mary;Cross Country; SportsPfeifer Places 68th in Third NCAA Championship Appearance 11:411/222011
[ ]Recreation;Automobiles;TravelSafe Travel Tips for the Breaks Ahead 12:111/222011
[ ]Sports;Football;Paterno, Joe;National NewsSay It Ain’t So Joe: Did Joe Pa Do the Right Thing? 3:111/222011
[ ]Seniors;Employment;Careers;WittPath Career Services;Smiseck, WendySenior Job Searching 5:111/222011
[ ]Editorials; Family; Finance; ThanksgivingThanksgiving Work Gobbles up the Holiday 8:411/222011
[ ]Editorials; Exercise; Food; Health; ThanksgivingThanksgiving: Healthy Choices 8:111/222011
[ ]Thanksgiving;Food;EntertainmentThe Night Before Thanksgiving: A Festive Tale 6:111/222011
[ ]Sports; Swimming and DivingTigers Split With Ohio Northern 11:111/222011
[ ]Peterson, Earl; Sports; Track and FieldTrack Team in Trouble for Indoor Season 2012 10:111/222011
[ ]Thanksgiving;Food;FreshmenTurkey Tips 9:111/222011
[ ]Volleyball; Sports; National NewsVolleyball Has Impressive Showing at NCAA Tournament 11:111/222011
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni; Miller, Karl; Stroeh, Dan; Theatre and Dance DepartmentWittenberg Acting Alum Returns to Campus1:111/222011
[ ]Finance;Financial Aid;Employment;Massaro, MaureenWork Award Cap Placed on Students 1:111/222011
[ ]Music;Entertainment;Christmas;Reviews5 Other Holiday Classics 5:412/72011
[ ]Reviews; MusicAlbum Review: A Very She & Him Christmas 5:112/72011
[ ]Freshmen;Advice;FamilyAttention Freshmen: Happy Holidays 9:112/72011
[ ]Philanthropy;Africa;Lesotho;Steele, AndrewFounders hosts BLOOM Africa fundraiser 8:112/72011
[ ]Editorials;Track and Field;Peterson, Earl;Purnell, GarnettLetter to the Editor: Student Responds to “Track Team in Trouble”¯ 9:112/72011
[ ]Basketball - Men;SportsMen’s Basketball Earns First Conference Win Against Oberlin 11:112/72011
[ ]Basketball;Sports;National NewsNBA Lockout Finally Over 10:112/72011
[ ]Reviews;AutomobilesNew Car Review: 2012 Volkswagen Beetle 4:112/72011
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department;EntertainmentOne Act Play Festival Brings Student-Directed Talent to Witt 7:112/72011
[ ]Alcohol;Alcohol Policy;CrimePolice Log 2:312/72011
[ ]Parker, Adam; Saturday Science Program; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldScience Saturdays Educate Students of All Levels 1:112/72011
[ ]Finance;GiftsThrifty Gifts 5:112/72011
[ ]Reviews;Motion PicturesUpcoming Releases: Not-so-Jolly Movies this Season 8:112/72011
[ ]Meyer, Urban;Football;SportsUrban Meyer Comes Home To Coach the Ohio State Buckeyes 10:412/72011
[ ]Recreation;WeatherWhat to do With Winter Weather 4:112/72011
[ ]Philosophy Department;McHugh, Nancy;Dixon, BethWittenberg’s “Revolutionary”¯ New Course 1:112/72011
[ ]Music; The WittMen CrewWittmen Crew Holiday Concert4:312/72011
[ ]Basketball - Women;SportsWomen’s Basketball Sweep Conference Opponents 11:312/72011