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[ ]Motion Pictures; Reviews'Crazy Heart' brings sounds of country realism 9:12/42010
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni; Eggers, KellyA big-time job in the Big Apple 8:12/42010
[ ]Editorials; Family; Panstingel, Joe; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldCup O' Joe: Saying "howdy" to our neighbor, Joe Panstingel 5:12/42010
[ ]World News; Haiti; O'Rourke, ConorHaiti impacts O'Rourke [Haitian earthquake hits home for Wittenberg's O'Rourke] 3:12/42010
[ ]Honor Council; Honor Code; Academic IntegrityHonor Council: Integrating integrity 4:32/42010
[ ]Alcohol; ; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldMcMurray's raises entry age to 19 under pressure from Witt 1:12/42010
[ ]Sports; Lacrosse - MenMen's lax set for success in 2010 11:12/42010
[ ]Berzins, Lauren; Study AbroadNamibia: The wild, off-the-grid life that I was living... 6-72/42010
[ ]Basketball - Women; Boardman, StephanieNCAC Player of the Week: Stephanie Boardman 10:42/42010
[ ]Politics; SexismScandal double standard 5:12/42010
[ ]Politics; State of the Union Address full of hope for the American spirit 2:12/42010
[ ]Politics;Supreme Court votes to lessen limitations in landmark Citizens United v. FEC case 2:32/42010
[ ]Campus Life; World News; HaitiThe Torch's take...Apathy finds antidote: Students unite for Haiti 4:12/42010
[ ]Sports; Basketball - MenTiger men fall short to rival Wooster 10:12/42010
[ ]Fashion; FinancesWake up that wardrobe 8:12/42010
[ ]WUSO; Radio Station; Campus Life;WUSO recovered from slump with revitalized staff and content 3:12/42010
[ ]Johnson, Nichole; Lacrosse - Women; SportsYoung team, new coach, fresh start 11:12/42010
[ ]Panstingel, JoeAll you gotta do is put your lips together and blow5:12/112010
[ ]Art Department; SeniorsArt majors archive work for public8:12/112010
[ ]Salinger, J.D.; DeathsAuthor J.D. Salinger dead at age 912:32/112010
[ ]Basketball - MenBasketball wins again11:12/112010
[ ]Accidents; Beta Theta PiBetas collide with semi, two hospitalized1:52/112010
[ ]StudentsEvery town's famous for something2/112010
[ ]ProvostFaculty, students search for full-time provost1:12/112010
[ ]Habitat For HumanityGrowing lives, one garden at a time9:12/112010
[ ]Transportation; SpringfieldHigh-speed railway to blaze through Springfield2:12/112010
[ ]TechnologyiPad to hit college market8:22/112010
[ ]Basketball - WomenLady Tigers now 13-011:12/112010
[ ]IBM Endowed Lecture in the Sciences; Devlin, KeithNPR's "Math Guy" lectures on mathmatical revolutions2:42/112010
[ ]Campus Life; Food Services; SodexoSaying "I love you" this Valentines Day with... CDR strawberries?5:12/112010
[ ]FashionSpring brings soft, sleek, shine9:12/112010
[ ]Accidents; Opinion; The Torch's take... Listening to the little man: Facts vs. conscience4:12/112010
[ ]National NewsToyota vehicle defects brought on recall, explain car accident3:12/112010
[ ]SoftballWitt softball optimistic for 201010:12/112010
[ ]Weather; CampusWittenberg welcomes winter wonderland1:12/112010
[ ]Editorials; Politics; Military Service; Gays; Homosexuality; National News"Don't Ask, Don't Tell": Discriminatory 4:12/182010
[ ]Motion Pictures; Reviews"The Hurt Locker" an explosive hit 9:12/182010
[ ]Commencement; Achmat, ZackieActivist Achmat to be graduation speaker 1:12/182010
[ ]FinancesAs tuition spikes upward, Wittenbergers' wallets will wane 1:12/182010
[ ]BaseballBaseball: Play day by day 11:42/182010
[ ]Sports; Curling; Curling: The curious Olympic sport 8:12/182010
[ ]Fashion; Fod, Tom; GucciFashion's prodigal son returns 8:32/182010
[ ]Sports; Field HockeyField hockey: Taking matters into their own hands 2:32/182010
[ ]Basketball - MenMen's basketball gets revenge in dominant win 10:12/182010
[ ]Curriculum; Editorials; Physical Education; School of Community Education (SCE)My get up and go, got up and went 5:12/182010
[ ]Swimming and DivingSwim/dive teams post personal bests at conference meet 10:12/182010
[ ]World News; HaitiTen Americans detained in Haiti, charged with child abduction 3:12/182010
[ ]Opinion; Students - Recreation; TelevisionThe Torch's take...Time to toss the unreality of reality televison 4:12/182010
[ ]Editorials; HaitiTwo sides to one t-shirt 4:42/182010
[ ]PoliticsUpcoming health care debate goes live 2:42/182010
[ ]Basketball - WomenWittenberg women fall to Wooster 11:12/182010
[ ]HealthWorkout supplements: Here to stay? 2:12/182010
[ ]Campus Life; Central Dining Room (CDR); Food Services; Humor; An open letter to my sixth dinner plate5:12/252010
[ ]Alcohol; ; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldDean Kelly sets record straight on McMurray's 1:12/252010
[ ]Habitat for HumanityHabitat efforts will blitz Springfield 8:12/252010
[ ]Sports; Track and FieldIndoor track teams improving daily 10:32/252010
[ ]Clemente, Nick; Politics; InternshipsInternship gives taste of future for junior 8:12/252010
[ ]Sports; Basketball - MenMen's basketball tramples Oberlin 11:12/252010
[ ]Technology; InternetNavigating Witt's waters with new, user-friendly website 1:12/252010
[ ]Finances; FoodNew directions for students on the Ohio Direction Card7:12/252010
[ ]Health; FinancesPlasma for sale: Students saving lives and their pocket-books6:12/252010
[ ]Editorials; PoliticsPolitics: Making strange bedfellows out of all of us 4:12/252010
[ ]Delta Tau Delta; PhilanthropySaving Darfur, six inches at a time 1:52/252010
[ ]Basketball - Women; Seniors; Jenkins, Elise; Vasileff, Kellsea; Lough, Amber; Dyer, Carrie; Boardman, StephanieSenior night honors five 10:12/252010
[ ]FashionSomething young, something new 9:12/252010
[ ]Dudek, Ray; Faculty and Staff; Saturday Science Program; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldStudents dyeing to learn chemistry of art 2:22/252010
[ ]Campus; Opinion; WeatherThe Torch's take... "If you clear it, they will come": A slippery scenario4:12/252010
[ ]TechnologyThere's an app for everything 8:32/252010
[ ]Sports; TennisWittenberg tennis teams ready for 2010 spring season 11:12/252010
[ ]Loney, Carl; Security OfficeWittenberg's Carl Loney: The police chief next door 3:22/252010
[ ]World News; ChileEarthquake devestates a Chile reluctant to receive outside assistance 3:43/42010
[ ]Fincham, Joe; FootballFincham coach of the year 10:13/42010
[ ]Fashion; TechnologyGeek chic: Fashion and technology 9:13/42010
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni; EmploymentGrads continue to be hit by economic downturn 1:13/42010
[ ]National NewsLocal Currencies Viable? 2:13/42010
[ ]Editorials; Humor; National NewsLocalized currency: Monopoly Money? 5:13/42010
[ ]English Department; Salinger, J.D.; DeathsRead-A-Thon gives deceased Salinger a new voice1:13/42010
[ ]Reviews; Theatre and Dance DepartmentThe 25th Annual Putman County Spelling Bee6-73/42010
[ ]Food Services; Huffner, MikeThe extra scoop: Behind the CDR lines 8:13/42010
[ ]Health; Body ImageThe Torch's take... The lowdown on dangerous slim down 4:13/42010
[ ]Panstingel, Joe; FamilyThere's no fool like an old fool in love: My Layla and me 4:13/42010
[ ]Health; Body ImageWeigh in on spring break crash diets first 8:13/42010
[ ]Music; Wittenberg Choir;Witt choir to travel the nation 1:53/42010
[ ]Basketball - MenWittenberg men fall short to Wooster in NCAC tourney 11:13/42010
[ ]Basketball - WomenWomen's basketball loses in NCAC title game 10:23/42010
[ ]Politics; HealthA university divided: Student reactions to health care bill1:13/252010
[ ]Opinion; Academics; College LifeDrew: On procrastination5:43/252010
[ ]Student Housing; ReviewsHousing Lottery: Moving from in-your-face to your own space3:13/252010
[ ]Politics; HealthIn case you missed it... Health care bill wrap-up2:13/252010
[ ]Editorials; Health; PoliticsMass health care: mass confusion 5:13/252010
[ ]Lacrosse - MenMen's lacrosses improves record to 4-211:23/252010
[ ]FashionShake off winter doldrums, let the sun shine: The weekly fashion watch8:13/252010
[ ]Sports; Spring break trips gives teams perspective on upcoming season10:13/252010
[ ]Food Services; Weber, RyanThe extra scoop: Behind CDR lines8:13/252010
[ ]Food; ReviewsThe Torch dives into Cereal Bowl 20109:13/252010
[ ]Technology; Philanthropy; Empty Bowls; Art Department;The Torch's take: Empty... consciences?4:13/252010
[ ]Television; PoliticsViewers, don't touch that dial: C-Span will return momentarily4:13/252010
[ ]Alma Mater; Alma Lux2010 Alma Mater, Alma Lux nominees 2:14/12010
[ ]AstronomyA guide to the Spring Sky6:14/12010
[ ]BaseballAs hitting struggles, Tigers lose three 11:14/12010
[ ]American International Association (AIA); Campus Life; Fashion; PhilanthropyFashion show showcases sundry style: The weekly fashion watch 8:14/12010
[ ]Irish Dance Club; Animal Liberation; Student OrganizationsFreshman introduce fresh clubs 9:14/12010
[ ]Reviews; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldHairstyles and hilarity: The story of Mary's Hair Design 4/12010
[ ]Marijuana; DrugsLegalizing marijuana: Dopey idea or all-time American high? 4:14/12010
[ ]Little Sibs WeekendLil' Sibs Weekend 2010: In Pictures3:14/12010
[ ]Lacrosse - MenMen's lacrosses edges out Adrian in high-scoring battle10:14/12010
[ ]Panstingel, Joe; FamilyParental advice: The other gift that keeps on giving 5:14/12010
[ ]Student Senate; ElectionsStudent Senate Election Results 2:24/12010
[ ]Food Services; Gavins, NathanThe extra scoop: Behind CDR lines 9:14/12010
[ ]Opinion; Torch Controversy; TorchThe Torch's Take... Dues paid, time to give timidness the toss 4:14/12010
[ ]SoftballTiger softball: A case of the splits 11:44/12010
[ ]Music; Wittfest; Union BoardWittfest 2010: The Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Bowling For Soup 1:14/12010
[ ]Minter, Katie; Rugby - Women; An up-close and personal look at: Katie Minter10:24/82010
[ ]Basketball; Editorials; Cheering on David: The underdog gets my vote every time4:14/82010
[ ]FashionEmbrace the shoe of the season: The sandal: The weekly fashion watch8:14/82010
[ ]Lacrosse - MenExplosive offensive and solid defense lead Tigers to first NCAC win11:14/82010
[ ]Student Senate; Newly elected leaders have big ideas, but unsure plans for the future3:14/82010
[ ]SoftballSoftball sweeps Case, breaks school record for most runs10:14/82010
[ ]SwearingSpare, superfluous sentence enhancers5:14/82010
[ ]Student Senate; Campus Life; PhilanthropyThe 2010 talent show: the next event from the busy freshman class cabinet3:44/82010
[ ]Food Services; Ryon, ScottThe Extra Scoop: Behind CDR lines8:24/82010
[ ]Motion Pictures; ReviewsThe good, the bad, and the potentially downright ugly: Grab some popcorn and delve into... Summer Movie Preview 20106-74/82010
[ ]Honor Council; AcademicsThe perplexing puzzle of plagiarism 5:14/82010
[ ]Dating; OpinionThe Torch's take: Long-distance bluesx4:14/82010
[ ]Campus LifeTrivia Nights become Trendy: 2009-10 addition to Witt Wednesdays become a hit with students, faculty9:14/82010
[ ]Faculty and Staff; Vanuch, JillWittenberg's nurse Vanuch to retire after eight years of service2:14/82010
[ ]Employment; Motion Pictures; English Department"Last Truck" tells poignant tale of Ohio GM plant closure 2:14/152010
[ ]Computers; Technology2010-11 ream rationing 3:14/152010
[ ]Panstingel, Joe; FamilyAdd another candle: Birthdays just another way to keep score 5:14/152010
[ ]McMahon, Lauren; Soccer - WomenAn up-close and personal look at: Lauren "Mac" McMahon10:14/152010
[ ]Buildings; Blair Hall; CampusBlair Hall Renovations 1:14/152010
[ ]Music; ReviewsDeerhunter presents spectacle of sound 9:14/152010
[ ]Lopez, Mark; Security OfficeHouse Fires, Flipped Cars, and Room Urinators... Oh My!6-74/152010
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni; Kipniss, RobertKipniss: From pauper to paint prince 3:34/152010
[ ]Lacrosse - Men; Lacrosse - WomenLacrosse teams exhibit solid play in first conference games 10:14/152010
[ ]FashionLagerfeld the fashion legend 8:14/152010
[ ]Awards; Hudson, Gerry; Wright, HeatherProfessors to pass their light on to those in Poland, Georgia 3:14/152010
[ ]Editorials; ReligionSilent Pontiff, priests need penance 5:14/152010
[ ]Food Services; EmmaThe Extra Scoop: Behind the CDR lines9:14/152010
[ ]Opinion; Religion; World NewsThe Torch's take...Level the playing field: Justice for the Molested 4:14/152010
[ ]SoftballThis week in photos: Wittenberg softball vs. Ohio Wesleyan11:14/152010
[ ]Steele, Andrew; PhilanthropyBLOOM Africa sprouts on campus8:14/222010
[ ]Boswell, Brooke; SoftballBrooke Boswell earns NCAC Pitcher of the Week award10:24/222010
[ ]Academics; Satire; MajorsFrom Maj. Major Major Major to Major Tom: A major dilemma4:14/222010
[ ]FashionFrom the runway to the stores: Wacky to chic9:14/222010
[ ]Green WittenbergGoing Green1:14/222010
[ ]Panstingel, Joe; StereotypesMean girls: Constantly rocking to the beat of the anointed5:14/222010
[ ]Lacrosse - MenMen's lacrosse posts a program first, beats rival Denison10:14/222010
[ ]Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldMercy Hospital Closes3:44/222010
[ ]Pfeifer, Mary; Track and FieldPfeifer breaks record as track and field teams make strides11:14/222010
[ ]Phi Beta Kappa; School of Community Education (SCE)Phi Beta Kappa sans School of Community Education2:14/222010
[ ]Consumption (Economics) -- Social aspectsRemember When...??? Trends from the '90s6-74/222010
[ ]Seniors; Senior Circle; Class Gifts; Senior Circle gives something back3:14/222010
[ ]Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldSpringfield Symphony plays themselves home2:44/222010
[ ]Food Services; VernaThe extra scoop: Behind the CDR lines8:44/222010
[ ]PoliticsThe Tea Party movement, rallies hit Springfield3:24/222010
[ ]Opinion; Politics; The Torch's take... Our Earth Day epiphanies4:14/222010
[ ]Upward Bound; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldWitt sees students Upward Bound8:14/222010
[ ]Torch; Panstingel, Joe"If you will, I will": Academic attainment achieveable at any age5:14/292010
[ ]Philanthropy; Relay For Life; "Relay" deemed success3:24/292010
[ ]Post 95; Journalism; Green Wittenberg; Study Abroad; Wittenberg, Germany; LaundryA Change Would Do Wiit Good1:14/292010
[ ]Lacrosse - Men; DeOliveira, MarkAn up close and personal look at: Lax's Mark DeOliveira10:14/292010
[ ]Family; Technology; InternetFriending father on Facebook: Definitely dislike or become a fan?5:14/292010
[ ]World News; National News; From the cradle to college graduates: What's happened since 1987 and 19886-74/292010
[ ]Summer Jobs; EmploymentJump on the summer job search8:14/292010
[ ]Livingstone, Amy; BooksLivingstone's book written "out of love"2:24/292010
[ ]Lacrosse - MenMen's lacrosse gets first share of NCAC crown in school history10:14/292010
[ ]Dining Services; TawnyThe extra scoop: Behind the CDR lines8:24/292010
[ ]Torch; Rezayat, MaryamThe Torch's take...Play to your passion: Maryam Rezayat signs off4:14/292010
[ ]Communication Department; Communication Leaders ProgramThis year's Communication Leaders2:24/292010
[ ]FashionWelcome to the world of work(wear)9:14/292010
[ ]Lacrosse - WomenWomen's lacrosse ends season on high note with 16-9 win11:14/292010
[ ]Faculty and Staff; Georges, Corwin; Internships; Wittenberg - Relationship with Springfield"Museum gets new ownership, creates opportunities for Wittenberg"1:019/82010
[ ]Academics; Campus; Faculty and Staff"University ranking system 'mysterious,' flawed"1:019/82010
[ ]"Faculty and Staff; Smith, J. Fitzpatrick; Internet; Technology"A 'real swirl' leads to new discoveries in the classroom5:019/82010
[ ]Sports; Cross CountryCross country starting season on right foot11:029/82010
[ ]Diversity; ReligionDiversity with a side of community8:039/82010
[ ]"Advice; Family; Panstingel, Joe"Don't mess with Mother Nature or you might get ZAP-ped8:019/82010
[ ]Central Dining Room (CDR); Faculty and Staff; Food Services; Ristau, NoahGuest dining passes here to stay2:019/82010
[ ]Buildings; Blair HallImproved education building booms with change3:019/82010
[ ]Editorials; National News; Religion; Politics; DiversityMosque controversy signals our own extremism9:019/82010
[ ]Campus; Buildings; Hollenbeck Hall; Post 95; Food Services; AthleticsNew around Witt6:019/82010
[ ]Sexism; Recreation; PoliticsNo sleep for the (determined) shirtless10:019/82010
[ ]Environmental Issues; Finance; Sustainability Task ForcePaperCut cuts back2:049/82010
[ ]Pocket Lint; EntertainmentPocket Lint brings laughs8:019/82010
[ ]Editorials; National News; Religion; Politics; DiversityProposed mosque hits too close to home9:019/82010
[ ]Entertainment; HumorSix word memoirs10:029/82010
[ ]"International Education; Study Abroad; Faculty and Staff; Frost, Marcia"Students have summer of timeless travels4:019/82010
[ ]Reviews; Motion PicturesThe Kids' is more than alright4:019/82010
[ ]Music; ReviewsTurtles bring radio-worthy music5:019/82010
[ ]Environmental Issues; Sustainability Task ForceWitt goes green in 20102:029/82010
[ ]"Wittenberg Series; Foer, Jonathan Safran; Diavolo; Yeago, David; Lohrmann, Rev. Marcus; Koonz, Claudia; Boshier, Derek; Sellers, Cleveland; Van Dover, Cindy Lee; Music; Gruen, Sara"Witt Series brings full calendar to campus3:019/82010
[ ]Sports; Soccer - WomenWomen's soccer kicks off fall season11:019/82010
[ ]Convocations; National News; Stuntz, Linda"Convocation joins oil spill, students for life lessons"3:029/152010
[ ]"Editorials; Military Service; Panstingel, Joe""Someone tell me, where is the good in goodbye?"9:029/152010
[ ]Torch; Academics; Campus"University ranking system 'mysterious,' flawed"2:019/152010
[ ]Sports; FootballFootball dominates in conference opener10:019/152010
[ ]Reviews; BooksKing Tut mystery sheds light on timeless murder story4:019/152010
[ ]Opinion; World NewsLabels reflect hurt U.S. economy9:019/152010
[ ]Sports; VolleyballLady Tigers bump season competition11:019/152010
[ ]"Faculty and Staff; Marr, John"Marr says goodbye to Witt2:029/152010
[ ]Student Activities; Kayaking ClubNew Kayaking club navigates Witt interest1:019/152010
[ ]"Math Workshop; Faculty and Staff; Lewis, Obed"New workshop advisor does the math3:019/152010
[ ]Opinion; Humor; Residence HallsResidence life the way I see it: A freshman perspective8:029/152010
[ ]Reviews; Motion PicturesScott Pilgrim': a gamer's cinematic dream5:029/152010
[ ]Sports; FootballThe formula for college football [photos]6:019/152010
[ ]Reviews; MusicThe Suburbs' a surefire listening hit5:019/152010
[ ]"Editorials; Parry, Eileen"This I believe 8:019/152010
[ ]Homosexuality; Military Service; Opinion; Politics"Do ask, do tell"9:019/222010
[ ]"Editorials; Politics; Panstingel, Joe""Politics. def. n:Poly ""many""+ tics ""blood-sucking parasites"""9:029/222010
[ ]Music; Reviews"Weezer's ""Hurley"" ""Lost"" its spark"4:019/222010
[ ]Journalism; English Department"Witt Students ""Speakeasy"" from Chi-Town"1:019/222010
[ ]Sports; Cross CountryFreshmen stand out on XC team11:019/222010
[ ]Buildings; Classrooms; StudentsGraffiti or History?6:019/222010
[ ]Sports; Golf - MenHigh hopes for golf10:019/222010
[ ]Diversity; Recreation; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldInteractive CultureFest: A Passport to diversity3:019/222010
[ ]International Education; Study Abroad; Spanish DepartmentMemorable Summer Excursion to South America5:019/222010
[ ]"Sports; Football; McKee, Josh; Osterbrock, Craig"NCAC atheletes of the week11:029/222010
[ ]Homosexuality; Politics; Military ServiceSeventeen-year-old military law deemed 'unconstitutional' by court2:019/222010
[ ]Internships; Communication Department; Student EmploymentStudents sharpen media skills through new internship3:029/222010
[ ]"Music; Werner, Eric"This I believe8:029/222010
[ ]Humor; Internet; Music; Students - RecreationWhat does it take to make a Hit YouTube Video?8:019/222010
[ ]Health; Residence Halls; Student Housing"Bed bug infestation ""bound to happen"""4:029/292010
[ ]Reviews; Entertainment; Television"Join the Club! ""Glee"" returns"8:019/292010
[ ]"Greek Life; Preston, Carol; Burton, Brad""New heads of Greek Life, Student Activities say door is always open"3:029/292010
[ ]"Editorials; Entertainment; Panstingel, Joe""Oh no Don Ho' *, there is a palindrome in my swimming hole"9:019/292010
[ ]Music; Reviews"The Gaslight Anthem ""Brings it On"" in Cincinnati"10:029/292010
[ ]Sports; Football"Tigers tested by Allegheny, but fortunately come out on top"11:019/292010
[ ]"Wittenberg Series; Foer, Jonathan Safran; "Author uses compassion to explore human condition1:019/292010
[ ]"Mayne, Brynne; Awards"Brynne Mayne crowned Miss Ohio Teen USA2:019/292010
[ ]Internet; EntertainmentBustin' manly moves6:019/292010
[ ]Opinion; National NewsContinuing stem cell contriversy obscured by misconceptions and hype9:029/292010
[ ]"Dollinger, Courtnay; Internships"Dollinger lands internship that is out of this world5:019/292010
[ ]Reviews; Motion PicturesLook who's back in town4:019/292010
[ ]"Seniors; College Life; Careers; Wickiser, Matt"Midlife crisis: I'm a senior5:029/292010
[ ]"Faculty and Staff; Provost; Fairbanks, Rick"New provost's cancer battle casts air of uncertainty over academic affairs1:029/292010
[ ]Opinion; TechnologyTexting in class: student privilege or downright rudeness?10:019/292010
[ ]National News; Religion; PoliticsWhen religious fanaticism for some become an affront for all3:019/292010
[ ]"Conkle, Megan; Editorials"" High brow, low brow, no brow"8:0210/62010
[ ]Reviews; Entertainment"""Halo: Reach,"" a promising fourth installment"4:0110/62010
[ ]Health; Health and Wellness Center"Hello fall, hello flu season"2:0110/62010
[ ]Reviews; Music"Jimmy Eat Worl, Re-""Invented"""5:0110/62010
[ ]Opinion; TorchDon't like The Torch? Be proactive9:0110/62010
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities; Greek LifeGreek Week 20106:0110/62010
[ ]Editorials; Panstingel, Joe; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldHistory spoke and I listened9:0210/62010
[ ]Education; National News; PoliticsThe school blues8:0110/62010
[ ]"Ritzi, Bobby; Careers"Where are they now?5:0210/62010
[ ]English Department; PoetryWitt students pass the light of poetry3:0110/62010
[ ]Student Senate; Campus Life; Homosexuality; PoliticsWittenberg Student Senate denounces hateful language1:0110/62010
[ ]Sports; Soccer - WomenWomen's Soccer Continues to Roll11:0110/62010
[ ]Editorials; Politics"""Pledge to America"" politics as usual"8:0110/132010
[ ]"Hassink, Hillary; Health; Cancer""Hillary Hassink ""Don't ever give up"""3:0110/132010
[ ]Clementi, Tyler; Editorials; Homosexuality; Panstingel, Joe"I Promise you, Tyler, I'll Listen"9:0210/132010
[ ]"National News; Astronomy Department; Fleisch, Dan""Newly discovered planet is ""just right"" for life"2:0110/132010
[ ]Reviews; Music"Niel Young's ""Le Noise"" likely to fall into cracks"5:0210/132010
[ ]Editorials; EntertainmentCake: no longer a delicious desert9:0110/132010
[ ]"Religion Department; Nelson, Paul; Majors"Chairman of religion department denies rumors2:0210/132010
[ ]Crime; Homecoming; Security OfficeCriminal charges being filed against Homecoming shooter1:0110/132010
[ ]Sports; Cross CountryCross country continues to make strides11:0210/132010
[ ]Editorials; Entertainment; Faculty and Staff; MusicFaculty band rocks Founders8:0210/132010
[ ]Sports; Field HockeyNew field hockey coach leads team to victory10:0110/132010
[ ]"Wittenberg Pride; Sports; Football; Toewe, Hannes"School Spirit5:0110/132010
[ ]History; EgyptTut's story changes from murders and curses to incest and heresy6:0110/132010
[ ]"Elber, Kristin; Woodard, Lauren; Careers"Where are they now?4:0110/132010
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni; Entertainment; HomecomingWittenberg celebrates Homecoming with alumni1:0210/132010
[ ]Sports; FootballWittenberg regains focus in Homecoming rut11:0110/132010
[ ]Editorials; Panstingel, Joe; Politics; Voting"Go ahead, make my day. Vote!"9:0210/272010
[ ]Books; ReviewsBook review: Change of Heart4:0110/272010
[ ]Entertainment; HalloweenGhost Stories5:0110/272010
[ ]Food; HalloweenHow Katie Sumner gets into the fall spirit8:0110/272010
[ ]Campus; TraditionsNew memorial around the seal recognizes donors2:0210/272010
[ ]Sports; Soccer - WomenSoccer moves closer to regular season conference title11:0110/272010
[ ]Food; HumorThe pursuit of the perfect grilled cheese sandwich3:0110/272010
[ ]"Williams, Corey; Editorials"This I believe: The unanswerable9:0110/272010
[ ]Alcohol; Campus Life; Fashion; FinancesWhat ar you doing for Halloween?6:0110/272010
[ ]National News; Politics; Elections; Republicans; DemocratsWhat to epect for elections2:0110/272010
[ ]"King, Mark; Careers"Where are they now?10:0110/272010
[ ]WUSO; Radio Station; Music; EntertainmentWUSO takes on New York City1:0110/272010
[ ]Political Science Department; Politics; Entertainment"Rally to restore sanity and fear attracts Wittenberg- and 215,000 others"3:0211/32010
[ ]Advice; Editorials; Graduation; Panstingel, Joe"When my cat barks, I'll give up deodorant"9:0211/32010
[ ]Editorials; Elections; Politics; VotingAn outsider's view of the election9:0111/32010
[ ]Colleges Against Cancer; PhilanthropyBoobie Bingo brings out support for cancer research2:0111/32010
[ ]Sports; Swimming and DivingCompeteing against rival creates excitement for upcoming season10:0111/32010
[ ]Athletes for Christ (AFC); Tune, Rachel; Wood Jr., NoleenHoly Ghost Swag teaches about God using dirty laundry and lunch trays3:0111/32010
[ ]Internet; FacebookIs Witt too obsessed?6:0111/32010
[ ]Music; ReviewsJester of Leon?5:0111/32010
[ ]Crime; Police and Security; Thomas LibraryMan arrested for indecent exposure in Thomas Library1:0111/32010
[ ]"Communication Department; Entertainment; Faculty and Staff; Smith, Matthew"Students invited to study popular culture at San Diego's Comic-Con International5:0211/32010
[ ]"Vendeville, Cara; Motion Pictures; Entertainment"This I believe: the Oompa Loompas are the Most Fearsome Creatures in Fictional History8:0111/32010
[ ]Weather; Police and Security; Buildings; Hollenbeck HallTornado Warning reveals flaws in emergency plans1:0211/32010
[ ]"Torch; History of Wittenberg; Football; Edwards, Bill; Kennedy, John F.; Dating; World News"What we wrote4:0111/32010
[ ]Sports; Volleyball - WomenWomen's volleyball win against Juniata11:0111/32010
[ ]Environmental Issues; Finance"PaperCut slices through unnecessary printing, but is it too much?"3:0111/102010
[ ]Sports; Volleyball - Women"Volleyball wins conference,set to host regionals"11:0111/102010
[ ]"Faculty and Staff; Provost; Academics; Copeland, Warren""Witt begins Provost search, again"1:0111/102010
[ ]"Panstingel, Joe; Advice; Politics""Wittenberg Crows - 1, Liberal Elites - 0. Lunch Anyone?"9:0111/102010
[ ]Weaver Chapel; Campus MinistriesChapel hour: beneficial or a waste of time?6:0111/102010
[ ]"Thorgeirsdottir, Hrund; International Education; Study Abroad"Icelandic student right here at Witt5:0111/102010
[ ]Crime; Police and Security; Thomas LibraryMan arrested in Thomas Library not connected to past incidences on Campus2:0311/102010
[ ]"Editorials; DeCourcy, Michael; Politics"Not a typical midterm10:0111/102010
[ ]Residence Halls; Technology; ComputersStudents diss dorm computers2:0111/102010
[ ]Editorials; Politics; Republicans; DemocratsThe death of bipartisanship9:0111/102010
[ ]Editorials; HealthThis I believe: the gift of sleep8:0111/102010
[ ]Torch; History of Wittenberg; Greek Life; Crime; Motion Pictures; Sports; Track and Field; Baseball; Student Senate; Phi Kappa PsiWhat we wrote4:0111/102010
[ ]Careers; Communication DepartmentWhere are they now?4:0111/102010
[ ]Academics; Campus; Faculty and StaffWitt students rank Wittenberg1:0111/102010
[ ]Motion Pictures; Harry Potter; EntertainmentDeathly Hollows hits the hollow4:0211/172010
[ ]Student Housing; Campus Safety; Fires; Fraternities and Sororities; Delta Sigma PhiFire at former fraternity house1:0111/172010
[ ]Daniels, Pam; Faculty and Staff; Food Services; SodexoGrilled cheese redux5:0111/172010
[ ]Food; Environmental Issues; Campus LifeIce cream cones on Alumni Way6:0111/172010
[ ]Music; ReviewsOld 97's new album: best in years8:0111/172010
[ ]Philanthropy; Up 'til DawnStudents raise money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital2:0111/172010
[ ]Advice; Editorials; Health; Panstingel, JoeThe cure for the flu lieswithin yourself9:0211/172010
[ ]"Books; English Department; Faculty and Staff; McClelland, Michael; Dixon, Mimi; Askeland, Lori; Fitz Smith, James"The List'3:0211/172010
[ ]Sports; Volleyball - WomenVolleyball season ends with regional final loss to Calvin10:0111/172010
[ ]"Police and Security; Loney, Carl E.; Technology; Cellular Telephones; Faculty and Staff"What to do in an emergency addressed by Administration and Security3:0111/172010
[ ]"Torch; History of Wittenberg; Buildings; Koch Hall; Politics; Kennedy, John F.; Nixon, Richard"What we wrote5:0211/172010
[ ]Buildings; Dating; Editorials; Faculty and Staff; Humor; Residence LifeWittenberg in need of a makeover9:0111/172010
[ ]"Faculty and Staff; Stockstill Jr., Lowell E; Business Department"Wittenberg mourns passing of Cr. Stockstill1:0211/172010
[ ]Awards; Broz, Stefne Lenzmeier; Communication Department; Cunningham, Sheryl; Faculty and Staff; Waggoner, CatherineCommunication department recieves national reognition2:0212/82010
[ ]Buildings; Koch Hall; Crime; Police and SecurityContinuing thefts in Koch Hall leave students and professors fearfull1:0112/82010
[ ]"Faculty and Staff; Burton, Brad; Student Activities"Director of Student Affairs fired2:0212/82010
[ ]Advice; Editorials; Panstingel, JoeDon't sell wolf tickets without a license10:0212/82010
[ ]Sports; College Life; AdviceI remember: a sports column11:0212/82010
[ ]Holidays; Christmas; GiftsIt's the most wonderful time of the year6:0112/82010
[ ]Fraternities; Lambda Chi Alpha; PhilanthropyLamda Chi Alpha fraternity helped others this season3:0212/82010
[ ]Africa; Cellular Telephones; Dating; Editorials; Facebook; Letters; Philanthropy; Rape; Rowell, Katherine; Sellers, Cleveland; Sexism; Sexual Assault; Technology; Wittenberg Series; World NewsLetters to the Editor: raisong awareness at Witt8:0112/82010
[ ]"Sports; Pfeifer, Mary; Cross Country"Mary Pfeifer returns to Division 3 Championships11:0112/82010
[ ]Internet; Technology; World NewsNew insight from WikiLeaks2:0112/82010
[ ]"Faculty and Staff; History Department; Rosenberg, Scott; Lesotho; Africa; Study Abroad"Rosenberg taking two student groups to Lesotho1:0212/82010
[ ]Technology; Cellular Telephones; AutomobilesTexting and driving: not LOL5:0112/82010
[ ]Torch; History of Wittenberg; Drinking and Traffic Accidents; Campus ActivitiesWhat we wrote4:0112/82010
[ ]Educational Trips; Faculty and Staff; Jurewicz, Sarah; McCormack, Jessica; Reynolds, Steve; WittSemsWittsems step it up this year3:0112/82010