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[ ]Davis, Jordan; Theatre and Dance Department; Reviews; Rosenthal, Dan"Waiting for Godot" premiers at Wittenberg's Blair Theater6:12/52009
[ ]HealthA sweet cough suppressant4:12/52009
[ ]Holidays; WeatherAncient tradition sees shadow4:32/52009
[ ]Average Joe's Fitness ClubAverage Joes take to the gym10:32/52009
[ ]Board of DirectorsBoard members mingle2:42/52009
[ ]Bringardner, Derek; Concerts; Swearing; Music; Racism; Donofrio, David; Chasteen, LeslieExplicit lyrics put Post-it perfrmance in the spotlight1:12/52009
[ ]Games Room; Student UnionGames room renovation update2:32/52009
[ ]Food; NutritionHealthy Options for National Heart Awareness Month10:12/52009
[ ]Politics; Dining ServicesInauguration celebrated on campus1:12/52009
[ ]Sports; Basketball - Men; Basketball - WomenMen's and women's basketbal holding on strong14:12/52009
[ ]Computers; Technology; Environmental IssuesNew software tracks campus printing2:12/52009
[ ]FashionNew Year, New Fashion10:12/52009
[ ]Music; Choiniere, Drew; ReviewsOne Man's Top Fifty Tunes, of 200811:12/52009
[ ]Torch; Torch ControversyPassing a new Torch to the Wittenberg community3:12/52009
[ ]Blagojevich, Rod; Editorials; PoliticsProtecting the rights of all means protecting the rights of one13:12/52009
[ ]Politics; Faculty and Staff; Hasecke, Ed; Political Science DepartmentSen. Voinovich Retires4:12/52009
[ ]Buildings; Firestine Hall; Pranks; Security OfficeSmall explosive detonates in Firestine Hall1:42/52009
[ ]Midgley, Kirsten; Perez, Marisa; Politics; Campus Life; Obama, BarackStudents attend presidential inauguration3:52/52009
[ ]Sports; Swimming and DivingSwimming and diving makes a splash in the NCAC15:32/52009
[ ]Alcohol; Reviews; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldThe age-old question: Station or McMurray's?12:12/52009
[ ]Motion Pictures; ReviewsThe Cinematic Greats of 20088:12/52009
[ ]Reviews; MusicThe Kings of Leon find redemption in "Only by Night"7:12/52009
[ ]Editorials; TorchThe Torch's take...13:12/52009
[ ]Sports; Student Athlete Advisory Committee; Awards; InternetTiger up-loading: Vote for "Tiger of the Week" online14:12/52009
[ ]Buildings; Myers Hall; Traditions; PoliticsWittenberg rings in historic inauguration3:32/52009
[ ]Barrera, Virgilio; Politics; Study AbroadWittenberg students experience inauguration firsthand12:12/52009
[ ]Blood Drives; Student Athletic Advisory CommitteeWittenberg wars with Wooster in a battle for blood15:12/52009
[ ]Athletics; Buildings; Facilities; Health, Physical Education and Recreation Center (HPERC)A set of new rules: cracking down at the HPER center15:12/122009
[ ]Roby, Elizabeth; Academics; DrugsAdderall doesn't add up12:12/122009
[ ]Food; DatingAh, Valentine's Day. Candles, romance, and shoot, a reservation?6:12/122009
[ ]Ice Hockey Club; Ice Hockey; Brickner, Joey; SportsBring out the zamboni: Ice hockey club back on campus15:12/122009
[ ]Books; TechnologyBuying textbooks: Overdue for a digital upgrade?1:12/122009
[ ]Reviews; Motion Pictures; DatingFor the socially inept amongst us, here's a list of movies so you won't even have to talk to your date10:12/122009
[ ]Freshmen; Campus Life; FinancesFreshman Survey2:32/122009
[ ]Technology; Internet; DatingGive up the gadgets: V-day done right13:32/122009
[ ]Academics; Student Senate; WUSO; AthleticsGPA requirements: One size doesn't fit all1:12/122009
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities; Recycling; Willer, EliseGreeks go green4:12/122009
[ ]Campus Life; Dating; Finances; FoodIt's Valentine's Day again, guys get out your wallets6:12/122009
[ ]Music; ReviewsLegendary jam bands to reunite on stage again11:12/122009
[ ]Health and Wellness Center; Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)Love is in the air, and HPV is on our minds7:12/122009
[ ]Eggers, Kelly; Campus Tour Guides; AdmissionsOne tour guide talks back13:12/122009
[ ]Science; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldSaturday science attracts community1: 42/122009
[ ]Black History Month; Concerned Black Students (CBS); Racism; Johnston, NaimaSpeaker at first Black History Month event reminds students to learn from history3:12/122009
[ ]Music; Students - RecreationSweaty fans, sunscreen, portopotties, and jam sessions dominate 2009's summer music scene8:12/122009
[ ]Sports; Basketball - MenThe King or His Airness: Is James better than Jordan?12:12/122009
[ ]Bringardner, Derek; Concerts; Opinion; Internet; Music; Post-it; Swearing; TechnologyThe Torch's take...Email notifications: A help or a hinderance?13:12/122009
[ ]Music; ReviewsWho knew. a lack of protein does not determine ability to rock?11:12/122009
[ ]Athletics; Brown, Brandyn; National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA); Sports; Stuckey, Justin; Winders, Ted; Yuskewich, KatherineWitt athletics represented at NCAA leadership conference14:12/122009
[ ]Sports; National Girls and Women in Sports DayWomen in sports event draws large crowds to Wittenberg's campus14:12/122009
[ ]Finance; Cunningham, James; Union Board"Funny moneyman" with serious advice3:32/192009
[ ]Food; NutritionA healthy option, to help shed those pounds9:12/192009
[ ]Community Service; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldCommunity service office celebrates 20 years of service3:12/192009
[ ]Music; ReviewsDan Auerback, Black Keys frontman flies solo6:12/192009
[ ]Motion Pictures; Reviews; Television; Entertainment; Choiniere, DrewDrew's Oscar Predix '097:42/192009
[ ]Seniors; EtiquetteEtiquette dinner, eating their way to the top of the pile10:12/192009
[ ]Spring Break; Food; Nutrition; ExerciseFeeling sqeamish about slipping into that swimsuit?9:12/192009
[ ]Music; ReviewsGood riddance: The death of the recording industry12:12/192009
[ ]Visitors to Campus; Study AbroadHerzliche wilkommen: Wittenberg welcomes Wittenberg1:12/192009
[ ]Basketball; Mack, Jamie; National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)Jamie's day with J.J. Jumper15:32/192009
[ ]Music; ReviewsLamb of God, A solution to the wrath of mainstream metal10:12/192009
[ ]Martial Arts ClubMartial Arts Club kicks off a new semester14:12/192009
[ ]Basketball - Men; SportsMen's basketball falls short of NCAC rival Wooster14:12/192009
[ ]PoliticsObama's Cabinet looking bare4:12/192009
[ ]Deaths; Faculty and Staff; Smith, Pam Evans; Pam Evans Smith Memorial Scholarship Fund; Basketball - Women; CancerPink Zone: A tribute to seniors and a legendary coach15:12/192009
[ ]Abts, Paul; Bringardner, Derek; Campus Life; Concerts; Editorials; Music; Post-It; Racism; SwearingPost-It reaction blown out of proportion13:12/192009
[ ]Music; Donofrio, David; Delta Sigma Phi; Alcohol; Cart, Ted; Neff, Parker; Beirut, Pat; Reilly, Anna; Kelly, Lauren; Mitchell, Jake; Jones, Chris; ReviewsPost-It returns with plenty of guitars, big vocals, and pelvic thrusts7:12/192009
[ ]Commencement; Seniors; Stengel, Richard; Tomko, AndrewRichard Stengel announced as commencement speaker4:42/192009
[ ]Fashion; Technology; InternetSartorial splendors are only a mouse-click away11:12/192009
[ ]Spring Break; AlcoholShake, Stir, Sip: It's Spring Break!8:32/192009
[ ]Sports; BaseballSports' Fallen Idols12:12/192009
[ ]Spring Break; College LifeSpring Break is nearing fast, make it one to remember8:12/192009
[ ]Opinion; FinanceThe Torch's Take...Credit crisis: It's your money too13:12/192009
[ ]Basketball - Men; Basketball - Women; Sports; Swimming and Diving; Track and FieldWittenberg weekly sports wrap-up14: 32/192009
[ ]Fashion; Ipjian, AndreaWittenberg's Best Dressed: Andrea Ipjian6:12/192009
[ ]Fashion; Fernholz, Katherine; Campus LifeA fashionista speaks 12:12/262009
[ ]WUSO; Campus LifeA new beginning for WUSO: 89.1 The Berg 4:42/262009
[ ]Fleisch, Dan; Faculty and Staff; Physics Department; Books; Internet; National NewsA small review ends with a big trip: Professor hand delivers book to dissatisfied customer 2:32/262009
[ ]Byrnes, Terence; PhotographyAntioch alum Terry Byrnes sees Springfield through the lense 10: 12/262009
[ ]Game Room; Student Union; Student CenterDoppelganger: Game room reopens 1:12/262009
[ ]Berzins, Lauren; Technology; Internet; FacebookLenten journey leads to liberation: How I tried to eliminate Facebook from my life 9:12/262009
[ ]Letters; Post-It; Bringardner, Derek; Swearing; Racism; Music; Technology; Internet; Lamarre, MannyLetter to the editor: Re: Reaction to Post It performance blown out of proportion? 12:12/262009
[ ]Roby, Elizabeth; Family; DeathsLiving with dead people, my house the funeral home 10:12/262009
[ ]Basketball - Men; Sports; Faculty and Staff; Brown, BillMen's basketball looks to end season on a high note in the NCAC tournament 15:12/262009
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities; Phi Kappa Psi; BuildingsPhi Kappa Psi fraternity moving out of house: Safety Reasons Cited 1:12/262009
[ ]Byrnes, Terrence; ColloquiaPhotographer of Springfield visits Wittenberg: Shares creative writing experience 1:42/262009
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentRaise the curtain, Spring theatre preview 2009 7:12/262009
[ ]Body Image; Nemeth, KatieRedefining a new image of beauty 13:12/262009
[ ]Music; ReviewsThe Boss does it again, with "Working on a Dream" 11:12/262009
[ ]Anes, Michael; Chemistry Department; Dudek, Ray; Faculty and Staff; Mathematics Department; Parker, Adam; Psychology Department; Saturday Science Program; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldThe science of sight: High Schoolers come to Wittenberg for science program 3:12/262009
[ ]Opinion; Finance; Financial Aid; Reiber, Kraig; Study AbroadThe Torch's Take...Studying abroad: Equal Opportunity for all? 13:12/262009
[ ]Faculty and Staff; Penney, Craig; Sports; Track and FieldTrack and field wraps up indoor season 14:12/262009
[ ]Basketball - Women; Lacrosse - Men; Sports; Track and FieldWeekend sports wrap-up 15:22/262009
[ ]Finance; Woellert, Drew; Tuition; Campus LifeWitt's benefits > hefty costs 13:42/262009
[ ]Books; Faculty and Staff; Irwin, Ken; Philanthropy; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldWittenberg book drive: Donations help local schools 2:12/262009
[ ]Brym, Adeline; National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA); Smith, Taylor; Sports; Swimming and DivingWomen's swimmer qualifies for NCAA championships 14:12/262009
[ ]Music; Reviews...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead finds new self6:13/52009
[ ]Music; ReviewsDetox/Rehab10: 43/52009
[ ]Environmental Issues; PoliticsEPA to reopen discussion on risks of global warming4:13/52009
[ ]Television; Entertainment; ReviewsFifteen years later, still hanging our with six high schoolers13:13/52009
[ ]BaseballFrom Wittenberg to Winter Haven: Baseball's season preview15:13/52009
[ ]Reviews; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldGet out and get some, culture that is7:13/52009
[ ]Technology; Computers; InternetHalo Wars11:23/52009
[ ]Food; Nutrition; ReligionHomemade Black Bean Burgers11: 13/52009
[ ]Weible, David; College Life; Academics; AdviceHow to take advantage of the fastest four years of your life12:13/52009
[ ]Music; Concerts; Internet; Computers; your source for concert information6:13/52009
[ ]Finance; Tuition; FeesLowest tuition increase in years1:13/52009
[ ]Harris, George; Lacrosse - Men; Lacrosse - Women; Robbins, Katie; SportsMen's and women's lacrosse look to capitalize in 200914:13/52009
[ ]Food; Wittenberg - Relationship with Springfield; WittSemsNot your ordinary "Cup of Joe": WittSem connects local with global around breakfast table9:13/52009
[ ]Music; Internet; Computers; TechnologyRuckus: Music service goes silent1:13/52009
[ ]Sports; Williams, ScottSotally Tober knows how to tailgate8:13/52009
[ ]Music; Concerts; Fernholz, KatherineThe long haul to see Trevor Hall12:13/52009
[ ]Opinion; TheftThe Torch's take...The Torches taken: An untapped resource13:13/52009
[ ]Motion Pictures; ReviewsTick Tock: "The Watchmen: to hit the big screen10:13/52009
[ ]Sports; Track and FieldTrack and field success at Otterbein15:13/52009
[ ]Crew TeamWittenberg crew team participates in MCES at Ohio State15:13/52009
[ ]Tomko, Andrew; FashionWittenberg's Best Dressed: Andrew Tomko11:13/52009
[ ]Music; Wittenberg Choir; ChoirWittenberg's Choir Midwestern tour3:13/52009
[ ]Basketball - WomenWomen's basketball wraps up 2008-2009 season14:13/52009
[ ]Alma Mater; Alma LuxAlma Mater & Alma Lux Candidates4:13/262009
[ ]Student Housing; Geek House; Eco HouseCampus living with a purpose: New themed houses hope to bring change to Witt4:13/262009
[ ]Motion Pictures; Campus LifeCampus Moviefest: Student film competition coming to campus in APril3:13/262009
[ ]Alma Mater; Alma LuxCandidates for the Alma Mater and Alma Lux honors gathered outside the Bayley Alumni House (pic)1:13/262009
[ ]Faculty and Staff; Fry, Maureen; Writing CenterDotting the "i"s and crossing the "t"s: A celebration of Maureen Fry's career in the Writing Center2:33/262009
[ ]World News; DrugsDrug cartel war is raging on in Mexico5:13/262009
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities; Delta Tau Delta; PhilanthropyFraternity's philanthropies: Delta Tau Delta raising "green" on St. Patrick's Day1:13/262009
[ ]Honor Council; Faculty and Staff; Rosenberg, ScottHonor Council in turmoil: Faculty adviser resigns citing outside interference1:43/262009
[ ]Little Sibs Weekend; Union BoardLittle Sibs '0910:13/262009
[ ]National NewsNew Budget faces opposition in Congress2:43/262009
[ ]Seniors; Senior Circle; Class Gifts; ScholarshipsScholarship for Upward Bound student goal of Senior Circle2:13/262009
[ ]Frisbee Golf; Recreation; Campus LifeSenior Slackers share secrets on how to shave serious strokes off your spring FROLF score8:13/262009
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department; Reviews; Turner, Ben; Smith, Evan, Davis, Jordan; Kabbes, DavidTurmoil and Growing Up on the Upper West Side: Strong Performances and bold and brash script bolster6:13/262009
[ ]Sports; Sailing ClubWittenberg to host sailing regatta at C.J. Brown Reservoir3:13/262009
[ ]Music; ReviewsYou too, should hear the new album7:13/262009
[ ]American International Association (AIA); Fashion; Gay-Straight AllianceAIA and GSA convert the CDR into a fashion mecca11:14/162009
[ ]Faculty and Staff; Art Department; McInnis, DanAn interview with Wittenberg's newest Art Professor: Delving into the mind of Dan McInnis (pic on front page)3:14/162009
[ ]Security OfficeAssist in emergency situations12:14/162009
[ ]Alcohol; ReviewsBeer Madness 20098:14/162009
[ ]Communication Department; Communication Leaders ProgramChicago trip highlights Comm Leaders program1:14/162009
[ ]Religion; Sexuality; Condoms; AIDS; World NewsCriticism of Pope's condom comments13:34/162009
[ ]Faculty and Staff; Music Department; Faber, TrudyFaculty Artist Trudy Faber's recital a hit in Weaver Chapel7:14/162009
[ ]Food; AlcoholHave the munchies? We have the solution...6:24/162009
[ ]Alcohol; ReviewsMarch Madness is over, but Beer Madness has just begun10:14/162009
[ ]World NewsMoney on the mind of the G20: London Summit focuses on world economy1:24/162009
[ ]Blair Hall; Buildings; Carnegie Hall; HPERC Facilities and Fields; Koch Hall; Zimmerman HallOld buildings in need of spring-cleaning: Wittenberg readies for rennovations3:24/162009
[ ]Books; Reilly, LindseyReading time remembered13:14/162009
[ ]Sigma Tau DeltaSigma Tau Delta6:14/162009
[ ]Music DepartmentStudent Recital6:34/162009
[ ]Condoms; Opinion; Religion; Sexuality; The Torch's take: Religious ties that bind v. personal views13:14/162009
[ ]National IssuesTicketmaster masters the market: Investigation into the company's market practices2:24/162009
[ ]Rugby - WomenWeekend photos: Women's rugby hosts Mudpigs Classic (pic)15:14/162009
[ ]Sports; BaseballWitt baseball looks to piece together the winning combo15:14/162009
[ ]Relay for Life; CancerWitt prepares for Relay for Life (pic)2:14/162009
[ ]Fashion; Wendt, AlexWitt's Best Dressed: Alex Wendt11:14/162009
[ ]Baseball; Golf; Lacrosse - Men; Lacrosse - Women; Softball; Sports; Tennis - Men; Tennis - Women; Track and FieldWittenberg's weekend sports wrap-up14:14/162009
[ ]Editorials; Music; ; Union Board; Wittfest; Woellert, DrewWittfest could cut costs and increase fun: Get a coverband12:14/162009
[ ]Student Development; Animal RightsCat chaos on campus: Possible threats and solutions3:44/232009
[ ]Music; ReviewsDeath Cab for Cutie's new cut "Narrow Stairs" doesn't quite deliver10:14/232009
[ ]Music; ReviewsFeed the Animals: Girl Talk9:14/232009
[ ]Television; Technology; AdvertisingGates Foundation weaving social messages into TV shows13:14/232009
[ ]Music; ReviewsIt's Blitz!: Yeah Yeah Yeahs9:14/232009
[ ]Letters; Cengel, Lauren; Religion; Sexuality; Condoms; AIDSLetter to the Editor: Re: Pope within his authority to make HIV/AIDS comments12:14/232009
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department; ReviewsMain stage performance of "Red Herring" stellar6:14/232009
[ ]Poetry; Baker, CaitlinMaking Love to Poetry11:14/232009
[ ]Music; ReviewsMerriweather Post Revolution: Animal Collective9:14/232009
[ ]Politics; Student Loans; FinanceObama's student loan plan1:44/232009
[ ]Music; ReviewsRecent mixtape releases display promise for hip-hop's up and comers10:14/232009
[ ]Community Service; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldService celebration extends hand to local youth1:14/232009
[ ]Softball; SportsSoftball looks to capitalize on the road14:24/232009
[ ]Editorials; Eggers, KellySpeed it up, Ohio; slow it down, N.Y.12:14/232009
[ ]Conferences; AcademicsStudents present at national conferences1:14/232009
[ ]Motion Pictures; ReviewsThe Torch's summer movie preview '0911:24/232009
[ ]OpinionThe Torch's take...Addressing "biases" on the Viewpoints page13:14/232009
[ ]Sports; Track and FieldTrack and Field looks to make their presence felt in the NCAC15:14/232009
[ ]Fashion; Midgley, KirstenWitt's Best Dressed: Kirsten Midgley7:14/232009
[ ]Tennis - Women; SportsWomen's tennis sees success in 2008-2009 season14:14/232009
[ ]Music; Reviews"I Love College" rapper tries to rise above the stereotypes11:14/302009
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities; Greek Life; McLaughlin, LauraChi Omega: Moving forward after incident2:34/302009
[ ]Faculty and Staff; Art Department; FinanceConfusion on funding art projects1:14/302009
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department; ReviewsDance concert mixes high art with high fun for hit show10:14/302009
[ ]Brown, Chris; Environmental Issues; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldFlowing into the future: Status and plans for the Springfield waterways2:14/302009
[ ]Editorials; Guns; Human RightsGuns: Problem solvers or causers?12:14/302009
[ ]Concerts; WittFest; Union Board; MusicHellogoodbye brings power pop and ukeleles to the WittFest stage8:14/302009
[ ]Just Eve; ReviewsJust Eve a Hit!6:14/302009
[ ]Sports; Tennis - MenMen's tennis finishes successful season in the NCAC tournament14:14/302009
[ ]Music; ReviewsMiami rapper Rick Ross channels new feuds for new album11:14/302009
[ ]Finance; Student Loans; Financial AidNew loan "bridging" the gap for Wittenbergers2:44/302009
[ ]Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldPlum Street closing3:14/302009
[ ]WittFest; MusicQ&A with the townies9:14/302009
[ ]Editorials; Health; Planned Parenthood; Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)Re: Misinformation in letter: Condoms are effective12:14/302009
[ ]Africana Studies Department; AIDS; Lesotho; AfricaSurviving Wittenberg for an African cause1:34/302009
[ ]Campus Life; TraditionsThe top 10 gen-eds the administration forgot to require13:14/302009
[ ]Administration; OpinionThe Torch's take...Kudos to campus' constant upkeep13:14/302009
[ ]College Life; Food; NutritionWarm Weather Recipes6:24/302009
[ ]Relay for Life; CancerWittenberg fighting cancer one lap at a time3:14/302009
[ ]Graduation; SeniorsBeyond Wittenberg4:15/72009
[ ]WittFest; MusicCampus says 'Hello WittFest' and The Torch says 'Goodbye seniors' (pic)1:15/72009
[ ]Triathlon; Konczak, FranzCelebrating a decade of triathlons (pic)5:15/72009
[ ]Woellert, Drew; Campus Life; Seniors;Looking back, it was the best of times, it was the worst of times...13:15/72009
[ ]Osborne, Tara; Campus Life; SeniorsSenior staffer sums up how she made Witt a success story12:15/72009
[ ]World News; National NewsSeniors, in case you missed it... What happend while you were inside the Wittenberg bubble6:15/72009
[ ]Student Housing; Residence Halls; PetsSome seniors and their secret pets2:35/72009
[ ]Graduation; SeniorsStudents seeking programs after Wittenberg4:25/72009
[ ]Graduation; SeniorsSummer publishing programs: Seniors heading to big cities1:35/72009
[ ]Athletic Department;Student Athletes; SportsTake a look at a few Wittenberg senior athletes... (pic)16:15/72009
[ ]HealthThe spread of swine flu2:15/72009
[ ]TriathlonThe tenth Wittenberg Triathlon (pic)1:25/72009
[ ]Editorials; Graduation; SeniorsThe Torch's take... Editor-in-chief signs out for the '08-'09 eyar13:15/72009
[ ]Athletic Department;Student Athletes; Awards; SportsThis week in sports: Wittenberg SAAC Awards (pic)15:15/72009
[ ]W-Day; Campus Life; Traditions; AlcoholW Day's future brightens as seniors strive to revive tradition1:15/72009
[ ]FashionWitt's fashionista gives tips on how to dress for success10:15/72009
[ ]Skateboarding; McCombs, BenWittDownhill: A look at longboarding at Wittenberg15:15/72009
[ ]Amorello, Lizzie; Lacrosse - Women; Mather, Cait; Seniors; SportsWittenberg's oustanding senior athletes14:15/72009
[ ]Sports; Seniors; Field Hockey; Marshall, Whitney; Sports; Seniors; Soccer - Women; Medid, Suzanne; Banas, Chris; Bates, Andy; Eggers, Kelly; McNeese, Robby; Reed, Ally; Seniors; Sports; Swimming and Diving; Sports; Seniors; Golf; Buchan, Dan; Summe, Chad;Wittenberg's oustanding senior athletes14:45/72009
[ ]Sports; Seniors; Lacrosse - Men; Koppenhafer, Steve; Wismer, Will; Sports; Seniors; Baseball; Thompson, J.T.; Sports; Seniors; Tennis - Men; Tennis - Women;Earhart, Allison; Sundstrom, Kat; Seymour, Brad; Sports; Seniors; Football; Williams, Patrick; HallWittenberg's oustanding senior athletes14:35/72009
[ ]Basketball - Men; Basketball - Women; Cross Country; Dixon, Rachel; Gardner, Katie; Lamarre, Manny; Larkin, Erik; McIlvain, Katie; Murray, Kevin; Osborne, Tara; Savage, Gabe; Seniors; Seniors; Seniors; Shoemaker, Katie; Sports; Sports; Sports; Track and FWittenberg's outstanding senior athletes14:15/72009
[ ]Sports; Seniors; Volleyball; Graham, Kathleen; Kimble, Jessica; Sports; Seniors; Soccer - Men; Borland, Matt; Price, Shane; Sports; Seniors; Softball; Hatcher, Rachel; Ziegler, JulieWittenberg's outstanding senior athletes14:25/72009
[ ]Alcohol; Music; Security Office; WittFestWittFest: Games, bands, and handcuffs3:15/72009
[ ]Reviews; Motion Pictures"Inglourious basterds": One glorious time at the cinema8:19/102009
[ ]Chi Omega; Editorials; Faculty and Staff; Fraternities and SororitiesA day late and a dollar short: Administrative action not adding up4:19/102009
[ ]Buildings; Blair Hall; CampusBlair Hall overhauled1:39/102009
[ ]Health; Health and Wellness CenterCampus battles H1N12:49/102009
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities; Chi OmegaChi Omega sorority dissolved after second chance1:19/102009
[ ]Student HousingCollapsed ceilings, moldy remains: Is the university to blame?3:19/102009
[ ]Sports; Field HockeyField Hockey: Looking to improve11:19/102009
[ ]Sports; GolfGolf teams off to promising start11:19/102009
[ ]Environmental Issues; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldGreen Wittenberg brings Springfield farmer's market to campus5:19/102009
[ ]Reviews; Motion PicturesMovies of summer '09: A season review6:19/102009
[ ]Sports; Wiler-Romans, Greg; TorchOvertime10:19/102009
[ ]Music; ReviewsPost/indie rock group As Tall As Lions brings distinct energy on new album5:19/102009
[ ]Freshmen; New StudentsThe freshman class: At a glance2:39/102009
[ ]Campus Life; OpinionThe Torch's take...Students, learn to appreciate the chaos4:19/102009
[ ]Reviews; Motion PicturesTop 10 most anticipated fall movies7:19/102009
[ ]Sports; Volleyball; Labrador, PacoVolleyball seeks to win top honors10:29/102009
[ ]Academics; Campus; Faculty and StaffWitt recognized in Princeton Review9:19/102009
[ ]Finance; Tuition; Fees; Financial Aid, StudentWittenberg weathers recession woes2:19/102009
[ ]Writing Center; Faculty and Staff; Mattison, MikeWriting Center recently revamped3:19/102009
[ ]Chi Omega; Editorials; Fraternities and Sororities"I'm not a mean girl": One former Chi Omega tells her side of the story5:19/172009
[ ]Community Service; Freshmen2013 takes the plunge3:49/172009
[ ]Communication Department; Faculty and Staff; Smith, MattComic-con crash lands on campus9:19/172009
[ ]Music; ReviewsFlamenco duo Rodrigo y Gabriela set their clocks for success8:19/172009
[ ]Football; Sports; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldFootball welcomes local youth11:19/172009
[ ]Music; ReviewsJay-Z: Still relentless8:19/172009
[ ]Soccer; MurikiOvertime10:19/172009
[ ]Faculty and Staff; Art Department; Dooley, ScottProf's exhibit underway3:49/172009
[ ]Sports; Soccer - Men; Soccer - WomenSoccer team gaining momentum10:29/172009
[ ]Convocation - Opening; Rusk, David; Wittenberg - Relationship with Springfield; Wittenberg SeriesSpringfield's economy: One step forward, two steps back1:19/172009
[ ]Animal Rights; Student DevelopmentStray cats on campus: Inevitable nuisance or ongoing problem?6:19/172009
[ ]Environmental Issues; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldStudents soon to start seeing green3:19/172009
[ ]Motion PicturesSwayze remembered9:49/172009
[ ]Faculty and Staff; Ritter, John; Saturday Science Program; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldTeens take a dip in Buck Creek for Science Saturday Program2:19/172009
[ ]Campus Life; Opinion; EntertainmentThe Torch's take...Is art controversial only when it's bad?4:19/172009
[ ]Editorials; UrbanizationUrging against sprawl4:19/172009
[ ]Africana Studies Department; Lesotho; Africa; Study AbroadWitt brings happiness, playgrounds to Lesotho children1:19/172009
[ ]Global Issues; Middle EastAfghani election fraught with fraud2:19/242009
[ ]Food; FinanceAgriculture's sound alibi4:19/242009
[ ]FashionBringing the NYC fashion trends to Witt9:19/242009
[ ]Sports; Cross CountryC.C. off to a fast start10:19/242009
[ ]Sports; FootballFootball pummels Wash. U. 46-010:19/242009
[ ]Dogs; 4 Paws for AbilityFour Paws for Ability: Dog days are back at Witt1:19/242009
[ ]Global Issues; Middle EastIran: Not compromising2:49/242009
[ ]Music; ReviewsKanye's quip creates controversy5:19/242009
[ ]Music; Kitwana, BakariKitwana: Students can help halt gender stereotypes in rap1:19/242009
[ ]SportsOvertime10:49/242009
[ ]Biology Department; Faculty and Staff; Phillips, Dr. RichardProfessor's projects pertinent to Witt3:19/242009
[ ]Computers; Opinion; Internet; TechnologyThe Torch's take...too much Twitter leading to too much trouble?4:19/242009
[ ]Sports; VolleyballTiger volleyball hosts annual Border Battle11:49/242009
[ ]Sports; Tennis - Men; Tennis - WomenWitt tennis teams still improving11:19/242009
[ ]Art Department; Study Abroad; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldWittenberg students bring Rome to Springfield Museum of Art3:19/242009
[ ]Recreation; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldYellow Springs brings ecclectic culture with upcoming events8:19/242009
[ ]Motion Pictures; Reviews"Gamer" gives moviegoers new sci-fi gore9:110/12009
[ ]Faculty and Staff; Music Department; Busarow, Dr. DonaldBusarow: Set to begin stage one of phase out1:310/12009
[ ]Sports; FootballFootball undefeated after week 310:110/12009
[ ]Wittenberg Series; Mortenson, GregGreg Mortenson preview3:110/12009
[ ]Campus Life; TatoosInked Out: Getting Under Witt's Skin1:110/12009
[ ]Sports; FinanceOvertime10:410/12009
[ ]Restaurants; Reviews; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldRudy's: Fast service and friendly folk8:110/12009
[ ]Pinchot, Sister Diane; Global IssuesSister inspired to do good through SOA rape, murder1:110/12009
[ ]Finance; PoliticsSugary beverage tax: A sweet idea?2:310/12009
[ ]Opinion; SportsThe Torch's take...Double standards in sports spark scrutiny4:110/12009
[ ]Campus Conduct Hotline; EditorialsThoughtcrime, Anyone?5:110/12009
[ ]Sports; Student OrganizationsTiger up with the Witt Tiger Squad11:110/12009
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentWhat happens in the dining room gets revealed in "The Dining Room"8:110/12009
[ ]Music Department; Faculty and Staff; Durrenberger, ChristopherWittenberg professor to play with Springfield Symphony3:110/12009
[ ]Music; Reviews"Muse" album mediocre8:110/82009
[ ]Music; ReviewsCrace shows variety on local record release9:110/82009
[ ]Crace shows variety on local record release.10/82009
[ ]Sports; FootballFootball 2-0 in NCAC11:110/82009
[ ]Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldFree transport for all2:110/82009
[ ]Sports; Golf - MenGolf team breaks records10:110/82009
[ ]Politics; GamblingGrumbles on gambling5:110/82009
[ ]Health; PoliticsHealth care forum addresses concerns of students, community3:110/82009
[ ]Sports; Soccer - Women; Riker, NormHistoric win over OWU11:110/82009
[ ]Health; HIV (virus); Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)HIV vaccine: New hope?1:310/82009
[ ]Wittenberg Series; Mortenson, GregHumanitarian, author proposes peace through education3:110/82009
[ ]Sports; BasketballOvertime10:410/82009
[ ]Faculty and Staff; History Department; Proctor, Tammy; BooksProctor honors and celebrates impact of Girl Scouts1:110/82009
[ ]Campus Life; Coleman, DavidReal-life "Hitch": a real hit at Witt8:310/82009
[ ]Dick, Jennifer; Seniors; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldSenior gains real-life experience in courtroom9:110/82009
[ ]Technology; Cellular Telephones; InternetThe Torch's take..."Sexting": How much skin is too much?4:110/82009
[ ]Student Senate; Freshmen"Mobama" and '13 crew take office3:110/152009
[ ]Editorials; GunsBe careful what you wish for: An unlikely journey from boy to man5:110/152009
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS); Welch, LaurenCBS president ousted after leadership questioned1:110/152009
[ ]Sports; Field HockeyFH team making strides10:410/152009
[ ]Foreign Study; Religion; Drapkin, LeahFinding peace amongst the conflict: One woman's life-changing semester in the Holy Land6:110/152009
[ ]Motion Pictures; Campus LifeFor your viewing pleasure2:110/152009
[ ]Sports; GolfGolf team still on top11:110/152009
[ ]Student Activities; Gay-Straight Alliance; Shepard, MatthewGSA remembers Shepard1:110/152009
[ ]Health; Health and Wellness Center H1N1 makes debut on Witt's campus2:310/152009
[ ]Entertainment; EthicsKI: Authentic or offensive?3:110/152009
[ ]Post-It; Student Senate; Concerts; ReviewsNew artists displayed at Post It8:310/152009
[ ]Sports; Football; Pryor, TerrelleOvertime11:410/152009
[ ]Animal Rights; Editorials; Student DevelopmentRe: Readers write in concerning recent campus cat conundrum4:110/152009
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department; ReviewsSpend some time in "The Dining Room"8:110/152009
[ ]Exercise; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldStaying active as Autumn arrives9:310/152009
[ ]Sports; Soccer - WomenSteady start for soccer in NCAC10:110/152009
[ ]FashionThe lowdown on leggings4:110/152009
[ ]Philanthropy; Technology; InternetThe Uniform project: creativity for charity9:110/152009
[ ]Faculty and Staff; English Department; Jones, Mary EllenWitt: Farewell to Jones1:310/152009
[ ]Motion Pictures; Reviews"Paranormal" meets eery expectations9:110/292009
[ ]Health; Health and Wellness CenterCampus H1N1 update3:110/292009
[ ]Student Center; Student Senate; Student Development; Campus LifeFounders: Classic campus space gets a facelift1:110/292009
[ ]WUSO; Radio Station; Campus Life; Powers, AnthonyLack of participation may cause WUSO to collapse1:110/292009
[ ]Finance; Lacrosse - Women; SportsLaxathon raises money11:110/292009
[ ]Motion Pictures; ReviewsLong-awaited adaptation fails to meet expectations8:310/292009
[ ]Sports; FootballNext on the football "hit list": Denison10:110/292009
[ ]Politics; Obama, Barack; AwardsNobel bequeathed to Barack baseless?5:110/292009
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni; Pocket LintStudent improv group returned to home turf during Homecoming8:110/292009
[ ]Communication Department; Faculty and Staff; Smith, MattStudents invited to study popular culture at Comic-Con3:110/292009
[ ]Motion Pictures; ReviewsThe top 10 horror movies you've never seen7:110/292009
[ ]Philanthropy; Fashion; Matheiken, SheenaThe Torch's take...Getting our thrift on: A realistic reces-4:110/292009
[ ]Sports; VolleyballVolleyball clinches regular season NCAC title10:110/292009
[ ]Recycling; Environmental Issues; Swindler, KelseyWaste audits: Getting down and dirty2:310/292009
[ ]Music; Reviews"No Ceilings" mixtape lifts Wayne higher8:111/52009
[ ]Tough, Paul; EducationAuthor chronicles reform1:311/52009
[ ]Television; Technology; EntertainmentBad parenting: Good TV?4:111/52009
[ ]Miller, Marshall; Lopez, Melissa; SexualityBoth males and females alike openly discuss the female 'O'3:111/52009
[ ]Wittenberg PrideBring it on, Wooster10:111/52009
[ ]Music; ReviewsBTBAM tries artistic effects on latest album8:111/52009
[ ]Alcohol; Dating; Editorials; MusicClosing time effect: Lab partner by day, prince charming by night5:111/52009
[ ]Project Woman; Womyn's CenterClothesline Project brings sexual assault awareness1:111/52009
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni; Concerts; Donofrio, David; Post-It; Student SenateDonofrio back at "Post It"9:111/52009
[ ]Sports; FootballFootball still undefeated11:111/52009
[ ]Health; Health and Wellness CenterH1N1: Priorities first9:111/52009
[ ]Sports; Basketball - WomenLady Tigers set for success10:111/52009
[ ]Sauer, Rev. Kenneth H.; ReligionLutheranism reshaped2:111/52009
[ ]Sports; Basketball - MenMen's Basketball Preview11:111/52009
[ ]Sports; Swimming and Diving - Men; Erenpreiss, MattNCAC Athlete of the Week10:411/52009
[ ]Campus Life; Opinion; FinanceThe Torch's take...Founders falling flat simply a trend of the times?4:111/52009
[ ]Community Service; Make a Difference Day; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldWitt makes a difference1:111/52009
[ ]Community Service; Make a Difference Day; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldWitt makes a difference3:111/52009
[ ]Campus Life; Music3x30: Informal, creative8:411/192009
[ ]Administration; Bladh, Dr. Kenneth; Erickson, Mark; Faculty and StaffBladh's sudden resignation sign of unsure times1:511/192009
[ ]Sports; Cross CountryCC teams have successful seasons11:111/192009
[ ]Diversity; Student Organizations; Faculty and Staff; Rosenberg, ScottDiscussions of race at Witt a long time coming3:111/192009
[ ]Sports; FootballFootball clinches NCAC, heads to playoff game Saturday10:111/192009
[ ]Wittenberg Guild; FinanceGuild projected to raise a million8:111/192009
[ ]Campus Life; EditorialsIs college kids' complaining muddying student morale?5:111/192009
[ ]O'Neill, Joseph; Books; ReviewsO'Neill: Enjoy the journey3:411/192009
[ ]Finance; Faculty and Staff; Wittenberg Enrollment; Administration; Erickson, MarkPoor economy, conflict with president result in faculty unrest1:111/192009
[ ]Editorials; Obama, Barack; PoliticsPresident Barack Obama: Too much image, not enough action4:111/192009
[ ]Politics; Morgan, Seth; College RepublicansState rep confident in party's future2:311/192009
[ ]Thanksgiving; Food; FinanceThe Torch's guide to a Happy Thanksgiving; The best bang for your buck: A closer look at Black Friday sales6:111/192009
[ ]Opinion; Faculty and Staff; FinanceThe Torch's take: Faculty: Best face forward despite recent unrest4:111/192009
[ ]American International Association (AIA); DiversityWitt students represent2:111/192009
[ ]Sports; Soccer - WomenWomen's soccer ends season with loss in playoffs11:111/192009
[ ]Ebler, Kristin; Editorials; Graduation; Seniors"I don't have a plan": A senior's take4:312/102009
[ ]Motion Pictures; Reviews"Precious" chronicles a boulevard of broken dreams9:112/102009
[ ]Recycling Program; POWER; Green WittenbergAudits uncover Witt's wasteful ways3:312/102009
[ ]Sports; FootballFootball ends 2009 season at 12-110:112/102009
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities; RecyclingGreek Houses go green!9:412/102009
[ ]Holidays; HanukkahHanukkah: Happy Jewish holiday losing some of its chutzpah?5:112/102009
[ ]Union Board; Music; ReviewsKingston de-throned8:112/102009
[ ]Sports; Basketball - MenMen's basketball on a roll at 4-110:112/102009
[ ]Kazez, Daniel; Music Department; TechnologyMusic prof's iPhone application rings Wittenberg's name2:112/102009
[ ]National Issues; Iraq War (2003- )Obama to deploy 30,000 overseas1:312/102009
[ ]Union Board; Music; ReviewsStudents, Union Board left frustrated after Kingston concert1:112/102009
[ ]Sports; Swimming and DivingSwim team looks to underclassmen11:112/102009
[ ]HolidaysThe Torch Presents: Great Gift Ideas for the Cashstrapped College Student6-712/102009
[ ]Choiniere, Drew; Torch; Cronkite, Walter; DeathThe Torch's take... "And that's the way it is": Drew Choiniere signs off4:112/102009
[ ]Sports; Basketball - WomenW. Basketball wins NCAC opener11:112/102009
[ ]Family; Holidays; Christmas; Hull, HailyWell, Virginia, can you keep a secret? Not all is lost with the truth5:112/102009
[ ]Wood, Molly; TechnologyWood blogs, world reads3:112/102009