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[ ]Fraternities and Sororities'Twas the Night Before Christmas, Greek-style9:11/282003
[ ]Convocations; Bond, JulianBond Speaks at Convocation, Encourages Change1:11/282003
[ ]International EducationComing Home to Witt's Campus7:41/282003
[ ]Student UnionFree New Releases Right Around the Corner4:11/282003
[ ]PoliticsGovernor Taft Targets Medicaid, Cites Deficit1:11/282003
[ ]Student HousingJuniors in Dorms and No Caesar Salad Dressing3:11/282003
[ ]Movie ReviewsJust Married: One Big Laugh7:11/282003
[ ]GraffitiLetter to the Editor5:11/282003
[ ]National NewsRecord Companies Settle $143 Million Suit2:11/282003
[ ]Senior Art ShowSenior Art Show to Be Held at Java House3:41/282003
[ ]Emigh, Carolyn; Porter, Megan; Porter, MeredithSenior Spotlight: Three Girls and Good Times at Wittenberg8:11/282003
[ ]ReviewsShots From The Cupola6:31/282003
[ ]World NewsStudents Take a Stand to Make Bush Stand Alone6:11/282003
[ ]Rolf, KateTiger of the Week11:31/282003
[ ]Bush, Everett H.; Mohr, RichardWitt Alumnus, Ex-Prof Succumb3:11/282003
[ ]Track and FieldWitt Track & Field Off And Running11:11/282003
[ ]Gay-Straight AllianceWittenberg Establishes Safe Zones Across Campus2:11/282003
[ ]TriathlonWittenberg to Host Triathlon7:11/282003
[ ]Golf - WomenWittenberg Will Add Women's Golf as 23rd Varsity Sport10:31/282003
[ ]World News'Columbia' goes down over TX, eight lost1:42/42003
[ ]Communication Department2003 Graduates First to Receive Communications as Major2:12/42003
[ ]Tenney, AliceAlice tenney to Retire after 26 Years of Service3:12/42003
[ ]Gerber, Jayne; Calloway, EricaBig W Award9:12/42003
[ ]Bridges to CommunityBridges to Community co-hosts Benefit for Los Rios9:12/42003
[ ]Campus; Physical PlantCampus Clean Up15:12/42003
[ ]Politics; Political Science DepartmentCongressman Hobson Speaks at Poli-Sci Colloquium1:12/42003
[ ]Womyn's Center; Dietrich HouseDietrich house, Womyn's Center resurrected3:12/42003
[ ]Seniors; Registrar; EditorialsDo it right or don't do it at all6:12/42003
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesGirls Just Wanna Have Fun5:12/42003
[ ]World News; EditorialsIn memory of those who flew on Columbia6:12/42003
[ ]Basketball - MenMen's Basketball In Early Three-Way Battle with Wooster aned OWU for NCAC Championship13:12/42003
[ ]Track and Field - MenMen's Track Team Breaks NCAC Record12:52/42003
[ ]Music ReviewsMusic Review: The Flaming Lips9:32/42003
[ ]Student HousingNew Apartments Coming Soon to Wittenberg2:12/42003
[ ]Student HousingNew Housing Policy: Punishing Students7:12/42003
[ ]Crew TeamRent-A-Rower to Help Crew Raise Funds for Boat5:42/42003
[ ]Rumschlag, Joe; Riger of the WeekRumschlag off to the Races13:32/42003
[ ]International Education; Spanish DepartmentSpeaking Spanish at Witt: A new way o communicate on campus15:32/42003
[ ]Tea with the FeministsTea with Feminists a Big Success at Wittenberg8:12/42003
[ ]Financial Aid, Student; TuitionTuition, Financial Aid Increases for 2003-20041:12/42003
[ ]Union Board; WittFestUnion Board Books Band for this Year's Wittfest8:12/42003
[ ]Wittenberg SeriesWitt Series features Jose Limon Dance Company5:42/42003
[ ]Basketball - WomenWomen's B-Ball Undefeated in NCAC12:12/42003
[ ]Kingston, Maxine Hong; Wittenberg SeriesBest-selling author speaks at Witt3:32/112003
[ ]Bishop, AmberBishop breaks Women's Tiger Basketball Record12:52/112003
[ ]Academic HonestyCelia's nefarious guide to plagiarism at Wittenberg11:12/112003
[ ]Surowicz, Connie; VolleyballConnie Surowicz accepts head volleyball job at Ashland University12:12/112003
[ ]Common LearningCould this be the end of Common Learning?3:12/112003
[ ]SportsEmphasis on Women14:42/112003
[ ]F. L. Y. ConferenceFun at 2003 F.L.Y. conference3:32/112003
[ ]Random Acts of Kindness WeekGive someone a hug, it's RAOK week6:12/112003
[ ]Student ActivismGood ol' American boycott: alive and well today7:12/112003
[ ]FashionHot new fashions for spring8:12/112003
[ ]Mathematics DepartmentMath teachers wanted15:42/112003
[ ]World NewsNASA disaster leaves nation speechless and shocked4:12/112003
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentPerformance art center at Wittenberg a necessity?2:12/112003
[ ]Physical PlantPhysical Plant attempts to keep up with winter weather1:12/112003
[ ]Ryan, Colleen; Henderson, Amy; Janney, Stephie, Webb, NatalieSenior Spotlight9:12/112003
[ ]Senior Wine and Cheese; Graduation; Viost, JudithSeniors go from wine and cheese to children's books2:12/112003
[ ]Graduation; SeniorsSeniors prepare for plans after graduation5:12/112003
[ ]World NewsShots From The Cupola7:32/112003
[ ]International EducationSpeaking Spanish at Witt15:12/112003
[ ]AlcoholStudent speaks out against drunkards11:12/112003
[ ]F. L. Y. ConferenceStudents find leadership within themselves5:12/112003
[ ]Pre-health ClubSwim for diabetes8:42/112003
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentTheatre produces Electra9:32/112003
[ ]Central Dining Room (CDR); Food Services; Food; RestaurantsThere are some good alternatives to CDR7:12/112003
[ ]Searcy, RebeccaTiger of the Week: Freshman Rebecca Searcy swimming past records, towards national meet13:12/112003
[ ]Registrar; Tucker, MiriamTucker takes over Office of Registrar3:12/112003
[ ]Wittenberg Series; Shanghai CircusWitt hosts Shanghai Circus8:12/112003
[ ]Security OfficeWitt security deserves to get some credit every once in a while, too6:12/112003
[ ]Wittenberg Series; Clift, Eleanor; Brazaitis, Tom; World Events; Iraq War (2003- )Wittenberg ponders possible war with Iraq1:22/112003
[ ]Basketball - WomenWomen's basketball inching closer to NCAC regular season title13:42/112003
[ ]Yuskewich, SarahYuskewich Appears in Sports Illustrated12:52/112003
[ ]Boyd, Bob"Bob is coming . . . " do you know Bob?5:12/182003
[ ]Vanhorn, Rocky; WandaBig W Award10:32/182003
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS); Robinson, BruceCBS member of the month2:42/182003
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesDelta Sigma Theta hosts talent show extravaganza8:12/182003
[ ]Solution Center; ComputersE-mail or campus boxes: is it time for a change?3:12/182003
[ ]Editorials; Physical Planteditorial6:12/182003
[ ]Mumper, Kristen; Ellison, DemetriusEllison, Mumper, named NCAC Athletes of the Week13:32/182003
[ ]Gay-Straight AllianceGSA Travels to Columbus11:12/182003
[ ]Ivery, SkipIvery wins at All-Ohio Meet13:42/182003
[ ]Upward BoundJob opportunities15:12/182003
[ ]WeatherLet it snow at Witt!2:22/182003
[ ]Ramsey, LesleyNCAC Coach of the Year13:52/182003
[ ]College LifeNothing more awesome than people at Witt7:12/182003
[ ]Tipson, BairdPresident Tipson speaks out in favor of higher education1:12/182003
[ ]AbortionPro-Choice does no mean Anti-Life7:12/182003
[ ]Raise Your VoiceRaise Your Voice2:42/182003
[ ]Residence HallsRas share insight5:42/182003
[ ]ReviewsRecruit well worth the ticket price8:12/182003
[ ]International EducationSpeaking Spanish at Witt15:12/182003
[ ]Union Board; Concerned Black Students (CBS)Step Afrika proclaimed a big hit5:12/182003
[ ]World News; S.O.I.I.; Iraq War (2003- )Student in opposition to invasion of Iraq organize a peace panel2:12/182003
[ ]Bishop, AmberTiger of the Week13:12/182003
[ ]ReviewsWinning picks for Oscar night9:32/182003
[ ]AdministrationWitt student speaks out on 'real' administration policies6:12/182003
[ ]Basketball - MenWittenberg avanges Wooster at home, 61-5512:12/182003
[ ]Volleyball ClubWittenberg men's club volleyball team wins first-ever tournament13:12/182003
[ ]Black History MonthWittenberg remembers great black history leaders1:12/182003
[ ]RecyclingWittenberg students talk trash and start recycling3:12/182003
[ ]Basketball - WomenWomen's basketball clinches NCAC regular season title with 14th straight win, 66-51 over Scots12:32/182003
[ ]Bridgman, Nancy; AwardsBig W Award8:42/252003
[ ]Editorials; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldCan we please grow up already?6:12/252003
[ ]National NewsClub disasters spark fears3:12/252003
[ ]Crew TeamCrew team off to a good start at Indoor Rowing Championship13:12/252003
[ ]Duhamel, DeniseDuhamel shares poetry9:42/252003
[ ]Empty BowlsEmpty Bowls fundraiser10:12/252003
[ ]Raise Your VoiceGo ahead and . . . Raise Your Voice3:42/252003
[ ]Music Department; Gould, Michael; Iwazaki, ChiekoGould, Iwazaki perform Japanese instruments5:12/252003
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentGreek tragedy meets the Middle East in Electra5:12/252003
[ ]ReviewsHow to Lose a Guy gets laughs9:12/252003
[ ]McClelland, MichaelMcClelland's novel, 'Oyster Blues,' a humorous escape9:12/252003
[ ]Swimming and Diving - Men; Swimming and Diving - WomenMen and women's swim & dive finish seasons strong at the NCAC meet12:12/252003
[ ]World Events; Politics; Iraq War (2003- )Open forum airs concerns over pending Iraqi war1:12/252003
[ ]Student HousingRenting lottery info2:32/252003
[ ]Forshey, LeighAnn; Grossman, Jennifer; Helf, AndreaSenior Spotlight10:32/252003
[ ]Weather; CampusSnow day policy puts faculty, staff in uproar2:12/252003
[ ]International EducationSpeaking Spanish at Witt15:12/252003
[ ]VandalismSpray-painted cars and Coca-Cola trucks1:12/252003
[ ]AbortionStudent speaks out on abortion column6:12/252003
[ ]Emmons, RodTiger of the Week13:32/252003
[ ]Mumper, Kristen; Track and FieldTrack & Field shattering records, competition heading towards NCAC Division III championships13:32/252003
[ ]World NewsUS protests: No War6:12/252003
[ ]Physical PlantWitt needs to do more to ensure student safety7:12/252003
[ ]College LifeWitt students hooked to reality television specials8:12/252003
[ ]AlcoholWitt students: "slip on down to the oasis"7:12/252003
[ ]Basketball - WomenWomen's basketball sweeps NCAC foes, Denison: Witt top seed in converence tournament12:32/252003
[ ]Scott, Barry; Union Board"I have a dearm" to be MLK, Jr.2:13/42003
[ ]International EducationA semester away from Witt2:13/42003
[ ]Affirmative ActionAffirmative action: applying a band-aid for a bullet wound7:13/42003
[ ]Heard, Adrienne; Springfield Public LibraryAuthor at Springfield Library3:13/42003
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Concerned Black Students sponsor Unity Week at Witt5:43/42003
[ ]East Asian Studies DepartmentCultural Japan boasts fashion, form and festival dance5:13/42003
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesDelta Gamma sorority hosts first annual Dinner in the Dark8:33/42003
[ ]East Asian Studies DepartmentEast meets West: cultural program brings a piece of Japan and offers insight to Wittenberg students9:13/42003
[ ]Editorials; Student Housingeditorial6:13/42003
[ ]ReviewsGods and Generals: a history lesson with a twist9:13/42003
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesGreek scholarship dessert, awards presented1:13/42003
[ ]Mortar BoardMortar Board anyone?3:43/42003
[ ]Foreign Languages DepartmentNew foreign language added2:33/42003
[ ]College LifeOde to the Bar11:53/42003
[ ]Financial Aid OfficeOhio Choice Grant cut again3:13/42003
[ ]Athletic DepartmentPoll: demands on student athletes rising1:13/42003
[ ]AbortionProfessors speak out on abortion opinion6:13/42003
[ ]SeniorsShots From The Cupola7:13/42003
[ ]Sociology DepartmentSociology majors present theses5:13/42003
[ ]International EducationSpeaking Spanish at Witt2:13/42003
[ ]SeniorsSpring is just around the corner and senioritis is in the air7:13/42003
[ ]STANDSTAND spring break trip to Nicaragua1:33/42003
[ ]Archery ClubTiger news & notes13:33/42003
[ ]Ivery, Skip; Longley, Kevin; Rolf, KateTiger news and notes13:43/42003
[ ]Harris, B.J.; Longley, KevinTiger of the Week13:33/42003
[ ]Philanthropy; Residence HallsTower Hall date auction successful for local charity8:13/42003
[ ]Basketball - MenWitt Tigers lose to Allegheny Gators in NCAC semifinal game, 73-7213:13/42003
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesWittenberg Greeks celebrate National Badge Day10:13/42003
[ ]Basketball - WomenWomen's basketball makes history, overcomes OWU Bishops to win NCAC tourney title, 72-5812:13/42003
[ ]Budney, MikeWUSO DJ of the Week8:43/42003
[ ]Alma Mater; Alma LuxAlma Mater, Alma Lux Candidates Announced2:33/252003
[ ]World News; Iraq War (2003- )American involvement in Iraq necessary7:13/252003
[ ]World NewsBush's Shameful War6:13/252003
[ ]Little Sibs WeekendCarnival, tropical pool party planned for Little Sibs8:13/252003
[ ]Community ServiceCelebrate Service Day3:43/252003
[ ]Chapter 6 (band); Union Board; ConcertsIllinois-based Chapter 6 jazzes up Wittenberg9:13/252003
[ ]World News; Iraq War (2003- )Iraqi war: Wittenberg reacts1:23/252003
[ ]BaseballMen's baseball off to ahot start to season, at the plate13:13/252003
[ ]Academic Integrity; Honor CouncilNew Honor Council formed3:13/252003
[ ]Empty BowlsNinth Annual Empty Bowls to be held April 3 in Shouvlin5:13/252003
[ ]Secret SocietiesSecret Societies: What is their point?6:33/252003
[ ]Banich, Tony; Kurth, Quin; Lackmeyer, Jim; D'Andrea, AllenSenior Spotlight9:13/252003
[ ]World NewsShots From The Cupola7:43/252003
[ ]International EducationSpeaking Spanish at Witt3:13/252003
[ ]Union Board; Witt IdolStudents vie to become Witt Idol10:13/252003
[ ]World NewsSupport out troups regardless of your opinions of the war and the President6:13/252003
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentThe Dreyfus Affair is coming3:43/252003
[ ]World News; Iraq War (2003- )War in Iraq may weaken American alliances7:13/252003
[ ]Ivery, Skip; Searcy, Rebecca; Rader, SteveWinter sports season comes to a close with much team, individual success in NCAC division12:13/252003
[ ]Ikeda, Yoshiro; Ikeda, Ester; Wittenberg SeriesWitt Series features guest ceramic artists5:43/252003
[ ]Women's History MonthWittenberg celebrates Women's History Month1:13/252003
[ ]Solinger, RickieWittenberg receives lesson on female poverty and welfare2:13/252003
[ ]Spring BreakWittenberg students survive spring break adventures8:13/252003
[ ]Lacrosse - WomenWomen's lacrosse starts season at Spring Fling Challenge in Panama City, Florida13:43/252003
[ ]Rugby - WomenWomen's Rugby ready for spring season action13:13/252003
[ ]Little Sibs Weekend'Lil sibs bring life and laughter to Witt students5:14/12003
[ ]Alma Lux; Copeley, Aaron W.; Olsen, Bret A.; Castle, Colin B.; Domingus, Jeff L.; Woods-Koppitch, Matthew R.Alma Lux candidates3:14/12003
[ ]Alma Mater; Stock, Chenoa M.; Buchenroth, Katie; Krotine, Leah M.; Unertl, Sarah M.; Henrickson, Sarah E.Alma Mater candidates2:44/12003
[ ]Nafisi, AzarAuthor, activist to speak at Witt3:24/12003
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesCampus groups deserve respect from underclassmen7:34/12003
[ ]Boughrum, Jordan; Klemp, Josh; Theatre and Dance DepartmentChick Plays, two seniors' humorous final production8:14/12003
[ ]Common LearningCommon Learning under construction1:44/12003
[ ]Africana Studies DepartmentDiscussing the Wives of Sango3:34/12003
[ ]Campus; Student HousingHistorical charm disappearing at Witt7:14/12003
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department; Cornish, AnthonyLonder director brings dreamy, new interpretation to Shakespeare play5:14/12003
[ ]Student IMPACTMake an IMPACT15:54/12003
[ ]Affirmative ActionMarch for affirmative action today1:34/12003
[ ]CampusMerger may lead to Witt expansion1:14/12003
[ ]Secret Societies; BepotesMonkees: not a secret society, but a family of friends6:14/12003
[ ]Bridges to Community;NicaraguaNicaraguan Bridges trip rewarding, powerful7:14/12003
[ ]Student HousingNo strangers, but students may be split up2:14/12003
[ ]Letter to the EditorOpinion pieces must require labels6:34/12003
[ ]Fog, Merritt; Threlkeld, Lauren; Rolf, Kate; Richard, Annie; Rose, ChristieSenior Spotlight8:34/12003
[ ]International EducationSpeaking Spanish15:14/12003
[ ]Iraq War (2003- ); ProtestsStudents fast to protest war in Iraq2:34/12003
[ ]Lacrosse - MenWitt men's lacrosse winners of two-straight after starting 0-213:34/12003
[ ]SportsWittenberg finishes 14th in winter Sears Directors' Cup standings12:14/12003
[ ]Rugby - WomenWomen's rugby wins big in first game of the season12:54/12003
[ ]SoftballWomen's softball team coming alive before NCAC play begins this week13:14/12003
[ ]Reviews"Chicks" ban is UnAmerican7:24/112003
[ ]SportsA day in the life of a Wittenberg Athlete12:14/112003
[ ]Kuss Science CenterAnnual research symposium to be held in Kuss Science Center3:34/112003
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesCampus groups disrespectful to students7:14/112003
[ ]Student HousingCampus housing policy not favorable6:14/112003
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS); Unity MarchCBS celebrates diversity with annual Unity March8:14/112003
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS to hold annual formal3:54/112003
[ ]Education DepartmentEducation program to be inspected for national accreditation2:14/112003
[ ]IMANI Gospel ChoirGospel choir informs many about name that inspires5:14/112003
[ ]Gay-Straight AllianceGSA observes National Day of Silence for third year at Witt3:14/112003
[ ]Jackson, Jesse, Jr.Jesse Jackson Jr. visit cancelled3:34/112003
[ ]Literary SocietiesLove of literature draws students, faculty together5:14/112003
[ ]VOICESMany unite to celebrate ideas and accomplishments of women5:34/112003
[ ]Tennis - MenMen's tennis atop the NCAC standings13:34/112003
[ ]CampusPlans for Woodlawn include outdoor dining and red bricks1:14/112003
[ ]Schafer, Collin; Spittle, Steve; Below, Dan; Engstrom, Ryan; Comer, Jason; Cash, MattSenior Spotlight9:14/112003
[ ]International EducationSpeaking Spanish at Witt15:14/112003
[ ]Alma Mater; Alma Lux; Stock, Chenoa; Castle, ColinStock and Castle, announced Alma Mater and Alma Lux1:34/112003
[ ]EditorialsThe "Wittenberg phnomenon"6:24/112003
[ ]Barnes, Becky; Rumschlag, Joe; Walters, BethTiger news & notes12:54/112003
[ ]Rader, SteveTiger of the Week13:34/112003
[ ]Athletic Department;Student AthletesWitt student-athletes earn academic honors13:14/112003
[ ]RegistrarWittenberg registration: equal is fair7:14/112003
[ ]EditorialsWittenberg: a democracy or dictatorship?6:14/112003
[ ]The WittMen CrewWittMen Crew concerts benefit local music programs8:14/112003
[ ]Nafisi, AzarWomen's rights activist speaks at Witt2:34/112003
[ ]Seniors; Sports12:15/62003
[ ]FootballAlabama football coach loses job, reputation, $10M14:15/62003
[ ]GamblingAthletes, teens prime candidates for gambling addictions14:15/62003
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS holds annual walkout, say demands unmet1:15/62003
[ ]Holidays; AlcoholCinco de Mayo: More than just another excuse to drink6:15/62003
[ ]CommencementCommencement looming1:55/62003
[ ]CommencementCommencement Speakers Around the Country4:15/62003
[ ]EditorialsDeep Thoughts from the Editor-in-CHief6:15/62003
[ ]SeniorsMore Seniors4:45/62003
[ ]SeniorsSeniors2:15/62003
[ ]SeniorsSeniors13:15/62003
[ ]SeniorsSeniors15:15/62003
[ ]SeniorsSeniros7:15/62003
[ ]CampusShots From The Cupola7:15/62003
[ ]WittfestWittfest: Cold, wet fun for students1:15/62003
[ ]Academic IntegrityAcademic Integrity Week at Witt3:49/112003
[ ]Computers; Computing ServicesComputer viruses strike network on first days1:19/112003
[ ]Dance CompaniesDance company to host weekly workshops8:19/112003
[ ]College Life; English DepartmentFaculty and Students spend summer enjoying classic novels and new favorites as books of choice5:19/112003
[ ]FootballFootball kicks off great season13:39/112003
[ ]Class of 2007Freshman: If the going gets tough . . . Transfer?7:19/112003
[ ]Kuss Science CenterKuss Science Center offers light, comfot to students, now open3:19/112003
[ ]Convocations; Bradley, JennetteLt. Gov. Bradley speaks at opening convocation1:19/112003
[ ]Cross Country - Men; Cross Country - WomenMen's and Women's Cross Country run to start of 2003 season12:19/112003
[ ]Rugby - MenMen-s Rugby team starts a shaky first season12:19/112003
[ ]Crew TeamNew Season for Crew Team13:39/112003
[ ]ComputersSafe Computing on campus: How to protect yourself2:49/112003
[ ]Security OfficeSecurity at Witt: Changes you need to know about3:49/112003
[ ]Carson; Ashley; TiffanySenior Spotlight9:49/112003
[ ]College Life; AcademicsShots From The Cupola7:49/112003
[ ]WeatherStorm cuts power and causes damages3:19/112003
[ ]Student ImpactStudents make an 'impact' on first-year experience2:19/112003
[ ]College LifeTen activities for less than $109:19/112003
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentTHDN [Theatre and Dance] Department jumps in full force2:19/112003
[ ]CheerleadingTiger cheerleaders on top of their game13:19/112003
[ ]Wittenberg SeriesTwyla Tharp and company part of Witt Series events5:49/112003
[ ]Summer SessionWittenberg offers summer study opportunities5:19/112003
[ ]Honor Council; Academic Integrity1:29/182003
[ ]College LifeAffordable adventures in and around Springfield5:19/182003
[ ]ReviewsCharm School, a feel good, sing along, and smile cd10:19/182003
[ ]Computing ServicesCopyrights: What do you really need to know??2:49/182003
[ ]Security OfficeDoes Wittenberg Security need SUVs?7:19/182003
[ ]FashionFall fashion trends, must haves, and tips10:19/182003
[ ]FashionFashion across the Atlantic: U.S.A. vs. Europe8:19/182003
[ ]FootballFootball continues impressive start to 2003 campaign12:19/182003
[ ]Class of 2007; ElectionsFreshmen election results announced1:29/182003
[ ]Student Housing; Residence HallsHousing Policies under review, big changes possible at Witt3:19/182003
[ ]Intramural SportsIntramurals kick off busy fall schedule13:39/182003
[ ]Student ActivismKill a biker go to jail: a look at the other side7:19/182003
[ ]Registrar's Office; Campbell, Jack; Dogan, JanineNew faces arrive in Registrar Office2:49/182003
[ ]Residence Halls; Residence coordinators; Duffy, Rose;New RC in Firestine2:19/182003
[ ]National News; ComputersShots From The Cupola7:49/182003
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)Student annoyed by OA attention; RA-s deserve respect6:19/182003
[ ]Habitat For HumanityWitt Habitat For Humanity makes a difference in Springfield3:39/182003
[ ]ChoirWittenberg Choir prepares for annual Parent's Weekend performance on Septemberg 26, 275:19/182003
[ ]FootballWittenberg football: Why all the hype?7:19/182003
[ ]Rugby - WomenWomen-s rugby toughtens up for upcoming season13:19/182003
[ ]Cvitkovich, John$4 minllion lawsuit3:110/22003
[ ]Astronomical SocietyAstronomical Society kicks off year with frequent viewing sessions and plans for travel to Stonehenge, San Francisco5:110/22003
[ ]Crew TeamCrew team aims at new training location for 200312:110/22003
[ ]Diversity; Recreation - SpringfieldCultureFest celebrates diversity5:110/22003
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesDelta Gamma Denim day approaching8:510/22003
[ ]College LifeGrowing a beard: 10111:110/22003
[ ]International EducationInternational students give Witt a new perspective8:110/22003
[ ]Ivery, Harold E. "Skip"Ivery gains national recognition on the field and off13:310/22003
[ ]Campus; Hollenbeck HallMissing hooters3:110/22003
[ ]Parents WeekendParents take Wittenberg by storm2:110/22003
[ ]College LifeProcrastination 101: My life at Witt7:110/22003
[ ]Wally's PubProhibition comes to Wally's Pub1:210/22003
[ ]Elections; Peterson, Ellen; Delamatre, David; Schwab, Ashley; Prahl, LauraResidence Hall Government election results announed!!3:310/22003
[ ]Security OfficeSecurity justifies purchase of new Durangos6:110/22003
[ ]ComputingShots From The Cupola7:410/22003
[ ]CancerStudents, staff join American Cancer Society in "making strides against breast cancer"5:410/22003
[ ]College LifeThe Big Witt World11:310/22003
[ ]Security OfficeTheft crime rate on the rise1:210/22003
[ ]HockeyTigers on ice: Wittenberg hockey team returns to the rink13:110/22003
[ ]Secret Societies;WizardsTuesday night nuisance not so secret7:110/22003
[ ]World NewsWhy shouldn't Israel defend itself?7:110/22003
[ ]Upward BoundWitt campus is Upward Bound2:210/22003
[ ]Board of Directors; BudgetWitt faces budget shortage1:110/22003
[ ]Lintz, T.J.Witt grad moves step closer to the Olympics12:510/22003
[ ]Hodak, AdamWitt stud of the week11:110/22003
[ ]Hall, RobertWittenberg grieves over loss3:310/22003
[ ]RecyclingWittenberg plans for campus-wide recycling3:110/22003
[ ]AlcoholAlcohol abuse prevention3:110/92003
[ ]SeniorsAll I want to do is find the right job7:110/92003
[ ]Amber and the Dirty Bathwater Boys; ConcertsAmber and the Dirty Bathwater Boys to play on Saturday9:410/92003
[ ]CancerBreast cancer awareness month1:110/92003
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS in action3:410/92003
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Concerned black student turned off by CBS experience6:110/92003
[ ]Ramsey, CharlesFellow Award bestowed to alumni2:210/92003
[ ]FootballFor the love of the football players7:110/92003
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities; Intramural SportsIndoor soccer champions crowned12:110/92003
[ ]InternshipsInternships: The world outside the Witt bubble8:110/92003
[ ]Community Service; Make a Difference DayMake a difference2:210/92003
[ ]Biology DepartmentMarine Ecology class experiences ecosystem in Beaufort, NC5:110/92003
[ ]ReviewsMovie Oscar-worthy for Murray9:110/92003
[ ]Residence Halls; National Hispanic Heritage MonthNational Hispanic Heritage month celebrated2:210/92003
[ ]Outdoor ClubOutdoor Club rafting trip to West Virginia a success8:410/92003
[ ]Sports; College LifeProblem with jock itch? Look no further, Abbie has the answer10:310/92003
[ ]Communication DepartmentSecond Annual communication speak-off a success1:110/92003
[ ]Limbaugh, RushShots From The Cupola7:410/92003
[ ]Biology Department; Meilaender, Gilbert; McHugh, Nancy; Nelson, Paul; Wright, ShirleyStem cell debate attracts renowned speakers1:110/92003
[ ]International EducationStudy Abraod Fair to showcase program options in various countries5:110/92003
[ ]Groves, Mary Jo; Parlato, Paul; Vose, RobinTeachers get 'stung'3:410/92003
[ ]Tharp, TwylaTwyla Tharp comes to Witt8:110/92003
[ ]Davis, AllisonWalk for a cause2:410/92003
[ ]RecyclingWitt works for the environment3:110/92003
[ ]Dance CompaniesWittenberg Dance Company attends OhioDance Festival in Columbus5:110/92003
[ ]FootballWittenberg football remains undefeated in impressive style13:110/92003
[ ]Secret Societies; Security Office; Shifters; WizardsWizards, shifters, and other societies, oh my!11:110/92003
[ ]Rugby - WomenWomen's rugby remains perfect13:110/92003
[ ]Soccer - MenYoung soccer team "picking it up" in second half12:110/92003
[ ]Careers dayCareer Day offers alum advice and degree guidance1:110/302003
[ ]HalloweenHalloween town can be found in Fairborn, Ohio8:110/302003
[ ]HomecomingHomecoming lets the good times roll1:110/302003
[ ]Career development and placementHow to select a major at Wittneberg7:110/302003
[ ]HalloweenScary tunes picked and panned8:110/302003
[ ]Politics--SpringfieldSpringfield hosts election debate for candidates2:110/302003
[ ]deathsStudent Towanda Victoria, 52, passes away3:110/302003
[ ]Russian Area StudiesStudents share Russian experiences2:110/302003
[ ]Wittenberg CampusTake the kegs but don't change the people7:110/302003
[ ]FashionTrick or treat, smell my feet7:110/302003
[ ]Polster, IanWitt professor excels in music3:110/302003
[ ]VolleyballWitt volleyball wins NCAC with perfect mark12:110/302003
[ ]Rugby - MenWiuttenberg's Mmen's rugby presses on; women stay perfect13:110/302003
[ ]Lewis, Tim; Mortar BoardEcological Literacy: what students can do to help2:411/62003
[ ]HalloweenHalloween sweeps campus5:411/62003
[ ]College LifeHow much work is too much?7:111/62003
[ ]Polis HouseInternational students call Polis 'home'3:111/62003
[ ]Shepard, JudyJudy Shepard to visit campus in February5:111/62003
[ ]ReviewsNew music is all about the T's8:111/62003
[ ]Pocket LintPocket Lint delivers2:111/62003
[ ]World NewsSears company honors military-bound emplyees3:111/62003
[ ]World NewsShots From The Cupola7:411/62003
[ ]Strategic Planning Committee; Grau, Amy; Castle, ColinStudent opinions solicited for future plans1:111/62003
[ ]Outdoor ClubSunny days and stary nights: Fall Outdoor Club trip8:111/62003
[ ]HalloweenThe Big Witt World: halloween awards11:111/62003
[ ]ReviewsThe history of Hitchcock's thrilling masterpiece10:111/62003
[ ]Dance CompaniesWDC Fall Concert this weekend8:311/62003
[ ]Campus; Kitchen, DarrellWitt makes drastic changes to campus1:111/62003
[ ]Volleyball; Field HockeyWitt teams to host conference championships12:111/62003
[ ]Field Hockey; Football; Soccer - Men; Soccer - Women; Swimming and Diving - Men; Swimming and Diving - Women; VolleyballWittenberg Athletics: Week in Review13:311/62003
[ ]Soccer - WomenWittenberg women's soccer season comes to a close13:111/62003
[ ]Evangelist, Caery; Philosophy DepartmentCaery Evangelist enlightens students during colloquium5:111/132003
[ ]Emerging Leaders Program; Brown, Alex; Sprenkle, Sarah; Denbow, Pat; Rowe, CarolynEmerging Leaders program kicks off2:211/132003
[ ]Smith, Alaina; College LifeI'll have a cup of chicken soup, please: Chicken Soup For The Witt Soul, that is2:211/132003
[ ]Health and Counseling ServicesInfluenza spreads across campus3:311/132003
[ ]ReviewsLuther makes history in theatres8:111/132003
[ ]Martial Arts ClubMartial Arts Club focuses on techniques of Tae Kwon Do5:111/132003
[ ]Residence HallsNew Junior housing policy almost set1:111/132003
[ ]ComputingParents receive access3:111/132003
[ ]ReviewsReality tv has reached a new low7:111/132003
[ ]Dooley, AndySenior Dooley sells his music3:311/132003
[ ]ReviewsSevendust Seasons in review10:111/132003
[ ]Seniors; College LifeShots From The Cupola7:411/132003
[ ]Campus; EditorialsThe dying arts of Wittenberg University6:111/132003
[ ]ReviewsThe Matrix [sic] Revoltuions, 'still worth a watch'9:111/132003
[ ]VolleyballTiger volleyball captures NCAC tournament12:111/132003
[ ]Beigel, Laura; Barclay, Brianne; Seidletz, Sara; Berschback, Julie; Hughes, Shannon; Pugh, Megan; Abbot, LeighTwo spotlights, seven seniors, countless memories8:111/132003
[ ]Copeland, Warren; ElectionsWitt Professor elected Springfield Mayor1:111/132003
[ ]Football; Swimming and DivingWittenberg Athletics: Week in Review13:311/132003
[ ]Field HockeyWittenberg field hockey wins conference tournament12:111/132003
[ ]Rugby - Men; Rugby - WomenWittenberg rugby brings championships to campus13:111/132003
[ ]Reviews"Hairspray" delivers standout performance at Aronoff5:112/112003
[ ]VOICES"Voices" brings dietician to campus: healthy holiday eating tips offered2:212/112003
[ ]College Life; SeniorsA close look at life after 'The Gap'7:112/112003
[ ]Student Activism; RacismApology in response to offensive postings on campus6:112/112003
[ ]Campus LifeCampus a ghost-town over break2:212/112003
[ ]FashionChic and stylish; metrosexuality and what it means to you9:112/112003
[ ]Crew TeamCrew team stays focused throughout winter months12:112/112003
[ ]Hanke, Anna; International EducationLife amongst Kiwis: A reflection on a Witt student-s study abroad experience8:112/112003
[ ]Literary SocietiesLiterary Society meets to talk poetry, watch movies5:112/112003
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentOne-Act plays shine throughout campus1:112/112003
[ ]College LifeRoad trip diaries: Pulsations10:412/112003
[ ]College LifeShots From The Cupola7:112/112003
[ ]Student Activism; RacismStudents outraged at offensive language1:112/112003
[ ]ReviewsThis Santa isn't for children10:112/112003
[ ]Wittenberg SeriesUniversity delivers world-renowned act3:112/112003
[ ]Faculty and Staff; AcademicsWho is responsible for professors7:112/112003
[ ]Muthoni, Lydia; InternshipsWitt student returns from D.C. internship3:112/112003
[ ]College LifeWitt World> Woohoo for finals11:112/112003
[ ]McClelland, MichaelWittenberg Professor of English publishes book10:112/112003
[ ]Basketball - WomenWittenberg women's basketball team off to winning start12:112/112003