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[ ]Editorials; Opinion6:11/292002
[ ]Apple, Sue; HarveyBig W Award9:11/292002
[ ]Editorials; Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS: For those Who Don't Know Their History6:11/292002
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Concerned Students Speak out Against CBS Constitution, Funding6:31/292002
[ ]Editorials;Corporations are Killing our Music7:11/292002
[ ]Communication DepartmentDr. Tipson Stresses Importance of New Communication Department1:11/292002
[ ]FeminismFeminism Sweeps Over Wittenberg2:11/292002
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesFormal Recruitment Warps up on Wittenberg Campus5:11/292002
[ ]World NewsMost Ridiculous News of the Week2:41/292002
[ ]FashionPositively Pink8:41/292002
[ ]Track and FieldPromising Season Ahead for Witt15:31/292002
[ ]McCarthy, Tim; Dern, Christy; Welker, SusanSenior Spotlight: Come and knock on our door . . . Three's Company, too!9:11/292002
[ ]StealingSeries of Robberies Hit Wittenberg Campus1:41/292002
[ ]Swimming and Diving - Men; Swimming and Diving - WomenSwimmers Continue Drive for NCAC Championships15:11/292002
[ ]The Six Parts Seven8:11/292002
[ ]EditorialsToo Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher7:11/292002
[ ]Basketball - MenWitt Men's Basketball Beat Archirival Wooster; Gain First Place in NCAC13:31/292002
[ ]Track and FieldWitt Women's Track Gets Ready for a Successful Season15:41/292002
[ ]Defining Moments CampaignWittenberg Celebrates $75.5 Million Campaign With Gala1:11/292002
[ ]Basketball - WomenWomen Cagers Beat Wesleyan13:11/292002
[ ]College Costs; Editorials; OpinionAnother Tuition Hike? Who is Going to Tell Us About it?6:12/52002
[ ]Ledyard, Amy; Peters, JustinBig W Award9:12/52002
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS Set to Celebrate Black History Month Here on Campus5:12/52002
[ ]Editorials; World NewsCloning, and Why it Should Continue7:12/52002
[ ]Majors; AcademicsDouble Major Requirements to Change?3:12/52002
[ ]Student Senate; Fraternities and SororitiesFrom the Student Senate Desk3:42/52002
[ ]Ghosts of Wittenberg Getting Spooked Out of House11:12/52002
[ ]Art DepartmentJava House: The Site for the Senior Art Exhibit8:12/52002
[ ]Martin Luther King, Jr., DayMartin Luther King Jr. Committee Examines Holiday Policy2:12/52002
[ ]Basketball - MenMen's Hoops Crush Gators, Hold On To First in NCAC15:12/52002
[ ]Grow, JoshNo Stopping the Growth of Grow9:12/52002
[ ]Brooks, Andy; Sword, Ezra; Zitzner, BradSenior Spotlight: 454 Ferncliff: Random Acts of Craziness9:12/52002
[ ]Thomas LibrarySevere Water Damage in Thomas Library1:12/52002
[ ]Security OfficeStudents Voice Concern About Security Issues1:52/52002
[ ]Swimming and Diving - Men; Swimming and Diving - WomenSwimmers End Regular Season With Loss13:12/52002
[ ]Habitat for HumanityTake the Challenge: Habitat for Humanity Spring Break5:12/52002
[ ]Basketball - WomenTiger Women Defeat Hiram, Lose to Allegheny13:12/52002
[ ]Rugby - MenWitt Men's Rugby Gears Up For Spring15:12/52002
[ ]ProvostWittenberg's Search for New Provost Continues1:12/52002
[ ]Track and FieldWomen's Indoor Track and Field Team Shatters Records15:32/52002
[ ]Valentine's DayA Valient Guy's Guide to Valentine's Day11:12/122002
[ ]WUSOAnd They're Back . . .WUSO 89.18:12/122002
[ ]FashionAttention Males! Dress to Impress the Ladies8:12/122002
[ ]RugbyBasics on Rugby Here at Wittenberg University5:12/122002
[ ]McClintic, Marcie; Ness, BobBig W Award9:12/122002
[ ]X, Malcolm; Black History MonthBlack History Month and Malcolm X6:32/122002
[ ]Track and FieldBusy Weekend For Men's and Women's Indoor Track Teams15:42/122002
[ ]CampusConstruction Projects to Transform Campus1:12/122002
[ ]EditorialsCopyrights, Mp3's, and The Ghost of Napster7:12/122002
[ ]Student SenateFrom the Student Senate Desk3:42/122002
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesIntrafraternity Council and Panhellenic Council Prepare for 02-03 School Year5:12/122002
[ ]Basketball - Men; Brown, BillMen's Basketball Coach Bill Brown Wins 200th13:12/122002
[ ]Student HousingNew Townhouses Available for Upperclassmen Next Year2:12/122002
[ ]Editorials; Concerned Black Students (CBS)Recent Alumna Responds to College Republican Website6:12/122002
[ ]College LifeRome it's not; Romance at Wittenberg7:12/122002
[ ]Crissman, Steele; Rathfon, Andy; Schuckman, TimSenior Spotlight: The Brushwood Retirement Center for Fifth Year Seniors9:12/122002
[ ]Editorials; Opinion; VandalismStudents Destroying Property and Students Seeking Housing6:12/122002
[ ]Residence Halls; Student HousingStudents in Super Singles forced to Consolidate Rooms in Final Months of School1:52/122002
[ ]Basketball - MenTiger Hoops Roll By Hiram15:12/122002
[ ]Basketball - WomenWomen's Basketball Team Destroys Wooster13:12/122002
[ ]Blood Drives5:42/192002
[ ]AdmissionsAdmissions: Ahead of the Game8:42/192002
[ ]McGrath, Megan; Winteregg, J.D.Big W Award9:12/192002
[ ]Acquaintance Rape; Editorials; OpinionDate Rape More than Meets the Eye6:12/192002
[ ]Martin, Dr. HerbertDr. Martin Discusses Poetry with Witt English Majors3:12/192002
[ ]CampusHow Well Do You Know the Wittenberg Campus?5:12/192002
[ ]Editorials; World NewsLest We Forget, Can Sept. 11 Happen Again?7:12/192002
[ ]WittFestMake Way for a Witt Fest Full of Fun Activities2:12/192002
[ ]Gruttadauria, FrankMillions Missing: Wittenberg Alumni Frank Gruttadauria Held Responsible1:12/192002
[ ]Student HousingPlaying the Witt Housing Lottery1:52/192002
[ ]Bitner, Justin; Bloch, Trevor; Buelow, Jeff; Butterfield, AndySenior Spotlight: It's always a party at 1114 Woodlawn Ave!9:12/192002
[ ]Swimming and Diving - Men; Swimming and Diving - WomenSwimmers take 4th in Conference Championships14:12/192002
[ ]EditorialsThe Price of Progress at Wittenberg7:12/192002
[ ]Basketball - MenTiger Men End Season With Victory, Capture NCAC Title13:12/192002
[ ]Basketball - WomenTiger Women Beat Denison, Capture First Place in NCAC13:32/192002
[ ]RapeTo Speak or Not To Speak?8:12/192002
[ ]Track and FieldTrack Teams Visit Ohio State15:32/192002
[ ]RapeWittenberg University Hears the National Outcry Against Rape and Sexual Assault1:12/192002
[ ]College Life"Bar Bridge" Rumors False1:52/262002
[ ]Stewart, Jodi; Dominick, ChuckBig W Award9:12/262002
[ ]Art DepartmentCelebrated Ceramist comes to Witt9:32/262002
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesDelta Sigma Theta Talent Show12:32/262002
[ ]Faculty and Staff; AcademicsFaculty Debates Pros, Cons of Shorter Semester1:12/262002
[ ]FashionFashion Do's and Don'ts for Spring Break 20028:12/262002
[ ]Student Senate; College CostsFrom the Student Senate Desk3:42/262002
[ ]Health and Counseling ServicesHealth Center Helps Witt Get Healthy5:12/262002
[ ]Mason, David L.Mason Appointed Greenwalt Chair2:12/262002
[ ]Smith, Pam; Basketball - WomenPam Smith Celebrates Her 300th Career Victory15:12/262002
[ ]TwinsSeeing Double; Twins on the Wittenberg Campus5:12/262002
[ ]Amsdell, Erin;Findlay, Betsy; Hulswede, Ashley; Watkins, CarolineSenior Spotlight: Best Friends and Great Stories at 40 West College9:12/262002
[ ]AssaultsStudent Shaken by Fountain Ave. Attack1:12/262002
[ ]RapeStudent Speaking Out Against Sexual Assault6:12/262002
[ ]Basketball - WomenTiger Women Fall to Ohio Wesleyan In Finals13:12/262002
[ ]Basketball - MenTigers Claim NCAC Tournament Championship13:12/262002
[ ]Editorials;Tuition, and the 75 Million Dollar Facelift7:12/262002
[ ]Editorials; OpinionViolence on Campus has NO Place6:12/262002
[ ]Bradley, JennetteWitt Alum to Run for Lieutenant Governor2:42/262002
[ ]Security OfficeA Response to Security Issues3/52002
[ ]Hudac, LadAlumni, Hudac wins the Gold at 'McOlympics'5:13/52002
[ ]Newton, Lindsey; Klukas, ChrisBig W Award9:13/52002
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities; Chi Omega; FiresChi Omega Thanks the Local Fire Department12:43/52002
[ ]SeniorsHelping Grads Figure Out What to Do With Their 'Cap and Compass'2:13/52002
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentHMS Pinafore Play Is a Masterpiece All Its Own5:13/52002
[ ]Editorials; MARS; OpinionMARS Needs to Question Decision to make Membership all Male6:13/52002
[ ]Track and FieldMen's and Women's Indoor Track Show Strength at SCAC Invitational15:33/52002
[ ]Foreign Languages DepartmentNew Hope for Foreign Language Majors to Find Jobs in the Future2:43/52002
[ ]Prime TimePrime Time Educates Witt With a Wall of Questions1:43/52002
[ ]Burke, Bryan; Born, Ryan; Cerovas, Brad; Farris, Doug, Hirsch, ScottSenior Spotlight: The Green Monster: Home to Pranks, Laughs and Great Friends9:13/52002
[ ]Basketball - MenTiger Hoops Ends Season With Loss to DePauw13:13/52002
[ ]Alma Mater; Morgan, Lucinda; Young, Amanda; Grossman, Jen; Reider, Abby; Funderburg, CarrieWittenberg Alma Mater Candidates Announced1:13/52002
[ ]Rugby - MenWittenberg Men's Rugby Team Loses Battle to Denison13:13/52002
[ ]Security OfficeWittenberg Security Can Suck . . .7:13/52002
[ ]Rugby - WomenWomen's Rugby Team Loses Hard Fought Battle To Akron's Women's Rugby Club15:13/52002
[ ]Coulter, Ann; College RepublicansAnn Coulter comes to Witt on Wed.3:13/262002
[ ]Fairbanks, Angie; Coleman, DayneBig W Award9:13/262002
[ ]Editorials; Hudac, LadConcern with Article6:43/262002
[ ]EditorialsEaster Break, A Whole Three Days Off!7:13/262002
[ ]South Hall; PranksFire Alarms Disturb Residents of South Hall2:23/262002
[ ]Editorials-Alma MaterJune Cleaver to Present Alma Mater Award?7:13/262002
[ ]Little Sibs WeekendLil' Sibs Weekend Hosts Activities For All Ages5:13/262002
[ ]Editorials-MarsMars Men Speak out6:13/262002
[ ]Student HousingOff Campus Housing Lottery on April 13:33/262002
[ ]Polis HousePolis House Becomes International1:33/262002
[ ]Schaefer, Brad; Bitter, Kurt; Allen, Travis; Burce, Marty; Neiheiser, MikeSenior Spotlight9:13/262002
[ ]Track and FieldSpring Break Trip Gears Track Teams For Outdoor Season14:13/262002
[ ]SCUBA Class; Porter, EdStudents Dive Into Wittenberg's SCUBA Class5:13/262002
[ ]International EducationStudy Abraod: Explore the World, Cultivate the Mind3:13/262002
[ ]Juergens, Rachel; Rader, Steve; Swimming and Diving - Men; Swimming and Diving - WomenSwimmers Compete at NCAA National Championships13:13/262002
[ ]Central Dining Room (CDR); Food ServicesThe CDR: Diversity Does Taste Better!12:13/262002
[ ]ChoirThe Wittenberg Choir Take on New York City2:13/262002
[ ]Track and FieldTrack Teams Excell at Defiance, Despite Cold and Wind13:13/262002
[ ]Bladh, Dr. KennethUniversity Selects New Provost1:43/262002
[ ]Carville, James; College Democrats; SpeakersWell Known Liberal James Carville to Speak at Wittenberg this April3:33/262002
[ ]Alma Mater; OpinionWitt Students Need More than Just Alma Mater Candidates6:13/262002
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesGreek Awards Dessert1:54/22002
[ ]Coulter, Ann; College RepublicansRepublican Ann Coulter here at Witt1:14/22002
[ ]OpinionTorch Thinks that Using SEX to Sell Academic Programs Stinks1:14/22002
[ ]Letters; Editorials-Letter to the editor; Torch'Flame' Issue of The Torch Makes One Wittenberg Student Hot6:14/92002
[ ]Editorials-College LifeA Call For Student Activism at Witt7:14/92002
[ ]Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945)A Day to Remember the Holocaust3:14/92002
[ ]Editorials-College LifeA Response to Security Issues3:44/92002
[ ]"The Coffee Lady," Pat; Hartenstine, ChrisBig W Award8:34/92002
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesFiji's To Host 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament15:44/92002
[ ]John Bryan State ParkFocus On Fitness: Hiking Local Parks15:14/92002
[ ]FashionFunky Female Fashions for a Saucy Spring Season8:14/92002
[ ]Habitat for HumanityHabitat for Humanity: Habifest 20023:14/92002
[ ]Soccer - WomenNorman Riker To Be New Women's Soccer Coach13:14/92002
[ ]King, AdrienneRotary Winner, King5:44/92002
[ ]Miller, Beth; Staebell, Leigh; Woerth, TaraSenior Spotlight9:14/92002
[ ]Editorials; Swank, LeeThe Blue Collar Hero You Never Got to Meet7:14/92002
[ ]Gaal, Tim; Mumper, Kristen; Track and FieldTwo Tigers Excell Early In Track and Field Careers15:14/92002
[ ]Habegger, Shelli; InternshipsWitt Students Experience D.C. Fir Hand Working at Smithsonian2:14/92002
[ ]College LifeWitt Students Express Studying Concerns12:14/92002
[ ]Athletic Department;AwardsWittenberg Athletes Receive Academic Awards14:14/92002
[ ]Dance TeamWittenberg Dance Company Travels to Dance Festival5:14/92002
[ ]Rugby - MenWittenberg Rugby Falls Short To Ohio Wesleyan13:14/92002
[ ]Security OfficeWittenberg Tries to Hike Up Security Through New Program 'Witt Watch'5:44/92002
[ ]WittFestWittfest: Bands Confirmed American Hi-Fi to Headline1:14/92002
[ ]Security OfficeWords From the Security Desk12:14/92002
[ ]OpinionWorried About Union Board Choices6:14/92002
[ ]College LifeAdvice on Dating Here at Witt11:14/192002
[ ]Opinion; Student SenateApril 9th Elections in Question by Torch6:14/192002
[ ]International Education; Reid, SaraBeyond the Dutch Bikes, Dikes, and Tulip Fields5:14/192002
[ ]Wright, Kojo; Bradley, ElizabethBig W Award9:14/192002
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesCatch a Wave with the Delta Gammas at Anchor Splash8:34/192002
[ ]Editorials; Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS set to Walk Out and Invite Others to do the Same6:24/192002
[ ]Student Activities; Cycling ClubCycling Club on Campus3:44/192002
[ ]Student SenateForml Protest of Student Senate Elections Filed by Plummer and Morgan1:44/192002
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesGamma Phi Beta's Spaghetti Dinner Raises Money in Honor of the Charity Organization, Camp Joy5:14/192002
[ ]Student Activities; Gay-Straight AllianceGay-Straight Alliance "Speaks Out" for Rights2:14/192002
[ ]College Democrats; Carville, James; SpeakersJames Carville to Speak this Sunday3:14/192002
[ ]Rugby - MenMen's Rugby Team Competes in Ohio Classic14:14/192002
[ ]Student Senate; Garrison, Chris; Clapp, MandyNew Student Seante President and Vice President Speak Out for First Time1:14/192002
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesRain Hurts Deltapalooza5:44/192002
[ ]Strotz, NickThe Nick Strotz Band Scheduled to Play at Wittfest9:14/192002
[ ]Soccer - Men; Cassiere, Steve; Atwood, ChadWitt Soccer Players Selected for Ohio All-Star Game13:44/192002
[ ]Pavloski, NickWittenberg Alum Returns with Band Genius of You3:14/192002
[ ]Beck, Nancy; Lacrosse - WomenWomen's Lacrosse Coach Nancy Beck Wins 100th Career Victory13:14/192002
[ ]ReviewsA Sudden So-Long to the Quirky World of Ally9:14/232002
[ ]Funderburg, Carrie; Root, MollyBig W Award9:14/232002
[ ]Editorials; OpinionCBS Equality Demands Continuously Ignored at Wittenberg Today6:14/232002
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS Walk-out, Speak-out, & Reiterate Demands1:14/232002
[ ]Carville, James; College Democrats; SpeakersCollege Democrats Sponsor James Carville in HPER; Attendance in Excess of 500 People4/232002
[ ]Student UnionCommons $.99 Value Menu12:14/232002
[ ]Crew TeamCrew Team Excells at Miami14:14/232002
[ ]Movie ReviewsDeath to Smoochy, Kudos to Williams8:14/232002
[ ]FashionDon't Fret, Your New Summer Look is Only a Mall Away!8:14/232002
[ ]Student SenateElected Student Senate Presidents and VPs Set Goals for the Upcoming School Year2:14/232002
[ ]Alcohol PolicyKegs May Be Banned Next Year2:44/232002
[ ]CurriculumNew Project at Witt, First Year Experience Committee5:14/232002
[ ]Security OfficeSecurity Update: Overview of Fall 2001 Semester Violations3:14/232002
[ ]Editorials; Student SenateSenate Election Flawed6:14/232002
[ ]Student SenateSenate Overturns Constitution: Approves Election3:14/232002
[ ]Editorials; Student SenateStudent Senate Election Results Challenged7:14/232002
[ ]Track and FieldTrack Team Excells at All-Ohio Division III Meet4/232002
[ ]Editorials; W-DayW-Day is on its Way6:24/232002
[ ]Basketball - Men; Basketball - WomenWitt Basketball Teams Will Travel to China15:14/232002
[ ]GolfWittenberg Golf Team Continues to Improve13:14/232002
[ ]Sports2001-2002 Year End Wittenberg Sports in Review14:15/72002
[ ]Editorials-Alcohol Policy; CAAPCAAP Speaks Out on New Alcohol Policy5:15/72002
[ ]Editorials;Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS Demands4:15/72002
[ ]Art DepartmentCelebration of the Arts: With the Witt Art Major Open House3:15/72002
[ ]Crew TeamCrew Team Finishes on a High Note15:35/72002
[ ]College LifeEasy Classes, Good Friends, Bumps, Bruises and August 19988:15/72002
[ ]Editorials-Alcohol PolicyNew Keg policy based on Assumptions5:15/72002
[ ]College LifeOn Making Friends at Witt7:35/72002
[ ]Student Senate; Alcohol PolicyOpen Forum on Alcohol Policy Draws Large Crowds3:15/72002
[ ]Central Dining Room (CDR); College Life; Food ServicesRemember Your First Time In the CDR?13:35/72002
[ ]Track and FieldSpotlight on The Senoirs of Track and Field15:15/72002
[ ]Editorials; College LifeThis Column is about Sex and Drugs6:15/72002
[ ]College LifeThoughts On Witt9:15/72002
[ ]Alcohol Policy; OpinionTorch Considers New Alcohol Policy Unfounded and Irresponsible4:15/72002
[ ]W-DayTuesday's W-Day: A Big Hit, Sanctions and All1:15/72002
[ ]College LifeWisdom: Take Advantage of Opportunities and Used Furniture and Can Be Expensive7:15/72002
[ ]Class of 2002Wittenberg's Graduating Seniors and Where They are Going6:15/72002
[ ]WittFestWittfest 2002 Comes Alive with Music, Food, and Fun1:15/72002
[ ]College LifeA New Wittenberg Season, but Same Old Tradition11:19/102002
[ ]Campus; EditorialsA Welcome Back without Woodlawn7:19/102002
[ ]Academic HonestyAcademic Integrity Forum to be Held September 192:19/102002
[ ]Convocations; McCabe, Donald; Academic HonestyAcademic Integrity, Discussion at 158th Convocation1:19/102002
[ ]College LifeAccessorize Your Room: Fengshui All The Way8:19/102002
[ ]Alcohol PolicyAlumni Speaks out on New Alcohol Policy and Past Parties at Witt6:19/102002
[ ]Newcomer, Jon; Kettler, NormaBig W Award9:19/102002
[ ]Music Reviews; Grisman, DavidBluegrass Mandolin Extravaganza Hits A High Note8:19/102002
[ ]Cross Country - Men; Cross Country - WomenCross Country Teams Hosts the Wittenberg Invitational13:39/102002
[ ]FootballFootball Dominates in Opener13:19/102002
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesInforma Recruitment Begins On Witt's Campus9:19/102002
[ ]Editorials; OpinionIt's all about the Beer . . . Maybe not6:19/102002
[ ]Just EveJust Eve Gives WittMen Crew A Run For Their Money On Campus9:39/102002
[ ]Science BuildingNew Wing of Science to Open Soon2:39/102002
[ ]World EventsSeptember 11, 2001: Remembered by Prayer and Reflection1:19/102002
[ ]Soccer - Men; Soccer - WomenSoccer Winless12:49/102002
[ ]International StudentsSpeaking Spanish . . . A Way of Connecting on Campus15:39/102002
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate Speaks1:49/102002
[ ]Alcohol Policy; EditorialsTake One Down, and Pass it Around...7:19/102002
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesThe 2nd Annual Beta Day Pig Roast Is Huge Success10:19/102002
[ ]D'Andrea, AllenTiger of the Week: D'Andrea Ready for Senior Season13:39/102002
[ ]Alcohol PolicyWill the banning of kegs equal more trash?15:19/102002
[ ]Biology Department; International EducationWitt Biology Students' Summer in the Bahamas5:19/102002
[ ]Field HockeyWitt Field Hockey Now 4-012:19/102002
[ ]International Education; Bradley, JonWitt Student Travels to Prague for an International Youth Leadership Conference and Learn about Global Politics5:19/102002
[ ]World News; Plummer, Dustin; Green, Abby; Block-Wilkins, EmilyWittenberg Interns Remember the Events of Sept. 113:19/102002
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS: The History, The Fight3:19/172002
[ ]Class of 2006Class of 2006 to Elect New Officers3:39/172002
[ ]Student UnionFrom the CDR: What's New for Fall 2002?2:19/172002
[ ]Hollenbeck HallHollenbeck: Attacked by Birds1:59/172002
[ ]International StudentsInterested in Spanish Gossip?15:19/172002
[ ]Rugby - MenMen's Rugby Team Placed On Suspension, Wright Says13:19/172002
[ ]Career CenterNeed Help Finding a Job? We Can Help!9/172002
[ ]Weaver ChapelNew Worship Service8:49/172002
[ ]Editorials-Academic HonestyResponse To Sept. 10 Editorial6:19/172002
[ ]Student UnionSenior Night at Wally's5:19/172002
[ ]Dunbar, Danielle; Frede, Kateri, Henrich, Kristin; Blackburn, BrittanySenior Spotlight9:19/172002
[ ]Editorials-World NewsShots From The Cupola7:49/172002
[ ]SportsShould College Athletes Get Paid?14:19/172002
[ ]College LifeSpreading Goodwill Throughout Your Room8:19/172002
[ ]STAND; Campus GreensSTAND and Greens Host Concert8:19/172002
[ ]Editorials-Alcohol PolicyStudent Speaks out on New Alcohol Policy6:29/172002
[ ]OpinionStudents: Broken Beer Bottles Won't Change the Alcohol Policy1:69/172002
[ ]Conservation ClubThink Globally, Act Locally10:19/172002
[ ]Duh, Emily; Field HockeyTiger of the Week: Duh's Scoring Improves Tigers to 6-013:39/172002
[ ]FootballTigers Win 'Route 68 War'12:19/172002
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesTo Pledge Or not To Pledge? Good Question7:19/172002
[ ]SmokingUp In Smoke: Cigarettes, Trash, and Money7:19/172002
[ ]VolleyballVolleyball off to Hot Start: Tigers are 9-3 Heading Into NCAC Schedule13:39/172002
[ ]CampusWelcome Back to Witt, Without Woodlawn Ave.1:19/172002
[ ]World EventsWittenberg Remembers September 11th1:19/172002
[ ]Soccer - WomenWomen's Soccer Looking to Turn Season With NCAC Play12:49/172002
[ ]AIDSAIDS Awareness Week1:19/242002
[ ]BaseballBaseball Gearing Up for Annual Fall Ball12:49/242002
[ ]Patton, Emily; Goheen, MarkBig W Award9:19/242002
[ ]College Life; FashionDecorating with Target's Genius: Todd Oldham8:19/242002
[ ]International Education; OpinionDon't Like the Alcohol Policy?6:19/242002
[ ]FashionFashion 101 with Super Star Fashionista, Becca Sparks9:19/242002
[ ]AIDSFirst Annual AIDS Benefit Concert: a Hit5:39/242002
[ ]Frisbee GolfFrisbee Golf Sweeps Through Campus15:19/242002
[ ]Editorials-World NewsFrom the World Policeman to the World Bully7:19/242002
[ ]RecreationHear Ye, Hear Ye, All Cometh to the Renaissance Fair10:19/242002
[ ]Editorial- Alcohol PolicyMoore Urges Students to Turn Inward to Fix Alcohol Policy Problems6:19/242002
[ ]ReviewsMourning Glory Rocks8:49/242002
[ ]VolleyballSeniors Lead Women's Volleyball into NCAC Play12:19/242002
[ ]International EducationSpeaking Spanish . . .15:49/242002
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate Speaks3:19/242002
[ ]Lacrosse - MenThe Winning Attitude Returns to the Men's Lacrosse Team15:19/242002
[ ]Yuskewich, Sarah;Tiger of the Week: Yuskewish 'assisting' the Tigers to Victories13:39/242002
[ ]ElectionsVoting: Elections Are Coming Up, Are you Registered?1:19/242002
[ ]Archery ClubWanna Be Like Robin Hood?8:19/242002
[ ]National News;Terrorism;SportsWhat Do You Think?13:19/242002
[ ]College LifeWhat's Rant? Problems At Wittenberg7:19/242002
[ ]Soccer - MenWitt's Men's Soccer Team Continues to Face Frustration13:19/242002
[ ]American International Association (AIA)AIA Provides a Small Glimpse of Other Cultures10:110/12002
[ ]Wallace, Billy; Siniff, Nick; Sappenfield, JacobBickey And the Pirates: Rawking Your World8:110/12002
[ ]Weaver, Libby; Kingsley, Emily; Paumier, Jess; Bragdon, Sarah; Clapp, MandyBig W Award9:110/12002
[ ]Gay-Straight AllianceGay Alumnus Excited About GSA Club on Witt Campus6:110/12002
[ ]SeniorsHey Seniors, are You Ready for the G Word?7:110/12002
[ ]HomecomingHomecoming October 12; New Voting Rules for king and Queen1:310/12002
[ ]Community ServiceJoin in the Unity in the Spirit of America Initiative15:210/12002
[ ]Campus Security; OpinionLack of Safety at Witt, Kills Off-Campus Community6:110/12002
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities; Denim DayNational Denim Day: Help Find a Cure Through Awareness5:110/12002
[ ]Foreign Language Workshop; Math Workshop; Oral Communication Center (OCC); Writing CenterNeed Help With Your Homework?15:210/12002
[ ]CampusParking (or the Lack Thereof) Still a Problem7:110/12002
[ ]McMillan, Kelsey; Ebling, Lauren; Tawil, Sara; Starling, AmandaSenior Spotlight9:110/12002
[ ]Math WorkshopShots From The Cupola7:410/12002
[ ]International EducationSpeaking Spanish . . .15:510/12002
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesSports: The Fiji's Threee-on-Three Basketball Tournament a Big Success1:110/12002
[ ]Student Senate; Academic HonestyStudent Seante Speaks15:310/12002
[ ]Swimming and Diving - Men; Swimming and Diving - WomenSwim Team Eyeing New Season13:310/12002
[ ]Pocket LintThe Legend of Pocket Lint5:110/12002
[ ]Class of 2006The Votes are in: Freshman Class Officers Elected1:110/12002
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesThere's No Place Like Home, No Life Like Greek8:110/12002
[ ]Grove, DanielTiger of the Week: There's No Stopping Grove13:310/12002
[ ]Football; Goldsbury, DustinTigers Defense Shuts Down Thomas More In Mud, 31-612:110/12002
[ ]VolleyballVolleyball Team Wins Big At Tiger Invitational13:110/12002
[ ]ElectionsVoting is in the Air, Are you Registered to Vote??3:110/12002
[ ]SportsWhat Do You Think?12:410/12002
[ ]Habitat for HumanityWitt Students to Africa for Habitat for Humanity2:110/12002
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesADPi's Wash Cars for the Ronald McDonald House; Money Benefits Families of Sick Kids15:210/82002
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS Gears Up for the 2002 Homecoming Celebration1:110/82002
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS Member of the Week3:410/82002
[ ]CricketCricket Club Beginning To Make Great Strides Here At Wittenberg13:310/82002
[ ]Fashion; College LifeDecorating with Style: Make Your Room Smile8:110/82002
[ ]Emerging Leaders ProgramEmerging Leaders Program Returns to Witt5:110/82002
[ ]Field HockeyField Hockey Team is Still Undefeated, 11-012:310/82002
[ ]Hall of Honor; Allison, Steve; Brandon, Maggie; Perkins, Don; Winkhouse, GeorgeFour More Wittenberg University Greats to be Inducted into Hall of Honor13:110/82002
[ ]Circle KMake a Difference: Join Circle K3:110/82002
[ ]Elections; Taft, BobMeet Repulbican Candidate for Governor of Ohio, Bob Taft2:110/82002
[ ]Parents WeekendParent's Weekend: Wine, Cheese, and Beer Bongs7:110/82002
[ ]Parents WeekendParents Enjoy Family, Fun, and Football15:210/82002
[ ]OpinionPerforming Arts Students Deserve Better6:110/82002
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesPledge Pins, Woodland Animals, and Electroshock5:110/82002
[ ]Model United Nations ClubPolitics and Pizza: Not Just For Political Science Majors8:110/82002
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentSchool Scandal Opens9:110/82002
[ ]SeniorsSenior Wine and Cheese Reception Big Success3:110/82002
[ ]Computing Services; Campus SafetyStalkerNet?3:510/82002
[ ]ParkingStudent Laziness Adds to Parking Problems7:110/82002
[ ]International EducationStudy Abroad: Remembering a Semester in Shanghai9:110/82002
[ ]World Events; Iraq War (2003- )Witt Students Speak Out about the War in Iraq1:110/82002
[ ]FootballWittenberg Embarrasses Dennison at Home in NCAC Opener, 53-712:110/82002
[ ]Reviews"Somewhere Far Beyond" the Realms of Popular Music10:110/152002
[ ]Rujumba, Karamagi; Editorials2002 Alumnus Looks At Witt This Year7:110/152002
[ ]World News; Iraq War (2003- )A Call to Action: Opposition to the President's Iraq Policy3:110/152002
[ ]Lloyd, Sam; Joffe, MorganBig W Award9:110/152002
[ ]Community ServiceCommunity Service: Unity in Spirit of America15:110/152002
[ ]American International Association (AIA)Crossroads Festrival Allows Glimpse of Other Cultures5:110/152002
[ ]SportsFall Sports Update12:510/152002
[ ]Cornett, Greg; Tiger of the WeekGreg Cornett: Passing Machine13:310/152002
[ ]GaysHate Lingers Four Years After Matthew Shepard's Murder7:110/152002
[ ]Soccer - MenMen's Soccer Stuns Nationally-- Ranked Ohio Wesleyan, 2-113:310/152002
[ ]CampusNew Wittenberg Apartments: Good or Bad Wittenberg Houses Must be Torn Down5:110/152002
[ ]Friends of the Gay-Straight Alliance; Gay-Straight AllianceOct. 11: National Coming Out Day Celebrated on Campus1:110/152002
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentScandal Big Success9:410/152002
[ ]Music ReviewsSee the Changes: Beck Dapples In New Genres8:110/152002
[ ]International EducationSpanish Connection: A Way of Communicating on Campus3:410/152002
[ ]Academic Honesty; OpinionStudent Senate: Why Don't We Know What's Going on with the Academic Integrity Code?6:110/152002
[ ]ElectionsThe Election for Governor of Ohio Campaign Agendas: How the Candidates Feel3:110/152002
[ ]Movie ReviewsThe Tuxedo: The Jackie Chan Movie That Wasn't8:110/152002
[ ]FootballWittenberg Edged By NCAC Rival Wasbash In Overtime Thrillre, 46-4312:110/152002
[ ]HomecomingWittenberg Homecoming 2002: Proving There's No Place Like Home1:110/152002
[ ]Caving ClubYou Have to be Brave to be a WUSS9:110/152002
[ ]Archery ClubArchery Club Takes Five Medals at UD Shootout13:310/292002
[ ]OpinionAre We Registering for Classes this Semester? Maybe Not.6:110/292002
[ ]De Vilbiss, MarkBig W Award9:110/292002
[ ]College LifeCreate a Lasting Impression, Your Guide To a Great Date8:110/292002
[ ]SportsFall Sports Teams Gearing Up For End Of The Season Run At NCAC And National Championships12:110/292002
[ ]Columbus DayLearning About Another Holiday We Don't Celebrate7:110/292002
[ ]College Life; Community Service; One Source; Residence HallsMaking the Punishment Fit the Crime7:110/292002
[ ]Outdoor ClubOutdoor Club Takes A Hike To Remember Over Fall Break8:110/292002
[ ]World NewsTwo Arrested in Connection with Sniper Attacks1:110/292002
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesWalking Never Felt So Good9:310/292002
[ ]Homecoming; FootballWhat Do You Think?12:310/292002
[ ]Norris, John David;DeathsWitt Alum, Torch Friend Dies3:110/292002
[ ]Salamone, BrandonWittenberg Student Interns with Seante Majority Leader2:110/292002
[ ]Martial Arts ClubWittenberg's Martial Arts Club Kicks Some Butt9:110/292002
[ ]Rugby - WomenWomen's Rugby Ending Season On High Note13:110/292002
[ ]International EducationYES, NOT YEEEESSSS3:210/292002
[ ]Gerstle, Abi; Tiger of the WeekAbi Gerstle Wins Back-to-Back NCAC Championships13:311/52002
[ ]Parks, JalynBig W Award9:411/52002
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS); Greer, HoneyCBS Member of the Month2:311/52002
[ ]Crew TeamCrew Team Strong at Speakmon Regatta12:511/52002
[ ]Security OfficeCrime on Campus: Poll Taken by Journalism Class5:111/52002
[ ]College LifeDating for Dummies: Ideas for the Romantically Challenged9:111/52002
[ ]Gay Straight AllianceGay Straight Alliance Is Coming Out of the Closet8:111/52002
[ ]ElectionsGovernor Race Continues with Taft and Hagan Debates1:111/52002
[ ]HalloweenHalloween Events Recapped: Pumpkin Carving Contest Results3:111/52002
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesLast Saturday's Alpha Delta Pi 5k Run/Walk was a Big Success15:111/52002
[ ]Reformation Day; Luther, MartinMartin Luther's 95 Theses Chalked on Witt's Campus5:111/52002
[ ]Alcohol PolicyShots From The Cupola7:411/52002
[ ]AccidentsSpringfield Resident Crashes into Woodlawn Barrier1:111/52002
[ ]Swimming and Diving - Men; Swimming and Diving - WomenSwimming Tigers Kick Off Dual Meet Season With A Bang13:111/52002
[ ]College LifeThe Hidden Truth Behind Witenberg Parties11:111/52002
[ ]World NewsThe Sniper Trial Update: Latest News in the Case3:111/52002
[ ]FootballTigers Look Strong Again in 49-3 Win Over The Allegheny Gators13:311/52002
[ ]ElectionsTop Conservatives Meet in DC for US Tax Reforms2:111/52002
[ ]VolleyballVolleyball Team Dominates At The Tiger National Quad12:111/52002
[ ]Campus; Physical DepartmentWhat the Hell Is a Rant? More Problems at Witt7:111/52002
[ ]OpinionWitt's Supporting Staff Treated Badly6:111/52002
[ ]World News; Protests; Iraq War (2003- )Wittenberg Students Protest War with Iraq7:111/52002
[ ]Curriculum; Foreign Languages Department"Swords and Sorcery:" Mythology and Fantasy1:211/122002
[ ]Athletic Department; Opinion; Intramural SportsAthletic Department, Isn't it Time to Reevaluate Intramurals?6:111/122002
[ ]Communication DepartmentCommunications Department Grows on Campus5:111/122002
[ ]Conservation ClubConservation Club to Sponsor Two Events15:111/122002
[ ]FootballEveryone Gets Into the Act as Wittenberg Demolishes Kenyon, 79-0 on Senior Recognition Day13:411/122002
[ ]Raimondo, LoisFellowship Award to be Presented3:211/122002
[ ]Field HockeyField Hockey Wins Inagural NCAC Tournament Championship, 6-2 Over Wooster12:111/122002
[ ]FashionHot Fashions to Keep You Warm All Winter Long8:111/122002
[ ]Martial Arts ClubMartial Arts Club Holds Promotion in Columbus3:211/122002
[ ]Basketball - MenMen's Basketball Falls to Dayton, 75-6712:311/122002
[ ]Yuskewich, SarahSarah Yuskewich named National Player of the Week for Volleyball13:511/122002
[ ]Editorials-SeniorsSeven Days With a Wittenberg Senior7:111/122002
[ ]Editorials-Alcohol PolicyShots From The Cupola7:111/122002
[ ]Academic Honesty; Alcohol PolicyShut up and Speak Your Mind: Student Input at Witt7:111/122002
[ ]International EducationSpeaking Spanish3:111/122002
[ ]ElectionsThe Results Are In!1:111/122002
[ ]Swimming and Diving - Men; Swimming and Diving - WomenTiger Swimming & Diving Continues to Improve Early On In The Season13:111/122002
[ ]Toys for TotsToys for Tots: One of the Joys of the Holidays2:111/122002
[ ]Levine, Dave; Wright, John; Senior SpotlightVisit the Soprano's Drive In at 483 Park Place9:111/122002
[ ]VolleyballVolleyball Team Wins Straight NCAC Championship, Defeats Denison 3-0 for the Title13:111/122002
[ ]College LifeWhat's on the mind of Every College Student . . .Sex10:111/122002
[ ]English Department; RacismWitt Students Travel to Indiana to Learn about Slavery5:111/122002
[ ]Astronomical SocietyWittenberg Astronomical Society Looks to the Stars . . . Again8:111/122002
[ ]Salamone, BrandonWittenberg Student Meets President in DC1:211/122002
[ ]Volleyball#3 Ranked Volleyball Wins First-Ever Regional Title, Advances to Elite Eight12:111/192002
[ ]Rosenberg, Scott; Woods, JihanBig W Award9:111/192002
[ ]Field tripsCriminology Class to Prison9:411/192002
[ ]Student ActivitiesFeeling Bored? Join One of Witt's 116 Student Organizations8:111/192002
[ ]Field HockeyField Hockey Season Ends, Loses to Williams College 3-0 In First Round of NCAA Tournament13:411/192002
[ ]Gerstle, AbiGerstle Advances to National CC Meet, Sets New Record12:411/192002
[ ]Movie ReviewsHarry Potter's Movie Magic Bewitches Audiences Once Again8:111/192002
[ ]FootballIt's Official: Football Team Headed to Playoffs After Beating Wooster, 14-913:111/192002
[ ]Movie ReviewsMTV's 'Jackass' Proves to be a Real Winner at Theaters10:111/192002
[ ]Buildings; Opinion; GraduationMusings on Life After Wittenberg6:111/192002
[ ]Alcohol Policy; Academic IntegrityOld Issues, Like Old Habits Die Hard at Wittenberg7:111/192002
[ ]Security OfficeSafety and Crime Prevention: Security on Campus1:111/192002
[ ]Dunning, Spencer; Enick, Wes; Gridley, Bo; Riedy, ChadSenior Spotlight9:111/192002
[ ]CampusSo Many Parking Spaces, So Few Cars Allowed to Park in Them5:111/192002
[ ]International EducationSpeaking Spanish: A Way to Communicate on Campus2:111/192002
[ ]Student SenateStudent Assessment: Who's Really Behind It?6:111/192002
[ ]International EducationStudy Abroad this Summer in Cuernavaca, Mexico5:111/192002
[ ]Swimming and Diving - Men; Swimming and Diving - WomenSwimming Has Another Solide Weekend as Men Close to Wabash, Both Beat Oberlin13:111/192002
[ ]Gruttadauria, FrankWittenberg Graduate Gets 7 years in Prison; Stole $50 million in Stock Scam1:111/192002
[ ]Ellison, Mark; Reisner, PamBig W Award9:411/262002
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS Members Attend National Conference3:411/262002
[ ]AIDSCelebration World AIDS Day on Campus1:411/262002
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesDelta Sigma Theta: Past, Present and Future5:311/262002
[ ]Sports; Field Hockey; Football; Soccer - Men; VolleyballFall Sports All-NCAC Selections12:111/262002
[ ]International EducationHappy Thanksgiving to All of You . . . A Way of Communicating on Witt Campus3:111/262002
[ ]Hahn, HilaryHilary Hahn Releases New Classical Sound on CD8:111/262002
[ ]College LifeParty On, Wittenberg University, Party On . . .11:111/262002
[ ]CampusStudent Analysis: Where is All Our Study Space?2:111/262002
[ ]Security OfficeStudents and Security: Respect and Cooperation Needed1:111/262002
[ ]Halo ClubStudents Encouraged to Play Video Games5:111/262002
[ ]Biology DepartmentSummer Trip to Duke Marine Lab5:311/262002
[ ]Computer Solution CenterThe Computer Quandary Center, That's More Like It7:111/262002
[ ]Basketball - Women; Basketball - Men; Gerstle, AbiTiger News13:511/262002
[ ]Swimming and Diving - Men; Swimming and Diving - WomenTiger Swim Teams Split Against Hiram13:111/262002
[ ]SOIIWhat Does the Green Light Mean to You?5:111/262002
[ ]Raimondo, Lois; World NewsWitt Grad Reports from Afghanistan1:111/262002
[ ]Ice HockeyWitt Ice Hockey On The Rise13:111/262002
[ ]STANDWitt STAND Shook the Evil of the S.O.A.9:111/262002
[ ]Student SenateWitt Student Senate's Upcoming Projects3:111/262002
[ ]Anime ClubWitt's Amime Club: More Than Just Japanese Cartoons8:111/262002
[ ]FootballWittenberg Wins First Round Playoff Thriller, Deafeats Hanover, 34-3312:311/262002
[ ]VolleyballWomen's Volleyball Goal of NCAA Title Falls Short, Lose to UW-Whitewater, 3-1 In Elite 813:311/262002