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[ ]Cassel, John'Insane' experience pays off for Cassel8:32/31998
[ ]Student ServicesAcademic Honesty Board proposed by Heida3:32/31998
[ ]Wiewandt, Alicia; Soby, Britt; Weston, JimAustin Powers, the Commons, and theatre...6:12/31998
[ ]Assault and BatteryBroken window sparks weekend assault1:12/31998
[ ]Union BoardCarrot Top guaranteed to enliven campus Saturday3:42/31998
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS will not tolerate acts of campus violence2:12/31998
[ ]Physical PlantCrows slowly but surely leave campus after Physical Plant intervenes2:32/31998
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesDelta Tau Delta considers Wittenberg colony, passes first step of approval process1:32/31998
[ ]Habitat for HumanityHabitat for Humanity provides students an opportunity to construct houses and memories7:12/31998
[ ]Health and Counseling ServicesHealth and Wellness Center offers a chance for mental health as well, thanks to counselor Linda Laffenburger7:12/31998
[ ]Math Workshop; TorchMath Workshop and The Torch leave Shouvlin3:12/31998
[ ]BuildingsNew Academic Building two years away2:12/31998
[ ]Basketball - Men; Track and FieldSports Roundups10:12/31998
[ ]Basketball - Women; Swimming and DivingSports Roundups10:22/31998
[ ]Student ServicesTipson appoints Heida as vice president of student development2:42/31998
[ ]Residence HallsUniversity removes eight from Tower1:32/31998
[ ]FootballWitt football player Kent Rafey wins prestigious scholarship10:12/31998
[ ]Student ActivitiesAll Believers in Christ unites Christians on Wittenberg's campus7:12/101998
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesAlpha Phi Alpha adds new dimention to greek system3:12/101998
[ ]Student HousingCampus housing selction process begins2:12/101998
[ ]FacultyCobau's teaching experiences offer much satisfaction7:12/101998
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentDegrees proves a worthwhile expedition8:32/101998
[ ]Public InformationDexter becomes director of public relations3:32/101998
[ ]Security OfficeFalse bomb threat disrupts classes1:12/101998
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)February, black history month1:32/101998
[ ]Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldMcMurray's offers Witt students karaoke, dancing, and a good time6:12/101998
[ ]Health and Counseling ServicesMeningitis cases increase at colleges3:12/101998
[ ]Residence HallsMyers Hall renovations pending1:32/101998
[ ]Jones, ReginaldReginald Jones shares his view of freedom2:32/101998
[ ]Residence HallsResidential staff finds illegal activities in South1:12/101998
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)Results of R.H.A. survey may affect smoking policy in residence halls2:12/101998
[ ]Student SenateSenate may support WUSO with fee raise2:32/101998
[ ]Combs, Cindi; Heuser, NicoleSenior Spotlight6:12/101998
[ ]Basketball - MenSetty leads Tigers over Wooster10:12/101998
[ ]Basketball - Women; Swimming and Diving - MenSports Roundups10:42/101998
[ ]Track and FieldSports Roundups10:52/101998
[ ]Art DepartmentCeramics by Bill Hunt: a creative and diverse exhibition at Koch Hall8:42/171998
[ ]ComputersComputing center makes advancements to systems3:12/171998
[ ]Wittenberg SeriesDayton Contemporary Dance Company performance touching and expressive8:12/171998
[ ]Phi Beta KappaHonor Societies recognize leaders, scholars3:32/171998
[ ]Interfraternity CouncilIFC/Panhel holds elections for new officers3:32/171998
[ ]BookstoreMike Rogers finds managing Bookstore rewarding6:12/171998
[ ]Student UnionReopened Pub a hub of exciting activity9:12/171998
[ ]Task ForcesSearch for pastor continues2:32/171998
[ ]Security OfficeSecret Service nabs student for forgery1:22/171998
[ ]Student SenateSenate approves new justices for hearing board2:12/171998
[ ]Student SenateSenate elections coming soon1:12/171998
[ ]Schell, Allison; Munro, Brooke; VanDerGang Janel; Ianacone, SarahSenior Spotlight6:12/171998
[ ]Basketball - Men; Swimming and Diving - Men; Swimming and Diving - WomenSports Roundups10:32/171998
[ ]Basketball - WomenSports Roundups10:42/171998
[ ]Track and FieldSports Roundups10:52/171998
[ ]Athletic Department - Hall of HonorTiger athletes honored Saturday for their superb accomplishments on and off the field10:12/171998
[ ]College CostsUniversity plans raise in 1998-1999 tuition, room and board1:22/171998
[ ]AlcoholVarsity captains take steps for alcohol awareness with CHOICES program2:32/171998
[ ]Health and Counseling ServicesWittenberg honors Eating Disorders Awareness Week3:12/171998
[ ]Mullins, Damon; Austin, James; Polk, KharyAustin, Mullins, and Polk gaining valuable experience with inmates7:12/241998
[ ]FacultyBaker's, Chatfield's reactions coincide with U.S. policy against Hussein2:12/241998
[ ]BaseballBaseball team prepares to slide into another season10:12/241998
[ ]Union BoardBudget restrics spring concert selection2:32/241998
[ ]Student Hearing BoardHearing Board undergoes structural revisions3:12/241998
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentMagnificence set and acting make Cabaret a hit8:12/241998
[ ]Prospective StudentsNumber of prospectives increases3:32/241998
[ ]AlcoholOhio schools collaborate to stop campus binge drinking1:32/241998
[ ]Residence Halls; Firestine HallSearch fails to recover stolen property in Firestine2:12/241998
[ ]Nemethe, JuliannaSenior Spotlight6:12/241998
[ ]Basketball - MenSports Roundups10:12/241998
[ ]Basketball - WomenSports Roundups10:22/241998
[ ]Track and FieldSports Roundups10:32/241998
[ ]College CostsStudents react to tuition raise3:42/241998
[ ]Student ActivitiesStudents select various spring break spots1:32/241998
[ ]Task ForcesTask force oversees community service3:12/241998
[ ]Health and Counseling ServicesUniversity Physicians leave for own practice in Connecticut1:12/241998
[ ]ChoirWitt Choir prepares to embark on Spring Break Tour of northeast7:12/241998
[ ]Alma MaterAlma Mater carries on Wittenberg tradition2:43/171998
[ ]Task ForcesCampus questions first pastoral candidate2:13/171998
[ ]East Asian Studies DepartmentEAS colloquium offers a glimpse of exhibit8:33/171998
[ ]Lacrosse - WomenExperience will lead lacrosse campaign10:23/171998
[ ]Security OfficeFlorida murder suspect nabbed while on campus1:13/171998
[ ]Residence HallsFormer ATO house becomes residence hall1:23/171998
[ ]Union BoardIndigo Girls' cancel show; double booked by agent3:33/171998
[ ]Jurewicz, SarahJurewicz makes her mark in Witt history10:13/171998
[ ]Pocket LintNew Members add funk to Pocket Lint psychedelica8:13/171998
[ ]Security OfficeRepeat offender apprehended burglarizing sorority house1:13/171998
[ ]Management DepartmentSenior management majors apply skills through Entrepreneurial Business Award3:33/171998
[ ]Smith, Gwenn; Klett, Jenny; Priddy, Sarah; Ricca, StephanieSenior Spotlight6:13/171998
[ ]SoftballSoftball looks for a successful season in 9810:13/171998
[ ]SoftballSoftball vans involved in traffic accident on I-752:43/171998
[ ]BaseballTiger baseball team gets off to fast start in Florida10:43/171998
[ ]Basketball - WomenTigers capture conference title, fall in first round of NCAA basketball tournament10:33/171998
[ ]VoicesVOICES offers women of Wittenberg a shoulder to lean on7:13/171998
[ ]Women's StudiesWomen's History Month explored through theatre performance3:13/171998
[ ]Art DepartmentArt exhibit portrays feeling of landscapes9:13/241998
[ ]Lopez-Alegria, MichaelAstronaut, wife recount experiences with NASA, European Space Agency, Russian Space Agency2:33/241998
[ ]Physical PlantConstruction to be finished by graduation2:13/241998
[ ]SportsCWRU plans to leave NCAC conference after 1998-99 year10:13/241998
[ ]TorchDating survey finds majority of students dateless3:1`3/241998
[ ]English DepartmentNeeake Neeake speaks of Native American plight3:43/241998
[ ]ProvostProvost Sammy Greer's love of Yeats takes her to Ireland7:13/241998
[ ]Physical PlantScience building renovations proposed1:13/241998
[ ]Unity MarchSecond annual Unity March slated for April 21:53/241998
[ ]Student SenateSenate cadidates debate in Commons Sunday night1:23/241998
[ ]Burow, Andrew; Faulhaber, Craig; Frost, Dennis; Shope, AdamSenior Spotlight6:13/241998
[ ]Student UnionSeniors reminisce at dessert2:43/241998
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate closes in on final budget1:33/241998
[ ]Klopfer, Billy; Fish, MattTwo students earn trust, respect through hobby of climbing10:13/241998
[ ]Ultimate frisbeeUltimate frisbee club creates Shibumi in Myer's Hollow7:13/241998
[ ]AdmissionsAdmission expects 650 new students1:13/311998
[ ]Career Development and PlacementCD&P announces structural changes2:43/311998
[ ]Student SenateE-mail announce stirs up campaigning1:53/311998
[ ]Sociology DepartmentNibert finds Wittenberg reaches Springfield people6:13/311998
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesPhi Gamma Delta to adopt substance free policy by 20011:13/311998
[ ]Athletic DepartmentSchraibman adds to Wilberding's coaching responsibilities by giving him head golf coach job10:13/311998
[ ]Security OfficeSecurity tracks speeding via laser technology3:33/311998
[ ]Student SenateSenate, class officers elected1:23/311998
[ ]Fogt, Becky; Ransom, Heather; Montgomery, Nicole; Gallogly, RachelSenior Spotlight6:13/311998
[ ]Baseball; Softball; TennisSports Roundup10:33/311998
[ ]Lacrosse - Men; Lacrosse - WomenSports Roundup10:43/311998
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesSpring Greek Week tradition moved to fall2:13/311998
[ ]Swimming and DivingThree Tigers earn All-American honors in swimming after NCAA Championships10:13/311998
[ ]ComputersWebsite interactively connects students, faculty, and alumni2:13/311998
[ ]WUSOWUSOMania: 60 hours of living at WUSO for funds2:43/311998
[ ]Art DepartmentArt Students combine talent and energy to raise money for charity7:14/71998
[ ]CampusCampus sponsors second annual Unity March1:14/71998
[ ]Security OfficeDriver's choice: move vehicle or face ticket, fine2:54/71998
[ ]FacultyFaculty screening process in effect for new professors3:14/71998
[ ]Task ForcesPastoral search culminates in recommendation to Tipson2:14/71998
[ ]Amnesty International (AI)Rosenblum represents Witt at national Amnesty conference in San Fransisco7:44/71998
[ ]Yoshimura, Fumiyo; Blyth, Jaime; Pastor, TedSenior Spotlight6:14/71998
[ ]AlcoholSix students attend regional conference on alcohol usage1:14/71998
[ ]Makau, Dr. Josina Speaker Dr. Josina Makau addresses student needs in an age of information disbursement2:34/71998
[ ]Baseball; Lacrosse - Men; Lacrosse - WomenSports Roundup10:14/71998
[ ]Softball; TennisSports Roundup10:24/71998
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentThe Inspector General a fitting closure to '98 season8:14/71998
[ ]WittstockWittfest, street activities to replace Wittstock festival1:44/71998
[ ]WUSO; Buildings; Firestine HallWUSO move to Firestine in progress1:24/71998
[ ]Residence HallsAlpha Tau Omega house renovated, filled to capacity3:14/171998
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS Week: April 13-19th1:14/171998
[ ]FacultyFaculty approves biochem major1:34/171998
[ ]History DepartmentHistory dept. hires female professor, Celms to retire2:14/171998
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesLambda Chi Alpha charter process well underway2:44/171998
[ ]Phi Beta KappaPhi Beta Kappa announces its new inductees1:54/171998
[ ]Music DepartmentProf Kazez returns from trip to Mid-East9:14/171998
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesProposed Delat Tau Delta colony would operate under substance-free guidelines3:34/171998
[ ]BuildingsRecitation Hall re-roofing still continues3:34/171998
[ ]Student SenateSenate releases 1998-99 budget for student groups3:14/171998
[ ]Lubbers, Bart; Bolin, Brent; Chaksupa, Dan; Porter, Erik; Morgan, JohnSenior Spotlight7:14/171998
[ ]McCarthy, Alison; Olmi, Amy; Beckwith, Laura; Fogarty, NikkiSenior Spotlight6:14/171998
[ ]Math WorkshopStudents rally to bring back Max2:14/171998
[ ]Alma MaterThompson named Alma Mater1:24/171998
[ ]BaseballWittenberg Spring Sports Shorts10:14/171998
[ ]Lacrosse - Women; SoftballWittenberg Spring Sports Shorts10:24/171998
[ ]Lacrosse - Men; Track and FieldWittenberg Spring Sports Shorts10:34/171998
[ ]Educational Policies Committee (EPC)Commincation major ended by division1:14/281998
[ ]Rugby - MenCongratulations to the Wittenberg men's rugby team10:44/281998
[ ]GraduationEscalante slated to speak at Commencement2:14/281998
[ ]Flashback (Event)Flashback canceled due to lack of permit2:14/281998
[ ]Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldHalfway house proposed for neighborhood3:34/281998
[ ]FootballIsphording named Tiger football offensive coordinator10:14/281998
[ ]Math WorkshopMax's removal from Math Workshop raises issues over campus attitude toward animals2:14/281998
[ ]BuildingsNew Academic Building named on May 11:14/281998
[ ]Lydy, KevinPocket Lint finale packs pub with humor8:34/281998
[ ]GraduationSenior Class Salutes move step closer to graduation3:44/281998
[ ]Williamson, Erin; Lovell, KellySenior Spotlight6:14/281998
[ ]BaseballSports Shorts10:24/281998
[ ]Golf; Lacrosse - WomenSports Shorts10:34/281998
[ ]Lacrosse - Men; SoftballSports Shorts10:14/281998
[ ]Central Dining Room (CDR); Faculty and Staff; Food Services; Student UnionThere's more to Wanda than serving ice cream in the CDR6:14/281998
[ ]Task Forces; Weaver ChapelTipson appoints Rev. Kimball University Pastor1:54/281998
[ ]SportsWarm weather sends Frisbee discs flying7:14/281998
[ ]Weaver ChapelWeekday chapel blends familiarity and variety7:44/281998
[ ]Wildlife SocietyWildlife Society a first at Witt7:14/281998
[ ]Union BoardWittfest moved to Stoughton lawn, day features diverse new activities1:24/281998
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department"The Glass Menagerie" opens Theatre Department's season9:19/221998
[ ]Union BoardA Tribe Called Quest visits Wittenberg on final tour8:19/221998
[ ]CulturefestCulturefest '98 to be held downtown2:19/221998
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesDelta Tau Delta coming this fall3:19/221998
[ ]Buildings; Hollenbeck HallHollenbeck Hall on schedule2:39/221998
[ ]Students - RecreationInterest in swing dancing continues to rise9:39/221998
[ ]Cross CountryMen's Cross Country finishes first at meet12:49/221998
[ ]Soccer - MenMen's varsity soccer loses in non-league play; looking for turn around12:19/221998
[ ]YearbookNew Student plans senior memory book1:39/221998
[ ]New StudentsPeter, Clark voted class of 2002 officers2:39/221998
[ ]Polis HousePolis House experiment in democratic living1:19/221998
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentStudent theatre group schedules upcoming performances at Agora and local Street Fair8:19/221998
[ ]CampusStudents/faculty divided over Clinton scandal3:19/221998
[ ]Student SenateThoele named new Seanate v.p.1:19/221998
[ ]FootballTigers run over Division II Union12:19/221998
[ ]Student HousingUniversity enforces policies for parties1:49/221998
[ ]Field Hockey; VolleyballVolleyball looks to rally; field hockey dominates11:39/221998
[ ]Administration; White, RobertWhite elected director of church affairs2:19/221998
[ ]Soccer - WomenWomen's soccer faces tougher opponents11:19/221998
[ ]WUSOWUSO upgrade to class A expands facilities, frequency3:19/221998
[ ]CampusAdditional lot to ease campus parking problem1:59/291998
[ ]ConferencesEight attend ELCA conference, bring back leadership initiatives3:19/291998
[ ]Union BoardEnthusiasm marks A Tribe Called Quest8:19/291998
[ ]Rugby - MenMen's Rugby club ranked third in state11:19/291998
[ ]Assault and BatteryNo suspects in Woodlawn Hall assault1:19/291998
[ ]Student ActivitiesPrimetime offers fellowship, non-denominational worship3:49/291998
[ ]Career CenterReid believes the Career Center allows students to explore the future7:19/291998
[ ]College Republicans; Student SenateSenate grants College Republicans funds to bring in speaker Lt. Col. Oliver North2:39/291998
[ ]Borgman, Susan; Hanses, KatieSenior Spotlight6:19/291998
[ ]Cross CountrySports Shorts11:59/291998
[ ]Soccer - MenSports Shorts11:49/291998
[ ]Soccer - WomenSports Shorts11:39/291998
[ ]FootballTigers' find balance, improve record to 3-012:19/291998
[ ]Union BoardUB sound system funds granted3:19/291998
[ ]Health and Counseling ServicesUniversity hires new physician2:19/291998
[ ]Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldUniversity opposes planned halfway house1:29/291998
[ ]VolleyballWomen's volleyball gains momentum for tournament12:49/291998
[ ]Parents WeekendAgora still focal point of Parents' Weekend1:110/61998
[ ]CheerleadingCheerleading squad 'takes training seriously' for first time in years; looks for varsity sport status, funding12:110/61998
[ ]New StudentsClass of 2001's demographics coincide with previous trends2:410/61998
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesDelta Sigma Phi adopts substance-free housing, strong academic policies by 20011:210/61998
[ ]Weaver ObservatoryDigital camera added to Weaver Observatory3:310/61998
[ ]Buildings; GrantsFederal grant to faciltate upcoming Wittenberg science building renovation5:310/61998
[ ]Field HockeyField hockey wins two over weekend, posts 8-3 record11:110/61998
[ ]Residential Life OfficeFour new 'residential coordinators' bring innovations in raising standards2:110/61998
[ ]Habitat For HumanityHabitat Project H allows more chances for service3:110/61998
[ ]Art DepartmentNew art group plans gallery hops, discussion and travel8:110/61998
[ ]Athletic DepartmentNew athletic trainers fully transitioned3:310/61998
[ ]International EducationOffice of International Education provides a world of opportunites6:110/61998
[ ]College RepublicansRepublicans, Democrats agree on bringing North3:110/61998
[ ]Student SenateSenate reallocates $1,500 less to bring Oliver North1:410/61998
[ ]Armstrong, Julie; Pearson, Amy; Pederson, MegSenior Spotlight6:110/61998
[ ]ChoirThe Choir Variety Show: a night of music, comdey, and tradition8:110/61998
[ ]FootballTigers dominate rival Allegheny11:110/61998
[ ]VolleyballVolleyball places second at tourney12:110/61998
[ ]Wittenberg SeriesWittenberg Series offers various alumni presentations9:210/61998
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department"The Glass Menagerie" opens theatre season9:110/131998
[ ]Buildings; Grants$1 million granted for Science Building1:110/131998
[ ]AlcoholAlcohol peer education group to help students make healthy choices2:310/131998
[ ]HomecomingBlessid Union of Souls to perfom at Homecoming1:510/131998
[ ]Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldCampus groups support United Way Corporate Challenge2:410/131998
[ ]Faculty; Warren CopelandCopeland instills ethical importance in Witt Students and the Springfield Community7:110/131998
[ ]Student SenateDance Team looks to energize basketball halftimes3:110/131998
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesDelta Tau Delta colony gains first members1:210/131998
[ ]Elmquist, JenniferElmquist sees Wittenberg as a "rare opportunity"6:110/131998
[ ]Residence Halls; PranksFalse fire alarms are nuisance, danger3:310/131998
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesFraternities, sororities join together for Greek Week '981:210/131998
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesGreek week ends with Flashdance8:310/131998
[ ]Thomas LibraryOhioLINK provides network of outside library resources3:110/131998
[ ]VolleyballReinhardt breaks record, leads team to sweep12:110/131998
[ ]FootballRelentless defense "paves the way" for Tigers victory12:310/131998
[ ]Puster, Emily; DeWees, Heather; Dennis, SarahSenior Spotlight6:110/131998
[ ]Wittenberg SeriesWitt Series brings Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein2:110/131998
[ ]Schnapf, MartyWittenberg art student featured at Dayton gallery8:110/131998
[ ]Field HockeyWittenberg victory pushes Big Red out of top spot in region11:210/131998
[ ]Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldAmerica Reads offers unique opportunities for Witt students7:110/271998
[ ]HomecomingArtificial Intelligence sets the stage for Blessid Union9:410/271998
[ ]Advancement OfficeCapital campaign hopes to gain $70 million by 20011:210/271998
[ ]Catrow, DaveCatrow, illustrator and cartoonist holds book signing at Witt7:410/271998
[ ]Cross CountryCross Country takes ninth at Gettysburg Invitational12:310/271998
[ ]Office of Multicultural Student ProgramsEdwards works for diversity awareness on Wittenberg's Campus6:110/271998
[ ]FacultyFaculty sets new animal rights policy, includes oversite group1:410/271998
[ ]Union BoardGraffiti Tribe kicks off '98 homecoming9:110/271998
[ ]HomecomingHomecoming gives new memories for alumni1:110/271998
[ ]New StudentsLarge new student class raises questions of size, selectivity2:110/271998
[ ]Soccer - MenMen's soccer hopes for late season league wins12:310/271998
[ ]Outdoor ClubOutdoor Club offers challenges and risks7:110/271998
[ ]Wittenberg SeriesPainter Joan Coate Milsom, '47 speaks of Wittenberg education, inspiration9:110/271998
[ ]HomecomingPositive outlook, style, fill homecoming concert8:110/271998
[ ]Field HockeySports Shorts11:210/271998
[ ]Soccer - WomenSports Shorts11:310/271998
[ ]VolleyballSports Shorts11:110/271998
[ ]Student ServicesStudent directory on its way2:410/271998
[ ]FootballTigers remain unbeaten, prepare for rival Wooster12:110/271998
[ ]GraduationVeteran UPI White House correspondent to speak at May commencement cermony2:110/271998
[ ]Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldWittenberg helps Strange Brew build "Community of ethical vegetarians"3:210/271998
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department"Beau Jest" incites laughter, reflection9:111/31998
[ ]Church Relations ProgramBob White spreads the Wittenberg Word6:111/31998
[ ]Assault and Battery; Security OfficeCampus assault on the rise2:111/31998
[ ]Residence Halls; PranksFalse fire alarms plague residence halls3:111/31998
[ ]Field HockeyField Hockey breaks school scoring record; hopes for NCAA national tournament bid12:311/31998
[ ]Optimist ClubFirst Optimist chapter in state started at Wittenberg2:211/31998
[ ]English DepartmentFive alumni writers come to Wittenberg2:511/31998
[ ]VolleyballLady Tigers look to carry momentum, winning ways into NCAC tournament11:111/31998
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesLambda Chi Alpha expected to receive charter by spring3:111/31998
[ ]North, OliverNorth attracts full house1:411/31998
[ ]North, OliverNorth garners mixed reviews2:311/31998
[ ]Task ForcesPastor search field narrowed1:211/31998
[ ]Health and Counseling ServicesR.A.'s sponsor tattoo/piercing info session3:511/31998
[ ]FootballRevenge "sweet" for Tigers in victory over Wooster12:111/31998
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesSelect 2000 raises controversy over fraternities and alcohol-free housing1:111/31998
[ ]School of Community Education (SCE)The SCE Program allows Steiding to take on the role of Witt student, mother and business owner7:111/31998
[ ]Dance CompaniesUpcoming dance concert8:311/31998
[ ]Upward BoundUpward Bound prepares students for educational future6:111/31998
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentWET students perform musical variety show8:111/31998
[ ]English DepartmentWriter's Reading provides creative outlet for students9:411/31998
[ ]Football"Red Swarm" turns in shutout, one game away from perfect season12:311/101998
[ ]Wittenberg SeriesAlumni spend week helping students hone writing skills1:311/101998
[ ]Bernstein, CarlBernstien addresses "idiot culture" in post-Watergate era1:211/101998
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentDance concert reveals emotion and talent8:111/101998
[ ]Student SenateMehrotra seeks committee of independent constituents1:111/101998
[ ]Student ActivitiesPocket Lint entertains by improvisation9:311/101998
[ ]Political Science DepartmentPolitical Science department introduces new course on Moscow; plans trip to city3:111/101998
[ ]Basketball - MenTigers optimistic going into 1998-99 season11:111/101998
[ ]Office of the PresidentTipson outlines his goals for university2:111/101998
[ ]VolleyballVolleyball team wins NCAC tourney, expects first seed in regiosn12:111/101998
[ ]Geography DepartmentWitt sponsors geography conference2:411/101998
[ ]English DepartmentWittenberg alumni return to share poetry and experience8:411/101998
[ ]StaffWittenberg University, how may I help you?7:111/101998
[ ]Women's StudiesWomen's Studies program promotes awareness and understanding6:111/101998
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesAlpha Phi Alpha focus builds character2:311/171998
[ ]Dance Companies; FacultyBrazilian dance instructor brings life experience and talent to Wittenberg9:111/171998
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesForum facilitates impeachment discussion1:311/171998
[ ]Buildings; Hollenbeck HallHollenbeck's construction deadlines affected by weather3:411/171998
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesMen's rush adapts Round Robins, more choices2:111/171998
[ ]Financial Aid OfficeRelocating Financial Aid Office aims to integrate admissions staff, ease access1:111/171998
[ ]Security OfficeSecurity puzzled by Springfield youth's behavior1:111/171998
[ ]Tate, Amy; Liechty, Anna; Beatty, Christin; Swanson, ErikaSenior Spotlight6:111/171998
[ ]Management DepartmentSeniors Keberle and Buhalis use WittCAM as vehicle to develop business innovation award3:111/171998
[ ]FootballTigers complete perfect season, prepare for playoff showdown against Millikin12:111/171998
[ ]VolleyballVolleyball team loses in final round of tourney12:311/171998
[ ]ConferencesWitt hosts meeting of local churches3:311/171998
[ ]Basketball - WomenWomen's team looks for another winning season11:111/171998
[ ]Youth As Resources; Blanton, KellyYouth as Resources at Witt promotes youth empowerment7:111/171998
[ ]Educational Policies Committee (EPC)Curriculum changes are long, complicated process3:111/241998
[ ]College CostsFaculty worried by tuition remission1:311/241998
[ ]Lee, GusGus Lee, author of Chinese-American stories, speaks1:111/241998
[ ]Annett, DaveJunior's dreams fly high with Debonair8:311/241998
[ ]Basketball - MenMen's Basketball splits at Wheaton, Women take tournery with sweep11:211/241998
[ ]Basketball - WomenMen's Basketball splits at Wheaton, Women take tournery with sweep11:311/241998
[ ]Rivers, Rev. Euguene, IIIRev. Rivers breaks camp for today's youth7:111/241998
[ ]Hendershot, Dana; Boyer, Sara; Nelson, ShelleySenior Spotlight6:111/241998
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentStudent directed one act plays display talent9:111/241998
[ ]FootballTigers swarm Millikin, prepare for Mount Union12:111/241998
[ ]Model United Nations ClubU.N. Club to attend New York, Harvard conference2:411/241998
[ ]Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldUnited Way campaign surpasses goal1:111/241998
[ ]Student UnionWally's surpasses predecessor in activities2:111/241998
[ ]International EducationWittenberg continues illustrious program of studying abroad for 20 percent of students3:311/241998
[ ]Swimming and Diving - Men; Swimming and Diving - WomenYoung swim team hopes for strong NCAC finish despite nationally ranked opponents12:111/241998
[ ]Basketball - MenBasketball team rides three game streak12:112/81998
[ ]College Costs; FacultyFaculty discuss tuition remission1:212/81998
[ ]FootballFootball super sophomore Donaldson recounts past, outlines hopes for future12:112/81998
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentKoch takes one-act to different level9:412/81998
[ ]SportsNCAC expansion expected inlieu of CWRU's departure2:412/81998
[ ]FacultyPastor search comes to close1:112/81998
[ ]YearbookPlans for senior memory book abandoned1:512/81998
[ ]Pocket LintPocket Lint performs skits8:412/81998
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentSecond round of one-acts impresses audiences9:112/81998
[ ]Student SenateSenator petitions for 24-hour coffeehouse2:112/81998
[ ]Krimmel, Jessica; Keberle, Jill; Paramore, Julie; Sarah McKinleySenior Spotlight6:112/81998
[ ]Art DepartmentStudents form Wittenberg Art League3:312/81998
[ ]Huffman, Dr. Jim ; History DepartmentTeacher, grandfather, writer and gardener, Dr. Jim Huffman wears many different hats7:112/81998
[ ]FootballTiger football team finishes season in playoffs, sweep NCAC postseason awards11:412/81998
[ ]Basketball - WomenTigers start NCAC play with win11:112/81998
[ ]Field HockeyTwo Wittenberg field hockey seniors named NFHCA All-America12:412/81998
[ ]Wittenberg University Student Education Association (WUSEA) WUSEA offers students the opportunity to explore educational avenues6:112/81998