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[ ]AIDSAIDS awareness group established on campus1:51/231996
[ ]Billingsley, Dr. AndrewBillingsley honors King in address at convocation1:2-51/231996
[ ]Clarke, JayClarke named playwright finalist2:3-51/231996
[ ]Phi Gamma DeltaFraternity to select new house director1:2-31/231996
[ ]SeniorsIt's your last chance for the last waltz12:1-31/231996
[ ]Kazez, DanielKazez to perform cello in concert10:1-21/231996
[ ]Springfield communityMall stalkers become an increasing threat to campus, community7:1-41/231996
[ ]Central Dining Room (CDR); Food Services; FoodMidnight breakfast a success2:1-21/231996
[ ]Track and FieldNew coaches give strength to WU runners9:1-31/231996
[ ]Phi Gamma DeltaNew Phi Gamma Delta officers take charge3:1-51/231996
[ ]English DepartmentRichards joins English faculty4:1-21/231996
[ ]SEACSEAC sponsors student booksale2:1-31/231996
[ ]Swimming and DivingSwim team survives' blizzard of the century9:21/231996
[ ]TelevisionWitt students find NBC series interesting5:1-51/231996
[ ]O'Conner, PatWittenberg graduate earns promotion in world's largest baseball association2:1-31/231996
[ ]Symphonic BandWittenberg hosts Honors Band Festival10:1-31/231996
[ ]AnnieBroadway musical Annie comes to Springfield10:1-31/301996
[ ]Leader retreatsEmerging Leaders program helps strengthen students' leadership skills7:3-51/301996
[ ]AlcoholGrant funds campus alcohol awareness program2:1-41/301996
[ ]Gregory, KeenonGregory resigns;cites commute, family as strong factors in decision1:1-21/301996
[ ]Habitat for HumanityHabitat group makes difference in Honduras2:1-51/301996
[ ]Callahan, MIchael J.; Fahrbach, K.C.Michael J. Callahan and K.C. Fahrbach enjoy trip down memory lane12:1-51/301996
[ ]Resident AdvisorsResident Advisors' financial aid packages face possible reduction3:4-51/301996
[ ]MoviesRodriquez attempts to create a cult classic with 'From Dusk till Dawn'9:4-51/301996
[ ]SADD (Students Against Driving Drunk)SADD commemorates fifteen years of success in alcohol, peer education2:2-41/301996
[ ]Wittenberg fundingStudents express concern over university spending3:1-51/301996
[ ]Swimming and DivingSwimmers finish up their home season8:3-51/301996
[ ]DePinto, NickTorch student profile: Nick DePinto defines life through drama, art6:1-51/301996
[ ]Track and FieldTrack and Field bring NCAC 1st place finishes home8:11/301996
[ ]Union BoardUnion Board's joke-off turns that frown upside down9:1-31/301996
[ ]InternetWorld wide web provides easy access to Internet7:1-51/301996
[ ]Tipson, Baird[Baird] Tipson announces projected 1996-1997 budget adjustments1:3-41/301996
[ ]Visitation24-Hour visitation proposal awaits approval2:3-52/61996
[ ]American International Association (AIA)AIA promotes cultural awareness through fashion9:1-22/61996
[ ]MoviesDead Man Walking examines ethics of capital punishment12:1-22/61996
[ ]Baez, JoanFolk singer Joan Baez to perform at Ohio Theatre13:1-22/61996
[ ]ConcertsGin Blossoms announced as spring concert performers1:12/61996
[ ]Grigsby, JimGrigsby collaborates on Hubble project1:1-32/61996
[ ]CoffeehousesOff-campus coffeehouse eyed2:1-32/61996
[ ]CampusPlans for campus renovations discussed1:2-42/61996
[ ]RushRush week yields 173 new members3:1-22/61996
[ ]Buchholz, Fris; Krieger, Becky; Lance, Misty; Witt, Melissa; Velazquez, PaulaSenior Spotlight16:1-52/61996
[ ]Nel, AntonSpringfield Symphony Orchestra presents pianist Anton Nel13:3-52/61996
[ ]Gregory, KeenonTipson names Gregory's successors1:42/61996
[ ]TorchTorch Day: a chance for YOU to get involved9:1-22/61996
[ ]Waffle HouseWaffle House serves up down-home cooking12:3-52/61996
[ ]Wiley, RalphWiley to discuss latest book as part of Black History Month observance2:4-52/61996
[ ]AdmissionsWittenberg's newest admission counselors find unattended positions8:1-52/61996
[ ]Project WomanWomen's crisis hotline seeks volunteers3:1-32/61996
[ ]Woodcock, JamesWoodcock named new fraternity house director1:2-32/61996
[ ]Basketball - WomenWU women's basketball team clinches third straight NCAC title11:1-52/61996
[ ]Tipson, Baird[Baird] Tipson recieves widespread news coverage during first six months2:1-22/61996
[ ]Amnesty International (AI)Amnesty sponsors third lock-in this year2:32/131996
[ ]Valentine's Day; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldDance with your sweetie on Valentine's2/131996
[ ]Valentine's Day; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldEat your heart out on Valentine's10:42/131996
[ ]Valentine's Day; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldEnjoy some culture with your Valentine10:12/131996
[ ]Stahl, Lou; Basketball - MenFreshman Lou Stahl leads Witt with 21 points7:12/131996
[ ]Campus; Physical Plant; Thomas Library; Weaver ChapelFrozen pipes cause flooding in campus buildings1:22/131996
[ ]Student Services; Administration; Dean of StudentsInterviews begin for new dean of students1:32/131996
[ ]Lewis, Dr. Joseph; History DepartmentLewis advocates oral history2:12/131996
[ ]Interfraternity Council; Panhellenic CouncilPanhel, IFC prepare new officers9:12/131996
[ ]Reid, Bruce; Student ServicesReid finds niche as assistant dean, coach8:12/131996
[ ]Campus; Physical PlantSecond power outage darkens north campus1:52/131996
[ ]Allison, Nicole; Brochsmith, Missy; Ward, ChristySenior Spotlight12:12/131996
[ ]Sour Grapes (Company); Valentine's DayThis Valentine's Day, celebrate a dead relationship11:32/131996
[ ]Tuman, Jim; Fraternities and SororitiesTuman encourages students to prioritize1:22/131996
[ ]Union Board; Student Services; College BowlWittenberg freshman win College Bowl, advance to regionals in Michigan8:12/131996
[ ]AIDSAIDS awareness group recognized by Senate1:1-22/201996
[ ]TenureFaculty board releases tenure decisions1:2-42/201996
[ ]MoviesGreat actors, poor plot in City Hall10:1-32/201996
[ ]MahaliaMahalia coming to Weaver Chapel10:4-52/201996
[ ]Basketball - MenMen's basketball team prepares for NCAC conference tournament to be played at Wittenberg8:1-22/201996
[ ]PlaysMusical Into the Woods a combination of fairy tales10:1-42/201996
[ ]Fast, Erin; Mortimer, Amy; Post, Missy; Stewart, ElisabethSenior Spotlight12:1-52/201996
[ ]Grigsby, JimStudent interest ignored in Grigsby tenure process4:12/201996
[ ]Animal rightsStudents attend annual animal rights rally1:12/201996
[ ]Tannhof, EvelynTannhof organizes Wildlife Society7:1-32/201996
[ ]ShiftersWitt student speculates on the 'Shifters'6:1-32/201996
[ ]Davis, Dr. Robert [Robert] Davis to publish new book1:4-52/201996
[ ]ComputersComputer facilities undergo modernization1:1-32/271996
[ ]Copperfield, DavidDavid Copperfield to perform night of magic and illusions13:3-52/271996
[ ]Westheimer, Dr. Ruth Dr. Ruth Westheimer to speak on campus in April2:4-52/271996
[ ]Musical groupsDrowning Mary: Witt's newest student band9:1-52/271996
[ ]Wittenberg TheatreInto the Woods cast and crew create memorable performance13:1-52/271996
[ ]MoviesLesser-known movies to rent over break14:1-22/271996
[ ]Wittenberg studentsMainstream culture has commercialized the irony of alternative style5:1-42/271996
[ ]Catrow, DaveNews-Sun cartoonist leads 'animated' life8:1-52/271996
[ ]ConcertsPeter, Paul, and Mary give performance in Columbus14:2-52/271996
[ ]Powell, Denita; McGee, Lanita; Robrson, Lanetra; Anderson, ShellySenior spotlight: Denita Powell, Lanita McGee, Lanetra Robrson and Shelly Anderson celebrate their long lasting friendship16:1-52/271996
[ ]Visitation proposalSpecial committee approves new visitation proposal1:3-42/271996
[ ]Spring breakSpring break weather forecasts mix of good, bad news2:12/271996
[ ]Wittenberg studentsStress is a growing trend, but we don't have to play along this time5:1-42/271996
[ ]Visitation proposalStudent Senate discusses visitation proposal, budget hearings at weekly meeting2:1-32/271996
[ ]Basketball - MenTiger men take top seed in region into NCAA tournament12:1-52/271996
[ ]Basketball - WomenTiger women make NCAA tournament for fourth consecutive year12:1-32/271996
[ ]RetentionUniversity aims to boost retention1:1-22/271996
[ ]Greek communityCampus Greeks second charity swim15:43/191996
[ ]Clinton, BillCommittee seeks campus visit by President Clinton1:13/191996
[ ]MoviesExecutive Decision found boring and predictable13:4-53/191996
[ ]Sino-American festivalFestival of Sino-American culture planned13:1-33/191996
[ ]Financial aid packagesFinancial aid package reduced for new resident advisors2:13/191996
[ ]Habitat for HumanityHabitat groups travel south, build homes for needy2:2-43/191996
[ ]Fincham, JoeJoe Fincham named Tigers head football coach10:1-53/191996
[ ]Alma MaterKlenke announces Alma Mater finalists1:2-43/191996
[ ]Grigsby, JimLucchesi defends faculty in [Jim]Grigsby tenure case4:2-33/191996
[ ]McCullough, DavidMcCollough to deliver history lecture1:1-23/191996
[ ]Nuryorican poetsNuryorican poets bring new style of poetry to Witt9:1-53/191996
[ ]Grigsby, JimPastor questions how 'Wittenberg Mission' applies to [Jim]Grigsby4:2-33/191996
[ ]Student SenateSenators allocate money in hopes of attracting Clinton3:2-43/191996
[ ]Chapin, Lindsay; Lengacher, Nate; Szumski, KaraSenior Spotlights16:1-33/191996
[ ]SeniorsSeniors share feelings about graduating8:1-53/191996
[ ]Springfield communitySpringfield residents to vote on school levy2:1-33/191996
[ ]Environmental Audit Task ForceTask force suggests environmental policies3:3-53/191996
[ ]Strategic university planTipson releases draft of strategic university plan1:3-43/191996
[ ]Bennett, TonyTony Bennett to perform in Columbus12:3-53/191996
[ ]Rugby - MenWittenberg men's rugby club opened 1996 spring season with a victory over defending state champions Xaier University11:1-53/191996
[ ]Administration; Dean of StudentsDean of students finalists to make university visits1:23/261996
[ ]Delta GammaDelta Gamma anchor splash benefits blind6:1-23/261996
[ ]English DepartmentEnglish Department hires two professors1:3-53/261996
[ ]MoviesGood directing, poor script in Girl 69:4-53/261996
[ ]Ohio studentsOhio students post low voter turnout in primary2:4-53/261996
[ ]Political student organizationsPolitical groups collaborate on presidential candidate invitations2:1-23/261996
[ ]Crossa, Veronica, Niksic, RusmirSenior Spotlight12:1-43/261996
[ ]GrantsSix students receive $2,000 research grants for summer1:2-53/261996
[ ]Lesbian/Bisexual/Gay Alliance (LBGA)Students revive homosexual support group2:3-53/261996
[ ]Senior CircleTipson urges senior donations at dessert2:1-33/261996
[ ]Student SenateVisitation decision delayed; student senators discuss proposal at weekly meeting1:3-53/261996
[ ]Lacrosse - WomenWomen's Lacrosse sets sights on NCAC tournament8:13/261996
[ ]Tennis - WomenWU women's tennis team focuses on successful season8:1-43/261996
[ ]Recycling programCampus-wide recycling program cuts waste2:1-34/21996
[ ]Chamber orchestraChamber orchestra performs its second world premiere, 'Steel Point'14:1-54/21996
[ ]Student SenateDebates held for upcoming Senate election1:44/21996
[ ]FilmsFeel-good film of the nineties, A Family Thing, found boring, predictable13:4-54/21996
[ ]Delta ZetaFraternity to rent house from Delta Zetas1:1-34/21996
[ ]ConcertsGin Blossoms produce driving emotional songs with their new album Congratulations, I'm Sorry13:1-34/21996
[ ]Kazez, DanielKazez uses students' help in writing music textbook9:1-24/21996
[ ]McCullough, DavidMcCullough emphasizes value of history1:2-44/21996
[ ]Blair, Betsy; Hanshaw, Margaret; Wolfe, KateSenior Spotlight: Betsy Blair, Margaret Hanshaw and Kate Wolfe share their laughs and memories about their time at Wittenberg16:1-54/21996
[ ]Psychology DepartmentSeven new members inducted into National Psychology honor society2:1-24/21996
[ ]Wilson, NancySinger Nancy Wilson to be honored in Chillicothe parade13:2-54/21996
[ ]Smith, AaronSmith serves as Big Brother to local teen10:1-54/21996
[ ]CoffeehousesStudent forum planned to discuss coffeehouse1:14/21996
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate grants AIDS group funding2:3-54/21996
[ ]Wittenberg campusStudents' home broken into; no suspects found2:4-54/21996
[ ]TorchTorch spoofs tabloids with April Fools' Day issue2:1-24/21996
[ ]Lacrosse - MenWith team unity and hard work WU men's lacrosse expect success11:1-54/21996
[ ]Wittenberg ChoirWitt Choir tours in southern Florida8:1-54/21996
[ ]Softball - WomenWittenberg women's softball team looks to veterans for winning season12:1-54/21996
[ ]Dayton Visual Arts CenterCultural crossover the focus of new exhibit in Dayton, Spirited and Spiritual11;1-24/121996
[ ]Administration; Dean of StudentsDean candidates visit campus, share ideas1:2-44/121996
[ ]Human Race TheatreHuman Race Theatre to present Edward Albee's Three Tall Women10:1-24/121996
[ ]Tennis - MenMen's tennis looking to build a strong program for the future8:1-44/121996
[ ]Springfield Symphony OrchestraSpringfield Symphony Orchestra to close its 52nd season with guest conductor Ray Eubanks10;3-54/121996
[ ]Student SenateStudent senators discuss Senior Night, CBS constitution2:2-54/121996
[ ]Alma MaterWendy Sayre named Alma Mater1:1-54/121996
[ ]Take Back the NightWomen's group holds candlelight march tonight1:14/121996
[ ]Busarow, Dr. Donald [Donald] Busarow recieves honor from alma mater3:3-54/121996
[ ]Student Senate1996 Student Senate budget allocations raise funding questions8-9:1-104/301996
[ ]Alma materAlma mater to honor Otten6:2-34/301996
[ ]Administration; Dean of StudentsDean search member responds to Bowers4:14/301996
[ ]Westheimer, Dr. Ruth Dr. Ruth speaks candidly with students1:1-34/301996
[ ]GraduationFour honorary degrees to be presented2:1-34/301996
[ ]Pye, Amy C.Panhel president refutes anti-feminist contention4:1-34/301996
[ ]FilmsRomantic film adds spice of femininity7:1-34/301996
[ ]Student SenateSenators forced to cut student club budgets1:2-44/301996
[ ]Clark, Noelle; Napier, Jessica; Tannhof, Evelyn; Young, BethanySenior Spotlight12:1-24/301996
[ ]Daniels, Kisha; Davis, Tracie; Lewis, Jennifer; McKinney, LaShanda; Powell, Denita; Retic, LaDwanaSenior Spotlight11:1-34/301996
[ ]Danielson, Tait;Decker, Bruce;Mazur, Nick;Rahman, JonSenior Spotlight13:1-34/301996
[ ]Fuchs, Phil; Tishkoff; ScottSenior Spotlight11:4-54/301996
[ ]Harshw, Shalaba; Pace, Kim; Malone, Niderra; Crossley, Suzanne; Grean, Melissa; Mateyo, Gwen; Naida, TeresaSenior Spotlight12:3-54/301996
[ ]Richardson, Rebecca;Shire, VikiSenior Spotlight14:1-54/301996
[ ]Sultan, Yashila; Miller, MarkiaSenior Spotlight13:4-54/301996
[ ]Thomas, Brad; Furlong, Colby; Seamon, AaronSenior Spotlight15:1-54/301996
[ ]Colangelo, Kate; Byrum, Julie; Clark, AshleySenior Spotlight: Kate Colangelo, Julie Byrum and Ashley Clark look back on four years at Witt16:1-54/301996
[ ]Wittenberg securityStolen computer equiptment found in Witt student's apartment1:44/301996
[ ]Visitation proposalTipson speaks out about visitation proposal2:1-34/301996
[ ]Coleman, ToddTreasurer:thanks4:2-34/301996
[ ]WUSOUrban contemp adds diversity6:1-34/301996
[ ]YearbookWitt staff finalizes yearbook2:4-54/301996
[ ]history; Wittenberg UniversityWittenberg's history just may be a good indication of the future5:1-54/301996
[ ]Dr. Grigsby[Jim]Grigsby support taken 'seriously' says [Baird] Tipson1;14/301996
[ ]Damessae, SelesheAcclaimed sing/storyteller performs14:1-39/171996
[ ]Wittenberg CampusBicycle thefts on the rise around campus7:59/171996
[ ]Political partiesBids fail to bring Clinton, Dole to Wittenberg3:1-59/171996
[ ]Biology DepartmentBio class earns credits in the Bahamas9:1-39/171996
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS prepares for an eventful school year8:1-39/171996
[ ]New StudentsClass of 2000 maintains admission standards despite lower enrollment6:1-29/171996
[ ]Field HockeyField hockey posts impressive 4-1 record12:1-29/171996
[ ]EditorialsFinancial aid strategy leads to unfortunate enrollment decrease3:2-49/171996
[ ]Alumnae/AlumniFreshman class of 1925 boasts high rate of enrollment4:1-29/171996
[ ]Grigsby, Dr. James A. Grigsby tenure rejection is reconsidered1:59/171996
[ ]McClain, Judge WilliamMcClain addresses crowd at convocation; /encourages students to maintain winning attitude6:3-59/171996
[ ]Soccer - MenMen's soccer pleased with victory but looks to improve12:1-39/171996
[ ]CoffeehousesNew coffeehouse Carpe Cafe seizes Wittenberg campus14:4-59/171996
[ ]Administration; Dean of Students; Heida, DebbieNew Dean faces challenging year ahead10:3-59/171996
[ ]Foreign Languages DepartmentNew equiptment and location enhance language lab7:1-49/171996
[ ]Greek letter societiesNew fraternity bid is considered1:2-49/171996
[ ]Nibert, Dr. David Nibert discusses his animal rights beliefs10:1-39/171996
[ ]Student SenateSenate considers raising student fees3:1-39/171996
[ ]Common LearningStudents explore creativity6:1-29/171996
[ ]Summer researchStudents reflect on summer research9:3-59/171996
[ ]Visitation PolicyStudents respond to 24-hour vis decision2:1-29/171996
[ ]Habitat for HumanityThree campus groups join together for Habitat's 'building blitz'9:4-59/171996
[ ]Cross countryTiger's look to hard work and dedication for successful future13:19/171996
[ ]Wittenberg CampusTree removal triggers mixed reactions, leaves empty lot in residential section7:2-49/171996
[ ]United WayUnited Way plans fund-raising activities1:2-59/171996
[ ]Visitation PolicyUniversity's visitation concerns unfounded5:1-49/171996
[ ]Visitation PolicyVisitation proposal denied1:2-59/171996
[ ]Visitation PolicyVisitation proposal has tumultuous year-long history2:1-29/171996
[ ]Westol, DaveWestol, delivers straight talk about alcohol, friendships, and college life10:4-59/171996
[ ]Wittenberg campusWittenberg policy obstructs choice of safe sex5:1-59/171996
[ ]Tennis - WomenWomen's tennis team prepares for season under new head coach12:3-49/171996
[ ]Grigsby, Dr. James A. Administration narrows tenure review case1:29/241996
[ ]WUSOAigner confident about WUSO despite rough beginning6:2-49/241996
[ ]Wittenberg UniversityDecrease in student enrollment may reduce faculty, staff employment3:3-59/241996
[ ]Boland, EavanEavan Boland to present Irish poetry at Wittenberg9:4-59/241996
[ ]ColumnsElementary school students exposed to 4.7 tons of lead annually5:1-59/241996
[ ]FootballGators defeat Tigers 26-148:3-59/241996
[ ]Residence hallsHalogen lamps banned from university housing3:1-29/241996
[ ]Wittenberg CampusHousing mishaps rectified3:4-59/241996
[ ]ColumnsIs Tipson's visitation rationale consistent with other campus policies?5:1-59/241996
[ ]Wittenberg CampusKegs may be banned from Witt property1:3-59/241996
[ ]Thomas LibraryLibrary flasher makes second apperarance1:59/241996
[ ]Malloy, ArtMalloy clarifies sidewalk sign policy6:2-59/241996
[ ]EditoralsMcIntyre expresses concerns of biased reporting4:1-39/241996
[ ]New StudentsNew Students form class council; officers set goals for new term2:2-39/241996
[ ]Kappa DeltaPhilanthropy to raise money for Habitat7:2-59/241996
[ ]SEACSEAC forces get call2:4-5`9/241996
[ ]Student SenateSenate debates activities fee increase1:2-39/241996
[ ]Weldon, Steven; Norton, Dave; VanDeusen, Chris; Terry, Ryan; Hasecke, EdSenior Spotlight: Tabernacle seniors 'work hard, study hard, play hard'7:1-59/241996
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentStudent directs spoof on Shakespeare9:3-59/241996
[ ]EditorialsStudents thank Klenke, class officers4:39/241996
[ ]Study AbroadStudy abroad students expand their horizons6:2-59/241996
[ ]Health, Physical Education and Recreation Center (HPERC)Tennis court addition to enhance stadium building renovation3:1-39/241996
[ ]EditorialsTerry sees connection between retention and content student body4:1-39/241996
[ ]Music DepartmentWhere it's at: Choirs at Witt6:19/241996
[ ]Political PartiesWitt Republican, Democrat clubs join forces to register student voters, sponsor campus-wide election activites2:1-39/241996
[ ]Rugby - WomenWomen's rugby starts season strongly8:1-29/241996
[ ]AgoraAgora festival to feature local vendors, food, entertainment for campus and community2:4-510/11996
[ ]HomecomingAlumni, students, unite to sponsor Homcoming activities2:1-510/11996
[ ]Music PerformancesAnnie get your Gun to be performed at Kuss Auditorium15:1-210/11996
[ ]Dole, BobBob Dole Tough on Crime6:1-210/11996
[ ]Boland, EavanBoland shares Irish vision1:2-310/11996
[ ]Community WorkshopCommunity Workshop recognizes mentors`6:1-510/11996
[ ]Soccer - WomenControversy surrounds women's soccer loss at Wilmington12:1-410/11996
[ ]American International Association (AIA)Crossroads offers cultural diversity, food2:1-310/11996
[ ]Residence HallsFour hall directors fill unexpected vacancies; one returns4:1-510/11996
[ ]Springfield communityLonestar Restaurant dishes up boot-stomping, line dancing fun15:1-310/11996
[ ]Soccer - MenMen's soccer wins fourth after dramatic overtime goals12:1-410/11996
[ ]CrimeMore crime cases detected, security report show1:210/11996
[ ]Leonard, MikeOffensive coach brings cultured approach13:1-510/11996
[ ]Pep bandPep band formation in the works3:2-310/11996
[ ]ObituariesRites for first black Lutheran bishop Saturday7:110/11996
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentRoad to Mecca to open threatre's season14:1-310/11996
[ ]Student SenateSenate approves activities fee increase1:3-510/11996
[ ]Student CenterStudents damage Student Center property; knock palm tree to ground3:1-310/11996
[ ]FootballTiger football earns impressive win against Kenyon,55-1412:510/11996
[ ]Vax systemVAX system undergoes massive upgrade to faster Alpha server4:1-310/11996
[ ]Woods, ChrisWittenberg defense welcomes new coordinator13;1-410/11996
[ ]Wittenberg SeriesWittenberg Series continues to bring critically acclaimed performers to campus14:3-510/11996
[ ]WUSOWUSO faces shutdown; lacks equipment funds1:510/11996
[ ]Barnett, TimothyBarnett stimulates independent thinking8:1-310/81996
[ ]Beta Theta PiBeta chapter completes successful turn-around7:4-510/81996
[ ]Dole, BobBob Dole know how to get the job done2:1-210/81996
[ ]Springfield Community; Depression, MentalCity offers free depression screenings4:3-510/81996
[ ]College HillCollege Hill residents unite to build community spirit3:1-410/81996
[ ]Gates, Jr., Dr. Henry Louis Harvard scholar Gates addresses multicultrualism and 'ethics of identity'7:1-310/81996
[ ]HomosexualsHomophobia rampant among students of Wittenverg University5:1-510/81996
[ ]Houston, James; Wagner, PeytonHouston and Wagner keep traditions alive6:1-510/81996
[ ]Lambda Chi AlphaLambda Chi lightning light up the soccer field8:4-510/81996
[ ]Cross Country - MenMen's cross country team on the right track9:2-510/81996
[ ]HomosexualsNewspaper preaches sexism and homophobia to off-campus students5;1-510/81996
[ ]Animal RightsNibert, Wilson trade barbs in animal rights controversy1:4-510/81996
[ ]Fraser, GregPoet Fraser finds English 101 'a good fit'8:1-310/81996
[ ]Clinton, BillPresident Clinton- A record for the 21st century2:3-410/81996
[ ]PubPub will yield to full-time coffeehouse1:2-410/81996
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentRoad to Mecca delivers powerful performance10:1-310/81996
[ ]Schwier, LayneSchwier strides toward conference meet9;2-410/81996
[ ]Student SenateSenate rescues WUSO, approves pep band2:3-510/81996
[ ]Grigsby, Dr. James A. Students for Academic Justice join to aid Grigsby, promote awareness4:1-210/81996
[ ]VolleyballVolleyball takes third place at weekend tournament9:510/81996
[ ]Circle K; College Life; Model United Nations Club; Student ActivitiesWhere it's at: It's never too late to join another club7:3-510/81996
[ ]Alumnae/AlumniWitt Alumni speak on job opportunities3:410/81996
[ ]FootballWitt posts second conference win over Oberlin 63-69;110/81996
[ ]Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldWitt to help city gear up for future1:2-410/81996
[ ]Cross CountryAll Ohio cross country meet draws runners from Division I,II and III13;3-510/151996
[ ]Taylor, BillyBilly Taylor's jazz trio performs for campus14:4-510/151996
[ ]Biology DepartmentBiology Department plans spring break trip to San Salvador, Bahamas8:1-210/151996
[ ]Dole, BobBob Dole-- Changing American Education for the Better!7:1-210/151996
[ ]Musical GroupsButter 08 causes spontaineous dancing14:1-310/151996
[ ]Carlise, Chuck; Wright, RichCarlise and Wright say they like to wear their hair down11:1-510/151996
[ ]PoliticsCity candidates face-off on campus1:110/151996
[ ]PoliticsClinton focuses on education, technology1:2-410/151996
[ ]Coats for KidsCoats for Kids holiday fundraiser begins2:3-510/151996
[ ]Young, KimCommunity service mentor benefits from her connections to the Wittenberg Community Workshop11:4-510/151996
[ ]Conservation ClubConservation Club10:3-510/151996
[ ]Toombs, VeronicaEnglish instructor Toombs offers her knowledge of African-American literature to Wittenberg9:1-310/151996
[ ]Musical GroupsFaculty recital provides 'A world of music'15:1-310/151996
[ ]Athletic Department - Hall of HonorFive new inductees join Witt Hall of Honor13:1-310/151996
[ ]HalloweenHalloween fun planned for Freak Week2:210/151996
[ ]Harter, Eugene C.Harter discusses American causes of Civil War6:1-210/151996
[ ]HomecomingHomecoming honors Curenton and King2:1-310/151996
[ ]Kappa Alpha PsiKappas establish Ms. Krimson and Kream3:3-510/151996
[ ]Kraus, AmyKraus breaks NCAC scoring and points records12:1-410/151996
[ ]Luck, Rev. Dr. G.Luck ponders mind, spirit2:1-310/151996
[ ]Student SenateMeeting format changes to include open forum1:2-410/151996
[ ]Wittenberg summer termMulti-term summer session offers more flexibility4:1-210/151996
[ ]Mintz, SussannahNew assistant professor Mintz excited about creative writing possibilities at Witt9:1-310/151996
[ ]CoffeehousesNew coffeehouse expolores alcohol options1:2-410/151996
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)RHA plans service activities3:1-210/151996
[ ]Secret SocietiesSecret societies must assume responsibility, and make positive impact4:110/151996
[ ]Bridger, Seth; Cubick, Kevin; Petovic, DanSenior Spotlight: Late night euchre, sports, and activities abound at 634 Faculty Court with Seth Bridger, Kevin Cubick, and Dan Petovic8:1-510/151996
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentTheatre rents costumes for Halloween festivities15:4-510/151996
[ ]Field HockeyTigers post impressive 10-3 record after defeating OWU 3-212:1-410/151996
[ ]VegetarianismVegetarianism4:1-310/151996
[ ]Webb, Amy; Robinson, JoeWebb and Robinson balance Witt life with real life10:1-510/151996
[ ]Pieratt, Carey'Demon spawn' returns to teach sociology19:3-410/291996
[ ]Editorials'Personnel' policy not conducive to student input in tenure process4:1-210/291996
[ ]Acker, MichelleAcker braves winter commute to return to Wittenberg psychology department7:1-310/291996
[ ]EditorialsActs of hatred have no place at university, even as educational opportunities4:1-210/291996
[ ]ManagementAhnmark and Robinson enter management competition1:410/291996
[ ]AIDSAIDS Awareness Club speaks to local media about condom proposal2:4-510/291996
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentAudience, small cast combine for laughs in abridged performance of Shakespeare13:3-510/291996
[ ]Arts and EntertainmentBehind the brush; A glipse into an artist's life12:1-510/291996
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS celebrates the Million Man March; candlelight vigil stirs racial controversy1:1-310/291996
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS elects new officers; Sarrat reflects on two-year presidency15:1-310/291996
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS, City of Springfield to facilitate race talk16:4-510/291996
[ ]Springfield communityCommunity group leads local beautification16:1-510/291996
[ ]Copeland, WarrenCopeland reflects on Tipson's first year as president8:410/291996
[ ]Tipson, BairdFaculty, staff, and students respond to Tipson's first year; survey sparks debate9:1-510/291996
[ ]Moore, MichaelFilm maker speaks at rally3:2-310/291996
[ ]Hudson, Dr. George E. Fulbright scholar Hudson shares memories form year of teaching in Russia7:4-510/291996
[ ]Lice; Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)Head lice may be disgusting, but don't STDs warrant more attention?5:1-510/291996
[ ]Intramural SportsIntramurals provide opportunity for student involvement10:1-310/291996
[ ]Dean, Debbie HeidaKeg decision unresolved; students invited to voice their opinions5:1-410/291996
[ ]LiceLice elevate midterm stress2:1-310/291996
[ ]Tipson, BairdMaking the presidential grade1:1-310/291996
[ ]Wittenberg campusMeetings explore racial issues in halls6:1-410/291996
[ ]Cross Country - MenMen's cross country team captures first NCAC title10-11:1-1010/291996
[ ]EditorialsOpen forum allows for outside opinion4:310/291996
[ ]Panhel and IFCPanhel and IFC provide teddy bears for needy children18:1-510/291996
[ ]Eberts, PhyllisPhyllis Eberts, one of the voices behind MAD118:1-210/291996
[ ]Pieces of 8Pieces of 8 gives a cappella performance13:1-310/291996
[ ]Domrin, AlexanderPolitical science speaker discusses new Russian legislative process6:3-410/291996
[ ]Student SenateSenate clarifies position on halogen lamps3:1-510/291996
[ ]Pratt, Tracey; Fischer, Jaime; Vance, Heather; Bomberger, Kristen; Troese, EliciaSenior Spotlight: 'The Purple House' proves Greeks and independents can be friends-- and fight over refrigerator space19:1-210/291996
[ ]EditorialsStudent concerns include quality of liberal arts education at university4:2-310/291996
[ ]Wittenberg campusStudent house burglarized16:1-210/291996
[ ]EditorialsStudents' concerns do not necessarily stop at alcohol, visitation, and condoms4:1-210/291996
[ ]Taylor, Dr. Thomas T. Taylor clarifies tenure process2:1-310/291996
[ ]EditorialsThe Million Man March: Focus on the message, not the messenger6:1-510/291996
[ ]EditorialsThe World Series: May the best team (or maybe the richest) win6:1-410/291996
[ ]VoicesVoices brings domestic violence awareness to campus15:4-510/291996
[ ]Wittenberg communityWill ignorance and fear at Wittenberg fuel hatred or understanding?5:1-510/291996
[ ]Alumnae/AlumniWitt Alumni funds martial arts club16:1-210/291996
[ ]Wittenberg communityWitt students discuss interracial dating and friendships8:1-510/291996
[ ]Woodring, KimWoodring appears in Sports Illustrated's 'Races in the Crowd'11:1-510/291996
[ ]Wittenberg University Student Education Association (WUSEA) WUSEA, Peace Center sponsor resolution workshops15:1-310/291996
[ ]Wittenberg Campus'American House' not intended to offend internationals10:4-511/51996
[ ]Kappa Alpha Psi; Delta Sigma ThetaBlack fraternity and sorority find acceptance at Wittenberg8:1-211/51996
[ ]Grigsby, Dr. James A. Brigsby meets with Faculty personnel board1:511/51996
[ ]Duckbutter; Student BandsCampus band Duckbutter combines old, new talents15:1-511/51996
[ ]Wittenberg CampusDealing with diversity at Wittenberg1:2-511/51996
[ ]ElectionsElection misvoting explored by senators2:511/51996
[ ]Henseler, DawnHeneseler addresses racial incidents at Tower Hall2:111/51996
[ ]Gay rightsHomosexual student fears estrangement from friends9:4-511/51996
[ ]International studentsInternational students face incidents of exclusion on campus10:1-511/51996
[ ]ElectionsIssue 1 takes riverboat gambling to new depths3:1-511/51996
[ ]Kula Shaker's KKula Shaker reinvents Britpop in album K14:1-311/51996
[ ]Gay RightsLesbian students hide sexual identity at Wittenberg9:1-511/51996
[ ]Wolf, Nick; Lorenzo, CharityLorenzo and Wolf sled through years at Witt11:1-311/51996
[ ]MoviesNew Romeo and Juliet presents chaotic style in transition to the 90's15:4-511/51996
[ ]Mohr, MichelleOSU grad Mohr to speak on human rights, feminism, homosexual conerns3:4-511/51996
[ ]Palm ReadingPalm reading continues as a fun way to make predictions16:1-511/51996
[ ]Gay RightsProfs find administration open to gay concerns9:3-511/51996
[ ]Root, RustedRusted Root full of treats on Halloween15:1-311/51996
[ ]Student SenateSenate to reimburse Greek houses2:1-511/51996
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentStudents begin production on fall one-act plays14:1-211/51996
[ ]Study CirclesStudey Circles facilitates A Night of Dialogue concerning racial issues2:2-411/51996
[ ]Symphonic BandSymphonic Band to perform first fall concert Saturday15:4-511/51996
[ ]MoviesThe Exorcist chills students as part of 'Freak Week'14:4-511/51996
[ ]FootballTigers post lowest point total in three years by defeating league opponent Case Western Reserve 10-813:2-511/51996
[ ]Winthrow, Mary EllenU.S. Treasurer campaigns of Clinton1:2-411/51996
[ ]Field HockeyWittenberg field hockey clinches first North Coast Athletic Conference championship13:1-511/51996
[ ]Gay RightsWittPride students find campus 'not antagonistic' but 'not supportive'9:1-211/51996
[ ]Editorials'American House'a fair, justified name4:3-511/121996
[ ]Wittenberg CampusAdvancement official plan for 'state of the art' academic buildings1:2-511/121996
[ ]ConcertsCampus band Drowning Mary performs 'funktified' music10:1-511/121996
[ ]ElectionsCounty election results follow national trends1:111/121996
[ ]English DepartmentFirst year is a success for new English witing concentration major3:1-311/121996
[ ]EditorialsHarassment lends credibility to column4:1-311/121996
[ ]EditorialsKegs at Wittenberg: 'To ban or not to ban?' shouln't be a question5:1-511/121996
[ ]GraduationLow budget limits search for commencement speaker1:4-511/121996
[ ]Soccer - MenMen's soccer team advances to NCAA tourney8:1-511/121996
[ ]Mohr, MichelleMohr speaks out on women's 'human rights'3:1-511/121996
[ ]Ohio CollegesOhio college presidents consider technology onset1:1-511/121996
[ ]Political Science DepartmentPoli Sci profs interpret election6:4-511/121996
[ ]Student SenateSenate amends funding philosophy2:1-311/121996
[ ]Student SenateSenate issues anti-prejudice declaration after'recent incidents'4:1-211/121996
[ ]Senior Class GiftSenior class raising funds to complete cost for 1996-97 class gift2:3-511/121996
[ ]Dunlap, Misty; Ahnmark, JodiSenior Spotlight: Ahnmark and Dunlap: a 'beautiful relationship'6:1-311/121996
[ ]Shirilla, PaulShirilla ties Wittenberg soccer record9:4-511/121996
[ ]EditorialsTexaco pays for shameful, 'stupid' acts4:1-311/121996
[ ]Musical GroupsTwist the Nob: funky, rocky and fun10:1-211/121996
[ ]Fund RaisingUnderclassmen focus on fund-raising for the future2:4-511/121996
[ ]UpperclassmanUpperclass students divulge cooking secrets6:1-511/121996
[ ]WittCAMWittCAM sponsors Geographic Information System project3:4-511/121996
[ ]Wittenberg JazzWittenberg to hold jazz festival10:1-311/121996
[ ]Volleyball - WomenWomen's volleyball receives second-ever tournament bid9:1-211/121996
[ ]Football18 Tiger seniors help Wittenberg football compile four-year record of 36-5-013:4-511/191996
[ ]Williams, Barry70's dress day contest sparked by Brady visit14:511/191996
[ ]Animal RightsAnimal dissection: A poor choice economically, ethically, socially5:1-511/191996
[ ]Awareness ClubAwareness club, Heida consider condom proposal1:511/191996
[ ]Jensen, JaneComic Book Whore both vulgar and fun15:4-511/191996
[ ]ComputersComputers revolutionize learning experiences9:1-511/191996
[ ]Williams, BarryFar Out! Williams visits campus: Greg Brady grooves and moves with students14:1-411/191996
[ ]IFCFraternity parties to be regulated by IFC1:211/191996
[ ]Wittenberg campusGovernment cracks down on campus crime6:1-511/191996
[ ]Jordan, MichaelJordan sports off-court talents in Space Jam15:1-311/191996
[ ]Springfield CommunityLocal supermarket supports Witt community workshop functions2:4-511/191996
[ ]Soccer - MenMen's soccer seniors combine for over 75 games; teammates develop lasting friendships13:1-511/191996
[ ]Kennedy Jr., Dr. Thomas A.Music prof leads regional orchestra2:1-311/191996
[ ]Wittenberg Experimental TheatreNew group promotes involvement of campus, community in theatre15:3-511/191996
[ ]EditorialsProf evaluations important medium for students input4:111/191996
[ ]McFeely, William S.Pulitzer prize winner McFeely discusses 'a Frederick Douglass for the 1900s'1:2-411/191996
[ ]Wittenberg campusResponsible patriotism: Why 'American House' is not a justifiable name5:1-511/191996
[ ]Ritter, Dr. John Ritter discusses environmental ethics at colloquium3:1-511/191996
[ ]Student SenateSenate forms committees to discuss condom distribution on campus2:1-311/191996
[ ]Hersh, Amy; Patterson, Brad; Westermann, KristinSenior Spotlight: Hersh and Patterson turn laughter, cookies, movies, and Spanish into a successful household11:1-311/191996
[ ]Aros, Kathy; LAne, Kim; Lavista, Renee; Goforth, NinaSenior Spotlight: Senior soccer women carry on traditions12:1-511/191996
[ ]Smith, Dr. Stephen R.Smith explores food and medicine during year in Korea10:2-511/191996
[ ]EditorialsStudent Senate must not pass up opportunites for fear of precedent4:1-211/191996
[ ]PoliticsStudents vote for Clinton's education plan4:1-311/191996
[ ]GraduationSurvey reveals seniors want author3:1-511/191996
[ ]Terry, Dr. Ann Terry's early Christian and Byzantine art students visit monastery, find history brought to 'real life'8:1-511/191996
[ ]EditorialsVegatarian diet can be taught to everyone4:1-311/191996
[ ]Lange, MariaWitt grad, former Torch news editor featured on Cincinnati Fox affiliate WXIX channel 198:1-511/191996
[ ]Wittenberg communityWitt organizations sponsor food, clothing drives6:1-211/191996
[ ]Finanical aidWitt plans more competitve financial aid packages for next fall's new students1:3-511/191996
[ ]EditorialsA semester at Wittenberg addressing questions of personal growth5:1-512/101996
[ ]ChristmasAdvent Christmas Choral Vespers continues candlelit service tradition14:1-312/101996
[ ]Class OfficersClass officers 'take great offense' at recent commencement speaker poll1;4-512/101996
[ ]Resident lifeFocus groups consider residential life alternatives and set priorities3:3-512/101996
[ ]Greek letter societiesGreek organizations ent semester with holiday cheer6:4-512/101996
[ ]Greer, JimGreer's debut album full of variety, style14:1-212/101996
[ ]Hinson, Dr. Scot Hinson leads English Colloquium through Silko's enigamatic Almanac of the Dead3:3-512/101996
[ ]Johnson, Linda CookeHistory-East Asian colloquium speaker discusses painting of Pompeii disaster6:1-312/101996
[ ]Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) MADD honors loved ones at candlelight vigil3:1-212/101996
[ ]CoffeehousesNew Coffeehouse owners prepare to offer alcohol1:2-312/101996
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentOne Act performances hit the stage15:1-412/101996
[ ]Wittenberg OrchestraOrchestra goes Psycho14:4-512/101996
[ ]Grigsby, Dr. James A. Personnel Board reverses Grigsby tenure recommendation1:2-512/101996
[ ]Schindler, Pamela S.Schindler accumulates collection of collections8:1-512/101996
[ ]Class OfficersSenior class officers offended4:112/101996
[ ]Sianipar, Esther; Moehring, Annette; Edwards, Loren; Shroup, Jackie; Orphanidou, EmiliaSenior Spotlight: International flavor seasons life at 40 W. College Ave.11:1-512/101996
[ ]Paganini, Stephanie; DePerro, Sara; Curry, Shay; Davidson, LeeAnne; Kostizen, CassieSenior Spotlight: Shay, LeeAnne, Sara, Cassie, Stefanie survive Witt as `party of five'9:1-512/101996
[ ]Music DepartmentStudents and faculty combine talents15:512/101996
[ ]Wittenberg UniversityStudents find jobs on target with future8:3-512/101996
[ ]Study CirclesStudy Circles sponsor night of open discussion2:2-512/101996
[ ]Basketball - MenTigers look to rebuild after losing four seniors12:4-512/101996
[ ]AdmissionsWitt counts on $5000 geographical grant to boost sagging new student enrollment2:1-512/101996
[ ]SportsWittenberg takes lead in All-Sports Championship12:2-3`12/101996
[ ]BasketballWomen's basketball looks to have another successful season12;112/101996
[ ]WUSO; Musical GroupsWUSO promotes local band SCROG15:3-512/101996