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[ ]Student UnionBenjamin Massey enjoys the good in life7:11/71995
[ ]Basketball - WomenCoach [Pam] Evans' classiness exemplified in players' attitudes, desire, fetermination10:11/71995
[ ]LAntz, roseHopeless romantic Rose Lantz has sung her way around the world6:11/71995
[ ]Student Organizations; Sociology DepartmentJim Mason lecture: focus on 'domestic' world view2:11/71995
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesKD's support child abuse13:41/71995
[ ]Security OfficeMaster keys lost; cost projected at $9,3001:21/71995
[ ]College Republicans; Meese, EdwinMeese disusses changing role of supreme court1:31/71995
[ ]Kretschman, Kristin; Dunifon, KristiSenior Spotlight16:11/71995
[ ]Wittenberg SesquicentennialSequicentennial continues with 'Charter DAy' Mar 112:41/71995
[ ]Residence HallsThe love connection comes to Witt, thanks to [Pat] Murphy and fellow RA's12:41/71995
[ ]Union BoardToad and Hootie: 'sing-along campfire quality music'13:11/71995
[ ]Musical GroupsUrban Dance Squad: 'funk and fury' Dutch style13:41/71995
[ ]Student Housing[Dawn] Henseler disusses 1995-96 housing selection options1:41/71995
[ ]Mathematics Department'Grauss' [Dr. Douglas] Andrews: Future Astronaut?7:31/171995
[ ]Athletic Department; Bartzack, MikeBig man on campus, so he thinks10:11/171995
[ ]Office of the PresidentCommittee still searching for next Witt president2:31/171995
[ ]Vax ComputersFiber optic lines installed at Witt- will improve VAX1:31/171995
[ ]Habitat For HumanityHabitat for humanity travels to Honduras7:11/171995
[ ]Habitat For HumanityHabitat raises funds for trip14:11/171995
[ ]StealingLosses total 1.203 in Student Center thefts last term2:51/171995
[ ]Basketball - MenMen's hoops move to 12-210:31/171995
[ ]Panhellenic CouncilPanhel holds third rush meeting and adds Rho Chi fashion show1:31/171995
[ ]Alumnae/AlumniRenovated alumni center to open homecoming 19952:11/171995
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)RHA hosts first coffeehouse night in Pub featuring live music and poetry readings3:11/171995
[ ]DeathsRobert Long, vetern Witt philosophy professor, dies3:41/171995
[ ]Musical GroupsRuby Vroom: 'fresh and unique'13:31/171995
[ ]Kleinman, Sloane; Rakel, PatriciaSenior Spotlight16:31/171995
[ ]FootballTiger football players receive NCAC honors11:51/171995
[ ]Wittenberg SeriesWilson Fellow to speak as part of 1995 Witt Series3:31/171995
[ ]Grants; HIV (virus); Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldWitt students receive $3,000 city grant to help area AIDS hospice2:31/171995
[ ]Swimming and DivingWitt swimmers 'road trip' to sunny Florida over winter break11:11/171995
[ ]Political Science; Scholarships[Dr George] Hudson awarded Fullbright scholarship6:11/171995
[ ]Physical Plant[John] Paulsen cites Wittenberg's asbestos problem as 'minimal'1:11/171995
[ ]Martin Luther King, Jr., Day[Ruby] Dee and [Ossie] Davis present 'In other Words'5:31/171995
[ ]Student UnionCommittee forms to discuss Pub's daytime hours1:31/241995
[ ]Community WorkshopCommunity Workshop: playing in the band5:11/241995
[ ]Residence Halls; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldFerncliff residents organize clothing drive for Springfield's First Luthern Church2:11/241995
[ ]FootballFootball recruits see tradition, excellence8:31/241995
[ ]WUSOLook into WUSO 89.1 FM9:41/241995
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)Masquerade theme planned for RHA annual formal3:31/241995
[ ]Greek SpotlightMichelle Moore11:31/241995
[ ]Health and Counseling ServicesNo documented cases of flu at Witt's health center2:41/241995
[ ]Student ServicesRushees not protected by 'freshman forgiveness'1:41/241995
[ ]Lloyd, Becca;Clark, Angi;Juers, Carolyn;Day, JenSenior Spotlight12:11/241995
[ ]Musical GroupsStone Roses renew creative quest9:11/241995
[ ]Security DepartmentTwo juveniles vandalize campus and accost student with hammer1:11/241995
[ ]Martin Luther King, Jr., DayWitt celebrates King's life with actors [Ruby] Dee and [Ossie] Davis3:41/241995
[ ]Basketball - WomenWitt handily defeats Oberlin 78-378:31/241995
[ ]International EducationWitt students safe after quake [Japan]3:11/241995
[ ]Art Department; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldWittenberg artists create 200 bowls to fight hunger in Springfield community1:11/241995
[ ]Security OfficeWittenberg security force operating on full power4:11/241995
[ ]ProvostAssistant provost to dismiss classes Feb. 8 for a 'special advising day' for students1:31/311995
[ ]Robertson, MattGreek Spotlight11:31/311995
[ ]Musical GroupsHard Times: strong bluesy sound9:11/311995
[ ]Student CenterNew Union art by students9:41/311995
[ ]Peck, Robert S.Peck argues against Gingerich's proposed constitutional amendment on Prayer1:1,3:11/311995
[ ]Student SenateSenate to vote on visitation1:31/311995
[ ]Schmidt, Matt;Grienenberger, Jim;Quade, Dave;Potts, Craig;Nealon, Jim;Jarrell, Brett;Senior Spotlight12:11/311995
[ ]English DepartmentVeler leads a brand new Wittenberg Today into the 21st century4:11/311995
[ ]Religion DepartmentWitt students travel to Middle East1:51/311995
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentWittenberg's dance program expands to include minor3:41/311995
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities[Sally] Andrews, Gamma Phi celebrate 120 years4:11/311995
[ ]AdmissionsAfor-American recruitment 'on the rise' at Witt2:12/71995
[ ]Student AidAid changes planned4:12/71995
[ ]Empty Bowls; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldBenefit 'Empty Bowls' dinner raises $1,500 for Catholic Social Services4:12/71995
[ ]Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldCoffee Cantata provides tasty 'get away'6:12/71995
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Concerned black students to 'show perspectives what life at Wittenberg is all about' during special weekend1:32/71995
[ ]Frangos, Greg; Student ActivitiesDefense course teaches how to avoid trouble4:32/71995
[ ]Student OrganizationsGrassroots groups strive for position14:12/71995
[ ]Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldMAAWUC [Mathematics Association of America Wittenberg University Chapter] serves local youth15:52/71995
[ ]Lacrosse - MenMen's lax begins practicing10:12/71995
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesMorris Company to dance13:12/71995
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesNew Lambda Chis participate in winter rush1:22/71995
[ ]Wittenberg Review of Literature and ArtNew WRLA edition in works13:12/71995
[ ]Physical PlantPhysical Plant 'ups' its standards for housing renovation phase two7:12/71995
[ ]GrantsProposed NEA cuts describedas 'tragic'1:22/71995
[ ]McLean, Myra; Perrault, KristiSenior Spotlight16:12/71995
[ ]Musical GroupsSixteen Stone; a mixed bag12:42/71995
[ ]Yearbook;AwardsStudent Senate recognizes editor of 1993-94 yearbook and staff14:32/71995
[ ]Volleyball - MenTiger club Volleyball looks for head coach11:12/71995
[ ]Physical PlantWittenberg's physical plant equipped to handle winter weather4:42/71995
[ ]Swimming and DivingWomen's swim team wins; Bertelli breaks record10:42/71995
[ ]AdministrationAfter 21 years of leadership in the campus community, Kinnison believes 'It is time'6:1-32/141995
[ ]Musical GroupsBelly's newest work, King provides 'fresh approach'13:4-52/141995
[ ]RecyclingCampus recycling program to be expanded14:1-52/141995
[ ]CampusCorfman recovering from accident11:1-32/141995
[ ]Wittenberg UniversityGermany trip planned for summer1&4:52/141995
[ ]Greek Letter SocietiesHazing 'antitheitcal to fraternities and sororities'1:4-52/141995
[ ]Wittenberg Jazz EnsembleJazz ensemble to gig7:32/141995
[ ]Business DepartmentNew system to evaluate bus. majors1:32/141995
[ ]Springfield Museum of ArtNewly renovated Springfield Museum of Art now offers much more to community7:1-32/141995
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentReynolds excited about upcoming comedy13:1-32/141995
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)RHA hosts trip to Cincinnati5:32/141995
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)RHA to buy microwaves for all residence halls3:1-52/141995
[ ]; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldSchindler's List continues to educate Springfield youth13:1-22/141995
[ ]Dean, Josh; Smith, Fitz; Snow, MikeSenior Spotlight16:3-52/141995
[ ]CalendarStudents declare their Valentine's Day dreams6:4-52/141995
[ ]Student AidStudents protest proposed federal financial aid cuts1:22/141995
[ ]Basketball - MenTigers beat Denison 93-5910:1-22/141995
[ ]Ice HockeyWitt ice hockey battles against bigger schools11:4-52/141995
[ ]PubWitt's Pub becomes part of coffeehouse trend and serves coffee two nights a week5:1-32/141995
[ ]Wittenberg Dance CompanyWittenberg hosts 'world renouned' Mark Morris Dance Group in Fieldhouse2:3-52/141995
[ ]Kilbourne, JeanWriter, lecturer, filmmaker Kelbourne to speak2:1-22/141995
[ ]Mason, Jim'Human / animal relations' of Mason's lecture2:42/211995
[ ]Wittenberg - Relationship with Springfield'The ribs are great'4:42/211995
[ ]Abrams, IrwinAbrams nominates [Jimmy] Carter for Nobel Peace Prize1:42/211995
[ ]Kilbourne, JeanAds 'worst offender' in perpetuationg sexism against women, says Kilbourne3:12/211995
[ ]HPERC Facilities and FieldsAthletes dissatisfied with Wittenberg trainning staff2:12/211995
[ ]Career Development and PlacementCD&P an invaluable source for students4:12/211995
[ ]Political Science Department; Student Democrats; College RepublicansClubs debate gridlock11:12/211995
[ ]Meese, Edwin IIIFormer attorney general to speak at Wittenberg1:42/211995
[ ]Student UnionFormer Witt student Eric Todd now manages the commons 'on the other side'4:12/211995
[ ]Union BoardHootie & Toad to perform9:12/211995
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentMeasure for Measure opens10:52/211995
[ ]Student Environmental Action CoalitionS.E.A.C. fights for shut down of incinerators11:12/211995
[ ]Stewart, Chris; Sullivan, SeamusSenior Spotlight12:12/211995
[ ]Security OfficeSpringfield man indicted in Witt robbery case1:32/211995
[ ]Basketball - WomenTiger women defeat rival Ohio Wesleyan8:12/211995
[ ]Ice HockeyWitt hockey downs Purdue8:42/211995
[ ]HPERC Facilities and FieldsHOERC ID check questioned by Witt students1:32/281995
[ ]HPERC Facilities and Fields; Student IdentificationHPERC ID check questioned by Witt students1:32/281995
[ ]Track and FieldIndoor track posting successful season8:32/281995
[ ]International StudentsInternational students up recruitment5:12/281995
[ ]Swimming and DivingMicheal Ferrara: One-man diving team4:12/281995
[ ]Recreation - SpringfieldOld stores close, new stores open at mall2:42/281995
[ ]Patel, Anup; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldPatel interns at National Institute of Health1:42/281995
[ ]Residence Halls; Security Office; Vandalism; Residence HallsRock smashes third floor Hanley window1:22/281995
[ ]Tracy, Justin;Delikat, Chris;Takahashi, Shinya;Cornett, Scott;Hall, VicSenior Spotlight12:12/281995
[ ]Basketball - WomenWittenberg women win conference title8:12/281995
[ ]Internship Programs[Anup] Patel interns at National Institutes of Health1:42/281995
[ ]International Service System[Rita] Jordan does 'proper dopper' job in South5:42/281995
[ ]Wittenberg Sesquicentennial$500,00 Schiewetz gift swells Sesqui fund drive1:44/41995
[ ]HPERC Facilities and FieldsDrive continues forward7:14/41995
[ ]International Service SystemHousekeeper Carlotta Murphy brings smiles to Witt3:14/41995
[ ]Animal Rights ClubProject X scientist Don Barnes slates talk Thursday1:54/41995
[ ]Student Environmental Action CoalitionSEAC rally held to protest Contract With America cuts1:24/41995
[ ]Brown, Gretchen;Neubauer, Kristen;Michelson, KristenSenior Spotlight8:14/41995
[ ]Cornelison, Dr. Carolyn Alcohol abuse addressed by campus speaker2:34/111995
[ ]English DepartmentDr J. A. Faber's heritage rooted in diverse cultures4:14/111995
[ ]DeathsHerbert Merrill, retired professor, dies in Alabama2:54/111995
[ ]Geology DepartmentKeith Fowlow joins Geology staff5:14/111995
[ ]Lacrosse - MenLacrosse beats Marietta 21-7 for first win10:14/111995
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentMarsha Hanna to direct spring term theatre production13:54/111995
[ ]GraduationPresident Kinnison chosen to speak at commencement1:24/111995
[ ]Office of the PresidentPresidential search team selects final candidate3:24/111995
[ ]Grant, Lariece; Prewitt, AllegraSenior Spotlight16:14/111995
[ ]Union BoardUB Toad and Hootie concert a night to remember6:14/111995
[ ]Wittenberg FundWitt fund 22 percent over last year's dollar amount1:44/111995
[ ]Habitat for HumanityWitt habitat for Humanity trips a big success14:34/111995
[ ]Wittenberg Dance CompanyWittenberg Dance department's spring dance concert proves successful13:14/111995
[ ]Awards; Houg, Adam; Swimming and Diving[Adam] Houg earns All-American11:14/111995
[ ]Awards[Dr. Claudia] Cornett and [Dr. Timothy] Lewis chosen as advisors of the year3:44/111995
[ ]Awards; Shubert, Johanna; Swimming and Diving[Johanna] Shubert gains recognition11:14/111995
[ ]Awards; Bertelli, Staci; Swimming and Diving[Staci] Bertelli gains All-American10:44/111995
[ ]Student OrganizationsActivities throughout week culminate to Earth Day Fest celebration for Saturday12:14/211995
[ ]Student OrganizationsEarth Day set aside for environmental concerns1:54/211995
[ ]Balliet, EddieOn the wizardry of zen frisbee6:14/211995
[ ]Wittenberg SeriesRabbi [Alexander M.] Schindler features as Witt Series lecturer2:44/211995
[ ]Animal Rights Club; Barnes, DonScientist speaks about animal experimentation2:34/211995
[ ]Donnell, LaChandra;Jackson, Nicole;Ivey, AquanatteSenior Spotlight16:14/211995
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesSigma Nu chapter fights for life1:34/211995
[ ]Lacrosse - WomenWomen's lacrosse struggle early10:14/211995
[ ]Softball[Michelle] Ennen having outstanding season11:34/211995
[ ]Basketball - Women[Michelle] Westerdale deemed as All-American11:34/211995
[ ]American International Association (AIA)AIA sponsors a week of cultural awareness9:14/251995
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni; History DepartmentAlumnae [Janet] Jackson speaks about women in politics1:44/251995
[ ]College LifeCampaign for Christ speaker comes to Witt11:54/251995
[ ]Student Environmental Action CoalitionSEAC sponsors earth day festival events1:24/251995
[ ]Calire, Mark; Foster, Amy; Hartman, ChrisSenior Spotlight: Mark Calire, Amy Foster, and Chris Hartman12:14/251995
[ ]Tennis - MenTiger men's tennis on the prowl8:34/251995
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesAIDS awareness speakers sponsored by Kappa Delta3:15/21995
[ ]Beatty, Darren;Leshinski, John;Maloney, BrianSenior Spotlight12:15/21995
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentSenior Swan Song to be a celebration of years of preparation9:25/21995
[ ]Deyo, Stephanie; Fraternities and SororitiesStephanie Deyo conveys words of wisdom on her struggle with AIDS [Kappa Delta4:15/21995
[ ]StealingWitt students arrainged on felony charges1:55/21995
[ ]Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldWitt to raise moey for transplant3:55/21995
[ ]Carpenter, Julie;Thomas, David;Clayton, Jess;Wilkinson, Molly;AwardsWittenberg students win undergraduate awards at Phi Alpha Theta conference1:35/21995
[ ]Board of Directors[Dr. Baird] Tipson named as next Witt president1:15/21995
[ ]Clark State Community College$1,500 grant awarded to Clark State P.A.C.13:45/121995
[ ]Pick -N- Pen; AgoraAgora: a 'social' gala12:45/121995
[ ]Chatfield, E. Charles - AwardChatfield to receive honorary degree5:35/121995
[ ]History DepartmentDr. [Joseph] O'Conner's fatherly pride emanates on campus6:15/121995
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesFIJI in house publication sparks controversy on Witt's campus1:15/121995
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesFrats no longer residential at Denison U.1:35/121995
[ ]TorchHolocaust ad causes debate on first amendment rights1:45/121995
[ ]Young, Bethany K.; Grant, Lariece; Wise, Jeanette; Runkel, David H.; Patel, Anup D.; Gibson, Indira R.; Morris, Seth A.; Simensen, Emily; Slinde, Kim; Ritter, John; Copeland, Warren; AwardsHonors convocation award winners2:15/121995
[ ]VAX ComputersInternet system radically changing employment hunt3:45/121995
[ ]Evans, Scott;Wright, Joel;Lambert, Brandon;Jackson, ToddSenior Spotlight16:15/121995
[ ]SpoofTim Altman, D-lineman extraordinaire11:15/121995
[ ]DeathsWittenberg loses [Sandra] Comeford to cancer5:55/121995
[ ]Spoof[Doug] Neltner, that's all I have to say about that10:15/121995
[ ]Registrar[Sharon] Dietz explains '95 semester system scheduling process3:15/121995
[ ]Softball[Tracy] Anderson says 'NO' to KO11:45/121995
[ ]AdmissionsAdmission's applications up 18 percent, Benne says1:45/161995
[ ]WittstockBender anxious to boogie at Wittstock5:15/161995
[ ]WittstockFall of Usher: 'heavy' stuff9:15/161995
[ ]WittstockLovebucket: a pleasingly Spam-free band9:35/161995
[ ]Track and Field - MenMen's track wins NCAC title for first time8:35/161995
[ ]Copper, Amy;Gootee, Holly;Yoder, Jessica;Smock, Mindy;Wolff, Rebecca Senior Spotlight12:15/161995
[ ]Thom, James; Dark RainShawnee native american to speak at Witt1:35/161995
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesStudents express concerns over Phi Gamma Delta publication1:15/161995
[ ]Provost[Judy] O'Conner accepts new assistant provost position2:15/161995
[ ]Kittlaus, Mitchell;Jacobsen, Dave;Topping, James;Robbert, Jen16:15/231995
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentCast gives excellent performance of Isn't it Romantic9:15/231995
[ ]Behrman, Dr. Cynthia; History DepartmentDr. Behrman shares wisdom of history5:35/231995
[ ]Kinnison, Dr. William A.Kinnison reflects on the past, looks toward the future4:15/231995
[ ]Phi Beta KappaPhi Beta Kappa inducts new members1:35/231995
[ ]Brooks Christi; Gordon, Julie; Johnson, Britt; Klecker, Rachel; Schwabero, Eileen; Graves, JenSenior Spotlight12:15/231995
[ ]King, Aynsley;Slinde, Kim;Kessler, Allison;Johnson, Emily;Martens, Kiersten;Kane, Jen;Combs, TiffanySenior Spotlight15:15/231995
[ ]Reed, Kristen;Deehr, Becky;Creed, Allyson; Hughes, Scott;Reeder, Matt;Brown, Andy;Dress, Scott;Moore, Steve;Whalen, BrianSenior Spotlight14:15/231995
[ ]Scheuerman, Chris; Runkel, J.R.; St. Myer, BradSenior Spotlight13:15/231995
[ ]Whitney, Vic;Hunt, Aaron;Kinder, JaimeSenior Spotlight16:15/231995
[ ]Miagi;Veldhaus, Todd;Gies, Adam;Sampson, Brian;Gray, Chad;DoogieSenior Spotlights / The has-beens of Witt sports...& Doogie8:15/231995
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate budget allocations for '95-'963:45/231995
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesStudents file formal complaints in response to FIJI newsletter1:15/231995
[ ]Student Services; Administration; Dean of Students;[James W.] Klenke named new dean of students; [Richard R.] Scott to resign1:45/231995
[ ]ConcertsAllman Brothers, Rusted Root fans find the zone at Polaris13:1-39/121995
[ ]Bowen, LoriBowen envisions a brighter look for Greek community7:1-59/121995
[ ]Newman clubClub of the Week: the Newman Club7:59/121995
[ ]AlcoholDrinking crackdown will only hurt campus-- we've learned our lesson9:1-49/121995
[ ]CampusFrisbee rules set for campus3:4-59/121995
[ ]ConcertsFrom Buffet to NIN, concert-goers find niche in Miami Valley show13:1-39/121995
[ ]Hamilton, VirginiaHamilton delivers keynote speech at Witt3:1-59/121995
[ ]New studentsNew student class revels in diversity5:1-39/121995
[ ]Benham-Pence, PAulinePence leaves Wittenberg $3 million for endowment1:4-59/121995
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentShaw's Man and Superman comes to Witt's mainstage14:2-39/121995
[ ]Creager, David; Devine, EricStudent sees driving tragedy as good oppurtunity to unite the entire campus8:3-59/121995
[ ]Wittenberg semester systemStudents, faculty reflect on new semester system5:4-59/121995
[ ]Health, Physical Education and Recreation Center (HPERC)Sweat it out at the modern HPER center4:1-29/121995
[ ]Convocation 1995-96Tipson speaks of 'disciplined desire' in opening convocation4:4-59/121995
[ ]Creager, David; Devine, EricTwo students die in car accident1:1-39/121995
[ ]Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldUpward Bound lends a hand to students who are less fortunate6:3-59/121995
[ ]Amnesty International (AI)Voices, Amnesty unite to help women in Bosnia4:3-49/121995
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentWiden's Prophecy gets thumbs down14:19/121995
[ ]Drinking and Traffic AccidentsWill we ever learn? Drinking and driving kills.8:19/121995
[ ]Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldWitt joins forces with city schools1:59/121995
[ ]Creager, David; Devine, EricWitt remembers students1:2-39/121995
[ ]FootballWittenberg football defeats DePauw University in first home game10:1-39/121995
[ ]Wittenberg semester systemWittenberg's students and staff relate varying views about new semester switch6:1-29/121995
[ ]Socce - WomenWomen's soccer looks toward winning season10:4-59/121995
[ ]Alcohol'We haven't learned a thing,' says Henry6:3-59/191995
[ ]American International Association (AIA)'Wealth of diversity' found in AIA events4:1-39/191995
[ ]Security OfficeBike patrol gives added security during late hours1:3-49/191995
[ ]FacultyFaculty members up for tenure, open reviews scheduled2:1-59/191995
[ ]Greek letter societiesGreeks use new approach2:4-59/191995
[ ]Johnson, Dr. Sandy Johnson should stay6:19/191995
[ ]Springfield Museum of ArtMuseum becomes cultural center for community10:1-29/191995
[ ]CampusPower failure causes blackout around campus1:1-29/191995
[ ]PubPub's import night strives for mellow mood9:2-59/191995
[ ]AlcoholResponsibility can prevent future tragedies6:39/191995
[ ]InternshipsStudents profit from internship opportunities1:59/191995
[ ]UmojaUmoja supports young black artists10:59/191995
[ ]VolleyballVolleyball, cross-country head NCAC8:1-39/191995
[ ]Creager, David; Devine, EricWear ribbons for responsibility3:59/191995
[ ]Career development and placementWitt's CD&P assists students in job search4:4-59/191995
[ ]WittstockWittstock set for October3-4-59/191995
[ ]Soccer - WomenWomen's soccer: after five games, still undefeated8:4-59/191995
[ ]Drinking and drivingAbella urges security to monitor student drinking and driving to prevent accidents8:3-59/261995
[ ]Alumnae/AlumniAlumni center approaches opening day1:1-59/261995
[ ]Animal rights clubAnimal rights club plans product drive4:1-39/261995
[ ]Board of DirectorsBoard of Directors plot course for University, Tipson assesses present state3:1-39/261995
[ ]Security OfficeCampus secruity, Springfield police tighten down on underage drinking2:3-59/261995
[ ]Musical GroupsClockers does more than mark time11:1-39/261995
[ ]Field HockeyField Hockey team off to best start in Wittenberg history10:4-59/261995
[ ]Johnson, SadnraJohnson leaving; students express concern1:1-59/261995
[ ]Crates, KristineKristine Crates scheduled to spend year abroad as member of Up with People3:1-39/261995
[ ]AlcoholKrumholtz elaborates on alcohol policy2:3-59/261995
[ ]Lambda Chi AlphaLambda Chi Alpha sponsors soccer team10:39/261995
[ ]Moore, Matt;Smith, Marc;Locher, Mike;Fligor, ScottMatt Moore, Marc Smith, Mike Locher, Scott Fligor16:1-49/261995
[ ]SpringfieldProposed Danis landfill to sit above Springfield, Wittenberg water supply1:4-59/261995
[ ]BatmanRobin evolves from behind Batman's shadow6:1-59/261995
[ ]Nashilongo Elago ShivuteShivute receives Doctor of Humane letters12:1-59/261995
[ ]AlcoholStudents speak out on alcohol, privacy2:1-29/261995
[ ]TorchTechnology changes Torch8:19/261995
[ ]TorchTorch receives face-lift4:1-29/261995
[ ]EditorialsUnabomber gets what he wants: attention9:1-49/261995
[ ]Johnson, SandraWittenberg cannot afford to lose Dr. Sandra Johnson9:1-49/261995
[ ]Soccer - WomenWomen's soccer continues streak10:1-29/261995
[ ]EditorialsWriter remembers Minnow's fateful voyage9:1-49/261995
[ ]HPERC Facilities and Fields'You've come a long way, baby', Stadium complex renovation near completion5:1-310/31995
[ ]AdministrationAdministration, Profs challenge revisionists in signed proclamation8:1-210/31995
[ ]Alumnae/AlumniAlumni careers day enhances students' job search opportunities1:4-510/31995
[ ]ConcertsBlind melon serves up beefy, brothy soup12:110/31995
[ ]SpringfieldCity enmeshed in trash dilemma5:4-510/31995
[ ]Greek letter societiesFIJI tournament benefits city's Project Woman11:110/31995
[ ]Residence Life DepartmentHanging poster policy still easy6:4-510/31995
[ ]Wittenberg Jazz EnsembleJazz in commons hosts Witt ensemble, guests13:1-510/31995
[ ]Werner, Jen; Smith, JulieJen Werner and Julie Smith10:1-210/31995
[ ]John Loftis, Kenney McCombs, Jason Dimaculangan, Chris ZalewskiJohn Loftis, Kenney McCombs, Jason Dimaculangan, Chris Zalewski16:1-510/31995
[ ]Klinke, Dr. Jim Klenke proud to help improve Wittenberg6:1-310/31995
[ ]CounselorsPeer education help students cope with life7:1-310/31995
[ ]Grigsby, JamesPhysics department denies Grigsby tenure recommendation1:1-210/31995
[ ]Pollitt, RonaldPollitt speaks on history, biographies4:4-510/31995
[ ]HolocaustRefute racist lies forcefully, urges Tipson8:3-510/31995
[ ]MoviesSeven's dark plot, cinematography exhilerate audience12:1-510/31995
[ ]HomecomingSpirits soar as Homecoming arrives5:4-510/31995
[ ]Financial aid, studentStudent aid, education face cutbacks1:3-510/31995
[ ]Johnson, SandraStudent laments Johnson's leaving8:310/31995
[ ]AcademicsThe future of education: return to basics of reading and writing9:1-410/31995
[ ]McGlone, SeanTiger Spotlights10:4-510/31995
[ ]HomecomingUB livens up Homecoming7:4-510/31995
[ ]United Way at WittenbergUnited Way dedicated to reaching goals within the community4:1-310/31995
[ ]Soccer - WomenWomen's soccer tops NCAC10:1-210/31995
[ ]Alumnae/AlumniAlumni house dedicated; guests welcome11:310/101995
[ ]WittstockBender cautions against 'moshing' at Wittstock10:1-210/101995
[ ]Amnesty International (AI)Club of the week: Amnesty5:1-210/101995
[ ]ComputersInternet opens door for hackers, crackers1:1-410/101995
[ ]MoviesKids explores gross, sexual prattle9:1-310/101995
[ ]Drinking and drivingMother warns to stay safe; child's loss still haunts her6:1-210/101995
[ ]Simpson, O.J.O.J. Simpson trial reveals problems in American justice system7:1-410/101995
[ ]Simpson, O.J.O.J. survey show 'stundents misunderstanding'2:1-510/101995
[ ]SpringfieldPhysical plant answers questions regarding trash collection, policy1:1-210/101995
[ ]Monegan, Tracy; Kelly, JeanetteSenior spotlight12:1-410/101995
[ ]Simpson, O.J.Students react to verdict1:1-310/101995
[ ]Thomas libraryThomas Library on edge of technology3:1-210/101995
[ ]Tipson, BairdTipson impressed by quick help in face of tragedy6:210/101995
[ ]FootballWitt football team obliterates Wooster 56-0; critical NCAC showdown at OWU Saturday8:1-310/101995
[ ]SEAC'Contact with America' strikes concern1:1-310/171995
[ ]Man and SupermanAudience reacts to Man and Superman10:1-310/171995
[ ]Burke, JamesBurke electrifies audience1:1-210/171995
[ ]WUSOCatch WUSO's 'little known gems'9:3-510/171995
[ ]Community WorkshopCrime lab provides rewarding community service experience2:1-210/171995
[ ]Empty bowlsEmpty bowls to help fight hunger, November date set2:2-410/171995
[ ]HomecomingHomecoming court deserves recognition6:3-510/171995
[ ]MoviesJade: fill-in-the-blank movie, pitiful script9:1-210/171995
[ ]TelevisionNBC's Friends achieves 'cult-like' following4:1-510/171995
[ ]Simpson, O.J.; EditorialsO.J. coverage unfair, claims Bartlett6:3-510/171995
[ ]Administration; Dean of Students;Search for new dean begun1:4-510/171995
[ ]Student SenateSenate gives clubs additional funds1:4-510/171995
[ ]Welch, Scott; Bebout, Jason; Berg, AaronSenior spotlight12:1-510/171995
[ ]Grigsby, Dr. James A. Student says Grigsby meets basic tenure qualifications6:1-210/171995
[ ]FootballWitt football team defeats rival OWU 15-138:1-310/171995
[ ]AutomobilesAccident-prone intersection examined1:1-310/311995
[ ]Clark County Main LibraryClark County Main Library4:1-410/311995
[ ]Springfield communityEscape and explore Springfield's finest cultural hotspots12:3-510/311995
[ ]Field HockeyField Hockey enjoys second 'dream season'11:510/311995
[ ]Tipson, SarahFirst Lady Sarah Tipson: Wittenberg University's 'woman of the 90's'7:1-510/311995
[ ]MoviesGet Shorty: Cadillac of film13:1-210/311995
[ ]Johnson, PhillipHarvard scholar Phillip Johnson addresses large Ohio State audience2:1-210/311995
[ ]HomecomingHomecoming profile5:1-210/311995
[ ]Tipson, BairdInauguration approaches1:110/311995
[ ]DiMicele, AliceInspirational singer Alice DiMicele drops by Witt November 212:1-210/311995
[ ]Gregory, KeeonKeeon Gregory happy with new job7:1-210/311995
[ ]Keller, SamuelLocal tot home from surgery2:4-510/311995
[ ]Meier, JenMeier disapproves Spotlight8:1-210/311995
[ ]Perot, RossPerot's third party gains recognition1:4-510/311995
[ ]Wittenberg SeriesRecognition: National figures enhance social, academic learning2:310/311995
[ ]Senior SpotlightSeniors, prepare to dance; the best is yet to come16:1-510/311995
[ ]WUSOStudent center denies WUSO request for air time1:1-210/311995
[ ]Math WorkshopWitt grad finds home in Math Workshop6:1-310/311995
[ ]Rugby - WomenWittenberg women's rugby defeats Kenyon 27-10; adds fifth win to season's record11:1-510/311995
[ ]Weaver ChapelWittenberg's relationship with Church encourages 'freedom, learning'1:4-510/311995
[ ]WittstockWittstock; the final review4:1-210/311995
[ ]DeathAftermath of accident makes writer ponder role of responsibility7:1-411/141995
[ ]Rabin, YitzhakAssassination saddens, worries university community: Future of peace questioned1:3-411/141995
[ ]MoviesCarrey's frenetic gags and comedic talents slip in When Nature Calls9:4-511/141995
[ ]Sexual harassmentCommittee monitors sexual harassment policies, incidents2:4-511/141995
[ ]Delta ZetaDelta Zeta sorority to close in May1:2-511/141995
[ ]Empty Bowls; Duman, KateEmpty Bowls benefits local community2:1-311/141995
[ ]Phi Gamma DeltaFIJI sanctions source of concern among students1:1-211/141995
[ ]Neibuhr, DougFootball coaching is more than fun and games8:1-511/141995
[ ]MusicFour Rooms soundtrack: lullingly moody music10:1-311/141995
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentMother-daughter relationship, universal themes explored in play, Eleemosynary9:1-311/141995
[ ]Henry, LeemonNational organization censures university1:1-411/141995
[ ]Tipson, BairdPresident Tipson adjusting to Wittenberg, running full speed ahead4:1-511/141995
[ ]Sigma KappaSigma Kappas clean up local highway2:3-511/141995
[ ]EditorialsSpotlights should feature worthy seniors6:3-511/141995
[ ]FootballTigers set sights on playoffs with Wheaton8:1-311/141995
[ ]The CommonsCommons features artwork5:1-211/211995
[ ]Administration; Dean of StudentsDean search proceeds 'slowly, but surely'1:511/211995
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentDirecting class, student actors produce successful weekend of six one-act plays9:1-311/211995
[ ]Frank, DianneFrank's musical passion adds harmony to Witt5:1-511/211995
[ ]Glen HelenGlen Helen: 'an echo of Ohio's former wilderness'4:1-211/211995
[ ]Habitat for HumanityHabitat for Humanity fights homelessness2:1-311/211995
[ ]Springfield communityLandfill proposal closer to approval despite community protest1:1-211/211995
[ ]John Bryan State ParkProtestors pichet John Bryan State Park, oppose new hunting policy2:4-511/211995
[ ]Wittenberg SenateSenate funds alcohol-free dating program2:1-311/211995
[ ]GraduationSenior class officers prepare for commencement, search for speaker11:3-411/211995
[ ]Feaser, Paul; McKnight, JonSenior Spotlight: ooh la la12:1-511/211995
[ ]Student SenateStudent senate to vote on new visitation policy1:111/211995
[ ]FootballWitt football loses to Wheaton, 63-418:1-311/211995
[ ]MoviesCasino depicts mob-life in Las Vegas, a triumph for Scorsese7:1-212/51995
[ ]Lambda Chi AlphaFraternity sets record with philanthropy4:1-312/51995
[ ]Swimming and DivingNew swim coach has high hopes for a successful season6:2-512/51995
[ ]Philosophy DepartmentPhilosophy honorary inducts new members4:1-312/51995
[ ]Student SenateSenate passes new visitation policy1:1-312/51995
[ ]Clarke, Jay; Myers, BarbSenior Spotlight: Torch bids farewell to icons8:1-512/51995
[ ]Kerr, BeatriceSpeaker to promote AIDS awareness, prevention1:2-512/51995
[ ]Student SenateStudents support Senate decision1-2-312/51995
[ ]Waverly ConsortWaverly Consort to perform at Wittenberg7:4-512/51995