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[ ]Community WorkshopCommunity service joins the fitness craze with program expansion to include aerobic exercise5:41/151993
[ ]VolleyballFall term ends with a bang for Tiger volleyball women6:11/151993
[ ]East Asian Studies DepartmentFar East sees Wittenberg video5:41/151993
[ ]Fraser, Bonnie; Health and Wellness CenterFraser departs Wittenberg with fond memories of past four years2:31/151993
[ ]Wittenberg SeriesGudorf's speech addresses abortion and the Christian1:21/151993
[ ]Hudson, GeorgeHudson returns from Russia1:31/151993
[ ]Wittenberg Series; Williams, JuanKing commemorative lecture is set Monday by Eyes on the Prize author Juan Williams1:21/151993
[ ]Kinnison, Dr. William A.Kinnson utilizes fall sabbatical to obtain new focus1:51/151993
[ ]Basketball - MenMen's basketball achieves 68-56 victory in game against Thomas More Blue Rebel team6:11/151993
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterPeer counselors on Wittenberg campus encourage students2:31/151993
[ ]Student SenateSenate introduces sexual assault policy2:11/151993
[ ]Nelson, Ryan; Hauser, Andrew; Bennett, Kevinsenior spotlight8:41/151993
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni; Fires; Heid, ChaninWitt '92 graduate severly burned in Carbondale fire1:61/151993
[ ]Wittenberg SesquicentennialWittenberg: 1845 to 19931:21/151993
[ ]HPERC Facilities and FieldsA state of the art, handicapped accessible fitness center to open at Wittenberg Feb. 16:11/221993
[ ]Animal Rights ClubAnimal Rights club returns to campus in response to need2:61/221993
[ ]Basketball - WomenBasketball Tigers bring home victory6:31/221993
[ ]Community WorkshopBen Franklin gives 8th graders a lesson in community service2:11/221993
[ ]Physical PlantBudget constraints compel Physical Plant to reconsider1:61/221993
[ ]Clinton, Bill; Financial AidCross examination of Clinton's student loan policy takes place2:11/221993
[ ]Fencing ClubFencing Club recognized; recruiting now begins2:11/221993
[ ]Basketball - MenHipsher suspends Smith and Wolf6:21/221993
[ ]Central Dining Room (CDR); Food Services; Jones, HermanJones makes wishes come true in C.D.R.3:41/221993
[ ]Keller, Ezra; Wittenberg - HistoryKeller's short life is productive1:21/221993
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterLauffeneeger hired to replace Fraser in the Wellness Center2:31/221993
[ ]Basketball - MenMen's basketball defeats Oberlin6:41/221993
[ ]Howarth, Nathan;Semcer, Brian;Windley, Brian;Smith, TobySenior Spotlights8:11/221993
[ ]School of Community Education (SCE)Society's wisdom found via cartoons and fables7:41/221993
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate creates committee to handle clean-up from too much advertising2:31/221993
[ ]Student SenateStudents asked to voice opinion on university budget1:61/221993
[ ]Residence Halls; Residence Hall Association (RHA)Students' concern over substance abuse leads to the creation of special dormitory next year2:41/221993
[ ]Residence HallsTask Committee assesses quality of student housing1:41/221993
[ ]Wittenberg SeriesTry to make real difference, author Juan Williams urges1:21/221993
[ ]Volleyball; BasketballVolleyball and Basketball favorite sports for winter6:31/221993
[ ]Bacon, EdnaWitt student Edna Bacon auditions for the Cosby TV show3:21/221993
[ ]College Hill AssociationCollege Hill offers positive impact for area residents1:21/291993
[ ]Conservation ClubConservation Club and Student Senate discuss some solutions to alleviate recycling problems2:11/291993
[ ]Campus Impact CommitteeCrosses display message of Campus Impact Committee1:61/291993
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesDelta Zeta housemom 'gets along' just fine3:41/291993
[ ]Conservation ClubEnergy audit to encourage students to save electricity1:31/291993
[ ]SportsFour Witt coaches named top mentors in NCAC6:11/291993
[ ]Wolff, GeoffreyGeoffrey Wolff offers instructions in writing as WIttenberg's author in residence for few weeks2:31/291993
[ ]Habitat for HumanityHabitat dedicates its fourth house; McClains move in5:41/291993
[ ]Union BoardKho-Thi dance a celebration of survival and future7:41/291993
[ ]Student Senate; Kinnison, Dr. William A.Kinnison addresses Senate; discusses current and future topics concerning WIttenberg University1:21/291993
[ ]Philosophy DepartmentPhilosopher of international reputation to address ethics1:31/291993
[ ]Wittenberg CampusPlans now under way to make Wittenberg more accessible to the handicapped in the near future2:11/291993
[ ]Security ad hoc committeeSecurity ad hoc committee will promote safety on Witt campus1:51/291993
[ ]Security OfficeSecurity teams adds police power to force1:41/291993
[ ]Gerboth, John 'Soth'; Saatkamp, KarenSenior Spotlight8:11/291993
[ ]Student DemocratsStudent Democrats watch as Clinton assumes the presidency2:31/291993
[ ]Basketball - WomenTigers, Tigers burning bright6:31/291993
[ ]Dues, TonyWitt student, Dues, receives TOUCH Award4:61/291993
[ ]Thomas LibraryWittenberg receives grant; will help with library improvements5:41/291993
[ ]Security OfficeAddition of armed officers to Witt Security leads to student opposition1:22/51993
[ ]GraduationArthur Ashe to speak in June1:22/51993
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesBasement fore breaks out at Delta Zeta house from suspected smoking; no injuries incurred2:32/51993
[ ]Board of DirectorsBoard to decide on an early retirement plan for faculty1:52/51993
[ ]WUSOCampus radio station provides alternative sounds3:12/51993
[ ]Financial Aid OfficeFinancial Aid form changes to occur, according to Odom1:52/51993
[ ]Board of DirectorsKinnison outlines university strategy for tough times1:22/51993
[ ]Campus; Telephone ServiceNew dormitory phone service leads to problems for students2:52/51993
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentNew improvisation class to focus on education issues1:52/51993
[ ]YearbookSenior class photos not to be in color for next yearbook1:62/51993
[ ]English DepartmentStudent interest sparks founding of a writing minor1:42/51993
[ ]Math WorkshopStudents given second chance re-take math basic skills test2:12/51993
[ ]Wolff, GeoffreyWolff aids Wittenberg students with his talent for writing and broad array of publications.2:42/51993
[ ]Student UnionAfter complaint, Student Center Pub posters promptly removed2:52/121993
[ ]American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS)AIBS attempts to change attitudes1:32/121993
[ ]Campus; Computers for studentsclass information soon to be found on VAX machines1:62/121993
[ ]Campus; MascotsDown with the Tigers; Up with the fighting Lutherans6:12/121993
[ ]Residence Halls; Firestine HallFormer Firestine Hall residents remember old abode as a place of enjoyment and good times2:22/121993
[ ]Health and Physical Education Department HPE major under consideration by EPC Committee1:42/121993
[ ]Thomas LibraryHumanities grant helps automation of Thomas Library1:22/121993
[ ]GraduationKlenke to talk with Ashe agent about Commencement1:62/121993
[ ]Basketball - WomenLady Tiger to leave the pride: a talk with senior basketball star Danielle Rogers6:12/121993
[ ]Outdoor ClubOutclub plans trip to Utah during break6:22/121993
[ ]Wittenberg SeriesRomance doesn't have to end on Valentine's Day7:42/121993
[ ]Schmuck, RandySenior spotlight8:12/121993
[ ]Paulson, MattSenior spotlights8:12/121993
[ ]Gangs - SpringfieldSpringfield gang activities diminishing with membership dwindling, according to the police2:32/121993
[ ]Wittenberg SesquicentennialSymposium to be held in Chapel1:22/121993
[ ]Basketball - MenTiger's men basketball in reach of NCAC playoffs6:12/121993
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni; Herman, KeithWitt graduate makes it big in entertainment6:22/121993
[ ]Lacrosse - WomenWomen's lacrosse team hopes to improve record6:32/121993
[ ]WUSOWUSO DJ's do it for fun and friendship3:42/121993
[ ]Wittenberg SeriesYale Psychologist Sternberg lectures on the creative mind1:32/121993
[ ]CheerleadingCheerleaders: spirit behind teams needs student support6:12/191993
[ ]Circle KCircle K initiates service projects to attract support1:22/191993
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterConcern over STD's prompt address by Dr. Elyssa DelValle2:12/191993
[ ]Junior Writing Proficiency ExamJunior writing exam success; 420 pass1:32/191993
[ ]Kramer, MichaelKramer surprised by scholarship nomination3:42/191993
[ ]AdministrationNew management concept, CQM, to be introduced1:52/191993
[ ]Marketing ClubNew officers and events announced for marketing club2:32/191993
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities; Panhellenic CouncilNew Panhellenic executive members elected Wednesday1:32/191993
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)RHA to sponsor volleyball courts behind Synod Hall6:42/191993
[ ]Student SenateSenate to release survey on budget priority allocations1:62/191993
[ ]Cuervo, Joe T.Senior spotlights8:12/191993
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate is looking to cut down funds for student clubs1:52/191993
[ ]Swimming and Diving - Men; Swimming and Diving - WomenSwim team looks forward to succesful end of season6:12/191993
[ ]Track and FieldTrack team leaps ahead to victory in indoor competitions6:22/191993
[ ]Security OfficeWitt crime record remains at steady rate for this year1:22/191993
[ ]HPERC Facilities and FieldsContracts to be awarded for $1.8 million project1:22/261993
[ ]Security OfficeDecision to use armed officers carefully made1:62/261993
[ ]Educational Policies Committee (EPC)EPC Committee at work on a new institutional model1:22/261993
[ ]Wittenberg SesquicentennialSecularization in society is believed impacting nation's college campuses1:32/261993
[ ]Attardi, CherylSenior spotlights8:12/261993
[ ]Swimming and Diving - Men; Swimming and Diving - WomenSix Witt swimmerd qualify for upcoming NCAA meet6:52/261993
[ ]Model United Nations ClubWittenberg among colleges to send delegates to United Nations2:12/261993
[ ]TuitionWittenberg will cost $ 19,9981:52/261993
[ ]Wolff, GeoffreyWriter-in-residence Wolff to present works to audience1:62/261993
[ ]Residence HallsA number of changes made in student housing arrangements for the academic year2:13/51993
[ ]AdministrationAdministrators agree to attend to some concerns of students1:23/51993
[ ]EnrollmentCosts for colleges rise as enrollment declines in '93-94 academic year1:53/51993
[ ]Hearing BoardHearing Board handles student discipline problems1:63/51993
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities; Interfraternity CouncilIFC's Runkel sees 'great' year6:13/51993
[ ]Basketball - WomenNorth Coast coaches pick Green again6:63/51993
[ ]Student Senate; HIV (Virus)Senate to promote AIDS awareness through posters1:43/51993
[ ]Harvey, Doug; Natapow, Jeff; Strain, Jeff; Missey 'Dixie' HandSenior Spotlights8:13/51993
[ ]Basketball - MenTigers fail to reach NCAC conference championships6:43/51993
[ ]Security OfficeTraining: requirement for bearing firearms1:33/51993
[ ]Gramlich, RopbinTruman Scholarship helps Gramlich to success3:13/51993
[ ]Basketball - WomenWomen Tigers oust OWU, meet Caps Saturday6:43/51993
[ ]Balliet, Dr. Conrad ; WUSOBalliet discusses poetry across the airwaves with radio show1:34/91993
[ ]Security Office; StealingBicycle thefts remain a problem1:24/91993
[ ]Community WorkshopChildren enjoy full tour of campus with Witt student help1:54/91993
[ ]GraduationDecision on graduation speaker still pending, with answer expected soon1:24/91993
[ ]Habitat for HumanityHabitat for Humanity's spring trip proves memorable and demanding on Witt students2:14/91993
[ ]Basketball - MenHipsher takes head coaching position at Stetson University, an NCAA Division I school1:54/91993
[ ]Union BoardOvercrowding forces changes in movie admittance policies1:44/91993
[ ]Basketball - WomenPam Evans named Converse District III Coach of the year6:14/91993
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesPhi Gamma Delta welcomes Delta Sigma Phi to the neighborhood with a special dinner1:44/91993
[ ]Kuss, Richard;AwardsRichard Kuss with those inducted into the Hall of Excellence2:34/91993
[ ]Larson, Vicki; Gumbiner, HeatherSenior spotlight8:14/91993
[ ]Union BoardUnion Board books Blues Traveler to perform 3 1/2hour concert7:44/91993
[ ]Rugby - MenWitt ruggers start with loss in close match6:14/91993
[ ]Swimming and Diving - WomenWittenberg sent six swimmers to nationals6:44/91993
[ ]American International Association (AIA)AIA to sponsor second annual 'Internat'l Week' April 19-251:44/161993
[ ]Track and FieldChanges help to improve Wittenberg track team6:34/161993
[ ]Shabazz, Dr. Betty Dr. Betty Shabazz, widow of the late Malcom X, will address Wittenberg1:24/161993
[ ]Environmental StudiesEnvironmental Studies Minnor receives the faculty approval1:24/161993
[ ]Basketball - WomenGarnes lives basketball dream6:34/161993
[ ]Wittenberg SeriesHighly accomplished pianist Emanuel Ax performs for Witt8:44/161993
[ ]Basketball - WomenHonored coach looks optimistically to future6:14/161993
[ ]AwardsMorris Scholarship awarded5:34/161993
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesNew social policies in effect for Greek system to reduce liability1:24/161993
[ ]Lewis, Dr. Tim ; FacultyReseachers collect turtle data2:14/161993
[ ]Beck, Marcy;Edwards, Lana;Victorson, Mary Kate; Ghali, NancySenior Spotlight10:14/161993
[ ]Wittenberg Dance CompanySpring Dance Concert involves more than two hours on Chakeres'stage3:14/161993
[ ]Vance, DavidUPS driver finally gets deserved recognition3:14/161993
[ ]Security OfficeVehicle registration presents confusion with Witt students1:64/161993
[ ]Health and Counseling ServicesWellness Center to now be Health and Counseling services1:44/161993
[ ]Alma MaterWittenberg Alma Mater candidates1:54/161993
[ ]Security OfficeCampus security supplies tips1:54/231993
[ ]Alma MaterFive finalists selected for Alma Mater candidacy for 1993-942:14/231993
[ ]GraduationGraduation requirements remain uncompleted by certain seniors1:54/231993
[ ]Biology DepartmentMicroscope benefits Bio class3:14/231993
[ ]Wittenberg SeriesNovak to deliver Wittenberg's 1993 Fred R. Leventhal Family Endowed Lecture on April 231:24/231993
[ ]Johns, Cord; Kirkpatrick, ChrisSenior spotlight8:14/231993
[ ]Theis, MattSenior Spotlight8:14/231993
[ ]Lacrosse - WomenSlow start has not discouraged women's lacrosse6:14/231993
[ ]HPERC Facilities and FieldsStadium undergoes massive renovations; finish set for August 131:14/231993
[ ]Wittenberg Dance CompanyVariety marks 1993 Dance Concert7:54/231993
[ ]GraduationWith commencement day rapidly approaching, prevention of problems becomes a main issue1:44/231993
[ ]Baseball; Golf; Lacrosse - Men; Softball; Tennis - Men; Tennis - Women; Track and FieldWittenberg's sports in a box6:44/231993
[ ]Tyner, Laurel; Heydenreich, Jen; Mast, CindySenior spotlight8:14/291993
[ ]Campus Impact CommitteeCampus Impact Committee not recognized by Student senate1:24/301993
[ ]GraduationChildren's Defense Fund founder, Marian Edelman, to address the 1993 graduates1:54/301993
[ ]GraduationGrads discuss leaving Witt3:14/301993
[ ]Track and Field - Men; Track and Field - WomenHollenbaugh helps both men's and women's track teams grow stronger6:14/301993
[ ]Wittenberg SeriesNovak stresses need to examine the reasons for wealth versus the the causes of poverty1:24/301993
[ ]Evans, Jenna; Ayers, Cathy; Huff, Laura; Linn, CarrieSenior Spotlight8:14/301993
[ ]SoftballSoftball coach feels dedication leads team to success6:14/301993
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate elections slated for Tuesday, May 412:14/301993
[ ]Weaver ChapelWeaver Chapel reflects Witt's rich heritage3:54/301993
[ ]Model United Nations ClubWittenberg's United Nations club performs well at National Conference in New York1:44/301993
[ ]Chemistry DepartmentAdvanced computational computer lab helps chemistry students with molecular structures1:45/71993
[ ]EnrollmentBenne: Wittenberg enrollment figures maintain positive trend2:15/71993
[ ]Union BoardCohesion Jazz Ensemble to play in Commons11:15/71993
[ ]Common LearningCommon learning incorporates art into next year's curriculum1:35/71993
[ ]Parents WeekendDoings abound with '93 Parents' Weekend10:45/71993
[ ]Wittenberg SeriesEuthanasia leaves even bioethicist gasping for breath1:65/71993
[ ]Parents WeekendParents and students to 'gather' at Agora10:15/71993
[ ]Phi Beta KappaPhi Beta Kappa1:45/71993
[ ]Paxton, Sandy; Wakeland, JenSenior spotlight12:15/71993
[ ]Thrasher, MariaSenior spotlights12:15/71993
[ ]Soccer - MenSpring soccer is in full spring6:15/71993
[ ]Health and Counseling ServicesStudents give high approval to Health and Counseling Services2:15/71993
[ ]Parents WeekendTry your luck at the Wittenberg Parents Weekend Contest!8:15/71993
[ ]Weaver ChapelWide freedom allowed Wittenberg students wishing to pursue religious ideas and beliefs3:15/71993
[ ]Alma MaterWilliamson named Alma Mater '931:25/71993
[ ]Wittenberg University;AwardsWittenberg achievers recognized at Friday's Honors Convocation1:55/71993
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesWittenberg hopes to attain more cooperation from Greeks so as to provide better housing2:25/71993
[ ]Union BoardA few good seats left after Union Board confusion1:25/141993
[ ]Acquaintance rapeAcquaintance rape: still heavily discussed issue on Witt campus1:25/141993
[ ]GaysAddress on homosexuality prompts professors, students, and administrations to discuss issue2:45/141993
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentAfrican American drama group to perform at WU7:55/141993
[ ]Health and Counseling ServicesBecker assures confidentiality1:35/141993
[ ]GaysBergner looks to science, Biblical scriptures, and own experience in talk on homosexuality1:25/141993
[ ]Health and Counseling ServicesCounseling gives Sinisko 'sense of purpose'3:45/141993
[ ]Clark, George (alias)Courage with aging - when the golden years are not so golden3:55/141993
[ ]Faculty; Koppenhaver, Dr. Allen J.; DeathsDinstinguished professor, musician, writer, critic, Dr. Allen J. Koppenhaver, 61, dies1:45/141993
[ ]WittstockEnergetic jazz and rock band, Ragas, featuring Witt students, will play at Wittstock7:45/141993
[ ]Health and Physical Education Department Faculty meeting set to address HPE major/minor termination1:45/141993
[ ]FootballFootball Tigers prepare for future success6:15/141993
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesFraternity supports female crisis centers through 5K run1:25/141993
[ ]AdministrationKinnison calls for Total Quality Management system to improve services to university customers1:55/141993
[ ]SportsLack of assistant coaches puts strain on Wittenberg sports team6:15/141993
[ ]Track and Field - MenMackey given NCAC honor6:45/141993
[ ]AdministrationNew Task Force for the Learning Environment will assess future direction of campus housing2:15/141993
[ ]Outdoor ClubOutdoor Club sponsors outings3:15/141993
[ ]Health and Counseling ServicesPlant, insect dangers prevelent on outings this summer season1:25/141993
[ ]Student SenateSenate will curtail many area budgets due to overall cuts1:45/141993
[ ]Bodewig, Brigitte; Kronick, Josh; Sinnott, Christine; Dickerson, Karalun; Pauley, Krisitin; Greenberg, Laura; Tracy, CraigSenior spotlight8:15/141993
[ ]Bulow, Martin; Lerner, Niklas; Waller, MagnusSwedes discuss American strangeness3:15/141993
[ ]BaseballTalent hard work pay off for recognized baseball players6:45/141993
[ ]TennisTennis players receive NCAC awards6:15/141993
[ ]SoftballThree Witt softball Tigers recognized6:15/141993
[ ]Wittenberg Alumni - AwardWilson receives Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching '931:25/141993
[ ]GolfWitt golf team swings into NCAA Division III Championship action6:15/141993
[ ]Wittenberg Review of Literature and ArtWittenberg Review of Literature and Art enjoys weekend success2:55/141993
[ ]WittstockWittstock continues the tradition7:45/141993
[ ]Behrman, Dr. Cynthia; FacultyBehrman praised by students, faculty5:15/281993
[ ]FootballCarter qualifies for NCAA finals2:65/281993
[ ]Health and Physical Education Department Debates continue over HPED major/minorelimination; no decision reached as of yet1:25/281993
[ ]Lewis, Dr. Timothy;Awards; FacultyDr. Timothy Lewis receives two awards for outstanding teaching2:25/281993
[ ]GraduationFive distinguished individuals will receive graduation honors1:35/281993
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesInterview process re-opens regarding new Greek advisor1:25/281993
[ ]Wilson, Dr. Jo;Awards; FacultyJo Wilson named 1993 Academic Adivisor of Year2:45/281993
[ ]LacrosseMentor is named for lacrosse team2:55/281993
[ ]Education DepartmentMore effective teaching strategies introduced for helping children learn to read and write2:45/281993
[ ]AdministrationMore pressing needs keep Wittenberg Inn a future possibility1:45/281993
[ ]Residence HallsNorth Hall damage leaves third floor residents outraged1:65/281993
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesPhi Kappa Psis' help children make a wish1:35/281993
[ ]Gerbick, Amy; Schmahl, AmandaSenior Spotlight10:55/281993
[ ]Hecock, Bess; Teare, Sarah; Stephens, Heather; Eastwood, Heather; Brant, Kevin; Linn, Gary; Alia, Maria; Fraunheim, Kate; Tobin, Buffy; Boryczewski, Pierre 'Borro'; Holweger, Mike; Shah, Sheetl; Cance, Andi; McCarthy, Tia ; Dempsey, SueSenior Spotlight11:15/281993
[ ]Kern, DeDe; Turgeon, AmySenior Spotlight9:45/281993
[ ]Leck, Erika; Steinberg, Ellen; Russell, Judith; Lynn, SuzanneSenior Spotlight9:15/281993
[ ]Marthaller, RickSenior Spotlight12:55/281993
[ ]Pearson, SteveSenior Spotlight9:55/281993
[ ]Schafer, Ann; Wilkins, Andrea; Rowe, Michelle; Roof, Bill; Rose, Louis; Wang, Eric; Partyka, Julie; Kovach, JenSenior Spotlight10:15/281993
[ ]Swnader, Vicki; Landon, JulieSenior Spotlight11:55/281993
[ ]Van Dyke, Anne-Marie; Stout, Heather; Wegmann, Kristen; McCormick, KristenSenior Spotlight12:15/281993
[ ]Music DepartmentStudent performances close spring term recital series8:55/281993
[ ]Education DepartmentStudent teaching program helps prepare Witt education majors2:15/281993
[ ]Musical GroupsThe Crunch to play in hollow for seniors8:45/281993
[ ]WUSOThis year's Springfest should be best yet8:45/281993
[ ]BasketballWitt alumnus, Bill Brown, returns to coach Tiger basketball next year6:15/281993
[ ]FacultyWittenberg faculty is downsized with cuts, retirements1:55/281993
[ ]Rape; Acquaintance RapeWittenberg plans to enhance sexual assault guidelines by giving pamphlets to students1:55/281993
[ ]Security OfficeBreak-in should caution students5:39/241993
[ ]LacrosseBruce Reid named lacrosse mentor6:19/241993
[ ]Careers DayCareers Day gives students valuable opportunities1:49/241993
[ ]Student UnionChanges are made in operations, menus in Witt's Commons and Center Dinning Room3:19/241993
[ ]Weaver ChapelDr. Joyce Wendel to be soloist in second cantata7:19/241993
[ ]Union BoardGilbert Godfried to perform in HPERC7:19/241993
[ ]Union Board; MusicHaitian music group to play in CDR tonight7:49/241993
[ ]HomecomingHomecoming activities begin early6:49/241993
[ ]HPERC Facilities and FieldsHPERC requires students to show ID's6:29/241993
[ ]Musical GroupsJohnny Winter better than ever7:49/241993
[ ]Biology DepartmentNew class shocks the monkey3:19/241993
[ ]New Students; ElectionsNew student elections scheduled for Tuesday2:39/241993
[ ]Acquaintance Rape; New StudentsOrientation includes session on date/acquaintancerape1:39/241993
[ ]Laura and Kelly [no last names given in article]Senior Spotlights8:19/241993
[ ]SororitiesSorority houses get names out during fall informal rush1:29/241993
[ ]Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldSpringfield begins racism discussions5:49/241993
[ ]HPERC Facilities and FieldsTiger stadium features new state of the art scoreboard, bright lights for spectators6:19/241993
[ ]Residence Halls; Telephone ServiceTouch-tone phones installed in campus residence halls1:59/241993
[ ]Security OfficeTwo Wittenberg Students Attacked1:29/241993
[ ]AutomobilesVehicle registration free for all; students have no excuses1:29/241993
[ ]Bars - SpringfieldWhat's on tap for Witt?3:49/241993
[ ]SportsWittenberg Sports in a Box6:49/241993
[ ]Alumnae/AlumniAlumni talk set by Dr. Jo Wilson2:610/11993
[ ]Amnesty International (AI)Amnesty's events aid Bosnians2:110/11993
[ ]HPERC Facilities and FieldsArtificial turf gives Witt boost6:110/11993
[ ]Physics DepartmentAstronomy captures students' gaze3:110/11993
[ ]Weaver ChapelBaroque Cantata, prayer service set7:610/11993
[ ]Thomas LibraryBothersome construction will clear path to Witt library1:510/11993
[ ]FacultyCopeland campaigns with aid of students1:510/11993
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesDelta Gamma hosted AIDS speaker2:210/11993
[ ]International StudentsForeign students add diversity to Witt3:310/11993
[ ]SoccerHelm, Sauers named to NCAC's 10th anniversary soccer teams6:510/11993
[ ]New Students; ElectionsNew students elect Martin and Hudson as class leaders1:310/11993
[ ]Poetry ClubPoets organize club at Witt7:410/11993
[ ]Residence HallsQuiet, substance-free halls provide college students with alternatives, not just at Witt2:410/11993
[ ]ConcertsRara Machine rocks campus7:410/11993
[ ]Student SenateSenate answers 'Where does all the money go'1:210/11993
[ ]Faulder, Jill; Koehler, PamSenior Spotlight8:110/11993
[ ]Anderson, Chris; Beerman, Mike; Bubsy, Bil; Leonard, Micheal;Ferguson, Vic; Pechar, Todd; Woolenberg, DaveSenior Spotlights8:110/11993
[ ]Security OfficeSpringfield residents plead not guilty to charges of assualt of Witt students1:310/11993
[ ]YearbookThe yearbook is here; don't forget to get one3:610/11993
[ ]SportsTiger softballers tops in classroom6:110/11993
[ ]SportsTwo Tiger athletes cited by conference6:510/11993
[ ]Summer SessionVariety is the spice of Witt summer sessions2:110/11993
[ ]Weaver ChapelWittenberg Chapel changes and other renovations accomodate disabled2:510/11993
[ ]Wittenberg Dance CompanyWittenberg Dance Company taps six following tryouts7:510/11993
[ ]History DepartmentWittenberg fall colliquium honors Behrman1:210/11993
[ ]SportsWittenberg teams set for big Tiger Homecoming6:310/11993
[ ]WUSOWUSO gives campus listeners real variety3:510/11993
[ ]Union BoardActress Dale Stein coming to Witt7:410/121993
[ ]Musical GroupsChilling out with The Samples7:110/121993
[ ]Residence HallsDeath of a dorm; revival of residence hall3:110/121993
[ ]Wittenberg SeriesDr. Anna Roosevelt lectures in second Witt Series events1:510/121993
[ ]Musical GroupsEnter the world of funk with Ragas7:410/121993
[ ]Musical GroupsGuitarist Mike Rayburn to play Commons7:410/121993
[ ]Student AidHigh loan default rates threaten 900 schools' funding2:610/121993
[ ]HomecomingHomecoming activities declare winners for '931:510/121993
[ ]HomecomingHomecoming title marred by voting controversy1:610/121993
[ ]Recreation - SpringfieldIf it's dead, we've got it!3:110/121993
[ ]Residence HallsIn exchange for housing, R.A.'s required to devote hours to counseling, discipline3:410/121993
[ ]Residence HallsNew HD's work well together2:110/121993
[ ]ConcertsPianist to perform in Krieg7:510/121993
[ ]Business DepartmentSchindler teaches 'real life' business1:210/121993
[ ]Security OfficeSecurity gives safety advice2:110/121993
[ ]Burhart, Matt; Manoloff, BrettSenior Spotlights8:110/121993
[ ]FootballTigers falter at Allegheny6:110/121993
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni; Kremcheck, TimothyWittenberg alum Timothy Kremcheck volunteers as Tigers' team physician6:110/121993
[ ]American International Association (AIA)AIA adjusts to American food5:310/191993
[ ]ConcertsBeatles cover band to play in HPERC11:210/191993
[ ]HPERC Facilities and FieldsBright Stadium lights disturb students' star gazing practice1:410/191993
[ ]Physics DepartmentBright stadium lights disturb students' star gazing practice1:310/191993
[ ]Psychology DepartmentClass studies differences in the psychology of women5:110/191993
[ ]ConferencesHolocaust lectures scheduled1:410/191993
[ ]HPE DepartmentHPE major dropped; fight for survival ends1:210/191993
[ ]Musical GroupsMusic Reviews10:110/191993
[ ]Health and Counseling ServicesPeer counselors focus on educating Witt community4:110/191993
[ ]Wittenberg FundPhonathon raises funds and provides jobs for students1:210/191993
[ ]Community WorkshopProject Ben increases students' values1:310/191993
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate reserves funds for 'unplanned emergencies'3:410/191993
[ ]FootballTigers squeak by Lakers, 7-68:110/191993
[ ]Panhellennic Association[Katherine] Titus contributes to Greek life4:310/191993
[ ]Conservation Club'Cool It' program puts freeze on Witt waste1:210/261993
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentChoreographer coming to Witt7:410/261993
[ ]Physical PlantClasses cancelled because of blackout1:210/261993
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentFour 'One Acts' slated this week7:110/261993
[ ]Geography DepartmentGeography 103 class eyes ecology issues3:410/261993
[ ]Musical GroupsMusic review - Pearl Jam7:410/261993
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesNew changes make rush easier1:210/261993
[ ]Animal Rights ClubNewkirk speaks for animal rights2:110/261993
[ ]Faculty; HPE DepartmentProfessors discuss future of faculty, staffing, HPE major1:310/261993
[ ]Croci, Matt; Dues, Tony; Fulton, John; Jenoson, Ted; Leslie, Josh; Ragan, LukeSenior Spotlights8:110/261993
[ ]FootballTigers maul visiting Kenyon Lords, 32-06:110/261993
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentBoar's Head Feaste set by churches Jan. 7, 810:411/21993
[ ]Circle KCircle K extends helping hand to others5:111/21993
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni; Norris, JohnCreator of Ezry comic strip reminisces about Witt4:111/21993
[ ]Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldHistory major leads tour of Springfield architecture5:411/21993
[ ]Animal Rights ClubNewkirk rallied for animals2:311/21993
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Noted sociologist to speak at Witt9:311/21993
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentOne-Acts very successful11:211/21993
[ ]Physical PlantRepairs light up Witt1:211/21993
[ ]Musical GroupsRush10:111/21993
[ ]Student SenateSeniors' money used for band?3:311/21993
[ ]Wittenberg SeriesTheatre Group coming to Witt10:311/21993
[ ]FootballTigers beat hapless Oberlin, 55-68:111/21993
[ ]Symphonic BandWitt Symphonic Band offers full range of styles in concert9:111/21993
[ ]Common LearningWittenberg welcomes artist Judy Chicago1:311/21993
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentAugust Wilson play to be presented in Chakeres Theatre10:311/91993
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesChanges in men's rush has boosted participation1:411/91993
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesDZ housemother locates truck used in bank robbery1:411/91993
[ ]Habitat for HumanityHabitat plans spring break trips3:311/91993
[ ]Cross CountryHarriers 'loosen up' to prepare for meets8:111/91993
[ ]Common LearningJudy Chicago to critique freshmen class project: Self and Community1:211/91993
[ ]Recreation - SpringfieldMarquee called city's 'upbeat' place to dine10:511/91993
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesSorority Round Robbins start rush off on the right foot2:311/91993
[ ]FootballTiger seniors shine in 42-0 win over Denison's Big Red8:411/91993
[ ]Soccer - menTigers eliminated in soccer tourney8:511/91993
[ ]Weaver ChapelVesper rites in Weaver Nov. 1710:311/91993
[ ]Wally WittWally Witt ponders life5:111/91993
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Wilson's speech focuses on joblessness, urban poverty1:411/91993
[ ]Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldWitt helps remember middle school student2:411/91993
[ ]Antioch CollegeWitt students, faculty discuss Antioch policy1:211/91993
[ ]Student Union[Bonnie] Cox brightens students' lives4:111/91993
[ ]Faculty[Wayne] Maurer takes part in Civil War movie5:311/91993
[ ]French Club'Cercle Francais' looking forward to upcoming year5:411/161993
[ ]Student EmploymentEmployment office offers various positions to Wittenberg students who need winter jobs1:211/161993
[ ]Residence Halls; Firestine HallFirestine Hall demolition planned1:311/161993
[ ]Soccer - WomenFour are all-conference picks8:311/161993
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentJoe Turner drama enraptures Witt audience10:311/161993
[ ]Residence HallsRenovations gave new facelift to Woodlawn Hall3:311/161993
[ ]Soccer - MenSoccer's Steve Dawson named coach of the Year8:111/161993
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)Start spreading Christmas spirit: Help Secret Santa1:511/161993
[ ]VolleyballTiger volleyball team garners title12:311/161993
[ ]FootballTigers sqeak by Bishops, 28-218:311/161993
[ ]WUSOWUSO debates airing 24 hours a day next term1:211/161993
[ ]Admissions[Amy] Dunham enjoys position as Witt admissions counselor5:111/161993
[ ]Common Learning[Judy] Chicago and audience journey through women's struggles3:311/161993
[ ]Fahnestock, Quay[Quay] Fahnestock adds diversity to Wittenberg student body4:111/161993