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[ ]Fraternities and Sororities; Delta Sigma PhiAfter ten years of talk, Sigs finally purchase new house2:11/171992
[ ]Wittenberg CampusBlack crows invade Wittenberg's campus for winter roosting3:41/171992
[ ]TorchChanges for the reader4:11/171992
[ ]Art DepartmentClass exhibits work throughout campus2:11/171992
[ ]Fitzgibbons, MickeyFitzgibbons entertains seniors7:51/171992
[ ]Provost; RegistrarGreer seeks increased student involvement1:21/171992
[ ]Intramural SportsIntramurals kicks off the winter season6:41/171992
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesLow grades decrease rush numbers1:31/171992
[ ]Wittenberg SeriesMartha Graham Dance Company to perform in Witt Series8:11/171992
[ ]Swimming and Diving - MenMen's swimming team beats ONU6:31/171992
[ ]Wittenberg CampusNew addition to Wittenberg's campus includes rock, dedicated by alumni, commemorating Hamma ...3:11/171992
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesPanhel and IFC consider Greek Advisor reinstatement2:51/171992
[ ]FacultyPrivacy Act enforced by professors1:21/171992
[ ]Security OfficeSecurity questions the carrying of firearms1:21/171992
[ ]Student SenateSenate hosts conference5:31/171992
[ ]Bagley, Suzanne; Briles, ChristinaSenior Spotlight8:41/171992
[ ]Montagnese, RobSenior Spotlight8:11/171992
[ ]Student EmploymentStudents losing work hours5:31/171992
[ ]Student SenateStudents to elect new class cabinets2:11/171992
[ ]HPERC Facilities and FieldsTightening of lax security at HPERC requires students to show Witt ID2:11/171992
[ ]HPERC Facilities and FieldsTraining room serves intercollegiate athletes2:31/171992
[ ]Swimming and Diving - WomenWittenberg lady swimmers easily dunk Ohio Northern Polar Bears6:51/171992
[ ]Swimming and Diving - WomenWittenberg lady swimmers easily dunk Ohio Northern Polar Bears6:41/171992
[ ]Basketball - WomenWittenberg women's basketball team triumphs over Allegheny Gators for conference 2nd6:11/171992
[ ]Basketball - WomenWomen's basketball team triumphs over Allegheny Gators for conference 2nd6:11/171992
[ ]Junior Writing Proficiency ExamWriting proficiency exam to be administered Saturday1:51/171992
[ ]Junior Writing Proficiency ExamWriting proficiency exam to be administered Saturday1:61/171992
[ ]Security OfficeYouth sentenced in Marshall shooting1:11/171992
[ ]Student SenateADL holds prejudice workshop2:21/241992
[ ]HIV (Virus)AIDS awareness among Witt students is on the rise, Del Valle discovers2:11/241992
[ ]Wittenberg SeriesBehind the scenes of the Witt Series6:51/241992
[ ]Student EmploymentCampus controversy swirls after student trainers are sacked1:11/241992
[ ]Student UnionCommons comes alive with the sounds of jazz7:41/241992
[ ]EnrollmentEnrollment curtailed by U.S. recession1:61/241992
[ ]Drinking and Traffic AccidentsFlorida drinking fatality sparks sharp opinions on campus2:41/241992
[ ]RapeHelp for rape victims available on campus2:41/241992
[ ]Hill, ChrisHill experiences the world including pubs and IRA bombs3:11/241992
[ ]Ice HockeyHockey warms up for upcoming season5:61/241992
[ ]Career Development and PlacementJackson advises job hunters to be assertive1:21/241992
[ ]Union BoardJerry and the Juveniles to perform at Witt7:41/241992
[ ]Wittenberg SeriesMartha Graham Company performs 'extraordinary' show6:11/241992
[ ]Soccer - MenMen's soccer team shows appreciation for dedicated fans5:11/241992
[ ]Outdoor ClubOutdoor club ski weekend proves successful5:41/241992
[ ]Wittenberg SeriesPanelists air views on rights program in U.S.1:41/241992
[ ]Residence Halls; Buildings; Tower Hall; FloodsPipe breaks, flooding two rooms on separate floors in Tower Hall2:21/241992
[ ]Proctor, SamualProctor chosen as resident1:41/241992
[ ]Student Environment Action CoalitionSEAC protests B.P.'s actions2:11/241992
[ ]CalendarSemester-based calender considered1:51/241992
[ ]Morgan, Kristie; Osborne, FionaSenior Spotlight8:11/241992
[ ]Wittenberg CampusSnow falls3:41/241992
[ ]VandalismStudents angered by vandalism to outdoor sculpture project1:21/241992
[ ]Swimming and Diving - MenTigers swim in invitational5:51/241992
[ ]Recreation - SpringfieldTired of the same bar scene?6:51/241992
[ ]Student UnionWhat lies behind the little gray mailboxes3:41/241992
[ ]International EducationWitt students study abroad to view a different culture and new way of life3:11/241992
[ ]Basketball - MenWittenberg men's basketball team triumphs over Oberlin5:11/241992
[ ]Wittenberg ReviewWittenberg Review needs students to submit work6:31/241992
[ ]Basketball - WomenWittenberg women's basketball team destroys Oberlin Yeomen on the road last Saturday5:11/241992
[ ]Swimming and Diving - WomenWomen's swim team takes 3rd out of eleven in invitational Saturday5:51/241992
[ ]Briggs, Dale'How can I explain, all the love and pain...Oh Lord...tell me why, the children cry, in the ...3:11/311992
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department'The Meeting' to be performed at Witt7:41/311992
[ ]HIV (virus)AIDS testing explained5:31/311992
[ ]Student ActivitiesAntioch students protest and get results2:11/311992
[ ]RegistrarBe kind to those you need3:51/311992
[ ]Student Environment Action CoalitionBritish Petroleum is Wittenberg's largest gas supplier1:31/311992
[ ]CalendarChange in academic calendar proposed1:41/311992
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Concerned Black Students express ideas to President Kinnison5:21/311992
[ ]Cycling ClubCycling Club will have racing team by this spring6:11/311992
[ ]Newman ClubDespite snow, Newman Club travels and experiences a successful retreat3:51/311992
[ ]Central Dining Room (CDR); Food Services; Student UnionExtreme waste in CDR is a real eye opener1:41/311992
[ ]Security OfficeHit and Run involves two Wittenberg students2:11/311992
[ ]Basketball - WomenLady Tigers beat Wooster and O.W.U.6:61/311992
[ ]EnrollmentMinority enrollment threatened by economic difficulties1:31/311992
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesNeed for Greek Advisor is questioned2:31/311992
[ ]Wittenberg CampusNeighborhood Watch program to be instituted on campus5:11/311992
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesPhi Kappa Psi has high hopes for first formal winter rush2:31/311992
[ ]Kinnison, Dr. William A.President Kinnison gives reasons for tightening budget1:21/311992
[ ]Residential Life OfficeResidental Life seeks applicants5:61/311992
[ ]Jameson, JeffSenior Spotlight8:31/311992
[ ]Johnson, JaniceSenior Spotlight8:11/311992
[ ]Residence Halls; South Hall; FiresSouth fire forces evacuation of three halls; cause probed1:11/311992
[ ]Student ActivitiesStudent activists protest B.P.5:21/311992
[ ]Security OfficeStudent arrested for misrepresentation2:41/311992
[ ]Student ServicesStudent Judicial Hearing Board hears serious cases of violation of university regulations2:11/311992
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate allocates funds to student organizations5:31/311992
[ ]Swimming and Diving - MenSwimmers fall to Wooster6:41/311992
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentUpcoming events in Theatre Department7:41/311992
[ ]Swimming and Diving - WomenWitt swimmers battle Wooster6:31/311992
[ ]Basketball - MenWittenberg basketball team and Wooster tied for first6:11/311992
[ ]Rugby - WomenWomen's rugby club looks forward to upcoming season6:11/311992
[ ]Swimming and DivingCoach Nolen rates Tiger swimmers' chances to score in NCAC meet at Oberlin as favorable5:12/71992
[ ]Wittenberg CampusCollege Hill Neighborhood Association wants Witt students and Springfield resident to share . . .1:22/71992
[ ]Community WorkshopCommunity Workshop hopes to recieve funding for expansion2:12/71992
[ ]Wittenberg ChapelDing, dong.Ding...the sounds of silence from the Chapel3:42/71992
[ ]BuildingsDoes anybody really know what time this class starts?3:12/71992
[ ]Food ServicesFood services panel is small, but effective1:32/71992
[ ]Augustana College Koto EnsembleKoto ensemble to perform at Wittenberg7:42/71992
[ ]Swimming and Diving - WomenLady swimmers sink C-Western5:62/71992
[ ]Edwards, LanaLana Edwards scholarship finalist1:32/71992
[ ]School of Community Education (SCE)Largest adult class in Witt's history will be graduating2:12/71992
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Many achievements of lesser known African-Americans are recognized . . .2:12/71992
[ ]Basketball - MenMen's varsity pulls ahead of Case Western8:22/71992
[ ]Intramural SportsOutlook bright in intramurals5:62/71992
[ ]Physical PlantPhysical Plant has their own pair of Lakes3:42/71992
[ ]American International Association (AIA)President Kinnison meets with AIA2:42/71992
[ ]TorchQuestions of censorship are answered2:42/71992
[ ]Student SenateSenate campaign leave idea is tabled2:22/71992
[ ]DeLanglade, EliseSenior Spotlight8:32/71992
[ ]Brinck, John;Periatt, GreggSenior Spotlights8:12/71992
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesSmallest pledge class for fraternities2:52/71992
[ ]Springfield Arts CouncilSpringfield Arts Council presents Driving Miss Daisy6:12/71992
[ ]Track and FieldTrack Tigers move at OWU8:32/71992
[ ]Pedemonte, Mauricio Jose;Chu, Chung Tsz RebeccaTwo Wittenberg seniors were recognized by a nationwide merit publication2:12/71992
[ ]Volleyball - MenWitt men's Volleyball Club to compete on intercollegiate level5:12/71992
[ ]Student EmploymentWitt student employment is victim of budget cuts1:42/71992
[ ]Basketball - WomenWomen cagers upset Wesleyan, 66-615:12/71992
[ ]Chavous, BarbaraWork of Artist in Residence to be displayed7:32/71992
[ ]Junior Writing Proficiency ExamWriting Proficiency Exam results are back1:42/71992
[ ]WUSOWUSO operates under feds' rules1:62/71992
[ ]Wynne, RobertWynne featured in faculty artist recital7:52/71992
[ ]American International Association (AIA)AIA members attend International conference at Wooster3:12/141992
[ ]McCray, Dr. Richard A.Astronomer slates two lectures and observing session2:32/141992
[ ]Career Development and PlacementCollege degree is no longer sufficient employment qualifier, Tenney asserts1:22/141992
[ ]Thomas LibraryComputer virus plagues Microlab at Thomas Library1:22/141992
[ ]Wittenberg SeriesDuring Epiphany Lecture in Weaver Chapel, Proctor stresses need for genuine community1:42/141992
[ ]Habitat for HumanityHabitat for Humanity has three volunteer work trips planned during spring break2:42/141992
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Interaction between campus blacks, whites lacking, CBS member claims2:52/141992
[ ]Intramural SportsIntramural success8:62/141992
[ ]Student UnionJazz band Generation Gap performs with Valentine theme tonight in the Commons7:42/141992
[ ]Swimming and Diving - WomenLady swimmers beat De Paw near their finals8:32/141992
[ ]Board of DirectorsMembers of the Board of Directors dine with Wittenberg students3:52/141992
[ ]Union BoardMurder at Wittenberg!7:32/141992
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesPanhelenic-sponsored speaker gives ideas on how to be more creative2:12/141992
[ ]Chavous, BarbaraSculptress Chavous to be Artist in Residence9:42/141992
[ ]Harter, Sonia 'Pearl'Senior Spotlight10:32/141992
[ ]Staubitz, PeteSenior Spotlight10:12/141992
[ ]Student SenateTalk gets tougher at this week's meeting of Student Senate1:12/141992
[ ]Basketball - MenTigers anticipate NCAC championship8:32/141992
[ ]TorchTorch's connection to Student Senate explained2:12/141992
[ ]Basketball - MenWittenberg basketball lays waste to Allegheny: Holds high hopes for first place spot in NCAC8:12/141992
[ ]Basketball - WomenWittenberg ladies destroy Allegheny on way to Oberlin8:62/141992
[ ]Music DepartmentWittenberg Wind Ensemble to perform7:12/141992
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)100-person walkout caps off annual Concerned Black Students Week2:52/211992
[ ]HPERC Facilities and FieldsBill Edwards Drive project continues5:12/211992
[ ]Student HousingEasy steps can be taken to get into off campus housing and have your own place2:12/211992
[ ]Adams, AlmaFormer Springfield school teacher donates $1.6 million to Wittenberg1:52/211992
[ ]Basketball - WomenLady Tigers anticipate fourth in conference tournament5:52/211992
[ ]Track and FieldMen's and women's track teams look to improve at NCAC championships5:52/211992
[ ]Swimming and Diving - MenMen's swim team looks to improve5:42/211992
[ ]CalendarProvost and Faculty Executive Committee discussed possible change of Wittenberg's academic calendar1:42/211992
[ ]Eshler, DeannaSenior Spotlight8:32/211992
[ ]Kleinsmith, BrianSenior Spotlight8:12/211992
[ ]Basketball - MenSenior Tigers to play in one hundredth game Saturday5:32/211992
[ ]Student DemocratsStudent Democrats discuss elections2:52/211992
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate rejects a proposal limiting terms of senators1:12/211992
[ ]CalendarThe E.P.C. reviews institutional requirements1:22/211992
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentTheatre presents 'Prelude to a Kiss'6:32/211992
[ ]BasketballTickets available for upcoming basketball championship events5:12/211992
[ ]Basketball - WomenTigers anticipate conference tournament5:12/211992
[ ]Basketball - MenWittenberg Tigers are winningest team in Division III basketball history5:52/211992
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department'Prelude' to be performed this weekend5:12/281992
[ ]Brokaw, AnnBrokaw remembers6:52/281992
[ ]Chavous, BarbaraChavous dedicates Commons creation in memory of mother5:32/281992
[ ]Wamer, DougDoug Wamer will take care of your bugs3:12/281992
[ ]CalendarFaculty Executive Board works toward a new semster system at Wittenberg2:12/281992
[ ]Student EmploymentFiftey student employees displaced and 22 awarded employment have not been placed1:32/281992
[ ]Habitat for HumanityHabitat, more than just Spring break5:42/281992
[ ]Augustana College Koto EnsembleKoto ensemble to perform5:12/281992
[ ]Basketball - WomenLadies move past the first NCAC rounds6:12/281992
[ ]Swimming and Diving - WomenLady Tigers swim strongly at NCAC meet6:42/281992
[ ]Swimming and Diving - MenMen break school records at NCAC championship6:42/281992
[ ]Student HousingNeighborhood 101 housing fair2:42/281992
[ ]History DepartmentO'Connor and History Department reconsider changes for senior comprehensive test2:12/281992
[ ]Social ProblemsQuestions about sexual harassment at Wittenberg are answered1:12/281992
[ ]Marime, PatienceSenior Spotlight8:12/281992
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate discusses student employment and change of semster system1:22/281992
[ ]Birkhahn, RonStudent sues landlord & wins1:52/281992
[ ]Student EmploymentStudents gather to rally about student employment situation1:12/281992
[ ]Wittenberg SealSuperstitious seal rules walking habits3:42/281992
[ ]Wittenberg CampusThe street may be gone, but Stoughton will return to campus in a new format3:52/281992
[ ]Basketball - MenTigers go ballistic6:12/281992
[ ]Track and FieldTrack competes at Kenyon6:22/281992
[ ]Wittenberg MottoWitt's motto: a lesson in giving3:42/281992
[ ]Wittenberg Campus'New Campus Plan' will be in effect when funding available2:33/61992
[ ]Caving ClubBats, bats, bats . . .6:53/61992
[ ]Intramural SportsIM basketball ends season in championships5:43/61992
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesKappa Delta's host second annual All-You-Can-Eat Shamrock Desert2:53/61992
[ ]Mommsen, Margie;Klopfer, KyleKlopfer and Mommsen go to nationals5:33/61992
[ ]Basketball - MenMen at NCAA tournament5:13/61992
[ ]Track and FieldMen's and women's indoor track leave their mark at NCAC championship meet5:13/61992
[ ]Music DepartmentMusic recitals at Wittenberg7:53/61992
[ ]Wittenberg University;AwardsNominations being accepted for outstanding students1:23/61992
[ ]FacultyProfessors able to research worldwide interests1:43/61992
[ ]Breed, Lisa; Gilles, Kevin;Pierson, JameySenior Spotlight8:13/61992
[ ]Residence Halls; South Hall; FiresSmoke bomb found to cause South fire1:13/61992
[ ]Spriggs, Kris;Green, Beth;Porter, RobSpriggs, Green, and Porter among Witt players honored5:53/61992
[ ]Student DemocratsStudent Democrats are forming to group to campaign Clinton's presidential race1:23/61992
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate Shorts1:43/61992
[ ]Dawson, Steve;Helm, BenWittenberg men are recognized by NCAC coaches5:33/61992
[ ]Forensics and Debate LeagueWittenberg's Speech and Debate team ranks high in state varsity competition1:23/61992
[ ]Basketball - WomenWomen miss NCAC tournament victory5:13/61992
[ ]Rugby - WomenWomen's rugby loses first5:53/61992
[ ]Wittenberg ChoirAs part of spring break concert seires, choir members perform in Florida1:54/101992
[ ]Wittenberg CampusAsbestos materials present in campus buildings1:44/101992
[ ]Union BoardCoffeehouse entertainer of the year plays in pub9:54/101992
[ ]Union BoardCoffeehouse is a lot of entertainment8:14/101992
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesDelta Sigma Phi finally cleans up their act3:14/101992
[ ]SoftballFlorida sun ripens Wittenberg softball team for their season5:14/101992
[ ]GolfGolf team attends invitationals5:34/101992
[ ]Habitat for HumanityHabitat members travel South1:24/101992
[ ]Carotenuto, Venetia E.Interdepartmental student discusses unfair policy: 'specialty' majors not recognized10:44/101992
[ ]American International Association (AIA)International Week planned for April1:24/101992
[ ]Lacrosse - WomenLacrosse faces tough competition5:54/101992
[ ]Student UnionNot just another Commons story3:44/101992
[ ]Student UnionPub offers fun for all types8:44/101992
[ ]Religion DepartmentReligion Department offers tour of Middle East2:14/101992
[ ]Tennis - WomenRocky start for tennis5:64/101992
[ ]Rosencrans, BobRosencrans to be reassigned after athletic reorganization7:54/101992
[ ]Student SenateSenate approves campus leaders1:24/101992
[ ]Smith, Scott; Torok, DianaSenior Spotlight10:14/101992
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentSpring dance concert displays talent8:54/101992
[ ]Union BoardTalented New York musician brings progressive music to Wittenberg campus8:24/101992
[ ]Track and Field - WomenTrack participates at Heidelberg5:64/101992
[ ]Springfield Arts CouncilTraveling toy museum rides into Springfield9:44/101992
[ ]HIV (virus)Wittenberg alumnus to speak on AIDS2:34/101992
[ ]BaseballWittenberg baseball, Brown use break to launch5:14/101992
[ ]Rugby - WomenWomen win first rugby game5:54/101992
[ ]American International Association (AIA)AIA takes day trip to Asia9:54/171992
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesAlpha Xi Delta temporarily withdraws Zeta Chapter from Wittneberg University with future plans . . .1:24/171992
[ ]Student UnionAlumni paintings add color to Union8:64/171992
[ ]BaseballBaseball team's road to NCAC made difficult5:44/171992
[ ]Kettler, NormaBusiness booms for Kettler3:14/171992
[ ]Weaver Chapel AssociationColumbus Museaum entrances Weaver Chapel Association9:54/171992
[ ]Summer SessionEarn four credits during summer2:54/171992
[ ]Gahagen, Pat; Snavely, BrentGahagen and Snavely campaign for Reed, Clark County Commissioner candidate10:14/171992
[ ]GolfGolf team finishes behind OWU5:64/171992
[ ]Music DepartmentHoosiers enjoy Brass Choir8:34/171992
[ ]Track and FieldIndividuals shine in track5:14/171992
[ ]Residence Halls; Keller Hall; Firestine HallKeller and Firestine to close1:34/171992
[ ]Omicron Delta Kappa; AwardsOmicron Delta Kappa initiates 35: distinguishes sophomores with awards2:14/171992
[ ]Rugby - MenRugby places 2nd5:64/171992
[ ]Student SenateSenate reallocates funds to campus groups2:44/171992
[ ]Conolly, SuziSenior Spotlight10:14/171992
[ ]P.J. and 'Big Daddy'Senior Spotlight10:44/171992
[ ]Alma MaterSix junior women announced as Alma Mater candidates1:24/171992
[ ]Lee, SpikeSpike Lee to address campus1:24/171992
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentThis year's Dance Company gives 'best ever' performance8:14/171992
[ ]Board of DirectorsTuition increase of five percent1:44/171992
[ ]Gray, William H. IIIUNCF president to lecture1:54/171992
[ ]SoftballWitt softball engage Ohio Northern and Hanover5:34/171992
[ ]Tennis - MenWitt tennis trounces Otterbein5:14/171992
[ ]Security OfficeWittenberg student attacked by several unknown assailants1:64/171992
[ ]Rugby - WomenWomen rugby players take U of M to the cleaners5:44/171992
[ ]Tennis - WomenWomen's tennis wins 2, loses 15:54/171992
[ ]BaseballBaseball team gets out of losing streak5:14/241992
[ ]Caving ClubCaving club plans trips for spring5:34/241992
[ ]Student UnionCommons is to host 'Incredible' Acousti7:44/241992
[ ]GolfGolfers swing into first at Denison Invitational5:14/241992
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesGreek philanthropic events this weekend2:44/241992
[ ]Hamrich, LynnHamrich selected for academic achievements2:34/241992
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesInter-Fraternity Council struggles with decreased Spring rush attendance1:24/241992
[ ]Ivy Ring;Pick-n-Pen;AwardsJunior honoraries select 39 sophomores1:24/241992
[ ]Tennis - MenMen's team defeats Ohio Wesleyan5:54/241992
[ ]Horsch, KathySenior Spotlight8:14/241992
[ ]Lee, SpikeSpike Lee encounters racial obstacles while producing African-American films1:24/241992
[ ]Student SenateSpike Lee placed at center of Senate debate2:14/241992
[ ]Sterner, ChuckSterner plus Math Workshop equals great fun3:14/241992
[ ]Residence HallsStudents to participate in 1992-93 room lottery1:44/241992
[ ]Tillotson, ChrisTillotson named NCAC Player of the Week5:34/241992
[ ]Track and FieldTrack teams compete in Championship5:64/241992
[ ]Weaver ChapelWitt remembers tragedy of Holocaust with programming2:54/241992
[ ]Wittenberg SeriesWitt Series lures Kronos Quartet to Campus7:14/241992
[ ]Wittenberg Campus'Alice in Wonderland' artworks beautify campus9:45/11992
[ ]Student Union'International Extravaganza' dazzles audience in the pub8:55/11992
[ ]American International Association (AIA)AIA sponsors annual event1:55/11992
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesFraternities pair up in preparation for Greek Week '928:35/11992
[ ]GolfGolf team takes 1st in the Wittenberg Invitational by sweeping past 15 teams5:55/11992
[ ]Gray, William III.Gray: women, blacks cheated1:25/11992
[ ]Weaver ChapelHandel's 'Solomon' to be performed at Weaver Chapel9:45/11992
[ ]Vonnegut, KurtKurt Vonnegut to speak; promises tips on fashioning writing career1:25/11992
[ ]Mortar Board; AwardsMortar Board's membership grows with initiation of 371:65/11992
[ ]Student HousingNeighborhood Watch Program installed off campus1:55/11992
[ ]Student SenateSenate votes yes to absentee ballot1:45/11992
[ ]Krosnosky, AmySenior Spotlight10:15/11992
[ ]SoftballSoftball team's record is 10 - 12 after defeat5:15/11992
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate elections scheduled for Tuesday, May 52:15/11992
[ ]Union BoardUnique sounds of Violent Femmes to entertain music lovers8:15/11992
[ ]Alcohol PolicyUniversity continues to enforece Open Container Policy1:35/11992
[ ]BaseballWittenberg baseball team is second in NCAC behind OWU after tangling with Denison and Oberlin . . .5:25/11992
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentWittenberg Theatre and Dance Department offers fun and variety to acting students8:15/11992
[ ]Hatfield, Danita'People person' Hatfield finds excitement in Witt changes3:35/81992
[ ]Union Board'Two-fisted art attack' painter to display talent10:35/81992
[ ]American International Association (AIA)AIA delights in Italian Cuisine10:35/81992
[ ]BaseballBaseball team secures 2nd seat8:15/81992
[ ]Student SenateBendel/Niles elected as Senate President/VP1:45/81992
[ ]Chang, Shih-Ming LiDance professor and director Chang 'lives to dance' and teach others the same11:65/81992
[ ]Dominick, Dr. CharlesEight positions cut1:25/81992
[ ]Veler, Dr. RichardFascination becomes career for Veler3:45/81992
[ ]Student Union; MusicFive man 'jazzapella' group comes to Witt CDR11:45/81992
[ ]Honors Convocation;AwardsHonors Convocation recognizes student academic achievements1:55/81992
[ ]Music DepartmentKalliope travel back in time to 149210:15/81992
[ ]Wittenberg SeriesKurt Vonnegut wrapsup Witt Series1:35/81992
[ ]McCann, MeganMcCann chosen as Alma Mater1:55/81992
[ ]Tennis - MenMen's tennis team takes fifth at NCAC championships9:25/81992
[ ]Rugby - MenMud Pigs run wild over Ohio Fifteens Tournament8:45/81992
[ ]Outdoor ClubOutdoor Club offers all types of exciting adventures with mother nature9:15/81992
[ ]Phi Beta Kappa; AwardsPhi Beta Kappa announces first chapter initiates1:65/81992
[ ]Rugby - WomenRuggers suffer Kenyon defeat9:15/81992
[ ]Student SenateSenate allocates funds for Leadership Awards Dessert, after extensive debate7:45/81992
[ ]Allen, Jen;Lashley, Julie;; Bixel, Ken;Starkey, Shane;Warholic, JasonSenior Spotlight12:15/81992
[ ]Sailing ClubStudents make plans for a sailing club at Wittenberg9:15/81992
[ ]Student ActivitiesStudents protest Rodney King verdict with rally, forum1:25/81992
[ ]Union BoardViolent Femmes heat up campus7:55/81992
[ ]Tennis - WomenWhere are fans as women's tennis places 4th8:15/81992
[ ]Schuttenberg, FredWitt graduate hurt in Atlanta racial assault9:65/81992
[ ]RegistrarWitt Speech-English major is eliminated from curriculum2:55/81992
[ ]Track and FieldWittenberg track team performs in NCAC8:45/81992
[ ]Union Board'Atypical' band to play in hollow7:45/151992
[ ]Andrews, Dr. Douglas M.Award winner Andrews has the 'stats'3:15/151992
[ ]BuildingsBayley house selected as 1992 Designer Showhouse2:15/151992
[ ]CalendarCurriculum revised; calendear vote is set1:55/151992
[ ]Student ActivitiesGays, lesbians and bisexuals not acknowledged by Wittenberg1:35/151992
[ ]GolfGolf team champs of NCAC5:15/151992
[ ]Lacrosse - MenMen's lacrosse team chalks up winning season5:15/151992
[ ]Model United Nations ClubModel United Nations attended by 10 delegates1:25/151992
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentMusical 'Fantasticks' to captivate audience6:55/151992
[ ]AwardsNational Honor Societies recognize, encourage scholars1:35/151992
[ ]Jeske, Nancy;Monaco, DianeSenior Spotlight8:15/151992
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate approves own $26,005 budget; rejects Salt House Ministry2:15/151992
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate distributes free safety whistles; introduces innovative program of defense1:25/151992
[ ]TennisTennis players Bulow and Myers selected NCAC first team all-conference5:55/151992
[ ]Track and FieldTrack members stand up to tough competition5:45/151992
[ ]Art DepartmentWaves of the future hit Witt Art Department6:15/151992
[ ]Union BoardWittstock festival arrives once again7:65/151992
[ ]Lacrosse - WomenWomen's lacrosse season ends; players look ahead to next year5:15/151992
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesAwards Dessert honors Greeks2:15/221992
[ ]Security OfficeBicycle theft remains traditional problem of Spring term; five stolen thus far1:25/221992
[ ]Brown, JeffBrown Co-Player of the Year5:35/221992
[ ]College LifeCollege Life stands in limbo as budget remains tabled; new senate members sworn into office2:15/221992
[ ]Schraibman, Dr. CarlDr. Carl Schraibman appointed as new Director of Athletics1:25/221992
[ ]Athletic DepartmentEvans and Neibuhr appointed as women's and men's athletic coordinators in a restructured depart.8:15/221992
[ ]Morris, Dr. Earl F.;DeathsEx-Board Chair Morris dies1:45/221992
[ ]Fry, MaureenFry appreciates 'Family Ties'even without TV3:45/221992
[ ]Howat, Dr. RobertGifted Howat tickles the ivories6:15/221992
[ ]GolfGolf team in 9th place after 1st day5:15/221992
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesGreeks at play for the week5:15/221992
[ ]Intramural SportsIntramural playoffs begin next week5:65/221992
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentMusical 'Fantasticks' comes to campus7:45/221992
[ ]Weaver ChapelMusicians gather for Eucharist6:55/221992
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)RHA sponsors WAVE event6:15/221992
[ ]Sullivan, SeanSenior Spotlight8:15/221992
[ ]St. Rose, GeorgeSocial life, service important to St. Rose3:15/221992
[ ]SoftballSoftball team defeats Otterbein in a winning season5:55/221992
[ ]International EducationStudents escape Wittenberg to get a taste of the real world3:45/221992
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesUniversity purchases Alpha Xi Delta house; Phi Kappa Psi's sign lease for three years1:45/221992
[ ]EnrollmentWitt strives to improve minority enrollment1:45/221992
[ ]WUSOBands display talent in hollow6:15/291992
[ ]Caving ClubCaving club explores a variety of caves in KT at Speleofest 19925:15/291992
[ ]Common LearningCommon Learning program enhanced1:55/291992
[ ]Conservation clubConservation club strives for campus awareness1:25/291992
[ ]Community WorkshopFranklin Middle School students visit; bridging the gap between community and campus1:45/291992
[ ]GolfGolf team ends season by placing 15th at the NCAA nationals5:15/291992
[ ]Fulghum, RobertHonorary doctoral degrees awarded at Commencement1:25/291992
[ ]Religion DepartmentInterested in a journey to the Middle East1:45/291992
[ ]Residence HallsKeller no longer residence hall for students6:35/291992
[ ]Michelson, LowellMarching to the beat of his own drum, Michelson returns3:15/291992
[ ]BaseballMVP Chris Postler leads Witt offense5:55/291992
[ ]Outdoor clubOutdoor club goes skydiving5:35/291992
[ ]Residence HallsReopening date set for residence halls2:55/291992
[ ]Rogers, DianeRogers has 'been everywhere' and seen it all3:45/291992
[ ]Springfield Arts CouncilRussia comes to Koch Hall6:15/291992
[ ]Student SenateSenate deals with replacement and absence2:15/291992
[ ]Barron, Billy; Doll, DarciSenior Spotlight9:15/291992
[ ]Hintz, Wendy; Malabuyo, Mikey;Kodali, J.V.; Snavely, Brent;Wood, GrantSenior Spotlight10:15/291992
[ ]Mateyo, George; Spriggs, KrissSenior Spotlight8:15/291992
[ ]McCall, LeaSenior Spotlight9:45/291992
[ ]Smith, RitaSenior Spotlight7:15/291992
[ ]Heiner, Betsy; Ciano, Anna; Hayes, Sara; Brantlinger, Amy; Jeffrey, Jill; Proops, Jen; Rott, Karen; Kurtz, Kathy; Rires, Sara; Keenan, PatSenior Spotlight -- The Annex9:15/291992
[ ]Holman, Kara; Layer, Amy; Paul, Cara;Gaul, Lisa; Wallace, Kathy; Weston, BetsySenior Spotlight -- The Women of 710 N. Fountain Ave8:15/291992
[ ]Habitat for HumanitySpringfield Habitat for Humanity hosts annual Habitat gathering in Shouvlin1:55/291992
[ ]Security OfficeStudents responsible for registering all motor vehicles1:45/291992
[ ]Athletic DepartmentWittenberg officials plan to demolish stadium this summer5:55/291992
[ ]Wittenberg Series; Fugard, Athol'Blood Knot' author Anthol [sic] Fugard, to address University1:59/251992
[ ]Acquaintance RapeAlleged date rape report under investigation by Security1:69/251992
[ ]Weaver Chapel ; Baroque MusicBaroque music masters perform in Weaver Chapel8:39/251992
[ ]Career Development and PlacementCD&P Office assists2:59/251992
[ ]Davis, Dr. Robert ; FacultyCycling buff Davis crosses threshold to Witt3:19/251992
[ ]Student Senate; New studentsFreshman looking for Senate representation2:19/251992
[ ]SportsMen's athletic teams enter an exciting and hopeful season at Wittenberg4:19/251992
[ ]Soccer - menMen's soccer improves record5:19/251992
[ ]Peer counseling program; Health and Wellness CenterNew peer counseling program offers help2:19/251992
[ ]EnrollmentNew students sexually unbalanced; shortage of males in '923:39/251992
[ ]Poetry; Waite, Terry; Wittenberg SeriesPoems utilized by Terry Waite in an attempt to remember and teach about hostage experience7:19/251992
[ ]Security Office; Security phonesSecurity phones installed outside halls to promote safety and convience [sic]2:39/251992
[ ]CalendarSemester system forces academic changes for new students2:39/251992
[ ]Student SenateSenate upset at apathetic freshmen2:19/251992
[ ]Myers, ChristaSenior Spotlight10:49/251992
[ ]Wilton, Katie; Auerbach, MikeSenior Spotlight10:19/251992
[ ]Student Center ; CashierStudent Center to run revised check cashing program formerly a duty of the Cashier's Office2:19/251992
[ ]StealingThefts reported by faculty with possible suspect described1:39/251992
[ ]SportsTiger women enjoy a successful and exciting start to the fall season4:19/251992
[ ]FootballTigers trounce Earlham Quakers5:49/251992
[ ]Wittenberg Series;Waite, TerryWaite portrays reality of injustices and suffering while encouraging human understanding amongst cultures1:29/251992
[ ]Security OfficeWeapons are a part of new security measure2:29/251992
[ ]Deaths; Moss, AngelaWitt friends remember Moss1:29/251992
[ ]Union BoardWitt in throes of uptown series8:49/251992
[ ]University RankingsWittenberg rated number one1:69/251992
[ ]Football2,000 support Tigers in Hall of Honor game4:310/21992
[ ]Swimming and Diving - Men; Swimming and Diving - WomenAll-American swimmer Stafford welcomed to Wittenberg as new men's and women's swim team coach4:110/21992
[ ]Wittenberg Series; Bach ChoirBach choir to sing cantatas for Wittenberg Series8:110/21992
[ ]Cardenas, AlexandraCardenas turns some heads at Wittenberg3:110/21992
[ ]Wittenberg Chapel AssociationClowns, animals, acrobats coming to campus Tuesday8:310/21992
[ ]Student SenateElections held Tuesday for New Student positions1:610/21992
[ ]Wittenberg Series; Fugard, AtholFugard speaks of homeland inspiration1:510/21992
[ ]Union Board; Jazz SeriesJazz, brass groups to swing monthly in Witt Commons8:610/21992
[ ]Acquaintance RapeJury to review alleged rape case1:410/21992
[ ]HPERC Facilities and FieldsLack of donations threatens stadium renovations10:410/21992
[ ]Cross CountryMen's assistant basketball coach shared with Witt cross country team4:610/21992
[ ]English Department; English ClubNew English club examines wide range of ideas2:110/21992
[ ]Security OfficeNew security act requires that reported campus crimes be published annually1:310/21992
[ ]University RankingsNumber one rank leaves counselors ambivalent1:210/21992
[ ]Student DemocratsPolls show college students favor Clinton over Bush2:410/21992
[ ]Rape; Campus ResourcesRape resources plentiful on Wittenberg Campus3:310/21992
[ ]Faculty; Humphries, JamesRobin Williams? No, its Professor Humphries3:110/21992
[ ]Perkins, Sarah; O'Hara, TerrenceSenior spotlights10:110/21992
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities; Delta Sigma PhiSigs plan to move in January2:110/21992
[ ]WUSOSophomores hit sound waves with alternative style8:310/21992
[ ]FootballSpectating offers new perspective on sports4:310/21992
[ ]English DepartmentSpeech-English major will be revitalized2:510/21992
[ ]Wittenberg Security; GunsStudents concerned about presence of guns on campus1:210/21992
[ ]Student SenateStudy abroad aid, handicap access proposals raised2:610/21992
[ ]Hayes, Dr. Jeffrey ; FacultyThieves can't steal Prof. Hayes' enthusiasm3:410/21992
[ ]Resident Halls;NightguardsWittenberg nightguards no longer need to open doors10:110/21992
[ ]Wittenberg Campus; Telephone ServiceWittenberg students blame STS phone company for Ohio Bell's billing mistakes2:110/21992
[ ]Chagnon, Dr. Napoleon; Wittenberg SeriesYanomamo author to speak on sense of self in Witt lecture Tuesday8:510/21992
[ ]Faculty; Calabrese, Professor KAthrynA breath of fresh air in Education department5:110/91992
[ ]Acquaintance RapeAlleged date rape indictment postponed1:210/91992
[ ]StealingBicycle thefts can be thwarted by taking simple steps3:610/91992
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Black students participate in tutor program1:310/91992
[ ]Central Dining Room (CDR); Food Services; Food; Nutrition; Student UnionCDR [central dining room] promotes nutrition to Witt students2:410/91992
[ ]HomecomingFamiliar faces come back to campus5:610/91992
[ ]Residence Halls; Keller Hall; Firestine HallFate of Keller and Firestine undetermined by Physical Plant1:510/91992
[ ]Health and Physical Education Department Female athletes expand number8:110/91992
[ ]Field HockeyField Hockey plays hard8:110/91992
[ ]Faber, ArthurFrom Wittenberg to Wittenberg, Faber inspired by spring sabbatical4:110/91992
[ ]Global Issues; International EducationGreer, Bennett deny Geneva program being discontinued1:410/91992
[ ]Athletic Department - Hall of HonorHall of Athletic Honor Day recognizes alumni athletes8:110/91992
[ ]Student SenateHandicapped and security measures discussed2:110/91992
[ ]HomecomingHomecoming traditions endure over the years8:410/91992
[ ]Wittenberg Campus; Computers for StudentsLack of computer terminals poses problems for students2:110/91992
[ ]Math Workshop; Silvestri, LauraNew addition to Math Workshop5:410/91992
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities; Panhellenic CouncilPanhellenic Council passes new rush rules for sorority women2:510/91992
[ ]Parent's WeekendParents weekend entertainment plentiful11:410/91992
[ ]Union BoardPoundstone stands up to entertain Wittenberg campus11:510/91992
[ ]Conservation ClubRecycling issues proposed2:110/91992
[ ]Student SenateSenate committee formed to look into abroad programs1:610/91992
[ ]Mollineaux, Beth; Pope Gen; Plassman, Mark; Martin, RobSenior Spotlights12:110/91992
[ ]Residence HallsStudent assistant hall directors aid staff2:410/91992
[ ]FootballTigers bring home trophy, 42-10 win over Case Western8:410/91992
[ ]Homecoming; Parents WeekendWeekend events kick off at Wittenberg1:210/91992
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterWellness Center changes made1:210/91992
[ ]Barry, DavidWho's that Irish German Professor from England ?4:110/91992
[ ]Wilkerson, Dr. TimothyWilkerson brings fascination with France to Wittenberg4:110/91992
[ ]ChoirWitt Choir to entertain with Variety Show11:610/91992
[ ]BookstoreWittenberg bookstore addresses complaints on high prices2:310/91992
[ ]HomecomingWittenberg Homecoming '92 captures many past traditions5:110/91992
[ ]FootballWittenberg Tigers take on Allegheny Gators1:410/91992
[ ]Rugby - WomenWomen's Rugby battles against Michigan8:310/91992
[ ]Soccer - womenWomen's soccer within 'eyelash' of perfect record8:410/91992
[ ]Faculty; Weisl, Ms. AngelaDistance does not scare Weisl from Wittenberg3:110/161992
[ ]HomecomingFrom field hockey to cross country, Homecoming shows Wittenberg out on top6:110/161992
[ ]Russian Area Studies; Political Science DepartmentGorbachev interpreter Palazchencko visits Wittenberg campus1:410/161992
[ ]Habitat for HumanityHabitat for Humanity sets goals2:410/161992
[ ]Board of DirectorsKinnison unveils strategic plan1:410/161992
[ ]Soccer - menMen's soccer defeats Malone6:510/161992
[ ]Faculty; Reguant, Professor MontseRespect for freedom brings Reguant to Witt3:410/161992
[ ]Science LibraryScience Library follows after Thomas' lead with changes2:210/161992
[ ]Student Senate; Habitat for HumanitySenate rejects Habitat's 92-93 budget appeal1:310/161992
[ ]Gregg, Elizabeth; Crowly, Wes; Marino, JohnSenior spotlight8:110/161992
[ ]Board of DirectorsUniversity's board members hold their autumn meeting1:510/161992
[ ]VolleyballVolleyball a distinct possibility2:510/161992
[ ]Career Development and PlacementWitt alumnus speaks to seniors on job searching1:610/161992
[ ]FootballWitt football teams gobbles up Gators in 17-12 victory over Allegheny6:110/161992
[ ]Wittenberg SesquicentennialWitt Sesqui gala kicked off1:210/161992
[ ]Chagnon, Dr. Napoleon; Wittenberg SeriesYanomamo author gives talk1:210/161992
[ ]Big Brothers/Big SistersBig Brothers/Big Sisters to receive Wittenberg support2:110/231992
[ ]Common LearningCommon Learning gives students new perspective on city1:510/231992
[ ]Community WorkshopCommunity service more than just 30 hours of work3:310/231992
[ ]VolleyballCompetitive volleyball heats up Witt athletics6:410/231992
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterCough, cough, sniffle, sneeze. Does anyone have a kleenex?3:310/231992
[ ]Board of DirectorsDean of Faculty proposal presented to Director's Board1:310/231992
[ ]Advancement OfficeDominick replaces Ferin in the Office of Advancement1:610/231992
[ ]Evans, DianeEvans marches to the beat of a different drum3:110/231992
[ ]Field HockeyField Hockey falls to Astro Turf in non-conference play6:310/231992
[ ]Habitat for HumanityHabitat budget rejected due to rules infractions1:210/231992
[ ]Good, Rob F.Letter from abroad3:310/231992
[ ]Little Sibs WeekendLittle Sibs attack Witt7:410/231992
[ ]Intramural Sports; RecreationNew rules start for Intramurals6:110/231992
[ ]Russian Area Studies; Palazchenko, PavelPalzchenko: turmoil in Russia inevitable1:210/231992
[ ]HomecomingPatterson and Pierce crowned Homecoming King and Queen1:510/231992
[ ]Burden, Barry; Eilert, Jonathan; Drew, WadeSenior Spotlights8:110/231992
[ ]Bendal, JoeSenior Spotlights - 'Grizzly' Joe Bendal8:110/231992
[ ]SoftballSoftball team plays hard, studies harder6:410/231992
[ ]FootballTigers remain first in NCAC6:110/231992
[ ]Security OfficeUnidentified man seen at off-campus student houses1:210/231992
[ ]Gays; Wilkerson, Timothy Dr.Campus alternative lifestyle group gets off the ground1:510/301992
[ ]CheerleadingCheerleading clinic open to all students6:510/301992
[ ]Union BoardChinese Magic Revue performs acrobatic feats8:410/301992
[ ]Clinton, BillClinton to visit Springfield1:510/301992
[ ]American International Association (AIA)Crossroads festival features food vendors and entertainment; international style8:110/301992
[ ]Conservation ClubCurb on trash being planned for Witt7:110/301992
[ ]Student DemocratsDemocrats mark Student Day here2:410/301992
[ ]Health and Physical Education Department Faculty to take another look at plan to drop HPE1:210/301992
[ ]GaysFormer homosexual to discuss causes of homosexuality1:210/301992
[ ]FootballLords succumb to Tigers in 51-7 upset6:210/301992
[ ]Intramural SportsMen's and Women's Flag Football Playoffs6:110/301992
[ ]Wittenberg FundPhonathon is helping the university raise funds from alumni and parents2:410/301992
[ ]Wittenberg Series; Beekman, ReverendReverend Beekman addresses issues of freedom and truth at Wittenberg Series1:210/301992
[ ]Habitat for HumanitySenate restores some funds following appeal by Habitat2:510/301992
[ ]Williams, Loenard; Huey, Maurice; Pierce, RobertSenior Spotlight10:110/301992
[ ]Ninke, Dave; Gell, BillSenior Spotlight -- Dave 'Beaver' Ninke & Bill 'Blue' Gill10:110/301992
[ ]SADD (Students Against Driving Drunk)Silent march puts DWI loss of life into perspective1:610/301992
[ ]CheerleadingSo, who is the Tiger anyway?6:510/301992
[ ]HPERC Facilities and FieldsStudent employees' yellow jackets aimed at beefing up campus security2:210/301992
[ ]Women's StudiesWomen's Studies minor is firmly embedded in curriculum, according to Dr. Ann Cothran1:210/301992
[ ]Wittenberg OrchestraBach, Mozart, and Bizet to highlight orchestra concert7:411/61992
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentBathwater entertains audience with irony and fascination7:511/61992
[ ]Clinton, BillClinton Addresses issues during Springfield visit1:211/61992
[ ]Clinton, BillClinton wins landslide victory against Bush; vows early start on his agenda1:511/61992
[ ]American International Association (AIA)Crossroads festival featuring food from 20 countries a success, according to AIA President1:411/61992
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesEnthusiasm pervades throughout campus with students and Greeks as Rush begins next week2:211/61992
[ ]Security OfficeGolf balls found to be responsible cause of recent campus vandalism1:211/61992
[ ]Kinnison, Dr. William A.; AwardsHumanitarian Award presented to Wittenberg President Kinnison1:211/61992
[ ]Little Sibs WeekendLil' Sibs weekend proves fun , entertaining and educational2:211/61992
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)Lobbying process to begin for dormitory change machines2:211/61992
[ ]Soccer - MenMen's soccer goes to NCAA tournament6:311/61992
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)Myers takes home the gold after week long RHA Olympics2:411/61992
[ ]D'Lisa PattersonSenior Spotlight8:211/61992
[ ]Lipscomb, Liz; LeBeau, AshleySenior Spotlight8:111/61992
[ ]Student EmploymentStudent epmloyment policy contends with budget crunch1:311/61992
[ ]Model United Nations ClubStudents learn importance of UN's role in maintaining peace2:511/61992
[ ]Student DemocratsStudents swell voters' ranks1:611/61992
[ ]Wrestling clubWrestling club gives students second chance to play sport6:311/61992
[ ]Yang, Dr. Chihae ; FacultyYang brings more than chemistry to Wittenberg3:111/61992
[ ]Career Development and PlacementCD&P provides students with variety of beneficial resoures2:111/131992
[ ]Security OfficeEscort reflects importance of campus safety1:211/131992
[ ]Taylor, CookieEven with a million things to do, Cookie won't crumble3:311/131992
[ ]Field HockeyField hockey finishes fourth in 'very competitive' NCAC7:511/131992
[ ]Deaths; Netter, Ryan C.Former Witt student Netter, killed in automobile accident1:511/131992
[ ]SportsHolliday and Green named Coach and Player of the Year7:511/131992
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities; StealingJoker robs Gamma Phi Betas of money2:311/131992
[ ]Good, Rob F.Letter from Abroad3:511/131992
[ ]Soccer - Men; Soccer - womenMen's and Women's soccer enjoy successful, challenging season7:111/131992
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterPeer counselors now available to assist and help students in adjusting to all facets of college life.2:411/131992
[ ]Community WorkshopProject Ben brings service learning to Franklin Middle School3:411/131992
[ ]Latkovic, Dave; Paxton, John; Nehls, Edie; Wolfe, Kirstin; Messick, Jason; Sprague, Don; Mattern, KurtSenior Spotlight10:111/131992
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate wraps up ad-hoc committee issues1:511/131992
[ ]BasketballWitt Basketball prepares for new season7:111/131992
[ ]DeathsWittenberg graduate [Lance] Dwyer, dies as a result of heart attack1:211/131992