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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentJazzy 'Comedy of Errors' to run 8th weekpg. 7, col1/111991
[ ]Basketball - WomenLady Tigers remain undefeated as they prepare topg. 12, co1/111991
[ ]Basketball - MenMen's basketball team sets recordspg. 12, co1/111991
[ ]CensorshipNewspaper accuses Witt of censorshippg. 1, col1/111991
[ ]Security OfficeSecurity attends new racial awareness workshoppg. 1, col1/111991
[ ]Herrema, AmySenior Spotlightpg. 16, co1/111991
[ ]Lloyd, TonySenior Spotlight16:31/111991
[ ]Middle EastStudents call for Peace in Middle Eastpg. 1, col1/111991
[ ]FootballWarga & others honored for athleticspg. 12, co1/111991
[ ]Nielsen, Jeffrey; Johnson, JennSenior Spotlight16:11/181991
[ ]Thomas LibraryStricter library policy imposes finespg. 2, col1/181991
[ ]Middle EastWar beginspg. 11/181991
[ ]Swimming and Diving - WomenWitt's 'swimmin' women' earn fifth and sixth 11, co1/181991
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department'Night of Sex' to be offered to all Wittenbergpg. 6, col1/251991
[ ]King, Martin Luther, Jr.; GarrowGarrow extols Dr. King in Convocation addresspg. 3, col1/251991
[ ]SADD (Students Against Driving Drunk)S.A.D.D. working with bars to promote studentpg. 4, col1/251991
[ ]CensorshipSenate claims policy draft entails censorship atpg. 1, col1/251991
[ ]Thompson, Chris; Marshall, Leslie; Slalazar, RickSenior Spotlight16:11/251991
[ ]Union BoardUnion Board committee denied Senate funding;pg. 1, col1/251991
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterWellness Center claims Torch misprintspg. 3, col1/251991
[ ]Swimming and Diving - WomenWomen swimmers finish third, men eigth atpg. 9, col1/251991
[ ]Student SenateAIDS/condoms policy wins approval of Senatepg. 1, col2/11991
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Angela Moss challenges her dismissalpg. 3, col2/11991
[ ]Sendak, MauriceHonorary doctorate conferred on Sendakpg. 1, col2/11991
[ ]Art DepartmentKatherine Coy deemed 'successful artist'pg. 7, col2/11991
[ ]Maurer, DaveMaurer named to Football Hall of Fame12/11991
[ ]Intramural SportsMen's and women's intramurals increase inpg. 10, co2/11991
[ ]Johnston, CorinneSenior Spotlight16, co2/11991
[ ]Stratton, PeterSenior Spotlightpg. 16, co2/11991
[ ]Weaver ChapelTenth annual 'Candlemas' service to be held inpg. 6, col2/11991
[ ]Basketball - MenTiger Hoopsters defeat Kenyon, 68-62pg. 10, co2/11991
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesUniversity's Greek houses seek to curb gangpg. 2, col2/11991
[ ]RecyclingWitt Recycling pickin' up support and canspg. 4, col2/11991
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department'LBJ' appeals to imaginationpg. 5, col2/81991
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesATO banner almost burned by Marine reserve studentpg. 1, col2/81991
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS nominates members to take office; electionspg. 3, col2/81991
[ ]Basketball - MenEarlham win carries Tigers to 20-2 overallpg. 12, co2/81991
[ ]Basketball - WomenLady Tigers continue winning streak with twopg. 13, co2/81991
[ ]Bell, BradSenior Spotlight202/81991
[ ]Gahagen, KegSenior Spotlightpg. 20, co2/81991
[ ]Psychology DepartmentStudent creativity is challenged in Roselius'pg. 9, col2/81991
[ ]Union BoardUnion Board to sponsor Suitcase Dancepg. 9, col2/81991
[ ]Commons'Soul in Motin II' moves crowd with drumspg. 8, col2/151991
[ ]Thomas LibraryEvolution of a library: brick to steel in 100pg. 5.2/151991
[ ]English DepartmentGrotjohn brings poetic insights to English classespg. 6, col2/151991
[ ]AccidentsHazards on Woodlawn under investigationpg. 1, col2/151991
[ ]Wittenberg SeriesKomori to Speak at Wittenbergpg. 1, col2/151991
[ ]English DepartmentPoet and essayist Gerald Stern reads from works atpg. 2, col2/151991
[ ]Fauver, MeganSenior Spotlightpg. 20, co2/151991
[ ]Pine, J.R.Senior Spotlightspg. 20, co2/151991
[ ]Writing ProficiencySixteen percent of juniors fail exampg. 2, col2/151991
[ ]Basketball - MenWittenberg Tigers grab NCAC division title; W-R ispg. 1, col2/151991
[ ]Basketball - WomenWomen hoopsters get 12th winpg. 12, co2/151991
[ ]Wittenberg University Student Education Association (WUSEA) WUSEA offers CPR, first aid coursespg. 6, col2/151991
[ ]Theatre Department'Comedy of Errors' is professional quality 6, col2/221991
[ ]Art DepartmentArt is inspiration and vocation for Mannpg. 4, col2/221991
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Black History Month noted by CBSpg. 3, col2/221991
[ ]SAAFounder's Ball dropped; SAA's role in questionpg. 1, col2/221991
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesFraternity revisits the third gradepg. 1, col2/221991
[ ]Habitat for HumanityHabitat to dedicate housepg. 3, col2/221991
[ ]Student SenateInterfaith panel details campus religiouspg. 2, col2/221991
[ ]Basketball - MenMen's basketball wins first round NCAC tourneypg. 10, co2/221991
[ ]Track and Field - MenMen's indoor track: off and runningpg. 13, co2/221991
[ ]Math WorkshopReisner makes math tolerable, instead of torturepg. 5, col2/221991
[ ]Ackley, Kristina; DebBurman, ShubhikSenior Spotlight16:12/221991
[ ]Track and Field - WomenWitt women's indoor track NCAC championship boundpg. 13, co2/221991
[ ]Swimming and DivingWittenberg sends eleven to Nationalspg. 10, co2/221991
[ ]Basketball - MenBasketball wins second NCAC titlepg. 14, co3/11991
[ ]Student Action CoalitionCampus-wide issues awareness week set for springpg. 3, col3/11991
[ ]Class of 1992Class of 1992 is first to face new, updated 3, col3/11991
[ ]Tennis - MenDespite valuable losses, the men's tennis teampg. 14, co3/11991
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesFrat discusses drinking incident with the deanpg. 4, col3/11991
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesFraternity seeks new place to livepg. 1, col3/11991
[ ]Ganem, LeonardoInternational Spotlight Leonardo Ganempg. 6, col3/11991
[ ]Basketball - WomenLady Tigers capture first NCAC titlepg. 15, co3/11991
[ ]Basketball - WomenLady Tigers' coach Pam Evans is named NCAC coachpg. 15, co3/11991
[ ]Medvedkov, Dr. Olga Medvedkov tells of terrifying flight ot freedompg. 5, col3/11991
[ ]Climbing WallOld firehouse to get climbing wallpg. 6, col3/11991
[ ]Hill, PamPam Hill to direct spring playpg. 8, col3/11991
[ ]Habitat for HumanityResident expresses appreciation to Habitat grouppg. 3, col3/11991
[ ]Student SenateSenate reacts to administration's revised policypg. 2, col3/11991
[ ]Grumhaus, Drew; Decker, KellySenior Spotlight20:13/11991
[ ]SpectrumSpectrum seeking submissions for upcoming issuepg. 3, col3/11991
[ ]State of the University AddressState of the University Address provides an openpg. 1, col3/11991
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate President DebBurman steps downpg. 1, col3/11991
[ ]Student SenateTom Seftenberg sworn in as Senate president; WUSOpg. 2, col3/11991
[ ]Wittenberg Forensics and Debate LeagueWFDL captures 11th place in Ohio championshipspg. 9, col3/11991
[ ]Swimming and DivingWitt swim teams excel Eight swim to Nationalspg. 14, co3/11991
[ ]GolfWitt's golf team ranked seventh nationally in NCAApg. 15, co3/11991
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department'91 dance concert choreography to offer jazz, bluepg. 8, col4/51991
[ ]American International Association (AIA)AIA fifth annual election resultspg. 11, co4/51991
[ ]American International Association (AIA)AIA hosts International Conferencepg. 4, col4/51991
[ ]The BullpenBasketball...Blue Devils...Bo...and Bobby Jonespg. 14, co4/51991
[ ]Geology DepartmentBladhs incorporate geology, marriage in sharedpg. 6, col4/51991
[ ]Springfield LawsCity Commission enacts noise ordinancepg. 2, col4/51991
[ ]Student SenateCommunicable disease policy irks Student Senatepg. 1, col4/51991
[ ]Wittenberg PoliciesExcerpts from the new communicable disease policypg. 3, col4/51991
[ ]English DepartmentFan talks to aspiring journalists, claimspg. 1, col4/51991
[ ]Union BoardFriday night comedy series becomes Witt traditionpg. 9, col4/51991
[ ]Habitat for HumanityHabitat helps others during spring breakpg. 2, col4/51991
[ ]HomecomingHomecoming to be held despite uncertain futurepg. 1, col4/51991
[ ]National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)Legislators intoduce bills in attempt to circumvenpg. 15, co4/51991
[ ]Tennis - Men; Tennis - WomenMen's and Women's tennis gain victoriespg. 14, co4/51991
[ ]Springfield LawsNoise ordinance passed for Springfieldpg. 1, col4/51991
[ ]TuitionSchool offers four-year cap on its tuitionpg. 1, col4/51991
[ ]Student SenateSenate urges applications for positionspg. 3, col4/51991
[ ]Tyson, Andy; Heil, KarenSenior Spotlight20:14/51991
[ ]BaseballTiger baseball starts strongly over breakpg. 14, co4/51991
[ ]GolfTop three golfers returnpg. 15, co4/51991
[ ]GraduationTV Newscaster chosen commencement speakerpg. 1, col4/51991
[ ]Union BoardUnforgettable sound of Beatles will be heard inpg. 8, col4/51991
[ ]Black Student Task ForceWitt to host conferencepg. 2, col4/51991
[ ]Community WorkshopWittenberg students attend community conferencepg. 4, col4/51991
[ ]Director of Multicultural AffairsYoung appointed multicultural affairs directorpg. 4, col4/51991
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department'91 Dance Concert team to make its debutpg. 8, col4/121991
[ ]ConvocationsAuthor Junghans speaks at convocationpg. 16, co4/121991
[ ]The BullpenBaseball Preview -- Tribe could win it (?!), Redspg. 14, co4/121991
[ ]BaseballBrown and Tiger bats continue to be hotpg. 15, co4/121991
[ ]Security OfficeCar Window Smashedpg. 3, col4/121991
[ ]English DepartmentDr. Grosh takes the fear out of learningpg. 6, col4/121991
[ ]Health and Physical Education Department Dr. Martin scheduled to attend summitpg. 13, co4/121991
[ ]Residence HallsDue to programming, RA's no longer the 'bad guys'pg. 7, col4/121991
[ ]Springfield Arts CouncilEmpire Brass Quintet is coming to North Highpg. 8, col4/121991
[ ]Bread for the WorldEvents slated for CROP walkpg. 1, col4/121991
[ ]Admissions OfficeForeign Student enrollment is crucial to school'spg. 6, col4/121991
[ ]Student Union - PubHugh Fink's acerbic wit leaves 'em laughingpg. 8, col4/121991
[ ]Omicron Delta KappaJohn Stroeh selected as ODK leaderpg. 2, col4/121991
[ ]Conservation ClubLearning about nature rewarding, Conservation Clubpg. 6, col4/121991
[ ]Weaver Chapel AssociationLost and Found finds Wittenberg Chapelpg. 6, col4/121991
[ ]Food Services OfficeMeal plan now required for sophomorespg. 2, col4/121991
[ ]Wittenberg SeriesMedical ethics everyone's problem, educator claimspg. 1, col4/121991
[ ]Thomas LibraryMontag planning new library collectionpg. 3, col4/121991
[ ]Leventhal Family-Endowed LectureMoralist/author Jonathan Kozal to give Leventhalpg. 1, col4/121991
[ ]Springfield OrdinancesNew city ordinance won't affect dormitory life,pg. 3, col4/121991
[ ]Wittenberg LibertariansNew Organization invites student input, membershippg. 3, col4/121991
[ ]Director of Multicultural AffairsNew responsibilities await John Young in futurepg. 2, col4/121991
[ ]Student SenatePolicy dictum smothers student input is claimpg. 1, col4/121991
[ ]Black Student Leadership ConferenceRacism is growth industry, social activist chargespg. 1, col4/121991
[ ]Student SenateReservoir marks site of junior class cookoutpg. 2, col4/121991
[ ]Student SenateSenate allocates funds to Union Techpg. 3, col4/121991
[ ]Durben, WendySenior Spotlightpg. 20, co4/121991
[ ]Smith, Andy; Smith, MickeySenior Spotlight204/121991
[ ]Soccer - MenSoccer Team gets transfer from Div. IIpg. 15, co4/121991
[ ]SoftballSoftball team struggles to first victorypg. 14, co4/121991
[ ]Security OfficeTraffic Curbs a city matter, official sayspg. 1, col4/121991
[ ]Newman ClubWar blood drive to benefit area hospitals andpg. 2, col4/121991
[ ]YearbookYearbook enjoys little support from studentspg. 6, col4/121991
[ ]Office of the Registrar200-level course requirement dropped by faculty atpg. 1, col4/191991
[ ]Weaver ChapelArt pieces from around the world will be exhibitedpg. 6, col4/191991
[ ]Amnesty International (AI)Awareness promoted this weekpg. 1, col4/191991
[ ]BaseballBaseball team drives toward championshippg. 11, co4/191991
[ ]The BullpenBjorn Borg, Battle hype, by to Digger, and 'Masterpg. 10, co4/191991
[ ]Career Development and PlacementCareer development and placement offers studentspg. 5, col4/191991
[ ]Community WorkshopCommunity Workshop looking for adult educationpg. 1, col4/191991
[ ]Alma MaterFive Alma Mater candidates announced for schoolpg. 2, col4/191991
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesGreek Week to be kicked off with games, races,pg. 14, co4/191991
[ ]American International Association (AIA)International Conference launches into first yearpg. 1, col4/191991
[ ]Leventhal LectureKozol fights inequalities in educationpg. 1, col4/191991
[ ]Weaver Chapel AssociationLichtenstein Circus delights crowd with politicalpg. 6, col4/191991
[ ]Student SenateMaterial Distribution Inadequatepg. 2, col4/191991
[ ]Tennis - MenMen's tennis team takes five straight, preparespg. 10, co4/191991
[ ]Student DemocratsOhio College Democrats elect Pat Gahagen commun.VPpg. 13, co4/191991
[ ]Photography ClubPhoto club work hanging in Thomas Librarypg. 6, col4/191991
[ ]ConvocationsProtestant Churches played role in GDR revolution,pg. 3, col4/191991
[ ]Braggs, DaryaSenior Spotlight164/191991
[ ]Richards, DebbieSenior Spotlightpg. 16, co4/191991
[ ]Math WorkshopSeniors hit the math books to pass basic exampg. 2, col4/191991
[ ]Kissing BridgeThere might be more that lies beyond a kiss on thepg. 4, col4/191991
[ ]Rugby ClubThough not varsity sport, rugby club proves strongpg. 4, col4/191991
[ ]SportsTiger Sports Briefpg. 11, co4/191991
[ ]Tennis - WomenWomen's tennis team wins four, stays undefeatedpg. 10, co4/191991
[ ]Animal Rights OrganizationAnimal testing creates controversypg. 1, col4/261991
[ ]Art DepartmentArt faculty does more than just teachpg. 6, col4/261991
[ ]English DepartmentAwards unearnedpg. 1, col4/261991
[ ]BaseballBaseball team takes NCAC leadpg. 11, co4/261991
[ ]Biology Department;English Department;Bolls, Dr. Nathan;Bolls, Imogene;Bolls's see their different disciplines as an asset4:14/261991
[ ]Student SenateCandidates address issues at student senate debatepg. 1, col4/261991
[ ]Security OfficeDecrease in assaults compared to past terms,pg. 2, col4/261991
[ ]WUSOListen and win with WUSO, 89.1 FMpg. 4, col4/261991
[ ]Auxilliary ServicesMarriot bids for food service contractpg. 5, col4/261991
[ ]Tennis - MenMen's Tennis team splits two, looks toward NCACpg. 12, co4/261991
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)New RHA officers electedpg. 3, col4/261991
[ ]Student HousingNew Student Town Houses Proposed for constructionpg. 1, col4/261991
[ ]Security OfficeNo new leads on paintings stolen during fall termpg. 3, col4/261991
[ ]Student SenatePreview of the 1991-92 student senate electionpg. 14 - 14/261991
[ ]Student Union Advisory BoardProposal for Student Center Advisory Board delayedpg. 3, col4/261991
[ ]Student UnionRude surprise bursts into Student Centerpg. 2, col4/261991
[ ]Porter, Bethany; Patterson, Becky; Wittcopp, ChrystalSenior Spotlight20:14/261991
[ ]Security OfficeStudent assault third this yearpg. 1, col4/261991
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate extravaganza debates lack ofpg. 2, col4/261991
[ ]The BullpenThe business side of education... dominatingpg. 11, co4/261991
[ ]SoftballTiger softball team gets back on track in 8-3pg. 11, co4/261991
[ ]Union BoardUnion Board shows the newest movies at half thepg. 4, col4/261991
[ ]Community WorkshopVisitors observe Community Workshoppg. 3, col4/261991
[ ]Student SenateVote in student senate electionspg. 13, co4/261991
[ ]GolfWitt golf team regains form; prepares forpg. 12, co4/261991
[ ]Music DepartmentWitt student musicians schedule two concerts overpg. 7, col4/261991
[ ]Student BandsWitt's finest bands draw kudos from appreciativepg. 6, col4/261991
[ ]Tennis - WomenWittenberg's women's tennis team struggles to getpg. 13, co4/261991
[ ]Lacrosse - WomenWomen's Lacrosse team notches twopg. 11, co4/261991
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department'Miss Firecracker' coming May 16pg. 8, col5/31991
[ ]Student SenateAIDS proposal put on agendapg. 3, col5/31991
[ ]Wittenberg SeriesBradbury challenges audience to create own futurepg. 1, col5/31991
[ ]Caving ClubCaving Club invites Witt students to unlimitedpg. 7, col5/31991
[ ]English DepartmentEnglish writing awards given on basis of merit,pg. 5, col5/31991
[ ]The BullpenEverybody on campus is doing it... with a littlepg. 14, co5/31991
[ ]English Department; Music DepartmentFabers learned together and now teach togetherpg. 7, col5/31991
[ ]University PoliciesImplementing smoking policypg. 1, col5/31991
[ ]Intramural DepartmentIntramural Dept. hosts Fourth Annual Triathalonpg. 15, co5/31991
[ ]Junior Writing Proficiency ExamJuniors failing exam urged to go to Writer's Workshoppg. 3, col5/31991
[ ]KalliopeKalliope to preform early musicpg. 3, col5/31991
[ ]Central Dining Room (CDR); Food Services; Union BoardLauziere scheduled to preform in the CDR on Parentpg. 9, co.5/31991
[ ]Wittenberg LibertariansLibertarian Free Press newsletter providespg. 2, col5/31991
[ ]Swimming and DivingMen's and Women's swimmers perform strongly atpg. 15, co5/31991
[ ]GolfMen's golf team takes home Witt Invitational Winpg. 14, co5/31991
[ ]Tennis - MenMen's tennis team rolls toward championshipspg. 15, co5/31991
[ ]Student HousingNew Housing Options now available for next year'spg. 3, col5/31991
[ ]Student SenatePete Staubitz narrowly defeats Leigh in contestpg. 1, col5/31991
[ ]Community WorkshopRegistration blocked if service incompletepg. 5, col5/31991
[ ]Residence HallsResidence Hall doors secure, but inconvenientpg. 5, col5/31991
[ ]Mueller, Dan; Butler, KimSenior Spotlight20:15/31991
[ ]Student SenateSharp presents problems to Senatepg. 2, col5/31991
[ ]BaseballTiger Baseball team remains in first place despitepg. 14, co5/31991
[ ]Track and FieldTrack teams make improvements behind individualpg. 14, co5/31991
[ ]Student DemocratsWittenberg Student Democrats help Franklin Middlepg. 1, col5/31991
[ ]WUSOWUSO 89.1 FM proves to be a big deal among collegepg. 6, col5/31991
[ ]AgoraAgora brings entertainment and fun85/101991
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentAllard to direct 'Strenuous Exercise'pg. 9, col5/101991
[ ]The BullpenAs if Nolan needed another accomplishment to getpg. 14, co5/101991
[ ]Biology DepartmentBiology students put knowledge to usepg. 6, col5/101991
[ ]Wittenberg CampusCampus renovations make Witt a better placepg. 7, col5/101991
[ ]Honors ConvocationConvocation recognizes top achieverspg. 1, col5/101991
[ ]MaydayCosmos to perform at Maydaypg. 8, col5/101991
[ ]WUSODJ accused of stealing CD's from WUSO facespg. 2, col5/101991
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Documentary of college protest shown by CBSpg. 3, col5/101991
[ ]Alma MaterDunham chosen as Alma Materpg. 1, col5/101991
[ ]Student SenateFaculty aproves Senate Condoms proposal in partpg. 1, col5/101991
[ ]International ExpositionInternational EXPO offers panels and discussionspg. 2, col5/101991
[ ]TennisMen's and Women's tennis teams hope to reboundpg. 15, co5/101991
[ ]Parents WeekendMusic at Wittenberg Presents Programs for Parentspg. 9, col5/101991
[ ]Student Hearing BoardNew Members Sworn Inpg. 3, col5/101991
[ ]English Department; Music DepartmentOttens have found love in friendshippg. 6, col5/101991
[ ]Provost Search CommitteeProvost finalists will be chosenpg. 4, col5/101991
[ ]Security OfficeSecurity Section Startedpg. 1, col5/101991
[ ]Student SenateSenate helps fund Leadership Awardspg. 2, col5/101991
[ ]Student SenateSenate's GPA rule is passedpg. 11, co5/101991
[ ]Art DepartmentSenior Art Exhibit opens May 26thpg. 9, col5/101991
[ ]Community WorkshopSenior citizens will visit campus to raise thoughtpg. 4, col5/101991
[ ]Steele, Emily; Campbell, HeatherSenior Spotlight20:15/101991
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Some 1969 CBS demands still unmetpg. 2, col5/101991
[ ]University Smoking PolicyStudents express varied opinions on new universitypg. 4, col5/101991
[ ]BaseballTiger Baseball Team to host tourneypg. 15, co5/101991
[ ]Lacrosse - MenTiger's men's lacrosse team notches first win overpg. 14, co5/101991
[ ]Track and FieldTrack Teams look to improve on last yearpg. 14, co5/101991
[ ]Union BoardWeingrad to lecture about the history of 'Saturdaypg. 9, col5/101991
[ ]Track and Field400 meter relay team brings home crownpg. 11, co5/171991
[ ]Admissions OfficeAdmissions combatting decreasing demographicspg. 3, col5/171991
[ ]Student SenateApathy is prevalent on campus, say student leaderspg. 1, col5/171991
[ ]BaseballCicolani and Baller named to Academic teampg. 12, co5/171991
[ ]Common LearningCommittee recommends changes in Common Learningpg. 2, col5/171991
[ ]Sociology DepartmentFaculty book focuses on rape issuepg. 1, col5/171991
[ ]Security OfficeFemale Attacked in Games Room during weekendpg. 1, col5/171991
[ ]Student Union Advisory BoardFirst SCAB meeting a failurepg. 2, col5/171991
[ ]Career Development and PlacementGraduating Seniors Face Tough Job Marketpg. 1, col5/171991
[ ]SoftballLingenfelter, Doll and Everhart invited to attendpg. 11, co5/171991
[ ]Security OfficeOpen parties pose dangers to studentspg. 3, col5/171991
[ ]Music DepartmentPamela Schuetze, Laura Evans set recitals Sundaypg. 6, col5/171991
[ ]Senior ProgressivesProgressives moved to the Hollowpg. 13, co5/171991
[ ]Race relationsRacial Relations: a black perspectivepg. 5, col5/171991
[ ]GolfRec. Dept. host for scramble at Locust Hillspg. 12, co5/171991
[ ]The BullpenRecreation and relaxations during the spring(?)pg. 11, co5/171991
[ ]Stevenson, Amy; Stanton, Chris; Stroeh, JohnSenior Spotlight16:15/171991
[ ]Students Against Government WasteStudents Against Government Waste asks for Studentpg. 3, col5/171991
[ ]Tennis - MenTennis team takes two at NCAC eventpg. 12, co5/171991
[ ]University PolicyThe condom issue responsepg. 5, col5/171991
[ ]Residence HallsThe evolution of Ferncliff Hallpg. 4, col5/171991
[ ]BaseballTiger baseball team loses first two games, exitspg. 12, co5/171991
[ ]GolfTiger golf team takes second placepg. 11, co5/171991
[ ]Student SenateTreasurer asks about budgetpg. 3, col5/171991
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterWellness Center creates new positions for studentspg. 1, col5/171991
[ ]Art DepartmentWitt graduates show art in Miller Gallerypg. 6, col5/171991
[ ]Tennis - WomenWomen's tennis team beats OWU and Woosterpg. 12, co5/171991
[ ]Conservation Club1,460 conservation cups are sold; project ispg. 2, col5/241991
[ ]American International Association (AIA)AIA international hour: Argentina presentationpg. 13, co5/241991
[ ]Art DepartmentArt students paint abstract mural for thepg. 7, col5/241991
[ ]Conservation ClubCampus recycling activity turned over to 2, col5/241991
[ ]Community WorkshopCommunity Workshop van drivers have diverse jobpg. 4, col5/241991
[ ]Student SenateFinance positions for Senate filledpg. 12, co5/241991
[ ]Union BoardFloorwax entertains studentspg. 7, col5/241991
[ ]Student SenateKathleen Leigh & Student Senate named Studentpg. 1, col5/241991
[ ]English DepartmentKoppenhaver improving, enjoying visits to campuspg. 3, col5/241991
[ ]National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)NAACP chapter eyed for Wittenbergpg. 4, col5/241991
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesNew Party regulations set to ensure campus safetypg. 5, col5/241991
[ ]Thomas LibraryOnly empty cups permitted in librarypg. 2, col5/241991
[ ]Wittenberg SeriesPlans made for Wittenberg Seriespg. 12, co5/241991
[ ]Security OfficeSecurity's busy weekend detailedpg. 3, col5/241991
[ ]Student SenateSenate budget reflects dollar squeezepg. 9, col5/241991
[ ]McCarten, Rick; Nicolet, Jack; Seftenberg, TomSenior Spotlight16:15/241991
[ ]Community WorkshopSing for supper and dance for creditpg. 3, col5/241991
[ ]Student SenateStaubitz sworn in as new Student Senate presidentpg. 1, col5/241991
[ ]Health and Physical Education Department Students can still sign up to windsurfpg. 13, co5/241991
[ ]Thomas LibrarySurvey reveals students use the librarypg. 1, col5/241991
[ ]Security OfficeThree students steal credit cardspg. 1, col5/241991
[ ]LacrosseTiger Lacrosse players honoredpg. 9, col5/241991
[ ]Economics Department; Psychology DepartmentWishart and Wilson find love at Wittpg. 5, col5/241991
[ ]Music DepartmentWitt students will perform 10th weekpg. 7, col5/241991
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentWitt's Dance Program wins honorspg. 6, col5/241991
[ ]Union Board'New Jack City' depicts drug world6:39/201991
[ ]HIV (virus)AIDS/Condoms policy awaits Kinnison's approval14:29/201991
[ ]Fulghum, RobertAuthor Fulghum chosen by senior class as Commencement speaker3:19/201991
[ ]BaseballBakke helps Witt bat better balls13:59/201991
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)Chance to win $5005:59/201991
[ ]Maurer, DaveCoach Dave Maurer to be honored at Wittenberg's home opener12:19/201991
[ ]Common LearningCommon Learning tries different focus for classes1:19/201991
[ ]Residence HallsDorms take security and storage measures1:39/201991
[ ]FacultyFaculty views on Russian coup's future1:19/201991
[ ]International EducationFewer study abroad as a result of Middle East war10:49/201991
[ ]WUSOFrisbees fly at Wittenberg6:19/201991
[ ]Global Issues;World ChurchesGeneva program proves high success with participants4:19/201991
[ ]ProvostGreer addresses students at Convocation10:29/201991
[ ]Habitat for HumanityHabitat fights poverty with compassion13:39/201991
[ ]Habitat for HumanityHabitat to hold Celebration '91 in Columbus10:19/201991
[ ]Security OfficeLoud parties, booze targets of crackdown1:59/201991
[ ]Student SenateMarime works to improve atmosphere for students2:29/201991
[ ]RugbyMud Pigs go wee, wee all the way home13:19/201991
[ ]Recreation - SpringfieldNew deli opens in town5:49/201991
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesPhi Psi's return3:59/201991
[ ]Villas, RandyRandy Villas to speak at Witt7:29/201991
[ ]Student UnionReserve the Pub2:49/201991
[ ]Morgan, StephanieSenior Spotlights16:39/201991
[ ]Sianapar, SahalSenior Spotlights16:19/201991
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities; Buildings; FiresSig house leveled due to fire hazards1:29/201991
[ ]Student EmploymentSome problems plague students seeking work hours at Witt10:29/201991
[ ]Springfield Arts CouncilSpringfield Arts Council presents comedy troupe and musical 'Nunsense'7:39/201991
[ ]Alcohol PolicyStudent Senate explores new alcohol policy3:29/201991
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterStudents need access to crisis counseling8:39/201991
[ ]Student UnionStudents purchase German book on discount thanks to bookstore error13:49/201991
[ ]Keeler, Dr. Richard The key to safe sex involves 'doing what we know,' says AIDS speaker, Dr. Richard Keeler2:19/201991
[ ]Recreation - SpringfieldThe Regency Room has a different look2:19/201991
[ ]Union BoardUnion Board announces the fall line up for activities on campus7:19/201991
[ ]Students - RecreationUpperclassmen offer tips to new students on survival at Wittenberg: the do's and dont's . . .5:19/201991
[ ]Wittenberg GuildWally Wittenberg keeps a close watch over the Student Center and visitors4:39/201991
[ ]Kouznetsov, VovaWittenberg student shares his experience with the Russian coup11:19/201991
[ ]Tennis - WomenWomen's netters welcome new coach13:29/201991
[ ]Students - RecreationAdministration invites discussion on party control1:49/271991
[ ]Amnesty International (AI)Amnesty's goal is worldwide human rights4:59/271991
[ ]American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS)Biology group: AIBS reorganizes on campus5:19/271991
[ ]Student SenateBok brings experience to freshman post3:39/271991
[ ]Field HockeyCoach Arena hoping to build up field hockey team's offense10:49/271991
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentDr. Georges directs Sophocles' 'Antigone' set in 1940's France6:19/271991
[ ]Food ServicesFood services creates new meal plans2:19/271991
[ ]FootballFootball team honors Maurer with victory10:19/271991
[ ]ProvostGreer takes charge as new provost with high expectations for student body1:29/271991
[ ]International StudentsInternational student shares impressions of America4:19/271991
[ ]Wittenberg CampusNew university entrance planned for the eastern side of campus2:49/271991
[ ]Gangs - SpringfieldPolice remark on gang violence in Springfield and on Wittenberg campus5:39/271991
[ ]Nagle, Kristen; Smith, Lisa J. Senior Spotlights16:19/271991
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities; Delta Sigma PhiSigs sponsor Supplication in Myers Hollow7:49/271991
[ ]Global Issues;World ChurchesStudent describes Geneva Program experience summer4:19/271991
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate appoints David Gates as senator1:19/271991
[ ]Wittenberg SeriesTrefil to give talk as part of Wittenberg Series3:29/271991
[ ]Union BoardUnion Board has change of plans, concentrates on Homecoming7:49/271991
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesUniversity to reinstate Phi Psi frat1:19/271991
[ ]Volleyball - WomenVolleyball conquers and wins championship11:49/271991
[ ]Soccer - WomenWomen's soccer falls to Kenyon10:39/271991
[ ]Cross CountryX-country is running strong10:19/271991
[ ]HIV (virus)AIDS educators meet3:210/41991
[ ]Joseph C. Shouvlin Center for Lifelong LearningBok, Freshman senator defends Union food8:510/41991
[ ]FacultyChanges proposed in course evaluations1:310/41991
[ ]Student SenateClass cabinets subject of Senate debate13:310/41991
[ ]Community ServiceCommunity Service goes COOL4:510/41991
[ ]Cross Country - WomenCross Country still going strong10:310/41991
[ ]Student SenateDominick details university distribution policy and background2:110/41991
[ ]Residence HallsDorms enact extended, experimental visitation with closer enforcement3:110/41991
[ ]Field hockeyField hockey improves record10:310/41991
[ ]Narayan, BobbyInternational student find independence and culture4:110/41991
[ ]Nealon, KevinKevin Nealon to appear for Wittenberg Homecoming weekend6:110/41991
[ ]Soccer - MenMens soccer has impressive records10:410/41991
[ ]Downing, AmyNew student finds thrills between academic life4:110/41991
[ ]Alcohol PolicyOff-campus residents meet to discuss alcohol policy1:410/41991
[ ]Political SciencePersonal experience and opinion on Russian coup given during talk2:110/41991
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)RHA working for the residents by abiding to alcohol and visitation policies8:310/41991
[ ]RugbyRugby team participates in Ohio schools tournament10:110/41991
[ ]Security OfficeSecurity, police give car protection tips2:210/41991
[ ]Student SenateSenate warns organizations to sign contracts or be fined3:410/41991
[ ]Butler, MasonSenior Spotlights16:110/41991
[ ]Romer, LAurelSenior spotlights16:110/41991
[ ]Student DemocratsStudent Democrats try to bring social issues to Wittenberg campus5:110/41991
[ ]HomecomingStudents to elect Homecoming Court10:310/41991
[ ]Trefil, Dr. James S. Trefil explores culture1:210/41991
[ ]Security OfficeTwo chemical explosions set off on campus1:110/41991
[ ]Volleyball - WomenVolleyball puts up a good fight10:210/41991
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterWellness Center Director addresses student concerns11:110/41991
[ ]FacultyWitt faculty to speak14:210/41991
[ ]FootballWittenberg Football wins big over Oberlin10:110/41991
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesWittenberg Kappa Deltas celebrate first anniversary10:410/41991
[ ]Alcohol PolicyWittenberg students speak out about new alcohol policy5:110/41991
[ ]Soccer - WomenWomen's soccer hopes to improve10:510/41991
[ ]Student SenateYates details plans for Sophomore Class Cabinet1:110/41991
[ ]Bhunda BoysZimbabwe's Bhunda Boys come to perform at Wittenberg7:410/41991
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesADPi hosts 2nd annual Greek God Contest7:110/111991
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterAlcohol awareness programs scheduled5:110/111991
[ ]Union BoardBhundu boys rock at Witt9:410/111991
[ ]Kinnison, Dr. William A.Book studies Springfield12:210/111991
[ ]Recreation - SpringfieldChicago band Storytown to play at Ruby's8:110/111991
[ ]Student HousingCommittee continues discussion on parties1:410/111991
[ ]Cross CountryCross Country defeats opponent in Quaker Invitational at Earlham12:110/111991
[ ]Student UnionDemocracy Wall standing still5:310/111991
[ ]EnrollmentDemographics bring blacks2:210/111991
[ ]Parents WeekendFootball a first for Parents' Weekend1:310/111991
[ ]GolfGolf finishes with success18:110/111991
[ ]Conservation ClubGroup promotes recycling7:410/111991
[ ]Field HockeyHockey team falls to Wooster in overtime but remains optimistic13:410/111991
[ ]Professional Internship PhiladelphiaInternship program benefits students7:410/111991
[ ]Thomas LibraryLibrary automation progresses1:110/111991
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterNew doctors bring team effort to students5:110/111991
[ ]Student ServicesPeer tutors contribute to retention of black students2:110/111991
[ ]Ramsay, Dr. George Ramsey discusses Witt series poster9:310/111991
[ ]Students Against Government WasteSAGW combats waste3:110/111991
[ ]Student Center Advisory BoardSCAB discusses Student Center issues12:310/111991
[ ]Student SenateSenate eyes new policy proposals1:110/111991
[ ]Student SenateSenate tackles cabinet issue4:410/111991
[ ]Burdette, BrianSenior Spotlights20:210/111991
[ ]Rodriguez, TenchiSenior Spotlights20:110/111991
[ ]Mzoneli, MartinSouth African student gives his perspective about U.S.6:310/111991
[ ]SpectrumSpectrum needs papers for '92 issue3:310/111991
[ ]Springfield Museum of ArtSpringfield Museum of Art welcomes Mark Chepp as new curator9:110/111991
[ ]FacultyStaff to battle faculty on basketball court3:110/111991
[ ]Residence HallsStorage space found for bed frames, springs3:410/111991
[ ]FootballTigers defeat Kenyon and anticipate Case Western14:110/111991
[ ]CampusTrees in need of expert care and money1:210/111991
[ ]Trefil, Dr. James S. Trefil explores universe's origins4:110/111991
[ ]Volleyball - WomenVolleyball plays NCAC match12:110/111991
[ ]FacultyWitt faculty to perform9:410/111991
[ ]Thomas LibraryWitt receives speeches by the late Matsushita3:410/111991
[ ]Athletic DepartmentWittenberg Athletic Department to undergo reorganization13:110/111991
[ ]Rugby - WomenWomen's rugby introduced to Wittenberg13:110/111991
[ ]Zisk, Dr. Matt Zisk shares interest in chemistry4:110/111991
[ ]Food ServicesA first for the Commons, Todd appointed student manager4:110/181991
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS gives kids black role models2:310/181991
[ ]HIV (virus); CondomsCondom policy rejected1:410/181991
[ ]RegistrarCourses toward graduation difficult to attain1:510/181991
[ ]Cardenas, AlexandraEducation major discusses her future5:110/181991
[ ]FacultyFaculty and guests to perform at Witt7:110/181991
[ ]FootballFootball team falls to Case Western Reserve on Parent's Weekend10:110/181991
[ ]Soccer - WomenLady Tigers struggle with Case10:410/181991
[ ]Soccer - MenMen's soccer team crushes Case Western10:110/181991
[ ]Beerman, MikeMike Beerman is out for season due to arm injury11:410/181991
[ ]Rugby - MenMud Pigs beat U.C. Law School10:110/181991
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesNew Greek God crowned5:410/181991
[ ]Wittenberg FundPhonathon helps Fund2:110/181991
[ ]Common LearningSelf-portraits display diverse class7:110/181991
[ ]Student SenateSenate reacts to rejection1:310/181991
[ ]Wiley, Allison; Gahagen, Pat; Puster, JeffSenior Spotlights16:110/181991
[ ]Sinisko, SteveSinisko addresses alcoholism1:110/181991
[ ]Carter, LeightonSophomore: Leighton Carter shares views on Wittenberg4:110/181991
[ ]WUSOStorytown jams for WUSO7:510/181991
[ ]Security OfficeTheft strikes Wittenberg1:110/181991
[ ]Volleyball - WomenVolleyball team captures pair11:210/181991
[ ]Music DepartmentWitt Wind Ensemble looking for members6:310/181991
[ ]Field HockeyWomen's field hockey conquers Earlham11:110/181991
[ ]Student SenateYates, Pearson present class cabinet proposal to Student Senate3:110/181991
[ ]Weaver Chapel'Ethiopia Series' displayed in chapel7:110/251991
[ ]American International Association (AIA)AIA's Crossroads festival planned for this Saturday afternoon8:410/251991
[ ]HPERC Facilities and FieldsBasketball game proceeds benefit United Way14:510/251991
[ ]Student Democrats; Social ProblemsChildren in Springfield public school plagued by problems outside class2:410/251991
[ ]Forensics and Debate LeagueDebate League competes5:110/251991
[ ]Debburman, ShubikDebBurman's first Homecoming as an alumnus is an eye-opener8:110/251991
[ ]Student DemocratsDemocrats to host convention2:510/251991
[ ]Common LearningEnvironmentalists agree better government needed to curb pollution3:110/251991
[ ]FootballFootball team upset by Division III national champions15:110/251991
[ ]HomecomingHomecoming 1991 proves 'an incredible experience'1:210/251991
[ ]Iglehart, DavidIglehart wants long term recycling program4:210/251991
[ ]Bendel, JoeIndependent senator ran to fight distribution policy2:210/251991
[ ]Pearson, SteveJunior senator: Steve pearson gives his views about life on compus8:110/251991
[ ]LacrosseLacrosse team participates in Big Brother / Big Sister tournament14:110/251991
[ ]Soccer - WomenLady Tigers suffer two losses15:410/251991
[ ]Wittenberg UniversityMCI choosen by Wittenberg for ease of use and flexibility4:110/251991
[ ]Soccer - MenMen's soccer maintains second in Conference14:110/251991
[ ]Siek, Dr. Stephen Music professor to perform10:310/251991
[ ]Nevers, KevinNevers' studies span centuries6:110/251991
[ ]Security OfficeOff-Campus committee airs security issues20:410/251991
[ ]Outdoor ClubOutdoor Club15:510/251991
[ ]Phi Beta KappaPhi Beta Kappa approved1:110/251991
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentRevised 'Antigone' to open11:110/251991
[ ]Marshall, Chip; Campus SecuritySaturday's attack provokes many questions for Open Forum9:110/251991
[ ]Student Senate; CondomsSenate proposes condom distribution through mail1:410/251991
[ ]Wixom, Jennifer; Pokorny, SteveSenior Spotlights24:110/251991
[ ]Student SenateSophomore cabinet would solve problem of only one senator for whole class5:310/251991
[ ]Wittenberg SeriesSouth African drama by touring company comes as part of Wittenberg Series11:310/251991
[ ]Thomas Library - Special CollectionsSpecial collections houses numerous rare works20:110/251991
[ ]Security OfficeTeen shoots student on North Fountain Avenue1:410/251991
[ ]Model United Nations ClubUnited Nations Club plans to compete9:310/251991
[ ]Villars, RandyVillars speaks on the business aspects of the music world5:110/251991
[ ]Volleyball - WomenVolleyball team takes 3 victories for 2nd in conference14:310/251991
[ ]Wittenberg UniversityWittenberg continues to invest according to Sullivan Principles19:110/251991
[ ]Wittenberg UniversityWittenberg joins COOL1:110/251991
[ ]Speech / English DepartmentWittenberg students involved in Springfield Headstart program7:110/251991
[ ]Community WorkshopWorkshop initiates new program3:310/251991
[ ]Community Service; Social ProblemsAwareness program attacks social problems in Springfield1:411/11991
[ ]Community WorkshopCommunity Workshop initiates new Scouting service program3:111/11991
[ ]Cross CountryCross Country to compete in Championship12:111/11991
[ ]American International Association (AIA)Crossroads festival deemed a delectable and delicious treat5:111/11991
[ ]Davis, F. JamesDavis discusses blackness3:411/11991
[ ]Gangs - SpringfieldEx-gang member advises students to use caution1:311/11991
[ ]Horowitz, DavidHorowitz slated to speak2:411/11991
[ ]Pittman, MarkHypnotist Mark Pittman to entertain Witt students6:111/11991
[ ]Security OfficeJuvenile arrested in connection with the shooting of Chip Marshall1:311/11991
[ ]Kinnison, Dr. William A.; Wittenberg - HistoryKinnison tells ghoulish stories2:111/11991
[ ]Soccer - MenMen's soccer falls to Ohio Wesleyan and triumphs over Cedarville8:411/11991
[ ]Rugby - MenMud Pigs defeat Miami9:111/11991
[ ]Phi Beta KappaPhi Beta Kappa requires faculty nomination of liberal arts student3:111/11991
[ ]Student SenateSenators brainstorm on group's function2:211/11991
[ ]Jebsen, Chris; Hiller, MeganSenior Spotlights16:111/11991
[ ]Art DepartmentSpring Break trip to Paris planned7:111/11991
[ ]Student DemocratsStudent Democrats' first convention a success1:111/11991
[ ]Swimming and DivingSwim team to begin competition12:211/11991
[ ]FootballTiger football team rebounds to crush Earlham College8:111/11991
[ ]Volleyball - WomenVolleyball enters the final four9:311/11991
[ ]Forensics and Debate LeagueWFDL competed at tournament5:411/11991
[ ]Field HockeyWomen's field hockey defeats Roanoke and anticipates state tournament8:111/11991
[ ]Rugby - WomenWomen's Rugby plays first game against U of D12:111/11991
[ ]Soccer - WomenWomen's soccer ends season9:211/11991
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterAIDS education program progressing 'slowly'2:311/81991
[ ]Wittenberg SeriesAnnual choral vespers to be presented as part of Series7:311/81991
[ ]Bolin, BertChem Department secretary: Bolin has skills that go far beyond typing5:411/81991
[ ]Dreher, Dr. BarbaraDreher writes for kids2:211/81991
[ ]Thomas, HelenFeature: Helen Thomas, field hockey captain11:111/81991
[ ]Field HockeyField hockey team finishes season11:411/81991
[ ]Fortkamp, JeffFortcamp twins to square off against each other in football game Saturday10:411/81991
[ ]Kluge, PeterKluge returns to Witt with bright lights and big city experiences6:111/81991
[ ]Soccer - MenMen's soccer team receives NCAA tournament bid for first time10:111/81991
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentOne-act plays by student directors to be performed this weekend6:411/81991
[ ]Security OfficeOpen forum clears circulating rumors1:211/81991
[ ]FacultyProfessors declare both Leamer and Synod Halls need 'serious' repairs4:111/81991
[ ]Residential Life OfficeResidents pay for vandalism1:511/81991
[ ]Student Senate; CondomsSenate decides against distributing condoms by mail despite survey findings1:311/81991
[ ]Student SenateSenate Update: whistles, finances, semesters, cabinets, and expression3:111/81991
[ ]Martinez, Daniel; Iglehart, DaveSenior Spotlights19:111/81991
[ ]Student Democrats; Social ProblemsStudent Democrats present programs, give 'social awareness of South Africa'2:111/81991
[ ]Community ServiceStudents serve community throught COOL project1:111/81991
[ ]FacultyTenure protects academic freedom, Personnel Board member claims3:111/81991
[ ]Cross CountryThree x-country members qualify for regionals11:311/81991
[ ]FootballTiger football team falls to Emory & Henry10:111/81991
[ ]Volleyball - WomenVolleyball team takes second in NCAC11:411/81991
[ ]WUSOWUSO to broadcast on limited hours over winter break7:511/81991
[ ]Yu, Dr. Bin Yu evolves from farmer to professor2:511/81991