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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Laffer, ArthurEconomist to visit campus1/131989
[ ]Laffer, ArthurEconomist To Visit Campus1:11/131989
[ ]Buildings; Library; FiresFire triggers library smoke alarms1/131989
[ ]Buildings; Thomas Library; FiresFire Triggers Library Smoke Alarms1:11/131989
[ ]FootballFootball State released1/131989
[ ]FootballFootball Stats Released8:31/131989
[ ]TheatreJebsen Announces one act auditions1/131989
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentJebsen Announces One Act Auditions11:11/131989
[ ]Kinnison, Dr. William A.Kinnison book reprinted1/131989
[ ]Kinnison, Dr. William A.Kinnison Book Reprinted3:31/131989
[ ]Deaths; Krueger, Dr. Raymond L.Krueger Passes Away4:31/131989
[ ]Krueger, Dr. RaymondKrueger passes away1/131989
[ ]FootballKungl voted 1988 Football MVP1/131989
[ ]FootballKungl Voted 1988 Football MVP9:11/131989
[ ]FootballKungl, Terebuh GTE All-American1/131989
[ ]FootballKungl, Terrebuh GTE All-Americans8:31/131989
[ ]Residence HallsMicro-Computers installed in residence halls1/131989
[ ]Residence HallsMicro-Computers Installed in Residence Halls3:11/131989
[ ]Murphy, Ron; FootballMurphy receives coaching award1/131989
[ ]FootballMurphy Recieves Coaching Award8:31/131989
[ ]Athletic DepartmentMurphy Resigns1:41/131989
[ ]Murphy, Ron; FootballMurphy resigns1/131989
[ ]Student AidNew position created1/131989
[ ]Student AidPell Grant funds cut1/131989
[ ]PubRed party in the Pub1/131989
[ ]Common LearningReflections On Common Learning7:31/131989
[ ]PubSenior night with Aumen and Converse in the Pub1/131989
[ ]Peterson, Barb; Schwab, ErikSenior Spotlights16:11/131989
[ ]Basketball - MenTigers #1 in nation1/131989
[ ]Basketball - MenTigers #1 In Nation9:11/131989
[ ]Torch; Barth, Allan G.Torch Gets Faculty Advisor13:11/131989
[ ]Games RoomUnion games room opens1/131989
[ ]Student UnionUnion Games Room Opens12:11/131989
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterViruses Appear4:11/131989
[ ]Health CenterViruses appear1/131989
[ ]Union BoardWinterfest successful1/131989
[ ]Student Union$5 Million Project To Finish In Spring3:11/201989
[ ]Union Construction$5 million project to finish in spring1/201989
[ ]TheatreAckerman casts main stage production1/201989
[ ]Laffer, ArthurAdministration grants Thursday "Senior Nights"1/201989
[ ]PubAdministration grants Thursday 'senior nights'1/201989
[ ]Student UnionAdministration Grants Thursday `Senior Nights'3:11/201989
[ ]International Education OfficeApply now for study abroad programs1/201989
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesChanges brought to Wittenberg Greek system rush1/201989
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesChanges Brought To Wittenberg Greek System Rush13:11/201989
[ ]Corner StoreCorner Store meets competitive prices5:11/201989
[ ]Student UnionCorner Store Meets Competitive Prices5:11/201989
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentCroston Directs Play12:31/201989
[ ]Cobau, Dr. WilliamDr. Cobau to chair English department4:11/201989
[ ]English DepartmentDr. Cobau To Chair English Department4:31/201989
[ ]Laffer, ArthurEconomist Arthur Laffer: Trade Deficit Not AProblem1:31/201989
[ ]Laffer, ArthurEconomist Laffer: Trade deficit not a problem1/201989
[ ]Union BoardFolk Musician to play1/201989
[ ]Basketball - WomenLady Cagers lose in final seconds1/201989
[ ]Basketball - WomenLady Cagers Lose In Final Seconds9:11/201989
[ ]Postel, SandraPostel to visit campus1/201989
[ ]Klein, Cheryl; Rushing, BrianSenior Spotlights16:11/201989
[ ]WrestlingSeniors lead wrestling1/201989
[ ]WrestlingSeniors Lead Wrestling8:11/201989
[ ]PubStudents pursue Pub policy changes1/201989
[ ]Student UnionStudents Pursue Pub Policy Changes1:11/201989
[ ]Student AidStudents to work for Aid?1/201989
[ ]Student AidThe Reagan Legacy: Students graduate heavily in debt1/201989
[ ]Security OfficeTheft mystery remains unsolved1/201989
[ ]Security OfficeTheft Mystery Remains Unsolved3:31/201989
[ ]Basketball - MenWittenberg Continues Dominating8:31/201989
[ ]Basketball - MenWittenberg continues domination1/201989
[ ]Track and FieldWomen's track: season preview1/201989
[ ]Track and FieldWomen's Track: Season Preview9:41/201989
[ ]Math WorkshopWorkshop wants you1/201989
[ ]Basketball - MenAllison OAC Player of the Week8:11/271989
[ ]Basketball - MenAllison OAC player of week1/271989
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities; Delta GammaAnchor splash set1/271989
[ ]Hispanic AssociationAssociation visits middle school1/271989
[ ]BaseballBaseball Team Prepares For Season9:11/271989
[ ]Sports; BaseballBaseball team prepares for season1/271989
[ ]ChapelBrass Rubbings Center to visit Weaver Chapel5:41/271989
[ ]Wilt, Rodgercan man races trash truck1/271989
[ ]Religion DepartmentCopeland Book Published3:31/271989
[ ]Copeland, Dr. WarrenCopeland's book published3:31/271989
[ ]Writing at WittEmphasis on wrighting heightens expectation1/271989
[ ]Gill, Mary EllenGill retires after 31 years1/271989
[ ]Gill, Mary, EllenGill Retires After Thirty-one Years1:11/271989
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesI.F.C. welcomes new greeks to system1/271989
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesI.F.C. Welcomes New Greeks To System11:31/271989
[ ]Swimming and DivingMen swimmers confident1/271989
[ ]Swimming and Diving - MenMen Swimmers Confident9:31/271989
[ ]Basketball - MenMen's basketball remains undefeated1/271989
[ ]Basketball - MenMen's Basketball Remains Undefeated8:41/271989
[ ]SportsNCAA may face Nebraska Bill1/271989
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesNew pledges educated through "Greek life 101"1/271989
[ ]TheatrePlay cast announced1/271989
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentPlay Cast Announced13:21/271989
[ ]Class RegistrationRegistration policy to change this term1:11/271989
[ ]RegistrarRegistration Policy To Change This Term1:11/271989
[ ]Student SenateSenate ends roll-over1/271989
[ ]Student SenateSenate sponsors leadership conference1/271989
[ ]Tooley, Michael; Zidek, SusanSenior Spotlights16:11/271989
[ ]Sociology DepartmentSociology papers are sought1/271989
[ ]McIntosh, ShareseSports Spotlight9:31/271989
[ ]Outdoor ClubSpring break in Nassau1/271989
[ ]Student ActivitiesStudents attend dance festival1/271989
[ ]ChapelWeaver Chapel to hold medieval service5:11/271989
[ ]Weaver ChapelWeaver To hold Medieval Service5:11/271989
[ ]Swimming and DivingWomen's swimming continues success1/271989
[ ]Swimming and Diving - WomenWomen's Swimming Continues Success8:11/271989
[ ]WUSOWUSO strives to improve1/271989
[ ]WUSOWUSO Strives To Improve5:11/271989
[ ]Sociology Department"Eye-Opener" experienced in sociology class2/31989
[ ]Student SenateCampus leaders explore global value issues2/31989
[ ]Wittenberg ChoirChoir enjoys retreat2/31989
[ ]Click CameraClick Camera services Witt3:32/31989
[ ]Raspberry, WilliamColumnist will deliver commencement address2/31989
[ ]Raspberry, WilliamColumnist Will Deliver Commencement Address1:12/31989
[ ]PubDenny resigns student manager post2/31989
[ ]Ware, DixieDixie Ware memorial2/31989
[ ]Economics DepartmentEconomics dept mixed on Laffer visit2/31989
[ ]Student SenateExcess funds rules changed2/31989
[ ]Radio station; WUSOExhibits diversity in music at Wittenberg2/31989
[ ]BaseballHaller, Simms Top Pitchers11:32/31989
[ ]Sports; BaseballHaller, Simms top pitchers2/31989
[ ]WrestlingInjuries hamper wrestlers2/31989
[ ]WrestlingInjuries Hamper Wrestlers10:32/31989
[ ]Basketball - WomenLady cagers top BW2/31989
[ ]Basketball - WomenLady Cagers Top BW10:32/31989
[ ]Marketingmarketing has ad plan2/31989
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesNew pledges enter greek system2/31989
[ ]Residence HallsNorth gains "Condom sense"2/31989
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesPledge night a success2/31989
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesPledge Night A Success13:12/31989
[ ]SportsProposition 42 draws fire2/31989
[ ]Student SenateSenate Budget allocations questioned2/31989
[ ]Student SenateSenate reviews conference2/31989
[ ]Aitken, JenniferSenior Spotlights16:12/31989
[ ]Gutsche, SteveSenior Spotlights16:32/31989
[ ]Basketball - MenTigers crown student princes2/31989
[ ]Basketball - MenTigers Crown Student Princes10:12/31989
[ ]Tennis - WomenWomen's tennis prepares for season2/31989
[ ]WUSOWUSO Exhibts Diversity In Music At Wittenberg13:42/31989
[ ]American International Association (AIA)AIA happy hour on tap2/101989
[ ]American International Association (AIA)AIA Happy Hour On Tap13:12/101989
[ ]Weaver ChapelChapel bell malfunctions2/101989
[ ]Conservation ClubConservation Club eyed for Wittenberg13:12/101989
[ ]Dance CompanyDance co. performs2/101989
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesGreeks to volunteer2/101989
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesGreeks To Volunteer12:12/101989
[ ]Residence HallsHall Gov't plans events2/101989
[ ]Hobbs, Dr. HortonHobbs: The greenhouse effect is nothing new2/101989
[ ]MarketingMarketing events set2/101989
[ ]McEvoy, AlanMcEvoy Photography At Arts Center3:12/101989
[ ]Swimming and DivingMen swimmers eye invitational2/101989
[ ]TennisMen's Tennis: Season preview2/101989
[ ]Student ActivitiesOfficers to meet GPA requirement2/101989
[ ]Basketball - MenOtter comeback ends Tiger streak2/101989
[ ]Basketball - MenOtter Comeback Ends Tiger Streak1:12/101989
[ ]Basketball - WomenOtterbein squeaks past lady cagers2/101989
[ ]Basketball - WomenOtterbein Squeaks Past Lady Cagers8:42/101989
[ ]Outdoor ClubOutdoors club at Red River Gorge2/101989
[ ]Outdoor ClubOutdoors Club At Red River Gorge13:32/101989
[ ]Clark, JoePrincipal defends his bat, bull horn discipline1:12/101989
[ ]Clark, JoePrincipal Defends His Bat, Bull Horn Discipline1:12/101989
[ ]Norton, Eleanor HolmesRights Activist To Speak At Wittenberg Tonight1:12/101989
[ ]Jebsen, Tim; Sternasty, MikeSenior Spotlights16:12/101989
[ ]Basketball - MenSeries conflicts with tournament2/101989
[ ]Caving Club; Wittenberg University Speleological Society (WUSS)Spelunkers hit cave11:12/101989
[ ]Donathan, WendelSport Spotlight9:32/101989
[ ]Hollenbacher, MelissaSport Spotlight8:12/101989
[ ]Swimming and DivingSpotlight: Melissa Hollenbacher2/101989
[ ]WrestlingSpotlight: Wendel Donathan2/101989
[ ]WCA; Weaver Chapel AssociationWCA plans for upcoming events2/101989
[ ]Weaver Chapel AssociationWCA Plans For Upcoming Events11:12/101989
[ ]Wittenberg Dance CompanyWitt Dance Co Performs12:12/101989
[ ]Ankrom, JeffAnkrom discusses Bush S&L plan2/171989
[ ]BookstoreBookstore in new digs3:12/171989
[ ]BookstoreBookstore In New Digs3:12/171989
[ ]Deady, DanChip Company Rise Detailed5:12/171989
[ ]MarketingChip company rise detailed2/171989
[ ]Clark, JoeClark Justified In Booting `Social Deviants'6:12/171989
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterEating disorders hit WU, other campuses2/171989
[ ]WrestlingGrapplers tune-up2/171989
[ ]WrestlingGrapplers Tune-Up8:12/171989
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterHealth center expands, includes counseling2/171989
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterHealth Center Expands, Includes Counseling4:42/171989
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterHealth Center Treats Common Ills1:12/171989
[ ]Health CenterHealth center treats common ills2/171989
[ ]Basketball - WomenLady cagers post best mark2/171989
[ ]Basketball - WomenLady Cagers Post Best Mark8:42/171989
[ ]TheatreMarshall, Harvey Star in "On Tiding Endings"2/171989
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentMarshall, Harvey Star In 'On Tidings Endings'11:42/171989
[ ]McCartney, RayMcCartney Leaves Witt8:12/171989
[ ]SportsMcCartney leaves Witt2/171989
[ ]SportsNCAC Boasts Talent, Equality9:12/171989
[ ]SportsNCAC Boasts talent, equity2/171989
[ ]Norton, Eleanor HolmesNorton Sees `Problem Of Leadership'1:12/171989
[ ]Schorsch, Dr. ImarRabbi replaced by historian in Jewish Studies2/171989
[ ]Schorsch, Ismar, Dr.Rabbi Replaced By Historian In Jewish Studies1:52/171989
[ ]Student SenateSenate divided on allocation issue2/171989
[ ]Labor, Heidi; Oppen, BeckySenior Spotlights16:12/171989
[ ]Swimming and DivingShaw, Burns lead swimming2/171989
[ ]Swimming and Diving - WomenShaw, Burns Lead Swimming9:32/171989
[ ]Basketball - MenTigers win OAC2/171989
[ ]Basketball - MenTigers Win OAC8:12/171989
[ ]Wittenberg SeriesTrio to visit2/171989
[ ]Wittenberg SeriesTrio To Visit5:42/171989
[ ]Wittenberg Series600 hear Beaux Arts Trio2/241989
[ ]Wittenberg Series600 Hear Beaux Arts Trio1:22/241989
[ ]Basketball - MenCagers end regular season victorious2/241989
[ ]Basketball - MenCagers End Regular Season Victorious9:42/241989
[ ]Kinnison, Dr. William A.Kinnison, students air issues2/241989
[ ]MarketingLine held on WM funding2/241989
[ ]Basketball - MenMarietta eliminated2/241989
[ ]Basketball - MenMarietta Eliminated9:12/241989
[ ]McCarty, MaclynNobel Laureate to speak2/241989
[ ]McCarty, MaclynNobel Laureate To Speak1:12/241989
[ ]Security OfficeProwlers reported in residence halls2/241989
[ ]Security OfficeProwlers Reported In Residence Halls1:22/241989
[ ]Doorley, George; Vasey, ScottSenior Spotlights12:12/241989
[ ]WrestlingSenior wrestlers highlight tourney2/241989
[ ]WrestlingSenior Wrestlers Highlight Tourney9:22/241989
[ ]Senior ClassSeniors seek funds for SC clock face2/241989
[ ]SoftballSoftball preview2/241989
[ ]SoftballSoftball Preview9:42/241989
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesTalent gala set2/241989
[ ]Basketball - MenWitt To Host Final Four9:42/241989
[ ]SportsWitt to host final four2/241989
[ ]Political Science DepartmentBaker, Bennett: Reagan will never go to trial3/31989
[ ]TorchBolls contributes 17 years of commitment to Torch3/31989
[ ]Bolls, ImogeneBolls Contributes 17 Years Of Commitmnet To Torch12:43/31989
[ ]Basketball - MenCardinals top Tigers again3/31989
[ ]Basketball - MenCardinals Top Tigers Again6:33/31989
[ ]Student ActivitiesChicago Bluew Bars: An unforgetable escape3/31989
[ ]Student CenterCommons an improvement3/31989
[ ]Student UnionCommons An Improvement12:13/31989
[ ]Swimming and DivingMen and Women swimmers shine at Penn-Ohio meet3/31989
[ ]Swimming and Diving - Men; Swimming and Diving - WomenMen And Women Swimmers Shine At Penn-Ohio Meet7:13/31989
[ ]Student SenateOfficers informed of budget plan3/31989
[ ]Basketball - MenPlayers named to All-Ohio conference team3/31989
[ ]McCarty, MaclynScientist discusses DNA origin3/31989
[ ]McCarty, MaclynScientist Discusses DNA Origin1:23/31989
[ ]Student SenateSenate debates redistribution of votes3/31989
[ ]Student SenateSenate Debates Redistribution Of Votes1:13/31989
[ ]Marchant, Mara; Pence, Beth; `Pencer'Senior Spotlights16:13/31989
[ ]Grammas, MargaretSport Spotlight6:13/31989
[ ]Peters, ScottSport Spotlight7:43/31989
[ ]Basketball - MenSpotlight: Larry Hunter3/31989
[ ]Basketball - MenSpotlight: Larry Hunter6:43/31989
[ ]Basketball - WomenSpotlight: Margaret Grammas3/31989
[ ]WrestlingSpotlight: Scott Peters3/31989
[ ]East Asian Studies DepartmentWomen face changing domestic roles3/31989
[ ]Lacrosse - WomenWomen's Lacrosse Confident7:13/31989
[ ]Lacrosse - WomenWomen's lacrosses confident3/31989
[ ]Residence HallsWoodlawn and Sounth Halls plan events3/31989
[ ]Residence HallsWoodlawn and South Halls Plan Events12:33/31989
[ ]Alley TheatreAlley Theater Performs4/71989
[ ]TheatreCast Set for Production4/71989
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentCast Set for Production6:34/71989
[ ]Baillie, ScottChapel Service Honors Ballie1:34/71989
[ ]Committee on Interracial Multicultural AwarenessCIMA responds to racism issues1:54/71989
[ ]CROP WalkCROP Walk to fight world hunger2:14/71989
[ ]Wiesel, ElieHalocaust survivor finds power in dispair4/71989
[ ]Wiesel, ElieHolocaust Survivor Finds Power In Despair1:14/71989
[ ]Lacrosse - WomenKenyon, Babson, and Rochester Fall to Witt Lady Lacrossers13:24/71989
[ ]FootballNiebuhr Named Grid Coach12:14/71989
[ ]TheatreReal town raises conscience4/71989
[ ]Student SenateSenate discusses elections, Alma Mater4/71989
[ ]O'Neill, Kelly; Schult, David "Dave"Senior Spotlights16:14/71989
[ ]Weaver ChapelSpanish Easter celebration at Weaver Chapel4/71989
[ ]Physical PlantStudents safe from asbestos located in buildings4/71989
[ ]Residence HallsStudents Safe From Asbestos Located In Buildings2:14/71989
[ ]Lacrosse - MenTiger Lacrosse Team Is 1-1 After its First Two Outings12:44/71989
[ ]Senior ClassWitt Seniors witness changes over past 4 years4/71989
[ ]Security OfficeWittenberg victimized by vandals4/71989
[ ]Student UnionWittenberg Victimized by Vandals1:14/71989
[ ]WrestlingWrestlers Overcome Setback13:14/71989
[ ]Student ActivitiesActiviites Zone successful4/141989
[ ]American International Association (AIA)AIA offers cultural programs for students and community4/141989
[ ]Basketball - MenAllison, Baldridge Named Basketball All- Americans17:34/141989
[ ]Basketball - MenAllison, Baldridge named basketball All-Americans4/141989
[ ]Committee on Interracial Multicultural AwarenessCIMA report is under review1:24/141989
[ ]WrestlingCliff Pope snags Title Belt17:14/141989
[ ]Basketball - MenCoach Hunter Interviewed for O.U. Position1:44/141989
[ ]SportsCoach hunter interviewed for OU position4/141989
[ ]PubCoffeehouse singer visits Pub4/141989
[ ]Keller HallDwellers celebrate Keller's centennial anniversary4/141989
[ ]Residence HallsDwellers Celebrate Keller's Centennial Anniversary1:24/141989
[ ]Intramural SportsIntramurals spring ahead4/141989
[ ]Intramural SportsIntramurals Spring Ahead16:14/141989
[ ]Yeats, Senator MichaelIrish senator Yeats coming to lecture at Witt4/141989
[ ]Yeats, MichaelIrish Senator Yeats Coming To Lecture At Wittenberg7:44/141989
[ ]Dance CompanyJazz and Ballet Highlight performance4/141989
[ ]Ruby TuesdayKansas Reggae band plays at Ruby's4/141989
[ ]Stevenson, AliceOperators job more than just tending phones4/141989
[ ]Union BoardPlot twists and a new hero make move a success4/141989
[ ]Math WorkshopReisner makes math "lively"4/141989
[ ]Reisner, PamReisner Makes Math `Lively'8:34/141989
[ ]RugbyRuggers begin spring season with sizable win4/141989
[ ]RugbyRuggers Begin Spring Season With Sizable Win16:14/141989
[ ]CompetitionsRules for Bad Fiction Contest6:14/141989
[ ]Campus AppearanceSculpture around campus enhances scenery10:34/141989
[ ]Student SenateSenate discusses registration, spring calendar of events4/141989
[ ]Hillerich, Beth; Riggle, PaulSenior Spotlights20:14/141989
[ ]Student ActivitiesSooner to be keynote speaker for campus leadership conference4/141989
[ ]Student CenterStudent center expands service, extends hours4/141989
[ ]Student UnionStudent Center Expands Servive, Extends Hours2:14/141989
[ ]Thornsberry, Alice; Career Development and PlacementThornsberry Assists In Students' Career Options7:24/141989
[ ]Wiesel, ElieWiesel says indifference is root of evil in world1:44/141989
[ ]Wiesel, ElieWiesel Says Indifference Is Root of Evil In World1:44/141989
[ ]Student DemocratsWitt Democrats to serve state in executive board positions4/141989
[ ]Student ActivitiesWitt Students attend woman's equality march4/141989
[ ]Tennis - WomenWomen's tennis persevers with less and less players4/141989
[ ]Alma Mater1989 Alma Mater Candidates Slated4/211989
[ ]BookstoreBook Barn's only memory3:54/211989
[ ]Union BoardChampion pool player will face union board tournament winner4/211989
[ ]Basketball - MenCoach Hunter Returns Home to Ohio U.1:14/211989
[ ]Basketball - MenCoach Hunter returns home to ohio University4/211989
[ ]Basketball - MenDeparting Coach Wins Praise12:34/211989
[ ]SportsDeparting coach wins praise4/211989
[ ]Conservation ClubEarth Week to raise consciousness1:24/211989
[ ]Student AidFed relaxes loan policy4/211989
[ ]DeathsIn Memory of Julia Ford2:44/211989
[ ]Ford, JuliaIn Memory of Julia Ford4/211989
[ ]International ExpositionInternational Expo begins tuesday4/211989
[ ]Union BoardJiangxi Troupe will rise to the top4/211989
[ ]Student ActivitiesJohn Sabol Appointed Student Activites Director1:34/211989
[ ]Sabol, JohnJohn Sabol appointed student activities director4/211989
[ ]Kinnison, Dr. William A.Kinnison discusses life, philosophy4/211989
[ ]Kinnison, Dr. William A.Kinnison, Hall Adcademy group studying hunger in Sierra Leone4/211989
[ ]SoftballLady Tigers regain form4/211989
[ ]SoftballLady Tigers Regain Form13:54/211989
[ ]Taylor, LivingstonLivingston Taylor brings pop/acoustic repetoire4/211989
[ ]RugbyRuggers embarrass visiting Marion, 37-44/211989
[ ]RugbyRugges Embarrass Visiting Marion 37-413:24/211989
[ ]Student Alumni AssociationSAA plans charter ball4/211989
[ ]Hutchinson, Anne; Insana, MarySenior Spotlights16:14/211989
[ ]Student LifeStudents enjoy frisbee golf4/211989
[ ]Freshman CommitteeSurvey raises questions, concerns4/211989
[ ]BaseballTigers derail 'Etta express4/211989
[ ]BaseballTigers Derail Etta Express13:14/211989
[ ]MarketingUrges students to be informed consumers4/211989
[ ]SportsWitt, NCAA issue Drug Rulings4/211989
[ ]Tennis - MenWittenberg netters chalk Up 3-1 record In early season12:14/211989
[ ]CROP Walk150 walk to help heal hunger, both locally, globally75:204/281989
[ ]Wittenberg Campus150 Walk To Help Hunger Both Locally, Globally1:54/281989
[ ]Student SenateCandidates address issues4/281989
[ ]Student SenateCanidates Address Issues1:34/281989
[ ]Student SenateFaculty Issue Dominates Senate Meeting2:14/281989
[ ]Student SenateFaculty issues dominates Senate meeting4/281989
[ ]PubFogg rolls into the Pub playing a variety of music4/281989
[ ]Residence HallsHall Government active4/281989
[ ]Student HousingMotives of inspections questioned by residents75:204/281989
[ ]Wittenberg CampusMotives Of Inspections Questioned by Residents1:14/281989
[ ]Petersen, JamesPetersen talks about sex4/281989
[ ]Philadelphia Urban TermPhilly program offers practical experience4/281989
[ ]RugbyRuggers wind up fourth in dome tourney4/281989
[ ]Student SenateSenate elections Tuesday4/281989
[ ]McConoughey, Jen; Teik, Ewe, ChanSenior Spotlights16:14/281989
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities; Alpha Phi AlphaSophomores start chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha frat4/281989
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities; Alpha Phi AlphaSophomores Start Chapter Of Alpha Phi Alpha Frat1:24/281989
[ ]GolfTiger linksmen capture Wittenberg Invitational4/281989
[ ]BaseballTiger nine downs Earlham twice, splits twin-bill with Cedarville4/281989
[ ]BaseballTiger Nine Downs Earlham Twice, Splits Twin-Bill With Cedarville13:24/281989
[ ]SportsTiger nine downs Earlham twice, splits Twin-Bill with Cedarville4/281989
[ ]Track and FieldTrackmen reap fun with work4/281989
[ ]Track and FieldTrackmen Reap Fun With Work13:14/281989
[ ]Women's Discussion GroupWDG holds discussion on abortion4/281989
[ ]Tuition9% Tuition rise planned5/51989
[ ]BaseballBaseball Aiming For Position In Play-Offs17:35/51989
[ ]Student hearing boardBoard calls for new elections5/51989
[ ]Student ServicesDean Scott Airs Campus Alcohol Policies2:15/51989
[ ]Ankrom, Jeff, Dr.Faculty Spotlights24:15/51989
[ ]Student HousingHousing detailed1:15/51989
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterMeasles outbreak hits Witt student body5/51989
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterMeasles Outbreak Hits Wittenberg Student Body1:15/51989
[ ]Student SenateNew Vote Set For Senate's Two Top Posts2:15/51989
[ ]Oates, Joyce, CarolOates Discusses Craft1:25/51989
[ ]Oates, Joyce CarolOates reading set for HPERC5/51989
[ ]Oates, Joyce, CarolOates Reading Set For HPERC3:45/51989
[ ]Rivkin, Malcolm;Rivkin, GoldieRivkins speak on "American City"5/51989
[ ]Student SenateSenate Approves Budget1:55/51989
[ ]Moore, JamieSenior Spotlights24:15/51989
[ ]Morgenberger, Alicia; Wiese, FritzSenior Spotlights12:15/51989
[ ]Senior ClassSeniors elect Bredemeier5/51989
[ ]SoftballSoftball Team Earns Best Record Yet16:15/51989
[ ]Student CenterStudent Center dedication week set5/51989
[ ]Student UnionStudent Center Dedication Week Set3:35/51989
[ ]Residence HallsStudents Disgruntled Over Late Housing Decision1:15/51989
[ ]Keller HallUpperclassmen to set Keller Hall Policy5/51989
[ ]Residence HallsUpperclassmen To Set Keller Hall Policy3:15/51989
[ ]Wilson, BrianWillson: The Man behind the story5/51989
[ ]Wilson, BrianWilson discusses experiences with Witt Peace Class5/51989
[ ]Lacrosse - WomenWomen's Lacrosse Team Makes It To Nationals16:45/51989
[ ]Tennis - WomenWomen's Tennis: OAC Champions17:15/51989
[ ]WUSOWUSO Gains National Recognition2:25/51989
[ ]AgoraAgora expanded5/121989
[ ]Scott, RichardAirs campus alcohol policies5/121989
[ ]BaseballBaseball aiming for position in play-offs5/121989
[ ]Alma MaterCroker voted Alma Mater5/121989
[ ]Radio station; WUSOGains national recognition5/121989
[ ]Kinnison, Dr. William A.Kinnison comments of Sierra Leone5/121989
[ ]Mortar Board (organization)Mortar Board Class welcomed5/121989
[ ]Student SenateNew vote set for Senate's two top posts5/121989
[ ]Oates, Joyce CarolOates discusses craft5/121989
[ ]Union BoardPeking acrobats dazzle audience5/121989
[ ]Student SenateSenate approves budget5/121989
[ ]Student LifeShanty towns erected for awareness5/121989
[ ]SoftballSoftball team earns best record yet5/121989
[ ]Student HousingStudents disgruntled over late housing decision1:15/121989
[ ]Small Business InstituteStudents try hand with small business5/121989
[ ]Taylor, LivingstonTaylor plays, thrills 2505/121989
[ ]Lacrosse - WomenWomen's lacrosse team maes it to nationals5/121989
[ ]Tennis - WomenWomen's tennis; OAC champions5/121989
[ ]Corner StoreAlexander enjoys student shoppers3:35/191989
[ ]Basketball - MenAllison finishes 19th in Scoring5/191989
[ ]Community WorkshopCommunity Workshop grows1:25/191989
[ ]Community WorkshopCommunity Workshop Grows1:25/191989
[ ]WCA; Weaver Chapel AssociationCovenant players to visit Witt5/191989
[ ]Ramsey, George, Dr.Faculty Spotlight12:15/191989
[ ]GolfGolf team prepares for "Masters"5/191989
[ ]Wittenberg Honor SocietiesHonor society gains new students5/191989
[ ]BaseballJerry Cicolani is All-District5/191989
[ ]BaseballJerry Cicolani Is All-District8:15/191989
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentMoliere Teaches, Entertains5:15/191989
[ ]Wittenberg TheatreMoliere teaches, entertains5:15/191989
[ ]Security OfficeRewards for theft information5/191989
[ ]RugbyRuggers sweep Hiram 29-95/191989
[ ]Keenan, JeffSenior Spotlight12:45/191989
[ ]Student SenateStudents will vote again for president, VP5/191989
[ ]Student SenateStudents Will Vote Again For President, VP1:15/191989
[ ]Alma MaterWinning was "Shock" for Alma Mater Croker5/191989
[ ]Wittenberg TheatreActress pleased with "Imaginary Invalid"5/261989
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentActress Pleased With `Imaginary Invalid'7:15/261989
[ ]AIDS; OpinionAIDS can strike anyone, anywhere14:25/261989
[ ]AIDS; Health and Wellness CenterAIDS spreading on U.S. Campuses1:35/261989
[ ]Student LifeAshley Maze is popular5/261989
[ ]BaseballBaseballers named All-Conference5/261989
[ ]BaseballBaseballers Named All-Conference16:15/261989
[ ]Student SenateDenkewalkter and Cukier debate the issues5/261989
[ ]Security OfficeFirearms figure in 3 incidents on Witt campus5/261989
[ ]Security OfficeFirearms Figure In Three Incidents On Witt Campus1:45/261989
[ ]SportsHacky Sace: "Not just a hippie sport"5/261989
[ ]Student SenateIncoming Senate officers promise to battle apathy5/261989
[ ]Just ReleasedJust released pleases crowd5/261989
[ ]TennisNetters win OAC5/261989
[ ]Tennis - WomenNetters Win OAC17:45/261989
[ ]SportsOlds makes nationals5/261989
[ ]TennisOlds Makes Nationals17:45/261989
[ ]Religion DepartmentReligion offers course in Middle East5/261989
[ ]Student HousingRevised version of student lease agreement takes effect5/261989
[ ]Student ServicesRevised Version Of Student Lease Agreement Takes Effect2:15/261989
[ ]Security OfficeSecurity employee fired5/261989
[ ]Security OfficeSecurity Employee Fired1:25/261989
[ ]Converse, Bibif; Wasner, ErichSenior Spotlights20:15/261989
[ ]Music DepartmentSix recitals are on tap5/261989
[ ]RugbySports Spotlight: Ruggers Matt Kreuch5/261989
[ ]RugbySports Spotlight: Ruggers Matt Kreuch16:15/261989
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate working on new budget mechanism5/261989
[ ]TorchTorch closes book on 755/261989
[ ]TuitionTuition hike raises ire5/261989
[ ]Student SenateWRPS constitution voted5/261989
[ ]Committee on Interracial Multicultural Awareness20 African-Americans matriculate1:19/221989
[ ]Wittenberg Enrollment20 African-Americans Matriculate1:19/221989
[ ]Ohio Bell Lecture SeriesAd executive to speak3:49/221989
[ ]Residence HallsAsbestos Removal Continues Til '923:19/221989
[ ]Baroque Solo CantataBaroque solo cantata to visit9:39/221989
[ ]Field HockeyField Hockey13:49/221989
[ ]Cross CountryGreg Reck12:19/221989
[ ]Buildings; Residence Halls; Hanley Hall; FiresHanley Hall Students Routed In $20 Fire6:39/221989
[ ]Student SenateHearing Board nominees tabled until Friday3:29/221989
[ ]Mann, JackMann designs 1989-90 series poster9:39/221989
[ ]Wittenberg SeriesMann Designs 1989-90 Series Poster9:39/221989
[ ]Education DepartmentNew Instructor Appreciates Campus Openness5:49/221989
[ ]Fellows, Dr. Karen R.New instructor appreciates campus openness5:49/221989
[ ]Swanson, KristenNew Librarian adds international perspective to Wittenberg9/221989
[ ]Oksenberg, Michael, Dr.Oksenberg Explains U.S.-Sino Differences1:19/221989
[ ]Wittenberg SeriesOskenberg explains U.S.-Sino Differences1:29/221989
[ ]DeathsProf John Schlump Dies1:49/221989
[ ]Schlump, Prof. John O.;DeathsProf. John Schlump dies1:49/221989
[ ]Habitat for HumanityProfessor founds Habitat for Humanity2:39/221989
[ ]Habitat For HumanityProfessor Founds Habitat For Humanity2:39/221989
[ ]Heaney, AmySenior Spotlights16:19/221989
[ ]Cross CountrySports Spotlight: Greg Reck12:19/221989
[ ]Field HockeySports Spotlight: Theresa Brant13:49/221989
[ ]Union BoardTalent abounds during music video traxx8:39/221989
[ ]Field HockeyTheresa Brant13:49/221989
[ ]Security OfficeTwo Students Attacked: `Could Have Been Stoped'1:19/221989
[ ]Reske, Professor JamesVisiting professor favors international business, aims for West Germany5:19/221989
[ ]Kinnison, Dr. William A.;Student SenateWittenberg "presidents" share views1:59/221989
[ ]FootballWittenberg defeats case12:19/221989
[ ]FootballWittenberg Defeats Case12:19/221989
[ ]Student SenateWittenberg `Presidents' Share Views1:59/221989
[ ]Conservation ClubWU Conservation Club maps awareness-raising program7:39/221989
[ ]Baroque Solo Cantata"Cantata" series to feature John M. (Mac) Sabol9/291989
[ ]Student Housing$300,000 Allocated For Renovations2:19/291989
[ ]Adams, AnnAdams Enjoys Witt Atmosphere9/291989
[ ]American International Association (AIA)AIA boasts 250 members, group enters third year9/291989
[ ]American International Association (AIA)AIA boasts 250 Members: Group Enters Third Year1:19/291989
[ ]Career Development and PlacementAlumni Careers Day set for Homecoming weekend3:49/291989
[ ]Kadish, Katherine S.Art professor hired9/291989
[ ]Yearbookbehind schedule9/291989
[ ]Springfield CommunityCampus-community tensions need airing9/291989
[ ]VolleyballCarla Kungl volleyball senior captain9/291989
[ ]VolleyballCarla Kungl Volleyball Senior Captain13;39/291989
[ ]Committee on Interracial Multicultural AwarenessCIMA experiences delays1:49/291989
[ ]Faculty RetreatFaculty review promotion, tenure, pay9/291989
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentFall Performance Cast Is Choosen7:59/291989
[ ]Fazio, DavidFazio Sculpture speaks volumes9/291989
[ ]Student SenateFreshmen will revote9/291989
[ ]SoccerHazard is soccer standout9/291989
[ ]Soccer - MenHazard Is Soccer Standout12:39/291989
[ ]Conservation ClubLife in the '90s: trash dump living10:19/291989
[ ]Manning, PhilManning resigns position9/291989
[ ]Student HousingManning Resigns Position4:49/291989
[ ]Springfield CommunityNeighbors displeased with students9/291989
[ ]Chess ClubPost founds Chess Club7:59/291989
[ ]Charles, Ray; ConcertsRay Charles, Raelettes schedule concert Saturday7:39/291989
[ ]Student SenateSenate approves nominees9/291989
[ ]Bell, Jonathon; Lethcoe, BryanSenior Spotlights16:19/291989
[ ]Brown, TonySenior Spotlights16:49/291989
[ ]Sociology DepartmentSociologist examines links between drugs, crime9/291989
[ ]VolleyballVolleyball team is trying to get its act together9/291989
[ ]VolleyballVollyball Team Is Trying To Get Its Act Together12:19/291989
[ ]SoccerWitt men's soccer team unbeaten in Eight outings9/291989
[ ]Soccer - MenWitt Men's Soccer Team Unbeaten in Eight Outings13:19/291989
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterWitt Women Students Are Offered Examinations By Hospital Internist5:19/291989
[ ]Womyn's CenterWomen's Center out to change reputation9/291989
[ ]Field HockeyWomen's field hockey team shuts out Depauw University 2-09/291989
[ ]Field HockeyWomen's Field Hockey Team Shuts Out DePauw University, 2-013:59/291989
[ ]Young Socialist AllianceYSA founder: "Socialism looked good"9/291989
[ ]Union Board"Suitable, Superbly funny"10/61989
[ ]Steinle, Dr. Eric M.California professor enjoys Witt10/61989
[ ]Hong, XueChinese Teacher/Student enjoys student, "Fresh culture"10/61989
[ ]Faculty RetreatFaculty retreat produces results10/61989
[ ]FootballFootball nears homecoming10/61989
[ ]FootballFootball Nears Homecoming13:110/61989
[ ]Hispanic AssociationHurrican Hugo affects Witt students10/61989
[ ]AlcoholR.A., Student arrested for aggravated drug trafficking10/61989
[ ]Residence HallsR.A., Student Arrested For Aggravated Drug Trafficking1:410/61989
[ ]Student SenateSenate discusses vendor policy, Kinnison must approve10/61989
[ ]Biles, Luara; Lenhart, Gina; Murphy, Laurence, M.Senior Spotlights16:110/61989
[ ]Shanor, SteveSenior Spotlights16:410/61989
[ ]SoccerSoccer holds lead10/61989
[ ]Soccer - MenSoccer Holds Lead3:110/61989
[ ]Buildings; South Hall; FiresSouth Hall catches fire10/61989
[ ]Bread for the WorldStudents fast for world hunger1:210/61989
[ ]Common LearningStudents perform with bread and puppet theatre1:110/61989
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentTidwell Adds Life To theatre With Three-Hat Act7:110/61989
[ ]Conservation ClubToters installed for recycling2:110/61989
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesTwo rush infractions so far10/61989
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesTwo Rush Infractions So Far5:310/61989
[ ]Wittenberg String EnsembleViolin and Viola players needed10/61989
[ ]Baroque Solo CantataVocal concert on tap10/61989
[ ]Community ServiceVolunteering run by students2:310/61989
[ ]Cross CountryWomen's Cross Country fairs well10/61989
[ ]Cross CountryWomen's Cross Country Fairs Well13:410/61989
[ ]Union Board`Suitably, Superby Funny'7:310/61989
[ ]Just Released"Just Released" alternative music for Witt masses8:310/131989
[ ]AlcoholAlcohol is a poison4:110/131989
[ ]Career Development and PlacementAlumni Careers Day offers options5:410/131989
[ ]Amnesty International (AI)Amnesty International: You do see results1:210/131989
[ ]Amnesty International (AI)Amnesty International: You Do See Results1:210/131989
[ ]BookstoreBarnes and Noble sells books at 'suggested retail'2:310/131989
[ ]BookstoreBarnes and Noble Sells Books At `Suggested Retail'2:310/131989
[ ]Crossroads FestBigger and better Crossroads Festival organized4:310/131989
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesBlack greek 101 informing students3:110/131989
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesBlack Greek 101 Informing Students3:110/131989
[ ]BookstoreBookstore policies questioned1:510/131989
[ ]BookstoreBookstore Policies Questioned1:510/131989
[ ]FootballCoach Neibuhr is optimistic about Tigers10:310/131989
[ ]FootballCoach Neibuhr Is Optimistic About Tigers10:310/131989
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterHealth center doesn't dispense birth control2:110/131989
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterHealth Center Dosen't Dispense Birth Control2:110/131989
[ ]Leno, JayJay Leno to jest Witt10/131989
[ ]Student SenateKeller Elected Freshman Senator1:310/131989
[ ]Student SenateKeller elected freshmen senator1:310/131989
[ ]Cross CountryLaura Lentz10:110/131989
[ ]SportsLaura Lenz10:110/131989
[ ]SoccerMen's soccer ranked 18th10:110/131989
[ ]Soccer - MenMen's Soccer Ranked 18th10:110/131989
[ ]Alcohol and Drug AbuseMock trial planned5:110/131989
[ ]Parents WeekendParents weekend invites discussion1:110/131989
[ ]Parents WeekendParents' Weekend Invites Discussion1:110/131989
[ ]Art Department; Ramsay, Prof. GeorgeRamsay's Art Displayed9:110/131989
[ ]Eshelman, Anne; Major, DianeSenior Spotlights12:110/131989
[ ]Sunday, MissySenior Spotlights12:410/131989
[ ]AlcoholStrict implication when providing alcohol to minors1:110/131989
[ ]Alcohol PolicyStrict Implications When Providing Alcohol To Minors1:110/131989
[ ]Union BoardUB brings Kane "Jason" Hodder to perform stunts8:310/131989
[ ]Union BoardUB week slated8:410/131989
[ ]Union BoardUnion Board Brings Kane `Jason' Hodder To Perform Stunts8:310/131989
[ ]American International Association (AIA)`Bigger and Better' Crossroads Festival Organized4:310/131989
[ ]Bolls, Mrs. ImogeneBolls publishes second book, 'Earthbound' contest result6:410/201989
[ ]English DepartmentBolls Publishes Second Book; `Earthbound' Contest Result6:410/201989
[ ]Conservatives ReferenceConservative's reference mailer opens on campus to mixed reviews1:410/201989
[ ]SportsKurt Ellenberger13:310/201989
[ ]ScholarshipsLanschow nominated for Rhodes Scholarship10/201989
[ ]Springfield CommunityNew Orleans Jazz comes to Springfield10/201989
[ ]RugbyRugby Needs Experience13:310/201989
[ ]Rugby ClubRugby needs experience10/201989
[ ]International StudentsRussians fit in at Witt10/201989
[ ]International StudentsRussians Fit In At Witt2:110/201989
[ ]Student SenateSenate eyes allocation reins10/201989
[ ]Student SenateSenate Eyes Allocation Reins1:210/201989
[ ]Dallas, Mark; Rogers, JamieSenior Spotlights16:110/201989
[ ]Fazio, DavidSenior Spotlights16:410/201989
[ ]Rugby ClubSports Spotlight: Kurt Ellenberger10/201989
[ ]Hurricane HugoStudent studying away recounts Hugo10/201989
[ ]Wittenberg SeriesTroupe to wrap message in colorful entertainment10/201989
[ ]Student SenateVoices Wins Recognition From Senate1:110/201989
[ ]VoicesVoices wins recognition from student senate10/201989
[ ]Wiebenga, Dr. William; ProvostWiebenga: Witt students being prepared for life experiences1:110/201989
[ ]SportsWomen's sports wrap-up10/201989
[ ]Basketball - Men"Team Dictates Style" Hipsher believes10/271989
[ ]Basketball - Men'Team Dictates Style'12:110/271989
[ ]Art TherapyArt therapy valuable in dealing with tension10/271989
[ ]Psychology DepartmentArt Therapy Valuable In Dealing With Tension7:110/271989
[ ]1989 California EarthquakeCalifornians comment on quake: express concerns about families1:410/271989
[ ]Crossroads FestCrossroads '89: Turnout super in spite of cold1:110/271989
[ ]American International Association (AIA)Crossroads '89: Turnout Super In Spite Of Cold1:110/271989
[ ]PubDr. Seuss means more than cats in hats. Now a classic rock band10/271989
[ ]Field HockeyField hockey team defeats hope, Depauw in MIchigan tournament10/271989
[ ]Field HockeyField Hockey Team Defeats Hope, DePauw in Michigan Tournament13:110/271989
[ ]FootballFootball Hold Even Record As Season End Nears12:510/271989
[ ]FootballFootball holds even record as season end nears10/271989
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterG-1 Flu bug spreads on campus10/271989
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterG-I Flu `Bug' Spreads On Campus3:210/271989
[ ]Habitat for HumanityHabitat elects exec, plans begin to help families10/271989
[ ]Habitat For HumanityHabitat For Humanity Elects Exec; Plans Begin To Help Families4:110/271989
[ ]SportsJason Brodehl13:310/271989
[ ]Lenschow--AwardsLenschow Nominated For Rhodes Scholarship1:410/271989
[ ]Mathematics DepartmentMath professors up for tenure10/271989
[ ]Music DepartmentMusic at Witt to offer several special recitals10/271989
[ ]Ruby TuesdayOroboros to appear at Ruby's10/271989
[ ]1989 California EarthquakeProfs discuss impact of the earthquake1:310/271989
[ ]National Press CoverageProfs Discuss Impact Of The Earthquake1:310/271989
[ ]Student SenateSenate has closed meeting10/271989
[ ]Student SenateSenate Has Closed Meeting2:110/271989
[ ]Barger, Christopher, 'Kick'Senior Spotlights16:310/271989
[ ]Fisher, Anne; Hull, SteveSenior Spotlights16:110/271989
[ ]FootballSports Spotlight: Jason Brodahl10/271989
[ ]VoicesVoices continues a long running tradition of female empowerment10/271989
[ ]Union BoardWitt Students Privileged -- Squeeze Stops Once In Ohio7:310/271989
[ ]SqueezeWitt students reivileged - Squeeze stops once in Ohio10/271989
[ ]Security OfficeWoman attacked at Plum St. UDF10/271989
[ ]Security OfficeWoman Attacked at Plum St. UDF1:110/271989
[ ]Soccer - WomenWomen's Soccer Fares `Well' As First NCAC Season Ends12:110/271989
[ ]Wittenberg Theatre"Good Woman" good show11/31989
[ ]Buildings; Fires; Security Office; Tower Hall1106 Tower door burns11/31989
[ ]Committee on Interracial Multicultural AwarenessCIMA calls for more minorities on faculty1:111/31989
[ ]Common LearningCommon Learning students explore gender roles9:111/31989
[ ]DrugsDrug Cases Are Heard2:111/31989
[ ]Musical EventsKalliope performs with Wilmington11/31989
[ ]Wittenberg SeriesLecturer to speak as Witt series continues11/31989
[ ]Wittenberg SeriesLecturer To Speak As Witt Series Continues1:211/31989
[ ]SportsPaul Goodrich13;111/31989
[ ]AbortionPro-choice Elicits large Witt Turnout11/31989
[ ]AbortionPro-Choice Elicits Large Witt Turnout1:111/31989
[ ]Wittenberg TheatreSatire, comedy and drama characterize the one acts11/31989
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentSatire, Comedy, and Drama Characterize The One Acts6:411/31989
[ ]Bredemeir, SteveSenior Spotlights16:311/31989
[ ]Phelps, JenSenior Spotlights16:111/31989
[ ]Radio station; WUSOSideswiped by Frisco Earthquake11/31989
[ ]Escort ServiceSome Students Say Escort Service Slow1:311/31989
[ ]Security OfficeSome students say escort service slow11/31989
[ ]SoccerSports Spotlight: Paul Goodrich11/31989
[ ]Board of DirectorsStudents air issues with Board of Directors11/31989
[ ]Board of DirectorsStudents Air Issues With Board Of Directors1:411/31989
[ ]Coping at CollegeStudents offered help with coping2:311/31989
[ ]Cross CountryThree from Witt NCAC qualifiers11/31989
[ ]Cross CountryThree From Witt NCAC Qualifiers12:111/31989
[ ]FootballTiger Grid team drops heartbreaker to Depauw11/31989
[ ]FootballTiger Grid Team Drops Heeartbreaker To DePauw12:111/31989
[ ]VolleyballVolleyball team heads for NCAC tournament11/31989
[ ]VolleyballVolleyball Team Heads For NCAC Tournament13:411/31989
[ ]Field HockeyWitt women fall to Wooster11/31989
[ ]Soccer - WomenWitt Women Fall To Wooster12:311/31989
[ ]Musical EventsWittenberg's string ensemble and chamber trio to perform11/31989
[ ]WUSOWUSO Is Sideswiped by 'Frisco Earthquake2:111/31989
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department`Good Woman' Good Show6:111/31989
[ ]Squeeze"Katrina + The Waves open Squeeze"11/101989
[ ]Otten, Terry R."Otten Explores Pulitzer Winner"11/101989
[ ]Security Office"Students not evacuating"11/101989
[ ]Racial IssuesAnti-racist messages found in art11/101989
[ ]Wittenberg TheatreAuditions are scheduled11/101989
[ ]Copeland, Dr. WarrenCopeland's seat secure1:111/101989
[ ]Owen, RobertFormer Oliver North courier to speak Tuesday CDR11/101989
[ ]Wittenberg SeriesHear mathematician11/101989
[ ]Student CenterIs it for elephants, cars or houses11/101989
[ ]Career Development and PlacementJobs program is ongoing1:411/101989
[ ]Committee on Interracial and Multicultural AffairsMontag: funds to implement full CIMA agenda are not available1:111/101989
[ ]FootballMullen Named NCAC Defensive Player Of Week12:411/101989
[ ]SportsRandy Ritter13:111/101989
[ ]Conservation ClubRecycling effort to be expanded2:111/101989
[ ]Student SenateSenate abolished honoraria11/101989
[ ]Student SenateSenate Abolishes Honoraria1:111/101989
[ ]Hernandis, Jill; Zimmerman, LoriSenior Spotlights16:111/101989
[ ]Lambert, LynnSenior Spotlights16:411/101989
[ ]Chang, Shih-Ming LiShe Didn't Think She Would Be Able to Do What?6:411/101989
[ ]Field HockeyStickers second at State Tourney11/101989
[ ]Field HockeyStickers Second At State Tourney12:211/101989
[ ]FootballTigers pound Earlham: even record at 4-4; Mullen named NCAC defensive player of week; Sports spotlight: Randy Hitter11/101989
[ ]FootballTigers Pound Earlham; Even Record At 4-412:111/101989
[ ]Intramural SportsWitt Intramural sports interest noted by Beck11/101989
[ ]Intramural SportsWitt Intramural Sports Intrest Noted By Beck13:411/101989
[ ]Community RelationsWitt to pursue town/gown amity1:211/101989
[ ]ChapelWorship service to be held6:111/101989