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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Rathskeller"Closed" Rathskeller reopens12:11/151988
[ ]Rathskeller'Closed' Rathskeller Reopens12:11/151988
[ ]Graduation; Graduation SpeakersBombeck to Give Graduation Speech1:21/151988
[ ]Wolf, Dr. Herbert;DeathsDr. Wolf dies at 644:11/151988
[ ]Wolf, Dr. Herbert;DeathsDr. Wolf Dies at 644:11/151988
[ ]Greek SystemGreek system under scrutiny1:11/151988
[ ]Greek SystemGreek System Under Scrutiny1:11/151988
[ ]Residence HallsNorth, South, and Keller modernize4;11/151988
[ ]Residence HallsNorth, South, and Keller Modernize4:11/151988
[ ]Rath, StephanieSenior Spotlight1/151988
[ ]Tugend, Steve; Rath, StephanieSenior spotlight16:11/151988
[ ]Rill, VickySoftball coach takes helm9:41/151988
[ ]Rill, VickySoftball Coach Takes Helm9:41/151988
[ ]Torch; WUSOTorch, WUSO Face Financial Troubles1:31/151988
[ ]WUSOTorch, WUSO face financial Troubles1:31/151988
[ ]Easum, Donald B.Wilson Series Host Easum3:31/151988
[ ]Easum, Donald B.Wilson series hosts Easum3:31/151988
[ ]Ackerman, VanAckerman To Direct "1940's Radio Hour"12:11/221988
[ ]Ackerman, VanAckerman To Direct '1940's Radio Hour'12:11/221988
[ ]Shafer, TimothyArtist recital13:41/221988
[ ]Shafer, TimothyArtist Recital13:41/221988
[ ]Kohl, KristyKohl promoted4:11/221988
[ ]Kristy, KohlKohl Promoted4:11/221988
[ ]Li, Ronald Fook ShiuLi arrested1:41/221988
[ ]Li, Ronald Fook ShiuLi Arrested1:41/221988
[ ]Bixel, Curt; Yunker, TomSenior Spotlight16:11/221988
[ ]Allison, SteveSports Spotlight8:41/221988
[ ]Grammas, MargaretSports Spotlight9:31/221988
[ ]Grammas, MargaretSpotlight9:31/221988
[ ]Stockwell, JohnStockwell to speak4:11/221988
[ ]Stockwell, johnStockwell To Speak4:11/221988
[ ]Wittenberg UniversityWBNS visits Witt3:11/221988
[ ]Wittenberg UniversityWBNS Visits Witt3:11/221988
[ ]Mance, MarieAnnouncements15:11/291988
[ ]Mance, MarieAnnouncements15:51/291988
[ ]ConvenantConvenant tours U.S.14:11/291988
[ ]ConvenantConvenant Tours U.S.14:11/291988
[ ]Brown, DavidDavid "Brownie" Brown, senior spotlight16:11/291988
[ ]Greek SystemDelta Iota Kappa forms11:11/291988
[ ]Greek SystemDelta Iota Kappa Forms11:11/291988
[ ]Greek SystemFrats face size decrease4:11/291988
[ ]Greek SystemFrats Face Size Decrease4:11/291988
[ ]Gorden McOwen retires after 32 years at Witt12:11/291988
[ ]McOwen, GordenGorden McOwen Retires After 32 Years at Witt12:11/291988
[ ]Alumnae/AlumniPhone-a-thon Best Yet1:11/291988
[ ]Alumnae/AlumniPhone-A-Thon Best Yet1:11/291988
[ ]Rubin, HeidiRubin Brings Artistic Talent to Witt5:11/291988
[ ]Rubin, HeidiRubin brings artistic talent to Wittenberg5:11/291988
[ ]Mooney, Liz; Brown, David 'Brownie'Senior Spotlight16:11/291988
[ ]Shaw, BrendaSpotlight9:41/291988
[ ]VanBrackel, ChrisSpotlight8:11/291988
[ ]Force MD'sForce MD's coming13:12/51988
[ ]Force MD'sForce MD's Coming13:12/51988
[ ]Hobbs, Dr. HortonHobbs Cautious Over National Spotlight1:12/51988
[ ]Holly, PatHolly Gets Win # 1009:12/51988
[ ]Holly, PatHolly gets win #1009:12/51988
[ ]Board of DirectorsNew Board meets3:32/51988
[ ]Board of DirectorsNew Board Meets3:32/51988
[ ]Physical PlantPhysical plant ready to move3:12/51988
[ ]Physical PlantPhysical Plant Ready To Move3:12/51988
[ ]Rubin, HeidiSculpture draws mixed reactions1:12/51988
[ ]Rubin, HeidiSculpture Draws Mixed Reactions1:12/51988
[ ]Adams, Ted; Graf, DebbieSenior spotlight16:12/51988
[ ]Baldridge, BradSpotlight8:32/51988
[ ]Burns, AnneSpotlight9:32/51988
[ ]Stockwell, JohnStockwell reviews the "Secret Wars"5:12/51988
[ ]Stockwell, JohnStockwell Reviews The 'Secret Wars'5:12/51988
[ ]Thompson, HeideThompson enjoys work4:22/51988
[ ]Thompson, HeideThompson Enjoys Work4:22/51988
[ ]Wittenberg UniversityWittenberg gaining national attention4:12/51988
[ ]Wittenberg UniversityWittenberg Gaining National Attention4:12/51988
[ ]Security OfficeCAP system to increase security1:42/121988
[ ]Security OfficeCAP System To Increase Security1:42/121988
[ ]Truman AwardDenny selected as a finalist for Truman Award13:12/121988
[ ]Truman AwardDenny Selected As A finalist For Truman Award13:12/121988
[ ]Garrison, Rob; Thomas, LeanneSenior Spotlight16:12/121988
[ ]Beto, LaurieSpotlight8:12/121988
[ ]Waverly ConsortWittenberg series presents waverly concert12:12/121988
[ ]Waverly ConsortWittenberg Series Presents Waverly Consort12:12/121988
[ ]Black History ProgramWynton Marsalis Heads Black History Program3:12/121988
[ ]Evans, PamCoach spotlight9:12/191988
[ ]Evans, PamCoach Spotlight9:12/191988
[ ]InternshipsInternship allows students to gain experience12:12/191988
[ ]InternshipsInternship Allows Students To Gain Experience12:12/191988
[ ]Student HousingKinnison orders action of off-campus smoke detectors1:12/191988
[ ]Student HousingKinnison Orders Action On Off Campus Housing1:12/191988
[ ]Mance, MarieMance learning on job4:12/191988
[ ]Mance, MarieMance Learning On Job4:12/191988
[ ]Morrison, Dr. PhilipMorrison to give lecture2/191988
[ ]Morrison, Dr. PhilipMorrison to Give Lecture15:52/191988
[ ]Student SenateSenate votes to keep honorarium system1:42/191988
[ ]Student SenateSenate Votes To Keep Honorarium System1:42/191988
[ ]Donathan, WendelSpotlight8:12/191988
[ ]Stafford, TomStafford reveals keys to craft3:22/191988
[ ]Stafford, TomStafford Reveals Keys to Craft3:22/191988
[ ]Baroque Solo CantataBaroque solo cantata performed for Lent10:12/261988
[ ]Baroque Solo CantataBaroque Solo Cantata Performed For Lent10:12/261988
[ ]Wittenberg - HistoryDiary reveals Wittenberg of the 1860's1:12/261988
[ ]Wittenberg - HistoryDiary Reveals Wittenberg Of The 1860's1:12/261988
[ ]Kikushi, KonomiKikuchi shares experiences in U. S.11:12/261988
[ ]Kikuchi, KonomiKikuchi Shares Experiences in U.S.11:12/261988
[ ]Story, LizLiz Story rocks Witt3:12/261988
[ ]Story, LizLiz Story Rocks Witt3:12/261988
[ ]Morris, Dr. EarlMorris Collapses In Stands1:12/261988
[ ]Morris, Dr. Earl F.Morris collapses in stands1:12/261988
[ ]Billstone, Bob; Pisarski, SashaSenior spotlight16:12/261988
[ ]Davis, KathySpotlight9:32/261988
[ ]FraternitiesSurvey Shows Fraternities Develop Character5:12/261988
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesSurvey shows fraternities develop character5:12/261988
[ ]Swimming and Diving - WomenTigers take third in Penn-Ohio tournament9:32/261988
[ ]Swimming and Diving - WomenTigers Take Third in Penn-Ohio Tournament9:32/261988
[ ]Hovan, Jov12:13/41988
[ ]Dewine, Congressman MichaelDewine addresses international issue1:23/41988
[ ]DeWine, MikeDeWine Addresses International Issue1:23/41988
[ ]Hovan, JovHovan, Jov.12:13/41988
[ ]Morrison, Dr. PhilipMorrison Advocates Inflation Theory1:13/41988
[ ]Morrison, Dr. PhilipMorrison Advocates inflations theory1;13/41988
[ ]Driscoll, ChrisNot A Student, Not A Hippie, It's...Chris Driscoll13:13/41988
[ ]Driscoll, ChrisNot a Students, not a hippie, it's... Chris Driscoll13:13/41988
[ ]Perko, DavidSenior developing "Perkoian" Theory11:13/41988
[ ]Perko, DavidSenior Developing 'Perkoian' Theory11:13/41988
[ ]Curtis, MindySenior spotlight16:13/41988
[ ]Curtis, MindySenior Spotlight16:13/41988
[ ]Tipton, SeanTipton: North Hall H.D.12:33/41988
[ ]Buildings$8 million art center planned4:14/81988
[ ]Buildings$8 Million Art Center Planned4:14/81988
[ ]BuildingsConstruction update: lobby looking brighter11:14/81988
[ ]BuildingsConstruction Update: Lobby Looking Brighter11:14/81988
[ ]Krug, JudithFreedom stifled1:14/81988
[ ]Krug, JudithFreedom Stifled1:14/81988
[ ]Student DemocratsJackson and Bush visits fall through1:44/81988
[ ]Student DemocratsJackson And Bush Visits Fall Through1:44/81988
[ ]Special CollectionsLibrary acquires caricature prints3:14/81988
[ ]Thomas Library - Special CollectionsLibrary Acquires Caricature Prints3:14/81988
[ ]Nickell, LynnePublications loses director3:34/81988
[ ]Nickell, LynnePublications Loses Director3:34/81988
[ ]Powell, Darryl; Ruehrwein, JoeySenior spotlight16:14/81988
[ ]Schmit, PaulSpotlight9:34/81988
[ ]Jazz Tap EnsembleWitt to host jazz group3:34/81988
[ ]Jazz Tap EnsembleWitt To Host Jazz Group3:34/81988
[ ]BookstoreBookstore future uncertain4:14/151988
[ ]BookstoreBookstore Future Uncertain4:14/151988
[ ]Student Alumni AssociationCampus to Celebrate charter11:14/151988
[ ]Student Alumni AssociationCampus to Celebrate Charter11:14/151988
[ ]Educational Policies Committee (EPC); Course CreditEPC reviews current credit system1:34/151988
[ ]Course CreditEPC Reviws Current Credit System1:34/151988
[ ]Interfraternity CouncilIFC discusses "Confusion"1:14/151988
[ ]Interfraternity CouncilIFC Discusses 'Confusion'1:14/151988
[ ]Hein, JohnSenior Spotlight4/151988
[ ]Kehnle, Amy; Hein, JohnSenior spotlight16:14/151988
[ ]Lentz, T. J.; Lentz, T.J.Spotlight9:14/151988
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate plans expansion5:14/151988
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate Plans Expansion5:14/151988
[ ]Union BoardThrill of Victory in "Battle"12:14/151988
[ ]Union BoardThrill of Victory in 'Battle'12:14/151988
[ ]Bush, Barbara"Quietly Presidential"3:14/221988
[ ]Bush, Barbara'Quietly Presidential'3:14/221988
[ ]Student SenateActivity Fee Rise?1:44/221988
[ ]Carter, Hodding IIIHodding Carter III Candidly Talks Politics3:34/221988
[ ]Carter, Hooding IIIHooding Carter III candidly talks politics3:34/221988
[ ]Marketing ClubMarketing Club Wins Award5:44/221988
[ ]Marketing ClubMC wins award5:44/221988
[ ]Hall, RichRich Hall here11:14/221988
[ ]Hall, RichRich Hall Here11:14/221988
[ ]MacLoed, Ian; Sommer, ChrisSenior spotlight16:14/221988
[ ]Sommers, ChrisSenior Spotlight4/221988
[ ]College RepublicansWitt Republicans are honored4:14/221988
[ ]College RepublicansWitt Republicans Are Honored4:14/221988
[ ]Updike, JohnWitt series hosts John Updike1:14/221988
[ ]Escort ServiceEscorts promoting safety11:34/291988
[ ]Escort ServiceEscorts Promoting Safety11:34/291988
[ ]Reynolds, Dr. SteveFaculty spotlight16:14/291988
[ ]Reynolds, Dr. SteveFaculty Spotlight16:14/291988
[ ]Charter Day BallMusic and Dance at Charter Day Ball3:54/291988
[ ]Blue, DougSenior Spotlight16:14/291988
[ ]Updike, JohnUpdike Tours Witt1:44/291988
[ ]Medvedkov, Dr. OlgaWmen's rights overlooked in USSR3:14/291988
[ ]Medvedkov, OlgaWomen's Rights Overlooked in USSR3:14/291988
[ ]Wittenberg Dance Company16:35/61988
[ ]Dance CompanyDance Company16:35/61988
[ ]Delemos, KimDelemos receives fellowship3:15/61988
[ ]Delemos, KimDelemos recieves Fellowship3:15/61988
[ ]Phi Kappa PsiPhi Kappa Psi's Suspended1:15/61988
[ ]Phi Kappa PsiPhi Kappa Psis suspended1:15/61988
[ ]Masek, Wendy; Owens, Jeff; Masek, Wendy; Owens, JeffSenior Spotlight20:15/61988
[ ]Apartheid; ShantytownShantytown protest against apartheid4:15/61988
[ ]ShantytownShantytown Protest Against Apartheid4:15/61988
[ ]Agora; AGORAWatch for AGORA1:45/61988
[ ]College RepublicansWitt Republicans attend Bush talk4:45/61988
[ ]College RepublicansWitt Republicans Attend Bush Talk4:45/61988
[ ]Smith, Linda"Coach of the Year"8:45/131988
[ ]Cronaur, Adrian"Good Morning Nam," as told by Cronaur5:15/131988
[ ]Smith, Linda'Coach of the Year8:45/131988
[ ]Cronaur, Adrian'Good Morning Nam', As Told By Cronaur5:15/131988
[ ]AgoraAgora: "A Huge Success"4:15/131988
[ ]AGORAAgora:'A Huge Success'4:15/131988
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS celebrates 20th year5:15/131988
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS Celebrates 20th Year5:15/131988
[ ]Alma Mater; Cramer, KimberCramer named Alma Mater1:15/131988
[ ]Horton, DonMc Cartney, Horton named new coaches9:45/131988
[ ]Horton, DonMcCartney, Horton Named New Coaches9:45/131988
[ ]McCartney, RoyMcCartney, Horton named New Coaches9:45/131988
[ ]Davis, Mark; Galligan, KarenSenior Spotlight16:15/131988
[ ]Scott, TimTim Scott taking in Witt experience11:15/131988
[ ]Scott, TimTim Scott Taking In Witt Experience11:15/131988
[ ]Thompson, HeideTravel explosion11:15/131988
[ ]Thompson, HeideTravel Explosion11:15/131988
[ ]Radio station; WUSOTurning the tunes12:35/131988
[ ]WUSOWUSO Turning The Tunes12:35/131988
[ ]McGlaughing, JanetA return to a simple style5:15/201988
[ ]McGlaughing, JanetA Return To A Simple Style5:15/201988
[ ]Medford, PaulaCar crash puts Medford in intensive care unit1:35/201988
[ ]Medford, PaulaCar Crash Puts Medford In Intensive Care Unit1:35/201988
[ ]Credit SystemCredit system offers flexibility4:15/201988
[ ]Credit SystemCredit System Offers Flexibility4:15/201988
[ ]Susbury, SarahLacrosse players named all-american8:15/201988
[ ]Weiss, JennyLacrosse players named All-American8:15/201988
[ ]Weiss, JennyLacrosse Players Named All-American8:15/201988
[ ]RathskellarRat Relocated3:45/201988
[ ]RathskellerRat relocated3:45/201988
[ ]Brown, Bengt; Crockett, FredSenior Spotlight16:15/201988
[ ]Patterson, StuSports Spot9:15/201988
[ ]O'Connor, Dr. JosephCampus honors O'Connor4:35/271988
[ ]O'Connor, Dr. JosephCampus Honors O'Connor4:35/271988
[ ]Wilson, JosephineEnviornment may effect obesity3:15/271988
[ ]Wilson, JosephineEnvironment May Effect Obesity3:15/271988
[ ]HypnotistHypnotist astonishes Witt4:15/271988
[ ]HypnotistHypnotist Astonishes Witt4:15/271988
[ ]Wilson, JosephineJosephine Wilson receives ODK award3:45/271988
[ ]Wilson, JosephineJosephine Wilson Receives ODK Award3:45/271988
[ ]Meyer, BethMeyer hurdles to nationals8:15/271988
[ ]Meyer, BethMeyer Hurdles to Nationals8:15/271988
[ ]Student SenateSenate execs divided1:35/271988
[ ]Student SenateSenate Execs Divided1:35/271988
[ ]Kest, Jerry; Tighe, PeggySenior spotlight16:15/271988
[ ]Tirmonia, MikeSports spot9:15/271988
[ ]Tirmonia, MikeSports Spot9:15/271988
[ ]BuildingsSummertime construction: Ferncliff and Student Union3:15/271988
[ ]BuildingsSummertime Construction; Ferncliff, Student Union3:15/271988
[ ]Reeves, Richard"Quiet Corruption" rising9/231988
[ ]EnrollmentEnrollment up9/231988
[ ]Wittenberg EnrollmentEnrollment Up3:19/231988
[ ]FootballFootball rebounds against Muskingum9/231988
[ ]FootballFootball Rebounds Against Muskingum9:19/231988
[ ]Field HockeyGood start to hockey season9/231988
[ ]Field HockeyGood Start to Hockey Season8:19/231988
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesGreek refoms implemented9/231988
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesGreek Reforms Implemented1:39/231988
[ ]Security OfficeGuests require escorts9/231988
[ ]Security OfficeGuests Require Escorts4:39/231988
[ ]SportsJudge rules NCAA's drug testing unconstitutional75:19/231988
[ ]Swanson, KristenNew Librarian Adds International Perspective . . .3:39/231988
[ ]Common LearningNew Student Finds Common Learning a Valuable Experience7:19/231988
[ ]SportsPolice attempt to gain drug test results10:39/231988
[ ]Reeves, RichardQuiet Corruption Rising3:19/231988
[ ]SportsRat Olympic's Future Bright10:39/231988
[ ]Diehl, Jeanne E.Rental property manager resigns9/231988
[ ]Student SenateSenate members gain valuable experience9/231988
[ ]Edwards, BillSenior Spotlights16:39/231988
[ ]Wigal, JoySenior Spotlights16:19/231988
[ ]Soccer - WomenSoccer holds own9/231988
[ ]Soccer - WomenSoccer Holds Own8:39/231988
[ ]Soccer - MenSoccer Season Hopeful9:39/231988
[ ]Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldSpringfield Area places to go9/231988
[ ]Security OfficeSpringfield Gangs linked to Wittenberg attacks9/231988
[ ]Student Center; Student UnionStudent Center nears completion1:19/231988
[ ]Pine, JohnStudent's car stolen9/231988
[ ]TorchTorch advisor resigns4:39/231988
[ ]VolleyballVolleyball soars9/231988
[ ]VolleyballVolleyball Soars8:19/231988
[ ]SportsWitt changes to new conference9:49/231988
[ ]Residence HallsWittenberg receives seven new hall directors9/231988
[ ]Cross CountryX-Country debut9/231988
[ ]Cross CountryX-Country Debut9:19/231988
[ ]National News;Politics"Politics is more exciting than sex"?6:19/301988
[ ]Harris, LaDonna; Speakers; Woodrow Wilson Fellowship;Activist To Speak: Supports American Indian Self-Government3:19/301988
[ ]Student EnrollmentAdult Student enrollment rises13:19/301988
[ ]Campus LifeAppointment book 'terrific' gift4:19/301988
[ ]Library; SmokingButt out when entering library3:49/301988
[ ]Buildings;Campus Building Have Long, Diverse History11:19/301988
[ ]Campus Life; Schult, David "Dave"Chalk drawings depict nuclear horror4:19/301988
[ ]College Life; FriendshipCollege friendships will prove valuable6:19/301988
[ ]Computer-assisted instruction; Phillips, Gerald M.Computer Professor [at Penn State University]2:39/301988
[ ]Cross CountryCross-Country Improves8:19/301988
[ ]Student Aid; Drugs;National News;Dealers Denied Aid4:19/301988
[ ]Bhattacharyya, Deborah P.; Edwards, Pamela; Faculty; Gwinn, Lawrence "Larry"; Ham, James; Millen, Rochelle L.; Taylor, Thomas T.; Faculty receives six new members11:19/301988
[ ]Field HockeyField Hockey Improves Record To 7-19:19/301988
[ ]Brown, Chris; Residence Halls; Smolinsky, Paula; Soccer - Men; ; Walsh, Ginger; Women's ProgramFour new hall directors share "Common Role"12:19/301988
[ ]Hague, Heather; Soccer - WomenHague Named OAC Player Of The Week9:19/301988
[ ]Wittenberg Enrollment; International Students;Internationals Attracted To Witt, Record High3:39/301988
[ ]Kellog, SusanKellog Head Of Volunteers4:39/301988
[ ]Kipness, Robert; GiftsKipness artwork donated15:19/301988
[ ]FootballPolar Bears Drifted By Tigers8:29/301988
[ ]Boston University; College LifeRules prohibit overnight guests: 'All of life after 11 p.m. has been banned'14:29/301988
[ ]Security Office; TheftSecurity Problems Down4:39/301988
[ ]Ansari, RaminSenior Spotlights16:39/301988
[ ]Mawhinny, ChristineSenior Spotlights16:19/301988
[ ]National News; RapeSexual assault prevention sought10:19/301988
[ ]Rape;Sexual Harassment;Brookings, Jeffrey B.;Sexual violence study released1:39/301988
[ ]Soccer - MenSoccer Remains Tough Despite Injuries8:19/301988
[ ]Springfield Art Center; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldSpringfield Art Center has much to offer the Witt student12:19/301988
[ ]Springfield Art CenterSpringfield Art Center Has Much To Offer TheWittenberg Student12:19/301988
[ ]Gangs - Springfield; ; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldSpringfield Gangs linked to Wittenberg Attacks1:19/301988
[ ]Student DemocratsStudent Democrats promote awareness12:49/301988
[ ]Television;Library;Vax ComputersThe weekend belongs to ... T.V.?6:39/301988
[ ]Voinovich, George; College Republicans; SpeakersVoinovich Visit3:19/301988
[ ]VolleyballVolleyball Team Suffers Defeat9:39/301988
[ ]Oetgen, Lauren; Siscoe, Dee; Student Activities; Witt Welcomes Two New Administrators: Appointed as Director and Staff Assistant of Student Activities5:19/301988
[ ]Wittenberg Dance CompanyWittenberg Dance Company Gets Into Step13:19/301988
[ ]Student SenateAdvice offered on student stree management10/71988
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities; Alpha Delta PiAlpha Delta Pi Celebrates Anniversary11:110/71988
[ ]AWAREAWARE10/71988
[ ]Ferncliff HallCliff's Facelift3:410/71988
[ ]Residence HallsCliff's facelift10/71988
[ ]Voinovich, GeorgeClose fight for senated10/71988
[ ]ComputersComputer C-word13:110/71988
[ ]ComputersComputer guide13:210/71988
[ ]Copeland, Dr. WarrenCopeland appointed3:110/71988
[ ]Copeland, WarrenCopeland Appointed3:110/71988
[ ]Student DemocratsDemocrats propose improved education10/71988
[ ]Walters, Dr. BillDr. Walters receives award10/71988
[ ]Music DepartmentDr. Walters Recieves Award5:310/71988
[ ]Voinovich, GeorgeDraws mixed crowd10/71988
[ ]Field HockeyField Hockey team revived10/71988
[ ]Field HockeyField Hockey Team Revived9:310/71988
[ ]Smith, RitaFreshmen Elect Smith1:310/71988
[ ]Student SenateFreshmen elect Smith10/71988
[ ]Campus LifeGlobal emphasis 'stands out' at Wittenberg4:410/71988
[ ]Harris, LaDonnaHarris shares native roots10/71988
[ ]Harris, LaDonnaHarris Shares Native Roots3:310/71988
[ ]Cross CountryLentz predicts strong finish10/71988
[ ]Cross CountryLentz Predicts Strong Finish8:110/71988
[ ]English DepartmentMiller Resigns Due To Conflict1:110/71988
[ ]Miller, PaulMiller resigns due to conflict10/71988
[ ]Howard, RobSenior Spotlight16:110/71988
[ ]Lewis, SusanSenior Spotlights16:110/71988
[ ]WUSOShake-up at WUSO5:110/71988
[ ]WUSOShake-Up At WUSO5:110/71988
[ ]Union BoardSponsors drive-in movie13:110/71988
[ ]Security OfficeStudents: Children or Adults?10/71988
[ ]Swanger, Eugene R.Swanger warns of 'Ugly American' syndrome10/71988
[ ]Soccer - WomenThe Captains Came Tumblin' Down9:110/71988
[ ]Soccer - WomenThe captains came tumblin' down...10/71988
[ ]Soccer - MenTigers Overtake Defending Champs8:110/71988
[ ]FootballTigers win10/71988
[ ]FootballTigers Win8:410/71988
[ ]Amnesty International (AI)U2 lobbies for Massachusetts Amnesty Chapter10/71988
[ ]Union BoardUB Sponsors Drive-In Movie13:110/71988
[ ]Voinovich, GeorgeViews questioned10/71988
[ ]Voinovich, GeorgeVoinovich Draws Mixed Crowd1:310/71988
[ ]VolleyballVolleyball wins OAC victories10/71988
[ ]VolleyballVolleyball Wins OAC Victories9:110/71988
[ ]Volunteer ServicesVolunteers aid in community10/71988
[ ]Career Development and PlacementCD & P to host alumni careers day4:310/141988
[ ]Kottler, HowardCeramic artist presents work10/141988
[ ]Kottler, HowardCeramic Artist Presents Work5:110/141988
[ ]English Department; ColloquiaColloquia10/141988
[ ]Campus SpeakersComputer experts to discuss role of computers in society4:110/141988
[ ]Music DepartmentConcerts announced10/141988
[ ]College RepublicansCR's must 'cease and desist'8:310/141988
[ ]Scholarship CommitteeFour nominated for prestigious scholarships10/141988
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesGreek statements help improve communications10/141988
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesGreek Statements Help Improve Communications5:110/141988
[ ]Student SenateGroups move into Dietrich House10/141988
[ ]Cross CountryHunter Is Opptimistic9:410/141988
[ ]Cross CountryHunter is optimistic10/141988
[ ]Intramural SportsIntramurals take off10/141988
[ ]Leno, JayJay Leno To Jest Witt3:110/141988
[ ]Student SenateParents weekend offers myriad of activities10/141988
[ ]Parents WeekendParents' Weekend Offers Myriad of Activites5:110/141988
[ ]Parents WeekendParents' Weekend offers myriad of activities10/141988
[ ]Student CenterPub opens with new look and policies10/141988
[ ]Student UnionPub Opens With New Look and Policies1:110/141988
[ ]College RepublicansRally promotes student awareness2:310/141988
[ ]RugbyRugby second in state10/141988
[ ]RugbyRugby Second In State9:110/141988
[ ]Field HockeySchwartz leads attack10/141988
[ ]Field HockeySchwartz Leads Attack9:410/141988
[ ]Barcroft, AdamSenior Spotlight16:210/141988
[ ]Marshall, TiffanySenior Spotlight16:110/141988
[ ]Thomas LibrarySmokers Snubbed In Library Ban6:410/141988
[ ]Soccer - WomenSoccer survives injuries10/141988
[ ]Soccer - WomenSoccer Survives Injuries9:410/141988
[ ]Student DemocratsStudent Democrats attend Ohio Convention10/141988
[ ]Tiger LifeTiger Life Formed3:510/141988
[ ]FootballTigers drown Otters10/141988
[ ]FootballTigers Drowned Otters9:210/141988
[ ]Outdoor ClubWhitewater Challenge planned10/141988
[ ]WUSOWUSO hopes to attract more listeners10/141988
[ ]WUSOWUSO Hopes To Attract More Listeners3:110/141988
[ ]ben-Jochannan, Yosef, Dr.African Scholar To Speak4:110/211988
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)African scholar to speak4:110/211988
[ ]AWAREAlcohol awareness kicks off10/211988
[ ]Biology DepartmentChild Is Not Welcome In Biology Department3:110/211988
[ ]Hitt, John B.; Biology DepartmentChild is not welcome in Biology Dept3:110/211988
[ ]Crossroads FestCrossroads Fest celebrate international cuisine4:110/211988
[ ]Field HockeyField Hockey 11-5-110/211988
[ ]Field HockeyField Hockey 11-5-19:310/211988
[ ]HomecomingHomecoming to be eventful10/211988
[ ]HomecomingHomecoming To Be Eventful1:310/211988
[ ]International Education OfficeInternational education10/211988
[ ]Kottler, HowardKottler Ceramic art displayed at Witt10/211988
[ ]Kottler, HowardKottler Ceramic Art Displayed At Witt3:110/211988
[ ]Security OfficeMaster keys May Threaten Security10/211988
[ ]Security OfficeMaster Keys May Threaten Security1:110/211988
[ ]Otten, Terry R.Otten selected as top prof10/211988
[ ]Otten, Terry, Dr.Otten Selected As Top Prof5:110/211988
[ ]Security OfficePermits upset students10/211988
[ ]Security OfficePermits Upset Students3:310/211988
[ ]Senior ClassSenior class discusses plans10/211988
[ ]Price, LaurieSenior Spotlight16:110/211988
[ ]White, RobSenior Spotlights16:110/211988
[ ]Welch, BrianSports Spolight8:110/211988
[ ]FootballThe Battle of the "bergs"10/211988
[ ]FootballThe Battle Of The `Bergs'8:310/211988
[ ]SoccerTigers tie Wooster10/211988
[ ]Soccer - MenTigers Tie Wooster8:110/211988
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesUnderserved Abuse Aimed At Greek System7:110/211988
[ ]Variety ShowVariety Show10/211988
[ ]VolleyballVolleyball team wins 5 of 710/211988
[ ]VolleyballVolleyball Team Wins 5 of 79:110/211988
[ ]TheatreWilder's: Skin of our teeth10/211988
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentWilder's: Skin Of Our Teeth11:110/211988
[ ]College RatingsWitt rates among the top5:110/211988
[ ]University RankingsWitt Rates Among The Top5:110/211988
[ ]Leno, Jay2500 Attend Leno Concert In New Field House1:110/281988
[ ]Wittenberg SeriesComputer ethics debated10/281988
[ ]McBride, DougDoug McBride to perform in Rat10/281988
[ ]Union BoardESP performer10/281988
[ ]Dixon, MimiFaculty Spotlight16:110/281988
[ ]Field HockeyField Hockey marks tenth shut-out10/281988
[ ]Field HockeyField Hockey Marks Tenth Shut-Out9:110/281988
[ ]FIRMFIRM's profits prosper10/281988
[ ]SportsFour freshmen beat collegiate athletic odds8:110/281988
[ ]Goldberg, SteveGoldberg Places Third In ADFPA9:410/281988
[ ]SportsGoldberg places third in ADFPA9:410/281988
[ ]Just ReleasedGuitarist Hall Director joins Student band10/281988
[ ]Residence HallsHall targets of graffiti10/281988
[ ]Residence HallsHalls Targets Of Graffiti3:310/281988
[ ]Student DemocratsLiberal values stressed10/281988
[ ]Lil' Sibs WeekendLil' Sibs Weekend returns10/281988
[ ]Wittenberg CampusLil' Sibs Weekend Returns3:110/281988
[ ]SportsMale cheerleading at Wittenberg10/281988
[ ]College RepublicansRally attracts Witt students5:310/281988
[ ]RumorsRumors feared10/281988
[ ]Wittenberg CampusRumors Feared3:110/281988
[ ]Irwin, KarenSenior Spotlights16:110/281988
[ ]Wittenberg SeriesSeries Goals10/281988
[ ]Soccer - WomenSoccer Team Holds Together Against Odds9:110/281988
[ ]Just ReleasedSoulful sounds of "Just Released" at Wittenberg10/281988
[ ]FootballTigers Capitalize on turnovers10/281988
[ ]FootballTigers Capitalize On Turnovers8:110/281988
[ ]Wittenberg SeriesWitt Series Goals4:110/281988
[ ]Wittenberg CampusWittenberg Inn Plans Resumed, Placed On Hold1:210/281988
[ ]Wittenberg InnWittenberg inn plans resumed, placed on hold10/281988
[ ]Romm, Ronny`Innermost Thoughts Revealed' ESP Performer3:410/281988
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities; Beta Theta PiArticle causes problems with Betas and Leadership11/41988
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities; Beta Theta PiArticle Causes problems With Betas And Leadership1:111/41988
[ ]CompetitionsBMI composer competition9:111/41988
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesGreeks to rise from the dead11/41988
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesGreeks To Rise From The Dead5:111/41988
[ ]InternshipsIntern to Phili: great11/41988
[ ]Intramural SportsIntramurals enhanced by Enthusiasm11/41988
[ ]Intramural SportsIntramurals Enhanced By Enthusiasm8:111/41988
[ ]ban-Jochannan, Yosef, Dr.Jochannan Uncovers Myth5:311/41988
[ ]ben-Jochannan, Dr. YosefJochannan uncovers myth11/41988
[ ]Cross CountryLentz & Cleary shine11/41988
[ ]Loftus, ChrisSenior Spotlights12:111/41988
[ ]Rubino, RodSenior Spotlights12:311/41988
[ ]BuildingsSynod Hall Cools Down With AC4:111/41988
[ ]Synod HallSynod Hall cools down with AC11/41988
[ ]TheatreThe One Acts11/41988
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentThe One Acts9:111/41988
[ ]FootballTigers outdistance DePauw11/41988
[ ]FootballTigers Outdistance DePauw8:111/41988
[ ]American International Association (AIA)Variety of Cultures Represented At Crossroads Festival1:111/41988
[ ]Crossroads FestVariety of cultures represented at Crossroads Festival2:311/41988
[ ]Ruby Tuesday"The Life and Times" play at Ruby's11/111988
[ ]Health CenterCampus mono cases rise11/111988
[ ]Wittenberg CampusCampus Mono Cases Rise5:311/111988
[ ]ChapelChoral vespers service4:111/111988
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities; Delta Sigma PhiDelta Sigma Phi Loses Pledge Class; Officers1:111/111988
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities; Delta Sigma PhiDelta Sigma Phi loses pledge classes, officers11/111988
[ ]Wind EnsembleEnsemble program11/111988
[ ]VolleyballGibboney voted all OAC11/111988
[ ]VolleyballGibboney Voted All OAC7:111/111988
[ ]Marketinginterview aid11/111988
[ ]Momix Dance CompanyMomix makes Dance "something it's never been"11/111988
[ ]Momix Dance CompanyMomix Makes Dance `Something It's Never Been'1:311/111988
[ ]Must, MelissaMust: Player Of The Week7:511/111988
[ ]Soccer - WomenMust: Player of the week11/111988
[ ]Collins, Julia, L.; Markson, MikeSenior Spotlights12:111/111988
[ ]TheatreStafford Reviews "The Skin of our teeth"11/111988
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentStafford Reviews `The Skin Of Our Teeth'8:111/111988
[ ]Swimming and DivingSwimmers plunge into season11/111988
[ ]Swimming and DivingSwimmers Plunge Into Season7:311/111988
[ ]Patterson, StuSports spot9:112/101988