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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Wittenberg HealthWitt receives a "Clean Bill of Health"Note: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:11/61987
[ ]Student BankAutomatic teller extends banking hours1:31/161987
[ ]Bennett, Dr. Linda L.Bennett named Hamilton Co. author of the year12:11/161987
[ ]Computer SystemComputer screens provide publicity for organizations4:11/161987
[ ]Escort ServiceEscort Service undergoes changes6:11/161987
[ ]Grill RoomGrill room receives "facelift"13:11/161987
[ ]North HallNorth residents threatened with damage fee increase4:11/161987
[ ]Heidel, SallySenior Spotlight10:31/161987
[ ]Martell, ScottSenior spotlight10:11/161987
[ ]Martell, ScottSenior Spotlight10:11/161987
[ ]CalendarTrimester squeaks by 77-741:31/161987
[ ]MascotsWittenberg receives new Tiger mascot1:11/161987
[ ]Alpha Delta PiAlpha Delta Pi survives bomb scare4:31/231987
[ ]Bauer, RuthBauer resigns, Woodlawn/South seek new president7:11/231987
[ ]HealthFlu outbreak reaches "serious proportions"1:11/231987
[ ]Math WorkshopForty percent of freshmen fail math placement1;31/231987
[ ]Hayes, BillyHayes shares real "Midnight Express"4:31/231987
[ ]North Hall; South HallNorth, South among halls that receive renovations4:11/231987
[ ]Greek PledgesNumber of greek pledges soars above '86 total8:11/231987
[ ]Student AidReagan proposes radical cuts in Student Aid5:11/231987
[ ]Bader, JoeSenior spotlight12:31/231987
[ ]Morgan, MiriamSenior Spotlight12:11/231987
[ ]Sigma NuSigma Nu renovation in final stages7:11/231987
[ ]Onusic, ToddBig brother, little brother13:21/301987
[ ]Delta Sigma ThetaDelta Sigma Theta sponsoring extravaganza9:11/301987
[ ]English DepartmentEnglish Deptartment proposes senior thesis honors8:11/301987
[ ]Field HockeyField hockey team invited to Bermuda Tourney11:11/301987
[ ]Grill RoomGrill Room grand opening features big give aways6:11/301987
[ ]Hoefer, LaurieHoefer semi-finalist for Truman award5:21/301987
[ ]International Education DeptInternational education department updates new policy policies16:11/301987
[ ]Sutter, PaulSenior Spotlight12:11/301987
[ ]Residence LifeStudents cry foul over dorm search1:11/301987
[ ]Burke, MikeBurke awarded scholarship to Vanderbilt Med School5:12/61987
[ ]Student SenateFrubee appoints committee to draft Senate Constitution1:12/61987
[ ]Degenhardt, SheldonSenior Spotlight12:32/61987
[ ]Sutton, KarenSenior Spotlight12:12/61987
[ ]Sigma NuSNu's may drop from IFC1:12/61987
[ ]Wittenberg ChoirWittenberg Choir returns from weekend retreat10:12/61987
[ ]Amnesty International (AI)Amnesty International plans death penalty discussion5:12/131987
[ ]Behrman, Dr. Cynthia F.Behrman: Modern women moving ahead despite "Historical Baggage"7:22/131987
[ ]Renovation PlansKinnison reveals long-term renovation plans4:12/131987
[ ]TheatreNational Theatre of the Deaf to perform tonight14:12/131987
[ ]North Hall; South HallNorth, South next to join co-ed family1:12/131987
[ ]Osbun, Jack D.Osbun finds new excitement in ancient Mexican art13:12/131987
[ ]Wittenberg ChoirPfalzgraf, Dotson making plans for spring choir tour of the Southeast United States14:12/131987
[ ]Danish, John; Vasbinder, DinaSenior spotlight12:12/131987
[ ]Security OfficeSerious campus crimes raise security concerns1;12/131987
[ ]Schindler, Pamela S.; Stockstill, Lowell E.; Stockstill, Lowell E.Stockstill, Schindler win teaching award7:22/131987
[ ]Radio station; WUSOWUSO sponsors danceteria, spring break giveaway4:12/131987
[ ]Paterson, KatherineAward-winning children's author to visit7:12/201987
[ ]Thompson, HeideLetter incure wrath of students1:22/201987
[ ]Student SenateMarketing 'cou' nets $42321:22/201987
[ ]Forg, FarranSenior spotlight12:12/201987
[ ]Wrentmore, JimSenior spotlight12:32/201987
[ ]Birchenough, DarrelSetting sights in right direction5:22/201987
[ ]Student Senate"Fritz in a Blitz"1:12/271987
[ ]Paterson, KatherinePeterson stirs audience response4:12/271987
[ ]Bracken, Sam; Burns, MargaretSenior Spotlight8:12/271987
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)Apathy biggest stumbling block for RHA4:13/61987
[ ]Union BoardBands war tonight1:33/61987
[ ]Hockman, JerryHockman celebrates 16 years as the voice of the Tigers9:33/61987
[ ]Swimming and DivingRecords smashed as Tiger swimmers head for nationals9:33/61987
[ ]Rivera, JoseSenior spotlight10:33/61987
[ ]Parrill, AnneSenior spotlights10:13/61987
[ ]Basketball - Men; Basketball - Men; BasketballTigers win OAC, regional tourney next8:13/61987
[ ]AthleticsWhen positive is negative. Drug testing1:33/61987
[ ]Kappa DeltaKappa Delta's charter suspended1:14/171987
[ ]Miller, Arthur R.Miller to speak April 221:14/171987
[ ]Student SenateSenate studying constituion1:34/171987
[ ]Hoffman, Doug; Larkin, CathySenior salute9:14/171987
[ ]Greek SystemWittenberg implementating Greek study5:34/171987
[ ]Resident Advisors1987-88 Resident advisors announced4:24/241987
[ ]Alma MaterFive nominees for Alma Mater announced1:14/241987
[ ]Umble, Bob;Umble, MauraMore than just another set of Hall Directors8:14/241987
[ ]Stolfo, LindaSenior Spotlight9:14/241987
[ ]West, MarcSenior spotlight9:14/241987
[ ]Colly-Brown, LeeColley-Brown tames the tornado11:15/11987
[ ]CalendarFaculty vote sets new system1:45/11987
[ ]Hoefer, LaurieHoefer receives Truman award1:15/11987
[ ]Hagen, ElisabethSenior spotlight11:15/11987
[ ]Hill, LarrySenior Spotlight5/11987
[ ]Reisner, PamCoordinator for the Math Workshop11:15/81987
[ ]Simon, ArthurExecutive director of Bread for the World to speak on campus1:15/81987
[ ]TorchSenate funds computer1:15/81987
[ ]Horner, JackSenior spotlight11:15/81987
[ ]McDorman, AmySenior Spotlight11:15/81987
[ ]Carmack, AaronSixteen year-old freshmen explore Wittenberg9:15/81987
[ ]Copeland, BenSixteen-year-old freshmen explore Wittenberg9:15/81987
[ ]Bennett, Dr. Linda L.; Forg, Farran; Krejci, Susie; Jordan, VanWashington Semester8:15/81987
[ ]Tennis - WomenWomen capture OAC tennic crown6:15/81987
[ ]Lacrosse - WomenWomen's lacrosse posts best record ever6:15/81987
[ ]Geho, AlisonSenior Spotlight10:15/151987
[ ]Adren, ToddSenior Spotlight (Todd Adren)10:15/151987
[ ]Alma Matersommer named Alma Mater1:15/151987
[ ]ApartheidStudents speak out against Apartheid4:15/151987
[ ]FootballWatters joins Dawgs8:15/151987
[ ]TheatreWittenberg theatre to present "The Cherry Orchard"1:45/151987
[ ]Wittenberg Organization of Women (WOW)WOW looking to extend membership1:15/151987
[ ]Education DepartmentEducation majors honored1:35/221987
[ ]Matuskik, ChrisSenior Spotlight8:15/221987
[ ]Setterfield, CharlieSenior Spotlight8:35/221987
[ ]Winchell, PhilipWinchell receives summer scholarship1:15/221987
[ ]Wittenberg EnrollmentFreshman enrollment up1:19/251987
[ ]Baker, John R.New profs arrive8:29/251987
[ ]Fisher, JeffreyNew profs arrive8:39/251987
[ ]Harwood, Dr. WilliamNew profs arrive8:19/251987
[ ]Shelborne, Dr. BrianNew profs arrive8;29/251987
[ ]Tiffany, FrederickNew profs to arrive8:39/251987
[ ]RathskellerRat to close3:19/251987
[ ]Anderson, MarleneSenior profiles12:19/251987
[ ]Cable, DanSenior Profiles12:19/251987
[ ]Anderson, MikeSports spotlight7:59/251987
[ ]Tustin, TomTustin rocks Rat9:19/251987
[ ]Student UnionUnion faces dramatic changes1:19/251987
[ ]Casey, TimCasey returns to Witt6:110/21987
[ ]INXSINXS to perform at Witt3:110/21987
[ ]Library FundsLibrary outlines goals for future1:110/21987
[ ]Biddle-Barrows, Sydney; SpeakersMadame Tells All9:110/21987
[ ]Grosh, JoannaNew profs arrive8:510/21987
[ ]Ito, Dr. KinkoNew profs arrive8:110/21987
[ ]Lombardi, MarkNew profs arrive8:210/21987
[ ]Taati, PoopakNew profs arrive8:410/21987
[ ]Welker, RobertNew profs arrive8:310/21987
[ ]Furbee, JeffSenior Spotlight12:210/21987
[ ]Williams, MargaretSenior spotlight12:110/21987
[ ]Goodrich, PaulSports Spot7:110/21987
[ ]Mak, JennieSports spot6:510/21987
[ ]AWARE NightclubAWARE Nightclub of to a Slow Start5:110/91987
[ ]BookstoreBarnes & Noble take over Wittenberg bookstore4:110/91987
[ ]Terry, Dr. AnnFaculty Spotlight10;110/91987
[ ]Loh, Eng SengLoh, Eng Seng11:310/91987
[ ]Montagnese, MicheleSenior Spotlight16:110/91987
[ ]Ramsey, JeffSenior spotlight16:110/91987
[ ]Koontz, BethSports spotlight6:410/91987
[ ]Nigro, MikeSports spotlight6:110/91987
[ ]FootballTigers win thriller and hit the big 5006:110/91987
[ ]Radio station; WUSOWUSO is back in stereo12:110/91987
[ ]Mukherjee, Bharati; Blaise, Clark; Mukherjee, BharatiBlaise and Mukherjee Woodrow Wilson Speakers7:110/161987
[ ]FacultyFaculty to retreat--new credit system1:310/161987
[ ]Belcher, BradHomecoming king1:110/161987
[ ]Montagnese, MicheleHomecoming queen1:110/161987
[ ]Hillerich, BartIn Remembrance...3:310/161987
[ ]Peterson, PeteJoin Witt staff6:110/161987
[ ]Current, MaxMax Current joins Witt staff6:110/161987
[ ]Witt Gospel ChoirNew Witt Gospel choir formed11:110/161987
[ ]Binnig, HollySenior Spotlight12:310/161987
[ ]Guldenzhopf, JohnSenior Spotlight12:110/161987
[ ]Barrett, TonySports spotlight6:410/161987
[ ]Marchant, MaraSports spotlight6:110/161987
[ ]Brown, Lee ColeySubstance abuse help offered10:110/161987
[ ]Marketing ClubFun Run successful1:110/231987
[ ]Graf, DebbieGraf entertains Rat9:110/231987
[ ]McEvoy, Dr. AlanMcEvoy appears on Phil Donahue show4:110/231987
[ ]Perkins, Donald R.Perkins returns8:110/231987
[ ]Maldonado, AixaSenior spotlight12:110/231987
[ ]Ross, EricSenior Spotlight12;110/231987
[ ]Medvedkov, Dr. OlgaSvoiet dissident arrives1:410/231987
[ ]York, RichardYork to give faculty recital10:110/231987
[ ]Ankrom, JeffAnkrom: Tenure Discussed3:510/301987
[ ]College LifeCollege life, "Dynamic Christian" group formed at Wittenberg4:110/301987
[ ]Dawson, SteveDawson's Tenure Discussed4:110/301987
[ ]Essig, JohnIt's never too late to learn10:110/301987
[ ]DeTombe, MissySenior Spotlight12:310/301987
[ ]Ingram, AndySenior Spotlight12:110/301987
[ ]Bonner, KennySports Spotlight6:410/301987
[ ]Cochran, RobinSports Spotlight7:410/301987
[ ]Student DemocratsStudent Democrats host Ohio Treasurer1:110/301987
[ ]Watter, ScottWatters excels as Buffalo Linebacker6:110/301987
[ ]Wittenberg ChoirWitt choir to present variety show8:110/301987
[ ]Soccer - WomenWomen's Soccer team finishes at 11-3-27:110/301987
[ ]Drug TestingDrug testing policy created1:411/61987
[ ]Field HockeyField Hockey finishes third in state tournament7:111/61987
[ ]Hudson, Dr. GeorgeHudson researches soviet policies and practices3:111/61987
[ ]KalliopeKalliope to perform10:111/61987
[ ]Wolfe, Randel L.Pee Wee at Wittenberg8:111/61987
[ ]Carroll, DeniseSenior Spotlight12:411/61987
[ ]SoccerSoccer season a success6:111/61987
[ ]Cook, DaveSports Spotlight6:111/61987
[ ]Zimmerman, Dr. CarolineZimmerman to take leave7:111/61987
[ ]Bishop ClementBishop Clement visits Witt6:411/131987
[ ]KalliopeKalliope depicts courtly life and love1:111/131987
[ ]Board of DirectorsPresident announces new Board of Directors1:111/131987
[ ]Hambrick, Helen; Perko, DavidSenior spotlight8:111/131987
[ ]Sims, MichelleSims resigns from RHA4:411/131987
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate referendum passes1:111/131987
[ ]VolleyballTeam closes out season5:111/131987
[ ]Gill, Mary EllenThirty years of dedication will be missed7:111/131987
[ ]Wind EnsembleWind ensemble to perform6:411/131987
[ ]Cross CountryWomen Harriers place 5th in OAC5:111/131987
[ ]Antonio, LeightonSenior spotlight12:112/61987