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[ ]Theatre"'Anything goes' is going on at Chakeres"8:101/311986
[ ]Pousoulides, Dimitrios"Gramm-Rudmann: Politics in Action"8:31/311986
[ ]Greek Council"Greek Council off to great start with new advisor"8:91/311986
[ ]Hunter, Coach Larry"Hunter strives for academic and athletic excellence"8:131/311986
[ ]International Students"International students learning American way of life"8:71/311986
[ ]Vasey, Scott Frederic"Libyan terrorists once again playing with international fire"8:31/311986
[ ]Mortar Board (organization)"Mortar Board: Annual Elections Start the new year off correctly"8:91/311986
[ ]Resident Advisors"RA selection begins"8:141/311986
[ ]Security Office"security steps up towing"8:81/311986
[ ]Acquaintance Rape"Students speak out on date rape"8:41/311986
[ ]Task Force on Alcohol"Task force on alcohol wants to 'Promote responsibility'"8:81/311986
[ ]Margerum, Rich"Thirteen predictions that will change your life"8:31/311986
[ ]Terry, Wallace"Wallace Terry gives speech at UDR"8:11/311986
[ ]Freshmen"Winter weekend" planned at Witt8:51/311986
[ ]Feindt, M.B.A nosey survey8:31/311986
[ ]Arena, Dr. LindaArena elected to NCAA National Softball Committee8:131/311986
[ ]Celeste, Mrs. DagmarDagmar Celeste to visit Wittenberg8:61/311986
[ ]Education DepartmentEmphasis on Education8:91/311986
[ ]Biology DepartmentLearning in the Sunny Bahamas8:91/311986
[ ]Marketing ClubMarketing club gets new look8:91/311986
[ ]Library, Special CollectionsNew position of special librarian filled8:51/311986
[ ]Metzger, JerryOne act plays to be performed at Blair8:101/311986
[ ]PUCOPUCO commissioner visits Witt8:51/311986
[ ]Johnson, KjirstenSenior spotlight1/311986
[ ]Lipke, TammySenior spotlight8:161/311986
[ ]Wilson, Donspeaks at Wittenberg8:61/311986
[ ]Epiphany LecturesThe Epiphany Lectures: Rev. Rudolph Featherstone; Rev. Maurice Ngakane8:61/311986
[ ]Weaver Chapelto hold medeival candlelight service8:141/311986
[ ]Food ServicesWittenberg begins new saga in food service history1:11/311986
[ ]Womyn's CenterWomen's Center active at Witt4:11/311986
[ ]Student Senate"1985-86 Seante wrapping up term"10:42/141986
[ ]Francis, Stuart"Afghan Freedom Fighters Spread News"10:72/141986
[ ]Security Office"Attacks reported on campus"10:12/141986
[ ]Student Bank"Bank to Change Procedures"10:82/141986
[ ]Almen, Ruth; Tighe, Peggy"How to avoid winter"10:32/141986
[ ]Aitken, Jennifer"Issues of Love"10:32/141986
[ ]Howat, John K. "John K Howatt to visit Wittenberg"10:72/141986
[ ]Anderson, Doug"November Guests"10:62/141986
[ ]Student Senate"Organizations make pleas for funds"10:42/141986
[ ]Student Union"Students asked for input on Student Union renovations"10:42/141986
[ ]Student Senate"Suspect elections test 'Senate's Credibility'"10:12/141986
[ ]Student Union"Union to get a brand new look"10:42/141986
[ ]Biology DepartmentBiology offers field study in the Bahamas10:72/141986
[ ]Feindt, M.B.In search of an intellectual envioronment10:32/141986
[ ]Schnurr, MarkMark Schnurr doing internship in Springfield2/141986
[ ]ComputersMicro-Computer Lab installed at Witt10:12/141986
[ ]Drinking AgeNew drinking age would affect Witt social life10:42/141986
[ ]Drinking AgeOhio threatens to raise drinking age10:12/141986
[ ]Bruhn, KathleenSenior Spotlight10:122/141986
[ ]Lawson, KenSenior spotlight10:122/141986
[ ]Margerum, RichStep aside veg-o-matic10;32/141986
[ ]Union BoardUB donates $2500 to series10:52/141986
[ ]Wittenberg ChoirWitt Choir plans spring tour10:82/141986
[ ]Prospective StudentsWittenberg life revealed to prospectives10:52/141986
[ ]Hughes, BethSenior Spotlight11:162/191986
[ ]Almen, Ruth; Tighe, Peggy"101 Ways to Annoy Your Roomate"11:32/211986
[ ]Panhellenic Council"Committee considers deferring rush until sophomore year11:12/211986
[ ]Pousoulides, Dimitrios"Does Feminism promote discrimination?"11:12/211986
[ ]Floyd, Candice J."Election madness: at home and abroad"11:32/211986
[ ]Howat, John K. "Museum curator shares experiences with Wittenberg"11:132/211986
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)"RHA refocusses programming2/211986
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)"RHA reveals new officers"11:62/211986
[ ]Security Office"Security reveals facts about recent attacks"11:12/211986
[ ]Security Office"Senior presents self-defence program for residents"11:12/211986
[ ]Student Alumni Association"Student Alumni sets goals"11:72/211986
[ ]Prospective StudentsAdmissions office holds 'honors winter weekend'11:52/211986
[ ]AWAREAWARE debates new drinking age11:72/211986
[ ]Casey, PaulDid you ever wonder why?11:32/211986
[ ]Raise Awareness on Issues for Students and Education (RAISE) Information budget proposal affects education11:42/211986
[ ]Panhellenic CouncilPanhellenic council plans elections of officers11:22/211986
[ ]Raise Awareness on Issues for Students and Education (RAISE) RAISE plans trip to Washington D.C.11:142/211986
[ ]Melin, JanSwedish education differs from U. S. System11:62/211986
[ ]Albright, MikeSenior spotlight11:163/211986
[ ]Somes, TadSenior Spotlight12:13/301986
[ ]Carnes, Asa"Carnes Completes Second Major"1:34/111986
[ ]Goodman, Ellen"Ellen Goodman to speak at HPERC"1:14/111986
[ ]Greek Life"Greek leadership conference to be held April 12th"1:44/111986
[ ]Issachar Project"Issachar project will visit Witt"1:104/111986
[ ]Pousoulides, Dimitrios"Jesse Jackson on the Role of the Black Student"1:94/111986
[ ]Soviet Union"Misunderstanding the Russians"1:54/111986
[ ]Otis Day and The Knights"Otis Day to perform at Witt"4/111986
[ ]Lucas, Daniel"Pass the lithium"1:34/111986
[ ]Greek Life"Proposals Announced at Greek Assembly"1:14/111986
[ ]Security Office"Security announces new director"1:14/111986
[ ]Almen, Ruth; Tighe, Peggy"Things to consider..."1:94/111986
[ ]Phon-a-Thon200 participate in Phone-A-Thon (pic)1:14/111986
[ ]Casino NightCasino night gamblers break bank1:54/111986
[ ]Dance Concert 7Dance Concert 7 this weekend1:54/111986
[ ]Housing LotteryLottery date set1:104/111986
[ ]Cornett, MikeSenior Spotlight1:124/111986
[ ]Garrett, AmySenior Spotlight12:34/111986
[ ]Feindt, M.B.What is the capital of Montana?1:34/111986
[ ]Margerum, RichWho will really die when a line is crossed1:34/111986
[ ]Henning, DougA New Evening of Magic and Wonder to appear at old field house4/251986
[ ]Arikawa, JulieArikawa gets chance to study her heritage7:14/251986
[ ]BaseballBaseballers set new season winning record10:14/251986
[ ]Alma MaterCandidates named1:14/251986
[ ]Chicago Symphony WindsChicago Symphony Winds to perform at UDR6:14/251986
[ ]Goodman, EllenGoodman addresses HPERC crowd1:14/251986
[ ]Goodman, EllenGoodman stresses importance of Liberal Arts4:14/251986
[ ]Goodman, EllenGoodman's insight and personality both unique4:14/251986
[ ]Raise Awareness on Issues for Students and Education (RAISE) Members lobby on capitol hill14:14/251986
[ ]LacrosseMen's lacrosse blazing through lopsided victories10:14/251986
[ ]Tennis - MenMen's tennis try to repeat OAC championship11:14/251986
[ ]Escorcia, CarlosNicaraguan pastor visits campus14:14/251986
[ ]Day, OtisOtis Day packed with energy14:24/251986
[ ]Party for Advancement of Wittenberg (PAW)PAW holds second meeting5:14/251986
[ ]LibyaProfessors form panel to discuss Libyan incident8:14/251986
[ ]SoftballSoftball looks for a "Change in the weather"10:14/251986
[ ]Buscemi, William T.William Buscemi (spotlight)16:14/251986
[ ]Myers HallWomen to invade Myers in '871:34/251986
[ ]LacrosseWomen's lacrosse sweeps through10:14/251986
[ ]Tennis - WomenWomen's tennis winning with a young squad11:14/251986
[ ]Amnesty International (AI)Amnesty Holds Meeting1:15/21986
[ ]Weight ProblemsBody mass index indicates weight problem7:15/21986
[ ]DivestureColleges can profit from divesture4:15/21986
[ ]HolocaustDays of remembrance May 5-76:35/21986
[ ]Foreign StudentsDropping oil prices force foreign student exodus6:25/21986
[ ]Track and Field - MenFive tracksters qualify for OAC Tourney8:35/21986
[ ]Floyd, Candice J.Floyd awarded ALD Fellowship5:35/21986
[ ]Henning, DougHenning lives up to promise1:35/21986
[ ]JobsJob prospects improve modestly for spring grads5:15/21986
[ ]Track and Field - WomenLady tracksters prepare for OAC Tourney9:15/21986
[ ]TennisNetters produce four OAC champions9:35/21986
[ ]LibyaResponse may only serve as diversion3:15/21986
[ ]Springfield ArcadeSave the arcade7:35/21986
[ ]Party for Advancement of Wittenberg (PAW)Senate rejects PAW constitution1:15/21986
[ ]Loftus, DebbieSenior spotlight12:35/21986
[ ]Rio, JimSenior spotlight12:15/21986
[ ]SoftballSoftball squad finishes strong9:15/21986
[ ]BaseballWitt batsman tied for top spot in OAC8:15/21986
[ ]Women"Take Back the Night" rally sees large turnout1:15/91986
[ ]South Africa"This University has bloody money"1:15/91986
[ ]Delta Sigma Phi'Sig Day' carnival is huge success10:25/91986
[ ]AgoraAgora XIII to begin tomorrow8:15/91986
[ ]MilitaryBomb threats plague colleges that do military research4:15/91986
[ ]O'Connor, Dr. JosephDr. Joseph O'Connor12:15/91986
[ ]FacultyFaculty exempt from parking violations5:35/91986
[ ]MusicGabrieli Brass Festival V Begins May 1110:25/91986
[ ]International Education OfficeIEO announces orientation meeting10:25/91986
[ ]Lacrosse - MenMen's Lacrosse slips below .5009:45/91986
[ ]Tennis - MenMen's tennis remains undefeated9:15/91986
[ ]Writer's WorkshopNew Spectrum acceptin non-fiction prose11:35/91986
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)RHA steps up activities5:15/91986
[ ]Rumpke, RobRumpke accepts Lexington Post9:15/91986
[ ]EducationSenators accuse administration of "Prying into Texts"4:15/91986
[ ]Feindt, M.B.Senior spotlight12:15/91986
[ ]Weinstein, DaveSenior spotlight12:35/91986
[ ]Track and Field - MenTracksters prepare for Championships8=9:45/91986
[ ]Track and Field - MenTracksters prepare for Championships9:45/91986
[ ]InsuranceWittenberg's Insurance to jump 52 percent1:25/91986
[ ]Track and Field - WomenWomen tracksters 20-7 into OAC Championship9:15/91986
[ ]Honors; Arena, LindaArena honored at banquetNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.9:35/101986
[ ]Naisbitt, John"Megatrends" author to speak at commencement1:15/161986
[ ]Accuracy in AcademiaAIA's Opponents Strike Back4:25/161986
[ ]AWAREAWARE: The Facts5:15/161986
[ ]Chatfield, Earl Charles, Jr.Chatfield sees need 'to help the oppressed'2:25/161986
[ ]Peace CorpsExpects record number of openings10:35/161986
[ ]Physical FitnessFitness: Obligation or opportunity?3:15/161986
[ ]LibyaGov't watches libyan students more closely5:15/161986
[ ]Great Lake Film and Video FestivalGreat Lake Film & Video Fesitval accepting entries10:15/161986
[ ]Alma MaterJan Richards Named 1987 Alma Mater1:15/161986
[ ]McGovern, Catherine M.McGovern feels U.S. students "Extremely friendly"7:15/161986
[ ]Track and Field - MenMen's track places fifth in OAC9:35/161986
[ ]Ohio, MusicOhio... The heart of Rock & Rell1:35/161986
[ ]Hands Across AmericaOlmstead "Deserves Recognition" for hands across America2:25/161986
[ ]Metheny, PatPat Metheny [band] breaks "sonic barriers"4:25/161986
[ ]Springfield Arts CouncilPoster drawing contest set for summer10:35/161986
[ ]Math WorkshopReisner Satisfied after first year in workshop5:35/161986
[ ]Brucker, BethSenior Spotlight12:35/161986
[ ]Copeland, ScottSenior Spotlight12:15/161986
[ ]Shakespeare, WilliamShakespeare meets the '80's in current production7:15/161986
[ ]Tennis - MenTennis captures second straight OAC title8:15/161986
[ ]BaseballWitt baseballers secure berth in OAC tourney9:15/161986
[ ]Track and Field - WomenWomen tracksters take third in OAC Tournament9:15/161986
[ ]Theatre"Much Ado" succeeds in providing laughter5:15/301986
[ ]Modern ArtArt: Instinctive and glorious sensations7:15/301986
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS);Stokes, Louis; SpeakersCongressman Stokes addresses Witt students4:15/301986
[ ]Linde, Dave; Track and FieldDave Linde named track's MVP8:15/301986
[ ]Washington, D.C.Don Harris: Painting a picture5:15/301986
[ ]Business AffairsGeil explains spending of student tuition1:15/301986
[ ]Homeless in AmericaGreeks hold hands for America1:15/301986
[ ]Rock-n-RollHawk pursues Rock-n-Roll dream10:35/301986
[ ]Advertisements We HateHow to Host a Ghost3:15/301986
[ ]Ohio Athletic Conference (OAC)Kelly, Kuhel, and Simms grab all OAC honors8:35/301986
[ ]Security OfficeKrumholtz faces challenges of being new security director6:15/301986
[ ]Lacrosse - MenMen's lacrosse finishes a stronger season8:35/301986
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)RHA announces mug brother/bucket sister program4:15/301986
[ ]Student SenateSenate reviews off-campus housing and neighborhood10:15/301986
[ ]Burket, BeckySenior Spotlight12:35/301986
[ ]Roller, ScottSenior Spotlight12;15/301986
[ ]Thank-you'sThanks3:15/301986
[ ]SatireThe last hurrah: A Wittenberg carol2:15/301986
[ ]BaseballWitt baseball finish successful season8:15/301986
[ ]MoraleWitt Tiger integral part of university tradition6:15/301986
[ ]Athletics for womenWomen athletes end successful year9:15/301986
[ ]Lacrosse - WomenWomen's lacrosse completes first winning season9:15/301986
[ ]WUSO; Radio Station WCSO; Radio stationWUSO in need of new transmitter5:35/301986
[ ]Counseling CoordinatorYoung to become counseling coordinator10:15/301986
[ ]Bolls, Mrs. ImogeneA trip to Ireland20:110/31986
[ ]Thomas LibraryAcidic paper ruining library book collection12:110/31986
[ ]Agenda for ExcellenceAgenda for Excellence ushers in 142nd year1:110/31986
[ ]Amnesty International (AI)Amensty International fights wrongful imprisonment7:310/31986
[ ]Edwards, Dr. HarryEdwards speaks on plights of black athletes6:110/31986
[ ]Beals, Dr. Jacqueline; Bennett, Dr. Timothy; Driscore, Christopher; Evans, Pam; Fenno, Dr. Shelly; Huffman, Dr. Robert; Kazez, Daniel; Chang, Shih-Ming Li;; Muthard, Beverly; Rivera, Mr. Isdro; Wendel, Joyce; Faculty; ProfessorsEleven new professors join faculty15:110/31986
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesKinnison advocates shut-down of two frats1:110/31986
[ ]Lutheran ChurchesLutheran Churches merge14:110/31986
[ ]Residence HallsNo cure-all for residential problems4:210/31986
[ ]Student BankReferendum to decide fate of bank1:110/31986
[ ]Hays, EileenSenior Spotlight20:110/31986
[ ]Tax ReformTax reform to affect students, faculty9:110/31986
[ ]Hall DirectorsWitt welcomes new hall directors12:110/31986
[ ]Wolfe, RandallWolfe assumes new volunteer post5:110/31986
[ ]Radio station; WUSOWUSO striving for professionalism18:110/31986
[ ]Student Activities; Budget10% carryover cap to reduce bungled budgets4:110/101986
[ ]CalendarCalendar Hearing last time 'to rally troops'1:110/101986
[ ]Student SenateClark expelled from Senate, awaits appeal1:310/101986
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesGreeks surprised by presidential blast1:110/101986
[ ]Greek SystemIs there really no good in them?5:110/101986
[ ]Lacrosse - WomenLacrosse women named to All-American9:110/101986
[ ]Odom, DonnaOdom named director of Financial Aid6:110/101986
[ ]Wittenberg University Volunteer Program200 students involved in VSP4:310/171986
[ ]Student SenateBy-laws, retreat discussed at student senate meeting5:110/171986
[ ]Student SenateClark out; election set1:110/171986
[ ]RapeDate rape8:110/171986
[ ]CalendarHighlights of the commission's report on calendar issue5:110/171986
[ ]HomecomingHomecoming festivities kick off weekend1:110/171986
[ ]South African InvestmentsKinnison outlines South African investments policied4:110/171986
[ ]Student Alumni AssociationSAA sponsors alumni career day5:110/171986
[ ]CalendarSemester hearing and retreat scheduled4:110/171986
[ ]Clay, BrianSenior salute16:110/171986
[ ]Schmalenberger, SarahSenior salute10/171986
[ ]Swanger, Eugene R.Swanger appointed consultant13:110/171986
[ ]Buildings; Tower HallTower sponsors can drive12:110/171986
[ ]Computers$639,000 computing system one of top in country4:110/241986
[ ]Homecoming1986 homecoming picture page710/241986
[ ]Conrad, JillConrad soars over clouds12:310/241986
[ ]Student SenateEmergency Senate funding rescues Amandla4:110/241986
[ ]Field HockeyField hockey team ranked third8:110/241986
[ ]Career Development and PlacementJob interviews key to employment prospect at Career Development and Placement6:110/241986
[ ]Anderson, DougProfessor of Philosophy12:110/241986
[ ]Dunn, NancySenior spotlight12:110/241986
[ ]South AfricaSouth Africa not only rights abhser we support3:110/241986
[ ]CalendarStudents voice objections to calendar change1:110/241986
[ ]AWAREAWARE opening faculty night at Rat successful5:110/311986
[ ]Shaw, Dr. MargeryEthicist to speak on AIDS, genetics4:110/311986
[ ]Curriculum DevelopmentsFaculty develop Russion area studies major4:110/311986
[ ]Field HockeyField hockey team hit by 'jar wars'1:110/311986
[ ]Hayes, EileenHayes has RHA "on the move"5:110/311986
[ ]Writing at WittMarking writing work for you7:110/311986
[ ]Soccer - MenMen's soccer nab 2nd in Ohio Athletic Conference9;310/311986
[ ]Richards, Jan; Schuman, DanSenior spotlight12:310/311986
[ ]Vieux, MarianWarpture: Artist captures imagination1:110/311986
[ ]Writing at WittWriting reveals our depth of understanding6:110/311986
[ ]Theatre"Crimes of the Heart" opens Parents' Weekend10:311/71986
[ ]Flashers"Flasher" stalks campus, escapes capture1:311/71986
[ ]Student Senate$120 Activities fee referendum passes1311/71986
[ ]FreshmenFreshmen class diversified9:311/71986
[ ]Tree ReconstructionIssue is no longer art1:111/71986
[ ]Keller HallKeller rejects VCR, takes money7:311/71986
[ ]TheatreOne Acts display many styles10?111/71986
[ ]Tree ReconstructionPictures in the viewfinder711/71986
[ ]Presidents of WittenbergPresident Kinninson Speaks; reveals areas for improvement4:111/71986
[ ]Banks, Brian GrahamSenior spotlight12:111/71986
[ ]Dallman, Kristin ReedSenior Spotlight12:311/71986
[ ]CalendarThe great calendar debate3:111/71986