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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)Formal favored for Annual event5;31/131984
[ ]Academic ProbationFreshman 17% on Academic Probation1:21/131984
[ ]Hallmark EmployeesHallmark face lift changes daily dining5:11/131984
[ ]Kappa Alpha PsiKinnison gives rush go-ahead4:11/131984
[ ]Marketing ClubMC Expands4:31/131984
[ ]Union BoardPlans '84 activites (pic)4:11/131984
[ ]Swimming and DivingSwimmers Ride wave6:11/131984
[ ]AlcoholWitt gets AA1:11/131984
[ ]Swimming and Diving - WomenWomen swimming strong6:31/131984
[ ]Basketball; Basketball - WomenWomen's basketball improves6:31/131984
[ ]YearbookYearbook trouble1:11/131984
[ ]Track and Field - MenIndoor tracksters to open season at Mt. Union8:31/181984
[ ]Basketball - Men;Basketball;Tiger cagers are red hot (pic)8:11/181984
[ ]Union Board"Student Nights" need talent1:11/201984
[ ]Alpha Lambda DeltaAward guidelines set4:41/201984
[ ]Caving ClubCaving Club anyone?10:11/201984
[ ]Senior SpotlightCheryl Botkin12:11/201984
[ ]Radio station; WUSOEno featured on WUSO9:21/201984
[ ]TheatreGibson directs "Godspell"9:11/201984
[ ]YearbookHard decisions for yearbook4:11/201984
[ ]Senior SpotlightJim Teague12:31/201984
[ ]Basketball - Men; Basketball - Men; BasketballMen's basketball (pic)7:11/201984
[ ]School of MusicMusic dept. has advantages4:31/201984
[ ]Tennis - WomenNew coach, new attitude6:31/201984
[ ]Maurer, DavePresident Kinnison calls Maurer "One of the Greatest Tigers of All Time"1:11/201984
[ ]Student ElectionsReferendum passes1:31/201984
[ ]Swimming and Diving - WomenRelay approaches Nationals6:11/201984
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesRush in Review5:11/201984
[ ]Student SenateSenate starts liason4:11/201984
[ ]Basketball; Basketball - WomenWomen win first (pic)6:11/201984
[ ]TheatreWorld Premier Hits Witt5:11/201984
[ ]Radio station; Radio Station WCSO; WUSOWUSO changes4:41/201984
[ ]Student SenateAbsenteeism means cuts4:31/271984
[ ]Kappa Alpha PsiFirst black frat makes Witt debut5:11/271984
[ ]Senior SpotlightGlenn Theile8:11/271984
[ ]Elfers, MikeHard work pays off for Elfers (pic)6:11/271984
[ ]Basketball - Men; Basketball - Men; BasketballMen win: two after three (pic)6:11/271984
[ ]YearbookRaise fee or book discontinued1:31/271984
[ ]Smith, LindaSmith takes over (pic)6:31/271984
[ ]Swimming and Diving - MenSwim Team's stroke to victory1:11/271984
[ ]Basketball; Basketball - WomenWomen getting stronger (pic)6:31/271984
[ ]Senior ClassSenior class challenges Board of Directors to Donate up to $82000Note: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:11/281984
[ ]Balliet, Dr. Conrad A."Two tramps in mud time" (pic)9:12/31984
[ ]Tiemeyer, AnnActing "essential" to Tiemeyer8;22/31984
[ ]Senior SpotlightCharles King12:12/31984
[ ]RathskellerDraft flows smoothly9:12/31984
[ ]Student SenateElection date changed1:22/31984
[ ]Hallmark EmployeesFood for thought9:12/31984
[ ]Faculty Personnel BoardFPB Benefits students5:12/31984
[ ]Radio station; WUSOGenesis of Campus Waves8:12/31984
[ ]WrestlingHackett calls wrestlers "mediocre" (pic)6:12/31984
[ ]Basketball; Basketball - WomenHoopsters split tourney7:12/31984
[ ]Student SenateIntercollegiate communication5:12/31984
[ ]Intramural SportsIntramural interest grows7:12/31984
[ ]Swimming and Diving - WomenLife in the fast lane7:22/31984
[ ]Marketing ClubMC sold 852/31984
[ ]Senior SpotlightPenny Foster1212/31984
[ ]Senior SpotlightPenny Foster12:12/31984
[ ]Basketball - Men; Basketball - Men; BasketballRoller-coaster season for Men's hoops (pic)6:22/31984
[ ]SportsWomen don't letter1:12/31984
[ ]Radio station; WUSOWUSO grounded (pic)1:12/31984
[ ]Calvin, Melvin"Energy Agriculture" research (pic)1:22/101984
[ ]Swimming and Diving - Women3 for 46:12/101984
[ ]AirbandBands Clash in Mid-air5:42/101984
[ ]Calvin, MelvinGrow Your Own Gas5:12/101984
[ ]Education DepartmentLittle Jack Horner Visits Witt Corner (pic)8:12/101984
[ ]Speech DepartmentMay include speech major4:32/101984
[ ]Swimming and Diving - MenMen Swim well, hope for future6:32/101984
[ ]Senior SpotlightMimi Mickle8:22/101984
[ ]WCA; Weaver Chapel AssociationRetreat from Waste4:32/101984
[ ]Basketball - Men; Basketball - Men; BasketballSeason winds down (pic)6:32/101984
[ ]Spiro, MichaelSpiro coffeehouse concert1:22/101984
[ ]Spiro, MichaelSpiro plays the funny bone5:12/101984
[ ]Student SenateStudent senate1:12/101984
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)Witt rocks for MDA4:12/101984
[ ]Basketball; Basketball - WomenWomen hoopsters drop three6:12/101984
[ ]Theatre"Luther" makes world wide debut8:12/171984
[ ]Baas, Dr. Jacob C.Baas moves on1:42/171984
[ ]Biehl, EdBiehl directs "Traffix"10:12/171984
[ ]Senior SpotlightCurt Heine12:32/171984
[ ]Educational Policies Committee (EPC)EPC recommendations approved by faculty4:12/171984
[ ]Faber, TrudyFaber to play at St. Paul's (pic)9:12/171984
[ ]Phi Eta SigmaFijis win at Billiards10:42/171984
[ ]Freeman, EdithFreeman exhibits wood cuts8:32/171984
[ ]Basketball - Men; Basketball - Men; BasketballHoopers crash scots, bomb student princes (pic)6:12/171984
[ ]AirbandHornets buzz to top (pic)12:12/171984
[ ]Student SenateJones not on Ballot5:42/171984
[ ]Student SenateMeet the candidates4:22/171984
[ ]Senior SpotlightNancy Simpson12:12/171984
[ ]Dyer, LisaShe comes from Down Under8:12/171984
[ ]Swimming and Diving - WomenState hopes look good7:12/171984
[ ]Brass ChoirTrumpets bring down the walls8:32/171984
[ ]Jenkins, LorenWar journalist Loren Jenkins4:22/171984
[ ]Track and Field - MenWhere are the runners?6:42/171984
[ ]Swimming and DivingWitt women divers have depth (pic)7:12/171984
[ ]Jenkins, Loren"No policy in the Middle East"4:12/241984
[ ]Dawson, SteveDawson A Kick in the Pool8:32/241984
[ ]Dewine, Congressman MichaelDewine speaks1:32/241984
[ ]Senior SpotlightEric Hoheisel12:32/241984
[ ]TheatreGodspell: "Says so much"9:12/241984
[ ]Student hearing boardMakes painful decision4:12/241984
[ ]Senior SpotlightMarie Appleby12:12/241984
[ ]Veler, RichardMild-mannered prof has appetite for news (pic)9:12/241984
[ ]Klabunde, DonnaProgramming big for Klabunde8:12/241984
[ ]Prospective students weekend; Prospective StudentsProspectives given good feeling about Witt1:12/241984
[ ]Student SenateSenate corrects elcctions problem10:12/241984
[ ]Spiro, MichaelSpiro, Stray Cat plays witt8:12/241984
[ ]Swimming and Diving - MenSwimmers 1984 season6:32/241984
[ ]Swimming and Diving - WomenTeam places fourth as six qualify for nationals7:32/241984
[ ]Student SenateTreasurer's Candidacy contested1:12/241984
[ ]Basketball - Men; Basketball - Men; BasketballWitt hoping to win OAC (pic)6:12/241984
[ ]Basketball; Basketball - WomenWomen advance in CAC tourney (pic)7:12/241984
[ ]Basketball; Basketball - Women4th in conference4:43/21984
[ ]Track and Field - WomenBroken records abound4:13/21984
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS constitution questioned1:13/21984
[ ]Intramural SportsI.M. Swimmin'4:23/21984
[ ]Senior SpotlightKevin Kutz8:33/21984
[ ]Basketball - Men; Basketball - Men; BasketballMen drop two in sem's (pic)5:13/21984
[ ]FootballMurphy takes over5:33/21984
[ ]Senior SpotlightPaula Epps8:13/21984
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)Super Dance1:13/21984
[ ]Gymnastics ProgramWanna do a tumble?4:33/21984
[ ]SoftballWomen's softball 1984 squad choser5:13/21984
[ ]Bennett, Dr. Linda L.Bennett bridges "Gender Gap" (pic)5:14/61984
[ ]Politics; Bindley, Dr. Joseph HooverCan Reagan be re-elected? (pic)1:34/61984
[ ]Senior SpotlightConstance Turburke7:14/61984
[ ]Student SenateConstitution Business4:34/61984
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesGreeks try again1:14/61984
[ ]Senior SpotlightKevin Smith7:34/61984
[ ]Kotze, Dr. TheoKotze Discusses Apartheid4:34/61984
[ ]BaseballNew Coach, New Faces lift baseball team6:14/61984
[ ]SoftballSoftball team anxious to begin season6:14/61984
[ ]Tennis - WomenTennis team aims6:34/61984
[ ]Greg Khin Band"A roller coaster ride"6:14/131984
[ ]Arena, Dr. LindaArena senses returning pride8:14/131984
[ ]Einstein, MaurieArms control delegate discusses negotiations (pic)1:24/131984
[ ]WCA; Weaver Chapel AssociationChapel holding services4:44/131984
[ ]Lacrosse - WomenDetermination key to success8:34/131984
[ ]Senior SpotlightKerry Busarow7:14/131984
[ ]FacultyKinnison outlines long-range goals (pic)1:14/131984
[ ]Lacrosse - MenLacrosse shoots upwards (pic)9:14/131984
[ ]Tennis - MenNetters string together victory9:34/131984
[ ]Greg Khin BandNot a "Hairstyle Band"6:14/131984
[ ]TheatrePlay cast chosen4:24/131984
[ ]Student SenateSenate chooses committee5:14/131984
[ ]Chi OmegaSplash-Bash raises money7:44/131984
[ ]Tau Pi PhiTau Pi Phi upholds traditions4:24/131984
[ ]Tennis - WomenTennis goes 3-08:14/131984
[ ]Senior SpotlightTodd Kosow7:34/131984
[ ]Track and FieldTrack underway8:34/131984
[ ]Track and Field - MenTrackmen look to improve9:34/131984
[ ]AgoraAgora needs talents5:14/201984
[ ]Senior SpotlightCharlie Andarsio8:34/201984
[ ]Track and Field - WomenIndividual records shattered6:14/201984
[ ]Lacrosse - MenKammler and Strokes: Witt's 1-2 Punch (pic)6:14/201984
[ ]Union BoardLetter spurs action1:24/201984
[ ]Senior SpotlightMclanie Davis8:14/201984
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesRush rules change1:14/201984
[ ]SoftballSoftball enjoying success1:24/201984
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate considering increase4:14/201984
[ ]Tennis - WomenTennis stars undefeated6:34/201984
[ ]BaseballTigers improving steadily6:14/201984
[ ]Lacrosse - WomenBalanced scoring pays off (pic)6:34/271984
[ ]Student SenateContingency fund dwindles1:14/271984
[ ]College DemocratsDemocrats split over campaign5:14/271984
[ ]North HallIs North Hall going co-ed?1:34/271984
[ ]Senior SpotlightJennifer Goldie12:34/271984
[ ]Senior SpotlightJohn Eyman12:14/271984
[ ]Track and Field - WomenMateris and Rittichier optimistic6:14/271984
[ ]Marketing ClubMC seeks new image12:14/271984
[ ]Halberstein, DavidMedia affects political process1:24/271984
[ ]Tennis - MenNetters atop log-jammed OAC7:14/271984
[ ]Greek CouncilNot a dull moment in May9:14/271984
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)RHA elections close5:34/271984
[ ]Swanger, Eugene R.Swanger on Japan1:14/271984
[ ]Tennis - WomenTennis captures "First" at State6:14/271984
[ ]Lacrosse - MenTigers have competitive spirit7:14/271984
[ ]SoftballTigers maintain success6:14/271984
[ ]Track and Field - MenTrackmen qualify7:34/271984
[ ]Track and Field - MenTrackmen qualify10:44/271984
[ ]Tennis - MenTurner sticks it to opposition7:14/271984
[ ]Chandran, Dr. J. RussellUpcoming religious speaker4:24/271984
[ ]Socialist ClubWitt goes socialist4:24/271984
[ ]Alma MaterAlma Mater candidates chosen6:15/41984
[ ]Finance CommitteeFinance Committee begins hearings4:25/41984
[ ]Senior SpotlightLarry Klatt8:35/41984
[ ]Senior SpotlightLew Klatt8:15/41984
[ ]Myers HallMyers egg drop "A success"8:45/41984
[ ]Student SenateRiddell wins senior class presidency1:15/41984
[ ]RugbyRugby Rocks Louisville5:25/41984
[ ]Tennis - WomenTennis team first in state5:25/41984
[ ]SoftballTigers hold steady5:15/41984
[ ]Jackman, EdWith the Gratest of Ease6:35/41984
[ ]TheatreA Midsummer Night's Dream5:15/181984
[ ]AirbandAnd the Winner is... (pic)5:15/181984
[ ]AwardsAwards distributed at Luncheon (pic)1:15/181984
[ ]AdministrationBudget Cuts Hit Wittenberg1:25/181984
[ ]Business MajorsBusiness Majors fail test4:35/181984
[ ]Day, ElbyDay returns from nationals6:15/181984
[ ]Senior SpotlightErika Galajda8:35/181984
[ ]Greek WeekIt's that time of year again5:15/181984
[ ]Lacrosse - MenMen's LAX ends season6:15/181984
[ ]ProvostProvost: Seniors should pass4:25/181984
[ ]Lacrosse - WomenStandouts to represent midwest in Boston6:15/181984
[ ]Student SenateStudent senate1:15/181984
[ ]Senior SpotlightTim Marty8:15/181984
[ ]Senior SpotlightBeth A. Browniee12:19/211984
[ ]Cross CountryC-Country has high hopes10:39/211984
[ ]Gaffield, GaryGaffield arrives as assistant to Provost7:19/211984
[ ]Society of Physic StudentsInterested in science?8:19/211984
[ ]Marketing ClubMC handling situation as deferral of payment1:19/211984
[ ]Marketing ClubMC: your key to the future8:19/211984
[ ]SoccerNew coach, new attitude10:29/211984
[ ]New Students DayNew Students Days Aid4:19/211984
[ ]Senior SpotlightPhil Amend12:39/211984
[ ]Wangler, Dr. Lila HildaSpring Break: Moscow vs. Miami? (pic)6:19/211984
[ ]Marketing ClubStudent org faces debt says senate1:19/211984
[ ]Wittenberg SeriesThe Englishness of George Orwell (pic)4:39/211984
[ ]FootballTigers open OAC tomorrow10:49/211984
[ ]SoccerWittenberg soccer has "Gutsy" look10:19/211984
[ ]Field HockeyYoung team seeks challenge10:19/211984
[ ]Pilot Seminar35 students participate in pilot seminar4:19/281984
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterAging without aspirin (pic)6:19/281984
[ ]TheatreAudition dates set for student theatre production8:29/281984
[ ]Advancement CommitteeBoard Approves New "Vice-President" Title10:19/281984
[ ]LibraryBright future for library9:19/281984
[ ]Career Development and PlacementCareer Development and Placement: A great place to start (pic)10:39/281984
[ ]Cross CountryConfetti and cheers for Cross Country team (pic)1:19/281984
[ ]DiPietro, DaveDiPietro returns one more shot (pic)6:39/281984
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesFashion at the frats16:19/281984
[ ]Field HockeyField hockey undefeated (pic)12:49/281984
[ ]GreeksGreeks ask "What Can the administration do for us?"5:19/281984
[ ]Senior SpotlightJud Smith9/281984
[ ]Senior SpotlightKaren Everhart16:19/281984
[ ]Union BoardNew officers "want to take the UB somewhere", says Kohl10:19/281984
[ ]Baird, SteveNight at the improv: UB Presents Stephen Baird (pic)9:39/281984
[ ]BudgetProposed budget will stabilize tuition7:19/281984
[ ]Student SenateSenate selects acting FSG rep7:19/281984
[ ]Hanna, PeggySuper Woman Peggy Hanna: Witt Secretary candidate to Congressional4:19/281984
[ ]Swimming and Diving - WomenSwimmers: On your marks!12:19/281984
[ ]Wedington, SarahTexas native to speak in Shouvlin9:19/281984
[ ]FootballTigers pounce on Princes13:19/281984
[ ]Union BoardUB Highlights union board weekd8:29/281984
[ ]Union BoardUB serves up Fallfest8:19/281984
[ ]Union BoardUnion Lounge is stage for music video7:49/281984
[ ]VolleyballVolleyball starts its way through season (pic)12:39/281984
[ ]Athletics for womenWomen's sports: Just fun?13:19/281984
[ ]AmandlaAmandla spurs assessment of university investments (pic)1:110/51984
[ ]Dewine, Congressman MichaelDewine calls campaigning an "ongoing process" (pic)5:110/51984
[ ]Field HockeyField Hockey's Record spotless (pic)8:110/51984
[ ]GreeksGreek statement4:110/51984
[ ]Senior SpotlightGreg Wenkus12:110/51984
[ ]Senior SpotlightJackie Tylka12:310/51984
[ ]Marketing ClubMarketing club careers forum provides contact with professionals5:110/51984
[ ]Scott, RichardScott has "high hopes" for Greek statement of principals and guidelines1;110/51984
[ ]Field HockeySkaff and Mitchell enjoying leadership8:410/51984
[ ]SoccerSoccer team back on track8:210/51984
[ ]SororitiesSorority sing12:110/51984
[ ]Student DemocratsStudent Democrats plan positive program5:110/51984
[ ]Footballtigers looking strong in conference ations (pic)9:110/51984
[ ]VolleyballVolleyball nets two wins9:310/51984
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS working with other groups7:110/191984
[ ]Hudson, Dr. GeorgeHudson terms medal "Icing on Cake"7:110/191984
[ ]Senior SpotlightJoel Menchel12:410/191984
[ ]Campus Coordination CommitteeLettering machine may save Senate time4:310/191984
[ ]Senior SpotlightLisa Van Valkenburg12:110/191984
[ ]Ferguson, MaynardMaynard trumpets Wittenberg audience to its feet (pic)1:110/191984
[ ]Student SenateSenate will fund university calendar5:210/191984
[ ]Smith, DianneSmith enjoys Volleyball experience (pic)9:110/191984
[ ]SoccerSoccer team keeps playoffs hopes alive8;110/191984
[ ]Field HockeyTigers hang tough agains division I St. Louis (pic)9:110/191984
[ ]VolleyballTigers take two on Saturday9:310/191984
[ ]Wyatt, TimTim Wyatt, Wittenberg's unsung hero (pic)8:210/191984
[ ]FootballTough defense, new faces, lift Witt over Ohio Northern8:210/191984
[ ]CoffeehousesWittenberg coffee house is a fun gathering place (pic)6:110/191984
[ ]HomecomingWittenberg's homecoming "Gold" shines bright1:110/191984
[ ]YearbookYearbook for everyone next year4:110/191984
[ ]Amandlaamandla is spreading the word10:110/261984
[ ]Field HockeyBright future ahead for JV team9:110/261984
[ ]Security OfficeCrimewatch comes to Wittenberg12:110/261984
[ ]Cross CountryCross Country runners have high hopes for conference meet (pic)8:110/261984
[ ]Field HockeyHockey suffers string of unexpected losses (pic)8:110/261984
[ ]Senior SpotlightJohn Handy12:110/261984
[ ]VolleyballNetters bounce back (pic)8:110/261984
[ ]Homecomingpictures710/261984
[ ]Senior SpotlightSarah Patchen12;310/261984
[ ]Student SenateSenate students to participate in Conference4:110/261984
[ ]SoccerSoccer turns it on9:310/261984
[ ]Socialist ClubSocialism--it's here at Wittenberg4:110/261984
[ ]FootballTigers win homecoming, extend Marietta losing streak (pic)9:110/261984
[ ]Buildings; Tower HallUps and Downs in Tower10:210/261984
[ ]AWAREWitt Policies are not "Dean Scott's Policies on Drinking"5:110/261984
[ ]Field HockeyStickers go to state6:410/281984
[ ]Senior SpotlightAndy Shay12:311/21984
[ ]Buchanan, LuanneDr. Buchanan (pic)6:211/21984
[ ]Noyes, JamesDr. Noyes (pic)6:111/21984
[ ]Sitkin, DavidDr. Sitkin6:311/21984
[ ]Stevens, EileenHer message in anti-hazing5:111/21984
[ ]Field HockeyHockey concludes successful 9-5-3 season (pic)9:111/21984
[ ]Field HockeyHockey losing talent and leadership with graduating seniors9:111/21984
[ ]Senior SpotlightLaurie Baxter12:111/21984
[ ]Management Development CenterManagement development program "scaled down" says Parlato7:111/21984
[ ]Young LifeNationwide Christian organization thrives on campus5:111/21984
[ ]Neumann, Dr. Robert G.;Neumann, Marlen E.Neumanns bring international experience to University1:111/21984
[ ]SoccerStingy defense carries Witt soccer to win OAC1:111/21984
[ ]TheatreThe table is set for "The Dining Room"10:111/21984
[ ]Cross CountryTigers harriers finish fourth in conference race8:311/21984
[ ]FootballTigers trounce Capital, looking forward to B-W (pic)8:111/21984
[ ]VolleyballVolleyball experiencing winning streak (pic)8:111/21984