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[ ]Cross Country(pic only)4:12/61981
[ ]SeniorsClass meeting2:42/61981
[ ]SexualityClinic to be offered by Dr. Ted Peterson1:52/61981
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Conflict resolved after Torch staff resigns; seed for more SGA support discussed; new editor appointed1:32/61981
[ ]HealthDr. Carol Haines Resigns to continue work in internal medicine; discuss changes1:22/61981
[ ]HealthJanuary flu epidemic on campus nearly cancels classes1:22/61981
[ ]MusicNew album by Blondie doesn't have any new material2:12/61981
[ ]HealthNew doctor Robert Cunningham, arrives at Wittenberg Health Centre to take over position (pic)1:12/61981
[ ]GreeksPledge-program regulation concerning conduct will be enforced1:42/61981
[ ]Wittenberg Public NoticesPoetry accepted; Valentine sale to benefit American Lung Association; Witt Review deadline set; Marketing club Raffle; American Univ. offers course in journalism; employment abroad2:32/61981
[ ]Bowling - WomenScores4:32/61981
[ ]Swimming and Diving - MenScores4:52/61981
[ ]Swimming and Diving - WomenScores, records4:32/61981
[ ]Basketball; Basketball - WomenScores, team-members (pic)4:52/61981
[ ]Shaara, Michael. AuthorShaara, Micheal, author3:12/61981
[ ]FiresUDR has minor fire with no serious damages3:62/61981
[ ]Union BoardUpcoming events, including Jeff Lorber, jazz musician3:12/61981
[ ]Basketball - Men; Basketball - Men; BasketballWittenberg is having a winning season in the quest for the Div. III OAC championship (pic)4:12/61981
[ ]Radio station; WUSOWUSO raffle is successful1:62/61981
[ ]Swimming and Diving - WomenAnne Moses is a record-breaking swimmer and former national champion4:12/131981
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Candidacy statement due1:32/131981
[ ]Academic ProbationFewer freshmen on probation that last year; student attitude about academia discussed2/131981
[ ]Physical EducationHouses on Woodlawn demolished to make room for new Physical education facility and parking lot (pic)1:52/131981
[ ]MusicJeff Lorber Fusion Band1:22/131981
[ ]Iranlast of 4-part series on Dr. Thomas P. Martin's experiences in Iran; 1977-791:12/131981
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)Raises own honararia1:52/131981
[ ]Union BoardSponsoring "Fusion" and a mystery movie1:12/131981
[ ]Wittenberg Public NoticesStudy in Spain; Africa; "Grateful Dead Movie"; hazing speech set; student teaching workshop; Tiger unmasked; OPIRG refunds available; senior pictures; French house; senior class meeting; apartment sign-ups3:12/131981
[ ]WrestlingTeam outlook and scores4:52/131981
[ ]Black Emphasis WeekWide variety events planned2:32/131981
[ ]Basketball; Basketball - WomenWitt defeats Urbana; loses to Cedarville & Wright State4:52/131981
[ ]Track and Field - WomenWittenberg women, led by Sheila Simon; seek to establish women's indoor track team but meet difficultites4:12/131981
[ ]Basketball - Men; Basketball - Men; BasketballWittenberg, ranked 4th in NCAA Div. III poll, will play Ohio Northern (pic)4:42/131981
[ ]Wittenberg Public Notices"Mouse trap" auditions; business lecture; tax help available; Pick and Pen; folk service scheduled; SGA petition due; frat sponsors "Frankenstein"; extracurricular study funds; golf team to meet2:32/201981
[ ]Iran2nd is series by Dr. Martin concerning reforms of the Shah1:12/201981
[ ]Trudeau, Garry; Uris, Leon; Adams, Dr. Philip; CommencementCartoonist Garry Trudeau, creator of "Doonesbury," will speak at Commencement3:62/201981
[ ]Trudeau, GarryCartoonist Garry Trudeau, creator of "Doonsbury" will speak at Commencement2:32/201981
[ ]TheatreDr. Laming, assoc. prof. of speech & theatre at Wittenberg directs "Who is Afrai of Virginia Woolf?" at University of Dayton1:52/201981
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Eliminates own honoraria except for top three positions. Other SGA activities discussed1:32/201981
[ ]Thomas LibraryHas graffiti problems1:12/201981
[ ]East Asian Studies DepartmentHuffman lectures on his research concerning the Japanese Press in the Meiji Era (pic)3:12/201981
[ ]Gifts; Campaign for WittenbergKnesge Foundation Challenge Grant given to Witt as goal achieved1:32/201981
[ ]Basketball; Basketball - WomenMelinda Wiston in action (pic only)4:52/201981
[ ]EnergyNew 69,000 KV substation for Witt is finished (pic)1:62/201981
[ ]MusicReview of "Jeff Lorber Fusion" band at Wittenberg2:12/201981
[ ]MusicSax player from "fusion" (pic)1:62/201981
[ ]Mortar Board (organization)Sponsors series called "Last Lecture" by faculty2:52/201981
[ ]Basketball - Men; Basketball - Men; BasketballWittenberg continues its winning record with defeat of Denison; Tyrone Curtis and Alan Watson have been indispensible players (pic)4:12/201981
[ ]Swimming and Diving - MenWittenberg's 1st winning season since 19734:52/201981
[ ]Racial IssuesAccount of student discussion on racism problems at WittenbergNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.3:32/221981
[ ]Iran3rd in a series of 4 articles on Prof. Martin's impressions about his time spent in Iran and the political scene there2/271981
[ ]Wittenberg Public NoticesAsh Wednesday Services; WUSO meeting; T-Shirt design due; student teaching forms available; history honorary open; Poli Sci majors party2:32/271981
[ ]WrestlingAssoc. Professor of Biology, Dr. Shaffer, lends his skills as assistant coach to wrestling team (pic)4:32/271981
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Candidates discuss best means of governance1:32/271981
[ ]Bread for the WorldDiscussion of Nestle Boycott due to promotional practices of company3:12/271981
[ ]Ohio Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG)Discussion of Nestle boycott due to promotional practices of the company3:12/271981
[ ]EmploymentLutheran camps will be interviewing students for summer jobs2:62/271981
[ ]Stevens, Eileen; GreeksMrs. Eileen Stevens speaks to Greek Community about dangers of hazing as part of pledging process; urges them to remove incidents like hazing from Greek system1:52/271981
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)Myers withdraws funds in protest of fines levied against them1:42/271981
[ ]Student DisturbancesNoise ordinance does exist in Springfield an dit would probably hold up in court1:12/271981
[ ]Pi Kappa Alpha; Pi Kappa Alpha; YouthPikes spend day with Springfield youth as community service project (pic)3:32/271981
[ ]CalendarProposal for semester system as opposed to a tri-mester system is made by committee of faculty, administration & students1:42/271981
[ ]Assaults; Rape;Assault; Student CrimeSeveral women on campus have been approached by unknown males at night1:12/271981
[ ]Union BoardSponsors "race track betting" game for movie2:32/271981
[ ]SportsSummary of Wittenberg's week in sports4:12/271981
[ ]MusicSuper vinyl records more expensive but give better sound quality2:62/271981
[ ]Basketball - Men; Basketball - Men; BasketballWittenberg continues winning record by beating Muskingum (pic)4:12/271981
[ ]Cross Country(pic only)4:13/61981
[ ]Iran4th and last in a series of Prof. Martin's impressions during stay in Iran1:43/61981
[ ]English; Writer's Workshop; Writer's WorkshopDescription of tutor-workshop and its benefits1:53/61981
[ ]Wittenberg Public NoticesFrench House open; T-Shirt orders; off-campus housing; Greek housing requests due2:23/61981
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Guy Gerbick elected president; other new officers listed1:53/61981
[ ]Foreign Study; Global IssuesInternational study seminar in global problems will take place in Geneva this summer1:63/61981
[ ]CareersMarketing Club sponsors forum in business careers1:43/61981
[ ]Basketball - Men; Basketball - Men; BasketballNCAA Division III Great lakes Regional tournament to be at Wittenberg4:43/61981
[ ]Gifts; Campaign for WittenbergNew phase of campaign targeted at Indiana-Kentucky Lutheran Synod about to begin1:13/61981
[ ]LibraryNew section under construction (pic) only1:23/61981
[ ]Redbook MagazineRedbook sponsors contest for stories2:63/61981
[ ]Mortar Board (organization)Sponsors second "last lecture"3:33/61981
[ ]Basketball; Basketball - WomenTeam plays well even though first round of OAISW tournament is lost. Scores given4:13/61981
[ ]Basketball - Men; Basketball - Men; BasketballTyrone Curtis makes all-district team; records for rest of team3:33/61981
[ ]Basketball - Men; Basketball - Men; BasketballWitt wins OAC championship, will host regionals. Scores listed. (pic)4:13/61981
[ ]Tiger MascotWIttenberg mascot unmasked at basketball game1:23/61981
[ ]MusicYale Russian Chorus to perform at Wittenberg (pic)1:43/61981
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)"Meet the Brass" meeting1:44/201981
[ ]Track and Field - MenCraig Gilliam's shotput performance makes new field record4:64/201981
[ ]Tennis - WomenCurrent record is 2-14:24/201981
[ ]Cross CountryDarryl Gavin; Sheila Simon (pic only)4:14/201981
[ ]GreeksDeclining enrollment causes Dean Scott to stop sophomore releases to Greek houses1:54/201981
[ ]JapaneseDr. Ezra F. Vogel, chairman of E. Asian Studies Council at Harvard and specialist at Japan, will speak at Wittenberg and receive honorary doctor of literature degree2:14/201981
[ ]TuitionGoes up again; partly due to cost of new library1:14/201981
[ ]Women's CollectiveMeetings open to all; activities outlined (pic)1:24/201981
[ ]MusicMuddy Waters and other blues groups to perform at Wittenberg3:44/201981
[ ]LibraryMutilation and theft of reference materials is a serious problem; librarian believes it is interconnected with student attitudes1:14/201981
[ ]TorchNew editorial format2:14/201981
[ ]CalendarStudent poll rejects bias towards tri-mester system; some opinions are stated1:44/201981
[ ]BaseballTeam begins with big disadvantage but will work hard4:44/201981
[ ]Wittenberg Public NoticesTiger applications; Violinist to perform; cheerleaders named; Torch employment; Sav-a-Buck employment; T-Shirt order taken; Student Hearing Board positions, Ballet presented; RH events continue; RHA petitions available2:44/201981
[ ]Basketball - Men; Basketball - Men; BasketballTyrone Curtis selected by OAC for Mike Gregory Award (pic)4:34/201981
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Unanimously approves new visitation proposal. Other developments in campus affairs cited1:14/201981
[ ]SoftballWittenberg beats Central State4:44/201981
[ ]GolfWittenberg finishes third in a 13-team tournament at Kenyon4:34/201981
[ ]Lacrosse - MenWittenberg lacrosse club has a lot of difficulties but is doing well4:14/201981
[ ]Lacrosse - WomenWittenberg loses to Kenyon4:64/201981
[ ]Tennis - MenWittenberg wins all matches on trip to Florida4:14/201981
[ ]Alma Mater1981 Candidates listed; backgrounds given (pic)1:25/11981
[ ]Track and Field - MenBackground of coach David Beach given5:15/11981
[ ]BaseballBruce Olsen is playing well; other team members discussed. Witt beats Ohio Wesleyan.5:15/11981
[ ]Parents WeekendCampus prepares for visiting parents; Agora outlined6:15/11981
[ ]Living-Learning ProgramEducational program at Firestine discontinued and evaluated6:35/11981
[ ]Fashion ShowFashion show sponsored by Wittenberg Guild6:65/11981
[ ]ComedyHenny Youngman will perform at Wittenberg3:35/11981
[ ]JournalismJanet Cooke Scandal concerning Pulitzer Prize and the Washington Post is discussed by local journalists1:55/11981
[ ]Foreign Students; Shinohara, IkukoJapanese student has lived in several countries; has very cosmopolitan outlook1:35/11981
[ ]Senior SpotlightMarian Hersh and Daryl Gavin6:15/11981
[ ]MusicMichael Stanley band will give big concert at Wittenberg6:65/11981
[ ]SoftballOhio Assoc. of Intercollegiate sports for women to be hosted by Wittenberg5:45/11981
[ ]Political Science DepartmentPresidential office and its difficulties examined by Michael Humphrey who spent a term in Washington, D.C.3:45/11981
[ ]Financial AidReagan's cutback in federal aid will not have much effect on Wittenberg1:25/11981
[ ]Student HousingRelease policy from dorm discussed and sign-up procedures for next year outlined6:35/11981
[ ]AdministrationSearch begins for new directors: Three new directors will take places of assist. dean of students and Assistant of Programming (pic)1:35/11981
[ ]SportsSenior teaches class in frisbee for Phys. Ed. department (pic)4:25/11981
[ ]Track and Field - MenSome members of Wittenberg team qualify for National track meet5:55/11981
[ ]RugbyTeam is doing well although they have no coach and have club standing (pic)5:15/11981
[ ]Soccer - WomenTeam now has club standing; won first game5:45/11981
[ ]SpringfieldThe peacock Bar and Grill is popular with students (pic)6:15/11981
[ ]TuitionTuition and expenses at Wittenberg are less than Wittenberg's competitors1:15/11981
[ ]BudgetUniversity budget is examined1:15/11981
[ ]Lacrosse - WomenWitt defeats Ohio Wesleyan (pic)5:45/11981
[ ]GolfWittenberg defeated by DePauw University at Snyder Park5:%5/11981
[ ]GolfWittenberg defeated by DePauw University at Snyder Park5:55/11981
[ ]Tennis - MenWittenberg finished second in Wooster Invitational Tournament5:65/11981
[ ]Track and Field - WomenWittenberg places 6th in 16-team tournament5:25/11981
[ ]Union Board"Taxi Driver" and "Creature from the Black Lagoon" to be shown3:15/81981
[ ]Youngman, Henny(pic) only6:15/81981
[ ]Reiss, JimA senior has built up a reputation for his photography while at Wittenberg (pic)6:45/81981
[ ]AlcoholismAlcohol Awareness program entitled "Green Bean Week" is successful4:15/81981
[ ]Sexual HarassmentAspects of sexual harrasment discussed by Chris Myers, asst. director of Project Woman1:15/81981
[ ]Trudeau, GarryCartoonist Garry Trudeau to deliver address and honorary degerees given to Dr. Paul D. Ludwig and the Rev. Calvin D. Kuder, Trudeau's background given6:35/81981
[ ]Trudeau, Garry; CommencementCartoonist Garry Trudeau will deliver Commencement address an honorary degrees will be given to Dr. Paul D. Ludwig and the Rev. Calvin D. Kuder. Trudeau's background given6:35/81981
[ ]Alumnae/AlumniClass of '80 has done well in job placement and graduate school acceptance despite economy's condition2:15/81981
[ ]EmploymentClass of 1980 has done well in job placement and graduate school acceptance despite economy's condition2:15/81981
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Committee representational system discussed; other SGA news detailed6:35/81981
[ ]Delta Sigma PhiDelta Sigma Phi will hold "car smash" for benefit of March of Dimes (pic)4:35/81981
[ ]Political Science Department; Schier, Dr. Steven E.Dr. Steven E. Schier resign to accept position at Carleton College in Northfiled, MN. Discusses past experiences at Wittenberg (pic)1:15/81981
[ ]TorchEmployment available3:55/81981
[ ]Escort ServiceEscort Service is not as efficient as it should be due to dishonesty of escorts and disinterest of women1:15/81981
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Escort service is not as efficient as it should be due to dishonesty of escorts and disinterest of women1:15/81981
[ ]Lacrosse - WomenFinal record for season is 4-6; will go on to play in midwest tournament (pic)5:55/81981
[ ]Track and Field - WomenGood performance by individuals at Ohio Wesleyan invitational5:15/81981
[ ]PhotographyJim reiss, a senior, has built up a reputation for his photography while at Wittenberg (pic)6:45/81981
[ ]Track and Field - MenKenny Black qualifies for national track meet; Wittenberg places second in 5-team competition5:45/81981
[ ]MusicKerry McGinn to give recital2:45/81981
[ ]Senior SpotlightMark Phillips and Nancy Atkins6:15/81981
[ ]Wittenberg Review of Art & LiteratureNearly ready for publication. Collection of art and literature pleases editor1:55/81981
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)New senior class officers elected; other SGA news1:45/81981
[ ]Wittenberg Public NoticesOPIRG housing guide; AGORA schedules out; Robert Coover, novelist, to speak; WCA to sponsor refugees, begins recycling project; Greek art show; Witt choir to perform2:55/81981
[ ]Lacrosse - MenTeam is learning and improving with each game5:35/81981
[ ]JapaneseToshihiko Yanagawa is a junior at Wittenberg, but he also teaches Japanese6:55/81981
[ ]FrisbeeUltimate Frisbee Organization (UFO) seeks more recognition and participation from campus1:15/81981
[ ]Basketball - Men; Basketball - Men; BasketballWitt defeats Muskingum and Otterbein; Todd Scharfe is star player5:15/81981
[ ]SoftballWittenberg defeated by Wooster and Lakeland at OAISW5:65/81981
[ ]Tennis - MenWittenberg defeats Capital U. and Ohio Northern; will play in OAC tournament5:25/81981
[ ]GolfWittenberg may have chance to play in NCAA if they do will in upcoming tournament5:45/81981
[ ]Tennis - WomenWittenberg team qualifies for state tournament. Tough competitors will be Ohio Wesleyan and Denison Universities5:55/81981
[ ]Public InformationWittenberg's public information office awarded a major prize by National Council for Advancement and Support of Education2:35/81981
[ ]AgoraActivities go over well despite rain1:25/151981
[ ]ShakespeareAll over the country, Shakespeare's works are growing in popularity2:45/151981
[ ]CalendarFaculty will vote on proposal by June. Many discussions also over proposed methods of faculty evaluation1:15/151981
[ ]FacultyFaculty will vote on proposal in June. Many discussions also over proposed methods of faculty evaluations1:15/151981
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Honoraria, student-aministration communication, and other SGA news discussed1:45/151981
[ ]AwardsJames A. Reiss awarded Margarat S. Ermarth Award in History3:55/151981
[ ]AdvertisingMiller Brewing Company will visit Wittenberg2:55/151981
[ ]Omicron Delta KappaODK presents award to Dr. Davidson4:65/151981
[ ]Davidson, Dr. James A.Omicron Delta Kappa presents award to Dr. Davidson4:65/151981
[ ]AwardsRecipients of awards for 1980-81 listed and described. Several new awards were given for the first time this year1:45/151981
[ ]SeniorsSeniors will participate in chapel service for Senior Sunday2:55/151981
[ ]Student-Administration RelationsSome students are upset about changes made by administration, especially concerning calendary proposal, grade point average, and college council. Opinion poll on grading system to be taken1:15/151981
[ ]LibraryStrike delays opening4:15/151981
[ ]Alma MaterVirginia S. Warnecke named 1981-82 Alma Mater (pic)1:15/151981
[ ]BaseballWitt defeats Denison U. in close game; pitcher Jum Deighan plays best game of season5:15/151981
[ ]TheatreWittenberg actors will present Sophocles' and Anouilh's versions of "Antigone" under the direction of Dr. Dorothy W. Laming3:25/151981
[ ]Marketing ClubWittenberg chapter give award at the national collegiate conference3:45/151981
[ ]PublicityWittenberg to be featured on "PM Magazine" on TV3:65/151981
[ ]Gish, Dr. Duane T.(Lecture on May 27th in support of creation theory vs. evolution)3:25/221981
[ ]Grade Pont Average (GPA) 71% of students polled are against assigning letter grade (+)s and (-)s points in the averaging; results presented to Board of Academic Standards1:65/221981
[ ]Student Concerns Committee71% students polled are against assigning letter grade (+)s adn (-)s points in the averaging; results present to Board of Academic Standards1:65/221981
[ ]CreditA how-to-establish credit explanation for seniors3:65/221981
[ ]Wolf, Dr. HerbertAwarded Distinguised Teacher's Award 1981, discusses teaching and his career history1:15/221981
[ ]VictorCampus dog participates in campus life such as classes, other events1:65/221981
[ ]Morris, Dr. Earl F.Chairman of Wittenberg board of directors honored with a Medal of Honor for 34 years of service and dedication6:15/221981
[ ]Residence HallsDamage in residence halls is down for spring term6:65/221981
[ ]Blanshan, Dr. Sue Ann; Sexual HarassmentDefinition and explanation of common myths about sexual harassment given by Dr. Sue Blanshan at Women's Collective Workshop6:35/221981
[ ]Regency roomDescription of a favorite bar for Witt. students; interview with bartender4:15/221981
[ ]Veler, RichardEnglish professor and department chairperson will take a one-year teaching sabbatical in Liverpool, England; career history (pic)6:15/221981
[ ]Financial AidEven with increase in tuition costs, funds will go unclaimed6:45/221981
[ ]FacultyFaculty retains 2.0 probation requirement; approves music, Russian minors; and pass new requirements for Radiation Medicine & athletic policies1:35/221981
[ ]Track and Field - MenFour memebers of track team will compete in NCAA Div. III championship5:55/221981
[ ]Keaton, DianeHistory of the actress, song writer, important performances3:65/221981
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Honoraria budgets are passed, OPIRG funding discussed, grade point average student poll1:15/221981
[ ]Wittenberg Public NoticesHorn Recital, yearbook on sale, folk workshop, balloon sale, dorm parties4:25/221981
[ ]Student RepresentationPositions available on faculty governance committee1:25/221981
[ ]Faculty GovernancePositions available on faculty governance committees1:25/221981
[ ]Lacrosse - WomenSeason's ending stats given. Amy Ross and Sarah Smith chosen for midwest tournament teams (pic)5:15/221981
[ ]Mace, DamondSenior Damond Mace's history of active participation on campus and personal ideas6:15/221981
[ ]Track and Field - MenShot-put thrower Craig Gilliam prepares for NCAA track and field championships; history of lifting weights5:45/221981
[ ]Tennis - MenSteve Pruett, no. 1 player participates in NCAA Div. III tennis tournament5/221981
[ ]Reed, MarkThis senior, Sociology and psychology major, is given Wittenberg Sociology Scholarship Award6:45/221981
[ ]Track and Field - WomenWittenberg finishes 8th out of 14 teams at Otterbein Twilight Invitational5:65/221981
[ ]GolfWittenberg golf team competes in NCAA Div. III golf championship5:35/221981
[ ]Art10 senior artists display creations at Koch Hall2:45/291981
[ ]Trudeau, Garry1981 Commencement speaker is political cartoonist and winner of the Pulitzer prize1:65/291981
[ ]Greek Life2 photos of Greek week activities5:15/291981
[ ]Faculty5 professors receive National Endowment for the Humanities Grants for study.2:45/291981
[ ]Springfield Arts Council8 mile run in Springfield advertised1:125/291981
[ ]Faculty GovernanceAfter a mail ballot, the faculty recommended to move to the new calendar proposition. As assessment by Dr. Wiebenga, of the faculty governance system is given1:15/291981
[ ]Izumi, RyukoAn exchange student from Tokyo Japan reflects on her time in American and teaching Japanese to others1:65/291981
[ ]Obert, PatDirector of News services at Wittenberg is awarded major photography prize6:35/291981
[ ]Williams, John ThomasDirector of Witt Choir, Mr. John Williams recently appointed to directorship of Indianapolis Choir6:35/291981
[ ]MusicHall Director, Witt grad, Tim Reynolds is awarded scholarship to continue studying vocal performance6:35/291981
[ ]SportsMen's athletic department announces honors for spring mens' sports5:65/291981
[ ]FootballPhil Penwell will serve a coaching assitant for University of Dayton's football program5:35/291981
[ ]Rugby - WomenRugby club for women is organizing5:65/291981
[ ]MusicSenior recitals by Kirstin Christiansen and Kimberly Davis announced2:25/291981
[ ]SportsSenior Ron Bradstone trap-shoots as a hobby and has won several awards5:35/291981
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Student Government budget allocations as submitted by the finance committee and extended OPIRG's existence on campus1:45/291981
[ ]Faculty GovernanceStudent reporter for Torch makes suggestions for improvements in faculty governance system3:15/291981
[ ]International EducationTayo Boye from Nigeria reflects on education and lifestyle differences6:15/291981
[ ]Faculty GovernanceThe faculty voted to return to previous grading system, approve interdisciplinary courses and heard reports1:15/291981
[ ]Marketing Clubthe story of Miller Brewing Co. presented6:45/291981
[ ]Tau Pi PhiThe story of Miller Brewing Company presented on campus6:45/291981
[ ]MusicUnion Board's "Concert in the Hollow" will feature Johnathan Edwards.6:35/291981
[ ]SportsVaristy breakfast held to honor outstanding sport alumni and Wittenberg athletes5:15/291981
[ ]Shannon, FrankVarsity breakfast held to honor outstanding sport alumni and Wittenberg athletes5:15/291981
[ ]BaseballWittenberg baseball players are selected for OAC honors5:35/291981
[ ]SportsWittenberg wins Ohio Athletic Conference all-sports championship5:15/291981
[ ]SportsWomen's athletic department names honors for women's sports (pic)5:45/291981
[ ]Student UnionAccident when worker slips on wet floor6:19/251981
[ ]LibraryAddition to Thomas Library ready for use; statistics given about new section4:59/251981
[ ]AdmissionsAnnouncement of filmstrip "This is Wittenberg" which emphasizes Witt's ties with the Lutheran Church.3:69/251981
[ ]Education DepartmentAssertive discipline workshops announced2:69/251981
[ ]CalendarCalendar proposal indefinately tabled1:59/251981
[ ]Reagan - BudgetCommentary article by Ralph Nader; critique of subsidizing corp, military spending3:39/251981
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Concerns about carrying open alcohol, clean-up project report from the campus faculty meeting and the escort service1:49/251981
[ ]WCA; Weaver Chapel AssociationCrop walk for world hunger supported2:29/251981
[ ]LibraryDedication announced for library; summary of library expansion6:19/251981
[ ]FreshmenDiverse freshman class statistics1:59/251981
[ ]Lacrosse - MenFall schedule announced, school support asked for by coach5:29/251981
[ ]Health and Physical Education Department Groundbreaking and work on new HPE facilities has begun, completion date set (pic)1:29/251981
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterHead nurse named: Kathleeen M. Pense2:69/251981
[ ]Zimmerman, Dr. E. CarolineInterview of professor of health and physical education about trip to China (pic)5:39/251981
[ ]King, Rev. Charles H., JrInterview with Dr. King about his teaching experience in Egypt6:19/251981
[ ]RugbyLack of communication leads to loss of field for use this fall5:59/251981
[ ]FacultyNew faculty member announced, brief histories given4:59/251981
[ ]Math WorkshopNew math workshop offers students help with specific problems, writer's workshop also available6:19/251981
[ ]Security OfficeNew security director talks about goals of security and special problems1:49/251981
[ ]Copeland, Dr. WarrenProfessor attends symposium in Washington DC dealing with social and ethical impact of energy policies3:19/251981
[ ]SoccerReport about soccer coach Ken Rabb and Pete Bauer6:49/251981
[ ]Senior SpotlightRoan Baumans and Judi Ingram interviewed6:19/251981
[ ]Hirsch, Margaret Ione; DeathsSenior killed in accident1:19/251981
[ ]Student LifeSoap Operas become popular with college students6:59/251981
[ ]SoccerSoccer team undefeated in four games, recently defeated Cedarville 3-15:59/251981
[ ]Field HockeyTeam defeated by Kenyon by score of 3-1 (pic)5:39/251981
[ ]FootballTelevision contracts for college game coverage debated5:29/251981
[ ]FacultyVisiting professor, Dr. G.S. Herbert from India interviewed4:29/251981
[ ]Financial Aid OfficeWilliam Porter, director of Witt Student Aid explains federal government cuts and the extra efforts made to compensateand be able to support students with aid programs1:19/251981
[ ]Public NoticesWitt Christian fellowship sponsors award; orchestra rehearsals; flute choir organized; John Mallery to speak on "Dress for Success"; openings for track; budget workshop; flu vaccines; senior class meeting29/251981
[ ]FootballWitt defeated by B-W5:19/251981
[ ]WCA; Weaver Chapel AssociationZodiac symbols discussed by Dr. Swanger, Pastor Wuchter and the architect4:19/251981
[ ]Molloy, John T.Author of Dress for Success to speak about clothing that impresses employers; sponsored by marketing club and union board (pic)4:510/21981
[ ]Lacrosse - MenBright spots in performance;defeated by Granville5:210/21981
[ ]Cross CountryCoach Henter points out strengths of team and season outlook. Tri-meet victory over Kenyon and Oberlin5:410/21981
[ ]AssaultsDean Scott clears up rumors of assault on campus1:310/21981
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Discussion of student gov't structural changes, present escort system and neighborhood council1:110/21981
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Explanation of the committee structre and the functions of the Faculty Governance system6:310/21981
[ ]Government -- Dept. of TransportationFederal Aviation Administration drops safety regulations3:510/21981
[ ]VolleyballFirst game lost to Bluffton; improvement anticipated5:510/21981
[ ]Union BoardGeneral fall schedule of entertainers, speakers and movies announced6:410/21981
[ ]Kinnison, Dr. William A.Kinnison named to National Commission on Higher Education6:110/21981
[ ]Student hearing boardLarry Donner, faculty advisor, explains the functions of the judicial body which depends on peer evaluation6:110/21981
[ ]MusicLecture series will explain music for "lay listeners"2:310/21981
[ ]SoccerLoss recorded inmatch against Kenyon, 3-05:610/21981
[ ]DanceNew dance floor almost complete; dancers excited3:410/21981
[ ]TheatreNew Dance floor almost complete; dancers excited3:410/21981
[ ]Dilger, Jay RobertNew professor in the political science department interviewed (pic)6:410/21981
[ ]English Department; Ostrom, Dr. John W.New writing award offered in honor of professor Ostrum2:310/21981
[ ]FoodOff campus eating places referenced4:110/21981
[ ]McInerney, SaraPosition of sorority affairs and student programming filled by McInerney. (pic)6:110/21981
[ ]Student ServicesPosition of Sorority Affairs and Student programming filled by Sara McInerney. Background Information6:110/21981
[ ]Class Registration; Registrar's OfficePre-registration made simple with the aid of computers6:210/21981
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Pres. Guy Gerbick - changes in escort service4:110/21981
[ ]WCA; Weaver Chapel AssociationRecycling alumninum cans and sponsorship of refugee family announced as projects for the year (pic)6:310/21981
[ ]Marketing ClubRepresentative from promotion group from DeBeer spoke on diamonds and marketing10/21981
[ ]Intramural SportsSeason schedule set with two divisions (pic)5:310/21981
[ ]Sigma KappaSorority is making physical and social renovations for their chapter1:510/21981
[ ]MusicSpanish Music from renaissance era performed by Musica Antigina de Toledo3:110/21981
[ ]FootballTiger victory over Ohio Northern, 15-7, at Ada5:110/21981
[ ]RugbyWitt defeated in attempt to win tournament (pic)5:310/21981
[ ]Field HockeyWomen lose to Dayton, Ohio State; win over Marietta5:610/21981
[ ]International EducationBarbara Chen, student from China interviewed about educational system in China6:510/161981
[ ]HomecomingCadidates for homecoming king and queen announced, brief campus activities given6:310/161981
[ ]Cross CountryCC land second place at the Muskingam Invitational5:510/161981
[ ]BaseballCommentary about losing "romance" with baseball because of the summer strike5:610/161981
[ ]LibraryCurtailment of theft from library is hoped for with new security system4:510/161981
[ ]Bloxham, Dr. MichaelExchange professor from England, teaching mathematics interviewed (pic)4:110/161981
[ ]General Honors ProgramFaculty advisor, Dr. Parker, explains how the honors program operates and how interested students can become involved6:310/161981
[ ]Faculty GovernanceGoals and purpose of Committee on Athletic Policy and recreation discussed by chairperson, Dr. Bush4:510/161981
[ ]Tennis - MenHPE dept. hires Scott McCune as new tennis coach and assistant basketball coach5:210/161981
[ ]FootballInterview with trainer David Crawford about injuries5:410/161981
[ ]ElectionsIssues on the Ohio ballot for the upconing general election are briefly covered6:110/161981
[ ]Senior SpotlightJohn White and Sharon Young Spotlighted6:110/161981
[ ]Stockstill, Lowell E.New business administration professor interviewed1:110/161981
[ ]FacultyNew business administration professor interviewed. (pic)1:110/161981
[ ]Languages DepartmentPossibility of a foreign language requirement discussed by education policy committee1:310/161981
[ ]Union BoardPres. Kline dismissed after mistakes were made in the procedure of financing a band1:310/161981
[ ]Security OfficeRape awareness program for campus women, and ways security can help with rape victims is discussed by Earl Rogers1:310/161981
[ ]Student UnionRatskeller business is low, specials announced to attract customers6:310/161981
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Regular meeting discussion about: adding programming for the blind on WUSO, OPIRG's accountability, newly appointed counselor and student concerns committee1:110/161981
[ ]ScholarshipsScholarship Services to research scholarship possibilities explained4:210/161981
[ ]Radio station; WUSOStation manager, Rick Flood, interviewed, responsibilities listed6:310/161981
[ ]SoccerTeam defeated by Ohio State at Columbus, 4-05:310/161981
[ ]Field HockeyTeam evens record at 2-2 with defeats over Cedarville and Youngstown State5:610/161981
[ ]HomecomingTwo photos: nominees for King; nominees for queen1:1, 1:410/161981
[ ]RugbyVictory over Kenyon5:310/161981
[ ]FacultyVisiting professor, Dr. Michael Boxham from England teaching mathematics, interviewed (pic)4:110/161981
[ ]FootballWitt defeats Wesleyan, 41-0, at Delaware5:110/161981
[ ]VolleyballWomen take 2 match victory from Denison, lost to Marietta5:210/161981
[ ]Volleyball2nd loss in match with Otterbein; still hopeful5:610/231981
[ ]Rugby38-10 loss to Bowling Green is embarrasing5:610/231981
[ ]Homecoming5 photos of weekend's festivities6:1-610/231981
[ ]Marketing ClubActivities, goals, speakers and fundraisers discussed by group's leaders, especially Holly Prahl6:110/231981
[ ]MusicCenter for Musical Development offers suggestions on buying instruments3:610/231981
[ ]MusicDr. Frederick F. Jackish will present a faculty organ recital2:210/231981
[ ]WomenFacts about the repercussions of the Human Life Amendment given3:110/231981
[ ]GreeksFall Festival sponsored by Greek Council3:610/231981
[ ]TheatreFall production "The Shadow Box" discussed in detail; the year's schedule given1:110/231981
[ ]Buildings; Ferncliff Hall; Security OfficeFalse fire alarms caused by new "Master Alert" system6:310/231981
[ ]Student DemocratsFirst meeting announced3:610/231981
[ ]Bread for the WorldHunger and the activities of this organization discussed by leader Dianne Russell6:510/231981
[ ]Liddy, G. Gordon; Union BoardMixed opinions about Liddy's visit to campus expressed by students and faculty1:410/231981
[ ]Finster, Dr. DavidNew chemistry prof interviewed4:410/231981
[ ]FacultyNew chemistry professor Finster interviewed4:410/231981
[ ]Academics; CurriculumNew Russian minor offered4:510/231981
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)New SGA constitution, Gramma Magazine, OPIRG and University Affairs discussed at weekly meeting1:310/231981
[ ]International EducationOpportunity to study in Greece or Rome available; representation of programs on campus4:210/231981
[ ]Brooks, GwendolynPulitzer Prize winning poet to speak on campus4:410/231981
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Pulitzer Prize-winning poet to speak on campus4:410/231981
[ ]InsuranceR. Nader discusses anti rebate lawas for insurance3:310/231981
[ ]HomecomingRoyalty crowned1:310/231981
[ ]Greek LifeSelection process of sororities examined by Greek advisor Sara McInerny6:410/231981
[ ]Public NoticesSenior class T-shirt designs wanted, Domino's offers free pizza, Delta Gamma sponsors fashion show, call for women bowlers for intercollegiate team, Mr. Chenowith and Dr. Cornett considered for tenure2:510/231981
[ ]Special interestStyles of dress on Witt's campus discussed1:110/231981
[ ]MusicSymphonic band will perform a concert with proceeds to go to UNICEF1:610/231981
[ ]Field HockeyTeam records a loss to Toledo University, win over Muskingum and a tie with West Virginia Wesleyan5:310/231981
[ ]SoccerTeam wins two over Muskingum and Northern Kentucky5:510/231981
[ ]FootballTigers defeat Scots, 23-0, in Homecoming game (pic)5:110/231981
[ ]Cross CountryTigers finish 19th out of 33 teams at the All Ohio5:410/231981
[ ]Theatre"The Shadow Box" to open Witt's 1981-82 season, Nov. 4-7 at 8:15 pm, in Tower Theatre, directed by Dr. Georges2:610/301981
[ ]Yearbook1980 Witt arrives.4:210/301981
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Approves new plan6:110/301981
[ ]Donner, LarryAssistant pastor accepts Myers Hall directorship (pic)1:310/301981
[ ]Cross CountryCC placed 2nd in triangular meet over Wooster, lost to Otterbein5:610/301981
[ ]MusicCenter for Musical Development will offer "Buying a Musical Instrument" Nov. 42:610/301981
[ ]Karate ClubClub builds expertise6:110/301981
[ ]Mason, Dr. David L.; Shaffer, Dr. Charles F.Co-authors, "Immunological Fundamentals" with Dr. David L. Mason and Dr. Feridun Doslu4:410/301981
[ ]MusicDregs to appear at fieldhouse Friday (pic)1:410/301981
[ ]Dregsdregs to appear at fieldhouse, Friday, Nov. 13 at 8 P.M. (pic)1:410/301981
[ ]Senior SpotlightGinny Warnecke and Tony Roseforo6:510/301981
[ ]International StudiesGrant promotes international studies6:110/301981
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterHealth Center requests students to return borrowed items; doctor's hours mentioned2:610/301981
[ ]Greek LifeHouse of Representatives passes new hazing bill6:310/301981
[ ]Appalachian SemesterNative appalachian folksinger performing Monday6:410/301981
[ ]Reid, Melanie SovineNative Appalachian folksinger to perform Monday6:410/301981
[ ]Appleton, JonNoted compser of electronic music will present a guest artist recital3:210/301981
[ ]Languages DepartmentOffering self-paced individual instruction option for science majors wishing to aquire competency in Russian technical materials4:110/301981
[ ]Basketball - Men; Basketball - Men; BasketballPractice begins for the 81-82 season5:110/301981
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Proposes new student government system1:110/301981
[ ]Class Registration; Registrar's OfficeRegistration now aided by computer processing1:110/301981
[ ]Union BoardSponsoring a halloween day mini-marathon2:610/301981
[ ]SoccerTigers beat Capital, 3-0, but not Marietta, 2-05:210/301981
[ ]Field HockeyWitt beats Ohio Wesleyan, 2-0, but lost to Denison, 2-0. A seed in the state tourney was earned5:510/301981
[ ]FootballWitt defeats Denison 23-05:110/301981
[ ]Lacrosse - MenWitt defeats Univ. of Dayton, 8-65:410/301981
[ ]VolleyballWitt downed by Ohio Univ.5:110/301981