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[ ]Yearbook1978-79 books are now available6:51/111980
[ ]Agler, BrianAgler discusses basketball accomplishments at Wittenberg (pic)5:41/111980
[ ]Dickson, StephenBaritone discusses his career3:31/111980
[ ]Blanshan, Dr. Sue AnnBlanshan resigns position for a job at Ohio State University Administration6:61/111980
[ ]PaleontologyBob Hook discusses his independent study (pic)3:11/111980
[ ]Brigham, Rev. Edward R.Brigham will serve as director of church relations4:11/111980
[ ]LibraryCapacity to double as library expansion program gets underway1:11/111980
[ ]Union BoardChange in movies was made3:11/111980
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Concerned Black Students discusses purpose on campus4:41/111980
[ ]Basketball - Men; Basketball - Men; BasketballDefeated Ohio Northern, 87-63, Otterbein 82-69, and Denison 84-50 (pic)5:41/111980
[ ]Basketball - Men; Basketball - Men; BasketballDefeated Ohio Northern, 87-63, Otterbein, 82-69, and Deniso 84-50 (pic)5:41/111980
[ ]OperationsDiscusses limited driving due to recent gas price hikes6:11/111980
[ ]Hook, BobDiscusses paleontologists and his independent study3:11/111980
[ ]Counselor -- Dr. Roger BassettiDiscusses plans as University counselor (pic)1:31/111980
[ ]LibraryFlood damages A-V room2:11/111980
[ ]GreeksFormal rush is underway1:31/111980
[ ]Haines, Dr. CarolHaines to offer fertility seminars2:11/111980
[ ]WomenHealth education--Dr. Carol Haines to offer fertility seminars2:11/111980
[ ]Mellott, Karen L.Involved in ROTC program4:41/111980
[ ]WrestlingLost to central state5:31/111980
[ ]Union BoardMaking plans for winter term6:41/111980
[ ]Health CenterNumerous changes to occur1:51/111980
[ ]Alpha Tau OmegaOnly fraternity housemother discusses her job (pic)6:11/111980
[ ]Gas PricesOperations discusses limited driving due to recent price hikes6:11/111980
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Plans for Winter term discussed6:41/111980
[ ]FootballPlayers receiving many awards5:31/111980
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)RH month was the major topic discussed6:51/111980
[ ]Dickson, StephenSinger to visit Wittenberg campus (pic)3:11/111980
[ ]Senior SpotlightSteve Garasky and Teresa Tuel6:51/111980
[ ]Swimming and Diving - MenTankers place fifth out of seen in an OAC relay meet5:11/111980
[ ]Wuchter, Rev. Michael D.To be installed Sunday6:41/111980
[ ]Radio station; WUSOTo present new programs1:51/111980
[ ]ROTCWitt student Karen L. Mellott is involved in program4:41/111980
[ ]Mortar Board (organization)Allocations made for student use3:61/181980
[ ]Biology DepartmentBiology Dept to offer field study in the Bahamas6:11/181980
[ ]LibraryBook theft has become major problem1:11/181980
[ ]Basketball - Men; Basketball - Men; BasketballDefeat Capital and Heidelberg (pic)5:11/181980
[ ]Swimming and Diving - MenDefeated Ohio Northern, 79-325:31/181980
[ ]Geology DepartmentDept to offer field study in the Bahamas6:11/181980
[ ]Union BoardDiscusses upcoming events6:51/181980
[ ]Swimming and Diving - MenDivers look good this year5:51/181980
[ ]Wuchter, Rev. Michael D.Installation service took place (pic)6:11/181980
[ ]Brigham, Rev. Edward R.Installation service took place Jan. 13 (pic)6:11/181980
[ ]Senior SpotlightJane Wells and Roland Warfield6:11/181980
[ ]WrestlingLoses to Muskingum and Ohio NOrthern (pic)5:41/181980
[ ]Health CenterMany changes made by Dr. Haines (pic)1:41/181980
[ ]Basketball; Basketball - WomenNew coach and girls prepare for the season5:41/181980
[ ]Students In Free EnterpriseNew organization recognized by SCA4:51/181980
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)New wittenberg governance system to be discussed at a forum Jan 221:31/181980
[ ]Mathematics DepartmentOffers new curriculum in computer science6:31/181980
[ ]FacultyPanel discussion on Iran and Afghanistan (pic)1:11/181980
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)Proposes 6 lifestyle options along with other business1:41/181980
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesRush went well; new pledges listed (pic)6:51/181980
[ ]School of MusicSacred Music Degree (pic)4:11/181980
[ ]Resident AdvisorsSelection is underway for the 1980-81 year3:31/181980
[ ]GreeksSororities to start open rush4:51/181980
[ ]Parkingto become problem for several years6:31/181980
[ ]Schier, Dr. Steven E.To cover Iowa caucuses4:11/181980
[ ]Phi Eta SigmaTo offer scholarships to its members4:61/181980
[ ]Raimondo, LoisTo try out for the Olympic field hockey team5:11/181980
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Urges students to attend Plan a forum6:31/181980
[ ]Gutchall, BradAfter illness is regaining basketball form5:41/251980
[ ]Alumni AssociationAssoc. offers award for distinguished teaching4:61/251980
[ ]Senior SpotlightBeverly Stitt and Cliff Bender6:51/251980
[ ]College Council (CC)CC to be replaced by a new form of government1:21/251980
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)Discussed upcoming movies and elections2:11/251980
[ ]Washington Semester ProgramEleven students participated in the specail program fall term (pic)3:41/251980
[ ]CanadaGovernment presents Witenberg with books6:11/251980
[ ]AlcoholInformation released on campus use6:11/251980
[ ]Union BoardList of events scheduled for February3:31/251980
[ ]WrestlingLoses to Heidelberg5:51/251980
[ ]Krieg HallLow temperatures are causing problems1:41/251980
[ ]Health CenterMore to nurses registration that a personality clash1:11/251980
[ ]Vietnamese studentsNha Thuc To is enjoying Wittenberg (pic)6:11/251980
[ ]Guild HouseOffers students more practice in language4:11/251980
[ ]Basketball; Basketball - WomenOpen the season with a win over Ohio Wesleyan5:11/251980
[ ]Bread for the WorldOrganization is concerned with world hunger (pic)1:41/251980
[ ]SororitiesPrank caller bothers sororities1:11/251980
[ ]Track and Field - MenPreparing for the upcoming season5:31/251980
[ ]SororitiesRush ends, new pledges listed6:31/251980
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Schedules WUSO panel discussion on Honoraria Jan 284:51/251980
[ ]To, Nha ThucStudent from Vietnam is enjoyin Wittenberg6:11/251980
[ ]Teitjen, Dr. John H.To be Epiphany speaker6:11/251980
[ ]Swimming and Diving - MenWin over Muskingum, 48-46, and Xavier, 79-415:11/251980
[ ]Basketball - Men; Basketball - Men; BasketballWins over Ohio Wesleyan 77-65, Kenyon 85-525:41/251980
[ ]Nobody's Fool Classic1980 run is for fun5:62/11980
[ ]Skyland, PaulAcoustic guitarist to perform at the Rat3:32/11980
[ ]Women's ProgramAssault Awareness and rape prevention programming planned1:42/11980
[ ]Senior SpotlightBob Pfalzgraf and Sandy Klotz6:52/11980
[ ]Foreign StudyCindy Daniels discusses semester at sea (pic)4:42/11980
[ ]Semester at SeaCindy Daniels enjoyed her shipboard study4:42/11980
[ ]Hallmark EmployeesClaims that quality food is bought1:42/11980
[ ]Basketball - Men; Basketball - Men; BasketballDefeat Denison 79-62 and Muskingum 46-43 (pic)5:12/11980
[ ]Basketball; Basketball - WomenDefeats Ohio Dominican, 73-57, but loses to Denison 66-75, and Cedarville 53-71.5:12/11980
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)Discusses election proposals and other issues6:32/11980
[ ]Foreign StudyEnglish-British foreign study: students may have to pay full tuition4:12/11980
[ ]Writer's WorkshopHas been relocated and expanded1:32/11980
[ ]Washington Semester ProgramInformational meeting planned2:32/11980
[ ]Lambda Chi AlphaLambda Chi Alphas take hostages (DG housemother and Chi-O president) in a prank to aid philanthropy project (pic)1:52/11980
[ ]WrestlingLoses to wright State and Wilmington, but score a win against Cedarville5:52/11980
[ ]Swimming and Diving - MenLoses to Wright State, 44-68, and Butler, 55-585:12/11980
[ ]AlcoholMore information of student drinking habits6:12/11980
[ ]Union BoardNew members selected3:12/11980
[ ]LiberiaNine students to take part in semester of study3:62/11980
[ ]HonorariumsNo decisions reached in panel discussion6:22/11980
[ ]Pi Kappa AlphaPledges shove sorority sidewalks3:52/11980
[ ]Security OfficeReports car stereo thefts on campus1:12/11980
[ ]BudgetREsignations of nurses and absent counselor will not have a great effect1:12/11980
[ ]Petto, KathySenior basketball co-captain enjoying the season5:42/11980
[ ]Buildings; Myers Hall; FiresSmall fire caused by a candle6:22/11980
[ ]GradingThe grade of F has been reinstated for upperclassmen1:12/11980
[ ]Humanities ConferenceWitt's seven humanities departments are evaluated2:42/11980
[ ]School of MusicWould like more support at concerts and recitals3:52/11980
[ ]SororitiesA D Pis and KDs to have a blood drive6:52/81980
[ ]Bread for the WorldBFTW Conduct experiment showing food waste2:32/81980
[ ]University TheatreBlack comedy to be presented (pic)1:22/81980
[ ]Campaign for WittenbergCampaign enjoys great support from the faculty and staff8;22/81980
[ ]Senior SpotlightCharles Witmer and Laura Durgin8:52/81980
[ ]Hudson, RonClassical guitarist enjoys playing at Witt6:12/81980
[ ]Marketing ClubClub had Michael Owens of the steel industry speak5:32/81980
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Concerned Black Students getting ready to celebrate its tenth anniversary4:62/81980
[ ]Nuclear EnergyDebate between guest speakers Katherine Seelman (pro) and George Pickering (con) will take place8:42/81980
[ ]WrestlingDefeats Ohio Wesleyan7:42/81980
[ ]Galicki, StanDiscusses swim team and position as co-captain7:12/81980
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Discusses UB and WUSO audits and other business1:12/81980
[ ]Union BoardDiscusses upcoming events6:42/81980
[ ]FacultyDr. William Hahn explains retirement option8:42/81980
[ ]College RepublicansDual parties now represented on campus5:12/81980
[ ]Democrats, Wittenberg StudentDual-parties now represented on campus5:12/81980
[ ]Joseph C. Shouvlin Center for Lifelong LearningEinstein exhibit to be presented5:12/81980
[ ]ConvocationsGerhard Elston to speak Feb. 131:42/81980
[ ]Career DevelopmentHelp offered on choosing a major6;12/81980
[ ]Honors ProgramHelps to sponsor a nuclear debate8:42/81980
[ ]Ohio Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG)Investigating auto insurance1:52/81980
[ ]Kinnison, Dr. William A.Kinnison spoke to Ohio congressmen and senators1:12/81980
[ ]AlcoholLooks at the linkage to residency8:12/81980
[ ]Basketball; Basketball - WomenLoses to Wright state, 82-44 (pic)7:12/81980
[ ]Political Science DepartmentPanel Discussion by Political Science faculty on Iran and Afghanistan6:62/81980
[ ]Student HousingPark Place will be closed for the rest of the year4:12/81980
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)Receives feedback from the visitation survey and other business8:12/81980
[ ]TheatreSenior discusses many aspects of the theatre4:42/81980
[ ]Foreign StudySix Wittenberg Students tell of their experiences in Liverpool (pic)5:42/81980
[ ]Student UnionSteps at the Union are crumbling again4:42/81980
[ ]Green, EllenaTakes journalism internship at the Springfield News-Sun3:42/81980
[ ]Sigma NuTakes new pledges4:52/81980
[ ]Swimming and Diving - MenTankers are beaten by Wooster, 61-507:32/81980
[ ]Basketball - Men; Basketball - Men; BasketballTigers beat Oberlin and Mt. Union (pic)7:32/81980
[ ]Thornton, Dr. RichardTo speak to various classes6:62/81980
[ ]May, RolloWill speak on freedom, Feb. 113:42/81980
[ ]Bowling - WomenWomen to defend COIBL title7:52/81980
[ ]Future StudiesA new course and a minor now offered in this area3:12/151980
[ ]Senior SpotlightBob Hook and Jean Lampert6:52/151980
[ ]Campaign for WittenbergCampaign nearing the midpoint1:22/151980
[ ]Black Emphasis WeekCBS is planning programming3:42/151980
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Concerned Black Students celebrates tenth anniversary (pic)1:22/151980
[ ]Nuclear EnergyDebate between Seelman and Pickering discussed6:42/151980
[ ]May, RolloDescribes U.S. freedom in crisis6:12/151980
[ ]ConvocationsElston spoke on human rights (pic)6:32/151980
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Equalizes honorariums1:42/151980
[ ]Track and Field - MenFinish fifth in Ohio Weleyan relays5:52/151980
[ ]Buildings; Tower Hall; FiresFire alarm sounds again for a fire in a trashcan1:12/151980
[ ]Human RightsGerhard Elston, executive director of Amnesty International USA, speaks on human rights6:32/151980
[ ]Special EducationKathy Hannegin helping EMR students to realize their potential (pic)4:12/151980
[ ]Swimming and Diving - MenLoses to Denison and beats Heidelberg, Jay Shilliday qualifies for nationals5:12/151980
[ ]Basketball; Basketball - WomenLoses to Muskingum 67-655:52/151980
[ ]AlcoholMarijuana usage relates to frequency of alcohol use6:12/151980
[ ]BasketballMike Vannett discusses basketball at Witt (pic)5:12/151980
[ ]AlcoholMovies concerning problems will be shown3:52/151980
[ ]Honors ProgramNuclear debate well attended6:42/151980
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Petitions for candidacy for offices available1:12/151980
[ ]Union BoardPlanning spring music festival4:42/151980
[ ]SororitiesPledges to compete in Mini-Olympics3:32/151980
[ ]Social PsychologyRollo May discusses psychology of freedom and how it affects U.S.6:12/151980
[ ]Health CenterSelf-care treatment available3:12/151980
[ ]Wrestlingtigers lose to Urbana, but beat Wilmington and Marietta5:42/151980
[ ]Radio station; WUSOTo feature Dr. Kinnison as a radio guest6:12/151980
[ ]TuitionTo increase again for 1980-811:12/151980
[ ]MarijuanaUsage related to alcohol usage6:12/151980
[ ]Basketball - Men; Basketball - Men; BasketballWins over Marietta 56-45 and Wooster 64-605:12/151980
[ ]LibraryWitt receives matching grant for expansion from the National Endowment for the Humanities1:12/151980
[ ]Beta Theta PiBeta Theta Pi visited St.John's nursing home6:52/221980
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Deadline for candidates to file petitions has been extended1:42/221980
[ ]Subliminal Seduction in AdvertisingDiscussed by guest speaker Wilson Bryan Key1:12/221980
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)Discusses canoe rental available and other business6:42/221980
[ ]Health CenterDiscusses problems that could result in tiredness3:42/221980
[ ]Union BoardDiscusses upcoming events6:32/221980
[ ]AlcoholFilm and discussion helps students find out more about abuse1:12/221980
[ ]Govern, JoeGovern given many awards as well as All-American status for his performance for Tiger football this year5:42/221980
[ ]MemoryGuest speaker Jerry Lucas discusses use of memory6:32/221980
[ ]Key, Wilson BryanKey to speak on subliminal seduction1:12/221980
[ ]Bowling - WomenLadies move into first place in the COIBL5:32/221980
[ ]WrestlingLose to Capital5:42/221980
[ ]Senior SpotlightLou Cannon and Carol Hertler6:12/221980
[ ]Lucas, JerryLucas speaks to students on memory6:32/221980
[ ]Computer CenterSluggish reaction time is due to extra information placed on it1:12/221980
[ ]Student HousingStudents happy in apartments (pic)4:12/221980
[ ]Track and Field - MenTeam did well at an open meet at Otterbein5:52/221980
[ ]Tiger MascotTiger's true identity is revealed6:12/221980
[ ]Swimming and Diving - MenWin over Ohio Wesleyan but lose to Case Western5:32/221980
[ ]Basketball; Basketball - WomenWin over Wilmington, but lose to Capital, Wilberforce, and Blufton5:12/221980
[ ]Basketball - Men; Basketball - Men; BasketballWins again over Baldwin-Wallace, 78-62, and Ohio Wesleyan 43-41 (pics)5:12/221980
[ ]Swimming and Diving - MenAre working hard for the OAC championship meet7:32/291980
[ ]RapeAwareness week planned1:52/291980
[ ]Marketing ClubClub hosts a program on advertising1:22/291980
[ ]SpringfieldCommunity development--WUSO panel discussion with members of city government5:12/291980
[ ]Career DevelopmentComprehensive final required in field of major prior to graduation6:12/291980
[ ]Curtis, TyroneCurtis discusses his position on the basketball team and his religion (pic)7:42/291980
[ ]Basketball; Basketball - WomenDefeat Central State, 78-717:52/291980
[ ]Alumnae/AlumniDiscussion by those who are back as members of the Wittenberg faculty or staff8:32/291980
[ ]Radiation TechnologyDiscussion of this four-year program (pic)8:12/291980
[ ]Bindley, Dr. Joseph HooverDr. Joe Bindley serves on Clark County Technical College's Board of Trustees4:62/291980
[ ]WrestlingFinish eighth in OAC tournament7:52/291980
[ ]Foreign StudentsForeign students express views of America and Wittenberg8:12/291980
[ ]Alpha Tau OmegaFraternity presents awards to three of its member4:12/291980
[ ]Health CenterHealth Center discusses the hazards of the sun3:42/291980
[ ]Radio station; WUSOHosts panel discussion on new developments in Springfield5:12/291980
[ ]Senior SpotlightJoel Brown and Julie Aufderheidi8:42/291980
[ ]DraftKahty Dudke '78 provides information on1:32/291980
[ ]Kinnison, Dr. William A.Kinnison advocates that federal aid go directly to the student so there will be more options available1:52/291980
[ ]WCA; Weaver Chapel AssociationLenten services planned5:42/291980
[ ]Liberal Arts Study CommitteeLiberal arts education is discussed5:42/291980
[ ]Foreign StudentsMaria Menjumea discusses Wittenberg8:52/291980
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Mike Bayles is new president1:12/291980
[ ]TorchNew editors selected2:22/291980
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)New officers announced2:22/291980
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)Plans for RH month are announced5:12/291980
[ ]Administration; Dean of Students; Heusinkveld, Dr. EdwinResigns post as dean of students1:12/291980
[ ]Foreign StudySandy Gustafson discusses her year in Sweden (pic)6:32/291980
[ ]Track and Field - MenShowed strongly in open meet at Ohio Weleyan7:12/291980
[ ]Gustafson, SandiSpeaks of year in Sweden6:32/291980
[ ]Resident AdvisorsThree 3 year RA's discuss the position3:12/291980
[ ]Basketball - Men; Basketball - Men; BasketballTigers win over Muskingum 58-53, but lose to Ohio Northern 83-71 (pic)7:12/291980
[ ]Union BoardTrying to get a wider focus to interest all students6:12/291980
[ ]Bowling - WomenWomen still on top of the COIBL7:22/291980
[ ]Adult EducationAdult Education program here and nationally is growing (pic)Note: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:43/221980
[ ]Foreign StudyBarb Lauterbach describes two-term stay in Europe (pic)6:34/41980
[ ]Marketing ClubClub sponsors career forum6:34/41980
[ ]Busarow, Dr. DonaldComposer of religious opera "Ester"; world premiere to be presented at Weaver Chapel6:64/41980
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Concerned Black Students to continue programming for Black Emphasis Week this week4:14/41980
[ ]Union BoardLooking for a new band6:54/41980
[ ]Senior SpotlightMary Jean Mitchell and Bill Smith6:54/41980
[ ]Rahn, Virgil E.Memorial Award in memory of Rahn goes to Tina M. Burgauer, Psychology Major4:14/41980
[ ]Lacrosse - WomenPreparing for the season5:24/41980
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Ratifies lifestyle proposals1:24/41980
[ ]OperaReligious opera "Esther", composed by Dr. Donald Busarow, to be presented at Weaver Chapel6:64/41980
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)Schedules of activities for April1:44/41980
[ ]RapeSeries on rape to be presented at Wittenberg3:34/41980
[ ]Simon, SheilaSole member of the women's indoor track team does well, discusses background4:34/41980
[ ]Visitation PolicyStudents rally in front of student services (pic)1:54/41980
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)Survey visitation and lifestyles committe explained1:24/41980
[ ]RugbyTie with Wright State5:14/41980
[ ]Basketball - Men; Basketball - Men; BasketballTigers finish third in the NCAA (pic)5:14/41980
[ ]TuitionTo be raised $507 and room and board will also be raised by $1671:44/41980
[ ]BaseballWin five in spring trip to Florida5:14/41980
[ ]Wittenberg Guild25th annual coffee hour and fashion show slated for April 266:24/181980
[ ]Alma MaterAlma mater nominations to be chosen.2:14/181980
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Approved the motion to give a written letter of support to Delta Sigma Theta, a Black sorority1:44/181980
[ ]Delta Sigma ThetaBlack sorority will receive written letter of support from SGA.1:44/181980
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Concerned Black Students presents "A Spring Fantasy" fashion show6:44/181980
[ ]Delta ZetaDelta Zeta receives the annual scholarship award at Delta Zeta State Day, April 12, 1980, Youngstown, OH. Five girls pledged Delta Zeta Sorority April 15, 19802:64/181980
[ ]GreeksDescription of functions of Greek Council, Inter-fraternity Council (IFC), and Panhellenic Council (Panhel)3:34/181980
[ ]GreeksGreek Forum--purpose was to educate people about the Greek system. Also discussion of Black sorority4:34/181980
[ ]OperaNew religious opera "Esther," composed by Dr. Busarow, assistant professor of music, and Dr. Koppenhaver, professor of English (libretto), premiered in Weaver Chapel6:14/181980
[ ]Senior SpotlightPaula Edmiston and Dan Holland6:54/181980
[ ]Computer ProgramPlans to increase the memory of the PDP II 70, Wittenberg's computer, are slated for the fall1:24/181980
[ ]Kotz, Cassandra J.Recipient of the Sociology scholarship award for 1979-806:64/181980
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)RH month--Summary are concluding activities--Casino night, Tuesday night live at the rat, and Witt world record day1:54/181980
[ ]SociologySociology scholarship award given to Cassandra Kotz for 1979-806:64/181980
[ ]Union BoardSponsoring Dr. Benjamin Hooks, president of the NAACP; Dan Kamin, a mime; a James Bond film festival; Tuesdays-for-fun program; final festival; and Harry Walker, guitarist6:44/181980
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)Students discuss policies with the faculty1:24/181980
[ ]GolfTeam loses in three school competition5:34/181980
[ ]Ohio Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG)Three OPRIG representatives attended a hearing dealing with consumer rights from standardized testing companies on Apr. 10 in Columbus3:14/181980
[ ]Tower HallWins trivia night, a housing arousing program6:24/181980
[ ]Most Valuable Players (MVPs)Winter sports--Brian Agler for basketball, Buzzy Spicer for swimming, and Dave Black for wrestling5:14/181980
[ ]Track and Field - MenWittenberg finishes fifth in a six team meet at the Otterbein relays. Beat Capital 110-43 in a home dual meet Wednesday5:44/181980
[ ]Softball - WomenWittenberg loses doubleheader to Central State, 10-5 adn 3-15:34/181980
[ ]Tennis - MenWittenberg loses to Kenyon College 8-15:54/181980
[ ]Lacrosse - WomenWittenberg loses to Kenyon, 7-65:54/181980
[ ]BaseballWittenberg loses to Muskingum 13-75:24/181980
[ ]Tennis - WomenWittenberg loses to Otterbein College5:64/181980
[ ]WomenTwo women lawyers who graduated from Witt discuss women in the field of law6:54/221980
[ ]MusicAlbum critique of Bob Seger's "Against the Wind"4:14/251980
[ ]LutheransAttend worship and music festival; also workshops6:54/251980
[ ]Biology DepartmentBio majors hold "Bio Ball" at Ramada Inn (pic)6:34/251980
[ ]PantomimeDan Kamin discusses his career and the art (pic)6:14/251980
[ ]Capital CampaignGoal set for area: Springfield solicitation under way1:54/251980
[ ]Black Emphasis WeekGuest speaker William Parker discusses racial differences during Black Emphasis Week4:44/251980
[ ]PoetsHoward Nemerov discusses himself and his poetry4:54/251980
[ ]Career DevelopmentMarketing Club hold successful career forum; discuss business careers4:14/251980
[ ]Gifts; Capital CampaignMoney accepted by Wittenberg: Nine Springfield financial institutions joined together to make unprecedented gift of $500,000 to Witt's campaign1:44/251980
[ ]Wittenberg IIIMusic and Worship festival sponsored by University and Lutheran Churches6:54/251980
[ ]RugbyOhio State beats Wittenberg5:14/251980
[ ]CalendarSemester calendar proposed as alternative1:24/251980
[ ]Wittenberg Public NoticesSenior Class progressive drink; Health Center "Stop Smoking" Clinic; Voter registration; ODK faculty award recommindations sought; Springfield Symphony closing concert; Frat carwash; New Library furnishings; Applications due to study abroad3:54/251980
[ ]Senior SpotlightTammi Henninger and Marty Lammon6:14/251980
[ ]Laux, Dr. Louis JTwo women lawyers who graduated from Witt discuss women in the field of law6:54/251980
[ ]Union Board; Waller, HarryUpcoming plans: Harry Waller, Weekend Festival, Weekend movies1:24/251980
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Vetos honoraria, medis positions discussed6:34/251980
[ ]Softball - WomenWitt beats Ohio Wesleyan; loses to Wilminton5:14/251980
[ ]BaseballWitt beats Urbana 24-1, then loses following three games5:14/251980
[ ]Track and Field - MenWitt defeats Cedarville; falls to Ohio Northern at meets5:34/251980
[ ]GolfWitt finishes sixth in Kenyon Inviational Golf Tournament5:64/251980
[ ]Lacrosse - WomenWitt loses games with Ohio State and Ball State5:54/251980
[ ]Tennis - WomenWitt loses to Ohio Weleyan Unvi. and beats Muskingum College and Cedarville College5:64/251980
[ ]Tennis - MenWitt win over Muskingum College and Heidelberg College; loses to Dennison Univ. and Ohio Wesleyan Univ.5:44/251980
[ ]MusicWittenberg and Lutheran Churches sponsor music and worship festival (Wittenberg III)6:54/251980
[ ]Hanley Hall"Cafe Hanley"4:15/21980
[ ]AgoraAgora announced and described3:35/21980
[ ]Alpha Tau Omega; Gamma Phi Beta; Volunteersbecome big brothers and big sisters to 20 children through Springfield organization6:55/21980
[ ]Track and Field - WomenBegins good 1st year season by victory over Central State and Bluffton5/45/21980
[ ]Alma MaterCandidates selected, backgrounds given (pic)6:15/21980
[ ]Marketing ClubClub honored as American Marketing Association's 1980 collegiate chapter of the year6:65/21980
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Debate over committe positions become heated4:45/21980
[ ]Black Emphasis WeekDr. Benjamin Hooks, executive director of NAACP speaks to Witt students1:25/21980
[ ]Union BoardFilm "The Turning Point"4:45/21980
[ ]HonorariesFour honor societies of three recognition societies announce new members6:35/21980
[ ]Big Brothers/Big Sisters; Gamma Phi Beta; Alpha Tau OmegaGamma Phi and ATO become big brothers and big sisters to 20 children through the Springfield organization6:55/21980
[ ]GreeksGamma Phi Beta and Alpha Tai Omega become Big Brothers and Big Sisters to 20 children through Big Brothers Organization of Springfield6:55/21980
[ ]Hooks, Dr. BenjaminGave speech to Witt students1:25/21980
[ ]Senior SpotlightJoey Beckett and Sara Flick5/21980
[ ]Medical SchoolMed school representatives discuss skills needed3:15/21980
[ ]EnergyNew 69 KV substation to be built for Witt (pic)1:25/21980
[ ]GreeksOrganizational system of houses explained2:15/21980
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)Paul Schreck earns place in "Guiness Book of World Records" by sitting in a tub of pudding during RHA event6:55/21980
[ ]CircusRoyal Lictenstein Quarter Ring Sidewalk Circus comes to Wittenberg, background given (pic)1:35/21980
[ ]CalendarSemester system: Pros and cons discussed4:15/21980
[ ]Wittenberg Public NoticesSGA positions available; Women's health pamphlet available; "I never sang for my Father" to be presented; Nominations for Barbara Steel Kane Memorial Award being accepted; KD and ADPi to sponsor blood drive; Psychology colloquium set2:45/21980
[ ]RugbyWitt beats Pittsburgh; loses to Queen city. Witt's defending champion of the OAC5:55/21980
[ ]SoftballWitt beats Urbana and Capital; looses to Otterbein5:15/21980
[ ]Track and Field - MenWitt beats Wooster and Dennison; 99.5-48.5-445:35/21980
[ ]Tennis - WomenWitt beats Wooster; is defeated by Ohio Northern5:45/21980
[ ]Lacrosse - WomenWitt shows skill; beats Earlham and Ohio Wesleyan5:15/21980
[ ]GolfWitt takes fourth place in 14-team Wittenberg Invitational Tournament5;%5/21980
[ ]GolfWitt takes fourth place in 14-team Wittenberg Invitational Tournament5:55/21980
[ ]BaseballWitt wins over Otterbein in double header; is defeated by Ohio Wesleyan5:55/21980
[ ]Tennis - MenWitt wins over Wooster and Xavier5:35/21980
[ ]Students In Free Enterprise; Awards to WittenbergWittenberg chosen at Students in Free Enterprise competition for Enterants Award3:55/21980
[ ]Radiation medicineWittenberg R.M. program prepares students well for careers in the field. Discusses on-the-job training6:15/21980
[ ]GreeksWomen surveyed for opinions on Black sorority1:55/21980
[ ]Beta Theta Pi"Servant auction"8:45/91980
[ ]FinancesAid availability in different programs discussed5:25/91980
[ ]Wittenberg Public NoticesAlpha Xi Delta to sell doughnuts; Poli Sci Career Day planned; Tiger applications available; summer jobs open; sororities to sponsor blood drive; Ascension service announced; Dr. J. Russell Chadran of United Theological College, Bangalore, Indiana, will s2:15/91980
[ ]Uris, Leon; Adams, Dr. Philip; CommencementAuthor Leon Uris will deliver Commencement address. William B. Renner, '42 president of Aluminum Company of America: Dr. Edward Q Moulton, chancellor of Ohio Board of Regents, and Rev. Ralph A. Kampski, President of Ind.-Ky. Synod of LCA will also recei1:45/91980
[ ]Uris, LeonAuthors of "Exodus", "Trinity", "QBVII", and other novels will speak at commencement1:45/91980
[ ]CheerleadingCheer leading squad chosen5:55/91980
[ ]GreeksCold Dorm system described2:45/91980
[ ]Tubingen, GermanyDescription of Tubingen University in W. Germany and comments from students who were there4:15/91980
[ ]Foreign StudyDescription of Tuebingen U in W. Germany and comments from students who were there4:15/91980
[ ]ColloquiaDiscussion of colloquia in different departments at Wittenberg3:45/91980
[ ]EducationDr. Sheldon Rothblatt, of U. C. Berkeley, discusses the history of education at History Colloquium8:15/91980
[ ]Sigma NuEarns charter as Witt fraternity; discusses plans1:25/91980
[ ]AgoraEvents for spring festival outlined.1:35/91980
[ ]Union BoardEvents set for final festivities weekend8:55/91980
[ ]GreeksFraternities take little sisters8:15/91980
[ ]MusicGenesis album "Date" hailed as one of their finest3:15/91980
[ ]GreeksGreek Week festivities outlined5:65/91980
[ ]Foreign StudyJim Reiss is studying in France this year (pic)8:35/91980
[ ]Adams, Dr. Philip; CommencementLeon Uris, author of Exodus, Trinity, QBVII and other novels, will speak at Commencement (biographical sketch given)1:45/91980
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)New choices for Wittenberg media directors made by SGA8:55/91980
[ ]MediaNew choices for Wittenberg media directors make by SGA8:55/91980
[ ]Rothblatt, Dr. SheldonOf Univ of California at Berkeley, discusses the history of education at History Colloquium8:15/91980
[ ]GreeksPanhellenic council seeks to broaden its focus5:45/91980
[ ]Visitation PolicyRevised proposal rejected by President Kinnison. Proposal slated text of Kinnison's reasons for rejection follow1:15/91980
[ ]GreeksSigma Nu earns charter at Wittenberg; plans discussed1:25/91980
[ ]Gamma Phi BetaSisters send clothing to assist poor in Kentucky5:55/91980
[ ]ConcentrationSome reasons why you may have a hard time concentrating offered by Univ. Counsellor Dr. Bassetti5:15/91980
[ ]ElderlySoph. Robert Bones directs play with elderly for course project in "Aging in America Society"8:35/91980
[ ]University TheatreSoph. Robert Bones directs play with elderly for course project in "Aging in American Society"8:35/91980
[ ]Bones, RobertSophomore directs play with elderly for course project in "Aging in America Society"8:35/91980
[ ]Women's CollectiveSponsors "campus run"8:25/91980
[ ]Senior SpotlightStan Balicki and Laura Cashy8:15/91980
[ ]Moulton, Dr. Edward Q.To receive honorary degree from Wittenberg at commencement; background given1:45/91980
[ ]Track and Field - MenWitt beats Muskingum7:15/91980
[ ]RugbyWitt is defeated by Dennison at Ohio Conference Rugby Chapionship6:35/91980
[ ]BaseballWitt loses 6 games to Anderson, Zavier, Muskingum, and Otterbein7:35/91980
[ ]SoftballWitt loses to Cedarville; beats Ashland College. Witt will also host first Ohio Assoc. of Intercollegiate sports for women6:15/91980
[ ]Lacrosse - WomenWitt loses two, wins two7:35/91980
[ ]GolfWitt places fourth in 7-team tournament7:55/91980
[ ]Track and Field - WomenWitt places seventh in 13-team Baldwin Wallace Invitational and defeats Otterbein7:25/91980
[ ]Tennis - WomenWitt qualifies for state small college championships, loses to Ohio University and Dennison6:45/91980
[ ]Tennis - MenWitt wins 4 straight games defeateing Capital, Ohio Northern, Wilberforce, and Cedarville6:35/91980
[ ]Students In Free EnterpriseWittenberg business students win prized in Ohio competition. SIFE is described8:45/91980
[ ]Ohio ConferenceWittenberg will try to defend its All-Sports title7:35/91980
[ ]SportsWittenberg will try to defend its All-Sports title7:45/91980
[ ]WomenFour study courses for women have been offered this term for interested studentsNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.8:25/111980
[ ]EducationWUSEA to sponsor classroom management workshopNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.6:45/261980
[ ]Weibel, Timothy J.Resident Counselor at Tower to be Asst. Dean of Students for residencesNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.8:25/291980
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)Activities announced and described for freshmen2:19/131980
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)Announces "First annual college survival competition"1:59/131980
[ ]SpringfieldArea residents file petition concerning disruptive behavior and noise level near Witt1:39/131980
[ ]Student DisturbancesArea residents file petition concerning disruptive behavior and noise level near Wittenberg1:39/131980
[ ]Dietrich, HeimtrautAssociate dean of students and German professor, Dean Dietrich died suddenly during the summer (pic)1:39/131980
[ ]Basketball - Men; Basketball - Men; BasketballBrian Agler signs 1 year contract with British team4:19/131980
[ ]ChapelChapel program announced2:39/131980
[ ]ElectionsElectoral college and the 1980 presidential race described1:19/131980
[ ]Wittenberg Public NoticesKissell Company gift to Witt; Greek language offered; Torch staff meeting; Cleveland area "Campaign for Wittenberg"; Drivers needed; Marketning Club meeting; Copy runner needed; WUSO meeting; Mortar Board Activities Fair planned2:49/131980
[ ]HealthNeed for overall health discussed; role of ampus health center described2:39/131980
[ ]Administration; Dean of Students; Scott, RichardNew dean of students sets goals; discusses new job1:59/131980
[ ]Resident AdvisorsPicture of training session1:59/131980
[ ]Community Education SchoolRegistration open for evening classes1:19/131980
[ ]Dean of StudentsRichard Scott, dean of students, sets goals; discusses new job1:59/131980
[ ]Uris, LeonSpoke at commencement about position of Jews in America today and about the field of literature1:19/131980
[ ]VolleyballTeam hopes to better than last year4:59/131980
[ ]FootballWitt begins season with inexperienced team (pic)4:19/131980
[ ]Basketball - Men; Basketball - Men; BasketballWitt head coach, Larry Hunter will speak at the Fall National Assoc. of Basketball Coaches--Converse Clinics2:19/131980
[ ]Field Hockeywitt is regaining some valuable players4:69/131980
[ ]SoccerWitt team about to being busiest season4:39/131980
[ ]Cross CountryWitt team gears up with 9 new members (pic)4:39/131980
[ ]Basketball - Men; Basketball - Men; BasketballWitt team goes to Europe and wins 6 out of 6 games with European competitors4:19/131980
[ ]FreshmenWitt welcomes incoming students1:59/131980
[ ]FootballWitt will play Heidelberg; team described9/131980
[ ]Calvert, Denise Lee;DeathsWittenberg student dies in automobile crash (pic)1:19/131980
[ ]Radio station; WUSOWUSO discusses progress made during year (pic)3:39/131980
[ ]Radio station; WUSOWUSO office ransacked3:19/131980
[ ]Campaign for Wittenberg"Phase Two" about to begin6:29/261980
[ ]Union BoardA variety of entertainment is planned for this term6:19/261980
[ ]MusicCars new album "Panorama" is interesting3:49/261980
[ ]Escort Service; Student Government Association (SGA)Escort service more efficient now6:19/261980
[ ]Ferritto, JohnFerrito as adjunct prof. of music will perform three Beethoven sonatas2:49/261980
[ ]Senior SpotlightGretchen Bonfert and Mike Bayless6:19/261980
[ ]RugbyInexperienced Witt team plays well; comes in Third in tournament5:39/261980
[ ]GreeksNew chapter of Delta Sigma Theta plans to be service oriented4:19/261980
[ ]Delta Sigma ThetaNew chapter plans to be service oriented4:19/261980
[ ]FacultyNew faculty come to Witt with varied backgrounds4:59/261980
[ ]Physical EducationNew physical education facility will gain funds from "Tiger Fund" in the Campaign for Wittenberg6:39/261980
[ ]Tiger FundNew Physical education facility will gain funds from "Tiger Fund" in the Campaign for Wittenberg6:39/261980
[ ]HomecomingNominations for King and Queen are begining6:49/261980
[ ]Wittenberg Public NoticesOPIRG hold forum; Student services extends hours; Drivers needed; SGA to visit dorms; honorary membership; poetry competition; parking stickers available; WCF show planned; Educational fund begun2:3, 3:39/261980
[ ]Phi Gamma DeltaParty waiver denied by Dean Scott and discussed by Fiji President1:39/261980
[ ]Scott, RichardParty waiver policy discussed (por)6:29/261980
[ ]Football - WomenPowder-puff teams organized3:49/261980
[ ]SpringfieldResidents discuss possible solutions to nose problems2:29/261980
[ ]Greeks; Student DisturbancesRole of Greeks in community disturbances examined; need for communication stressed2:29/261980
[ ]Alcohol Policy; Scott, RichardScott follows Policy: Party waiver policy discussed (pic)6:29/261980
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterServices and fees at Health Center described6:49/261980
[ ]Student DisturbancesSpfld. residents discuss possible solutions to Witt's noise problem1:29/261980
[ ]Student DisturbancesSpringfield citizens, Witt students and administration meet to discuss student noise and disruption in area1:49/261980
[ ]SpringfieldSpringfield residents, Witt students, and administration meet to discuss student noise and disruption in area1:49/261980
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Student Gov't Association fees will be raised6:49/261980
[ ]FootballWitt beats Heidelberg; loses to Baldwin-Wallace (pic)5:19/261980
[ ]Phi Gamma DeltaWitt Fijis win awards at national convention4:19/261980
[ ]GreeksWitt Fijis win awards at National Phi Gamma Delta convention4:19/261980
[ ]Field HockeyWitt loses to Kenyon5:69/261980
[ ]VolleyballWitt places seventh in tournament5:29/261980
[ ]Young, SharonWitt student wins art award from Lutheran Brotherhood6:69/261980
[ ]ArtWitt Student, Sharon Young, wins are award from Lutheran Brotherhood6:69/261980
[ ]Christian Overseas Rural Program (CROP)Witt students may participate in walk for alleviation fo world hunger6:39/261980
[ ]Cross CountryWitt team placed third in tournament; is gearing up for more meets5:59/261980
[ ]WomenWomen's collective to open office6:59/261980
[ ]Student DisturbancesWUSO holds panel discussion with students and area residents concerning noise and behavior problems6:49/261980
[ ]Campaign for Wittenberg71 % of $16.7 million goal reached1:210/31980
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Closed temporarily due to lack of money (pic)1:310/31980
[ ]Washington PostExecutive editor Bradlee will speak at Wittenberg; biographical sketch given1:410/31980
[ ]Bradlee, Benjamin CrownfieldExecutive editor of the Washington Post will speak at Wittenberg; biographical sketch given1:310/31980
[ ]ScholarshipsFor students in marketing will be available for 30 seniors6:110/31980
[ ]MusicGilbert and Sullivan's "The Mikado" and several faculty recitals will be performed during term6:110/31980
[ ]Lutheran CollegesLeading theologian and congressman, Dr. Joseph A. Sittler, a Witt alumnus, will speak of faculty of Lutheran Colleges6:210/31980
[ ]Alumnae/AlumniLeading theologian and congressman, Dr. Joseph A. Sittler, A Witt alumnus, will speak to meeting of faculty of Lutheran Colleges6:210/31980
[ ]Sittler, Dr. Joseph Jr.Leading theologian and congressman, Dr. Sittler, a Witt alumnus, will speak to meeting of faculty of Lutheran colleges6:310/31980
[ ]Senior SpotlightLois Raimando and Ken Urban6:310/31980
[ ]Raimondo, LoisMakes winning score to beat Ohio State (pic)5:510/31980
[ ]Dietrich, HeimtrautMemorial service will be held3:210/31980
[ ]Foreign StudyNancy Dragelin enjoyed her year in Sweden4:110/31980
[ ]MusicNew album "The Game" by Queen is good3:510/31980
[ ]Films; Martin, SteveNew movie "The Jerk" will be enjoyed by Steve Martin fans4:510/31980
[ ]Wittenberg Public NoticesOPIRG refunds available; Yearbook staff needed; tenure discussed; Budgets due; homecoming voting; student teacher attendance at meeting mandatory; art editor needed; dance auditions; accounting job interviews; UB promotes singer Dave Mason2:110/31980
[ ]HomecomingPlans for homecoming week finalized2:410/31980
[ ]Democrats, Wittenberg StudentPresident Jimmy Carter visits Dayton and speaks at town meeting1:510/31980
[ ]Williams, DanaRecord breaking tailback surprised everyone in Ohio Northern-Witt game5:110/31980
[ ]OperationsReparations and renovations made to university buildings; new facilities being completed6:110/31980
[ ]Marketing ClubScholarship for students in marketing will be available for 30 seniors6:110/31980
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Seniors protest procedure of SGA elections1:210/31980
[ ]VotingStudents should not be registered in town where they attend college but at home6;410/31980
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Surplus funds will be allocated to organizations in need6:610/31980
[ ]Blindness; HandicappedTwo visually handicapped students make the most of college life6:110/31980
[ ]Alcohol; Peacock GrillUnderaged students fined for drinking at Peacock Grill (pic)3:110/31980
[ ]Carter, Jimmy;US president visits Dayton and speaks at town meeting1:510/31980
[ ]Field HockeyWill beats Ohio State; Lois Ramondo makes winning score5:410/31980
[ ]RugbyWitt beats Newark 36-45:110/31980
[ ]FootballWitt downs Ohio Northern; Dana Williams breaks rushing record; coach has 100th victory (pic)5:110/31980
[ ]SoccerWitt loses to Kenyon and Wright State5:210/31980
[ ]VolleyballWitt wins one match over Marietta; loses to Denison5:310/31980
[ ]Films"The In-Laws" is a funny film; to be shown this week4:510/101980
[ ]Yearbook1980 yearbook will be late2:610/101980
[ ]Schier, Dr. Steven E.Ass. Prof. of Poly-sci--is chosen to ask questions of Jimmy Carter at Dayton town meeting6:410/101980
[ ]MusicB-52's have unique approach3:110/101980
[ ]Washington PostBradlee discusses decision-making process of a major newspaper (pic)1:310/101980
[ ]Bradlee, Benjamin CrownfieldBradlee discusses decision-making process of a major paper (pic)1:310/101980
[ ]HomecomingCandidates6:210/101980
[ ]MusicCountry-Rock group "Cabin Fever" will play at Ruby Tuesday's (pic)4:510/101980
[ ]Carter, Jimmy; Schier, Dr. Steven E.Dr. Steven Schier, asst. prof. of poli-sci, is chosen to ask questions of Jimmy Carter at Dayton town meeting (pic)6:410/101980
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)Election results1:110/101980
[ ]CounselorsHigh school counselors from five states will visit Wittenberg2:610/101980
[ ]ScholarshipsIndustry offers scholarships for students who might invent new uses for polystyrene foam6:310/101980
[ ]Resident AdvisorsJob of being resident advisor described3:610/101980
[ ]HomecomingParade plans discussed3:310/101980
[ ]Woodlawn HallRenovations in lounge complete (pic only)1:210/101980
[ ]Student DisturbancesResidents and campus representatives meet to discuss possibility of a noise ordinance6:610/101980
[ ]Senior SpotlightSarah Wilson and Steve Campbell6:110/101980
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Senior Mike Acton protests election procedures of SGA1:510/101980
[ ]GreeksStudent Sam Moffie discusses feeling about recent petition of Springfield residents and administrative views toward Greek houses and student disturbances1:210/101980
[ ]Foreign StudyTwo Witt women describe their semester in Liberia6:310/101980
[ ]Footballwitt beats Muskingum; Todd Schaffe rushes 203 yards (pic)5:110/101980
[ ]Field HockeyWitt loses to Dayton and Miami5:110/101980
[ ]VolleyballWitt makes a comeback with 3 victories5:210/101980
[ ]Cross CountryWitt places fourth in 7-team meet5:410/101980
[ ]RugbyWitt soundly beats U. of Cincinnati 18-05:210/101980
[ ]SoccerWitt ties with Univ. of Dayton and loses to Ohio State5:110/101980
[ ]OperationsWitt's new power sub-station is nearly complete6:110/101980
[ ]WomenWomen warned of Toxic Shock Syndrome and use of certain tampons6:110/101980
[ ]Wittenberg Public NoticesWomen's swim team organizes; senior class meeting; poetry contest; "Air bands" perform; Alcohol Awareness program; Accounting Association meeting; Teacher Examinations offered2:310/101980
[ ]JournalismInternships offered by Magazine internship program5:610/121980
[ ]United Way"Vital Link" purposes and goals of UW6:310/171980
[ ]Homecoming1980 Royalty crowned1:210/171980
[ ]Gifts; Campaign for WittenbergCampaign receives financial gift from Xerox Foundation1:310/171980
[ ]Wittenberg Public NoticesCorsages sold; tenure proposals for Schindler and Berry; Speologist to speak; bank vice-president to speak; sone of Vice-President Mondale to speak; Witt Review Staff needed; Writers Workshop open; free Symphony tickets; Fellowships for Minorities; Dean S2:110/171980
[ ]Foreign StudyDescription of program in Seville, Spain4:310/171980
[ ]Football - WomenDirector of powder-puff team fired for negligence (pic)1:310/171980
[ ]Foreign StudyDiscussion of financial aspects of study abroad3:310/171980
[ ]MusicDudley Weeks to perform at Witt to highlight International Exposition week6:610/171980
[ ]PoetryDudley Weeks to perform at Witt to highlight International Exposition Week6:610/171980
[ ]GreeksGamma Phi Beta receives four awards at National Convention4:110/171980
[ ]Foreign StudyInformation on study in Scandanavia6:410/171980
[ ]Cross CountryJohn Kramer is Witt's most promising track member5:410/171980
[ ]Senior SpotlightMike Surbough and Karen Saupe6:110/171980
[ ]PoetryNational Poetry Press accepting materials6:510/171980
[ ]International ExpositionOffice of International education will help sponsor exposition1;510/171980
[ ]Budkley, William F., Jr.Political columnist will speak at Wittenberg1:510/171980
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)RA's encouraged not to hold office in hall counsils10/171980
[ ]FoodScott MacDonald consumes 100 hamburgers at Union4:110/171980
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Students want input on changes. SGA president and Dean Scott offer suggestions6:110/171980
[ ]VolleyballTeam drops to 6-6 overall record5:110/171980
[ ]Weeks, DudleyTo perform at Witt to highlight international exposition week6:610/171980
[ ]University TheatreWill present variety of plays during term4:510/171980
[ ]SoccerWitt beats Capital but is defeated by Alumni team and Wilmington College5:110/171980
[ ]Gamma Phi BetaWitt chapter receives four awards at national convetion4:110/171980
[ ]Cross CountryWitt coach will try new strategy at meets5:510/171980
[ ]Field HockeyWitt defeats Cedarville & Wooster, loses to Ohio University5:510/171980
[ ]FootballWitt shuts out Ohio Wesleyan in second half; will face a tough Wooster team (pic)5:110/171980
[ ]Wolf, Dr. HerbertWrites about Kennedy's campaign visit in 19606:310/171980
[ ]Parents WeekendActivities planned for visiting parents8:610/241980
[ ]Political electionsCampus political groups prepare for upcoming pres. election; encourage students to vote4:110/241980
[ ]College BoardCollege Board announces lower scores from tested high school students4:410/241980
[ ]Union BoardDave Mason and upcoming show1:210/241980
[ ]Mason, DaveDave Mason-career and upcoming show1:210/241980
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Details on allotments for budgets of campus organizations1:410/241980
[ ]MusicDoobie Brothers' album "One Step Closer" has some new sound3:310/241980
[ ]Football - WomenFiring of powder-puff director explained in more detail8:510/241980
[ ]Meglen, DonnaInterview of Meglen (pic)4:110/241980
[ ]RepublicansJudge Sara J. Harper, candidate for Chief Justice of OH supreme court.5:310/241980
[ ]LutheransLocal churches will hold a reformation celebration8:310/241980
[ ]Harrington, Michael; Political ActivistsMichael Harrington, chairman of Democratic Socialist Organizing committee, will speak at Witt4:610/241980
[ ]DemocratsMichael Harrington, chairman of Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee, will speak at Witt.4:610/241980
[ ]Student DisturbancesPolice, administration, residents adn students meet. Discuss noise and traffic control1:410/241980
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)Pres. Sara Lilja resigns-personal reasons1:310/241980
[ ]GreeksRush policy and alcohol consumption discussed8:110/241980
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Secretary resigns due to upcoming trip to Mexico; other SGA plans outlined10/241980
[ ]FootballSenior team members (pic)1:510/241980
[ ]Simon, SheilaSophomore Sheila Simon attends Democratic Convention as a page and describes her experiences8:510/241980
[ ]DemocratsSophomore Sheila Somon attends Democratic Convention as a page and describes her experiences (pic)3:410/241980
[ ]Gifts; Campaign for WittenbergStella Ora Schneider Marlatte, class of 1911, left part of her estate to Wittenberg5:110/241980
[ ]Senior SpotlightTony Locastro and Janet Leedale8:110/241980
[ ]Field HockeyVicki Tower leads Witt filed hockey to victory7:210/241980
[ ]Field HockeyWitt defeated by Toledo and Kent State; beats Ohio Wesleyan and Muskingum7:110/241980
[ ]VolleyballWitt defeats OH Dominican, loses to Xavier, Rio Grande and Muskingum (pic)7:410/241980
[ ]FootballWitt defeats Wooster at OH Athletic Conference game (pic)7:110/241980
[ ]SoccerWitt loses to Denison and Marietta7:310/241980
[ ]TheatreWitt will present "The Mikado"6:310/241980
[ ]Symphonic BandWittenber band will perform8:310/241980
[ ]Buckley, William F.(pic)3:310/311980
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Approves election code6:110/311980
[ ]Alpha Tau OmegaATOs join CROP and other students in walk against hunger2:110/311980
[ ]Christian Overseas Rural Program (CROP)ATOs join other students in CROP walk against hunger2:110/311980
[ ]Buckley, William F.; RepublicansBuckley predicts Regan victory in election; discusses issues6:110/311980
[ ]Political elections; Presidential candidates; Democrats; RepublicansCarter and Reagan debate on election issues over national television1:410/311980
[ ]Physical EducationDr. Thomas P. Martin, now head of Health & P.E. has rich background. Biographical sketch (pic)6:310/311980
[ ]Wittenberg Public NoticesEducation film to be shown; two Keller residents injured in auto accident; Fiji's run for United Way; Rush meeting for women; Community Education offers question-answer session about election; OPIRG publication forthcoming; Senior portraits; tenure meetin2:210/311980
[ ]HealthHealth center gives answers to frequently asked questions2:110/311980
[ ]Dietrich, HeimtrautHeimtraut Dietrich had many responsibilites before her death; they will be divided up6:110/311980
[ ]FootballKirby Thompson, a senior, played outstanding game5:310/311980
[ ]Political electionsReagan wins mock election on campus6:610/311980
[ ]Speleologyroger Brucker gives presentation on Flint-Mammoth Cave system in Kentucky, the longest cave in the world (pic)6:610/311980
[ ]MusicSupertraimp's new live album "Paris" is of superb quality3:110/311980
[ ]Senior SpotlightTyrane Curtis and Lynn Stewart6:110/311980
[ ]RepublicansVice-Presidential candidate George Bush speaks at rally in Wittenberg fieldhouse to crowd of 35001:210/311980
[ ]Bush, GeorgeVice-Presidential candidate speaks at rally in Witt Field House. Crowd was 3500 (pic)1:210/311980
[ ]Cross CountryWitt continues to improve with new "Pack Attack" strategy5:110/311980
[ ]Food ServicesWitt food service director Mary Jane Brown wins prizes for recipes and ice sculptures at regional exposition1:310/311980
[ ]Field HockeyWitt is defeated in muddy game with Denison5:310/311980
[ ]VolleyballWitt returns home with a 4-1 record, losing only to Wright State5:510/311980
[ ]FootballWittenberg beats Denison at Homecoming game with impressive success (pic)5:110/311980
[ ]Admissions"College Night" to be held for prospective students4:611/71980
[ ]Political Activistsauthor, Socialist Michael Harrington speaks at Witt; calls Regan a disaster (pic)1:211/71980
[ ]Harrington, MichaelAuthor/Socialist speaks at Wittenberg; calls Reagan a disaster1:211/71980
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)Bids to host convention; lists upcoming events and plans6:511/71980
[ ]Wittenberg Public NoticesCaving Club meeting; Beta Theta Pi sponsors ski club; Mikado property must be returned; Frat and sorority sponsor dance2:111/71980
[ ]College RepublicansCollege Republicans at Wittenberg put a lot of effort into campaign under direction of John Durr6:311/71980
[ ]Gifts; Campaign for WittenbergDelta Zetas "kidnap" Greek officers; give ransom to Campaign4:211/71980
[ ]Foreign StudyDirectors of foreign programs will visit Wittenberg4:511/71980
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Discusses funding for UB. Student -sprinfielder relationships, and upcoming events6:111/71980
[ ]HealthDiscussion of need for vitamins and how they are present in diet3:511/71980
[ ]Gifts; Campaign for WittenbergGreed "kidnapping" a success (pic)6:411/71980
[ ]Cross CountryJohn Bacon has made great comeback despite injury5:511/71980
[ ]Senior SpotlightMike Flynn and Linda Spidle6:111/71980
[ ]Ohio Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG)Needs new ideas and input6:611/71980
[ ]Springfield Symphony OrchestraNine faculty members and ten students play in Springfield Symphony6:311/71980
[ ]FacultyNine faculy members and ten students play in Springfield Symphony6:311/71980
[ ]Pi Kappa Alpha; YouthPi Kappa Alpha treat nine Springfield youth to special day with Big Brother Program (por)4:611/71980
[ ]GraduationPlans made for Class of '816:111/71980
[ ]Wittenberg Review of Art & LiteraturePresents crayola's coffee house3:611/71980
[ ]Political electionsReagan wins in landslide election; Anderson campaign was strong (pic)1:211/71980
[ ]Congress; RepublicansRepublicans gain control of U.S. Senate1:211/71980
[ ]RathskellerSinger Clark Jenkins6:311/71980
[ ]WomenTen week program on "Leadership for Women" will be offered at School of Community Education3:311/71980
[ ]Pi Kappa AlphaTreat nine Springfield youth to special day with Big Brother program4:611/71980
[ ]VolleyballWitt defeated by Ohio Northern and Rio Grande; wins Sincalir and Cedarville games (pic)5:411/71980
[ ]FootballWitt defeats Butler; will go on to play Capital for Division III crown (pic)5:111/71980
[ ]Cross CountryWitt eighth in OAC meet in 14-team competition (pic)5:311/71980
[ ]Field HockeyWitt places fourth in state tournament5:211/71980
[ ]Foreign StudyAdvisor of Foreign Studies Program, Teresa Liming, goes to Mexico to sample study program in Morelos6:111/141980
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Communications Committee chairperson resigns due to workload. Other SGA affairs discussed1:511/141980
[ ]Delta Zeta; VolleyballDelta Zetas win championship in intramurals5:611/141980
[ ]GreeksDiscussion of role Greek membership might play in career and later life3:411/141980
[ ]Alumnae/AlumniDr. Elmwood V. Jensen, Witt class of '40, announces discovery of simple test for type of breast cancer1:411/141980
[ ]AlcoholHealth Center discusses ways to help alcoholics2:411/141980
[ ]HealthHealth center discusses ways to help alcoholics2:411/141980
[ ]Cross CountryJohn Kramer elected a cross-country team's most valuable player5:611/141980
[ ]Koppenhaver, Allen J.Koppenhaver recalls his experiences playing for the Ringling Brothers Circus Band4:311/141980
[ ]FootballMike Dowds, senior, is an important player for the Witt Tigers5:311/141980
[ ]TheatrePlays to be presented by student directors6:311/141980
[ ]Mao, Dr. Jeffrey; ChinaPolitical science professor Dr. Mao returns to China after 40 years of absence and shares his impressions about his visit (pic)6:611/141980
[ ]Myers HallRenovation and improvement is largely contingent upon students attitudes towards and treatment of the hall1:211/141980
[ ]Myers HallResidents romp in autum leaves3:411/141980
[ ]Wittenberg Public NoticesSymphony tickets; RA selection to begin; Spanish house open2:411/141980
[ ]Basketball - Men; Basketball - Men; BasketballTeam has made a lot of changes but is looking forward to a good season5:411/141980
[ ]RugbyTeam is chartered as a club and receives little support from the SGA on the University. More publicity needed6:511/141980
[ ]Senior SpotlightTina Burgauer and Scott Hanhart6:111/141980
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)Will host North Atlantic Association of College and University Residence Halls (NAACURH) convention in November of 19811:211/141980
[ ]VolleyballWitt defeated by Bluffton College5:211/141980
[ ]FootballWitt defeats Capital; will play OAC championship game against B-W (pic)5:111/141980
[ ]FootballWitt has unusual statistical crew in press box: four professors volunteer their time at football games (pic)6:111/141980
[ ]SoccerWitt team had a bad year; coach evaluates season5:511/141980
[ ]FootballWitt-Capital game (pic)1:411/141980