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[ ]TUT(Theatre)"Godspell" opens Feb. 171:51/131975
[ ]Myers HallHall to be renovated6:11/131975
[ ]Vrooman, DavidBegins teaching in the Business Administration Deptartment with rank of asst. prof. (pic)6:71/161975
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Chip Mills, program chairperson resigns1:61/161975
[ ]College Council (CC)College Council discusses evaluation forms, calendar1:11/161975
[ ]Honor Scholarships; Honor SocietiesCriteria for membership given1:61/161975
[ ]Regional Council for International EducationEducation program bankrupt1:11/161975
[ ]ChoirEurpoean tour of 21 days to replace 41 day tour1:11/161975
[ ]TUT(Theatre)In need of new facilities6:31/161975
[ ]Davis, DavidIndochina Mobile Education Project representative lectured to Wade Wilkison's Asian History class1:31/161975
[ ]Union BoardInterviews for positions4:21/161975
[ ]Student UnionJoan Witkoskie student manager of Union (pic)6:21/161975
[ ]Swimming and Diving - MenLosing season of 0-95:61/161975
[ ]WrestlingMat record is 1-45:11/161975
[ ]Washington Semester ProgramNew program enables student of Wittenberg to attend Univ. of Washington, Washington D.C.3:21/161975
[ ]BasketballOCA Championship Team (pic)5:11/161975
[ ]Sounds (publication)Reorganizes after resignation of Bob Thomas4:71/161975
[ ]Union BoardSponsors film classics1:41/161975
[ ]Witkoskie, JoanStudent manager of Union (pic)6:21/161975
[ ]Stefanik, Paul1932 graduate and executive of Mobil Oil Co. spoke on January 22 concerning Multinational Corporations1:41/231975
[ ]Balliet, Dr. Conrad A.Balliet speaks at Hamma Lounge on Jan 23 on "For the Love of Maud"4:31/231975
[ ]Swimming and Diving - MenDefeat Capital 69-505:31/231975
[ ]WrestlingDefeated by Wright State (pic)5:41/231975
[ ]Intramural SportsDerees win over faculty 61-425:71/231975
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Discusses energy crunch1:31/231975
[ ]BasketballMuskingum beats Witt 46-43 (pic)5:11/231975
[ ]Radio station; WUSOOffering new programs1:11/231975
[ ]TUT(Theatre)Presents "Godspell" Feb. 12-154:61/231975
[ ]Jenson, Dr. Robert W.Professor of systematic theology at the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Gettyburg, Pa. to present the Epiphany lectures on January 274:11/231975
[ ]Study AbroadPrograms still exist despite the collapse of the Basil program1:11/231975
[ ]Hertz, Dr. Karl H.Published book entitled "Politics is a way of helping people"4:61/231975
[ ]Urban StudiesSteve Schumaker, director, says urban term renewed1:31/231975
[ ]Schumaker, SteveUrban term renewed1:31/231975
[ ]Solomon, Bernard"Zaddich Christ" wood carvings on exhibit through February at Weaver Chapel1:11/301975
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Debate the 24-hour visitation policy1:41/301975
[ ]Development ProgramDevelopmental program protects professor1:11/301975
[ ]Chatfield, Earl Charles, Jr.Dr. Chatfield returns from Gustavus Adolphus College as the first visiting professor in its peace education program (pic)6:11/301975
[ ]Wittenberg EnrollmentEnrollment drops from 2,343 to 2,2851:21/301975
[ ]Honors ProgramInterest delining1:31/301975
[ ]Swimming and Diving - MenLose to Kenyon 64-345:51/301975
[ ]BasketballTigers win over Heidelberg 82-615:11/301975
[ ]Trinidad Tripoli Steel BandTo play at Wittenberg February 1, 19751:41/301975
[ ]Stefanik, PaulUrges U.S. oil independance in talk given at Witt Union on Jan 224:21/301975
[ ]Basketball; Basketball - WomenWin over five games, ending season with a 3-2 victory5:71/301975
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Allots $442 to different groups on campus1:12/61975
[ ]Roush, JamesAmong bes wrestlers in OAC (pic)5:32/61975
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS review the black experience in the U.S.1:12/61975
[ ]Swimming and Diving - MenDefeated by Muskingum 77-465:52/61975
[ ]Languages DepartmentLanguage courses vary. Some will be taught in English4:12/61975
[ ]Management Development CenterManagement Development Center to be erected on Stoughton place1:72/61975
[ ]Security Advisory CommitteeNew traffic rules adopted1:72/61975
[ ]Bowling - WomenOpening day February 5 at Denison5:82/61975
[ ]Dietz, Norman;Dietz, SandraProfessional actors will perform own works Tuesday, February 11 in the Union Dining Room4:32/61975
[ ]Mao, Dr. JeffreyProfessor of Political Science was guest lecturer in the Dept. of Languages at Ohio State Universtiy6:62/61975
[ ]Cummings, RonaldRonald Cummings to be RC for Tower Hall6:72/61975
[ ]Chivington, AnnSenior art major has winning poster design for Lutheran College Sunday6:62/61975
[ ]International Dimensions GrantSpurs international studies6:12/61975
[ ]BasketballTigers lose to B-W 61-59 (pic)5:32/61975
[ ]WrestlingWin over Capital, Xavier5:12/61975
[ ]Frenz, Rt. Rev. HelmutBishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Chile to lecture here Feb 24-28 (pic)1:12/131975
[ ]Dayton Miami Valley ConsortiumEnrollment procedures adopted1:52/131975
[ ]Swimming and Diving - MenLose to Hiram and Wooster5:12/131975
[ ]Spencer, PhilOrganist doubles as bar pianist (pic)6:12/131975
[ ]Washington Semester ProgramPlans to continue program under the direction of Dr. Charles Chatfield3:52/131975
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Public interest research group alloted $751:42/131975
[ ]Wolf, Dr. HerbertTeaches at United Theological college in Bangalore and studies Lingayate (reform movement within Hinduism)6:72/131975
[ ]Public Interest Research Groupto be formed on Wittenberg campus4:52/131975
[ ]Bowling - WomenWin over Denison5:72/131975
[ ]WrestlingWin over Findlay and tie with Ohio Wesleyan5:22/131975
[ ]BasketballWitt wins over Ohio Northern 67-46 (pic)5:12/131975
[ ]TUT(Theatre)"Godspell" entertains6:32/201975
[ ]Bender, Prof. JanBender to retire at end of 1974-75 academic year4:42/201975
[ ]Call, Prof. ReginaldCall to retire at end of 1974-75 academic year4:42/201975
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Considers appropriations1:42/201975
[ ]FacultyCutbacks predicted1:62/201975
[ ]Model United Nations ClubDr. Jeffre Mao and eight students to take part in a U.N. simulation at Harvard1:12/201975
[ ]FacultyEleven faculty retire4:42/201975
[ ]Frenz, Rt. Rev. HelmutFrenz arrives Feb 241:12/201975
[ ]Lutz, Dr. ArthurLutz to retire at end of 1974-75 academic year4:42/201975
[ ]Dodson, NormanNorman Dodson to retire at end of 1974-75 academic year. Began teaching at Wittenberg in math dept. 19574:42/201975
[ ]O'Connor, Dr. JosephSpent sabbatical leave in Yugoslavia (pic)6:62/201975
[ ]Bowling - WomenThird place winners in Saturday's match5:52/201975
[ ]WrestlingTie with Marietta5:72/201975
[ ]Hickes, Dr. RoyTo retire at end of 1974-74 academic year4:42/201975
[ ]Matthies, Dr. Roland C.; Morrell, Dr. Minnie Cate; Remsberg, Dr. Robert G.; Strahler, Miss ClytieTo retire at end of 1974-75 academic year4:42/201975
[ ]Swimming and Diving - MenWin over Capital 65-585:32/201975
[ ]BasketballWin over Denison 64-71 (pic)5:12/201975
[ ]BasketballWin over OSU 59-505:62/201975
[ ]BasketballWitt meets Capital Friday for a chance to play in the OAC tournament5:22/221975
[ ]TUT(Theatre)"The Glass Menagerie" to be presented Mar. 5-8, 12-156:32/271975
[ ]Berlitz, CharlesAuthor of Bermuda Triangle to speak here on March 34:62/271975
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Debates queen1:32/271975
[ ]Pick and PenEight juniors initiated into honor society. Bob Bunnell, Tom Fox, Chris Hawes, Dave Hilton, John Horseman, Doug McConnell, Dan Rowley, and Mark Sauter4:22/271975
[ ]Rummler, HaroldGerman organist to perform4:72/271975
[ ]President's homeMay be used as a guest house1:62/271975
[ ]Mirage (Rock Group)Mirage to perform here4:12/271975
[ ]World HungerPanel discussion by faculty to be March 34:42/271975
[ ]Loomer, Dr. BernardProf. of philosophical theology at the Graduate Theological Union to speak here4:62/271975
[ ]Lafayette, Dr. BernardProfessor of Education at Gustavus Adolphus College to speak here (pic)1:12/271975
[ ]Branscomb, Dr. LewisProfessor of Thurber studies at Ohio State University to speak at Wittenberg on March 6 (pic)4:52/271975
[ ]Cuernavaca, Mexico ProgramProgram sponsored and accredited by Wittenberg1:32/271975
[ ]CurriculumStudents approve of curriculum1:12/271975
[ ]Basketball; Basketball - WomenTeam finishes 5-75:72/271975
[ ]Bowling - WomenTeam in first place5:62/271975
[ ]Frenz, Rt. Rev. HelmutViews Chili in speech on Feb 241:52/271975
[ ]WrestlingWitt ends season with a loss5:32/271975
[ ]Swimming and DivingWitt loses sixth meet5:42/271975
[ ]American Association of University WomenAAUP1:63/61975
[ ]Union BoardBeatles flick4:13/61975
[ ]Special EducationBlock program rewarding8:63/61975
[ ]Chinese CollectionChina donates collection (pic)4:13/61975
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Discusses banquet, superior hearing board1:13/61975
[ ]WrestlingGrapplers wrap up 9th (pic)7:13/61975
[ ]Murray, NealeHis art communicates faith5:13/61975
[ ]Postman, JeffHumble about success7:13/61975
[ ]Faculty Development Fund; GrantsJoin with Sigma Xi to present the "Ascent of Man" film4:13/61975
[ ]Koppenhaver, Allen J.Koppenhaver turns into playwright (pic)8:13/61975
[ ]Lafayette, Dr. BernardLafayette speaks here (pic)5:43/61975
[ ]Public Interest Research GroupMeet3:53/61975
[ ]Organ RecitalPresented here4:43/61975
[ ]TuitionRaised $200.001:33/61975
[ ]YearbookSells 1,400 copies1:73/61975
[ ]Levy, Dr. RobertStudies scientific method (pic)5:53/61975
[ ]Swimming and DivingTankers end 3-77:43/61975
[ ]BowlingTeam clings to lead7:63/61975
[ ]Basketball; Basketball - WomenTeam finishes well7:73/61975
[ ]LacrosseTeam looks hopeful6:13/61975
[ ]TenureTenure process nears comletion1:53/61975
[ ]Tennis - MenTenure process nears completion1:53/61975
[ ]WomenWomen in Japan discussed8:53/61975
[ ]Agency for International DevelopmentA.I.D. official speaks on world trade8:44/101975
[ ]Student HousingAuxiliary housing has rental status1:54/101975
[ ]Psychology DepartmentCamarillo program hard by rewarding8:14/101975
[ ]RapeDiscuss Rape4:14/101975
[ ]Hamilton, Robert D.Hamilton looks back on 1975 Tigers (pic)6:14/101975
[ ]Food ServicesHMS adopts changes1:54/101975
[ ]Farrell, Dr. WarrenMen's libber visits (pic)1:14/101975
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)SGA asks Dr. Dahl to next meeting1:14/101975
[ ]TennisTeam loses opener 5 and 46:34/101975
[ ]BaseballTeam starts slow (pic)7:64/101975
[ ]LacrosseTigers grab first league win in lacrosse (pic)7:14/101975
[ ]Maurer, F. Davis DaveTough decision to make7:34/101975
[ ]BasketballWitt ends in top 8 (pic)6:74/101975
[ ]LacrosseWittenberg drops lacrosse1:34/101975
[ ]Wittenberg Community Scholarship FundReaching for $25,000 goalNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.3:54/151975
[ ]Ballard, Dr. ReneBallard speaks to SGA1:14/171975
[ ]LacrosseBowling Green tops Stickers (pic)7:14/171975
[ ]Cable TVCable TV coming to Witt next fall1:34/171975
[ ]AthleticsChanges proposed1:14/171975
[ ]Chapel OrganChapel organ relocated1:64/171975
[ ]Farrell, Dr. WarrenFarrell defines liberation8:44/171975
[ ]Zelkovitz, BruceLiestens to athletes' dissent6:14/171975
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Statements of canadicy5:14/171975
[ ]TennisTeam wins 3-16:64/171975
[ ]Jaworski, LeonTo be honored1:54/171975
[ ]Track and FieldTrack doesn't attract7:64/171975
[ ]AgoraWhat is "agora?"8:14/171975
[ ]BaseballWitt still winless (pic)6:34/171975
[ ]Dahl, Dr. ErnoDahl meets with SGA1:54/241975
[ ]Kinnison, Dr. William A.Kinnison elected president of the university (pic)1:14/241975
[ ]Singer, Isaac B.Noted author charms audience1:14/241975
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Officers elected1:44/241975
[ ]Track and FieldTeam second5:64/241975
[ ]BaseballTigers win two (pic)5:14/241975
[ ]LacrosseYou win some, you lose some (pic)5:34/241975
[ ]Board of DirectorsDober report is approvedNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.8:44/251975
[ ]American StudiesAmerican Studies offers new course1:65/11975
[ ]Jungkintz, Dr. TheodoreCharismatics discussed1:15/11975
[ ]Future World OrdersFOW simulation revealing6:35/11975
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)New officers take over duties1:35/11975
[ ]Public Interest Research GroupPlans recycling3:15/11975
[ ]Alma MaterQueen to be chosen1:15/11975
[ ]TennisRacketmen lose5:15/11975
[ ]Hymn SocietySchedules festival calendar1:35/11975
[ ]LacrosseSpartans down (pic)1:35/11975
[ ]Schuster, LouisTV critisized6:15/11975
[ ]BaseballWashed out week for baseball5:55/11975
[ ]Greek WeekWeek festive and fruitful4:65/11975
[ ]AgoraAgora II agog with talent1:15/81975
[ ]Bender, Prof. JanBender receives awards5:15/81975
[ ]Human Relations CouncilBetter plan proposed1:65/81975
[ ]DisastersClas investigates disasters5:55/81975
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Discuss CBS representative1:35/81975
[ ]EthicsEthics discussed8:15/81975
[ ]Hymn SocietyFestival worthwhile for Witt8:15/81975
[ ]SoccerHitchcock's hopes up for soccer (pic)6:15/81975
[ ]WomenInternational Women's Year focuses on change4:15/81975
[ ]LacrosseLacrosse 5-47:75/81975
[ ]LacrosseLacrosse debated1:65/81975
[ ]Strahler, Miss ClytieRetiring this term5:15/81975
[ ]Union BoardSponsors concert45/81975
[ ]BaseballSweeps double header7:15/81975
[ ]TennisTeam hopeful7:35/81975
[ ]Track and FieldWitt trackmen lose meet7:65/81975
[ ]GrantsWittenberg receives grant1:45/81975
[ ]WomenWomen's program varied4:15/81975
[ ]June, Wanda"Happy Birthday Wanda June"1:15/151975
[ ]AgoraAgora Activities (pic)6:65/151975
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Approves CBS representative1:15/151975
[ ]Track and FieldBengals outshine Tigers5:35/151975
[ ]Branscomb, Dr. LewisBranscomb visits campus1:75/151975
[ ]WomenFeminist therapy defined1:45/151975
[ ]Hartje, Dr. Robert GHartje shows bicentennial challenge3:45/151975
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Hooper to head CBS6:55/151975
[ ]BaseballSeason closes with losses (pic)5:45/151975
[ ]TennisWittenberg third in tourney5:15/151975
[ ]Baseball"Q" puts it together for the Tigers5:55/231975
[ ]W-DayAnnual event (pic)6:35/231975
[ ]Public Interest Research GroupBeware of credit cards4:15/231975
[ ]Buscemi, William T.Buscemi takes summer sabattical (pic)6:15/231975
[ ]Geography DepartmentClasses dwindling1:55/231975
[ ]Celms, Prof. PeterDr. Celms takes summer sabbatical (pic)6:15/231975
[ ]Singh, Dr. BalwirIndia trip was enlightening6:15/231975
[ ]LacrosseLacrosse drops last (pic)5:35/231975
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Plans CBS vote1:45/231975
[ ]Remsberg, Dr. Robert G.Reminisces before retiring (pic)1:15/231975
[ ]GolfTeam coming in second5:55/231975
[ ]Baseballtigers bounce back for 6-13 record (pic)5:15/231975
[ ]Union BoardVisit a real zoo4:65/231975
[ ]Tennis - WomenWomen fare well in meet5:65/231975
[ ]Brown, Dr. E. LeonardBrown attends June conference1:35/291975
[ ]Public Interest Research GroupCorporation evade taxes3;45/291975
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Debates lacrosse and CBS votes1:15/291975
[ ]Languages DepartmentDept. gives credit1:55/291975
[ ]Call, Prof. ReginaldDr. Call content to retire6:45/291975
[ ]Guild HouseHouse is an asset4:15/291975
[ ]Maurer, DavidIt's football time again5:55/291975
[ ]StudentsLife in Japan different, in college especially1:65/291975
[ ]Araya, SamuelMinister to speak on L.A.1:15/291975
[ ]JapanStudent life in Japan different1:65/291975
[ ]Faculty16 professors on sabbatical6:59/251975
[ ]Board of DirectorsBoard of Directors approves promotions4:19/251975
[ ]ChoirChoir tours Europe6:19/251975
[ ]Cross CountryDistance men prepare5:39/251975
[ ]FacultyEleven new professors join faculty1:59/251975
[ ]FreshmenEnrollment down 1/3% from last year's figure1:19/251975
[ ]Senior CircleFifteen elected to local honor society for senior ment4:39/251975
[ ]TUT(Theatre)Plan one major production for each term4:39/251975
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Presents goals6:59/251975
[ ]Kinnison, Dr. William A.Reassessment and reevaluation of Wittenberg's goals and priorities is main concert of first year as president1:39/251975
[ ]Project OutreachSeeks volunteers4:69/251975
[ ]Resident CounselorsSeven join residence hall staff4:79/251975
[ ]Freshmen WeekThree day exploration of "decisions"1:19/251975
[ ]FootballTigers upset Delaware 14-85:39/251975
[ ]Washington Semester ProgramTwelve students study at American University3:39/251975
[ ]Sauter, MarkWants to increase student awareness of urban studies program4:19/251975
[ ]Exeter ProgramWittenberg gives gift of purple beech tree3:49/251975
[ ]CareersBusinessman sold on liberal arts degree4:110/91975
[ ]Ohio Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG)Chief goal is educating public3:410/91975
[ ]Union BoardCommander Cody to play for Homecoming1:710/91975
[ ]Student ServicesCounseling services are available1:410/91975
[ ]Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.Dies1:110/91975
[ ]Cinema InternationalFilms series opens8:210/91975
[ ]FootballFreshman heand Witt ground game6:110/91975
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Goal is to have worthwhile program for all students8:110/91975
[ ]Busarow, Dr. DonaldNew assistant professor of music8:110/91975
[ ]Management Development Programnew facilities planned8:510/91975
[ ]International EducationOffers information on studies abroad5:710/91975
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Plans escort service for women1:610/91975
[ ]CareersRelease of testing and recruiter schedule4:710/91975
[ ]Women's Recreation Association (WRA)Seeks to serve athletic interests of women4:110/91975
[ ]SoccerTeam unbeaten6:110/91975
[ ]Cross CountryTigers outleg Otterbein7:310/91975
[ ]Beta Theta Pi;Deaths;PetsTillie, the Beta dog dies8:710/91975
[ ]Sauer, Rev. Kenneth H.Will preach on Sunday at Weaver4:510/91975
[ ]FootballWitt squeaks past Mushkingum7:310/91975
[ ]Cablecast CenterWitt to get cablevision8:310/91975
[ ]Hockey - WomenWomen lose first match7:510/91975
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Sponsors leadership conference6:110/131975
[ ]International exhibitionTo take place Oct. 26-Nov. 11:510/131975
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Acts to improve faculty-student rapport1:110/161975
[ ]Brown, Dr. E. LeonardBrown studies disasters6:110/161975
[ ]Cross CountryCC stand at 2 and 15:310/161975
[ ]HomecomingDisplays instead of floats4:110/161975
[ ]Phi Eta SigmaGives $100 to united way4:610/161975
[ ]Honor CodeHeusinkveld discusses Honor Code1:510/161975
[ ]HomecomingPlans being made1:210/161975
[ ]Honor CodeReport on honor codes across the country1:610/161975
[ ]CareersSeniors learn resume tips6:510/161975
[ ]RapeStudents, administrators, police discuss rape1:210/161975
[ ]FootballTigers defeat Hillsdale5:110/161975
[ ]Pecek, Dr. Louis G.To speak on Twain1:110/161975
[ ]SoccerWin two more5:510/161975
[ ]Nobel ConferenceWitt represented by three6:310/161975
[ ]Swimming and Diving - WomenWomen defeat Muskingum5:710/161975
[ ]SoccerBooters lose two5:610/231975
[ ]Delta Sigma PhiDelta Sigma Phi Fraternity mortgage burning4:610/231975
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Discusses administrative ruling on all-campus parties1:510/231975
[ ]Hockey - WomenGirls split last two5:410/231975
[ ]Lutz, Dr. Paul E.Lutz to speak on Hunger1:410/231975
[ ]Goulet, JanetNew assistant professor of business4:110/231975
[ ]University PolicyParty policy controversy1:110/231975
[ ]Exeter ProgramProgram cut for '761:110/231975
[ ]Guild HouseRals Shafer new German Guild House father4:110/231975
[ ]Cross CountryRunners place 18th5:710/231975
[ ]Radio station; WUSOStrives for more student interest4:110/231975
[ ]International EducationStudy in Greece challenging6:110/231975
[ ]FootballTigers overcome big Red5:110/231975
[ ]VolleyballWomen take opener5:310/231975
[ ]SoccerImproved offense will be key to success5:510/251975
[ ]Business DepartmentBusiness department awarded federal grant to establish a Small Business Institute for winter term1:110/301975
[ ]Soccercarvelas provides leadership5:510/301975
[ ]English DepartmentDept sponsors renaissance night4:310/301975
[ ]Davis, Anne A.First woman philosophy professor4:110/301975
[ ]Hartje, Dr. Robert GHartje celebrates bicentennial1:710/301975
[ ]FootballInjuries plague Tigers5:310/301975
[ ]Lutz, Dr. Paul E.Lutz suggests concern6:510/301975
[ ]Parent's DayPlans made in anticipation1:410/301975
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Plans open forum on campus life styles1:610/301975
[ ]Cross CountryRunners beat five teams5:510/301975
[ ]Future StudiesStarts second year at Witt4:110/301975
[ ]Ohio Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG)Student action3:710/301975
[ ]Art DepartmentStudents decorate tunnel1:510/301975
[ ]Geography DepartmentStudents view residential desirability6:510/301975
[ ]FootballTigers beat Mt. Union5:110/301975
[ ]SoccerTigers in double overtime tie5:610/301975
[ ]Wettig, Dr. GerhardTo speak on detente1:610/301975
[ ]TUT(Theatre)"Hay fever" to open6:611/61975
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Announces student activitiy fee appropriation1:711/61975
[ ]SoccerBooters finish season 5-4-15:311/61975
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Discusses open party policy with Heusinkveld1:411/61975
[ ]Moore, Clarence W.Discusses the Free Pressin Latin America6:111/61975
[ ]Hallmark EmployeesHallmark aims to please1:411/61975
[ ]Cross CountryHarriers end season5:711/61975
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Invites student, faculty and administrators to life styles meeting1:111/61975
[ ]FreshmenLiving-learning program favored6:311/61975
[ ]Sackett, Charles M.New manager of the Union starts duties6:111/61975
[ ]FootballTigers head for OAC conference championship5:311/61975
[ ]TUT(Theatre)"Hay Fever" performance superb3:211/131975
[ ]College Council (CC)College Council to ask Dahl to reconsider Exeter cut1:111/131975
[ ]CareersCourse teaches career planning4:111/131975
[ ]Wettig, Dr. GerhardImplications of detente6:211/131975
[ ]Urban StudiesInternships provide learning by experience6:111/131975
[ ]Cross CountryMarkley goes to nationals5:611/131975
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Meeting keys on student input1:111/131975
[ ]Grover, Stuart R.New assistant professor of history4:111/131975
[ ]Shackle, DavidNew assistant to university pastor6:711/131975
[ ]Reisz, Mrs. MayNot just wife of university pastor6:411/131975
[ ]Honors ProgramProvides options1:611/131975
[ ]Ohio Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG)Surveys student consumer items4:111/131975
[ ]Swimming and Diving - WomenTankers finish season5:611/131975
[ ]FootballTigers get play-off bid1:511/131975
[ ]FootballTigers head for Berea5:311/131975
[ ]Senior CircleTo join ODK4:611/131975
[ ]Hilton, BruceTo speak on bioethics1:111/131975
[ ]FootballWalther plugs gap5:311/131975
[ ]VolleyballWomen in state tournament5:411/131975
[ ]American StudiesAmerican Studies esteemed worldwide1:311/201975
[ ]Ortquist, Dr. RichardAssistant dean likes new job1:711/201975
[ ]Women's Programbenefits all6:511/201975
[ ]Hockey - WomenBlumenshine picked5:^11/201975
[ ]Phi Mu Alpha SinfoniaChapter reactivates4:311/201975
[ ]Community for PeaceCommunity for Peace acts on world issues3:411/201975
[ ]Reynolds, MioCross-cultural studies on women's status6:111/201975
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Discusses security1:711/201975
[ ]Clark, NicholasExchange student looks at Witt6:611/201975
[ ]Faculty DevelopmentGrants fund program1:211/201975
[ ]WrestlingHope to improve record5:311/201975
[ ]Herrig, Robert A.New Assistant professor to Theatre department4:111/201975
[ ]BasketballOpen season at Earlham5:311/201975
[ ]VolleyballSeason ends on low note5:511/201975
[ ]Pick and PenSelects seven men4:711/201975
[ ]Honor Scholarships; Honor SocietiesTen seniors honored1:711/201975
[ ]FootballTigers lose OAC crown5:311/201975
[ ]McClain, Thomas A.To talk on freedom4:311/201975
[ ]Reisz, Rev. H. FrederickWarns parents of new college students4:111/201975
[ ]SoccerWolfanger is MVP5:711/201975