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[ ]Truchses, Dr. Richard"Do Students want health care?"6:51/171974
[ ]Faculty22 faculty promoted11:51/171974
[ ]Sundelius, Dr. Harold W.Argument on TV on the lack of fossil fuel resources that has created the nation's newest crisis3:61/171974
[ ]Sweet, Ms. BarbaraAsst. to Pastor Reisz and Hamma inter. Student6:11/171974
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Discusssion pinpoints rising black unrest1:11/171974
[ ]Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC)Do students want health care?6:51/171974
[ ]GreeksDZ's and Fiji's top greek grades4:41/171974
[ ]College Council (CC)Friction over evaluation forms1:51/171974
[ ]Foreign StudyGrant strengthens foreign education4;11/171974
[ ]Koppenhaver, Allen J.Koppenhaver presents seminar on "A scents of place; the hound of Blaskervilles"3:51/171974
[ ]Kostroski, Dr. Warren L.Kostroski talks on TV3:61/171974
[ ]Union BoardNew leadership; Rick McDonald inherits Dale Riley's UB gavel1:41/171974
[ ]Matthews, JackNovelist poet to visit Wittenberg4:11/171974
[ ]A.V.Slides into action6:21/171974
[ ]Resident CouncilSmall group programs6?21/171974
[ ]Union BoardStudents will pay for UB activities (pic)6:11/171974
[ ]FootballTigers star in Stagg Show5:11/171974
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Witt Media evaluated communications committee1:71/171974
[ ]Dober, Richard J.Witt must recycle its resources1:41/171974
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities108 women pledge4:71/241974
[ ]Singh, Dr. BalwirAnnounced summer school offers in India1;31/241974
[ ]WrestlingDallapina hopes for fans5:11/241974
[ ]Udall, StewartFormer Secretary of Interior answers question on the energy crisis (pic)1:11/241974
[ ]Koch HallFree speech practiced by Koch Hall Students6:11/241974
[ ]Myers HallFunk and Wagnalls, others learned ABC's at Witt6:11/241974
[ ]Saga (Food Service Company)Games people play during SAGA meals6:71/241974
[ ]Swimming and Diving - MenLack of depth sinks Tiger swimmers5:61/241974
[ ]Allison, LutherLuther Allison Brings Blues to Wittenberg1:31/241974
[ ]FacultyNext year's faculty to be reduced by 91:31/241974
[ ]LibraryOCLC speeds research, library service4:41/241974
[ ]Students Working Against More Pollution (SWAMP)Recycling program4:61/241974
[ ]BasketballTigers edge Oberlin and Central5:41/241974
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)1969 CBS demands and 1974 response6:11/311974
[ ]TheatreBeautiful emotions bloom in "Marigolds"4:11/311974
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Black Sit-in (pic)1:41/311974
[ ]LibraryBooks from Japan given (pic)1:21/311974
[ ]SeniorsChecklist offered6:61/311974
[ ]DebateDebaters take third1:81/311974
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Debates CSAC, and GPA1:61/311974
[ ]Student ServicesEscort System1:41/311974
[ ]Track and FieldIndoor meet marks new season5:71/311974
[ ]Manuel, Dr. Paul G.Manuel works with changing standards1:51/311974
[ ]WrestlingMatmen show total team effort (pic)5:11/311974
[ ]Washington, Dr. Joseph R.Noted authority on Black Religious Studies visits campus (pic)1:11/311974
[ ]Worship FestivalOhio's largest6:31/311974
[ ]Education DepartmentPat Blauvelt in Brussels6:41/311974
[ ]Chatfield, Earl Charles, Jr.Unexpected peace education3:51/311974
[ ]Alice Geiger AwardAward established1:72/71974
[ ]Educational Policies Committee (EPC); College Council (CC)College Council passes buck, issues to EPC1:32/71974
[ ]Concerned Student Action Corps (CSAC)CSAC formed in response to issues1:12/71974
[ ]Basketball; Basketball - WomenDefeat Dominicans5:62/71974
[ ]Faber, Dr. James ArthurFaber sponsors English dept. Valentine carnival1:42/71974
[ ]BasketballJVs enjoying a fine season5:32/71974
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Kinnison speaks to CBS concerns1:22/71974
[ ]Alpha Delta PiOut for blood6:62/71974
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Special meeting draws big crowd6:12/71974
[ ]Women's Dayclasses get mixed reaction6:12/141974
[ ]College Council (CC)College Council acts on Black curriculum12/141974
[ ]Educational Policies Committee (EPC)EPC establishes a curriculum review committee1:52/141974
[ ]Woodlawn HallGives up RHA vote6:12/141974
[ ]WrestlingMatmen ground Dayton flyer5:12/141974
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Passes revised plus-minus GPA1:42/141974
[ ]Smart, Ms. IreneSpeaks about the woman's plight6:32/141974
[ ]LibraryTreasure rooms--Bach's Bible offers insights (pic)1:12/141974
[ ]Wells, Mary JaneWells portrays women4:32/141974
[ ]AdmissionsAdmissions are Down & Up1:62/211974
[ ]O'Connor, PatCoordinator of Witt's "Woman and the Human Revolution" project6:32/211974
[ ]Town and Country Dance AssociationDances, games rewarding6:62/211974
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Discusses by-law amendments1:32/211974
[ ]Pre-Med AssociationDiscusses malpractice suits4:62/211974
[ ]Wolf, Dr. HerbertDiscussion of alternative lifestyles6:12/211974
[ ]School of MusicFestival called a big success (pic)1:52/211974
[ ]Alice Geiger AwardFund collects 16 dollars6:82/211974
[ ]Flickinger, Richard S.Honors program gains new director1:12/211974
[ ]Woodlawn HallRemains in the RHA fold1:22/211974
[ ]TheatreStudents present plays by Albee6:72/211974
[ ]WrestlingSuffer 2 losses (pic)5:12/211974
[ ]TheatreTheatre is not afraid of "Virginia Woolf"6:42/211974
[ ]BasketballTigers enter OAC with a 10-2 record52/211974
[ ]LacrosseTootsie Roll pops to clothe the lacrosse team6:12/211974
[ ]Ellsberg, Daniel"Pentagon Papers" author speaks (pic)1:12/281974
[ ]History of WittenbergAll-male bastion besieged in 18745:12/281974
[ ]Voris, James L.Coordinator of the new media center in Thomas Library (pic)8:32/281974
[ ]Jones, James EarlDistinguished black actor & stage director to visit Wittenberg1:62/281974
[ ]BowlingDrop to Univ. of Dayton and O.U.6:72/281974
[ ]RathskellerKooky moves to drink6:42/281974
[ ]Swimming and Diving - MenLong season ended7:12/281974
[ ]Student UnionLooks fishy8:12/281974
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)May vote to drop credit-no credit1:32/281974
[ ]LibraryNew media center (pic)8:32/281974
[ ]McSkimming, Tom D.Parking policies in limbo1:52/281974
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)To student voice?8:62/281974
[ ]Residence HallsVisitation policy1:32/281974
[ ]BasketballWitt cops OAC crown6:12/281974
[ ]Kaul, Triloki NorthWitt hosts Indian ambassador (pic)1:12/281974
[ ]Study AbroadA college without walls4:13/71974
[ ]College Council (CC)By law changes proposed1:13/71974
[ ]Deaths; Laatsch, Melvin H. Distinguished teaching award winner dies (pic)1:13/71974
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Kills C/NC alternative1:43/71974
[ ]StreakingLatest college craze8:13/71974
[ ]TheatrePlays by Albee Fest6:13/71974
[ ]Curriculum Review CommitteeProfs clash over CRC8:13/71974
[ ]Phi Eta SigmaTops in winter intramurals7:53/71974
[ ]AthleticsVarsity service credit motion passed1:33/71974
[ ]Founders DayWitt celebrates 129th year1:23/71974
[ ]AdmissionsApplications are up (pic)1:13/101974
[ ]BasketballSeason ended7:73/101974
[ ]Baines, Barry1974-75 General manager of WUSO8:24/101974
[ ]Radio station; WUSOBaines named WUSO manager8:24/101974
[ ]Class Registration; Registrar's OfficeComputerized1:14/101974
[ ]Andeen, Dr. G. KennethDoubt hangs over Dr. Andeen (pic)1:34/101974
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Elections6:14/101974
[ ]Firestine HallFirestine to be converted8:24/101974
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesMarathon raises $4005:74/101974
[ ]Eagles, GilPsychic entertainer (pic)8:34/101974
[ ]Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC)Seems to be satisfactory8:14/101974
[ ]Barnes, StephenTenure: the "hit" side responds2:24/101974
[ ]Hearing BoardTrail by peers8:54/101974
[ ]VolunteersWitt helps in Xenia [with recovery from Tornado]1:64/101974
[ ]Marketing ClubClub emerges6:14/181974
[ ]Danforth ScholarshipsDanforth scholarships won by two seniors (pic)6:34/181974
[ ]W-DayDebated in SGA1:34/181974
[ ]CounselingDon't close the Counseling Center: an open letter to Dr. Heusinkvelk2:24/181974
[ ]Eagles, GilEagles psychs crowd6:14/181974
[ ]Siehamer, Dr. Frank H.Hamma president takes office1:14/181974
[ ]Heusinkveld, Dr. Edwin D.Justifies counseling cut5:14/181974
[ ]Class Registration; Registrar's OfficeNew system is explained6:44/181974
[ ]Saga (Food Service Company)Pulls up steaks at Witt1:34/181974
[ ]Residence HallsSauter outlines RHA role6:14/181974
[ ]Hamma School of TheologySeihammer as President takes office1:14/181974
[ ]EntertainmentShakespeare company here (pic)6:74/181974
[ ]LacrosseTeam enters big league (pic)5:14/181974
[ ]Sounds (publication)Thomas renamed Sounds editor4:24/181974
[ ]TasmaniaA yank views TV in Tasmania6:34/251974
[ ]Koch HallArt, theatre may go better with Koch (pic)8:14/251974
[ ]Beach, Dave; TennisBeach unsung as winningest coach6:54/251974
[ ]CounselingBudget cuts center1:44/251974
[ ]GreeksChicken fights - Greek highlights8:64/251974
[ ]Tennis - WomenJourney to Florida7:24/251974
[ ]TennisNetters burn Wright State7:64/251974
[ ]Kinnison, Dr. William A.Open letter2:44/251974
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Requests counseling review1;34/251974
[ ]GolfShowing well in OAC7:14/251974
[ ]ProfessorsTalk about privacy, the public good8:34/251974
[ ]TheatreTheatre majors in New York city4:54/251974
[ ]Residence HallsViews curfew for fresh women5:74/251974
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Activitiy Greeks new SGA5/21974
[ ]AgoraAgora: Ours to Create4:55/21974
[ ]Alma MaterCandidates named15/21974
[ ]BaseballDiamond men lose luster5:15/21974
[ ]Women's WeekDr. Ann Scott, Asst. executive director for the Amer. Assoc. for Higher Education, speaks (pic)4:45/21974
[ ]Lacrosse - WomenEnters third year5:55/21974
[ ]Ermarth, Prof. Margaret SittlerErmarth still makes history (pic)1:35/21974
[ ]TennisFreshmen spark team5:45/21974
[ ]TennisNetter climb to 4:33:65/21974
[ ]School of MusicSeminar on the music of India5/21974
[ ]ProfessorsSixteen profs going on sabbatical1:15/21974
[ ]Scott, Dr. AnnSpeaks during Women's week4:45/21974
[ ]LacrosseTangle with OWU5:15/21974
[ ]Rivers, Bernard J.Thirs world expert to speak here3:15/21974
[ ]ActivitiesWitt Students find new kind of dive6:15/21974
[ ]Counseling; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldCity offers counseling to WUNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:15/51974
[ ]Alma MaterAlma Mater selection1:45/91974
[ ]RecreationAreas limit activity5:35/91974
[ ]Macke CompanyAssumes all custodial charges1:15/91974
[ ]Golf; Biszantz, KatiBiszantz wins National Golf Title (pic)5:15/91974
[ ]ArtBlack expression3:45/91974
[ ]Harris, Ms. Patricia RobertsCommencement speaker1;65/91974
[ ]deLanglade, Dr. Ronald L.Dr. Robert L. Delanglade supervises park (pic)6:65/91974
[ ]Harshfield, GregExperiments with Electroencephlagraph (pic)6:35/91974
[ ]Adams, Dr. Philip; CommencementHarris named speaker (pic)1:65/91974
[ ]Psychology DepartmentHarshfield examines IQ in psych lab (pic)6:35/91974
[ ]Cosmopolitan ClubJapan night6:15/91974
[ ]Biszantz, Kati; GolfKati Biszantz wins national golf title5:15/91974
[ ]Women's WeekLesbians are people4:65/91974
[ ]ParkStudents finishing park (pic)6:65/91974
[ ]W-DayYes, Virginia, there will be a W-Day1:45/91974
[ ]Alice Geiger AwardAward winner-1974 (pic)1:45/161974
[ ]English DepartmentAwards4:35/161974
[ ]FinancesBasic educational opportunity grants are available4:65/161974
[ ]Union BoardBooking process difficult1:45/161974
[ ]AwardsColeman, Yeager win art awards4:65/161974
[ ]ArtColeman, Yeager win at art awards4:65/161974
[ ]Newman Club; Niklas, Rev. GeraldDeath seminar1:55/161974
[ ]DormitoriesDorm life offers variety4:25/161974
[ ]Greeks; Buildings; Fraternities and Sororities; FiresHouse fire damage1:35/161974
[ ]TennisMyser wins tennis title5:15/161974
[ ]Fund RaisingPhone campaign tops pledge goal1:75/161974
[ ]BaseballSeniors shine in season finale (pic)5:15/161974
[ ]AwardsTop class awards given (pic)1:45/161974
[ ]Money, Dr. JohnViews sex (pic)1:15/161974
[ ]LacrosseWhitman talks lacrosse (pic)5:55/161974
[ ]Andeen, Dr. G. KennethAndeen announces resignation (pic)1:15/231974
[ ]Ballard, Dr. ReneBallard assesses future1:15/231974
[ ]AthleticsBudget differs by sex5:15/231974
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)C/NC opinion revived1:65/231974
[ ]Reisz, Rev. H. FrederickFavors Witt campus (pic)6:35/231974
[ ]Biszantz, Kati; GolfGolfers bounce back to win OAC crown5:65/231974
[ ]BaseballLavery reviews Tiger mound career (pic)5:35/231974
[ ]Athletics for womenMove to new practice field5:45/231974
[ ]Wong, Dr. FrankProf. of history at Antioch, slides show new China6:45/231974
[ ]Caldwell, Ms. MaryProf. of law at Ohio State, speaks on problems that face women lawyers6:55/231974
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Approves new budget1:15/301974
[ ]Presidents of WittenbergBennett plans move6:15/301974
[ ]Residence Hall Association (RHA)Dorm party boost3:15/301974
[ ]Wittenberg EnrollmentEnrollment stable for next year1:55/301974
[ ]EntertainmentSpring climax pleases crowd (pic)6:55/301974
[ ]Union BoardSurveys options5/301974
[ ]AthleticsTigers bring OCA titles to Witt5:15/301974
[ ]Wittenberg Enrollment650 freshmen expected1:69/261974
[ ]Ambassadors ProgramAmbassadors Program helps keep enrollment6:19/261974
[ ]Blackmer, Elmer F.;DeathsBlackmer dies1:19/261974
[ ]FacultyEight new professors join faculty4:59/261974
[ ]FreshmenFreshmen to set "priorities for tomorrow"1:49/261974
[ ]Hallmark EmployeesHallmark replaces Saga6:19/261974
[ ]GolfHenderson makes All-American golf5:49/261974
[ ]Kinnison, Dr. William A.Kinnison to be open1:19/261974
[ ]Resident CounselorsNew R.C.'s ready for freshmen4;19/261974
[ ]FinancesOhio schools receive federal loans, grants6:69/261974
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni; Awards; Carpenter, Victor W.; Kinnison, Dr. William A.; Miller, L. David; Three honored by alumni6:89/261974
[ ]FootballWin, loss open tiger season5:19/261974
[ ]FootballWitt plays help west5:69/261974
[ ]Collegium MusicumCollegium Musicum travels4:510/101974
[ ]International ExpositionExposition brings food, slides4:110/101974
[ ]Fonda, JaneFonda urges involvement6:110/101974
[ ]Cross CountryHopes run high despite inexperience5:710/101974
[ ]Kinnison, Dr. William A.Kinnison addresses council1:110/101974
[ ]Sounds (publication)Offers escape from boredom6:710/101974
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Protests Action1:710/101974
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Resolution on freshman women's hours1:610/101974
[ ]SoccerReturning lettermen bolster squad5:110/101974
[ ]Presidential Search CommitteeSets criteria1:110/101974
[ ]FootballSize doesn't hinder Hendrix5:510/101974
[ ]FootballTigers turn lead to victory5:310/101974
[ ]TheatreTo present "Spoon River"6:710/101974
[ ]Lobach, JohnWitt loses civil suit1:210/101974
[ ]Theatre"River" excites TUT4:710/171974
[ ]Kappa DeltaAnniversary celebrated6:410/171974
[ ]SoccerBooters beat two5:610/171974
[ ]Brown, Dr. Sanborn C.Brown to speak on religion and science6:710/171974
[ ]Student UnionCelebrates 11th birthday6:410/171974
[ ]Union BoardCoffee House closes1:410/171974
[ ]Wittenberg EnrollmentEnrollment totals 2,3431:610/171974
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Give WU $1501:110/171974
[ ]Blanshan, Dr. Sue AnnNew assistant professor of sociology6:410/171974
[ ]Science HallNew wing to be dedicated1:310/171974
[ ]International ExpositionOffers world view1:110/171974
[ ]Living-Learning ProgramProgram stronger6:110/171974
[ ]SoccerRuss has winning soccer formula5:310/171974
[ ]HomecomingSha-Na-Na comes1:710/171974
[ ]Swimming and Diving - WomenTankers make splash5:310/171974
[ ]FootballTigers tie Hillsdale 24-245:110/171974
[ ]Theatre"Spoon River" challenging4:110/241974
[ ]HomecomingAlums come back for nostalgia1:510/241974
[ ]Hilton, Dr. Peter J.Attacks behaviorism6:710/241974
[ ]Brown, Dr. Sanborn C.Brown discusses scientific ethics1:110/241974
[ ]TheatreCast announced for "A Doll's House"4:410/241974
[ ]ChoirChoir to present fifth annual John Bennet Ham Memorial Concert6:710/241974
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Freshmen hours discussed1:410/241974
[ ]Human Relations CouncilHears complaints1:210/241974
[ ]Pastor, JoseJoins language faculty6:410/241974
[ ]Cross CountryMarkley asks 'Why me?'5:610/241974
[ ]CounselingNew service offered to Witt students1:110/241974
[ ]HomecomingQueens chosen4:710/241974
[ ]SoccerSoccer shut out5:710/241974
[ ]Riley, Dale E.The man behind the scenes6:110/241974
[ ]FootballWittenberg draws5:110/241974
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Allots surplus1:610/311974
[ ]Devlin, BernadetteBernadette Devlin to speak at Witt1:110/311974
[ ]Blackmer, Elmer F.Blackmer remembered1:110/311974
[ ]SoccerBooters suffer setbacks5:610/311974
[ ]Urban StudiesExciting program1:510/311974
[ ]Haase, Ronald F.Haase concentrates on hall life6:410/311974
[ ]Hallmark EmployeesHMS draws criticism1:310/311974
[ ]TennisLinville wins tourney5:110/311974
[ ]Maurer, WayneNew business prof6:610/311974
[ ]Future StudiesNew courses geared to chart future6:110/311974
[ ]Class Registration; Registrar's OfficeNew system works1:110/311974
[ ]Weaver ChapelPlans busy year6:110/311974
[ ]TheatreTakes trip via "Spoon River"1:710/311974
[ ]FootballWitt crushes Mt. Union5:110/311974
[ ]Swimming and Diving - WomenWitt women maks splash5:510/311974
[ ]Devlin, BernadetteBernadette Devlin speaks of struggle1:311/71974
[ ]Devlin, BernadetteBernadette Devlin unwinds1:511/71974
[ ]SoccerBoosters break streak6:511/71974
[ ]CareersCareers explored during weekend4:111/71974
[ ]ChoirChoir presents variety show (pic)4:611/71974
[ ]Committee of FiftyCommittee of Fifty conference meets8:611/71974
[ ]Eisel, JeanEisel heads career service8:411/71974
[ ]FootballGame decides OAC championship7:611/71974
[ ]FreshmenGroups remain8:311/71974
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Opposes proposal1:111/71974
[ ]Pinkerton AgencyProvides security8:111/71974
[ ]FootballQB Ashenbrenner bounces back1:111/71974
[ ]TUT(Theatre)Scores again with "Spoon River"8:111/71974
[ ]Radio station; WUSOSet for big year8:111/71974
[ ]Hallmark EmployeesShortage strikes food service1:111/71974
[ ]Reynolds, MioTeaching psychology8:611/71974
[ ]VolleyballTeam loses openers6:311/71974
[ ]FinancesWittenberg finance solid1:411/71974
[ ]FootballWittenberg wins over Bishops6:111/71974
[ ]FootballAccident benefits Strothers5:111/141974
[ ]SoccerBoosters finish with defeat5:511/141974
[ ]College Council (CC)Calendar remains the same1:311/141974
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS watches Wittenberg's promises. Tenets of CBS1:111/141974
[ ]Heusinkveld, Dr. Edwin D.Discusses academic probation4:511/141974
[ ]Education DepartmentEducation Dept. Praised6:311/141974
[ ]Cohn, GuntherGunther Cohn discusses energy6:111/141974
[ ]Thomas, PenelopeHelps find jobs6:111/141974
[ ]TUT(Theatre)Ibsen play opens4:111/141974
[ ]Royer, Dr. Edwin J.Injects unity into business5:311/141974
[ ]LaParis, ElaineLaParis has varied dutes6:711/141974
[ ]VolleyballNetters beat Wesleyan5:311/141974
[ ]FinancesOutlook favorable1:311/141974
[ ]Johnson, Martin E.Receives grant to study environment6:611/141974
[ ]English DepartmentSymposium studies on Byran1:611/141974
[ ]Wittenberg Medal of HonorTo honor service1:611/141974
[ ]Symphonic BandValue Music4:111/141974
[ ]FootballWittenberg meets Capital5:111/141974
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Allots money to Spanish Club and the Pre-Law Assoc.1:611/211974
[ ]FootballArthur Thomas limelights defense in football5:111/211974
[ ]Statler, OliverAuthority on Japanese art to speak at Wittenberg on Novermber 22, 19744:611/211974
[ ]Koppenhaver, Allen J.Guest of Exeter University6:511/211974
[ ]TUT(Theatre)Ibsen's play, "A Doll's House" performed at Blair Nov. 20-236:611/211974
[ ]Union BoardJeff Jadel named president6:111/211974
[ ]Visser, JamesJoins Wittenberg's Political Science Dept.6:111/211974
[ ]Thomas, ArtLimelights defense in football5:111/211974
[ ]BasketballList of games, wins and loses5:611/211974
[ ]English DepartmentLiterary awards contest sponsored6:511/211974
[ ]Reuther, Dr. Rosemay R.Noted Roman Catholic theologian to speak at Wittenberg6:211/211974
[ ]BasketballOpening game with Earlham on Nov. 305:611/211974
[ ]WrestlingPreview of season5:311/211974
[ ]BasketballWitt takes OAC title (pic)1:111/211974
[ ]FootballWittenberg takes OCA title1:111/211974
[ ]VolleyballWittenberg women in state tournament at Dayton5:611/211974
[ ]Schumaker, SteveWittenberg's new Urban Administrator6:411/211974