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[ ]Balliet, Dr. Conrad A.Balliet urges community participation in Task force of United Metro Ministry, for equal employment (pic)1:11/131972
[ ]Civilization SeriesFilms, narrated by Kenneth Clark, to be shown at Wittenberg from January 19 through April 265:51/131972
[ ]Student Volunteer CorpsOpportunities available for Wittenberg students1:41/131972
[ ]PlaysPlays to be presented are "Father Uxbridge Wants to Marry", "Endgame", "Song of a Goat", and "Fortune in Men's Eyes"1:11/131972
[ ]Easen, Dr. WarrenProfessor of economics at Ohio State University spoke in December on "Productivity in the USSR"1:41/131972
[ ]Russell, Charles "Tony"Urges community participation in Task force of United Metro Ministry (pic)1:11/131972
[ ]BasketballWitt lost to Akron 57-73 on Jan 127:11/131972
[ ]BasketballWon over B-W 74-70 on Sat7:11/131972
[ ]WrestlingWon over Muskingum, Capital7:31/131972
[ ]Alumni AssociationAlumni Association to sponsor a "heritage" tour to Europe3:21/201972
[ ]Alumni AssociationAlumni Association to sponsor a telephone campaign for funds between Feb 21 and Mar 233:31/201972
[ ]Swimming and DivingDefeated Capital on December 11 by a score of 94-28. Defeated Hiram on January 15 by a score of 77-3510:31/201972
[ ]WrestlingLost to Dayton Flyers and Mount Union11:51/201972
[ ]Vannorsdall, Rev. John W.To present a sermon at Weaver Chapel (pic)3:11/201972
[ ]BasketballWin over Oberlin 73-68; win over Hiram 76-6810:11/201972
[ ]Dayka, ErnestErnest Dayka to appear on the "World Front" television series Sunday, January 30, 1972 at 10:00 a.m. on WLWT (pic)1:11/271972
[ ]Wittenberg Community Scholarship FundIn its third year7:11/271972
[ ]King, James RoyKing to appear on the "World Front" television series (pic)1:11/271972
[ ]Swimming and DivingLose to Oberlin 75-48; win over Allegheny 57-569:11/271972
[ ]Environmental Action CommitteeNutrition workshop planned7:41/271972
[ ]Student Volunteer CorpsOpportunities available for service5:31/271972
[ ]Winter weekendPlanned1:41/271972
[ ]Mayher, AndreaVisits India8:11/271972
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Want academic survey concerning standards and grades10:31/271972
[ ]WrestlingWin over Muskingum, lose to Heidelberg, win over Otterbein9:11/271972
[ ]BasketballWin over Oberlin 82-6510:11/271972
[ ]Plays"Father Uxbridge" to begin on Feb 8, 197212:12/31972
[ ]Weaver Chapel"Sermon of Symbols" is used in decor (pic)6:32/31972
[ ]Baum, RobertBaum selected for the 1971 All-Lutheran College Football Team10:32/31972
[ ]Lutheran Church in AmericaBoard to examine relationship between Wittenberg and Lutheran Church12:12/31972
[ ]McHarg, IanLandscape architect to be on campus February 21-231:42/31972
[ ]BasketballLose to Capital 57-55; lost to Dayton 44-4211:12/31972
[ ]Swimming and DivingLose to Kenyon 72-4610:42/31972
[ ]Landor, EhudMember of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs to present on Israel peace viewpoint9:52/31972
[ ]Sherman, GregSelected for the 1971 All-Lutheran College Football Team10:32/31972
[ ]Russell, Charles "Tony"Task force resolution defeated1:42/31972
[ ]Jesus Christ SuperstarTo be presented at Wittenberg on February 20, 19724:32/31972
[ ]WrestlingWin over Wooster, lose to Baldwin-Wallace10:12/31972
[ ]College Council (CC)"Program of Innovative Education" to be considered1:32/101972
[ ]Curriculum; Committee on Calendar and Curriculum; Calendar3-3-3, 3-1-3-3, 4-1-4, 4-4-1: which calendar for Witt?: Committee on Calendar and Curriculum to study school calendar1:12/101972
[ ]Winter weekendActivities scheduled1:42/101972
[ ]Williams, Dr. Colin W.Dean of Yale Divinity School to speak at chapel (pic)8:12/101972
[ ]PlaysPlay termed sophisticated and stark [Father Uxbridge?]6:32/101972
[ ]Dinity, R. SimonProfessor of Sociology at Ohio State University spoke about the Ohio penal instutions on February 82:42/101972
[ ]Wittenberg UniversityProgram about the University televised on WHIO-TV1:12/101972
[ ]Chi-LitesSoul group from Chicago to perform here February 121:42/101972
[ ]WrestlingWin over Mt. Union7:52/101972
[ ]BasketballWin over Mt. Union 81-607:32/101972
[ ]Winter weekendBuried in slush4:32/171972
[ ]Chi-LitesChi-Lites did not appear for performance2:32/171972
[ ]Civilization SeriesCivilization Series presents Reformation1:12/171972
[ ]Koch, KennethContemporary writer, composer to appear here (pic)12:42/171972
[ ]McHarg, IanHis books convey message by illustrations3:12/171972
[ ]McHarg, IanLabeled "maverick among regional planners"1:22/171972
[ ]Miller, PaulTalks on Exeter4:32/171972
[ ]BasketballWin over Edinboro 81:7110:42/171972
[ ]Basketball; Basketball - WomenWin over Otterbein 41-3511:42/171972
[ ]Swimming and DivingWin over Wooster 81-4210:22/171972
[ ]WrestlingWon over Capitol, Denison10:12/171972
[ ]Plays"Endgame" by Samuel Beckett to be presented on Feb. 268:52/241972
[ ]Civilization Series"Grandeur and Obedience" to be shown on March 18:32/241972
[ ]Grunow, Kathy1970 Wittenberg graduate spoke to students on February 21 concerning a career in sociology6:12/241972
[ ]Union BoardDale Riley, new president, said that aim is for better communications (pic)6:32/241972
[ ]Swimming and DivingLose to Denison 69-537:32/241972
[ ]McHarg, IanMesmerizes audience; speaks on ecological crisis1:12/241972
[ ]Women's Study CommitteeTackles "Human Revolution"3:22/241972
[ ]BasketballWin over Heidelberg 54-52; win over Marietta 69-627:12/241972
[ ]Plays"Tandem" on March 21:13/21972
[ ]ChoirChoir to tour East during spring break12:33/21972
[ ]Tobin, Sister Mary LukeTo speak on "Women in the Church" on March 912:13/21972
[ ]Swimming and DivingWin over Ohio Wesleyan 73-508:33/21972
[ ]BasketballWin over Wooster8:13/21972
[ ]Plays"The Duplex" by Ed Bullins to be presented April 11 in Blair Hall (pic)1:44/61972
[ ]Beasley, PatBeasley honored by OC7:44/61972
[ ]Committee on Calendar and CurriculumCommittee on Calendar and Curriculum: an interim report3:14/61972
[ ]Hamilton, JoeHamilton honored by the Ohio Conference7:44/61972
[ ]Track and FieldLose to Ohio Wesleyan, 75-616:54/61972
[ ]BaseballMarietta defeated Wittenberg, 6-2 and 5-17:14/61972
[ ]Shure, LeonardPianist and educator to be on campus April 17-185:54/61972
[ ]Student Volunteer CorpsPlaced over sixty students in various volunteer positions during winter term2:54/61972
[ ]Quest and questionThe Worship of Nature to be shown7:24/61972
[ ]McDaniel, Rev. MichaelTo speak at Weaver Chapel on April 9, 19721:44/61972
[ ]TennisWin over Marietta, 7-26:34/61972
[ ]LacrosseWin over Ohio State, 9-56:14/61972
[ ]Plays"The Duplex" to be presented Fri. and Sat.1:44/131972
[ ]Committee on Student Life StylesCommittee on Student Lifestyles report and recommendations5:14/131972
[ ]BaseballDayton loses to Wittenberg 5-04:14/131972
[ ]Christian Overseas Rural Program (CROP)Hunger walk to take place in Springfield on April 302:34/131972
[ ]LacrosseLose to Bowling Green 6-311:54/131972
[ ]Shure, LeonardPianist to lecture on campus6:14/131972
[ ]Track and FieldWin over Ohio Northern, 95-41 on April 511:34/131972
[ ]LacrosseLose to Kenyon, 9-86:14/201972
[ ]Shure, LeonardPianist entertained several hundred people1:44/201972
[ ]Residence HallsRe-evaluation of goals1:44/201972
[ ]Civilization SeriesSeries ends with "Heroic Materialism" on April 257:24/201972
[ ]TennisWin over Denison, singles, April 15; lost first match of the season to Ohio University, 8-2 on April 187:24/201972
[ ]BaseballWin over Kenyon. 13-37:44/201972
[ ]Steimle, Dr. Edmund A.Brown Professor of Homiletics at the Union Theological Seminary in New York5:14/271972
[ ]LacrosseDefeated Wooster 11-3; defeated Ashland 10-111:44/271972
[ ]Jackson, Senator Henry M.Democratic candidate for president spoke at Wittenberg April 261:44/271972
[ ]Jackson, Senator Henry M.Democratic candidate for president spoke at Wittenberg April 263:14/271972
[ ]Sloane, CynniFormer instructor of human sexuality at the University of Louisville spoke here on April 2412:44/271972
[ ]PlaysScenes From American Life" to be presented May 9 at Witt3:34/271972
[ ]TennisWon over Ohio Northern 6-311:14/271972
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Wes Kaupman, who ran opposed, was elected presidentNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:14/301972
[ ]Droge, DolfAdvisor to Henry Kissinger on Vietnam lectured here on May 1st (pic)1:15/61972
[ ]Alma MaterCandidates chosen for 1972-73: Susan Amidon, Barbara Caniam, Diane Giffen, Rhonda Kacir, and Susan Williamson (pic)1:15/61972
[ ]Curriculum; CalendarEducator views new college calendars3:15/61972
[ ]BaseballWin opener with Ohio Wesleyan 3-0; lost the second game 4-111:15/61972
[ ]LacrosseWin over Oberlin 10-610:35/61972
[ ]TennisWin over Oberlin 7-210:35/61972
[ ]Track and FieldWon over Capital 83 1/2-53 1/2; won over Muskingum 93-43; won over Kenyon 76-6011:45/61972
[ ]PlaysCritique of "Scenes from American Life"13:25/111972
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Endorse life-style plans1:15/111972
[ ]Track and FieldLose to Denison 70-66; win over Wooster 80 1/2-55 1/210:45/111972
[ ]LacrosseLose to Ohio Wesleyan 8-610:15/111972
[ ]Kolish, JohnPsychic and hypnotist performed here May 9 (pic)12:15/111972
[ ]Rare EarthRock group cancels because of illness of one of its members. To play again on May 111:15/111972
[ ]Wittenberg Honor SocietiesThree seniors and four juniors inducted into society2:55/111972
[ ]Ohio State University's American Dance in RepertoryTo offer workshops, lectures, etc. for three days8:25/111972
[ ]Women's LiberationUnion board presents "Focus on Women" week5:15/111972
[ ]Focus on WomenUnion Board presents a week of "Focus of Women" activities5:15/111972
[ ]BaseballWon over Muskingum 16-11, then lost to them 12-611:15/111972
[ ]Tennis - WomenWon over Otterbein 4-111:25/111972
[ ]MaranathaA rock group that plays and sings for Jesus Christ (pic)6:45/181972
[ ]Hoge, WilsonAssociate dean of admissions died of heart attack (pic)1:45/181972
[ ]Giffen, DianeChosen 1972-73 Alma Mater Queen (pic)1:45/181972
[ ]Christian Emphasis WeekChristian Emphasis Week to be held May 22-286:15/181972
[ ]Kolish, JohnCriticism of his performance4:15/181972
[ ]Tennis - WomenDefeated Ohio University 3-27:35/181972
[ ]Focus on WomenDiana Liff and Jane Picker, Ohio Lawyers, spoke for women's rights8:15/181972
[ ]Alma MaterDiane Giffen is Alma Mater queen (pic)1:45/181972
[ ]Women's LiberationDianna Liff and Jane Picker, Ohio lawyers, spoke during Focus on Women week8:15/181972
[ ]Track and FieldFifth in Ohio Conference7:25/181972
[ ]Focus on WomenMs. Wilma S. Heidi, president of National Organization for Women, speaks on campus1:15/181972
[ ]Women's LiberationMs. Wilma S. Heidi, president of NOW speaks on women's rights during "Focus on Women" week1:15/181972
[ ]Liff, DiannaOhio Lawyer spoke during "Focus on Women week"8:15/181972
[ ]Picker, JaneOhio Lawyer spoke during "Focus on Women" week8:15/181972
[ ]Hannefor CircusPerforms here on May 211:#5/181972
[ ]Heidi, Ms. Wilma S.President of National Organization for Women (NOW) speaks on women's rights during "Focus on Women Week"1:15/181972
[ ]LacrosseWin over Ohio University 12-67:15/181972
[ ]TennisWon the Ohio Conference crown at Ohio Wesleyan7:45/181972
[ ]Alexander, Eden1971-72 Alma Mater queen questions function of this tradition1:15/251972
[ ]Curriculum; Calendar4-4-1 wins committee nod8:15/251972
[ ]MaranathaA rock group that plays and sings for Jesus Christ (pic)5:35/251972
[ ]Hannefor CircusDazzles "kids"1:45/251972
[ ]Turnau, RogerFormer Wittenberg dean spoke to Wittenbergers on May 22nd about the role of Christians6:25/251972
[ ]Bloom, Mrs. EmmaHead resident of Woodlawn Hall retires8:35/251972
[ ]Swanger, Robert L.Pastor of Christ the King Lutheran Church in Columbus to be guest speaker at Weaver Chapel on May 282:15/251972
[ ]LacrosseWon over Michigan State 10-4 and 7-56:45/251972
[ ]Urban StudiesBegan its second year by placing seventeen Wittenberg students in positions in city government and social agencies10;310/61972
[ ]ChoirChoir tours Spain and Portugal from March 15 to March 25, 1973 performing in four major cities5:110/61972
[ ]Smith, Buffalo BobCreator of "Howdy Doody" to appear at Witt1:210/61972
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Discuss alcohol policy1:310/61972
[ ]Sounds (publication)Looking for contributions9:310/61972
[ ]FootballLoss to Western Kentucky; win over Valparaiso 23-14 on September 23; lose to Ashland 33-3 on September 3011:110/61972
[ ]Sounds (publication)Magazine will be published during fall term9:310/61972
[ ]Powelson, Dr. ElizabethNamed to George L. Greenawalt Chair of Biology1:110/61972
[ ]Frasca, Dr. Albert; Radiation TechnologyNew program at Wittenberg directed by Dr. A.J. Frasca1:310/61972
[ ]SoccerOberlin wins over Wittenberg 2-011:510/61972
[ ]College RepublicansOrganize to aid in re-electing Mr. Nixon6:110/61972
[ ]Morrell, Dr. Minnie CateProfessor of English appointed to the President's and Mrs. Charles G. Heckert Chair of English1:110/61972
[ ]Curriculum; Calendar3-3-3 calendar retained1:410/121972
[ ]Andeen, Dr. G. KennethAndeen visits Japan's universities (pic)1:110/121972
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Appeared at the College Council to request action on the area of student placement5:110/121972
[ ]Smith, Buffalo BobCreator of "Howdy Doody" to appear at Witt1:110/121972
[ ]Catharsis (band)Jazz rock band to entertain at Rathskeller on Saturday, 9:00 PM1:410/121972
[ ]SoccerLose to Cedarville, win over Capitol11:110/121972
[ ]Weaver ChapelOffers film series2:210/121972
[ ]WUSO; Radio Station WCSO; Radio stationPresents mystery series Monday through Friday at midnight1:510/121972
[ ]Wittenberg EnrollmentUndergrad enrollment is up 1 percent. Currently 2,651 sutdents are enrolled, 747 freshmen11:410/121972
[ ]PlaysUniversity Theatre presents "It is So..." by Luigi Pirandello11:210/121972
[ ]LibraryWater from "run-off" of a severe thunderstorm damages 430 volumes of bound periodicals1:410/121972
[ ]LacrosseWin over Ohio Wesleyan 8-510:410/121972
[ ]FootballWittenberg wins over Ohio Wesleyan, 17-010:310/121972
[ ]Arrow and MaskArrow and Mask host section meeting1:110/211972
[ ]Edmonds and CorleyComedy opens Warwick concert1:510/211972
[ ]Stevenson, JannCrowned 1972 Homecoming Queen.1:610/211972
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Discuss alcohol policy and course syllabi1:210/211972
[ ]German HouseGerman House cancelled due to lack of interested students1:710/211972
[ ]College Republicansheld a "candidates night" on Monday6:110/211972
[ ]Homecoming; Homecoming QueenJann Stevenson crowned queen1:610/211972
[ ]Catharsis (band)Jazz-rock group well received1:610/211972
[ ]Warwick, DionnePresentes concert Homecoming week (pic)1:610/211972
[ ]Cosmopolitan ClubPresident Anne Lomperis. The purpose of the club is to bring about cultural exchanges between foreign students and other students and faculty. Plan "Swiss night" Friday.4:110/211972
[ ]Muddy WatersRock group well received by audience1:510/211972
[ ]Gilkey, Dr. LangdonTheologian to present series of lectures on religion, science, and contemporary issues1:110/211972
[ ]Kommel, Miss MargaretTo perform "Lieger Kries" on Oct 22.4:310/211972
[ ]FootballWin over Baldwin-Wallace5:110/211972
[ ]LacrosseWin over Denison 5-45:110/211972
[ ]SoccerWin over Denison, Heidelberg5:110/211972
[ ]Wilson, Eric L.Authors Math article "A family of path properties for graphs" appearing in Mathematische Annelex8:510/281972
[ ]Boling, Dr. EdwardBoling wrote "Toward a Synthesis of Social Class: A Study in Mid-America" with co-author Dr. George Lee for the September, 1972 issue of International Review of History and Political Science8:610/281972
[ ]Bolls, Dr. NathanBolls wrote "Summer Resting Metabolic Rate of the Gray Squirrel" for the January 1972 issue of Physiological Zoology8:610/281972
[ ]Brinkman, Dr. ElizabethBrinkman writes twelve abstracts for the August 1972 Abstracts on English Studies, and five abstracts for the Septemnber 1972 issue8:610/281972
[ ]PlaysComments about "It Is So..."8:2, 8:610/281972
[ ]Student Advisory BoardEvaluation and development of teacher education program to be undertaken4:610/281972
[ ]HomecomingFloat belonging to Gamma Phi Betas adn Phi Kappa Psi wins in competition8:110/281972
[ ]Homecoming displaysFloat belonging to Gamma Phi Betas and Phi Kappa Psi wins in competition8:110/281972
[ ]Ochs, PhilFolk Singer to appear at Wittenberg on Monday8:510/281972
[ ]Holck, Rev. Manfred, Jr.Holck writes article entitled "What does your stewardship committee do?" for the June issue of Ledger and "What's your pastor's pay package for 1973" for the September-October issue of The Congregation8:610/281972
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Sends alcohol policy to council1:510/281972
[ ]Brown, Clarence J.U.S. Congressman of the 7th District to speak at Wittenberg on November 9 (pic)8:410/281972
[ ]SoccerWin over Urbana, Marietta7:410/281972
[ ]FootballWin over Wooster, 24-0 in Homecoming gave7:110/281972
[ ]Miller, PaulWrote "The Cyclical Renewal of London" for the summer issue of The South Atlantic Quarterly8:610/281972
[ ]Lee, Dr. GeorgeWrote "Toward a synthesis model of social class: A study in mid-america."8:610/281972
[ ]ChoirChoir to perform at Weaver Chapel on November 114:311/31972
[ ]Ochs, PhilDes McGovern benefit? (pic)4:111/31972
[ ]Kinnison, Dr. William A.Kinnison speaks of the future of Wittenberg to "Committee of fifty"1:111/31972
[ ]SoccerLose to Unversity of Dayton, Kenyon5:311/31972
[ ]Hayden, ThomasOne of the authors of the "Port Huron Statement" and founder of S.D.S. was a speaker here during Indochina Solidarity Week1:111/31972
[ ]SyncopatesPicture1:611/31972
[ ]Otten, Terry R.Publishes book entitled The Deserted Stage4:111/31972
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Readies syllabi for council1:711/31972
[ ]Woman and the Human RevolutionReceived a grant last January to pursue this 2-year project6:111/31972
[ ]FootballWin over Mount Union,27-75:111/31972
[ ]Andeen, Dr. G. KennethAndeen returns from trip to Japan1:711/101972
[ ]Hanson, Rev. Dr. Geddes W.Assistant professor of pastoral theology at Princeton Theological Seminary to be guest preacher at Weaver Chapel on Sunday, November 191:311/101972
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Discusses guests's rights and responsibilities1:211/101972
[ ]FootballLoss to Heidelberg, 7-05:111/101972
[ ]Kappa Delta EpsilonNational professional education sorority convention held in Nashvile1:111/101972
[ ]Dellinger, DavidPeace activist spoke during Indochina Solidarity Week1:611/101972
[ ]Sounds (publication)To appear5:711/101972
[ ]Hillerich, DonAssistant to the Vice President and treasurer3:511/161972
[ ]FootballLoss to Capitol, 14-75:511/161972
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Meeting held1:711/161972
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)New alcohol policy1:511/161972
[ ]Tuesday TheatreNewly formed group to produce "The Man with a Flower in his Mouth" by Luigi Pirandello4:611/161972
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Requires club reorganization1:111/161972
[ ]SoccerWin over Muskingum, lost to Wooster5:111/161972
[ ]Plays"It Is So..." reviewed4:312/101972
[ ]LacrosseLose to Delaware 8-75:312/101972