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[ ]Britton, GeorgeFolksinger to perform at Hootennany on January 161:11/141971
[ ]BasketballLose to Central State 87-82 on Jan 2; lose to Akron 49-47 on Jan 3; and win over B-W 83-50 on Jan 94:31/141971
[ ]Mako, RickPlays a full season of football although not registered as a student. Causes Wittenberg to forfeit all nine games (pic)4:11/141971
[ ]Le Feber, Dr. WalterProfessor of History at Cornell lectures on "The New Left" in addition to teaching history classes during the week. Next lecture to be on the "cold war" (pic)1:21/141971
[ ]Marty, Martin E.Professor of Modern Church History at the university of Chicago to lecture on "Between World Views"1:11/141971
[ ]BasketballWitt wins over kenyon 74-57 and over North Central 94-66; but loses to Kentucky Wesleyan 63-62 in Dec 22-23 tournament7:11/141971
[ ]Faculty Board on Academic Probation and SuspensionFaculty Board on Academic Probation and Suspension considers grades4:11/211971
[ ]Swimming and DivingLose to Hiram 66-537:31/211971
[ ]Student SenateMet on January 19. New constitution approved. Name of Senate changed to Student Government Assoc.3:11/211971
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)New name approved for the Student Senate on January 193:11/211971
[ ]Environmental Action GroupNew organized group formed. Constitution approved by senate3:21/211971
[ ]WrestlingWin over Muskingum7;11/211971
[ ]BasketballWittenberg wins over Hiram 75-63 on Jan 16; loses to Otterbein 72-606:11/211971
[ ]Plays"Woyzeck" by Georg Buchner (1836) to be presented by the University Theater7:11/281971
[ ]Parkening, ChristopherClassical guitarist to be featured performer with the Springfield Symphony Orchestra7:41/281971
[ ]BasketballLose to Capital 74-723:11/281971
[ ]WrestlingLose to Heidelberg 22-13, win over Oberlin, lose to Muskingum6:51/281971
[ ]Students' DayNew program inaugurated by the Admissions Office. Prospective students are given preview of life at Wittenberg7:11/281971
[ ]College Council (CC); Educational Policies Committee (EPC)Pass-fail option reviewed3:11/281971
[ ]GradingPass-fail option revised3:11/281971
[ ]BasketballWin over Oberlin 57-66; win over Wilmington 84-616:11/281971
[ ]TillieBeta Theta Pi's mascot4:12/41971
[ ]WrestlingLose to Baldwin-Wallace7:32/41971
[ ]Swimming and DivingLose to Muskingum 62-597:32/41971
[ ]Faculty Artist ConcertMargaret Kommel, soprano, and William Walters, pianist, will be presented5:32/41971
[ ]BasketballWin over Muskingum 77-55 on Jan 307:12/41971
[ ]BasketballWin over Ohio Wesleyan 89-74 on Feb 37:22/41971
[ ]College Council (CC)"Only to advise," says Dr. Arthur Lutz3:32/121971
[ ]King, Rev. Charles H., JrKing gives views on "Encounter" and "Urban Crisis" (pic)10:12/121971
[ ]Encounter Action GroupSurvey of program10:12/121971
[ ]Basketball; Basketball - WomenWin over Cedarville 36-34, win over Central State 79-2615:12/121971
[ ]WrestlingWin over Dayton, Baldwin-Wallace. Lose to Denison, Akron15:22/121971
[ ]BasketballWin over Mt. Union 72-71 on Feb 614:12/121971
[ ]Plays"Woyzeck" demanding for actors, audience5:12/181971
[ ]Faculty23 faculty members change status. Wills receives Ph.D. at Case Western Reserve.1:22/181971
[ ]Murphy, Ronald L.Advanced to rank of assistant professor3:32/181971
[ ]Gerrard, Dr. Thomas; Ortquist, Richard T.Advanced to rank of associate professor3:32/181971
[ ]Powelson, Dr. Elizabeth; Strahler, Miss ClytieAdvanced to rank of professor3:32/181971
[ ]Damaser, Harvey G.Assistant professor of English given tenure3:32/181971
[ ]Ramsay, Prof. GeorgeAssistant professor of fine arts given tenure3:32/181971
[ ]Eimer, Dr. Erhard O.Assistant professor of psychology given tenure3:32/181971
[ ]Swanger, Eugene R.Assistant professor of Religion gives tenure3:32/181971
[ ]Balliet, Dr. Conrad A.Balliet advanced to rank of professor3:22/181971
[ ]Bender, Prof. JanBender advances to rank of assistant professor3:32/181971
[ ]Bindley, Dr. Joseph HooverBindley receives tenure3:32/181971
[ ]Borden, Dr. RobertBorden advanced to rank of associate professor3:32/181971
[ ]Buscemi, William T.Buscemi advanced to tenure3:32/181971
[ ]Faber, Dr. James ArthurFaber advanced to rank of associate professor3:32/181971
[ ]Fahrney, Richard A.Fahrney advanced to rank of assistant professor3:32/181971
[ ]Hagelberg, M. PaulHagelberg advanced to rank of professor3:22/181971
[ ]Lemieux, Miss Dorothy T.; Zimmerman, Miss CarolineInstructor in health and physical education given tenure3:32/181971
[ ]BasketballLose to Eastern Michigan 81-597:42/181971
[ ]WrestlingLost to capital7:12/181971
[ ]Mao, Dr. JeffreyMao advanced to rank of professor3:22/181971
[ ]Merrill, Prof. HerbertMerrill advanced to rank of professor3:32/181971
[ ]Guttmacher, Dr. Alan F.President of Planned Parenthood--world population, Inc. to speak at Wittenberg on February 22nd4:12/181971
[ ]Cutler, Robert S.Robert S. Cutler given tenure3:32/181971
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)The following students were appointed to committees that are open to student participation on the Board of Directors: Gary Lee, University Life; Gene Steiner, Plands and Resources; Ramona Crawford, Budget; and John Skidmore, Buildings and Grounds3:12/181971
[ ]BasketballWin over Denison 83-60. Lost to Baldwin-Wallace7:12/181971
[ ]Guttmacher, Dr. Alan F.Guttmacher speaks about double standard3:12/261971
[ ]American Students AssociationInformation on Europe8:12/261971
[ ]Committee on International EducationInvestigating study abroad programs8:12/261971
[ ]Swimming and DivingLose to Denison 78-4110:32/261971
[ ]Bahmann, Dr. Manfred K.Prof of Church History at Facultad Evangelica de Teologia, Buenos Aires, Argentian to teach Religious dynamics during spring term3:52/261971
[ ]Jones, Dr. T. CanbyProfessor of religion and philosophy at Wilmington to teach a course in Religious Dynamics during spring semester3:52/261971
[ ]BasketballWin over Findlay 67-6410:12/261971
[ ]DeBoer, Hans A.Author-minister spoke on February 22 concerning parallels between Nazi Germany then the U.S. today4:13/51971
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Concerned Black Students to present a "Night of Black Drama" on March 5 and 66:13/51971
[ ]Wittenberg Community Scholarship FundDrive to run from April 136:13/51971
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Give $235 to the Draft Counseling Center. Withdraw the previously accepted alcohol policy3:13/51971
[ ]BasketballLose to Capital in OC tournament. 67-61. Win over Ohio Wesleyan 82-70 in the conference8:13/51971
[ ]McDaniel, Rev. MichaelOrganizes series of talks on "Tradition, Change, and the Future"3:13/51971
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Accepted a new code of election governing all campus-wide votes3:$4/11971
[ ]Gregory, DickLectures on poverty4:14/11971
[ ]PlaysProduction of "Yerma" by Frederico G. Lorca opens Tuesday6:44/11971
[ ]Wittenberg Community Scholarship FundSets goal of $25,000 by April 163:44/11971
[ ]Gregory, Dick"One nation under God," is topic of talk4:14/81971
[ ]Wittenberg Community Scholarship FundEditorial2:14/81971
[ ]McCoy, RhodySpoke on "American Education as myth, fraud, & illusion"4:14/81971
[ ]TennisVin over Marietta 9-06:14/81971
[ ]Wittenberg Community Scholarship FundWCSF Week3:14/81971
[ ]BaseballWin over Heidelberg6:14/81971
[ ]LacrosseWin over Ohio State University 13-96:44/81971
[ ]Track and FieldWin over Ohio Wesleyan 74-616:44/81971
[ ]Plays"Yerma" said to be slightly mediocre (pic)7:14/151971
[ ]College Council (CC)Approved part of pass-fail replacement plan3:14/151971
[ ]AbortionArticles (?)8:14/151971
[ ]Simonson, ConradAssistant professor of Religion at Luther College, Decorah, Iowa to be guest preacher at Sunday service at Weaver Chapel514/151971
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Elections to be April 22, 19713:14/151971
[ ]PlaysFourth and final performance of Max Frisch's "The Firebugs"5:44/151971
[ ]Gutter, RobertGutter to conduct final Springfield Symphony concert on April 17th5:54/151971
[ ]WUSO; Radio Station WCSO; Radio stationIncreases power to 500 watts6:14/151971
[ ]LacrosseLose to Bowling Green 9-611:34/151971
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Supports new credit-no credit plan3:34/151971
[ ]TennisWin over Kenyon 8-111:24/151971
[ ]BaseballWin over Otterbein 5-4; lose second game 6-511:14/151971
[ ]Redding, SaundersWriter, lecturer, professor to discuss "Problems of the Negro Writer" on April 224:34/151971
[ ]Plays"The Firebugs" to be presented3:14/221971
[ ]Alumni AssociationAlumni working to help students. Gave $1.3 Million in last three years7:14/221971
[ ]Student Government Association (SGA)Bonnie Fletcher elected to the University Affairs Committee; Joh Skidmore, president of SGA; Mark Schaffer, vice-president; Stan Lundahl, 2nd vice-president; Maureen Bryson, secretary; Patti Harris, treasurer3:34/221971
[ ]Union BoardElect new officers for 1971-727:34/221971
[ ]BaseballLose to Dennison 2-0; win second game 15-16:44/221971
[ ]LacrosseLose to Wooster 9-86:44/221971
[ ]Alma MaterSurvey to be taken to determine future of Alma Mater2:44/221971
[ ]Ivy RingTap new members7:54/221971
[ ]Mortar Board (organization)Taps new members7:54/221971
[ ]BaseballWin over Marietta 6-2; lose second game 8-56:14/221971
[ ]TorchCo-editors will again head the paper1:45/61971
[ ]Wittenberg Arts Festival and SymposiumTo be held May 9-161:15/61971
[ ]BaseballWin first game from Wooster 12-4; lose second game 4-211:15/61971
[ ]Track and FieldWin over Kenyon 100-3311:55/61971
[ ]BaseballWin over Kenyon 4-011:45/61971
[ ]LacrosseWin over Oberlin 13-712:55/61971
[ ]TennisWin over Oberlin 8-1; lose to Ohio Wesleyan 5-311:35/61971
[ ]Blue KeyBlue Key choose new members3:15/131971
[ ]College Council (CC)CC representatitves elected6:15/131971
[ ]Pick and PenChooses new members3:15/131971
[ ]BaseballLost to Muskingum 10-07:45/131971
[ ]Student SenateQuestions authority of Superior Hearing Board1:45/131971
[ ]Summerlin, EdTenor saxophonist, composer to perform in Weaver Chapel on May 15th5:15/131971
[ ]Sittler, Dr. Joseph Jr.Visits campus1:35/131971
[ ]Alma MaterVote indicates desire to retain tradition1:15/131971
[ ]Tennis - WomenWin over Capital 5-06:25/131971
[ ]Track and FieldWin over Denison 74-626:25/131971
[ ]LacrosseWin over Ohio Wesleyan 10-67:25/131971
[ ]AbortionDebate on the medical aspects of abortion scheduled for May 27th in the Union3:15/201971
[ ]Wittenberg Honor SocietiesEleven seniors and five juniors selected as new members1:55/201971
[ ]Track and FieldFinished fourth with 47 points in the Ohio Conference Track Championship7:35/201971
[ ]Tennis - WomenLose to Ohio University 5-17:55/201971
[ ]TennisPlaced fourth in Ohio Conference6:15/201971
[ ]BaseballWin over Capital 6-0; Lost to Wright State 2-1; win second game 7-66:15/201971
[ ]TennisWin over Muskingum 9-27:45/201971
[ ]LacrosseWin over Ohio University 8-77:25/201971
[ ]Alma MaterEden Alexander, Lynne Bana, Ellen Brubeck, Bonnie Feltcher, and Jamet Vomlehm are nominees for honor. (pic)1:15/271971
[ ]Phi Sigma TauFive new members installed4:55/271971
[ ]College Council (CC)Pass-fail system replaced by grade-credit system1:35/271971
[ ]GradingPass-fail system replaced with grade-credit system1:35/271971
[ ]BaseballWin first game from Ashland 4-3; lose second game 3-0.7:25/271971
[ ]LacrosseWin over Michigan State 9-67:45/271971
[ ]GolfWin over Ohio University 744-7727:35/271971
[ ]Plays"Father Uxbridge wants to Marry" by Frank Gagliano to begin on Feb 8 for five consecutive performances.5:110/71971
[ ]Plays"Metastases" to open Oct. 21st and run for four evenings5:110/71971
[ ]Plays"Scenes from American Life" by A. R. Gurney, Jr. to play May 9 for five consecutive evenings5:110/71971
[ ]Plays"The Duplex" be Ed Bullins to be begin on April 11 and run for 6 nights5:110/71971
[ ]Plays"The Queen and the Rebels" by Ugo Betti to begin on Nov. 9 and run for seven performances5:110/71971
[ ]Sundelius, Dr. Harold W.Appointed Associate Dean of Wittenberg's College of Liberal Arts4:110/71971
[ ]Ballard, Dr. ReneAssumed the post as Dean of the College and Professor of political science on Aug 1 (pic)1:110/71971
[ ]SoccerLose to Otterbein7:310/71971
[ ]Track and FieldLose to Otterbein 34-237:510/71971
[ ]FootballLoss to Western Kentucky 33-77:110/71971
[ ]JournalismRevised by English Department1:310/71971
[ ]FootballWin over California State 13-67:110/71971
[ ]FootballWin over Otterbein 21-77:110/71971
[ ]Plays"Metstses" opens on October 21 for a five-day run1:310/141971
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities47 women pledged to Greek sororities1:410/141971
[ ]Mehl, Dr. PaulExchange professor of religion from Hood College. He and Dr. Herbert Wolf exchanged classrooms for a year (pic)7:310/141971
[ ]HomecomingFour finalists: Pam Cheny, Debi Devers, Ginger Feller, and Peg Wenger compete for the queenship1:310/141971
[ ]Homecoming QueenFour finalists: Pan Cheney, Debi Devers, Ginger Feller, and Peg Wenger1:310/141971
[ ]SoccerLose to Cedarville, tied with Heidelberg11:110/141971
[ ]Track and FieldLose to Denison 21-3711:310/141971
[ ]FootballWittenberg wins over Denison, 6-010:310/141971
[ ]Homecoming; Homecoming QueenDebi Devers crowned queen1:110/231971
[ ]Karsten, Rev. Robert E.Karsten returns as the university pastor after a year of study at Denver Univ. under Danforth Foundation Grant5:110/231971
[ ]Wittenberg Honor SocietiesOfficers for the coming year8:410/231971
[ ]National Entertainment ConferenceTo meet at Wittenberg on October 24 and 2512:110/231971
[ ]FootballWin over Findly 56-710;110/231971
[ ]SoccerWin over Muskingum 4-110:210/231971
[ ]Plays"The Queen and the Rebel" by Betti to be produced on November 11 through Nov. 146:110/281971
[ ]Eversley, Dr. David E.C.Chief planner for strategy for the Greater London Council lectures here on urban planning1:310/281971
[ ]Christian Overseas Rural Program (CROP)CROP to sponsor hunger walk on Nov. 211:510/281971
[ ]FootballLoss to Baldwin-Wallace 10-77:110/281971
[ ]Kemper, Robert GrahamMinister of the United Church of Christ and editor of "The Christian Ministry" to speak at Weaver Chapel On oct. 31 (pic)1:110/281971
[ ]Volunteer CorpsNew service organization formed at Wittenberg6:410/281971
[ ]Hockey - WomenWin over Otterbein 2-07:410/281971
[ ]Homecoming; Homecoming displaysWinning display made by Phi Mu's and Alpha Delta Pi's1:110/281971
[ ]Mao, Dr. JeffreyComments on Chinese U.N. switch (pic)1:111/41971
[ ]SoccerLost to Dayton, Kenyon7:411/41971
[ ]Hockey - WomenWin over Ashland 2-17:311/41971
[ ]Drug Information GroupDrug Information Group combats drug abuse12:311/111971
[ ]PlaysFour plays in ten days is aim of theater1:111/111971
[ ]FootballLoss to Ball State 28-2110:111/111971
[ ]SoccerOhio Wesleyan wins over Witt; Wooster wins over Witt11:111/111971
[ ]Snook, Rev. Lee F.Faculty member of Lutheran Seminary in St. Paul to speak here12:311/181971
[ ]Kenton, StanJazz Orchestra leader to appear here for concert and workshop1:111/181971
[ ]Huebner, LeeNixon's speech-writer lectured here in Nov. 165:111/181971
[ ]Majectic Christian Youth CenterOpen to provide spiritual guidance and iad6:111/181971
[ ]Wittenberg Honor SocietiesSelected 10 seniors for the society1:311/181971
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesTogether with the IFC, the Panhel Assoc. organizes rush6:211/181971
[ ]FootballWin over Ashland 21-1410:111/181971