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[ ]AdministrationAdministration studies CBS demands1:31/171969
[ ]American Oil Foundation, GiftsAmerican Oil Foundation makes gift of $25007:41/171969
[ ]White, Andrew J.Assistant professor of theology at the Lutheran Theology Seminary will deliver annual Epithany lecture Monday2;51/171969
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Concerned Black Students Demands (Editorial)2:11/171969
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Concerned Black Students impose self-exile1:11/171969
[ ]FootballFive members included in 1968 All-Lutheran team7:11/171969
[ ]ScholarshipsNational Phi Eta Sigma Fraternity offers at least nine $300 scholarships per year2:51/171969
[ ]Phi Eta SigmaOffers at least ning $3,000 scholarships per year2:51/171969
[ ]Hellerich, Rev. Donald J.Replaces Rev. Westin as assistant to Dr. Roland Matthies6:21/171969
[ ]Campus Climate CommissionReport lacks long range solution6:41/171969
[ ]Alumnae/AlumniSeventeen in Peace Corps7:31/171969
[ ]Women's Residence Hall CouncilStive toward goal based on individual accounts6:11/171969
[ ]Swimming and DivingTeam wins over Akron8:51/171969
[ ]BasketballTigers win over BW, Central State, and Akron 9-0 winning streak (pic)8:11/171969
[ ]Student SenateTo study C.B.S. demands1;11/171969
[ ]WrestlingTwo wins--1 loss at beginning of season8:41/171969
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Black protests rage in major universities (extra)1:11/201969
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Black students end walkout (extra)1:11/201969
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Walkout sparks campus dialogue (extra)1:11/201969
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesAnnounce pledge from Rush4:11/241969
[ ]Ermarth, Prof. Margaret SittlerErmarth to talk on grad study1:11/241969
[ ]BasketballLose to Ashland, winning streak broken6:51/241969
[ ]Student SenateNewsletter: Social Blues; Policy on student attendance at faculty meetings explained3:11/241969
[ ]BasketballScore over Hiram. Tenth win in row (pic)6:11/241969
[ ]VolleyballSenior's lead women's teams to win5:41/241969
[ ]Student SenateSlates referendum1:41/241969
[ ]Swimming and DivingTigers drown Hiram tankers4:31/241969
[ ]Second Generation Clubto meet Sunday3:31/241969
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Walkout prompts formal invitation to HEW group (pic)1:11/241969
[ ]Basketball; Basketball - WomenWin over Earlham5:31/241969
[ ]Physics DepartmentGets analyzerNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.7:11/261969
[ ]Student Aid$1,176,915 of the university's $8 million is used for student aid6:41/311969
[ ]Afro Studies$3000 grant from Board of College Education and Church Vocation of the Lutheran Church in America4:11/311969
[ ]Ortquist, Richard T.Awarded Doctor's degree4:41/311969
[ ]Student SenateElections1:41/311969
[ ]ChoirFourteen members to tour with U.S.O.3:11/311969
[ ]Galster, GeorgeGaslster wins 3rd place at Ohio University Invitational Debate Tournament3:51/311969
[ ]Nagy, Dr. FarencLectured on "The Communist Takeover in centeral Easter Europe" on Jan. 23rd in the Alumni Room1:11/311969
[ ]Basketball; Basketball - WomenLost to Ohio Wesleyan7:41/311969
[ ]Thompson, RalstonOne of 16 Ohio artists to win Ohio Arts Council cash award3:51/311969
[ ]Pfnister, Dr. AllanTo leave Wittenberg Sept. 1, 1969 to accept position at Univ. of Denver1:11/311969
[ ]BasketballWin 77-68 over Heidelberg8:41/311969
[ ]Swimming and DivingWin over Oberlin7:31/311969
[ ]BasketballWin over Oberlin. Remain undefeated7:41/311969
[ ]Weiss, GregoryWinds 3rd place at Ohio University Invitationa Debate Tournament3:51/311969
[ ]ChoirChoir to tour with U.S.O. group in Europe (pic)1:12/71969
[ ]Ramsay, Prof. GeorgeFine Arts Professor lectures on Picasso in "Quest & Question" series1:42/71969
[ ]Swimming and DivingKenyon win over Tigers 4-36:12/71969
[ ]Lockman, WilliamLockman named security chief3:52/71969
[ ]Basketball; Basketball - WomenLose to Bowling Green (46-32)5:12/71969
[ ]Student SenateProposed revised constitution not yet approved by faculty1:12/71969
[ ]BasketballTigers to meet Mount Union on Feb 8 and Westminster on Feb 105:12/71969
[ ]BasketballTigers win over Muskies 60-445:12/71969
[ ]BasketballTigers win over Ohio Wesleyan 64-486:32/71969
[ ]Lutheran Brotherhood of Minneapolis$5,000 to Wittenberg to expand Martin Luther collection3:32/141969
[ ]Student SenateCampaigns underway1:12/141969
[ ]Class Registration; Registrar's OfficeCommittee examines registration process1:12/141969
[ ]Women's Residence Hall CouncilFreshmen women have 11:00 P.M. curfew2:32/141969
[ ]Civil Rights ConferenceH.E.W. review team examines civil rights program1:32/141969
[ ]WrestlingLose matches, win 1 in 8 day period9:62/141969
[ ]Swimming and DivingLose to Denison on Feb. 8th10:52/141969
[ ]BasketballLose to Mt. Union 62-60 and to Westminster 71-5910:12/141969
[ ]Marketing ClubNewly formed chapter8:22/141969
[ ]Teacher AwardsNominations open1:52/141969
[ ]Pep BandOrganized to boost school spirit (pic)3:42/141969
[ ]Student CourtRole of court outlined3:32/141969
[ ]Snook, Rev. Lee speak at chapel on Ash Wednesday3:12/141969
[ ]Basketball; Basketball - WomenWin at Ohio Dominican 65-439:22/141969
[ ]Summer CoursesSchedule announcedNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:22/181969
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Black Awareness seminar held (pic)1:12/211969
[ ]Student SenateLaura Frants elected speaker1:12/211969
[ ]Pfnister, Dr. AllanPraises Wittenberg for its involvement1:42/211969
[ ]CornhuskersSinging group to appear at Wittenberg (At Witt's End) on Feb. 222:32/211969
[ ]Reynolds, Dr. EarleSpoke about "American Foreign Policy in the Orinet"1:12/211969
[ ]Franta, LauraStudent Senate speaker for '69-'701:12/211969
[ ]Yutzia, Dr. MarioVisiting professor at Hamma to speak Feb 28th3:32/211969
[ ]Dill, Dr. RobertVisiting scientist to speak here February 27, 19692:32/211969
[ ]Basketball; Basketball - WomenWin over Otterbein 56-355:32/211969
[ ]Ad HocAd Hoc Meet with CBS to consider curricular changes1:42/281969
[ ]Baker, DavidBaker to be one of four speakers at 1969 Honors Day convocation3:32/281969
[ ]Beers DuoBeers duo to appear at special concert in Union on Mar. 11:12/281969
[ ]Community Welfare CouncilCommunity Welfare Council will award social fellowship of $2,000 yearly stipend for full-time study in graduate school3:42/281969
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Concerned Black Students meet with Ad Hoc committee to consider curricular changes1:42/281969
[ ]Founders DayDinner to mark 124th year--Mar. 8th1:12/281969
[ ]Dodge, MarshallHumorist at Union on Feb. 20th4:42/281969
[ ]Favole, Juan G.Lectures on Cuba's changing order1:12/281969
[ ]Swimming and DivingO.C.A. championships to be held Feb. 28 and Mar 16:12/281969
[ ]Hartje, Dr. Robert GOne of four speakers for honors day convocation3:32/281969
[ ]Johnson, Martin E.One of four speakes for 1969 Honors Day Convocation3:32/281969
[ ]Wentz, Dr. Frederick K.Publishes theological book2:32/281969
[ ]ConvocationsSpeakers chosen for Honors Day--Dave Baker, Jan Peters, Dr. Robert Hartje & Prof. M. Johnson3:32/281969
[ ]Hamma School of TheologySponsoring seminar to explore black prophetic voice on Mar. 17th and 18th3:42/281969
[ ]WrestlingTeam vies for OC titles in weekend meet (pic)1:32/281969
[ ]BasketballTigers lose to Marietta 69-63 (pic)8:12/281969
[ ]Ostrom, Dr. John W.To head English Institute June 23 to July 4th1:52/281969
[ ]Dormitories'Open Door' policy discussed1:33/71969
[ ]Afro-American CenterAdministration to contribute to Ivy House to CBS1:33/71969
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Black Theatre to be presented on March 92:43/71969
[ ]BasketballCagers earn one OC spot4:43/71969
[ ]Women's Residence Hall CouncilCandidates present platforms2:43/71969
[ ]H.E.W. (Health, Education, Welfare), U.S. Dept. ofFindings set 8 guidelines1:13/71969
[ ]Miller, EldonFourth in poll for OC coaches5:13/71969
[ ]H.E.W. (Health, Education, Welfare), U.S. Dept. ofHEW suggests a human relations council1:43/71969
[ ]LibraryHours survey taken1:23/71969
[ ]Feuerwerker, AlbertLectured on "China" -- Univ. of Michigan Professor2:33/71969
[ ]Student SenateSocial regulations revision to face faculty vote1:43/71969
[ ]Swimming and DivingThird in tourney6:13/71969
[ ]BasketballTigers underdogs in NCAA1:13/71969
[ ]BasketballTigers win OC (pic)6:13/71969
[ ]Basketball; Basketball - WomenWin over Dayton 45-32, over Capitol 60-404:53/71969
[ ]WrestlingWittenberg finished eighth in tournament5:33/71969
[ ]Bella, Dr. J. IgorBella to retire6:53/141969
[ ]LibraryBetter hours for library?3:33/141969
[ ]Presidents of WittenbergDr. G. Kenneth Andeen named president of Wittenberg (pic)1:13/141969
[ ]Distinguished Teaching Awards; Laatsch, Melvin H. Dr. Melvin H. Laatsch receives 1969 award (pic)1:33/141969
[ ]Dill, Dr. RobertDr. Robert Dill presents lecture on undersea life6:43/141969
[ ]Greek WeekGreek Week to be April 18th adn 19th2:53/141969
[ ]Track and FieldIndoor track team tied for 8th place in OCITM8:33/141969
[ ]Laatsch, Melvin H. Laatsch receives the distingueshed teaching award (pic)1:33/141969
[ ]Andeen, Dr. G. KennethNamed new president of Wittenberg University (pic)1:13/141969
[ ]Students Attack White RacismSeminar on white racism to begin April 13th3:53/141969
[ ]BasketballTigers fall twice in NCAA tourney8:13/141969
[ ]Thompson, RalstonTo retire6:53/141969
[ ]Phi Beta KappaWittenberg to apply for charter in 19701:13/141969
[ ]Edwards, Bill"Edwards Era" of football ended (pic)1:14/111969
[ ]Schrag, Dr. F. JamesAccepts Acadia post as new sociology chairman4:14/111969
[ ]Brown, Clarence J.Brown met with WUSO radio panel5:44/111969
[ ]Norris, TracyElected director of the Great Lakes District of American College Public Relations Assoc.4:34/111969
[ ]Student SenateElection slated for position of Representative at Large1:24/111969
[ ]Koppenhaver, Allen J.Koppenhaver composes work to be played by Richmond Symphony2:44/111969
[ ]Greek WeekPlans included dance, games, picnic dinner1:14/111969
[ ]Human Relations CouncilRepresentatives announced by Vice-President Dr. Emerson Reck1:44/111969
[ ]Maurer, F. Davis DaveSucceeds Bill Edwards1:14/111969
[ ]BaseballTigers picked to retain title6:14/111969
[ ]Junior-Senior PromTo be a semi-formal affair at Wampler's Arena on May 3rd2:24/111969
[ ]Honorary DegreesTo be awarded to Floyd Barger, Doctor of Laws; Rev. Raymond Heine, Dr. of Divinity; Rev. Joseph o'Morrow, Dr. of Divinity; Dr. Frederick K. Redlich, Human Letters5;14/111969
[ ]Morrell, Dr. Minnie CateTo spend third term at Exeter, England with 19 Wittenberg students3:14/111969
[ ]LacrosseVarsity team suffers 1st defeat of season from Ohio State6:34/111969
[ ]Endowment Fund$42,000 given by anonymous donors4:24/181969
[ ]Community Scholarship FundBasketball game marks opening of drive1:14/181969
[ ]Brown, Clarence J.Brown endorses free press in campus interview3:34/181969
[ ]Sundelius, Dr. Harold W.Co-Author of newly published U.S. Congressional Survey Bulletin4:54/181969
[ ]Quest and questionDr. J. R. King spoke on Archetypal Patterns: The primitive layer1:14/181969
[ ]Theta Alpha PhiInitiates ten new members2:34/181969
[ ]Greek WeekKing and Queen to be named at final dance1:44/181969
[ ]King, James RoyKing gave Quest and Question lecture1:14/181969
[ ]Student SenateMeeting's legality challenged3:14/181969
[ ]Students Attack White RacismPre-Civil War black history explained at lecture3:14/181969
[ ]Mayher, AndreaRetrained for academic year 1969-706:14/181969
[ ]Student SenateSpecial election to be held Apr. 22nd2:44/181969
[ ]Greek WeekStarts at 2:00 P.M. Saturday at Cliff Park1:44/181969
[ ]LacrosseTeam falls to Bowling Green, 8-47:54/181969
[ ]LacrosseTeam falls to Bowling Green, 8-4 (pic)8:14/181969
[ ]TennisTigers win over Kenyon, 6-38:54/181969
[ ]Andeen, Dr. G. KennethTo be on campus for four days, Apr 24-276:44/181969
[ ]East Asian ClubTwelve students to attend seminar in the Culture of Japan3:14/181969
[ ]BaseballWin over Otterbein, 7-2 and 10-28:44/181969
[ ]Track and FieldWins opener over Ohio Wesleyan, 79-568:34/181969
[ ]Alma MaterCandidates named; May 9 investiture is planned (pic)1:34/251969
[ ]Parents WeekendFamily dance starts new tradition2:54/251969
[ ]Gamma Phi BetaGamma Phi captures girls intramural swimming title5:34/251969
[ ]Meyer, JimGreek Week King3:44/251969
[ ]Peters, JanGreek week queen3:54/251969
[ ]Andeen, Dr. G. KennethInformal reception held Fri and Sat2:54/251969
[ ]Greek WeekJan Peters, queen and Jim Meyer, king3:44/251969
[ ]Andeen, Dr. G. KennethLauds student concern, spirit4:44/251969
[ ]Student SenateMeeting rules defined1:44/251969
[ ]Student SenateSuggests student vote on two faculty committees1:44/251969
[ ]TennisTigers defeat Heidelberg5:14/251969
[ ]BaseballTigers defeated by Ohio Wesleyan, 7-26:34/251969
[ ]Steimle, Dr. Edmund A.To deliver sermon in Chapel on Sunday1:14/251969
[ ]Steimle, Dr. Edmund A.To deliver sermon in Chapel on Sunday4:34/251969
[ ]H.E.W. (Health, Education, Welfare), U.S. Dept. ofWittenberg's response1:14/251969
[ ]Human Relations CouncilCommittee to investigate discrimination1:15/91969
[ ]Community Scholarship FundCommunity Scholarship Fund surpasses goal of $10,000 in drive2:15/91969
[ ]Lagos, TomComplete four years of college in one4:15/91969
[ ]Student GrantsCut-back in federal funds curtail grants1:45/91969
[ ]Alma MaterDebbie Smith to reign (pic)1:45/91969
[ ]Wittenberg Community Scholarship FundDrive doubles quota; 13 students to gain benefits1:15/91969
[ ]Dyer, JeffDyer killed in Vietnam (pic)3:45/91969
[ ]Parents WeekendHonors convocation, choir concert1:15/91969
[ ]Physics DepartmentLaboratory to be named in honor of Mr. & Mrs. Charles G. Buchy1:15/91969
[ ]BaseballThree wins, three loses7:35/91969
[ ]TennisTigers won over W.P.A.F.B., 5-4; Hiram, 9-0; OW 9-0; lost to Oberlin, 5-47:25/91969
[ ]Smith, Debbieto reign as Alma Mater (pic)45/91969
[ ]Track and FieldUndefeated in five dual meets8:15/91969
[ ]Gifts; Buchy, Charles G.Wittenberg received $23, 201 from annuity for physics laboratory3:15/91969
[ ]W-DayA tradition in just three years (pic)4:15/161969
[ ]Krueger, Rev. Ralph M.Activities at Wittenberg5:35/161969
[ ]Security OfficeArms issues to face Monday referendum1:15/161969
[ ]Security OfficeDeath opens security study1:15/161969
[ ]Security OfficeDisarmament motion will be referred to all-campus referendum on May 19th5:25/161969
[ ]Lawless, Rev. Fr. George P.Lawless to present sermon on May 18th5:45/161969
[ ]Lobach, JohnMemorial services in chapel (pic)1:15/161969
[ ]Phi Eta SigmaSelects officers for coming year4:15/161969
[ ]Security OfficeSubject to rules and regulations1:15/161969
[ ]Track and FieldWin over Capitol 70-666:35/161969
[ ]Krueger, Rev. Ralph M.Wittenberg says goodbye to PK (pic)1:45/161969
[ ]GolfWon over Heidelberg 17-3: lost to Wooster 12-8: tied with Hiram 10-106:35/161969
[ ]LacrosseBest Ohio four 12-108:25/231969
[ ]Unity State BankOpens in Dayton--stock available1:45/231969
[ ]ShiftersRiddle defied Torch investigators3:15/231969
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesStagnation or improvement--greek life rests with students1:35/231969
[ ]Security OfficeStudy continues1:15/231969
[ ]Cobb, William JerryWilliam Jerry Cobb, '69, awarded Southern Regional Training Program Fellowship2:55/231969
[ ]BaseballWin over Capitol 6-2; over Central State 11-108:15/231969
[ ]Library500 questionaires returned3:45/291969
[ ]Freshmen WeekActivities planned for Sept. 21-271:15/291969
[ ]Alumnae/AlumniAlumni activities June 14 and 151:35/291969
[ ]Alumni WeekendAlumni Weekend June 14 and 151:35/291969
[ ]Sounds (publication)Dave Gibson is to be editor3:15/291969
[ ]TorchEditor named for next year--Pat McCubbin. Tim RItter named as business manager3:35/291969
[ ]Marshall, Dr. Robert J.Featured speaker at annual commencement exercises1:45/291969
[ ]Marshall, Dr. Robert J.Featured speaker at annual commencement exercises (pic)1:45/291969
[ ]Lemon PipersFrom Miami Univ. performed at W. Day dance1:15/291969
[ ]The WittKathy Woods and Jan Peters named editors3:45/291969
[ ]Wiley, Jacksonleaves Wittenberg for Butler University post3:15/291969
[ ]W-DayLemon Pipers, Jerry Jeff Walker and free events (pic)1:15/291969
[ ]BaseballLost to Ashland, 13-0 in 2nd game. Win over Ashland 6-2 in opener6:35/291969
[ ]Security OfficeMace an alternative to guns4:45/291969
[ ]Jacquays, DeborahNamed one of five outstanding readers at festival at Bowling Green3:15/291969
[ ]Walker, Jerry JeffPerformed at W-Day activities (pic)1:15/291969
[ ]Security OfficeSurvey results are in1:45/291969
[ ]Allen, RoyTeams, individuals receive award at "Dinner of Champions" (por)Note: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.8:16/31969
[ ]Andeen, Dr. G. KennethAndeen tours campus, likes what he sees1:410/31969
[ ]Armstrong, Neil A.Armstrong, Neil A., to receive an honorary Doctor of Science degree from Wittenberg at inauguration of Dr. G. Kenneth Andeen on Nov 232:410/31969
[ ]Clarke, Arthur C.Author of 2001 Space Odyssey to speak at Union on Oct. 6, 1969 (pic)1:110/31969
[ ]Belleman, Warren R.Belleman establishes $25,000 fund for disadvantaged students3:410/31969
[ ]ChoirChoir continues series for radio "Protestant Hour"3:110/31969
[ ]President's InaugurationCommittee of 23 named to plan Nov. 23rd inauguration4:110/31969
[ ]Andeen, Dr. G. KennethCommittee of 23 named to plan president's inauguration which is set for Nov 234:110/31969
[ ]Andeen, Dr. G. KennethCosts of inauguration to go to student aid5:110/31969
[ ]President's InaugurationCosts to go to student aid5:110/31969
[ ]Student SenateElection deadlines Oct. 15, 19692:110/31969
[ ]Freshmen WeekFilm showings, book reviews, "Happening" recption1:110/31969
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesPan Hellenic sets rush policy2:210/31969
[ ]Security OfficeReorganized. Staff increased to eight1:110/31969
[ ]FootballThis year marks 100th anniversary of collegiate football6:110/31969
[ ]FootballTigers win 2-18 over Capitol5:110/31969
[ ]Disadvantaged StudentsWarren R. Bellman of Dayton established $35,000 fund for students3:410/31969
[ ]Clarke, Arthur C.Clarke predicts technological 20012:110/101969
[ ]Class OfficersClass officers to be elected Oct. 15 (Candidates listed)1:410/101969
[ ]Cross CountryCross Country defeated Ohio Northern by winning five of the first six places5:510/101969
[ ]Truchses, Dr. RichardDirector of Counseling Center2:110/101969
[ ]King, James RoyKing traveled to Africa, Egypt, Turkey during the summer2:110/101969
[ ]Sullivan, RobertReceived honors for broadcasting Tiger game1:310/101969
[ ]Hoyt, DanReceived honors for broadcasting Tiger games1:310/101969
[ ]Student SenateSponsors Vietnam Moratorium1:110/101969
[ ]SoccerTigers lost to Oberlin 6-26:310/101969
[ ]FootballTigers win over Lehigh 21-135:110/101969
[ ]HomecomingTo feature an Alumni Seminar1:110/101969
[ ]VietnamVietnam moratorium to be observed Oct. 15, 19691:110/101969
[ ]HomecomingCandidates Joyce Templer, Beverly Bates, and Cathy Weaver1:110/171969
[ ]Zion Lutheran ChurchDonates $3,000 to Wittenberg University and Hamma School of Theology2:510/171969
[ ]Investment ClubFirst meeting of the year to be Oct. 21st6:310/171969
[ ]ClassicsMajor in classics will be offered for first time since turn of the century4:510/171969
[ ]Johnson, Dr. ClairOf Gustavus Adolphus College, Minn., to be guest speaker at Weaver Chapel3:110/171969
[ ]Social RegulationsRevisions approved--affect on and off campus housing, women's hours and alcoholic beverages1:310/171969
[ ]Mann, HerbieTo provide music for the homecoming concert, Oct. 251:110/171969
[ ]FootballWin over Grove City 24-78:110/171969
[ ]Track and FieldWittenberg took third place Oct. 11th7:110/171969
[ ]SoccerWon over Heidelberg 5-27:410/171969
[ ]Homecoming Queen1969 Joyce Templer1:110/251969
[ ]Bender, Prof. JanBender to present organ recital Sunday8:110/251969
[ ]Track and FieldDefeated Wilberforce, 49-15; Hiram, 58-4612:110/251969
[ ]Templer, JoyceHomecoming Queen for 19691:110/251969
[ ]HomecomingHomecoming Seminar included in weekend activities3:110/251969
[ ]SoccerLost to Cleveland State, 4-2; tied with Denison 2-28:410/251969
[ ]VietnamViewed by Wittenberg. Gets mixed reactions4:110/251969
[ ]FootballWin over Heidelberg, 41-9 on Oct. 19th9:110/251969
[ ]History of WittenbergWittenberg founded at Wooster, Ohio in 18433:410/251969
[ ]Hockey - WomenWon over Ohio State Univ., 2-110:110/251969
[ ]Homecoming Queen1969 Joyce Templer1:110/311969
[ ]Homecoming displaysBeta's win with "Hive got a secret"1:110/311969
[ ]Carnegie Science HallCarnegie Science Hall reopened after year of remodeling3:410/311969
[ ]Debate TeamDebate Team won two 1st places and one 3rd place (pic)4:410/311969
[ ]President's Advisory BoardTwo students to be elected to serve in an advisory capacity1:510/311969
[ ]FootballWin over Baldwin-Wallace 16-125:110/311969
[ ]Track and FieldWin over Capital, 3-27, lose to Wooster, 29-285:310/311969
[ ]SoccerWon over Wilberforce 6-0, over Marietta 6-18:410/311969
[ ]Andeen, Dr. G. KennethAndeen tapped by Blue Key for membership1:111/71969
[ ]Blue KeyBlue Key taps Dr. G. Kenneth Andeen as new member1:111/71969
[ ]FootballWin over Bucknell, 45-67:111/71969
[ ]Track and FieldWin over Muskingum, 4-16:111/71969
[ ]VietnamWittenberg joins nationwide Nov. 15th Moratorium1:111/71969
[ ]SoccerWon over Wright State, 4-0; lost to Kenyon 3-06:111/71969
[ ]Hamma School of TheologyAdopts new program based on individual freedom1:111/141969
[ ]Armstrong, Neil A.Armstrong, Neil A to recieve honorary degree at Dr. G. Kenneth Andeen's inauguration5:411/141969
[ ]Gard, Dr. RichardAuthority on Southeast Asia to begin teaching this winter1:411/141969
[ ]Hockey - WomenDefeated by Wooster, 3-06:211/141969
[ ]Track and FieldFinish 8th in Ohio Conference7:111/141969
[ ]VietnamJohn Gilligan U.S. Representative from Ohio, speaker1:111/141969
[ ]Hamma School of TheologyNew curriculum a "student utopia?"3:111/141969
[ ]Snook, Rev. Lee F.Pastor at Cornell to speak at chapel3:211/141969
[ ]FootballWin over Wooster, 14-138:111/141969
[ ]Armstrong, Neil A.Armstrong, Neil A to receive honorary Dr. of Science degree (pic)1:111/211969
[ ]Andeen, Dr. G. KennethInauguration. 10th president; shares honor with Neil Armstrong1:111/211969
[ ]President's InaugurationIngauguration of 10th president1:111/211969
[ ]VietnamPublic opinion survey4:111/211969
[ ]Neuhaus, Rev. Richard JohnSpeaks of peace at Wittenberg1:511/211969
[ ]VietnamStudents join rally in Washington, D.C.1:311/211969
[ ]FootballTigers defeat Ashland, 33-168:111/211969
[ ]Armstrong, Neil A.Armstrong, Neil A patient hero3:412/51969
[ ]Armstrong, Neil A.Armstrong, Neil A talks with children after inauguration services1:412/51969
[ ]ChoirChoir to fly to California during spring vacation2:412/51969
[ ]Economic ClubEconomic club reorganized4:112/51969
[ ]Football; Amos Alonzo Stagg BowlFirst Bowl game held at Wittenberg on Nov 29th, Tigers against William Jewell. Tigers won, 27-211:112/51969
[ ]Andeen, Dr. G. KennethInaugurated on Nov 23 (pic)1:112/51969
[ ]President's InaugurationInaugurated on Nov. 23rd (pic)1:112/51969
[ ]VietnamSpringfield joins effort4:512/51969
[ ]FootballTigers win over William Jewell, 27-21 at Amos Alonzo Stagg Bowl at Wittenberg on Nov. 29th1:112/51969
[ ]BasketballWin over Findlay 86-638:112/51969