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[ ]Plays"She Stoops to Conquer"3:21/121968
[ ]Academic Affairs CommitteeAcademic Affairs Committee offers current-interest, non-graded courses4:41/121968
[ ]Academic Affairs CommitteeAcademic Affairs Committee presents dialogue: Grades or no grades?5:11/121968
[ ]Gregory, DickComic to highlight seminar on Jan. 24th1:11/121968
[ ]VietnamCourse offered on non-credit basis3:21/121968
[ ]Greer, RodneyGreer in auto accident1:31/121968
[ ]Delaney, KathyKathy Delaney shows wood sculpture at Crabill Art Show (pic)4:11/121968
[ ]BasketballLose to Westminster & Baldwin-Wallace6:21/121968
[ ]Swimming and DivingMeet Hiram6:21/121968
[ ]Maxson, RichardPresents "Lost worlds of Man ... Art and Archaeology," a film3:31/121968
[ ]Negro in America (Seminar Series)Seminar held for three weeks1:21/121968
[ ]Myers HallWorld War I veteran agrees that ghosts haunt hall1:41/121968
[ ]National Science Foundation (NSF)$5,000 grant to enable 4 students to do 19 wks research at WU3:51/191968
[ ]Balliet, Dr. Conrad A.Balliet will lead 25 English majors to Exeter5:21/191968
[ ]BasketballBeat Central State, Lose to Akron7:21/191968
[ ]Beta Theta PiBeta Theta Pi wins J. Calvin Kauffman award from Alumni Assoc.4:21/191968
[ ]Buehler, DaveBuehler wins J. Calvin Kauffman Award from Beta Theta Pi Fraternity Alumni Association4:21/191968
[ ]Brush, NancyCoed files assault complaint after attack in Cassilly alley1:41/191968
[ ]Creativity AwardCreativity award given by English department to Junior English major3:11/191968
[ ]BasketballDefeat Kenyon8:11/191968
[ ]Cross, Dr. HenryDr. Henry A. Cross receives $2000 research grant by National Science Foundation3:11/191968
[ ]Hamma School of TheologyNew curriculum stresses year round training1:11/191968
[ ]Grant, Mrs. E.S.Presents gift of $160,054.00 to WU3:#1/191968
[ ]Negro in America (Seminar Series)Three movies; guest speaker1:31/191968
[ ]Whipple, HughWayne State professor to present film for "Negro in America" seminar on Jan 19th1:41/191968
[ ]George, MichaelKilled in VietnamNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.2:31/251968
[ ]BasketballDefeat Heidelberg6:21/261968
[ ]Levy, BurtonDirector of community services in Mic. at Jan 18th2:51/261968
[ ]FluFlu hits campus hard1:41/261968
[ ]BasketballLoses defense record to Ashland6:11/261968
[ ]BasketballOvercome by Hiram 45-435:11/261968
[ ]Gone are the Days (Film);Negro in America (Seminar Series)Seminar slates final events1:31/261968
[ ]Swimming and DivingSunk by Oberlin6:$1/261968
[ ]Swimming and DivingSunk by Oberlin6:41/261968
[ ]WrestlingTie seasonal record with a 6-1 win (pic)8:11/261968
[ ]WrestlingTies heidelberg5:31/261968
[ ]Alexander, Mrs. RobertaTo appear in concert on Jan 26th (pic)1:11/261968
[ ]Temple, WendellTo appear in concert on Jan. 26th1:11/261968
[ ]Wick, Rev. Walter M.To speak on "No doubt -- No faith" (pic)1:41/261968
[ ]Taylor, Charles; African Americans; Negro in America (Seminar Series)U.S. Blacks lack 'self-pride' according to Columbus Negro: Director of South Side Settlement House in Columbus, Ohio spoke on "Rudiments of black power" on Jan. 17th1:11/261968
[ ]Plays"She Stoops to Conquer"5:42/21968
[ ]Student SenateChallenges Board of Directors' statement of educational policy1:32/21968
[ ]Gregory, DickExcerpts from speech1:52/21968
[ ]ChoirHootenanny to feature different sounds (pic)1:32/21968
[ ]Johnson, Dr. Benjamin A.lecturer for Quest and Question on Feb. 7, 14 & 213:42/21968
[ ]BowlingTiger Keglers place 2nd behind Dayton6:12/21968
[ ]Heusinkveld, Dr. Edwin D.To fill vacant office of dean of students1:12/21968
[ ]Wentz, Dr. Frederick K.Traces history of cooperative Lutheranism3:42/21968
[ ]Plays4:12/91968
[ ]Negro in America (Seminar Series)"Negro students have frustrating years at Witt"5:22/91968
[ ]Plays"She Stoops to Conquer"4:12/91968
[ ]Student SenateApproves new constitution1:12/91968
[ ]Baker, MargaretBaker presents film-lecture on Morocco (pic)1:12/91968
[ ]Bates, Dr. Richard C.Bates to lecture on "How to Have a Heart Attack" on Feb 153:42/91968
[ ]Campus Climate CommissionCampus Climate Commission to hold 'social regulations' forum3:12/91968
[ ]Student CourtDecision admits coeds to visit men in off campus housing1:42/91968
[ ]Thomas, TimDirects Tigers' basketball defense as sophomore7:12/91968
[ ]Swimming and DivingOverpowered big "A" -- Akron6:12/91968
[ ]BasketballPin Earlham, lose to Muskies & Carson-Newman8:12/91968
[ ]Lunnie, WilliamPlaces second in Radio Announcing contest at Marietta College. Invited to forensic tournament4:42/91968
[ ]Spender, StephenPoet to present program at Town and Gown series (pic)1:42/91968
[ ]Jazz EnsemblePresent program on Feb. 19th1:12/91968
[ ]Town and Gown lecture seriesPresents Stephen Spender1:42/91968
[ ]Hamma School of TheologyReceives $500 Faculty Development Grant from Lutheran Brotherhood3:12/91968
[ ]Faculty CommitteesStudents appointed5:12/91968
[ ]VietnamSubject "A Service of Witness in Time of War" to be given in Weaver Chapel3:32/91968
[ ]Matthews, Dr. William R.; Swanger, Eugene R.To take part in seminar in East Asia7:42/91968
[ ]FinancesWill receive $500 faculty development grant from Lutheran Brotherhood3:12/91968
[ ]Faculty Development Fund; GrantsWittenberg and Hamma each receive $5003:12/91968
[ ]VolleyballWomen's team goes undefeated7:32/91968
[ ]Miller, Eldon100th coaching career victory6:32/161968
[ ]Baker, MargaretBaker presents film-lecuture on Morocco (por)4:42/161968
[ ]Swimming and DivingDown Denison6:12/161968
[ ]Hazen, Dr. WayneHazen to speak to physics classes Feb. 22nd and 23rd1:12/161968
[ ]Cover, JimJim cover makes solo flight (por)1:12/161968
[ ]Chang, MichaelMusic professor presents voice concert (pic)2:42/161968
[ ]Women's Residence Hall CouncilPasses junior key motion1:12/161968
[ ]Hetland, Dr. A. HenryPreaching sermon at Weaver Feb.18th5:22/161968
[ ]Johnson, Dr. Benjamin A.Quest and Question lecturer on Feb. 17th5:12/161968
[ ]Grants; Chemistry DepartmentFour students receive $5000 summer-study grant from National Science FoundationNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.3:52/191968
[ ]Schilling, WinfredAccepted as participant in 1968 "Jobs Abroad" work program5:22/231968
[ ]Stauffer, Dr. John N.Asks Board to review student freedom statment1:12/231968
[ ]Swimming and DivingClobbered by East Kentucky8:12/231968
[ ]Coyle, Dr. WilliamCo-editor of anthology of Six Minor Plays (pic)1:42/231968
[ ]Damaser, Harvey G.Damaser co-edits anthology of six minor plays (pic)1:42/231968
[ ]Damaser, Harvey G.Damaser supports McCarthy for President1:42/231968
[ ]Cross, Dr. HenryDr. Cross supports McCarthy for President1:42/231968
[ ]Fusco, JamesHistory major awarded Wilson Fellowship4:32/231968
[ ]Woodrow Wilson FellowshipJames Fusco wins award4:32/231968
[ ]Lamalfa, James T.Lamalfa supports McCarthy for president1:42/231968
[ ]Ostrom, Dr. John W.Publishes revised ed. of Better Paragraphs7;42/231968
[ ]Hausrath, LindaReceives honorable mention by Wilson Fellowship4:32/231968
[ ]Crang, Richard E.Richard E. Crang gets aquainted with new electron microscope (por)6:22/231968
[ ]BasketballSquelch Oberlin, avenge loss to Denison8:12/231968
[ ]Scott, Wayne H.supports McCarthy for President1:42/231968
[ ]Hausrath, LindaTackles Ohio Academy of Science project6:12/231968
[ ]DebateWU takes first against University of Dayton3:32/231968
[ ]Schory, DickAnd his percussion Pops Orchestra to appear on Mar 30 (pic)1, 53/11968
[ ]Women's Residence Hall CouncilContinues Jr. key debate with radio station1:43/11968
[ ]Presidents of WittenbergDr. Stauffer resigns as president (pic)Extra3/11968
[ ]BasketballLose to Marietta6:33/11968
[ ]BowlingPro-bowler to be matched with all-campus champion (pic)1:43/11968
[ ]Hoover, DickProfessional bowler to compete with Wittenbergers March 4th1:43/11968
[ ]Johnson, Dr. Benjamin A.Quest and Question lecture, "Certainty - Uncertainty"4:43/11968
[ ]Campus Climate CommissionStudents & administration open dialogue on social regulations1:13/11968
[ ]Track and FieldTigers meet 3 Ohio schools in 1st indoor track meet6:33/11968
[ ]Union Boardto present Dick Schory and unique musical sound of Percussion Pops (pic)1:13/11968
[ ]WrestlingTrounce Kenyon6:13/11968
[ ]Women's Residence Hall CouncilVotes to reestablish itself as autonomous body, not committee of Student Senate1:23/11968
[ ]Pool TournamentMosconi pockets opponents6:33/21968
[ ]BasketballOverpowered by Ashland6:13/21968
[ ]Stauffer, Dr. John N.Resigns as Wittenberg's President3/21968
[ ]Ylvisaker, JohnTo perform at folk song liturgy (pic)1:13/21968
[ ]Plays"No Exit" by Jean Paul Sarte presented1:53/291968
[ ]Science Hall; Founders Day$2,100,000 structure dedicated in Founder's Day ceremony4:23/291968
[ ]Greek WeekActivities announced1:13/291968
[ ]Trinter, CarolynAttends Humble Oil Co. Laboratory Institute2:23/291968
[ ]Gaskins, BruceAttends Humble Oil Leadership Institute2:23/291968
[ ]Committee to Select PresidentCommittee to Select President hold first meeting4:33/291968
[ ]Swimming and DivingFour gain All-American honor in championship4:13/291968
[ ]Freyer, Dr. GrattanIrish critic and journalist to be Town and Gown speaker3:43/291968
[ ]Logan, Steve V.Logan awarded Rockefeller Brothers Theological Fellowship4:23/291968
[ ]Norris, TracyNamed director-elect of Great Lake District, American College Public Relation Assoc.3:33/291968
[ ]Summers, Dr. HollisNovelist, poet to lectuer in Union on Apr. 13:33/291968
[ ]Town and Gown lecture seriesPresents Dr. Gratten Freyer3:43/291968
[ ]MarvelettesSinging trio to perform Apr. 6th1:43/291968
[ ]WrestlingThree place for Witt in OC tournament4:43/291968
[ ]BaseballTigers defeat Eastern Kentucky4:53/291968
[ ]Schory, DickTo perform March 30 (pic)1:33/291968
[ ]Student SenateUnanimously approve Jr. keys1:43/291968
[ ]Wood, C. ChristopherWins danforth graduate fellowship4:23/291968
[ ]Schultz, RobertWins distinguished teaching title (pic)1:13/291968
[ ]Plays"Good Women of Setzuan" by Bertholt Brecht to be presented1:24/51968
[ ]Greek WeekActivities announced7:14/51968
[ ]Bodenberg, Dr. E.T.Bodenberg retires6:14/51968
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesChoose chapter offices5:14/51968
[ ]Hallock, SteveChosen aid in chemistry research5:44/51968
[ ]Stahl, BonnieChosen to aid in chemistry research5:44/51968
[ ]Duane, VictorDuane presents $250 check to Witt to aide visually handicapped (pic)1:44/51968
[ ]Genetic Control SymposiumFuture of man probed by leading authorities1:44/51968
[ ]Ham, Prof. John BennettHam retires after 38 years6:14/51968
[ ]Kantonen, Dr. Taito A.Kantonen retires after 36 years6:14/51968
[ ]Kantzer, MargaretKantzer retires after 42 years6:14/51968
[ ]Summers, Dr. HollisNovelist, poet to lectuer in Union on Apr. 12:34/51968
[ ]Silvernail, FrancisPlans seminar with Karl Hartz, entitled "The Church and the Urban dilemma"6:14/51968
[ ]Hertz, Dr. Karl H.Plans seminar: "The church and the urban dilemma" in Chicago with Franci Silvernail6:14/51968
[ ]Springfield Lion's ClubPresent check to aid visually handicapped student at Wittenberg1:44/51968
[ ]Johnson, Mrs. AudreyRetires after 12 years at Wittenberg6:14/51968
[ ]MurderRichard Lee Edwards shot and killed by Edward Kidd in the Union Grill Room. Witnessed by 401:14/51968
[ ]LacrosseSpirit survives despite defeat8:34/51968
[ ]TennisTigers confidently face tough competition7:44/51968
[ ]Watson, Dr. Donald E.To pursue shark study during summer research in Central America7:14/51968
[ ]Senn, FrankTo teach course entitled "Military Draft in American Life"6:34/51968
[ ]Sievert, BethAwarded fellowship to Indiana University for study in Spanish6:24/121968
[ ]Snyder, GraysonAwarded national science foundation fellowship for graduate study4:14/121968
[ ]Alma MaterCandidates chosen; Joyce Coyne, Judy Moist, and Julia Rembserg (pic)1:14/121968
[ ]Student SenateCandidates make statements; 8 officers go unopposed1:14/121968
[ ]TennisDefeat O. Wesleyan, 7-26:24/121968
[ ]Chatfield, Earl Charles, Jr.Dr. Chatfield takes sabbatical 1968-69; will be Fellow at Mershon Center for Education in National Security at OSU4:44/121968
[ ]Genetic Control SymposiumExperts on campus6:34/121968
[ ]Flinner, JackFlinner attends physics conference at Oak Ridge, Tenn.4:34/121968
[ ]Giffen, Wallace C.Giffen attends physics convention in Oak Ridge, Tenn.4:34/121968
[ ]Glasoe, Dr. PaulGlasoe takes sabbatical 1968-69 to do research in England4:44/121968
[ ]National Science Foundation (NSF)Grant awarded to Grayson Snyder4:14/121968
[ ]Lambda Chi AlphaLambda Chi Alpha sponsors Faculty-children Easter egg hunt1:34/121968
[ ]Laughman, JaneLaughman granted assistantship in Health & Physical Education at Kent State6:24/121968
[ ]Art DepartmentMetalcraft students exhibit is featured at Crabill3:34/121968
[ ]O'Brien, Charles H.On 2 year leave to be dean of the Basel Center of the regional council for international education4:24/121968
[ ]Student SenateRatifies new constitution1:44/121968
[ ]Nave, Dr. Floyd R.Sabbatical in 1968-69 for dissertation work at OSU4:44/121968
[ ]Mao, Dr. JeffreySabbatical leave for 1968-69. Uses U.N. library4:44/121968
[ ]Hayden, Dr. AlbertTakes sabbatical 1968-69 to research in New South Wales4:44/121968
[ ]Miller, PaulTakes sabbatical in 1968-69 for research in England4:44/121968
[ ]Track and FieldTigers win over Heidelberg4/121968
[ ]Plays"Good Women of Setzuan" by Bertholt Brecht to be presented4:34/191968
[ ]Academic Day of ConscienceAcademic Day of Conscience planned by faculty for Apr. 24, 19681:34/191968
[ ]Christ-Janer, VictorArchitect to speak at WU (por)3:14/191968
[ ]Pfnister, Dr. AllanAttends seminar of the Institute for the Study of Socialist Education in Europe1:14/191968
[ ]Brown, AllenAttorney on "Law Day" panel Apr. 29 (pic)1:44/191968
[ ]TorchAwarded 3 prizes at Ohio College Newspaper Assoc. Conference1:14/191968
[ ]LacrosseColumbus defeats Tigers6:14/191968
[ ]Law Day 1968Convocation address by Earl F. Morris and panel discussion to be highlights of day (por)1:34/191968
[ ]Morris, EarlLeads panel discussion on "Law Day" Apr. 29th1:34/191968
[ ]Jordan, Robert E. IIIMember of Dept. of the Army on "Law Day" panel Apr. 294/191968
[ ]National ElectionsNational Collegiate Presidential Primary enducted on campus1:14/191968
[ ]Bosch, Rev. Paul F.Pastor from Syracuse University to speak at Weaver Chapel on Apr. 28 (pic)4:14/191968
[ ]BaseballTwo-hit victory over Eastern Kentucky5:24/191968
[ ]Plays"Good Women of Setzuan" to open4:14/261968
[ ]Leipper, Dr. Dale F.Alumnus to receive honorary degree June 104:14/261968
[ ]Thomas, Carl E.Alumnus. Executive secretary of Board of Social Ministry of Lutheran Church in America to receive honorary degree at Wittenberg4:14/261968
[ ]University Publications CommitteeAnnounces positions filled for the "Torch", "Sounds" for 1968-69 (pic)3:34/261968
[ ]Boggs, John; Morris, Earl; Brown, AlanBoggs to moderate panel of jurists discussing Dissentina Lawful Society (pic)1:24/261968
[ ]Brush, NancyBrush awarded University of Iowa's editorial assistantship in News Information Service5:44/261968
[ ]Bell, RobinChosen editor of "Sounds" 1968-693:34/261968
[ ]Student CourtDecision delays Senate elections1:14/261968
[ ]Butt, GordonEtching "Landmark" chosen for exhibit by Lutheran Brotherhood Art Exhibition in Minneapolis6:44/261968
[ ]Evans, TomEvans received teaching assistantship for study in geology at Univ. of Arizona5:44/261968
[ ]Forestry professor emeritus of Harvard Univ. to receive honorary degree4:14/261968
[ ]Honorary DegreesGranted to four alumni4:14/261968
[ ]Hamilton, StanleyHamilton to teach at French Camp, Les Chalets Francais for summer8:34/261968
[ ]Wittenberg GuildHolds annual style show5:44/261968
[ ]Howat, RobertHowat, Wynne team highlights Springfield Symphony3:14/261968
[ ]Pfeiffer, RonaldIn fair condition after being hit in teeth with golf club by Springfield youth7:24/261968
[ ]Casey, JamesJames Casey to edit TORCH for 2nd year (pic)3:34/261968
[ ]Logan, Steve V.Logan awarded Rockefeller trial year fellowship for 1968-694:54/261968
[ ]Smith, Wray C.Pastor of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church to receive honorary degree at Witt4:14/261968
[ ]Irvine, BarbReceived coach-accompanist assistanceship at U. of Texas5:44/261968
[ ]Matthews, Dr. William R.Resigns to accept vice presidency of academic affairs at Augustana1:44/261968
[ ]WUSO; Radio Station WCSO; Radio stationSets more watts as 68-69 goal4:34/261968
[ ]Festival of the ArtsSlated for May, will be topped off with Parents' Weekend2:24/261968
[ ]Student SenateStudent court decision delays election1:14/261968
[ ]VietnamStudents strike for peace in day-long activities.1:44/261968
[ ]TennisTigers continue to win8:24/261968
[ ]Track and FieldTigers take 4 Ohio Conference titles8:14/261968
[ ]LacrosseTigers win over Ball State (pic)8:44/261968
[ ]Parents WeekendTo conclude festival or the arts week2:24/261968
[ ]Community RelationsTownies attack students7:24/261968
[ ]Balliet, Dr. Conrad A.With students, finds Dublin a city for fleet of foot5:14/261968
[ ]Community RelationsWittenberg has open house for Springfielders4:44/261968
[ ]Genetic Control Symposium"I am my Fetus' keeper" address by Dr. Leroy G. Augerstein from Michigan state Univ7:15/31968
[ ]Baird, Barbara3rd runner-up in Miss Springfield Pageant4:45/31968
[ ]Alt, PaulAlt pitches good game (pic)8:15/31968
[ ]Kuzak, Linda; Mellinger, Diane; Palmer, Beverly; Scholl, JanetAwarded grant for advanced study in sociology3:35/31968
[ ]Junior-Senior PromCandidates for prom queen1:35/31968
[ ]Law Day 1968Convocation address by Earl F. Morris and panel discussion to be highlights of day4:15/31968
[ ]Damaser, Harvey G.Damaser directs play "In White America" recalling 400 years of racial oppression; an Academic Day of Conscience1:15/31968
[ ]Mitchell, CynthiaFirst runner-up in Miss Springfield pageant4:45/31968
[ ]Augenstein, Dr. Leroy G.From Michigan State U to speak on Human Engineering: Genetic Control7:15/31968
[ ]Ivy RingJunior women's service honorary selects 15 women3:15/31968
[ ]Morris, Earl; ConvocationsNeed for lawful society stressed by Morris in Law Day convo talk4:15/31968
[ ]BaseballPitcher Alt helps defeat Muskies; Tigers crush ON (pic)8:15/31968
[ ]Academic Day of ConsciencePlay of day recalls 400 years of racial aggression1:15/31968
[ ]Simpson, LouisPulitzer prize poet to speak during Festival of the Arts week1:35/31968
[ ]Swanger, Eugene R.Received two grants to study in Southeast Asia3:55/31968
[ ]Herod, BillRecently returned volunteer working in South Viet Nam speaks to students5:35/31968
[ ]Greek, JanetSecond runner-up in Miss Springfield Pageant4:45/31968
[ ]Student SenateSenate constitution restructures offices1:35/31968
[ ]Festival of the ArtsSlated for May, will be topped off with Parents' Weekend1:45/31968
[ ]VietnamStudents strike for peace in day-long activities. (pic)55/31968
[ ]Mortar Board (organization)Taps 14 new members3:15/31968
[ ]Mortar Board (organization)Taps ten new members3:15/31968
[ ]TennisTigers continue to win5:15/31968
[ ]Track and FieldTigers defeat Denison,; losses to Baldwin Wallace and Muskingum7:15/31968
[ ]Sittler, Dr. Joseph Jr.World famous theologian to speak at Weaver Chapel1:15/31968
[ ]Alt, PaulAlt pitches good game6:35/101968
[ ]Williams, PatriciaAppointed instructor in health and physical education3:35/101968
[ ]Stucky, DavidAssoc. Director of Development and Alumni Secretary resigns5:15/101968
[ ]Sladky, RonAwarded scholarship in business at University of Michigan6:15/101968
[ ]Putnam, KarenAwarded stipend at Northwestern University in MAT program6:15/101968
[ ]Bauman, RobertBauman received graduate scholarship in philosophy at Washington University6:15/101968
[ ]Block, Warren R.Block wins award for advance study in math5:15/101968
[ ]Allbeck, Willard DowBook published in his honor6:45/101968
[ ]Carter, AnitaCarter received teaching assistantship in French at U.C.6:15/101968
[ ]Cobau, Dr. WilliamDr. William Cobau accompanies students to Conference on Literature of the Great Lakes College Association at Denison3:55/101968
[ ]Remsberg, JuliaElected Alma Mater (pic)1:45/101968
[ ]Blue KeyEleven men tapped3:35/101968
[ ]Heckathorn, JohnEngineering major presents paper at conference on Literature of the Great Lakes College Assoc.3:55/101968
[ ]Krack, CharlotteEnglish major presents paper at conference on Literature of the Great Lakes College Assoc.3:55/101968
[ ]Geiger, MichaelGeiger awarded assistantship at U. Kentucky in business administration6:15/101968
[ ]Greek SingGreek sing scheduled4:15/101968
[ ]BaseballJohn Meier pitches for team's backing8:1-25/101968
[ ]Alma MaterJulia Remsberg elected (pic)1:45/101968
[ ]Krack, CharlotteKrack awarded scholarship for graduate study6:15/101968
[ ]Hausrath, Linda; Foster, William B.; Haber, Barbara; Creveling, Richard; Engelhardt, John; Farr, William H.Math major wins award for graduate study5:15/101968
[ ]Wind EnsemblePresents concert2:25/101968
[ ]Festival of the ArtsRecent art trends explored by Richard Wegenroth, Assoc. Prof of Art at Ohio Wesleyan4:45/101968
[ ]Cleary, RobertRobert Cleary, '68, awarded grant for graduate studies6:15/101968
[ ]Upward Bound; Student SenateSenate asks student financial support of program1:15/101968
[ ]Student SenateSenate constitution restructures offices1:15/101968
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesSing slated for May 114:15/101968
[ ]BaseballSlim margin over Wooster6:35/101968
[ ]National ElectionsStudents favor McCarthy, with Kennedy second1:45/101968
[ ]Pick and PenTaps eight men for honors3:35/101968
[ ]Skull and ChainTaps three3:35/101968
[ ]Track and FieldTigers show with 3rd sesason win7:45/101968
[ ]Wittenberg SymphonyTo perform under the baton of Jackson Wiley2:35/101968
[ ]VietnamU.S. campus leaders declare war unjust and immoral3:45/101968
[ ]TennisWin season with 7-1 record7:15/101968
[ ]Meier, JohnWittenberg's number one pitcher (pic)8:15/101968
[ ]Heckathorn, JohnWrote column "graffiti" for Torch during 1967-683:55/101968
[ ]Howat, Robert"Now Sound of Today's Music" topic of lecture4:45/171968
[ ]Student SenateAlcohol rules evaluated1:15/171968
[ ]Janke, RonaldAwarded president scholarship1:35/171968
[ ]McClurg, Mary BethAwarded President Scholarship1:35/171968
[ ]Pence, Anne; Smith, TerryAwarded President's Scholarship (pic)1:35/171968
[ ]BaseballBaseball holds Earlham 5-16:15/171968
[ ]Castor, TerryCastor awarded President Scholarship (pic)1:35/171968
[ ]ChoirChoir praised by Gov. J. A. Rhodes for being ambassadors of good will4:25/171968
[ ]Honors ConvocationConvocation to be held May 10th1:35/171968
[ ]Dixon, DonnaDonna Dixon awarded President's Scholarship (pic)1:35/171968
[ ]Coyle, Dr. WilliamDr. Coyle resigned to accept post in Florida (pic)3:15/171968
[ ]AlcoholEditorial2:15/171968
[ ]Dannemiller, EugeneEugene Dannemiller awarded President's Scholarship (pic)1:35/171968
[ ]Adams, Dr. Philip; CommencementEugene Patterson to speak (pic)1:15/171968
[ ]Delta ZetaFirst place in sorority sing5:55/171968
[ ]Kantzer, LindaKantzer awarded Presidential scholarship (pic)1:35/171968
[ ]Koppenhaver, Allen J.Koppenhaver appointed chairman of English Dept.3:15/171968
[ ]Greek SingLambda Chi Alpha and Delta Zeta captured 1st places5:55/171968
[ ]Lambda Chi AlphaLambda Chi Alpha wins 1st place in sing5:55/171968
[ ]Long, KarenLong awarded presidential scholarship1:35/171968
[ ]Track and FieldMeet Wesleyan May 17th an d18th6:15/171968
[ ]Patterson, EugenePulitzer Prize winner to speak at Commencement (pic)1:15/171968
[ ]Student CourtRequests reevaluation of rules concerning alcohol1:15/171968
[ ]Presidents of WittenbergScholars named (pic)1:35/171968
[ ]Upward BoundSenate, faculty vote for U. B. extension5:25/171968
[ ]AlcoholStudents' Courts requests reevaluation of rules1:15/171968
[ ]Thulin, Rev. RichardTo join Hamma staff4:15/171968
[ ]Pazicky, Edward; Walborn, Mary MarthaAwarded grant for graduate study4:35/241968
[ ]BaseballBaseball wins games over Capital8:45/241968
[ ]Bindley, Dr. Joseph HooverBindley Appointed chairman of Political Science dept (pic)6:45/241968
[ ]FinancesChain scholarship foundation offers aid to seniors7:15/241968
[ ]Elbert, PamelaElbert awarded for graduate study4:35/241968
[ ]Student SenateElection candidates' platform1:25/241968
[ ]Walborn, Mary Martha; Pazicky, Edward; Elbert, Pamela; ScholarshipsGrants (Scholarships) awarded to Pamela Elbert, Edward Pazicky, and Mary M. Walborn4:35/241968
[ ]Stauffer, Dr. John N.Honored for services to the Clark County United Appeals Fund and the community welfare council1:45/241968
[ ]DormitoriesMen's dorm assign R.A's4:25/241968
[ ]Blaney, Mrs. Marian;DeathsPhi Kappa Psi housemother dies in Weaver Chapel4:15/241968
[ ]McDonald, Arthur J.Robbed and beaten by five men4:15/241968
[ ]National ElectionsStudents work on campaign7:35/241968
[ ]TennisTeam finished third8:35/241968
[ ]East Asian ClubThree students take part6:55/241968
[ ]Track and FieldTigers place 5th in Ohio Conference season8:35/241968
[ ]BaseballTigers take 7th OC Title in 14 years8:15/241968
[ ]Zimmeck, Metato study in Japan for summer6:55/241968
[ ]Track and FieldWin 5th place in Ohio Conference8:45/241968
[ ]SyncopatesAdd squad members6:35/271968
[ ]Permar, PeggyTo study this summer in Japan6:55/271968
[ ]Student Senate"Student Involvement" theme for year1:310/41968
[ ]Merit Scholars23 National merit scholars here6:110/41968
[ ]School of MusicAccredidation continued7:110/41968
[ ]Johnson, Dr. Benjamin A.Appointed assisting pastor of Weaver Chapel5:110/41968
[ ]Cutler, Robert S.Assistant professor of history2:310/41968
[ ]Turnau, RogerAssociate Dean of Students and Assitant Professor of Education1:110/41968
[ ]Buscemi, William T.; Flickinger, Richard S.Asst. Professor of Political Science2:310/41968
[ ]Kemper FoundationAwarded to George Fribance6:210/41968
[ ]Dahl, Dr. ErnoDahl plans open door communications with students (pic)1:410/41968
[ ]Dad's DayDate for Dad's Day reset6:210/41968
[ ]Manuel, Dr. Paul G.Dean of Admissions and Director of Freshman Programs (pic)1:410/41968
[ ]Student SenateElection code1:310/41968
[ ]Student SenateElection results and list of appointments2:310/41968
[ ]Serendipity SingersEntertain at Homecoming Dance5:310/41968
[ ]Hartwig, GordonHartwig to occupy president's house during absence of president3:110/41968
[ ]Institute for American UniversitiesIrene Morgan, Marcia Mader, and Patricia Pullen studying at Inst. for 1968-69 academic year2:410/41968
[ ]Manuel, Dr. Paul G.Manuel plans "open-door" communications with students1:410/41968
[ ]Slaymaker, Dr. John E.Named chairman of Education Dept.3:510/41968
[ ]Westneat, Dr. David F.Named chairman of the Chemistry Dept.3:510/41968
[ ]George, Miss AllaireNew student personnel staff, resident counselor1:110/41968
[ ]Lembright, Miss Mary RuthNew student personnel, resident counselor1:110/41968
[ ]President's homeOccupied by Gordon Hartwig during absence of a president3:110/41968
[ ]Pfnister, Dr. AllanOpen door policy of committe performing the responsibility of president2:410/41968
[ ]Reck, W. EmersonOpen door policy of committee performing the responsibility of President410/41968
[ ]Matthies, Dr. Roland C.Open door policy of committee performing the responsibility of the President2:410/41968
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesPan Hellenic; rushing simplified2:510/41968
[ ]General Motors Corporation (GMC)Recipient of scholarship is Gary H. Lea7:110/41968
[ ]SoccerSchedule challenges Tigers8:110/41968
[ ]FootballTigers open with Capital win; Lehigh victory is predicted8:210/41968
[ ]FootballTigers triumph over Capital; Noble's skill aids in victory7:310/41968
[ ]Lambda Chi AlphaAnnual tea4:310/111968
[ ]FootballBattle of "Best of Sixties" seen in Tiger-Muskie grudge match8:310/111968
[ ]Serendipity SingersEntertain at Homecoming Dance1:310/111968
[ ]Cross CountryHarriers win initial meet6:110/111968
[ ]Lackmann, Rev. MaxLecture entitled "Church Beginnings at Dachau" (pic)1:110/111968
[ ]Wittenberg GuildLuncheon for wives of foreign diplomats5:410/111968
[ ]Berger, Dr. MorroeMorroe to present first lecture of seminar of regional Council for International Education4:410/111968
[ ]Doan, Rev. GilbertRev. Gilbert Doan to present sermon entitled "Show Me Thy Glory" on Oct. 13th (pic)1:110/111968
[ ]SoccerTeam loses opener to Oberlin6:210/111968
[ ]HomecomingThree nominated as queen candidates1:110/111968
[ ]BiafraWittenberg leads in answering relief plea4:110/111968
[ ]Regional Council for International EducationWittenberg site of seminar. Dr. Morroe Berger of Princeton Univ. 1st lecturer4:410/111968
[ ]Music RecitalsWon by two coeds5:310/111968
[ ]Homecoming Queen1968 Barbara Wiler1:110/191968
[ ]Edwards, BillA tribute7:210/191968
[ ]Hartje, Dr. Robert GArticle: " A disillusioned viewpoint"2:310/191968
[ ]Cecile, Dr. RobertAsst. Professor of Political Science at Wright State and Democratic candidate for Congress, Political Debate Oct. 216:210/191968
[ ]HomecomingBarbara Wiler chosen queen1:110/191968
[ ]Class OfficersClass officers election7:110/191968
[ ]Springfield LawyersDebate court decisions1:210/191968
[ ]Wittenberg EnrollmentEnrollment down for 1968-691:110/191968
[ ]Weege, Dr. Kurtfrom Hamburg, Germany to present lecture entitled "Problem of Unified Europe"2:410/191968
[ ]Cross CountryHollow to be thinclad goal when Witt meets Slippery Rock and Denison9:110/191968
[ ]SoccerInjury-riddled eleven faces scoring power Denison9:310/191968
[ ]Sorenson, TedPolitical debate, Oct 21st6:110/191968
[ ]Brown, Clarence J.Republican Congressman and candidate for re-election political debate6:210/191968
[ ]FootballTiger-Student Prince clash10:310/191968
[ ]FootballTigers lose to Muskies8:110/191968
[ ]Homecoming Queen1968 Barbara Wiler1:410/251968
[ ]HomecomingBarbara Wiler begins reign1:410/251968
[ ]ChoirFourteen members to tour with U.S.O. group5:310/251968
[ ]Cross CountryHarriers five show depth--1 victory and 1 defeat6:410/251968
[ ]Melos Ensemble of LondonMelos to appear at Wittenberg1:410/251968
[ ]Sorenson, TedPolitical debate, Oct 21st1:110/251968
[ ]Sorenson, TedSpeaks in favor of Democratic candidates1:110/251968
[ ]SoccerTeam claims first win over Malong College6:410/251968
[ ]FootballTigers challenge B-W8:310/251968
[ ]FootballTigers-Heidelberg - 13th Homecoming visit7:110/251968
[ ]Homecoming displaysWinners: Beta Theta Pi (fraternity), Gamma Phi Beta (sorority), and Woodlawn, Firestine (dorms)1:210/251968
[ ]Cherry, BobCherry promoted to chairman of Upward Bound program (pic)1:411/11968
[ ]Melos Ensemble of LondonMelos to appear at Wittenberg6:311/11968
[ ]SoccerTeam takes 2-1 loss6:311/11968
[ ]FootballTigers lose to B-W7:111/11968
[ ]FootballTigers play host to Valparasio Crusaders8:311/11968
[ ]Spanky and Our Gangto appear in fieldhouse (pic)1:311/11968
[ ]Dad's DayVariety of events planned for Nov. 2-34:311/11968
[ ]Wolf, Dr. HerbertAttended annual meeting of the American Academy of Religion5:211/81968
[ ]Funk and WagnallsBoth men attended Wittenberg college2:411/81968
[ ]Student Rally-StrikeCommemorative American Tragedy: Election '681:111/81968
[ ]School of MusicConcert shell dedication2:511/81968
[ ]Student SenateConstitution revisions concerning legislation1:411/81968
[ ]Student dress; Dress RegulationsDining hall dress for women less restrictive effective Nov. 8, 19681:211/81968
[ ]BiafraDonations exceed $11002:411/81968
[ ]Cross CountryHarriers complete O.C. season at B-W8:111/81968
[ ]Spanky and Our GangHighlights Union Board Week1:411/81968
[ ]Klick, CoraKlick attended annual meeting of the American Academy of Religion5:211/81968
[ ]International FairNov. 12-151:411/81968
[ ]Quest and questionPicasso lectures given on Oct. 14th and Oct. 24th4:311/81968
[ ]Student SenateProvisions for recall of elected members established1:411/81968
[ ]FootballTigers to encounter Denison on Nov. 9th8:111/81968
[ ]FootballTigers win over Valparaiso6:111/81968
[ ]Student SenateVoted to consider plans for recognition of newly organized Concerned Black Students upon presentation of statement of goals and purpose1:411/81968
[ ]Hardy, Sir AlisterZoologist to present lecture at Hamma Hall Nov. 14th4:111/81968
[ ]Student SenateApproves revised constitution1:111/151968
[ ]Basich, Rev. ThomasBasich to speak on Vietnam war (pic)1:211/151968
[ ]Mollenhauser, Dr. HiltonBiology lecture on Nov. 20th5:211/151968
[ ]BasketballCagers' OC title hopes boosted by seven returning lettermen7:411/151968
[ ]Educational Policies Committee (EPC)Calendar changes proposed2:411/151968
[ ]Social RegulationsCommittee holds 1st meeting1:311/151968
[ ]Faber, Dr. James ArthurFaber awarded Ph.D.2:511/151968
[ ]WrestlingFirst match to be Jan 116:311/151968
[ ]Foundations Grant ProgramGrant given1:411/151968
[ ]Holmes, BurtonHolmes elected president of Dad's Assoc. for 1968-692:311/151968
[ ]Hardy, Sir AlisterLectured at Wittenberg on Nov. 14th2:311/151968
[ ]Boost Wittenberg AssociationOfficers elected4:311/151968
[ ]ChoirOne of 32 schools to tour with U.S.O.3:511/151968
[ ]Dad's AssociationPresident elected for 1968-69 (Burton Holmes)2:311/151968
[ ]Hamma School of TheologyProfessors Dr. Karl Hertz and Dr. Granger Westberg to be installed1:111/151968
[ ]Kappa Delta EpsilonReceives national honors1:111/151968
[ ]Kendall, Dr. Paul M.Regents Professor of English at OSU to lecture on Nov. 214:411/151968
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesRound robins planned5:111/151968
[ ]BiafraStudents mail check for food relief (pic)1:111/151968
[ ]FootballTigers to challenge Wagner on Nov. 23rd6:211/151968
[ ]Neuhaus, Rev. Richard JohnTo speak on Vietnam War1:211/151968
[ ]FootballWitt to Face high-flying Hurons7:111/151968
[ ]FootballWitt wins over Denison8:111/151968
[ ]Spanky and Our GangConcert tremendous success (pic)1:111/221968
[ ]FootballDisputed call downs Tigers5:111/221968
[ ]Social RegulationsLiquor regulation policy1:111/221968
[ ]Students Attack White RacismNew organization on campus1:411/221968
[ ]FootballTiger forces battle Hurons to 14-7 loss6:111/221968
[ ]FootballTigers face Wagner on Nov. 23rd5:311/221968
[ ]Neuhaus, Rev. Richard JohnTo discuss resistance movement1:411/221968
[ ]ForensicsWin 2nd honor2:511/221968
[ ]Faculty Committees23 appointed to faculty committees1:212/61968
[ ]Basich, Rev. ThomasBasich presents "hawk" viewpoint on Vietnam (pic)5:112/61968
[ ]BasketballCagers debut with victory over non-league opponent (pic)8:112/61968
[ ]Student SenateDialogue fires campus revolution1:112/61968
[ ]SoccerEnds season with 2-8 record8:112/61968
[ ]BasketballFaces fourth ranked Wooster8:512/61968
[ ]FootballFred Mitchell sets NCAA record in Tiger win (pic)9:312/61968
[ ]Cross CountryInjury and inexperience hamper '68 harrier season6:112/61968
[ ]FootballMitchell sets NCAA record in Tiger win10:112/61968
[ ]Heusinkveld, Dr. Edwin D.Sets guidelines for student involvement; Article in the "record"1:112/61968
[ ]Bender, Prof. JanChoir to feature "Day of Judgement"??1968