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[ ]Plays"Malmedy: Case 6-24" opens in world premiere next month1:31/131967
[ ]ProvostAllan O. Pfinster named WU provost to assume new post July 1 (por)1:31/131967
[ ]Annual Intercollegiate Bridge TournamentBridge players to compete in AIBT regional games4:11/131967
[ ]Krieg HallCalico Krieg Hall opens; decor awes visitors1:11/131967
[ ]Student SenateElection amendment proposed by speaker4:11/131967
[ ]Historical Film SeriesHistorical film series will open with Griffith classic1:11/131967
[ ]Klick, IzzyKlick is sweetheart of Phi Mu Alpha3:11/131967
[ ]Pfnister, Dr. AllanNamed WU Provost; to assume new post, July 11:31/131967
[ ]Bender, Prof. JanOrgan series will feature Jan Bender1:41/131967
[ ]Human Relations seminarto be held again this term3:41/131967
[ ]WrestlingWrestlers open season here as Tigers meet O. Wesleyan6:41/131967
[ ]Swimming and DivingWU tankers take Albion 58-46 set pool record6:11/131967
[ ]Greek Week"Heart and Soul" is theme5:11/201967
[ ]Miller, Rod4 Tigers named to All-Lutheran squad4:11/201967
[ ]Football; Rennecker, Howard; Rummins, Tim4 Wittenberg Tigers named to '66 all-Lutheran squad4:11/201967
[ ]Honor CodeBlues2:41/201967
[ ]Pederson, HarryColor underwater film set for "The World Around Us" series1:51/201967
[ ]Student SenateDiscrimination is hotly discussed in Senat Tuesday1:51/201967
[ ]Distinguished Teaching AwardsDistinguished teaching awards nominations are now open1:31/201967
[ ]Upward Boundfaces dilemma; raising college application funds5:11/201967
[ ]Howat, RobertFaculty-Guest Artist Series will present pianist Howat1:11/201967
[ ]PlaysMalmedy Massacre inspires University Theatre production1:11/201967
[ ]LibraryOur social library3:41/201967
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesPledges3:11/201967
[ ]Swimming and DivingTankmen swamp Hiram, 73-91; will meet Miami6:41/201967
[ ]WrestlingTiger matmen in second loss to Heidelberg1:51/201967
[ ]BasketballTigers defeat Kenyon 78-68; lose to arch-rival Zips6:11/201967
[ ]Alpha Phi OmegaAlpha Phi Omega to organize here5:51/271967
[ ]Call, Prof. Reginald; Quest and questionCall lectures in "Quest" talk4:31/271967
[ ]Student SenateNominations made to observer posts on faculty comms1:51/271967
[ ]Guthrie, Sir TyroneSir Tyrone Guthrie will speak for "Town & Gown" lecture1:31/271967
[ ]Town and Gown lecture seriesSir Tyrone Guthrie will speak for...lecture1:31/271967
[ ]Foreign StudySummer courses in Britain will be administered by IIE3:51/271967
[ ]Swimming and DivingSwimmers sunk by Miami Univ6:31/271967
[ ]PlaysTickets go on sale Monday ["Malmedy: Case 6-24" ]5:11/271967
[ ]BowlingTiger keglers upset Dayton6:41/271967
[ ]BasketballTigers leading OC, will tackle Otterbein (por)6:11/271967
[ ]Johnson, Dr. Benjamin A.WCC slates talks with Dr. Johnson of Hamma faculty5:31/271967
[ ]Western Electric CompanyWestern Electric, Bell Labs donate scientific equipment3:41/271967
[ ]Bell Telephone LaboratoriesWestern, Electric, Bell Labs donate scientific equipment3:41/271967
[ ]Gobel, Mr. And Mrs. Charles E.$100,000 gift will provide aid1:12/31967
[ ]PlaysC.R. Wobbe drama will premiere in second major U.T. production ["Malmedy: Case 6-24" ?]1:32/31967
[ ]BasketballChampionship hopes discussed by coach6:12/31967
[ ]Greek WeekForum, dances, talent show scheduled1:12/31967
[ ]Guthrie, Sir TyroneGuthrie calls serious drama unique story-telling technique1:32/31967
[ ]Sex on Campus (series)Premarital sex series discovers birth control pills "easy to get"32/31967
[ ]Call, Prof. Reginald; Quest and questionSecond lecture in "Quest" series presented by Call1:32/31967
[ ]CampusSecurity police (campus cops?)5:12/31967
[ ]Town and Gown lecture seriesSir Tyrone Guthrie will speak for...lecture1:32/31967
[ ]WrestlingTiger matmen notch first win6:22/31967
[ ]Swimming and DivingTigers dunk Kenyon College, will meet Akron, Kent State6:32/31967
[ ]PlaysC.R. Wobbe drama will premiere in second major U.T. production ["Malmedy: Case 6-24" ?]1:12/101967
[ ]Thompson, RalstonLauded in Louisville by Courier-Journal art critic1:22/101967
[ ]Bradow, Rev. C. KingOSU pastor to preach here (por)1:42/101967
[ ]Sex on Campus (series)Sexual atmosphere scrutinized; administrators touch many areas1:52/101967
[ ]Swimming and DivingTankmen split week-end meets; schedule to face 3 OC foes6:42/101967
[ ]BasketballTiger cagers still undefeated, will face Mt. Union, Otters.6:12/101967
[ ]Mosconi, WillieBillard champ slated for exhibition here, Feb. 23rd9:52/171967
[ ]Student SenateCandidates listed; elections Feb. 211:12/171967
[ ]Student SenateCandidates listed; elections Feb. 218,92/171967
[ ]Science HallConstruction forges ahead1:32/171967
[ ]Days of DialogueDays of Dialogue will open Monday; week will explore student power1:52/171967
[ ]Harris, ErrolErrol Harris contrasts philosophies of evolution, modern science5:12/171967
[ ]Hove, Muffaro; Sex on Campus (series)Four foreign students explore sex areas32/171967
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesGreeks question Stauffer; ninth fraternity receives O.K.1:32/171967
[ ]Historical Film SeriesHistorical film series slates Russian historical film1:42/171967
[ ]OrchestraJoint concert will be given2:52/171967
[ ]BasketballOtterbein overpowers 77-68; Tigers, BW share OC load10:12/171967
[ ]Wills, J. Robert Jr.says "university theatres essential" to growth of drama (por)52/171967
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesSERC begun to help analyze WU Greek life1:22/171967
[ ]Swimming and DivingTankmen nip Denison 55-49; meet Baldwin Wallace tomm.10:32/171967
[ ]WrestlingTigers beat CU; to face Denison10:32/171967
[ ]Ylvisaker, JohnTo perform at Witt's End and Sunday Chapel7:42/171967
[ ]Torch endorses Putterbaugh,,,2:12/171967
[ ]Sex on Campus (series)TORCH series sparks panel; Witt Forum to discuss sex1:12/171967
[ ]Boas, Dr. GeorgeVisiting professor schedules lecture6:52/171967
[ ]Chatfield, Earl Charles, Jr.Dr. E. Charles Chatfield reviews anthology1:22/241967
[ ]Young, Jerilynneis sweetheard of Phi Mu Alpha3;32/241967
[ ]Musical Arts QuintetQuintet slated; chamber music to be featured5:12/241967
[ ]Vietnamslights topic of sex; discussion focuses on freedom1:12/241967
[ ]Weissman, StevenStudent power aim is true community government1:52/241967
[ ]Berg, Carl; Swimming and DivingTankmen undefeated in OC; Berg collects 500th point6:32/241967
[ ]BasketballTigers crush Heidelberg 105-586:12/241967
[ ]Ermarth, MichaelWU activists in "Days of Dialogue" colloquy (por)1:32/241967
[ ]Dow Chemical CompanyWU students protest visit by Dow Chemical3:12/241967
[ ]Plays"Waltz of the Toreadors" slated for production8:43/31967
[ ]Alumni AssociationBanquet to honor 15 outstanding alums5:43/31967
[ ]Langlais, JeanBlind organist of Ste. Clothilde to give recital here Sunday1:33/31967
[ ]Chapel Choir of Westminster Choir CollegeConvocation to feature chapel choir of Westminster Choir College5:13/31967
[ ]Student Power MovementDr. Stauffer receives student petition1:53/31967
[ ]Fountain, GriggFaculty-Guest Artist concert will feature Fountain1:43/31967
[ ]Holmer, Prof. Paul LeroyHolmer will preach in Weaver Sun. (por)1:13/31967
[ ]Studio StageSlates Masters' "Spoon River"3:53/31967
[ ]Brutus, DennisSouth African prisoner of Apartheid to speak at Antioch8:13/31967
[ ]Swimming and DivingTankmen trounce Muskingum 80-206:43/31967
[ ]BasketballTigers bag Marietta; prep for OC tourney7:13/31967
[ ]Student Power MovementViewpoint - Movemnt!4:13/31967
[ ]Wittenberg Symposium; Morris, Earl; Kauper, Paul G.; Pemberton, John de J., Jr. Day, Frank D."Rights of the Accused" is symposium title (pic)1:43/101967
[ ]Military ServiceAdministrators, faculty comment on Selective Service reforms1:13/101967
[ ]Founders DayDinner to laud 22 Wittenbergers Saturday8:13/101967
[ ]Miller, EldonEldon Miller, three alumni named "outstanding young men" (pic)7:23/101967
[ ]Hartje, Dr. Robert GHartje stricken1:43/101967
[ ]Historical Film SeriesHistorical Film Series to show Nazi propaganda film6:13/101967
[ ]Military ServiceOur modest proposal (editorial)2:13/101967
[ ]Brutus, DennisSouth African prisoner of Apartheid to speak at Antioch3:13/101967
[ ]Swimming and DivingTiger tankmen wind up third; swimmers set school records7:33/101967
[ ]BasketballTigers lose NCAA chance in loss to Otterbein, 60-507:13/101967
[ ]DebateWU debaters sweep tournament (por)1:13/101967
[ ]Phi Eta SigmaMen involved in fracasNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:13/111967
[ ]Mitchell Trio"Harbor Lights" dinner-dance schedules the Mitchell Trio3:24/71967
[ ]Junior-Senior Prom"Harbor Lights" dinnner-dance schedules Mitchell Trio3:24/71967
[ ]Foreign Study27 WU English students now touring Great Britain8:34/71967
[ ]Fieldhouse, Karl5 witt seniors appointed 67-68 Woodrow Wilson fellows (por)5:14/71967
[ ]Whitaker, Jacqueline5 Witt seniors appointed 67-68 Woodrow Wilson fellows (por05:14/71967
[ ]Rohde, Robert5 Wittenberg seniors appointed 67-68 Woodrow Wilson fellows5:14/71967
[ ]Barnes, Stephen5 Wittenberg seniors appointed 67-68 Woodrow Wilson Fellows (por)5:14/71967
[ ]Rittenhouse, Joyce5 Wittenberg seniors appointed 67-68 Woodrow wilson fellows (por)5:14/71967
[ ]Ohio College Health AssociationAMA prexy will address OCHA group4:34/71967
[ ]Atherton, JamesAtherton, James wins English dept's 2nd annual creativity award3:44/71967
[ ]Woodrow Wilson FellowshipAwards given to Joyce Rittenhouse, Stephen Barnes, Robert Rohde, Jacqueline Whitaker, and Karl Fieldhouse (pic)5:14/71967
[ ]BaseballBaseball 1967 Schedule9:24/71967
[ ]Horn, Dr. Henry E.Chapel slates Harvard Pastor (por)6:34/71967
[ ]ChoirChoir to sing on Protestant Hour5:54/71967
[ ]Krieg Halldivers music media slated for dedication program1:14/71967
[ ]Student Power MovementDr. Stauffer replies to petition issue. Proposes campus climate study, evaluations1:44/71967
[ ]Trentadue, AnneExchange with Negre college made by eight WU students8:14/71967
[ ]Arends, George; Benne, Ken; Garstang, Kathy; Muetzel, Karen; North Carolina College; Palmer, Beverly; Vocke, Buff; Warner, Rebecca BeckyExchange with Negro college made by eight WU students8:14/71967
[ ]Zimmerman, Heinz W.German composer to receive honorary doctorate in music (por)1:24/71967
[ ]Hartje, Dr. Robert GHartje is 1967 recipient of Distinguished Teacher Award (por)1:44/71967
[ ]Lutheran World FederationLWF committee here April 9-158:14/71967
[ ]LibraryOriginal leaves now in Thomas Library6:14/71967
[ ]Regional Council for International EducationSchedules "appraisal" theme conference here3:14/71967
[ ]BaseballTigers drop opener to Miami; Mr. Union is first OC opponent. (por)9:34/71967
[ ]Mortar Board (organization)WU selected for chapter3:34/71967
[ ]Cheng, Poh-Shen; Hove, MuffaroWU students granted graduate study funds (por)10:34/71967
[ ]Matthews, Dr. William R.Asia visit under LCA grant slated by Flinner, Matthews4:24/141967
[ ]Flinner, JackAsia visit under LCA grant slated by Flinner, Matthews (por)4:24/141967
[ ]Student SenateFinal tally1:14/141967
[ ]GolfLinksmen to host Marietta6:14/141967
[ ]CounselingLong-Karsten group studying counseling service enlargement1:34/141967
[ ]Lutheran World FederationLWF committee here April 9-15 (por)1:14/141967
[ ]Holck, Rev. Manfred, Jr.Named Witt business manager3:44/141967
[ ]Gensel, Rev. John G.NYC pastor, jazz ensemble scheduled for chapel, union (por)1:34/141967
[ ]Schrag, Dr. F. JamesRCIE to sponsor Shrag's visit to Taiwan seminar (pic)1:24/141967
[ ]Teach-InSlated by WCRSUN3:34/141967
[ ]VietnamThe Role of the student to be topic of third1:14/141967
[ ]BaseballTiger nine smash Mr. Union; at Heidelberg for 2 tomm.6:34/141967
[ ]FeesUnanimour assent given to $5 student assessment fee1:34/141967
[ ]Mortar Board (organization)Will initiate 23 women3:14/141967
[ ]Track and Field"Tiger Paws"7:44/211967
[ ]AdmissionsApplications down 4% from same time last year.8:14/211967
[ ]Arrow and Mask; Mortar Board (organization)Arrow and Mask now history; made Mortar Board chapter1:14/211967
[ ]Appleby, JimBasketball's MVP is "Academic All-American"5:44/211967
[ ]Burnside, JaneBurnside to be new prexy of Union Board (por)6:34/211967
[ ]Town and Gown lecture seriesDr. Coyle to present Horatio Alger lecture3:34/211967
[ ]Quest and questionDr. Klick discusses Paul in successive Q & Q lectures6:44/211967
[ ]Coyle, Dr. WilliamDr. William Coyle to present Horatio Alger lecture for Town & Gown (por)3:34/211967
[ ]Schmalenberger, Jerry E.Featured at Weaver Chapel1:44/211967
[ ]Freshman SeminarIndividual Responsibility to be theme of freshman seminar8:34/211967
[ ]Klick, CoraKlick discusses Paul in successive Q & Q lectures6:44/211967
[ ]Student SenateLoses another decision to council1:44/211967
[ ]Backwoods Film SocietyShooting will start Sunday for 8mm "O dem bananas"6:14/211967
[ ]ChoirSymphony, WU choir to fete Beethoven in final concert1:14/211967
[ ]PlaysTickets go on sale Monday [for "Waltz of the Toreadors" ]4:14/211967
[ ]Ohio Association of College and University Business Officersto hold annual conclave here4:14/211967
[ ]Karsten, Rev. Robert E.Tribute to Karsten (editorial)2:14/211967
[ ]Wentz, Dr. Frederick K.will be Hamma prexy; symposium set in conjunction5:14/211967
[ ]LacrosseWU stickers beat Ashland; up for OWU junior varsity7:54/211967
[ ]Alice Lloyd Junior CollegeWU students to return visit to Alice Lloyd3:34/211967
[ ]Student SenateApproves apartment visitation bill1:44/281967
[ ]Dodge, DebbieDebbie Dodge to portray bride for WU guild4:44/281967
[ ]Reynders, FransFamed pantomime artist set for performance, workshop1:44/281967
[ ]Wentz, Dr. Frederick installed as Hamma's second president (por)6:14/281967
[ ]PlaysSeven night stand to begin May 4 ["Waltz of the Toreadors" ]7:14/281967
[ ]LacrosseTeam is here to stay; sets sights on Indianapolis5:14/281967
[ ]Brauer, Rev. Jerald C.Theological education expert to preach in Weaver Chapel (por)7:34/281967
[ ]Meister, Kathy; Warner, Rebecca BeckyThree Alma Mater candidates nominated by Mortar Board (por)1:14/281967
[ ]Waltonen, Linda J.; Alma MaterThree candidates nominated by Mortar Board (por)1:14/281967
[ ]BaseballTiger nine downs OWU 10-1; OC foes top week's schedule (por)5:44/281967
[ ]Wittenberg UniversityUniversity given full page in "Time" advertising campaign4:14/281967
[ ]Alpha Phi OmegaAlpha Phi Omega chapter organized, initiates 21, installs officers1:45/21967
[ ]Alumni AssociationAlum committee to serve students2:35/21967
[ ]FASTKarsten makes FAST buck (por)1:45/21967
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesNew IFC programs to improve Greek life1:15/21967
[ ]Quehl, Gary H.To transfer to Missouri post3:35/21967
[ ]Psychology Departmentwins NSF grant5:65/21967
[ ]Track and Field"Tiger Paws"6:15/51967
[ ]Student Senate93.4% vote in favor of visitation bill15/51967
[ ]Glasoe, Dr. PaulACS awards research grant worth $10,920 to Glasoe4:25/51967
[ ]ChoirAround-the-world choir tour slides will be shown1:35/51967
[ ]FootballCoach says "we'll be ready" for key contest September 235:15/51967
[ ]Witt's EndFilm classic "Caligari" is set; satire "MacBird" to be heard1:15/51967
[ ]VietnamFinal forum will review new program8:25/51967
[ ]Osborne, JimHurls 6-2 victory over Muskies5:45/51967
[ ]Miller, L. DavidMiller named as consultant for two study groups (por)3:35/51967
[ ]Miller, PaulMiller publishes collection of minor Renaissance epics (por)1:45/51967
[ ]BaseballOsborne jurls 6-2 victory over Muskies5:45/51967
[ ]Arnett, CarrollPoems to debut in print6:55/51967
[ ]Alpha Phi OmegaService frat is reorganized8:35/51967
[ ]WUSO; Radio Station WCSO; Radio stationStation backs senate; plugs visitation refer8:35/51967
[ ]LacrosseStickmen trounce Indianapolis club5:35/51967
[ ]Foreign StudyStudents impressed by Dublin; Joyce, O'Casey are unpopular75/51967
[ ]Ashenfelter, Harold; Walters, William R.Trio will play harpsichord, recorder tunes6:35/51967
[ ]Community Relations"Man on the Street" queries find Springfielders respect us4:35/121967
[ ]Alma MaterBecky Warner 1968 queen (pic)1:15/121967
[ ]Alma MaterBecky Warner elected 1967 Alma Mater (por)15/121967
[ ]Warner, Rebecca BeckyElected by 1967 Alma Mater (por)15/121967
[ ]Hamma School of TheologyFamed pastor, author to join Hamma staff1:15/121967
[ ]Westberg, Rev. Granger E.Famed pastor, author, to join Hamma staff (pic)1:15/121967
[ ]Gamma Phi BetaGamma Phis, Figi's first in Greek sings3:15/121967
[ ]Theis, HalSlate sports banquet for 11 Tiger MVP's7:15/121967
[ ]Appleby, Jim; Barrett, Bill; Berg, Carl; Dunn, Jim; Hove, Muffaro; Logan, Bob; Miller, Rod; Ralston, Bill; Willett, RichSlate sports banquet for 11 Tiger MVPs7:15/121967
[ ]Turner, SandySlate sports banquet of 11 Tiger MVP's7:15/121967
[ ]Lambda Chi AlphaSpaghetti dinner aids upward bound program (pic)8:35/121967
[ ]LacrosseTeam portrait (por)7:35/121967
[ ]Track and FieldTrackmen crash Otterbein; suffer 92-46 loss to Capital6:15/121967
[ ]Foreign StudyWU emigrants shee Scott's home; London theatres cited "top notch"5:15/121967
[ ]Plays["Waltz of the Toreadors" ] acclaimed to be "a delightful" high farce3:15/121967
[ ]Tennis"Tiger paws"7:45/191967
[ ]Track and Field"Tiger Paws"7:45/191967
[ ]Warner, Rebecca BeckyAlma Mater old and new (pic)1:15/191967
[ ]Pray, ShirleyAlma Maters old and new (por)1:15/191967
[ ]Auman, Dr. RussellAuman is named Hamma speaker (por)8:35/191967
[ ]W-DayBasking and ballooning3:45/191967
[ ]Bicycle MarathonBicycle Marathon set for tomorrow3:35/191967
[ ]ChoirChoir will be heard on Protestant Hour8:45/191967
[ ]Kretzmann, Rev. A. R.Church architecture expert scheduled for Weaver Chapel (por)1:45/191967
[ ]Dittmann, David NobleDavid Noble Dittmann '66 reports in from obscurity- Libya (por)55/191967
[ ]Hamma School of TheologyDesigns asked for Synod Chapel8:15/191967
[ ]Synod HallDesigns asked for Synod chapel8:15/191967
[ ]BaseballDiamond nine lose to Capital; former Tiger kills OC hopes7:15/191967
[ ]Peace CorpsDittman reports from Libya (pic)55/191967
[ ]Hamma School of TheologyDr. Auman is named as Hamm (commencemet) speaker8:35/191967
[ ]Phi Eta SigmaGamma Phis, Fijis first in Greek sings1:35/191967
[ ]Student SenateJunior keys passed, face OK by council1:15/191967
[ ]Bender, Prof. JanOrgan series will present Bender8:25/191967
[ ]ChoirSpring thing1:15/191967
[ ]LacrosseStickmen lose 7-6 squeaker; finish successful season 5-37:35/191967
[ ]GolfWittenberg finished eleventh7:15/191967
[ ]Norris, TracyWU cops "silver anvil" for tour publicity1:45/191967
[ ]Publicity DepartmentWU cops "Silver Award" for tour publicity1:45/191967
[ ]Track and Field"Tiger Paws"5:15/261967
[ ]Luecke, Dr. Richardauthority in radial problems slated to preach in Weaver (por)2:15/261967
[ ]Barrett, BillBarrett is champ of OC net singles5:55/261967
[ ]Bender, Prof. JanBender immortalized6:35/261967
[ ]Banzhof, Bruce; Collins, John C.; Crist, Marion; Sutcliffe, JudithFour seniors receive grants6:15/261967
[ ]Huffman, CharlesFour WU domr residents to resign posts at year's end4:45/261967
[ ]Gage, Lawrence; Meade, Roger; Russell, Mrs. CharlotteFour WU dorm residents to resign posts at year's end4:45/261967
[ ]Hamma School of TheologyHold graduation; candidates, calls announced2:45/261967
[ ]Hove, MuffaroHove is honored by ACS section5:35/261967
[ ]Simmons, PeggyIs chosen Miss Clark County winner1:35/261967
[ ]SyncopatesListed for 1967-68 season3:15/261967
[ ]Sladky, RonNew editors, business chiefs named for TORCH, WITT, SOUNDS1:35/261967
[ ]Arthur, William; Casey, James; Mohns, BarbaraNew editors, business chiefs named for TORCH, WITT, SOUNDS (por)1:35/261967
[ ]Osborne, JimNo-hit win is 8th Tiger triumph5:45/261967
[ ]BaseballOsborne's no-hit win is 8th Tiger triumph5:45/261967
[ ]Hamma School of TheologyRev. J. Bruce Weaver to join Hamma staff6:45/261967
[ ]Biddlecome, George; Blesch, Carl; Boggs, WilliamSenate picks justices to fill Student Court1:15/261967
[ ]Alpha Phi OmegaService fraternity to be reactivated Sunday in Union5:35/261967
[ ]ChoirSpring Thing Saturday at 8 PM3:15/261967
[ ]Student SenateStudy to question Witt honor code4:35/261967
[ ]FASTSuccessful FAST makes $800-$10006:35/261967
[ ]Sutcliffe, Richard T.Sutcliffe, Brademas to speak at graduation15/261967
[ ]Sutcliffe, Richard T.; Brademas, JohnSutcliffe, Brademas to speak at graduation (por)15/261967
[ ]Coyle, Dr. WilliamTale of Springfield artist related in pamphlet4:15/261967
[ ]Hove, MuffaroTiger paws (por)5:15/261967
[ ]Upward Boundto serve 110, 25 students to aid program3:35/261967
[ ]Weaver, Rev. J. Brucewill join Hamma Staff6:45/261967
[ ]Wentz, Dr. Frederick K.Co-authors book on abortion6:26/21967
[ ]Student SenateCouncil, Senate pass women's visitation1:16/21967
[ ]Interfraternity CouncilNew IFC programs to improve Greek Life1:16/21967
[ ]Bicycle MarathonPhi Mu's win third triumph in Myers Marathon contest6:36/21967
[ ]Phi Mu DeltaPhi Mus win third triumph in Myers Marathon6:36/21967
[ ]Peace CorpsThree to teach in Turkey and Brazil3:16/21967
[ ]BaseballTigers conquer Akron 7-6; contest is 13-innings5:16/21967
[ ]BaseballTigers conquer Akron 7-6; contest is 13-innings5:36/21967
[ ]Remsberg, Dr. Robert G.To circle globe, visit Scotland and Far East3:16/21967
[ ]Click, Barbara; Farlow, Bev; Larson, DaveTrio is Peace Corps bound, will teach in Turkey, Brazil3:16/21967
[ ]Campus Climate CommissionCampus Climate Commission members named by Pres. Stauffer6:49/291967
[ ]Centex Phone System; Telephone ServiceCampus extensions revamped1:19/291967
[ ]Dean's OfficeFive man faculty council replaces vacant post8:19/291967
[ ]FootballFreshmen Footballers4:39/291967
[ ]Kosen, RyoichiroJapanese professor serves as foreign curriculum specialist in Education Dept.3:49/291967
[ ]LibraryLibrary buys 19,000 volumes from Lutheran School of Theology, Chicago (pic)1:19/291967
[ ]Meade, RogerMeade joins staff at Ball State University6:19/291967
[ ]Freshman SeminarSemiar explores responsibility6:19/291967
[ ]School of MusicSenior music majors visit German school8:49/291967
[ ]FootballTiger '67 returning lettermen4:#9/291967
[ ]FootballTiger shutout Muskies1:19/291967
[ ]ReformationWittenberg committee schedules anniversary3:29/291967
[ ]ROTCWU applies for ROTC unti3:19/291967
[ ]Shellenberger, CarolWU junior co-ed studies in France3:19/291967
[ ]Stauffer, Dr. John N.1967 Convocation address re-acreditation by North Central Assoc.; 'open-door' policy3:210/61967
[ ]Smith, Charleyseawarded $1200 renewable scholarship from Kemper Foundation4:110/61967
[ ]ChoirChoir plans South American tour5:110/61967
[ ]Krieg HallChoral room named for Mr. & Mrs. John T. Williams6:210/61967
[ ]Wentz, Dr. Frederick K.edits book about Christianity "My Job and My Faith"3:410/61967
[ ]Freytag, DanielFreytag awarded 4 year scholarship by General Motors4:110/61967
[ ]Upward Boundhelps 5 upward bound students with UB aid fund4:310/61967
[ ]Clark, Justice Tom C.Justice Tom C. Clark speaks at dinner honoring Earl F. Morris1:410/61967
[ ]King, James RoyKing flees Syria as Israeli War begins (pic)1:410/61967
[ ]Student SenateMembers retreat to plan for year1:310/61967
[ ]SoccerMen begin first varsity year with Kenyon6:310/61967
[ ]Stauffer, Dr. John N.Named to Board of Directors of Cincinnati brance of Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland6:110/61967
[ ]Science HallReady for use.1:110/61967
[ ]FootballTigers trounce Crusaders in 63-0 victory6:110/61967
[ ]Morris, EarlWitt Union lounge dedicated to Morris, Pres. of American Bar Association ...honored at dinner, speech by Justice Tom Clark1:410/61967
[ ]Regional Council for International Education4 faculty members attend institute at Ohio Northern, Theme: Eastern Europe & the Soviet Union2:210/131967
[ ]Campus Climate CommissionA vote of confidence- editorial2:110/131967
[ ]Arnett, CarrollArnett, Carroll published poetry: "Not only that"; Simplicity is key to meaning, says Arnett5:410/131967
[ ]Morris, EarlClark lauds Morris' deeds, underlines need for "Looking out"4:410/131967
[ ]Languages DepartmentExpands program and adds to staff7:210/131967
[ ]Foreign StudentsForeign students find America strange and exotic.4:110/131967
[ ]Grimes, SaraiGrimes will present Graduate recital2:210/131967
[ ]HomecomingHappenings to highlight Homecoming1:410/131967
[ ]Koppenhaver, Allen J.Koppenhaver reminisces over "Merrie old England" (pic)1:110/131967
[ ]FootballMad Tigers maul Marauders6:210/131967
[ ]Homecoming; Bush, Sue; Druckenmiller, Renee; Larson, Ann; ElectionsPrimaries pick queen and class nominees1:110/131967
[ ]SoccerSoccer team agog over first varsity year7:410/131967
[ ]Homecoming Queen1967 Ann Larson1:110/211967
[ ]Regional Council for International Education2 faculty members represent WU at Latin American Conference at Hiram College9:510/211967
[ ]Students Abroad27 English majors study at Exeter spring term '67- reactions to England10:210/211967
[ ]HomecomingAnn Larsen chosen Homecoming Queen 19671:110/211967
[ ]Arnett, CarrollArnett, Carroll becomes member of Ohio Poet's Assoc4:110/211967
[ ]Soccerbeats Malone7:110/211967
[ ]Bichsel, Sonn H.Bichsel, Sonn H. appointed assistant director of devlopment in development office5:210/211967
[ ]PlaysCast announced for "The Rimers of Eldritch"4:310/211967
[ ]ROTCEditorial: WU vs. ROTC2:110/211967
[ ]Haberman, EugeneHaberman appointed assistant director of development5:210/211967
[ ]Hartje, Dr. Robert GHartje publishes new biography: Van Dorn: The life and times of a confederate general (pic)1:110/211967
[ ]XeroxHow it works9:410/211967
[ ]Larson, AnnLarson chosen homecoming queen 19671:110/211967
[ ]FootballNew ruling causes confusion in TIger-Yellowjacket clash6:110/211967
[ ]Zaret, PeterSolo appearance in Springfield Symphony2:210/211967
[ ]ReformationSymposium celebrates Heinrich Schultz music4:210/211967
[ ]FootballTigers teamwork praised, defined6:310/211967
[ ]ROTCWhat about Army ROTC? Queries reveal varied opinions1:310/211967
[ ]Students AbroadWork, travel in Europe5:310/211967
[ ]Debate1967-68 topic: The Federal Government should guarantee a minimum annual income to all citizens. Manchester College Tournament5:210/271967
[ ]ReformationCelebration week to feature guest Reformation Lecturers5:310/271967
[ ]Students AbroadCredit given to studies abroad4:410/271967
[ ]FootballDefense rates praise in Carroll victory7:210/271967
[ ]ReformationDr. Hanns Lilje speaks1:410/271967
[ ]ReformationLuther paintings by Corinth presented along with play5:110/271967
[ ]PlaysPicture of cast [of "The Rimers of Eldritch" ]1:110/271967
[ ]ROTCStudents have split opinions toward ROTC1:310/271967
[ ]Shellenberger, CarolStudies at Institute for American Universities at Aix-en-Provence4:410/271967
[ ]Alpha Delta PiAlpha Delta Pi outstanding chapter in US and Canada (pic)1:111/31967
[ ]Borden, Dr. RobertBorden earns Ph.D. from MSU in inorganic chemistry3:111/31967
[ ]Mowery, Bob LeeElected Treasurer of Ohio College Library Center4:111/31967
[ ]Howat, RobertInitiated into Lambda Chi Alpha3:111/31967
[ ]Dillenberger, Dr. JohnLectures emphasize the Bible as a source of insight (pic)1:311/31967
[ ]Wittenberg GuildReports progress on Piano fund3:311/31967
[ ]Town and Gown lecture seriesS. Hurok to present "Ben Franklin, Citizen" with Fredd Wayne1:311/31967
[ ]BasketballTeam inexperienced5:411/31967
[ ]ROTCUniversity of Dayton Students unhappy over mandatory ROTC5:111/31967
[ ]FootballWesleyan outwits Witt6:111/31967
[ ]Dad's DayBusy schedule set1:411/101967
[ ]Heinecken, Rev. Dr. Martin J.Heinecken to speak in Weaver Chapel1:111/101967
[ ]Lutheran Church in AmericaLCA sponsors study of possible East Asia Study program5:411/101967
[ ]ROTCLetters to the editor expressing pro and con feelings2:211/101967
[ ]Student SenateRequests that students be placed on faculty committee1:311/101967
[ ]FootballTigers defeat Heidelberg7:111/101967
[ ]American Heritage WeekAmerican Heritage Week restores American past during Thanksgiving week1:111/171967
[ ]Student SenateIncorporates Women's residence hall council as senate committee1:111/171967
[ ]ROTCLetters to the editor expressing pro and con feelings2:211/171967
[ ]Williams, Dr. Colin W.Minister from "down under" speaks at Weaver (pic)1:411/171967
[ ]ROTCStauffer answers questions1:311/171967
[ ]FootballTigers beat Akron6:111/171967
[ ]FinancesExceeds million dollars for 1967-684:512/11967
[ ]Long, Robert O.Long resigns post as Dean of Students1:112/11967
[ ]Arnold, EdmundMajor journalist visits WU (por)1:112/11967
[ ]Interfraternity CouncilMove for additional fraternity1:312/11967
[ ]ROTCProposal for Wittenberg rejected by Army, 61% of faculty1:412/11967
[ ]Gold, LindaServes as U.S. Pavillion hostess as Expo '675:112/11967
[ ]Shanor, LorettaServes as U.S. Pavillion hostess at Expo '675:112/11967
[ ]FootballWitt finishes season with 8-1 win-loss6:112/11967
[ ]Blackmer, Elmer F.Blackmer presents organ recital8:112/81967
[ ]ROTCBoard of directors decides to reapply for ROTC unit1:412/81967
[ ]Pfnister, Dr. AllanCalls for Student power4:112/81967
[ ]Stauffer, Dr. John N.Chosen president of council of Lutheran Church in America College Presidents10:312/81967
[ ]Wittenberg EnrollmentFall term up to record 2,400 undergrads1:312/81967
[ ]Sears Roebuck FoundationGrants increased7:112/81967
[ ]Myers HallHas ghostly happenings1:412/81967
[ ]Stauffer, Dr. John N.Illustrates five years of progress5:112/81967
[ ]Sigma Alpha IotaInitiates sixteen pledges4:312/81967
[ ]SoccerLooks toward improvement8:112/81967
[ ]BasketballLose to Wooster (pic)10:112/81967
[ ]Miller, Rod; FootballOutstanding lineman award given to Rod Miller9:112/81967
[ ]Student-Faculy Exchange CommitteePlans Wittenberg - Wilberforce exchange5:412/81967
[ ]PlaysPlayers schedule Christmas production tour of Midwest cities ["The Rimers of Eldritch" ]3:312/81967
[ ]Garstang, KathyReceives honorable mention award in Pi Delta Epsilon national journalism honorary7:312/81967
[ ]Miller, RodReceives Mike Gregory Memorial Award for outstanding lineman in Ohio Conference football8:112/81967
[ ]Crang, Richard E.Richard E. Crang awarded $7,750 grant by The Research Corp.4:212/81967
[ ]Wentz, Dr. Frederick K.supports legal abortion with careful social protection (pic)1:112/81967
[ ]Dahl, Dr. ErnoTexan to be new Dean of College of Liberal Arts1:212/81967
[ ]BasketballTigers beat Capital9:312/81967
[ ]Snyder, GraysonWorking at Arizona National Laboratory to develop peacetime uses of atomic energy4:412/81967
[ ]WrestlingYoung team9:212/81967