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[ ]Neill, Miss Millicent E."Mothers" give advice, watch houses, students with care3:31/81960
[ ]Housemothers"Mothers" give advice, watch students with care3:31/81960
[ ]Patmos, A. EdwardElected Springfield Mayor1:51/81960
[ ]Jensen, Dr. Otto Keiserhas critical attack1:31/81960
[ ]Thompson, RalstonOn foundation1:31/81960
[ ]Flapjack FlingSophs to sponsor Flapjack Fling1:11/81960
[ ]Plays"The Comedian" given by players6:31/151960
[ ]Plays;Religion; Plays"The Comedian" to be presented by players6:31/151960
[ ]Brubeck, DaveBrubeck here Feb. 41:31/151960
[ ]Gettysburg ChoirChoir to perform in Weaver5:41/151960
[ ]Community Education SchoolCommunity Education School to work Air Force projects4:41/151960
[ ]Flack, Dr. E.E.Flack vacates deanship of Hamma Divinity School5:31/151960
[ ]Jackson, Welles F.Jackson to join faculty, succeeding Timmons6:41/151960
[ ]Flapjack FlingSophs to sponsor Flapjack Fling1:41/151960
[ ]Barker, Dr. John W.; Wylie, Lloyd R.2 department heads to retire on Sept. 1 (por)1:12/51960
[ ]CurriculumClasses in developmental reading use new room3:12/51960
[ ]Reading DevelopmentClasses use new room, lighting, and accelerators3:12/51960
[ ]Weaver, E. O.Professor emeritus killed in accident2:52/51960
[ ]Shannon, RobertReceives Doctor in Education degree1:32/51960
[ ]CurriculumSaturday classes threatened2:12/51960
[ ]Maurer, TomSwim champion4:42/51960
[ ]Miller, Dr. AlexanderTo visit campus Feb. 29, March 13:42/51960
[ ]Vendova, Tonyassists team victories (por)5:32/121960
[ ]Haas, Dr. Mary EllenEarly marriage good if couple is mature says Haas4:42/121960
[ ]Weaver, E. O.Life spanned 92 years of Wittenberg's 1154:12/121960
[ ]Hertz, Dr. Karl H.Lutherans appoint Hertz to board1:32/121960
[ ]Modern Dance ClubModern dance--objective of club6:32/121960
[ ]Home Economics DepartmentTen live in new house1:12/121960
[ ]VolleyballWU plays power volleyball5:12/121960
[ ]Committee on Academic ExcellenceResolution makes Committee permanent part of Senate1:12/191960
[ ]Lindamood, George E.Students building electronic computer4:32/191960
[ ]Price, BertVarsity W Man of the Week (por)6:22/191960
[ ]Yoder, Rev. Dr. Henry O.Yoders give Wittenberg $30005:12/191960
[ ]Miller, Dr. Alexander"Life of the mind" is Miller's first topic1:42/261960
[ ]Bellam, PaulBellam to present violin-viola recital (por)1:12/261960
[ ]Coyle, Dr. WilliamEnglish prof. publishes text5:22/261960
[ ]ChoirFirst choristers had fitness, swimming class3:12/261960
[ ]General Motors Corporation (GMC)Gives aid6:42/261960
[ ]Forbes, MollyGreeks' queen (por)5:32/261960
[ ]Hertz, Dr. Karl H.Hertz selected to direct study6:22/261960
[ ]LibraryTapes of sermons will be available3:42/261960
[ ]ChoirThirteenth anniversary3:12/261960
[ ]Student SenateCampus vote needed to pass constitution1:13/41960
[ ]ChoirChoir will present concerts in 10 cities, two countries3:43/41960
[ ]Wiley, Jacksonconducts St. Louis orchestra3:23/41960
[ ]Student GovernmentConstitution needs campus vote1:13/41960
[ ]Cox, Governor James M.James Cox named head of development plan1:23/41960
[ ]Schmalenberger, Jerry E.To present original play, "Great Amen" at Easter Convocation1:33/41960
[ ]Plays;Religion; Plays"The Three Marys" to be presented3:33/111960
[ ]Wylie, Lloyd R.; Barker, Dr. John W.; Founders Day2 professors to be honored at Founder's Day banquet2:43/111960
[ ]BasketballBasketball captures OC title1:53/111960
[ ]Hamma Divinity School; Ward HallBuilding progress continues5:33/111960
[ ]Mears, RamonCoach of the year1:33/111960
[ ]Collegium MusicumCollegium Musicum presents music for vespers4:13/111960
[ ]Metcalf, RobertMetcalf giving art exhibit2:13/111960
[ ]Jackson, MahaliaTo give concert1:23/111960
[ ]Wolff, JohnWins wrestling title6:53/111960
[ ]ChoirChoir will tour in 10 cities1:13/181960
[ ]Price, BertGiven gregory Award (por)4:33/181960
[ ]Haeussler, Dr. H.H.Haeussler to address State Convention1:23/181960
[ ]Tillich, PaulOn "Search for America" film1:43/181960
[ ]Price, Bert; Vendova, Tony; Wilcox, TonyThree Tigers placed on All-Conference4:43/181960
[ ]Grossett, DeanneWU coed choses for (Mademoiselle) College Board1:53/181960
[ ]Honor Dorm15 senior coeds find living there valuable experience2:13/251960
[ ]Bock, Arlene; Martin, Cheryl3 juniors nominated for 1960 Alma Mater1:53/251960
[ ]Alumnae/AlumniAlumni establish teaching award1:13/251960
[ ]Armstrong, Tom; Swimming and DivingArmstrong, Tom high point man (por)6:13/251960
[ ]Theta Alpha PhiConvetion at Purdue University5:53/251960
[ ]Harvard Glee ClubHarvard Glee Club to be here April 151:53/251960
[ ]Montoya, Carlos; ConcertsMontoya plans concert April 21:33/251960
[ ]Jackson, MahaliaTo give concert2:13/251960
[ ]Rilling, Rev. Dr. John talk in chapel Tuesday6:43/251960
[ ]Lindamood, George E.Wilson Fellowships go to three seniors1:13/251960
[ ]Stephenson, JamesWilson fellowships go to three seniors1:13/251960
[ ]Baird, Robert N.Wilson fellowships got to three seniors1:13/251960
[ ]Schmalenberger, Jerry E. To present original play, "Great Amen" at Easter Convocation1:54/11960
[ ]Plays;Religion; Plays"The Great Amen" to be presented at convocation1:54/11960
[ ]Sounds (publication); Torch; The WittApplications are re-opened1:44/11960
[ ]Voyageur Trails (company)Camping trips offered co-eds4:34/11960
[ ]BaseballCapital is Number 1 on Spring schedules4:44/11960
[ ]ChoirChoir concert to be given1:14/11960
[ ]Science HallDevelopment program plans million dollar building1:14/11960
[ ]Alma Mater; Christian Fellowship Council; Elections; Service Chairmen; Student Senate; Women's Athletic Association (WAA)Elections will decide positions2:34/11960
[ ]Stassen, Harold; Speakers; Russia; International RelationsFilms to give views of policy by Stassen1:44/11960
[ ]Harvard Glee ClubHarvard Club to Sing April 151:34/11960
[ ]Home Economics department; Haas, Dr. Mary; Johnson, Audrey; Cochran, MaryHome Economics attend Ohio conference2:44/11960
[ ]Bishop, Betty; Smith, Don C.; Tau Pi PhiHonorary initiates two in business1:34/11960
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities; Interfraternity Council; LettersIFC proposed plan will cause breach between frosh, school (Proposed 2nd semester rushing)2:14/11960
[ ]Bock, Arlene; Freshmen; Student SenateMiss Bock advocates amplified frosh week (por)2:14/11960
[ ]Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.President Stoughton predicts college will become a right -- "Education for Youth in Colleges and Universities" was workshop topic given by President of Wittenberg at Washington, D.C.1:24/11960
[ ]Hamma choirRecords on sale4:54/11960
[ ]Shanor, Dr. Carl; ChapelShanor to speak1:14/11960
[ ]Placement OfficeSocial work, research, scholarships among other opportunities for seniors3:44/11960
[ ]TennisTennis team to open season at Capital4;14/11960
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesTheatre Party, dinners Round-out Week for Greeks3:14/11960
[ ]Hartlage, Patricia; Mills, Virginia; OratoryThree make finals1:14/11960
[ ]FashionTip to Toes3:34/11960
[ ]The Rising Generation (television program)TV to feature 11 WU students1:54/11960
[ ]Foreign Languages Department; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldVisit Language Lab4:24/11960
[ ]Webster, Jerry; Student Senate; ElectionsWebster to enforce constitution if elected (por)2:44/11960
[ ]Intramural SportsWomen's Sports4:44/11960
[ ]Watson, Philip"Selected Lecturer for Year's Kessler Foundation4:44/81960
[ ]Fashion'Continental' is men's theme3:34/81960
[ ]Allen, RoyAllen named "Man of Week"6:34/81960
[ ]Bock, ArleneBock elected Student Senate prexy1:54/81960
[ ]Montoya, Carlos; ConcertsCarlos Montoya receives standing ovation3:14/81960
[ ]Weaver ChapelChapel has 60,000 Visitors6:54/81960
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolDr. Watson selected for year's Kessler Foundation4:44/81960
[ ]Summer CoursesExtensive program seen for summer5:14/81960
[ ]DebateFour will debate in novice tourney5:54/81960
[ ]Varsity NightFraternities give1:14/81960
[ ]Varsity Night; Fraternities and SororitiesFraternities to give Varsity Night April 231:14/81960
[ ]Protests; RacismHampton, Christian Federation give the positions on sit-downs2:14/81960
[ ]Wittenberger (annual)History4:14/81960
[ ]Hartman, Jeane; Home Economics department; Theta Eta Kappa (Home Economics Club)Home economists see copper work4?64/81960
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities; Interfraternity Council; LettersIs IFC cutting own throat? (Proposed 2nd semester rushing)2:44/81960
[ ]Kappa DeltaKDs win sorority swim meet for third year with 54 points6:14/81960
[ ]Rose, Leonard; Concerts; Springfield Symphony OrchestraLeonard Rose, cellist, to appear on Symphony's final program1:14/81960
[ ]Higher educationMagazine charges colleges, teachers not good enough5:34/81960
[ ]Torch; The Witt; Sounds (publication); EditorialsNot apathy again!: Disinterest is shown4:44/81960
[ ]Kessler Foundation LecturesPhilip Watson4:44/81960
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesProposed 2nd semester rushing2:44/81960
[ ]Rococo Ensemble; ConcertsRococo program set for Saturday4:44/81960
[ ]CampusSchool, city plans combined1:24/81960
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesSurprise Party, Pinnings head Greek spring social news3:44/81960
[ ]Hamma choirTen selections are on Hamma record5:54/81960
[ ]BaseballTigers win opener; shut out Capital, 6-06:44/81960
[ ]The Witt; TorchTorch, Witt have long history4:14/81960
[ ]Alma MaterUshers chosen for ceremony1:34/81960
[ ]Variety ShowVariety night set for May 12 & 134:54/81960
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities; DiscriminationWarn Greeks5:14/81960
[ ]Thompson, Ralston; ArtWorks on Exhibit5:54/81960
[ ]Niebuhr, Reinhold; Search for America film series'Morality' examines Man, group values1:14/221960
[ ]Varsity Night; Fraternities and Sororities2 Dramatists, news editor to judge Varsity Night skits1:14/221960
[ ]Popp, GottfriedGerman student finds Myers quiet, different social life, sports emphasis3:14/221960
[ ]Foreign StudentsGottfried Popp from Germany3:14/221960
[ ]International Harvester FoundationMakes $100,000 gift to Wittenberg1:44/221960
[ ]Conrad, Tom; Rilling, Beth; Student Senate; ElectionsTom Conrad is Senate veep1:44/221960
[ ]Dunkel Rating ServiceTorch to have service4:34/221960
[ ]Plays"Tragedy of Nan" to be presented2:14/291960
[ ]BandBand tours seven cities2:34/291960
[ ]Heiberg, HaroldConcert at Hiller1:34/291960
[ ]Honor DayConvo to reveal Wittenberg ideal1:24/291960
[ ]Flack, Dr. E.E.Dean retires from Hamma Divinity School1:14/291960
[ ]Hall, LindleyHall chosen IFC president (por)1:14/291960
[ ]Minor, JessieMinor, Karen Heitanen, Jan Hedrick chosen editors (por)1:54/291960
[ ]Wolfe, DonMVP6:34/291960
[ ]Faculty-Guest Artist SeriesPianist Heiberg to conclude series with concert1:34/291960
[ ]Rilling, BethAlma Mater presented at Honors Convo. (por)1:35/61960
[ ]Baldwin, GailBaldwin named outstanding journalist2:15/61960
[ ]BandBand to give home concert1:25/61960
[ ]Alma MaterBeth Rilling queen for 19611:35/61960
[ ]Bock, ArleneBock Torch bearer1:55/61960
[ ]Student SenateCampus vote needed to pass constitution3:35/61960
[ ]Honor DayConvo to reveal Wittenberg ideal1:35/61960
[ ]Belleman, Warren R.; Kemnitz, Mrs. TheodoreGifts totalling $30,000 given1:15/61960
[ ]Thornton, LucyHampton student finds WU different in several respects4:15/61960
[ ]Honor CodeMakes code clear1:25/61960
[ ]DiSalle, MichaelMichael DiSalle to speak at Convo1:55/61960
[ ]Miller, L. DavidNamed new music dean3:45/61960
[ ]Martin, Cheryltorch bearers1:55/61960
[ ]Martin, CherylTorch Bearers1:55/61960
[ ]Wittenberg Movie"Big Decision" takes award3:15/131960
[ ]Ivy Oration1960 - Virginia Mills1:15/131960
[ ]Hamma Divinity School27 seniors to graduate1:15/131960
[ ]Alpha Xi DeltaFuzzys, Phi Mus win first in sings.3:25/131960
[ ]Glasoe, Dr. PaulGlasoe will teach in Dakota institute4;25/131960
[ ]Oak OrationJim Kunde1:15/131960
[ ]Kunde, JimKunde plans for senior activites complete (Oak Orator)1:15/131960
[ ]Kappa Mu EpsilonMath society takes Kappa My pledges4:15/131960
[ ]Rilling, BethMembers elect new WCF officers1:15/131960
[ ]Miller, L. DavidMiller to accept degree from Lenior Rhyne1:25/131960
[ ]Honor CodePassed1:25/131960
[ ]CommencementPlans for senior activities complete1:15/131960
[ ]Mills, VirginiaPlans for senior activities complete (Ivy Orator)1:15/131960
[ ]Pelikan, Dr. JarislavPlans for senior activities complete (por)1:15/131960
[ ]Ostrom, Dr. John W.Resings post as chairman of English Department3:35/131960
[ ]Alma MaterSteeped in tradition2:45/131960
[ ]Movie-Wittenberg's The Big DecisionTakes award3:15/131960
[ ]Mathematics Societytakes Kappa Mu pledges4:15/131960
[ ]BaseballTeam has 24 straight wins in OC; looking for 2nd title6:35/131960
[ ]Phi Mu DeltaWin first in sings3:25/131960
[ ]BaseballWitt's baseball team retained its title as NCAA Mid-Eastern Regional Champions6:35/131960
[ ]Bogard, Allen; Hickes, Dr. Roy; Hillila, Dr. Bernard; Howat, Robert; King, James Roy; Klimenko, Michael; McCloy, James; Olsen, Ronald; Price, Allen T.; Wise, RonaldFaculty, staff to receive 15 new members1:59/91960
[ ]Hahn, Dr. Samuel Wilfred.Hahn rejoins faculty1:49/91960
[ ]Hall, LindleyHall meets student leaders (por)2:49/91960
[ ]Lancaster, RonLancaster joins Ottawa Rough Riders3:19/91960
[ ]Denny, MartinMartin Denny's group to open senate guest artist series1:19/91960
[ ]Block, Kenneth L.; Hedrick, Jan; Minor, Jessie; Rilling, Beth; Walchner, AnnaMeet student leaders (por)2:49/91960
[ ]Johnson, Bob; Nave, JimNave, Johnson serve as Tiger co-captains3:49/91960
[ ]Registrar's OfficeStudents to register by new plan1:59/91960
[ ]TraditionsBeanies, union, etc6:19/161960
[ ]Ruths, Arthur L.Board secretary speaks in chapel1:49/161960
[ ]Bush, Prof. EverettBush named chairman of the Department of Earth Science3:49/161960
[ ]Call, Prof. ReginaldCall becomes acting chairman of the English Department3:49/161960
[ ]Hagelberg, M. PaulHagelberg named acting chairman of the physics department3:49/161960
[ ]Hanley HallHonors Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Hanley1:59/161960
[ ]Chaney, LoryLory Chaney was selected Miss Glacier National Park for 19603:59/161960
[ ]Strack, CharlesRepresentative of freshman football players4:19/161960
[ ]Student SenateRevised code of elections due for consideration by legislature1:19/161960
[ ]Wilcox, Tonyto train with Cincinnati Royals5:19/161960
[ ]Ermarth, FritzTwo seniors praticipate in honor program2:49/161960
[ ]FootballWittenberg Tigers open season against Big Green4:39/161960
[ ]Plays"Annie Get Your Gun" directed by Hammond1:39/231960
[ ]Student SenateAdopted1:59/231960
[ ]Alard String QuartetAlard String Quartet to open faculty series1:19/231960
[ ]Nixon, RichardInvited to speak at Wittenberg1:19/231960
[ ]Denny, MartinMartin Denny to set tropical scene1:19/231960
[ ]Shanor, Rev. Dr. Carl W.Prof. will speak at church retreat2:59/231960
[ ]Kennedy, John F.Senator Kennedy to speak Oct. 17 at Wittenberg1:19/231960
[ ]CheerleadersSeven join WU cheering squad (por)1:29/231960
[ ]SyncopatesStarted1:59/231960
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesTo please or not2:19/231960
[ ]Edwards, BillCongratulations (por)1:39/301960
[ ]DejongDejong line coach6:39/301960
[ ]Wittenberg EnrollmentEnrollment hits high1:59/301960
[ ]Haas, Dr. Mary EllenHaas speaks at Guild's meeting1:39/301960
[ ]Denny, MartinMartin Denny captivates audience2:39/301960
[ ]Goeser, Prof. Robert J.New members augment faculty and staff4:29/301960
[ ]FeesPrexy announces coming rise in tutition, board room fees1:19/301960
[ ]Klingbeil, RobertProfessional dancer to act as choreographer for musical4:49/301960
[ ]Enquist, Dr. RoyReligion staff receives two new members4:29/301960
[ ]Ermarth, Prof. Margaret SittlerSpeaker for Women's Guild (biographical information)3:39/301960
[ ]HomecomingStudents plan1:39/301960
[ ]FootballTiger cubs perform major roles5:19/301960
[ ]Search for America film seriesTo open tonight1:49/301960
[ ]Nixon, RichardUnable to come1:49/301960
[ ]Ostrom, Dr. John W.6 profs bowl on school team8:110/71960
[ ]Olsen, Ronald; Peterson, Karl S.; Telfer, James L.7 profs bowl on school team8:110/71960
[ ]ChoirChoir arranges plans for '61 European tour1:110/71960
[ ]Weaver ChapelHistory - windows6:310/71960
[ ]Weaver ChapelHistory panes show highlights of Wittenberg's 116 years6:310/71960
[ ]Kommel, Miss MargaretKommel to appear in artistic series1:510/71960
[ ]Kennedy, John F.More plans set for Kennedy's visit1:410/71960
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolNew program arranged for pastor training6:110/71960
[ ]Nursery SchoolSeven children enrolled3:210/71960
[ ]Bush, Prof. EverettSeven profs bowl on school team8:110/71960
[ ]HomecomingStudents plan6:410/71960
[ ]Shatzer, Charles GallatinWittenberg receives bequest from estate of former teacher and dean1:110/71960
[ ]Shaffer, LouiseAccepts award4:510/141960
[ ]Anderson, ShirleyAnderson, Shirley cast as "Annie" for musical1:310/141960
[ ]Brown, MillieBrown competes in amateur horse shows6:110/141960
[ ]Dad's DayDad's Day plans revealed1:110/141960
[ ]Kennedy, John F.Kennedy to speak on Monday1:110/141960
[ ]Homecoming Queen1960 Linda Clark1:110/221960
[ ]Beta Theta PiBeta Theta Pi receives fire trumpet5:410/221960
[ ]HomecomingClark (Linda) to reign (por)1:110/221960
[ ]Home Management HouseCoeds pursue homemaking tasks6:210/221960
[ ]Kennedy, John F.Kennedy visits campus; states code of ethics for government1:110/221960
[ ]Clark, LindaLinda Clark, '63, to reign over Homecoming (por)1:110/221960
[ ]SyncopatesMake debut at game8:110/221960
[ ]Klingbeil, RobertProfessional dancer to act as choreographer for musical1:410/221960
[ ]Homecoming QueenRepresents 29 year tradition4:110/221960
[ ]Jackisch, FrederickTo appear Sunday in artist series recital4:410/221960
[ ]Dad's DayGame, musical, highlight plans1:310/281960
[ ]Wilcox, TonyJoins Globetrotters1:210/281960
[ ]Kappa DeltaKD has top sorority display1:110/281960
[ ]HomecomingPhi Psi's cop traveling trophy; KD has top sorority display1:110/281960
[ ]HomecomingTigers trample Capital3:110/281960
[ ]U.S. Information AgencyTo feature Wittenberg as one out of six colleges1:510/281960
[ ]Wittenberg UniversityUniversity among six to be featured in USA film1:610/281960
[ ]Phi Kappa PsiWin traveling trophy1:110/281960
[ ]Flood, DennisFlood plays four large roles at once (por)4:411/41960
[ ]Foreign StudentsForeign students speak on U.S. Prestige211/41960
[ ]Dad's DayGame, musical highlight plans1:111/41960
[ ]Hertz, Dr. Karl H.Hertz feels students find problems success in marriage4:211/41960
[ ]Pelikan, Dr. JarislavTo be speaker at convocation1:111/41960
[ ]Plays"Annie Get Your Gun" directed by Hammond1:211/111960
[ ]After-Dinner Opera CompanyAfter-Dinner Opera Company to perform in senate series1:111/111960
[ ]Ching-Yeun Li, KevenChinese student feels U.S. education is tops2:411/111960
[ ]Mathematics DepartmentIncreases curriculum1:211/111960
[ ]Dillahunt, Ray; Dillahunt, RonRay and Ron Dillahunt are men of week5:511/111960
[ ]Lyen, BeatriceU. S. Malayan employee studies American elections, campus2:111/111960
[ ]Dad's DayWeekend plans include old fire engine1:511/111960
[ ]Plays"All My Sons" to be presented1:511/181960
[ ]After-Dinner Opera CompanyAfter-Dinner Opera Company to perform on campus tonight1:311/181960
[ ]Carpenter, BillBill Carpenter is "Man of the Week"6:511/181960
[ ]Heunen, Antonius J. M.Linotype operator from Holland helps publish TORCH, SOUNDS2:411/181960
[ ]Henkle, GeorgePresident of Dad's Association, 4th annual meeting1:211/181960
[ ]Mitchell, Rev. Carveth PearnTo speak here Tuesday1:411/181960
[ ]After-Dinner Opera CompanyAfter-Dinner Opera Company proves enjoyable2:512/21960
[ ]Haskins, James RobertFeatures "Christmas Concerto"1:412/21960
[ ]Foreign StudentsForeign students give view of Thanksgiving3:412/21960
[ ]Lucktenberg, GeorgeHarpsichord music to be featured at Guest Artist series1:312/21960
[ ]Four FreshmenHighlight senate series program1:112/21960
[ ]Stoughton, Rev. DonaldNew Hamma Director of Lay Training1:112/21960
[ ]Boese, Neal; Grohne, JudySenior board elects officers1:212/21960
[ ]Franta, Bill; Tranquill, GaryTigers named to OC first team5:112/21960
[ ]Carpenter, BillTigers named to OC first team (por)5:112/21960
[ ]Andes, EllaAndes becomes citizen of U.S.2:412/91960
[ ]Phi Eta SigmaArrested for bootlegging "way back when"3:112/91960
[ ]Wittenberg TrioGuest artist series to present recital of chamber music1:112/91960
[ ]Tranquill, GaryIs "man of week"6:312/91960
[ ]Kantzer, MargaretKantzer reelected national secretary of Kappa Delta Epsilon3:312/91960
[ ]Morse, EdwinLeads league5:312/91960
[ ]Student UnionPlans for new union started1:112/91960
[ ]Four FreshmenTo perform tomorrow1:312/91960
[ ]Viljoen, Abraham Carelvisits Hamma Divinity School1:212/91960
[ ]Foreign StudentsClassrooms abroad, summer program planned2:112/161960
[ ]Fisher, BillGeorge, Bill Fisher provede brother combination for Tigers (por)6:412/161960
[ ]Fisher, GeorgeGeorge, Bill Fisher provide brother combination for tigers (por)6:412/161960
[ ]Four FreshmenLove to sing for colleges4:212/161960
[ ]Collegium MusicumMusical Christmas programs scheduled by Baroque group3:412/161960
[ ]Student SenateSuggestion box available3:112/161960
[ ]Bredoff, MikeVeteran chess player begins hobby when eight years old2:412/161960