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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Plays"The Young and Fair" to be presented2:31/91959
[ ]Chapel Players'Boy' presented as Players tour3:31/91959
[ ]CampusCampus buys Sun house1:11/91959
[ ]Sommer, AnnemarieIron Curtain familiar to German pre-med major2:41/91959
[ ]Wiley, Jacksonis soloist in concert series1:31/91959
[ ]Faculty-Guest Artist SeriesJackson Wiley is soloist1:31/91959
[ ]Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.Named to head renovations1:41/91959
[ ]Wylie, Lloyd R.Of Rockets and Russia1:51/91959
[ ]Danford, NancyOrganist to give program2:41/91959
[ ]Holm, JonTwo will attend Harvard tourney1:31/91959
[ ]Price, Henry J. HankTwo will attend Harvary Tourney1:31/91959
[ ]Delta Phi AlphaWorship service done in German2:41/91959
[ ]Plays"The Young and Fair" has all-girl cast2:21/161959
[ ]Greek WeekAn established tradition2:41/161959
[ ]ChoirAnnual tour includes three states1:31/161959
[ ]PlaysCast listed for "The Remembered Years"1:11/161959
[ ]Shepfer, Robert J.Former Wittenberger is Sunday's soloist1:11/161959
[ ]Flesner, Dr. D.A.Hamma grad becomes prof4:31/161959
[ ]Nicholson, Mrs. NancyNicholson compiles index to Poe letters2:31/161959
[ ]Sebastian, PhilSebastian's musical stars White, Willis1:11/161959
[ ]Faculty-Guest Artist SeriesShepfer, Robert J., former Wittenberger1:11/161959
[ ]Bush, Prof. EverettSummer institute stresses science1:21/161959
[ ]Holm, Jon; Price, Henry J. HankTwo will attend Harvard tourney4:11/161959
[ ]CommutersVarious commuter facilities offer home away from home2:41/161959
[ ]Dressler, Mrs. MiriamBus housemother has many activities1:42/61959
[ ]Dressler, Mrs. MiriamBusy housemother has many activities3:42/61959
[ ]Nursery SchoolChildren and students enriched by program5:12/61959
[ ]Presidents of WittenbergDr. Stoughton stricken with hear ailment2:12/61959
[ ]SyncopatesDrill team time!4:22/61959
[ ]Eckstrand, Dr. Gordon A.Eckstrand speaks of peace.1:42/61959
[ ]Mustaps, Miss PaulineLibrarian is accomplished linguist2:32/61959
[ ]Home Management HouseManagement house course revised5:42/61959
[ ]Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.President stricken with heart ailment2:12/61959
[ ]Smith, JeanneQueen (Greek Week) (por)1, 22/61959
[ ]Home Management HouseTen live in Management House5:32/61959
[ ]Traver, Dr. Amos J.Work gets translation4:52/61959
[ ]Kiwanis Future Teachers ClinicClinic aids future teachers4:32/131959
[ ]Holm, Jon; Price, Henry J. HankDebaters win two in Harvard meet1:32/131959
[ ]Miller, L. DavidMiller to study in Germany1:22/131959
[ ]Kobelius, Rev. JoachimPastor to study dorm life here3:42/131959
[ ]Faculty-Guest Artist SeriesRobert Wynne soloist for seventh in series1:12/131959
[ ]Thompson, RalstonWill display work1:22/131959
[ ]WICannounce disbandment2:12/201959
[ ]Bellam, PaulConcert to feature violinist (por)1:42/201959
[ ]Faculty-Guest Artist SeriesPaul Bellam (por)1:42/201959
[ ]Recreation NightSenate sponsors fun and games1:32/201959
[ ]InsuranceStudent insurance today2:42/201959
[ ]Plays;Religion; Plays"Christ in the Concrete City" in production1:12/271959
[ ]Sebastian, Phil"Remembered year" refreshing2:12/271959
[ ]ChoirAnnual tour includes three states1:42/271959
[ ]Norstog, Knute J.Discusses beliefs; correlates religion, science3:42/271959
[ ]Weaver ChapelLiving symbolism2:42/271959
[ ]Management Development CenterProgram aids community industry5:12/271959
[ ]Plays"The Diary of Ann Frank" stars Griscott1:13/61959
[ ]Kobelius, Rev. JoachimKobelius to lead dorm discussions1:43/61959
[ ]Weaver ChapelLiving symbolism2:33/61959
[ ]Alma MaterPageant revised1:13/61959
[ ]Founders DayPlans activities to observe founding1:33/61959
[ ]Ivy Oration1959 - Phil Sebastian1:53/131959
[ ]Student SenateCampus vote approaches as Senate approves constitution1:23/131959
[ ]AutomobilesDriving privileges revised; women may operate cars1:43/131959
[ ]Weaver ChapelLiving symbolism3:33/131959
[ ]New, Inez; Oak Oration; Sebastian, Phil; Shanor, StuartOrators chosen1:53/131959
[ ]Traver, Dr. Amos J.Receives citation for service1:23/131959
[ ]Pelikan, Dr. JarislavSpeaker to travel beyond togetherness1:43/131959
[ ]Oak OrationStu Shanor1:53/131959
[ ]Bush, Prof. EverettSummer institute stresses science3:23/131959
[ ]Laux, Dr. Louis JBio department to grow in fall1:14/31959
[ ]Clevenger, Dr. SarahBio Dept. to grow in fall1:14/31959
[ ]OperaDouble bill opera featured in Music School presentation1:44/31959
[ ]Ham, Prof. John BennettHam becomes head1:34/31959
[ ]FacultyMembers advanced1:14/31959
[ ]Weider, RuthReceives Woodrow Wilson fellowship (por)1:44/31959
[ ]Scott, WilliamTwo appointed to join staff1:44/31959
[ ]Schilling, Dr. Harold K.Will visit campus1:24/31959
[ ]Plays;Religion; Plays"Christ in the Concrete City" in production3:54/101959
[ ]Brammer, Dr. Bart R.Brammer will address graduates1:14/101959
[ ]OperaDouble bill opera featured in Music School presentation3:54/101959
[ ]CommencementDr. Brammer will address graduates1:14/101959
[ ]Ham, Prof. John Bennett; Kommel, Miss MargaretFaculty featured for final concert5:44/101959
[ ]Faculty-Guest Artist SeriesHam and Kommel featured5:44/101959
[ ]Heyerdahl, NormanHeyerdahl wins Foundation grant6:44/101959
[ ]Fisher, RebeccaJunior chosen section president for Ohio Home Economics Association (por)5:24/101959
[ ]Kunde, JimKunde chosen IFC mentor1:14/101959
[ ]Martin, CherylMartin receives first Lions' scholarship4:44/101959
[ ]Reynolds, Dr. EarleRadiation research subject at convo.1:34/101959
[ ]Martin, CherylReceives first Lions' scholarship4:44/101959
[ ]Summer Service ProgramReleased4:14/101959
[ ]Varsity NightBacklog of talent, trophies [history of Varsity Night]3:44/171959
[ ]Alma MaterCourt personnel, chairmen chosen1:14/171959
[ ]Pi Delta EpsilonFirst publications banquet to honor campus writers1:14/171959
[ ]Pierson, ArnoldTake top honors6:34/171959
[ ]Presser, CarolTakes top honors6:34/171959
[ ]Hertz, Dr. Karl H.Taped series probes "Minds of Men"4:24/171959
[ ]Howarth, HerbertVisiting Briton to treat T.S. Eliot3:14/171959
[ ]Sheperd, BarbaraBaldwin, Sheperd will edit TORCH, 1960 WITT1:14/231959
[ ]Baldwin, GailBaldwin, Shepperd will edit Torch, 1960 Witt (por)1:14/231959
[ ]ChoirBlind hear choir4:14/231959
[ ]Grossett, DeanneCampus journalists honored1:34/231959
[ ]Delta Sigma Phi; Delta Sigma Phi; Varsity NightDelta Sigs take top trophy2:14/231959
[ ]IntegrationFaculty passes on integration2:34/231959
[ ]Holm, Jon; Phillips, TylerHolm and Phillips victors in race for senate posts (por)1:44/231959
[ ]Coleman, JamesJames Coleman starts new sport here4:44/231959
[ ]DebateNovices capture state debate title2:14/231959
[ ]Brandt, Diane; Hutchison, MarthaTwo receive Gram award2:14/231959
[ ]Howes, JonUniversity awards senior prexy post2:54/231959
[ ]Plays"Harvey" on stage tonight1:15/11959
[ ]ConvocationsCommittee submits recommendations2:45/11959
[ ]Deems, TerryDinner fetes sports stars4:35/11959
[ ]Franta, BillDinner for sports stars4:35/11959
[ ]Gale, MyrnaGale reigns as new Alma Mater1:45/11959
[ ]Honor DayHonor to whom honor is due1:15/11959
[ ]Alma MaterMyrna Gale resigns as new Alma Mater (por)1:45/11959
[ ]Intersorority singSing steeped in tradition1:45/11959
[ ]Brees, Prof. Paul R.Brees succumbs to stroke (por)1:15/81959
[ ]CurriculumEnglish Dept. adds additional courses6:35/81959
[ ]Alpha Xi DeltaFuzzies score second straight win1:45/81959
[ ]Gamo, YoshioJapanese official to visit campus1:35/81959
[ ]Pospesel, HowardReceives stipend5:35/81959
[ ]TorchReceives three OCNA awards1:25/81959
[ ]Schrag, Dr. F. JamesTo direct foreign seminars4:15/81959
[ ]Plays"The Big Decision" stars Maureen McDaniel1:35/151959
[ ]Streich, Charles E.Awarded Fulbright4:45/151959
[ ]CommencementDr. Reinartz is Baccalaureate speaker (por)4:15/151959
[ ]Call, Prof. ReginaldEnglish professor joins staff3:25/151959
[ ]McDaniel, MaureenHas lead in new film about Wittenberg1:35/151959
[ ]Reinartz, Dr. F. Epplingin Baccalaureate speaker (por)4:15/151959
[ ]Alma Materinvestiture Friday (por)3:35/151959
[ ]Lambda Chi AlphaLambda Chi Alpha came out on top in sing1:15/151959
[ ]Lincoln, NormanLincoln wins SOUNDS award1:55/151959
[ ]Honor CodeNew honor code2:35/151959
[ ]Honor DormPlanned. Drawings by seniority to decide rooms3:15/151959
[ ]Chatterton, RuthTheatre presented by Miss Chatterton1:35/151959
[ ]Auten, Miss Vera; Beuschlein, Harold; Toy, Mrs. Janet P.Three instructors appointed to faculty5:45/151959
[ ]CommencementTwenty-four to get degrees in Hamma1:15/151959
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolTwenty-four to get degrees in...graduation Sunday1:15/151959
[ ]Johnson, Lena Christine"Chris" completes 50 years on campus2:45/211959
[ ]Wehn, Mrs. Nan;Deaths'59 class member dies of meningitis1:45/211959
[ ]Arnold, DaveArnold, Dave awarded teaching internship from Johns Hopkins for degree work1:25/211959
[ ]Ashbaugh, Mrs. NancyAshbaugh, Mrs. Nancy to direct ballet3:15/211959
[ ]Cantwell, Mrs. AnnFerncliff's 'Mother' Cantwell to terminate 10-year career (por)3:25/211959
[ ]Gale, MyrnaGale reigns as new Alma Mater1:15/211959
[ ]CommencementPresident to confer 249 degrees June 81:45/211959
[ ]FeesTuition plan to be initiated1:35/211959
[ ]Plays"Guys and Dolls"1:29/101959
[ ]CampusPlaces you'll go2:39/101959
[ ]PlaysPremiere of "Big Decision" set1:59/101959
[ ]Wittenberg Movie"Big decision" premiere set1:59/171959
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities1866 marks start of Social Fraternities6:19/171959
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities1866 marks start of social fratiernities6:19/171959
[ ]LibraryBooks increased from 5 to 110,000 volumes5:39/171959
[ ]Class of 1963Class of 1963: first class to enter university numbers 495 from 27 states1:29/171959
[ ]Shatzer, Charles GallatinDeath occurs Saturday1:39/171959
[ ]Edwards, BillEdwards leads athletic success7:29/171959
[ ]Presidents of WittenbergEight presidents lead school during 115 years of existence4:29/171959
[ ]FootballFootball team portrait7:19/171959
[ ]Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.Kept busy with University affairs2:39/171959
[ ]AthleticsKey to athletic policy is school correlation7:39/171959
[ ]History of WittenbergMomorable dates--1842-19594:49/171959
[ ]Presidents of WittenbergUniversity keeps president busy2:39/171959
[ ]History of WittenbergWittenberg4:69/171959
[ ]TraditionsWittenberg5:19/171959
[ ]Fleming, Arthur; University DayWittenberg commemorates becoming a university1:19/171959
[ ]CoeducationWomen entered in Sept. 18745:59/171959
[ ]Merrill, Prof. HerbertEarns PhDNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.6:29/201959
[ ]Fleming, Arthur"Pursuit of Excellence" stressed in address2:19/251959
[ ]Hoffman, George; Partridge, Janice; Scott, W. E.; Anderson, Darrel; Glick, Milton; Krato, John C.; Laux, Dr. Louis J; Lucas, James; Matthews, Dr. William R.; Mitchell, Stephen O.; Peterson, Karl S.; Shannon, Robert; Stirewalt, Dr. M. L.; Call, Prof. Regin20 join Wittenberg faculty4:29/251959
[ ]Weinlander, Dr. AlbertinaAuthor of "Your Child in a Scientific World"3:39/251959
[ ]Ludwick, JohnClass of '62 chooses prexy1:39/251959
[ ]Foster, Eleanor; Miller, Mrs. JuanitaFifteen musicians to appear5:49/251959
[ ]Krabo, John C.Krabo arrives on campus1:19/251959
[ ]Lydle, MarilynLydle is frosh queen (por)1:49/251959
[ ]Freshman QueenMarilyn Lydle is frosh queen (por)1:49/251959
[ ]Veler, HerbertReceives honorary degree on University day2:39/251959
[ ]Krato, John C.Teacher finds class "all wet"1:19/251959
[ ]Toy, Mrs. Janet P.Three instructors appointed to faculty4:29/251959
[ ]Alumnae/AlumniWitt had 13,000 living alumni5:19/251959
[ ]University DayWittenberg commemorates becoming a university2:19/251959
[ ]Plays"Guys and Dolls"1:210/21959
[ ]Ruml, Beardsley"Memo to a College Trustee' suggest improvements for liberal arts institutions2:310/21959
[ ]Choir42 members join1:310/21959
[ ]Zimmerman HallClothing lab gets 'new look'4:410/21959
[ ]Delta GammaDelta Gamma's make plans for house3:510/21959
[ ]Hiller, Professor Robert H.Dr. R. Hiller composes hymn, Alman Mater among others4:110/21959
[ ]CheerleadersEight new leaders are to cheer5:310/21959
[ ]Forster, Mrs. Eleannor; Miller, Mrs. JuanitaFirst artist concert set for Sunday1:410/21959
[ ]Languages DepartmentLanguage laboratories now being used by students taking foreign languages5:110/21959
[ ]Fisher, GeorgeJunior justiceNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:310/91959
[ ]American Woodwind QuintetAmerican Woodwind Quintet plans wind clinic1:110/161959
[ ]School of MusicAnnex being used by Music School5:410/161959
[ ]ChoirChapel Choir numbers sixty (membership list)5:310/161959
[ ]ConvocationsConvo revitalized; guest artist series to start4:410/161959
[ ]Danforth FoundationDanforth Foundation aids further study1:510/161959
[ ]Kommel, Miss MargaretMusic instructor to sing in Muncie6:310/161959
[ ]Rilling, Rev. Dr. John join Hamma staff3:510/161959
[ ]Nursery SchoolTwelve pupils3:410/161959
[ ]Plays"Guys and Dolls" (por)1:210/231959
[ ]The Witt1959 Witt receives CSPA top rating1:110/231959
[ ]Handschumacker, Dr. R. E.Cancer studies to be related1:310/231959
[ ]School of MusicEarns award3:310/231959
[ ]HomecomingFestivities set for alumni1:510/231959
[ ]Gale, MyrnaGale relates exchange experience5:210/231959
[ ]Hampton Institute ExchangeMyina Gale relates exchange experience5:310/231959
[ ]Hayden, Dr. Albert; Zimmerman, Dr. William DavidTwo join staff as professors3:410/231959
[ ]American Woodwind QuintetVaried backgrounds, talents shown in woodwind quintet4:110/231959
[ ]Homecoming Queen1959 Soni Davis1;510/311959
[ ]HomecomingGroups await verdict. History and resume3:1, 2:310/311959
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolNew uses planned for Hamma area2:410/311959
[ ]Homecoming; Miller, Ralph B.Oldest football player honored5:210/311959
[ ]HomecomingQueen Soni Davis to reign1:510/311959
[ ]Davis, SoniSoni Davis to reighn over game, dance (por)1:510/311959
[ ]Maurer, TomTom Maurer is president1:210/311959
[ ]Valbracht, Rev. Louis H.WU, Hamma alum to talk Monday1:110/311959
[ ]Plays"Guys and Dolls"1:411/61959
[ ]Dad's DayActivities scheduled for dad on his day1:211/61959
[ ]Glasoe, Dr. PaulGlasoe receives 1959-60 grant of $3,000 from Research Corp.1:211/61959
[ ]Seaver, Dr. Georgeto give lectures on work, life of Schweitzer (por)1:111/61959
[ ]Kappa DeltaTrophies given to Beta's KD's1:511/61959
[ ]Beta Theta PiTrophies given to Betas, KD's1:511/61959
[ ]Herman, WoodyWoodchopper here Nov. 201:311/61959
[ ]Plays"Guys and Dolls"1:111/131959
[ ]Plays"Guys and Dolls" proclaimed success; Adelaide steals show1:311/131959
[ ]American Student Information ServiceAmerican Student Information Service makes living, working abroad possible for students in America5:311/131959
[ ]Gamage, ParkerExhibit features forty seascapes3:211/131959
[ ]Royer, Miss NettieGives house to university4:311/131959
[ ]Slaymaker, Dr. John E.New state advisor for gifted children's program4:111/131959
[ ]Plays"Guys and Dolls"1:311/201959
[ ]Bachelor of the YearBachelor of the Year to reign over Woody Herman dance (por)1:311/201959
[ ]Lee, Rev. Robert E.Campus plans service, convo1:511/201959
[ ]Goeser, Mrs. Isabelle McClungGoeser to be featured in concert in Hiller Sunday1:111/201959
[ ]Home Economics DepartmentHome Economics Management House gets new look4:411/201959
[ ]Faculty-Guest Artist SeriesMrs. Goeser to be featured in concert1:111/201959
[ ]Home Management HouseOld house to don new look4:411/201959
[ ]Reed, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H.Reeds to speak at banquet for classes, convo in December1:111/201959
[ ]Plays;Religion; Plays"The Guardian" set for convocation1:312/41959
[ ]Reinartz, Dr. F. Eppling$12,000 anonymous gift made in honor of Dr. F. E. Reinartz1:312/41959
[ ]Community Education SchoolCommunity Education School claims largest enrollment4:112/41959
[ ]Bachelor of the YearHarmon chosen5:212/41959
[ ]Slaymaker, Dr. John E.New state advisor for gifted children's program6:412/41959
[ ]The WittReceives NSYA rating1:112/41959
[ ]Reed, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H.Reeds say informed people needed for good government1:112/41959
[ ]Wolf, Dr. Herberttells home economists that hold wedlock can be holy deadlock5:112/41959
[ ]Plays;Religion; Plays"The Guardian" set for convocation (pic)1:212/111959
[ ]Kleinfeld, GeorgeArtist series offers singer1:112/111959
[ ]Faculty-Guest Artist SeriesArtist series offers singer (Kleinfeld)1:112/111959
[ ]Loyalty OathCampus endorses loyalty oath in poll1:512/111959
[ ]Carter, Rev. RolandCandle convocation6:512/111959
[ ]ChristmasFlemish homes display frescoes, antiques4:112/111959
[ ]Lutz, Dr. ArthurLutz honored by foundation1:412/111959
[ ]Lancaster, RonMost valuable football player chosen for 19596:412/111959
[ ]Rosevear, Lloyd...SOUNDS winners for poetry3:112/171959
[ ]ChristmasCandles, Father Christmas, dinners, carols to highlight coming holiday celebrations2:312/171959
[ ]Collegium MusicumCollegium Musicum at First Lutheran5:312/171959
[ ]Raebeck, Dr. CharlesExplains meaning of self-directed classroom4:412/171959
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterHealth center moves to 28 W. Madison Ave.4:312/171959
[ ]Allen, JosephSOUNDS winners for poetry3:112/171959