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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]AdmissionsApplications run 54% over those of 19571:21/91958
[ ]Reissig, Rev. Herman F.At convo2:51/91958
[ ]John Chowning CollegiatesCollegiates now on record3:31/91958
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesDiscrimination2:11/91958
[ ]Roselius, Roland E.Granted Ph.D.3:31/91958
[ ]Schooler, Ronaldheads dorm league3:41/91958
[ ]Dickerson, KenKenneth Dickerson appointed college editor4:31/91958
[ ]Perry, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene PatrickNativity painting given to college2:51/91958
[ ]Honor CodeRevision voted on1:31/91958
[ ]Plays;Religion; Plays"Tobias and the Angel" to be presented1:11/171958
[ ]BandBand plans Ohio, Penn. tour1:31/171958
[ ]Weaver ChapelCandlesticks by Jacob Schmidt4:11/171958
[ ]Ortlepp, Dr. Ernest E.Gives $25,000 to Wittenberg3:51/171958
[ ]Ostrom, Dr. John W.Textbook used in schools1:11/171958
[ ]Schmidt, JacobThe candlestick maker4:11/171958
[ ]Thomas, Harold O.$15,000 match gift2:41/291958
[ ]Student CourtCourt report5:51/291958
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolCurriculum revised1:11/291958
[ ]Veler, HerbertElected president of Synod1:11/291958
[ ]Honor CouncilHonor Council defines Plagiarism1:21/291958
[ ]CurriculumIndependent study keynotes revised Hamma curriculum1:11/291958
[ ]Kantonen, Dr. Taito A.Kantonen says discrimination is perversion1:31/291958
[ ]Student SenateOrganization is three-fold5:41/291958
[ ]Plays"The Warrior's Husband"1:22/71958
[ ]Student SenateAdds 3 to legislature1:42/71958
[ ]Phi Kappa PsiProbation terminated1:12/71958
[ ]Myers HallRehabilitation of hall1:52/71958
[ ]Rilling, Rev. Dr. John W.; United Lutheran Church in America (ULCA)Alumnus named ULCA chaplainNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.3:22/121958
[ ]Plays"The Warrior's Husband" (pic)1:12/151958
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesDiscrimination2:12/151958
[ ]Van Meter, Annenter [Urbana Daily] Citizen contest (por)3:32/151958
[ ]Longines SymphonetteLongines playes here Friday4:12/151958
[ ]Veler, RichardReceives Gram award3:22/151958
[ ]Strong, BethReigns during Greek Week1:42/151958
[ ]Hazlitt, Joseph"Ivy Leaguers" (from Rex Magazine)2:12/211958
[ ]Sivadon, CarlaGoes to New York4:22/211958
[ ]Kinnison, Dr. William A.Kinnison appointed as asst. director of admissions1:22/211958
[ ]Walters, William R.Receives grant4:32/211958
[ ]ChoirChoir begins four-state tour2/281958
[ ]Pi Kappa AlphaHolds Founder's Day1:12/281958
[ ]Spenny, EdwardO'Keefe and Spenny awarded grant1:22/281958
[ ]O'Keefe, DennisO'Keefe and Spenny awarded grants1:22/281958
[ ]Library"Cabbage and Kings"3:43/71958
[ ]Wylie, Lloyd R.Aids in Sputnik search1:33/71958
[ ]BasketballAkron chews up champ hopes, nudging Tigers to second seat (por)1:13/71958
[ ]Plays; Bishop CompanyBishop Company presents 3 plays1:53/71958
[ ]Fisher, Miss IloCabbage and Kings2:43/71958
[ ]Gifts; Chai, WinbergWinberg Chai, '55, gives $4002:33/71958
[ ]Finances$165,000 given 500 in scholarships, aid2:43/141958
[ ]GiftsDimon Herring estate donates $50,0001:13/141958
[ ]Herring, DimonHerring estate yields $50,0001:13/141958
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesLegal summer rushing keynotes IFC's revision of 1957 rules1:63/141958
[ ]Lindsley, Dr. Donald B.Lindsley offers Harvard talks3:33/141958
[ ]Student CourtPoll reveals student indifference3:13/141958
[ ]Rho Beta EpsilonRefused recognition1:13/141958
[ ]Veler, HerbertTo speak here1:43/141958
[ ]McKenzie, JanFreshmen find versatility among talented cohorts (por)4:33/211958
[ ]Trueblood, Dr. EltonFreshmen plan convo1:13/211958
[ ]Fisher, GeorgeFrosh class officers lead lively lives2:43/211958
[ ]Freshman Slave DayFrosh to sponsor slave market; beauty, service for highest bid1:23/211958
[ ]Glasoe, Dr. PaulGlasoe receives summer appointment1:13/211958
[ ]Varsity NightGuild to sponsor6:13/211958
[ ]Deems, TerryJunior. . .gets Gregory award3:43/211958
[ ]Hamma choirSeminary choir tours six cities3:33/211958
[ ]Alpha Tau OmegaTaus hold Founders Day3:43/211958
[ ]Ivy Oration1958 - Joyce AndersonNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:53/231958
[ ]McCarty, Bob548 garners singles event4:53/271958
[ ]LibraryBorrowing records2:33/271958
[ ]Morrell, Dr. Minnie CateGets fellowship1:53/271958
[ ]Norstog, Knute J.One of six professors promoted1:43/271958
[ ]O'Keefe, DennisOrators cop first in three events1/13/271958
[ ]Shanor, Stuart; Ware, GilbertOrators cop first in three events1:13/271958
[ ]Faculty; Kommel, Miss MargaretSix professors promoted1:43/271958
[ ]Morrell, Dr. Minnie CateSix profs promoted1:43/271958
[ ]LibraryStudent librarians association3:33/271958
[ ]Alma MaterAllion, Nimmer, Parker chosen as Alma Mater candidates1:14/111958
[ ]Nimmer, MargeryAllison, Nimmer, Parker chosen as 1958 Alma Mater candidates1:14/111958
[ ]Linham, TedCouncil picks Linham president for 19591:54/111958
[ ]Dad's AssociationDads raise $14,000 for faculty pay1:34/111958
[ ]Schooler, Ronaldguides in World Fair pavillion (por)3:14/111958
[ ]Wolfe, Jamesto play with symphony3:54/111958
[ ]Veler, RichardVeler, Tuleen win Wilson fellowships (pic)3:34/111958
[ ]Ferncliff HallFerncliff closes dining hall2:34/181958
[ ]Grossett, DeanneHanes, Miss Grossett, Phillips will edit Torch, Wittenberger1:14/181958
[ ]Phillips, TylerHanes, Miss Grossett, Phillips will edit Torch, Wittenberger (por)1:14/181958
[ ]Dietrich, HeimtrautHeimtraut Dietrich appointed dean3:44/181958
[ ]Theta Gamma AlphaHistory of a new social group5:14/181958
[ ]Lubbers, ArendLubbers resigns4:34/181958
[ ]Ohio College Newspaper AssociationMeets in Springfield3:14/181958
[ ]Rilling, Rev. Dr. John W.Miller, Rilling edit hymnal5:44/181958
[ ]Miller, L. David; United Lutheran Church in America (ULCA)On permanent commission of Liturgy & Hymnal-ULCA5:54/181958
[ ]Joyce, JonPrice, Joyce take Senate posts1:44/181958
[ ]Price, Henry J. HankPrice, Joyce take senate posts1:44/181958
[ ]Nave, Dr. Floyd R.Receives fellowship5:34/181958
[ ]Theta Gamma AlphaReceives unamimous "go ahead"1:34/181958
[ ]Varsity Night"Adios" said, then not said3:44/251958
[ ]Lambda Chi Alpha"Adios" said, then not said (varisty night trophy)3:44/251958
[ ]Ogle, Dick3 seniors give '58 graduate awards2:14/251958
[ ]Weiss, Bernard Eugene ButchA sport short on Butch Weiss4:44/251958
[ ]Ruoss, Rev. MerylAuthority to speak on "city" in convo3:54/251958
[ ]Who's Who in AmericaFaculty listed in current edition2:54/251958
[ ]LibraryHandbook1:54/251958
[ ]Mathematics SocietyHonorary plans campus future3:24/251958
[ ]PlaysLa Barca Sin Pescador3:24/251958
[ ]D'Arcy, Lady MargaretLady Margaret D'Arcy to talk here April 301:24/251958
[ ]Ohio College Newspaper AssociationMeets in Springfield1:14/251958
[ ]Ruoss, Rev. MerylMember of National Council speaks here3:54/251958
[ ]Appel, HaroldMinistry beckons; talented frosh, father of five2:44/251958
[ ]Nimmer, MargeryNimmer heads DG2:34/251958
[ ]Ohio Association for Gifted ChildrenOAGC to meet here3:14/251958
[ ]Wise, Georgepresides over concert3:44/251958
[ ]Glasoe, Dr. PaulProfessor receives $8,000 grant3:14/251958
[ ]Johnson, Vaughn; Swartzbaugh, MarcThree seniors given '58 graduate awards2:14/251958
[ ]FacultyWho's Who lists 152:54/251958
[ ]Theta Gamma AlphaFirst initiationNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:54/261958
[ ]Plays;Religion; Plays"Boy With a Cart" to be played to Guild and Students3:35/21958
[ ]Deems, Terry(MVP- basketball)6:45/21958
[ ]Allion, SueAttractive Sue likes children, travelling (por)1:15/21958
[ ]Theta Gamma AlphaBecomes a permanent part of Wittenberg. Will join in sing4:35/21958
[ ]Nimmer, MargeryBusy Margery Dashes daily around campus (por)3:45/21958
[ ]Honor DayFifty receive honors in Friday assembly1:25/21958
[ ]Parker, VangieForeign influences mold Vangie's life3:15/21958
[ ]Kommel, Miss MargaretKommel sings lead in oratorio Sunday4:25/21958
[ ]Kommel, Miss MargaretKommel will sing in recital tonight1:45/21958
[ ]PlaysLa Barca Sin Pescador1:35/21958
[ ]Luther, WarrenLuther writes music, poetry, books explores caves4:45/21958
[ ]Fry, EarlMost valuable player--wrestling6:55/21958
[ ]Van Meter, AnnReceives $1800 scholarship5:35/21958
[ ]CurriculumRevise humanities for next semester2:45/21958
[ ]Inter-fraternity SingSing1:55/21958
[ ]Alma MaterSue Allison will reign1:65/21958
[ ]Alpha Xi DeltaAlpha Xi Delta captures annual sing trophy1:15/91958
[ ]Raebeck, Dr. CharlesFamily2:35/91958
[ ]Schein, Dr. MarcelPhysicist to lecture here1:35/91958
[ ]Inter-fraternity SingSing1:15/91958
[ ]Buhl, Rev. Albert H.Buhl prepares for commencement (Hamma)1:15/161958
[ ]Miller, L. DavidDiscusses Lutheran liturgy5:35/161958
[ ]PlaysDrama dept to present comedy "Mrs. McThing"1:45/161958
[ ]Crowl, LesExecutive scheduled to speak (por)5:15/161958
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolHamma prepares for commencement1:15/161958
[ ]Berlin, Dr. C.C.Hartje named history head (por)4:25/161958
[ ]Hartje, Dr. Robert GHartje named History head (por)4:25/161958
[ ]Inter-fraternity SingPhi Gamma Delta1:45/161958
[ ]Thompson, RalstonPresents Thompson paintings to college2:35/161958
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesRushing rules revished1:25/161958
[ ]Phi Eta SigmaWins "sing" trophy1:45/161958
[ ]Alma Mater"America Dances" to give tribute1:15/231958
[ ]Wittenberger (annual)'59 yearbook called Witt4:35/231958
[ ]Academic GownsAcademic Gowns tell story3:35/231958
[ ]Chi OmegaChi Omega moves into new house3:55/231958
[ ]ChoirChoir records for NBC1:35/231958
[ ]ChoirChoir to give Mendelssohn's Oratorio1:45/231958
[ ]CommencementCommencement1:35/231958
[ ]Oak OrationDennis O'Keefe (por)1:55/231958
[ ]PlaysDrama dept to present comedy "Mrs. McThing"1:15/231958
[ ]Helsel, RuthHonorary members--Class of 19583:35/231958
[ ]Merrill, Prof. HerbertHonorary members--class of 1958 (pic)3:35/231958
[ ]Keller, Rev. Arnold F.Keller will give address at Baccalaureate service1:15/231958
[ ]CommencementRev. Arnold F. Keller will give address at Baccalaureate1:15/231958
[ ]Anderson, JoyceSeniors Recognized (Ivy Orator) (por)1:55/231958
[ ]O'Keefe, DennisSeniors recognized O'Keefe (Oak Orator)(por)1:55/231958
[ ]Veler, RichardSeniors recognized. Gift orator (pic)1:55/231958
[ ]Benson, GeorgeSeniors recognized... (por)1:55/231958
[ ]The WittThe 1959 yearbook is called Witt4:35/231958
[ ]Remsberg, Dr. Robert G.Traveling, tradition tell Remsburg tale2:35/231958
[ ]CampusHallowed halls of ivy4:39/111958
[ ]Krueger, Rev. Ralph M.Religion is reality3:29/111958
[ ]Freshman CounselorsSixty to offer frosh counsel1:39/111958
[ ]Plays; United Lutheran Church in America (ULCA) "Antigone" will host delegates6:39/191958
[ ]Plays"Oklahoma"1:19/191958
[ ]Serviss Chemistry PrizeArticle7:19/191958
[ ]Faculty-Guest Artist SeriesConcerts planned by music school1:49/191958
[ ]Faculty HousesFaculty houses move3:39/191958
[ ]Kleintop, Milton T.Jumanities program6:19/191958
[ ]Webb, RobertJunior awarded chemistry prize7:19/191958
[ ]Dietrich, HeimtrautNew dean speaks of things to come3:19/191958
[ ]Gloeckler, Miss Alma; Goeser, Prof. Robert J.; Sawyer, Albert T.New members augment faculty and staff4:19/191958
[ ]Faculty; Hambrick, Thomas G.; Montgomery, John W.; Hagelberg, M. Paul; Mustaps, Miss Pauline; Ashbaugh, Dr. James; Baird, William M.; Bellam, Paul; Berlin, Dr. C.C.; Cochran, Miss Mary; Coleman, James; Coleman, Mrs. James; Dietrich, Heimtraut; Fiechter, MNew members augment faculty and staff (por)4:19/191958
[ ]CurriculumRevise humanities for next semester6:19/191958
[ ]FacultyThey carry the bluebooks (sketches)6:49/191958
[ ]Humanities ExperimentUnder Prof. Kleintop6:19/191958
[ ]United Lutheran ChurchConvention convenes Oct 8; campus to host delegates1:19/261958
[ ]Faculty-Guest Artist SeriesFrederick Jackisch opens music series (por)1:19/261958
[ ]Theta Gamma AlphaInitiates159/261958
[ ]Jackisch, FrederickOpens music series1:19/261958
[ ]Holm, Jon; Howes, Jon; Ludwick, JohnClasses elect officers1:110/31958
[ ]Imhoff, RogerClasses elect officers1:1110/31958
[ ]Faculty-Guest Artist SeriesFrances Anderson, soloist2:410/31958
[ ]Simon, JudyIs Freshman Queen1:410/31958
[ ]Freshman QueenJudy (Simon) is queen (por)1:410/31958
[ ]HomecomingRules and plans completed2:310/31958
[ ]Anderson, FrancesSoloist featured in second concert of faculty series2:410/31958
[ ]FeesTuition fees to increase1:210/31958
[ ]Zimmerman, Attorney Charles B.Zimmerman dinner (por)1:110/31958
[ ]Plays"Oklahoma"2:310/101958
[ ]Homecoming Queen1958 Janice Gonter1:3, 410/101958
[ ]United Lutheran ChurchConvention convenes Oct 8; campus to host delegates1:110/101958
[ ]Dad's DayD-Day Nov. 81:210/101958
[ ]Fischer, Dr. EdgarEducator speaks5:410/101958
[ ]Gonter, JaniceGonter will wear Homecoming crown1:310/101958
[ ]HomecomingGonter will wear homecoming crown (por)1:310/101958
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterHealth center3:110/101958
[ ]HomecomingHomecoming lore3:110/101958
[ ]Theta Gamma AlphaInitiates2:510/101958
[ ]Myers HallModern Myers5:310/101958
[ ]Student National Education Association (Student N.E.A.); Kappa Phi KappaN.E.A. replaces Kappa Phi Kappa5:110/101958
[ ]Kappa Phi KappaNEA replaces5:110/101958
[ ]Plays; United Lutheran Church in America (ULCA) Tragedy Staged for ULCA: Campus will view "Antigone" Tuesday3:310/101958
[ ]Zimmerman, Attorney Charles B.Zimmerman dinner3:310/101958
[ ]AthleticsBig plans ahead, changes in order8:110/171958
[ ]Stroup, Dr. HerbertConvocation3:310/171958
[ ]FootballDefending Ohio Conference Champions6:110/171958
[ ]Gonter, JaniceGonter will wear Homcoming crown2;210/171958
[ ]Gonter, JaniceGonter will wear Homecoming crown1:210/171958
[ ]HomecomingGroup display array4:310/171958
[ ]McIntire, JohnMcIntire will lead Alumni fund drive4:210/171958
[ ]HomecomingWeekend activities scheduled1:410/171958
[ ]Plays"Oklahoma"1:110/211958
[ ]Alpha Tau Omega; Alpha Xi DeltaCups for cow, purple people (homecoming display)1:510/241958
[ ]Grimm, Dr. HaroldEvening convo plans revealed1:210/241958
[ ]Hampton Institute ExchangeExchange student2:110/241958
[ ]Wynn, GildaExchange student swaps semester; compares classes, hours, Greeks (por)2:110/241958
[ ]HomecomingGroup display array1:510/241958
[ ]Dietrich, HeimtrautHeimtraut Dietrich sets dress standards1:310/241958
[ ]Student dress; Dress RegulationsStandards are set1:310/241958
[ ]Matthies, Dr. Roland C.; United Lutheran Church in America (ULCA)Stoughton, Matthies get ULCA honors4:310/241958
[ ]Richmond, Dave"Oklahoma!" poster contest winners (por)2:310/311958
[ ]Plays"Oklahoma"2:310/311958
[ ]Chapel;Auman, Dr. RussellAuman at Vespers5:110/311958
[ ]Wittenberg TrioBellam, Wiley, Wynne play trios of Schubert and Ravel1:110/311958
[ ]Weaver Observatory;Wylie, Lloyd R.Blue Moon Beams5:310/311958
[ ]Krueger, Dr. RaymondCo-authors math text chapter4:210/311958
[ ]Dad's DayDad's Day doings1:110/311958
[ ]DormitoriesDormitory hours revised1:410/311958
[ ]Literary SocietiesExcelsiors and Philosophians are gone but not forgotten5:410/311958
[ ]Excelsior Literary SocietyExcelsiors and Philosophians gone but not forgotten5:410/311958
[ ]Theta Eta KappaHome Ec Project: Toys for Children5:210/311958
[ ]Kappa DeltaKD's eat, sleep, study graciously: house remodeled5:310/311958
[ ]Lentz, Rev. HaroldLentz writes theological work3:510/311958
[ ]Football;Ohio ConferenceMigration: Wittenberg to Invade Denison; Teams to renew old rivalry; Tiger win means OC Share6:110/311958
[ ]OrchestraPlay "Oklahoma" Opera and oratorio scheduled4:110/311958
[ ]ShiftersPledges Seeking Shifters' Secret5:310/311958
[ ]Hiller ChapelRah for Hiller! - pews are panned5:410/311958
[ ]CurriculumReligion revision increases choice4:410/311958
[ ]Sounds (publication)Staff members3:110/311958
[ ]Schmitt, Dr. FrancisTalks of "Challenge"1:310/311958
[ ]Football;HomecomingTigers Score 66-8 Triumph [against Mount Union]6:410/311958
[ ]FootballTigers Win as [Akron] Zippers Falter6:410/311958
[ ]FootballWittenberg 6-0 [against Baldwin Wallace]6:310/311958
[ ]Faculty-Guest Artist SeriesWittenberg Trio1:110/311958
[ ]Schmitt, Dr. FrancisBiologist gives lecture series1:411/71958
[ ]Dad's DayDad's Day doings1:5, 3:311/71958
[ ]Merrill, Prof. HerbertPoem--"My hous and father's house"1:111/71958
[ ]SeminaryAnnouncement of plans for new compound4:111/141958
[ ]Carlson, RichardCarlson to play for Artist series1:511/141958
[ ]SyncopatesDrill team time!1:211/141958
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolNew compound to augment seminary capacity, facility4:111/141958
[ ]FootballOn top again611/141958
[ ]Faculty-Guest Artist SeriesRichard Carlson to play1:511/141958
[ ]Schmitt, Dr. FrancisVisiting lecturer urges science study3:411/141958
[ ]Plays"The Remembered Years:1:211/211958
[ ]Bonner, Dr. David M.Bio prof will speak; recruit2:311/211958
[ ]Norris, JohnnyCartoonist comes for convocation1:111/211958
[ ]Presidents of WittenbergDr. Soughton receives Grand Cross of the Order of Merit from the Federal Republic of Germany1:111/211958
[ ]Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.German Republic to honor President of Wittenberg1:111/211958
[ ]Norris, JohnnyCartoonist comes for convocation1:512/51958
[ ]Wittenberg EnrollmentCheck removed; 2,500 expected by 19651:412/51958
[ ]Presidents of WittenbergDr. Soughton receives Grand Cross of the Order of Merit from the Federal Republic of Germany2:212/51958
[ ]CurriculumEnglish Dept. adds additional courses1:312/51958
[ ]Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.German Republic to honor President of Wittenberg2:212/51958
[ ]Bellam, PaulSymphony Saturday; Bellam to play Lalo (por)1:112/51958
[ ]History of Wittenberg"Wittenberg Story" to start in May1:412/121958
[ ]Coyle, Dr. WilliamBook will include works and writers3:212/121958
[ ]Wittenberg MovieMovie to start in May1:412/121958
[ ]South HallOpens for study1:412/121958
[ ]University DayPlanned1:412/121958
[ ]Ward HallPlans are completed for women's dorm1:112/121958
[ ]Hanley HallPlans completed for new women's dorm1:112/121958
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeSpecial day planned to begin university1:412/121958
[ ]Wittenberg UniversitySpecial day planned to begin University1:412/121958
[ ]Wynn, Gilda"Who's Who" lists exchange student6:312/191958
[ ]ChristmasEverywhere, everywhere...Christmas near and far3:112/191958
[ ]Baum, KatherineFlag flies for new citizen5:212/191958
[ ]Peterson, KjellSpotlight on Sweden4:112/191958
[ ]Thompson, RalstonWill display work5:312/191958