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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Plays"Sabrina Fair" opens Wed night (por)_1:51/111957
[ ]Basketball1957 Wittenberg Basketball Team3:31/111957
[ ]Spenny, Edward; Sturtz, CharlesDL elects officers4:41/111957
[ ]Student CourtIssues statements1:41/111957
[ ]Fox, VirgilOrganist will present recital1:11/111957
[ ]Anovk, Michael"Till death do us part" (short story)3:41/181957
[ ]Miller, Sharon E.Coed enters competition '57 Cover Girl contest (por)1:11/181957
[ ]Daugherty, Carl (Mr. & Mrs.)College receives financial gift1:41/181957
[ ]GiftsCollege receives financial gifts1:41/181957
[ ]Baker, Murs EstaliahConcert artist attends classes at Wittenberg1:51/181957
[ ]Northwood HallRazed1:11/181957
[ ]North HallReady for occupancy1:11/181957
[ ]CurriculumUniversity program explained in convo1:31/181957
[ ]Cox, JanetYearbook coeditors like swimming but say first love Wittenberger (por)4:11/181957
[ ]Hessong, CarolynYearbook coeditors like swimming but say first love, WITTENBERGER4:11/181957
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesFraternities define social membership3:31/201957
[ ]WrestlingA sports-eye view3:32/81957
[ ]ChoirChoir to include Dixie Land on annual tour1:32/81957
[ ]Hamma Divinity HallDedication servies--new alter and communion rail3:22/81957
[ ]Gustavus Adolphus ChoirGustavus Adolphus Choir presents concert1:22/81957
[ ]Weaver ChapelMemorial to great Lutheran1:42/81957
[ ]Kommel, Miss MargaretSymphone will feature "Midsummer Night's Dream"4:12/81957
[ ]Rea, BettySymphony will feature "Midsummer night's dream"4:12/81957
[ ]Marterie, RalphConcert2:42/151957
[ ]Veler, RichardElected editor of "Sounds"1:42/151957
[ ]Ermarth, Prof. Margaret SittlerErmarth uncovers fraud in course of interesting career3:12/151957
[ ]Krauss, Dr. Daniel T.Krauss chairman faculty council1:32/151957
[ ]Ladies of the White HouseLadies of the White House1:12/151957
[ ]Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.Marks milestone2:52/151957
[ ]Little, Sheila; Schooler, RonaldTwo seniors receive Harry Gram award1:22/151957
[ ]Junior-Senior PromUnusual prom to be held in "hanger"1:52/151957
[ ]History of Wittenberg36 year possession razed--landmark gives way to progress2:42/221957
[ ]FacultyAdministration appoints committee on recreation and social activities1:12/221957
[ ]Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.Books translated3:12/221957
[ ]Kantonen, Dr. Taito A.College authors' books translated3:12/221957
[ ]Pelikan, Dr. JarislavConvocation speaker to talk at Vespers1:32/221957
[ ]Delta ZetaDZ and DSE merger makes toatl of 118 chapters1:52/221957
[ ]Delta Sigma EpsilonDZ-DSE merger makes total 118 chapters1:52/221957
[ ]Rogers, LucindaGreek Week Queen 19571:42/221957
[ ]Guindin, JosefinsGuindin, Josefins (San Juan, Puerto Rico)3:42/221957
[ ]United States Steel FoundationLibrary receives microfilm gift1:32/221957
[ ]Library FundsLibrary recieves micro-film gift1:32/221957
[ ]ChoirMiller: names concert choir1:32/221957
[ ]Northwood HallRazed2:42/221957
[ ]MissionariesRichard Ehrhart, Liberia; Burt Elis, Japan; and Ruth Sigmon, India to visit campus2/221957
[ ]Cater, Douglass; SpeakersWashington editor of "Reporter" speaks1:22/221957
[ ]Alma Mater37-year tradition backs Alma Mater celebration2:23/11957
[ ]Alma Mater37th Alma Mater plans underway2:23/11957
[ ]Albert, Rev. Harold R.Albert, Rev. Harold R. speaks to lented convo1:33/11957
[ ]DebateDebaters place fifth in state6:33/11957
[ ]Student CourtHears 6 cases1:13/11957
[ ]Honor CodeHonor code1:43/11957
[ ]Domotor, TiberTiber Domotor speaks on Hungarian revolt2:33/11957
[ ]Plays"Glass Menagerie" by Williams to be presented1:13/81957
[ ]Mears, Ramon"I live Basketball"4:13/81957
[ ]Rugh, Rev. Lawrence T.Alumni president speaks commemorating founding1:43/81957
[ ]BasketballBasketball concludes successful season (por)1:13/81957
[ ]Founders Day; Weaver, E. O.Honor Weaver on Founder's day3:13/81957
[ ]Interfraternity Council; Ugly Man ContestIFC to sponsor Ugly Man contest1:33/81957
[ ]Noehren, RobertOutstanding organist performs here Sunday1:23/81957
[ ]ChoirShort tour in Ohio1:53/81957
[ ]Thompson, RalstonShow at Columbus gallery2:33/81957
[ ]Ivy Oration1957 - Allaire George1:33/151957
[ ]Oak OrationEdward Spenny1:33/151957
[ ]Deems, TerryElect captain, valuable player4:33/151957
[ ]Rosenberry, FrankFamiliar figure marks milestone2:13/151957
[ ]Weaver, E. O.; Founders DayHonor Weaver on Founder's Day3:13/151957
[ ]Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.President's duties are numerous, not easy2:33/151957
[ ]Larsen, DaveSeniors announce class day orators1:33/151957
[ ]Spenny, EdwardSeniors announce class-day orators (Oak)1:33/151957
[ ]BasketballStatistical highlights of 1956-57 season4:13/151957
[ ]Anderson, JoycePanell announces incoming officers1:33/221957
[ ]Nimmer, MargeryPanhel announces incoming officers1:33/221957
[ ]Management Development CenterSchool graduates seniors4:23/221957
[ ]Who's Who in AmericaTwelve faculty members named in 1956-57 edition2:23/221957
[ ]Plays;Religion; Plays"A Man Called Peter" to be presented at Blair Hall1:33/291957
[ ]Kruembel, Mrs. Louis H.Bequest of $1,299 made to Wittenberg4:23/291957
[ ]Kruembel, Mrs. Louis H.Bequest of $1,299 made to Wittenberg4:24:23/291957
[ ]Buchanan, W. StewartBuchanan's wife wins trip abroad2:53/291957
[ ]Veler, RichardBuchanan, Veler take top senate posts (pic)1:43/291957
[ ]Buchanan, W. StewartBuchanan, Veler, take top Senate posts (por)1:43/291957
[ ]Student DayDropped to alleviate calendar2:43/291957
[ ]Fickert, Dr. KurtFickert to attend German seminar3:33/291957
[ ]Buchanan, W. StewartPresident sees closer relations through Senate1:33/291957
[ ]Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.Saturday classes seem iminent1:13/291957
[ ]ChoirShort tour in Ohio3:13/291957
[ ]Commencement; Morris, Earl; Fray, Dr. John H.Speakers for Commencement, Baccalaureate announced1:13/291957
[ ]Ugly Man ContestUglies vie in contest1:43/291957
[ ]Veler, RichardVeep sports many honors1:53/291957
[ ]Plays;Religion; Plays"The Three Marys" to highlight weekend1:34/51957
[ ]Walborn, David H.Awarded full internship2:34/51957
[ ]Towner, LauraBequeaths portrait of Mrs. Ezra Keller2:34/51957
[ ]Wylie, Lloyd R.Co-autors article on meteors3;24/51957
[ ]Shanor, StuartCops second place3:34/51957
[ ]Mansell, T. NormanMansell honored by architect's build2:44/51957
[ ]Plays;Religion; PlaysTwo dramas will highlight weekend1:34/51957
[ ]Beta Theta PiBeta's 2.6 tops greeks1:44/121957
[ ]CurriculumCollege begins hospital personnel training3:14/121957
[ ]Urbanski, GeneElected campus ugly man (por)1:34/121957
[ ]Roller, EugeneReceives grant to Chicago1:24/121957
[ ]Barker, Dr. John W.Seniors choose Barker1:14/121957
[ ]Ruehle, Mr.The managers' manager3:44/121957
[ ]Management Development CenterThe story of management development4:34/121957
[ ]Ugly Man ContestUrbanski elected campus ugly man (por)1:44/121957
[ ]Joyce, JonCommittee names Joyce, Williamson as editors of TORCH, WITTENBERGER1:34/151957
[ ]Williamson, GaryCommittee names Joych, Williamson as editors of Torch, Wittenberger1:34/151957
[ ]ParadeWittenberg men march in patriotic parade. Cheering of college men herd two blocks awayNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:54/191957
[ ]Delta Sigma PhiDelta Sigma Phi's mark 25 years here1:34/271957
[ ]Steimle, Dr. Edmund A.Featured in College Day1:34/271957
[ ]Gifts; Petticrew, Mr. Gifts add $10,000 to record fund1:24/271957
[ ]Foster, Slamming SammyHere's our Slammin Sam3:24/271957
[ ]Pershing, Benjamin H.Makes retirement plans1:14/271957
[ ]Hinkel, Jo; Marzolf, DickMarzolf, Hinkel reign over Jr.-Sr. prom1:44/271957
[ ]TorchOCNA will convene here; ataff wins four awards1:14/271957
[ ]Schooler, RonaldReceives $2110 assistantship (por)3:14/271957
[ ]Farrell, EileenStar of radio, TV will sing in Memorial Hall2:54/271957
[ ]Van Meter, AnnAlma Mater--interest in people4:25/31957
[ ]Alma MaterAnn Van Meter is 1957 Alma Mater: "Nutcracker Suite" 37th pageant theme1:55/31957
[ ]Blaney, MartyAppoint Linham treasurer; elect Blaney secretary1:35/31957
[ ]Linham, TedAppointment Linham treasurer; elect Blaney secretary1;35/31957
[ ]BandAwesome...subtle...haunting5:15/31957
[ ]Bazzell, JamesForensic awards add two in drama (best actor)2:35/31957
[ ]Rethmeyer, CarlaForensic awards add two in drama (Best Actress)2:35/31957
[ ]Van Meter, Annis 1957 Alma Mater (por)1:55/31957
[ ]Snarr, DickSnarr's successes2:25/31957
[ ]Anderson, JoyceTorch bearer "Brimstone"4:15/31957
[ ]ArtWitt chosen for center of Art2:15/31957
[ ]Library FundsWorking conditions pleasant in new library4:25/31957
[ ]Campus$2,912,000 construction planned in near future4:25/91957
[ ]Gale, Myrna; Holm, Jon; Rethmeyer, CarlaAppoint three Court Justices1:45/91957
[ ]Benson, GeorgeBenson elected IFC president3:25/91957
[ ]Beta Theta Pi; Beta Theta Pi; Varsity NightCrash ends Beta winner1:55/91957
[ ]CurriculumDouble emphasis highlights 19572:45/91957
[ ]South HallGoing up...1:25/91957
[ ]Wittenberg EnrollmentGrowth--pro and con1:25/91957
[ ]Honor CouncilHonor Council gets under way3:15/91957
[ ]FeesTuition to be $1,000 Stoughton announces1:15/91957
[ ]Alpha Delta PiWins sing1:45/91957
[ ]Urdahl, Rev. RichardChapel slates Purdue pastor (por)Note: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:55/121957
[ ]George, AllaireSeniors announce class day oratorsNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:35/151957
[ ]Baird, William M.Baird receives OSU assistantship3:45/161957
[ ]Nystrom, Dr. Wendell C.Dean of Wittenberg College retires4:45/161957
[ ]Delta ZetaDelta Zeta names O'Keefe DZ man1:35/161957
[ ]O'Keefe, DennisDelta Zeta names O'Keefe DZ Man1:35/161957
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesFraternities to rush earlier as result of new IFC decision1:25/161957
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolGraduates 13 men Sunday4:35/161957
[ ]Haas, MaryHaas will join Home Ec. department1:15/161957
[ ]Lambda Chi AlphaLambda Chi Alpha triumps in crowded Weaver (sing)1:25/161957
[ ]Weick, KarlReelected to head Psi Chi4:35/161957
[ ]Honor CodeSenate, faculty vote for code change1:55/161957
[ ]Slaymaker, Dr. John E.To head education department1:15/161957
[ ]Wolfenden, Dr. James W.To head history department1:15/161957
[ ]Ohio SynodMeets at WittenbergNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:45/181957
[ ]Choir'Creation' concludes season1:35/241957
[ ]Commencement214 degrees given in 112th Commencement4:45/241957
[ ]BaseballBaseball championship1:55/241957
[ ]CommencementBusy round of activities keeps 1957 seniors going6:15/241957
[ ]Wiegman, Rev. Fred C.Chosen among 52 as Ohio Synod president2:35/241957
[ ]Krueger, Rev. Ralph M.College pastor given L. H. D. degree3:45/241957
[ ]Compton, Mrs. MaryMrs. Compton resigns as housemother1:25/241957
[ ]Compton, Mrs. LeslieMrs. Leslie Compton resigns as housemother1:25/241957
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolOrdain 12 at Synod6:35/241957
[ ]Pershing, Benjamin H.Retires3:15/241957
[ ]George, AllaireSeniors announce class day orators4:25/241957
[ ]Spenny, EdwardSpenny, George thank college as speakers for Oak and Ivy4:25/241957
[ ]Pershing, Benjamin H.Stitches from history to hiking3:15/241957
[ ]Veler, RichardVeler, Ogle publish "Sounds" (pic)4:15/241957
[ ]Sounds (publication)Veler, Ogle publish SOUNDS4:15/241957
[ ]Ogle, DickVeler, Ogle publish Sounds (por)4:15/241957
[ ]Freshman Counselors54 counsel class of 19613:29/121957
[ ]AttendanceAttendance code1:19/121957
[ ]Wittenberg Christian Fellowship (WCF)Change program1:39/121957
[ ]Student CourtIs a reality1:2, 7:19/121957
[ ]Maurer, F. Davis DaveMeet the coaches4:39/121957
[ ]Ezra (Tiger)Portrait (por)3:49/121957
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesRushing rules5:19/121957
[ ]Fisher, GeorgeVersatiel leaders spark new class6:19/121957
[ ]Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldWren's sponsors game1:19/121957
[ ]Lind, Karl G.Coronary ends career1:19/201957
[ ]Zimmerman HallDescription of Zimmerman Hall1:39/201957
[ ]Student CourtFive "F's" given exam cheaters1:29/201957
[ ]Raebeck, Dr. CharlesOne of fifteen to join faculty (pic)4:49/201957
[ ]Godfrey, ErnestSpeaker3:39/201957
[ ]Haas, MaryTen men five women join college faculty (por)4:49/201957
[ ]Wiley, JacksonTen men join faculty (por)4:49/201957
[ ]Jackisch, FrederickTen men, five women join college faculty4:49/201957
[ ]Powelson, Dr. ElizabethTen men, five women join college faculty (pic)4:49/201957
[ ]Buzzard, Miss Ruth; Champney, Mrs. Ann; Chan, Dr. David B.; Dodson, Norman; Elliott, A.J.; Moessner, Rev. Paul; Richards, Willis J.; Wolf, Dr. Herbert; Young, JamesTen men, five women join college faculty (por)4:49/201957
[ ]Lind, Karl G.Torch editor3:49/201957
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeUniversity1:39/201957
[ ]Freshman Queen; Sivadon, CarlaVenezuelan beauty reigns over game (por)1:49/201957
[ ]Silitonga, Arsenius Robinson"Max is my name"1:39/271957
[ ]Plays"The King and I"1:19/271957
[ ]Fry, EarlMeet the team3:49/271957
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesWhy I am Greek Why I am Independent2:19/271957
[ ]Beta Theta PiBeta Theta Pi tops scholarship1:110/41957
[ ]HomecomingDay-long activites set for homecoming1:410/41957
[ ]Fisher, GeorgeDon Hillerick heads freshman class1:310/41957
[ ]Hillerich, DonHeads freshman class1:310/41957
[ ]Koch, Rev. Harold E.Koch resigns as alumni secretary1:210/41957
[ ]Honor CodePropose change1:410/41957
[ ]Plays "The King and I"2:210/121957
[ ]Plays;Religion; Plays"Boy With a Cart" to be presented Oct 181:210/121957
[ ]Homecoming Queen1957 Eileen Bradley1:310/121957
[ ]Blaney, MartyA talented miss (por)3:510/121957
[ ]Student CourtAnnounces publicity policy2:510/121957
[ ]Bartos, JamesBartos serves as sophomore president2:410/121957
[ ]ChoirChoir plans full season1:410/121957
[ ]Zimmerman HallDedicated1:310/121957
[ ]HomecomingEileen Bradley reigns1:310/121957
[ ]Bradley, EileenHomecoming Queen 19571:210/121957
[ ]Lugibihl, PeggyIntroducing Peg (por)3:310/121957
[ ]Neely, PhilJim Bartos serves as soph proxy2:410/121957
[ ]CheerleadersPeppy cheerleaders don Ivy League3:110/121957
[ ]Price, Henry J. HankPresident of Junior class2:310/121957
[ ]HomecomingThey're finished--so are the builders7:110/121957
[ ]Weaver ChapelWindows to be installed4:110/121957
[ ]Homecoming"Old" witch sweeps away display cup. River flows to victory1:210/181957
[ ]Alpha Delta Pi"Old" witch sweeps away with display cup1:210/181957
[ ]Robins, Hugh PerkChosen alumni secretary (por)1:110/181957
[ ]Dad's DayDad's Day organized1:110/181957
[ ]Dorm LeagueDorm league pledges 204:210/181957
[ ]CampusElectricity goes underground on campus2:510/181957
[ ]Schauer, Martha K.First fine arts grad displays paintings2:110/181957
[ ]Herman, WoodyHerman's Herd to lay here1:310/181957
[ ]Herman, WoodyHerman's Herd to play here1:310/181957
[ ]Madrigal SingersPlan '57 program2:510/181957
[ ]WICRecover lost records4:510/181957
[ ]Wiley, JacksonReveals music plans2:410/181957
[ ]Beta Theta PiRiver flows to victory1:510/181957
[ ]Plays "The King and I"1:210/251957
[ ]ChoirChapel Choir plans varied programs3:310/251957
[ ]Chu, ClintonElect Chu president3:310/251957
[ ]Herman, WoodyHerman's Herd to play here1:410/251957
[ ]Dad's DayMusical program planned1:410/251957
[ ]Martin, CherylPatience3:110/251957
[ ]Martin, CherylPatience -3:110/251957
[ ]Wiegman, Rev. Fred C.Speaks here1:110/251957
[ ]Stephenson, JamesStephenson, Ford awarded Kemper scholarships3:2110/251957
[ ]Running, Cyrus8 paintings of Cyrus Running1:111/11957
[ ]Dudycha, Dr. GeorgeDudycha publishes textbook4:311/11957
[ ]Dad's DayMusical program planned1:411/11957
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeWittenberg to become a university. Program explained in convocation1:111/11957
[ ]Home Economics DepartmentAn elegant new world3:511/81957
[ ]Zimmerman HallDescription of Zimmerman Hall3:411/81957
[ ]Patmos, A. EdwardElected as a city commissioner1:311/81957
[ ]Hertz, Dr. Karl H.; Kantonen, Dr. Taito A.Hertz, Kantonen publish essays on responsibility3:311/81957
[ ]Student SenatePropose increase in unaffiliated senate delegates1:111/81957
[ ]Longines SymphonetteSymphonette, Bishop Players highlight convo schedule1:111/81957
[ ]Edwards, BillEdwards named Ohio coach of the yearNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:111/121957
[ ]Plays "The King and I"1:111/151957
[ ]Robins, Hugh Perk"Perk" scores again3:111/151957
[ ]Patmos, A. EdwardElected as a city commissioner3:411/151957
[ ]Gifts; Library Funds; Myers, Kate M.Fore edge books given1:311/151957
[ ]Edwards, BillSchools pros claim Edwards4:311/151957
[ ]Nutting, Sir AnthonySpeaks in Weaver Chapel3:111/151957
[ ]FootballWin over Ohio Wesleyan for Conference seat--1st victory in 29 years1:411/151957
[ ]Plays "The King and I"1:311/221957
[ ]Mitchell, Rev. Carveth PearnSpeaks here Wednesday1:411/221957
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeBoard of directors vote to change name1:412/111957
[ ]Kniskern, MaynardConvo speaker4:312/111957
[ ]Barnett, Herbert Phillip; Crabill Art CenterCrabill Shows Barnett Works7:412/111957
[ ]Wiegman, Rev. Fred C.Death1:312/111957
[ ]Firestine, R.C.Gift exceeds $250,0001:312/111957
[ ]DormitoriesGovernment in dorms6:112/111957
[ ]Thompson, RalstonPaintings purchased7:112/111957
[ ]Student CourtPlagiarism, cheating reviewed4:412/111957
[ ]Honor CodeRevision voted on1:412/111957
[ ]Art; Thompson, Ralston C.Two Cinci Firms Buy Thompson Paintings7:112/111957
[ ]Gonter, JaniceGonter is Lambda Chi Queen5:312/181957
[ ]Miller, L. DavidHeads music group6:312/181957
[ ]Rho Beta EpsilonSenate grants RBE probation5:512/181957
[ ]Standard Oil CompanyStandard Oil, $3,0005:512/181957
[ ]FeesTuition plans include no increase4:212/181957