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[ ]Allbeck, Willard DowAllbeck writes for "American Lutherans"1:51/131956
[ ]Thompson, RalstonChoose "The Catboat" for art exhibition1:21/131956
[ ]CampusCollege acquires new class site1:41/131956
[ ]Crooks, Mrs. Beatrice I.; Pfanner, John A.Dayton residents will $18,250 dower to Wittenberg1:41/131956
[ ]GiftsDayton residents will $18,250 to Wittenberg1:41/131956
[ ]Weaver ChapelDedication will be Sept. 232:31/131956
[ ]Telephone ServiceDial system completed1:51/131956
[ ]DormitoriesDormitories excavations end, building will begin (South and Firestine)1:21/131956
[ ]Allbeck, Willard DowDow writes for "American Lutherans"1:51/131956
[ ]American LutheransDr. Willard D. Allbeck writes for American Lutherans1:51/131956
[ ]Flack, Dr. E.E.Flack edits portion of religious volumes3:21/131956
[ ]TemponairesHave varied backgrounds as singers3:11/131956
[ ]Wulff, Martin L.Memorial bequest received by college5:41/131956
[ ]Recitation HallNew main doors.1:51/131956
[ ]Ecumenical ConferenceNine Witt students attend conference on Christian World Mission2:11/131956
[ ]Campus Cover Girl; Mitchell, ShirleyShirley Mitchell is Campus Cover Girl (por)1:51/131956
[ ]CurriculumSpecial courses prove valuable1:41/131956
[ ]Pi Kappa AlphaTwo fraternities decorate houses5:21/131956
[ ]Delta Sigma PhiTwo fraternities redecorate houses5:21/131956
[ ]Plays"The Cloak" and "The Dear Departed" are the two one-act plays to be presented on Feb. 21:41/201956
[ ]Library Funds100,000th volume cataloged3:11/201956
[ ]Beta QuartetBeta Quartet will appear on program in May3:41/201956
[ ]ChoirChapel Choir establishment approved by legislature, faculty1:41/201956
[ ]Honor CodeFaculty and students express opinions1:21/201956
[ ]Men's Glee ClubLegislature, faculty approve establishing men's chorus, chapel choir1:41/201956
[ ]DebateMen debaters place second in tourney1:11/201956
[ ]PhilosophyOrganizes chapter1:31/201956
[ ]Phi Sigma TauPhilosophy society organized chapter1:31/201956
[ ]Honor CodeWork on honor system continues here2:31/201956
[ ]ChoirChoir tour will begin Feb. 261:32/101956
[ ]Ostrom, Dr. John W.Italian makes translation of Ostrom's book-The Letters of the Edgar Allen Poe3:42/101956
[ ]Richards, Johnleads eleven Tiger tankers in competition4:22/101956
[ ]Lindsay, KennethLindsay led first team to America3:12/101956
[ ]Fountain, GriggQuartet sings just for fun3:12/101956
[ ]Library FundsRare books housed by library1:12/101956
[ ]HomecomingRules discussed1:22/101956
[ ]TraditionsScience may end kissing customs2:32/101956
[ ]Buildings; Weaver Chapel; ArchitectureSix statues on chapel tower symbolize the college's heritage2:42/101956
[ ]Hauck, Don; McClelland, CarolynTwo seniors receive foundation awards3:22/101956
[ ]Hauck, DonTwo seniors recieve foundation awards3:22/101956
[ ]Honors coursesArticle about honors courses2:42/171956
[ ]Auman, Dr. RussellAuman will lead writing workshop1:52/171956
[ ]Beta Alpha PiBeta Alpha Pi inactive2:12/171956
[ ]Newsom, Mrs. Marjorie BruntonHarpist will play at next convo3:32/171956
[ ]Blaney, MartyQueen Marty (por)2:32/171956
[ ]Hickman, TomTom Hickman3:52/171956
[ ]GreenhouseVarieties of strange plants1:32/171956
[ ]ChoirChoir tour will begin Feb. 26 (por)1:1, 52/241956
[ ]Clark, MartyClark rates first in oratory1:22/241956
[ ]Chamberlain, JoyceJoyce Chamberlain plays organ for daily chapel, choir (por)3:32/241956
[ ]Honor CodeProfessors view2:32/241956
[ ]Hawken, JackSenate honors1:22/241956
[ ]Veler, Herbertto speak at Founder's Day program1:32/241956
[ ]Founders Day; Veler, HerbertAlum council meet, banquet will commemorate anniversary of founding; Veler to speak at convocation1:43/21956
[ ]Delta GammaDG's will activate March 103:43/21956
[ ]Hartje, Dr. Robert GHartje to join history faculty1:13/21956
[ ]Anderson, Joyce; Hinkel, JoHinkel, Anderson will edit yearbook1:13/21956
[ ]Catledge, TurnerManaging editor New York Times discusses Tomorrow's Paper1:23/21956
[ ]WUSO; Radio Station WCSO; Radio stationPhysicists begin radio station in 18951:13/21956
[ ]Bermuda ShortsRules reannounced3:33/21956
[ ]McClelland, Carolyn; Richards, JohnSeniors select motto, flower, orators, colors1:53/21956
[ ]Valleau, LianneSeniors select motto, flower, orators...1:53/21956
[ ]Hauck, DonSeniors select...orators (Oak)1:53/21956
[ ]Beadling, JoanStudent writes impressions concerning Germany's youth2:43/21956
[ ]Veler, Herbertto speak at Founder's Day program (pic)1:43/21956
[ ]Thompson, JamesWins scholarship3:23/21956
[ ]The WittWitt makes first appearance here during roaring decade1:33/21956
[ ]Plays"Ladies in returement" : Thespians will stage drama next week1:53/91956
[ ]Janosek, GeraldAccepts new GM position1:33/91956
[ ]Brubeck, DaveBrubeck recalls Wittenberg visit4:33/91956
[ ]Weaver ChapelColorful chapel mural tells picture story1:23/91956
[ ]Crusade for FreedomCrusade for Freedom1:13/91956
[ ]BaseballTeam will travel to Carolina1:23/91956
[ ]Hertz, Dr. Karl H.Appointed chairman of the editorial board of "Frontiers"2:23/231956
[ ]Wick, Rev. Walter M.discusses Christian service1:13/231956
[ ]North Hall; South HallDorms will sport modern features2:43/231956
[ ]Miller, PhyllisHonorary elects Miller president3:33/231956
[ ]Lewis, TuckieLewis plans to run speech clinic (por)2:33/231956
[ ]Hunt, Pee WeePee Wee Hunt1:13/231956
[ ]Hunt, Pee WeePee Wee Hunt2:43/231956
[ ]Honor CodeSenate committee will explain honor system at next convo1:33/231956
[ ]Matthies, Dr. Roland C.Add names "Who's Who"2:34/131956
[ ]Wylie, Lloyd R.Add names to "Who's Who"2:34/131956
[ ]Heyerdahl, NormanHonorary chooses Heyerdahl president4:54/131956
[ ]BaseballOut to win (por)4:34/131956
[ ]ChoirPlatter & podium; choir rehearses for broadcasts3:14/131956
[ ]Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.Presides at Oslo meeting1:44/131956
[ ]Shields, DonReceives law scholarship1:14/131956
[ ]Ohio Academy of ScienceTo convene here next weekend1:44/131956
[ ]Fisher, Randy; Ware, GilbertWare, Fisher take tourney honors1:14/131956
[ ]Bowles, HildaWittenberg's switchboard operator2:44/131956
[ ]Plays"Madwoman of Chaillot" to be presented4:24/201956
[ ]Hauck, DonAppoint...field secretary2:34/201956
[ ]CommencementCollege will give six honor degrees4:14/201956
[ ]Ohio Science AcademyConvene at Witt for 65th annual meeting5:14/201956
[ ]TorchMerits four citations1:24/201956
[ ]Bickel, BarbaraNew secretary (of Ohio College Home Economics Assn.)4:54/201956
[ ]Ohio Academy of ScienceOne thousand attend meetings54/201956
[ ]Honor CodeProposed honor code creates controversy on major issues2:14/201956
[ ]Henderson, Gayle; Hessong, CarolynPublications committee tells appointment of editors1:24/201956
[ ]Cox, JanetPublications committee tells appointment of editors (por)1:24/201956
[ ]Thadden-Trieglaff, Dr. Reinhold vonRenowned German protestant will speak at first public service in new chapel1:34/201956
[ ]Honor CodeSenate unanimously passes1:54/201956
[ ]Bloomhardt, Dr. Paul F.This is your life3:14/201956
[ ]Bloomhardt, Dr. Paul F.Toast by Brees1:34/201956
[ ]Beta Theta Pi; Varsity NightBetas score1:14/271956
[ ]Beta Theta PiBetas score in varsity night1:14/271956
[ ]Marzolf, DickCouncil chooses officers, passes rushing rules1:24/271956
[ ]LibraryLibrary committee studies problems3:54/271956
[ ]Stine, MiresName Mires Stine to chapel position1:14/271956
[ ]Phi Eta SigmaRed buck stands on Phi Gam lawn2:44/271956
[ ]Honor CodeStudents pass...with 84% majority vote1:34/271956
[ ]Phi Eta SigmaTo dedicate new chapter house3:14/271956
[ ]Wittenberg Christian Fellowship (WCF)to sponsor old books drive for Asia3:14/271956
[ ]Hobo Day -- History; Student DayChapel going coeds enstate student day antics in 19123:45/41956
[ ]Class GiftsClass '28 gives Memorial Fountain2:55/41956
[ ]Honor CodeFaculty approves principle1:35/41956
[ ]Little, SheilaLittle will reign as Alma Mater for 1956 (por)1:15/41956
[ ]George, Allaire; McCoy, LarryMcCoy, George head student governing body1:35/41956
[ ]Gillikin, GeraldMost valuable football player4:35/41956
[ ]Hawken, JackMost Valuable Player4:35/41956
[ ]Intersorority singSAI devises code for sorority sing3:15/41956
[ ]Alma MaterSheila Little will reign (por)1:15/41956
[ ]Honor DayStudents get honors today1:55/41956
[ ]Alpha Delta PiAlpha Delta Pi wins sorority singfest1:15/111956
[ ]Weaver ChapelExpect completion of chapel in May1:25/111956
[ ]Little, SheilaPresent Alma Mater tells of varied interests, plans1:15/111956
[ ]Student PrincesQuartet makes summer plans1:45/111956
[ ]Ohio Valley Writers ConferenceSecond annual1:15/111956
[ ]Women's GuildTo sponsor fashion coffee hour1:45/111956
[ ]Wittenberg GuildTo visit college1:35/111956
[ ]Wittenberg Christian Fellowship (WCF) to sponsor old books drive for Asia3:15/181956
[ ]Plays"Murder in the Cathedral" to be staged in Weaver Chapel1:25/181956
[ ]Robins, Hugh PerkCollege names Robins to admissions post1:15/181956
[ ]CurriculumCollege will offer new music major1:25/181956
[ ]CommencementCommencement by the clock (schedule)1:35/181956
[ ]Ebert, Anne (Sister)Ebert wil speat at June 3 Baccalaureate1:45/181956
[ ]Alma MaterPageant dates back to 19183:25/181956
[ ]Iserman, BarbaraPi Delta Epsilon winner presents "Farewell Concert"1:35/181956
[ ]CommencementSister Anne Ebert will speak June 3 at Baccalaureate1:45/181956
[ ]AthleticsThe world of sports4:45/181956
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolTo graduate 1000th man1:15/181956
[ ]Spidel, Georgetops poetry competition2:35/181956
[ ]Phi Kappa PsiWill celebrate local founding date on May 262:45/181956
[ ]Schrag, Dr. F. Jameswill teach at Calif. Summer school1:55/181956
[ ]Plays"Everyman" (a scene from) (por)8:49/211956
[ ]McCoy, LarryCalls for slow change4:49/211956
[ ]ChoirChoir to sing on NBC2:39/211956
[ ]Weaver ChapelDedication week begins2,39/211956
[ ]FacultyFaculty augmented by fourteen5:19/211956
[ ]Knoderer, William; Robins, Hugh PerkIntroducing four new faces5:39/211956
[ ]Ruehle, Mr.Introducing new faces5:39/211956
[ ]Koch, Rev. Harold E.Koch appointed new alumni secretary5:39/211956
[ ]Ward, JacquelynMiss Wittenberger 19564:39/211956
[ ]Library FundsNew library and new system4:49/211956
[ ]McFerrin, RobertOpera star to sing in Weaver Chapel2:29/211956
[ ]FootballThat forward look7:49/211956
[ ]Lindamood, George E.; Miller, Randall P.These two are receiving National Merit Scholarships8:29/211956
[ ]Mueller, Dr. Frederick; Saylor, Robert; Stinetorf, Dr. Roscoe; Torgerson, Dr. MalcalmWittenberg faculty augmented by fourteen59/211956
[ ]Weinlander, Dr. AlbertinaWittenberg faculty augmented by fourteen (pic)59/211956
[ ]Fickert, Dr. Kurt; Hartje, Dr. Robert G; Kommel, Miss Margaret; Lubbers, Arend; Wilson, WoodrowWittenberg faculty augmented by fourteen (por)59/211956
[ ]Johnson, Mrs. AudreyWittenberg facutly augmented by fourteen59/211956
[ ]Mansell, T. Norman; Reed, Dr. Luther D.Wittenberg honors four at dedication3:59/211956
[ ]Plays"Brigadoon"1:19/281956
[ ]HomecomingAnnouncing...1:29/281956
[ ]Library FundsExhibitions1:29/281956
[ ]Weaver ChapelExhibitions in new building1:29/281956
[ ]Fry, Rev. Dr. FranklinPresident fo the UCLA speaks at Wittenberg1:49/281956
[ ]Edwards, Bill; Maurer, F. Davis Dave; Mears, Ramon; Ness, Ralph E. TomRoaring with the Tigers5:19/281956
[ ]Library FundsTreasure room1:19/281956
[ ]Plays"Brigadoon"1:510/51956
[ ]Cheerleaders1956-57 cheerleaders (por)4:110/51956
[ ]AutomobilesRules now in effect4:310/51956
[ ]Plays"Brigadoon"1:310/121956
[ ]Emphasis programDr. Gladsoe heads emphasis program1:310/121956
[ ]Glasoe, Dr. PaulGlasoe heads "emphasis" program1:310/121956
[ ]Library FundsStudy opportunity1:410/121956
[ ]World University ServiceAid to foreign colleges1:410/191956
[ ]Kappa DeltaCharter members, teacher to be reveal KD plans1:210/191956
[ ]Plays"Brigadoon"4:110/261956
[ ]Morris, Earl"Hats off to Earl Morris"2:110/261956
[ ]Homecoming Queen1956 Sharon E. Miller2:510/261956
[ ]Schwartz, G.Alum returns7:310/261956
[ ]Liberal Arts Study CommitteeCommittee submits report2:310/261956
[ ]Dad's DayDad's Day is coming6:310/261956
[ ]Dorm LeagueDorm league calls (50 years) reunion3:310/261956
[ ]Neely, PhilFreshman calss officers elected2:110/261956
[ ]Elbrecht, Marilyn; Imhoff, RogerFreshman class officers elected2:110/261956
[ ]Mackenzie, JohnMackenzie appointed as instructor in English2:110/261956
[ ]Miller, Sharon E.Miller reigns as queen (por)1, 2:510/261956
[ ]Luther, MartinOne of peasant lineage and of royal intellect3:110/261956
[ ]Zimmerman HallPreview look at new Zimmerman Hall6:110/261956
[ ]HomecomingSharon E. Miller reigns as Queen2:510/261956
[ ]Buildings; Weaver ChapelTower chimes are permanent feature of Weaver Chapel7:110/261956
[ ]Manley, Mrs. Marie"We are students and we lov it."3:211/21956
[ ]Beta Theta PiBetas win without motion turned on1:511/21956
[ ]Student CourtChief justice Larson says "this is the year of trial"1:111/21956
[ ]Kantonen, Dr. Taito A.Completes book: "Theology for Christian Stewardship"4:211/21956
[ ]Dayton Rotary ClubDayton Rotary Club gives scholarship check1:411/21956
[ ]Gamma Phi BetaGamma Phis not heartbroken1:211/21956
[ ]TorchStaff, thrie ideas and goals. Meet the staff2:111/21956
[ ]Bower, Mrs. GlennaWe are students...and we love it3:211/21956
[ ]Dad's DayDad's Day is coming1:511/91956
[ ]Zimmerman HallHome Ec. building funds accumulate1:111/91956
[ ]Urbanski, GeneHonors to Urbanski5:111/91956
[ ]Weaver ChapelPlans for chapel near realizatio1:411/91956
[ ]Honor CodePoignant observations on the honor system1:111/91956
[ ]Urbanski, GeneSaturday...Urbanski day1:111/91956
[ ]Waters, JimThese five (et al) may be conference champs (por)3:211/91956
[ ]Sward, DaveThese five may be conference champs3:211/91956
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesFraternity alumni organize CouncilNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.5:211/131956
[ ]Benson, GeorgeBenson represents IFC at convention1:411/161956
[ ]Nystrom, Dr. Wendell C.Dean of Wittenberg College retires1:111/161956
[ ]Ladies of the White HouseLadies of the White House1:211/161956
[ ]Inaugural gowns of the past 167 yearsLadies of White House pageant to be given1:211/161956
[ ]Malin, Mr. And Mrs. HenryPeace corps volunteers recruit; relate experiences in Turkey1:112/21956
[ ]Plays"Brigadoon"1:312/71956
[ ]ChoirChoir announces immediate plans1:312/71956
[ ]Dorm LeagueDorm League to leave IFC1:112/71956
[ ]Grestenmeier, Dr. EugenGerman leader awarded degree1:412/71956
[ ]Hamzavi, AbdolHamzavi gives views on foreign aid2:412/71956
[ ]Yingst, HarryOhio Conference all stars (por)3:112/71956
[ ]Urbanski, GeneOhio Conference All-stars (por)3:212/71956
[ ]Gerstenmeier, Dr. EugenPresident of lower house of the West German parlaiment awarded an honorary degree by Wittenberg1:412/71956
[ ]Wolfenden, Dr. James W.Text of address5:412/71956
[ ]AthleticsWinter sports schedule3:512/71956
[ ]Fry, EarlCaptains 1957 football team3:412/191956
[ ]Long, Robert O.Long succeeds as new dean of students5:412/191956
[ ]Urbanski, GeneMost Valuable Player 19563:412/191956
[ ]Edwards, DaveNovice...ties point record set by Jack Hawkins3:212/191956
[ ]Norstog, Knute J.Receives government aid5:512/191956
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeWittenberg's future. Board of directors make known plans for future5:112/191956