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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Juedes, CliffA coach who knows his stuff4:11/151953
[ ]PlaysClever, well-acted ("Claudia")1:21/151953
[ ]Leamer HallLeamer opens for occupancy this week11/151953
[ ]Ivy RingSenate OK's1:11/151953
[ ]May, BillHere Feb. 111;41/221953
[ ]Phi Kappa PsiPhi Psis and Phi Gams plan annual Jefferson duo3:41/221953
[ ]Coyle, Dr. WilliamThe Club to hear Coyle tell of 'Modern Literature' (por)1:21/221953
[ ]Labenda, DonBrowns pick Labenda in football draft (por)4:12/121953
[ ]Brownson, Prof. E. JamesBrownson writes series (por)3:12/121953
[ ]Sjoholm, ThorstenCivic appearance2:32/121953
[ ]Kelly, LizClub presents "An evening with Liz Kelly" Feb 20 (por)1:12/121953
[ ]May, BillHere Feb. 111:22/121953
[ ]International Relations ClubReorganize IRC group4:42/121953
[ ]Coyle, Dr. WilliamThe Club to hear Coyle tell of 'Modern Literature'2:42/121953
[ ]Kelly, LizClub presents "An evening with Liz Kelly" Feb 201:32/191953
[ ]Weaver ChapelIs this just an architect's dream? Chapel fund short $250,000 of goal3:12/191953
[ ]Bloomhardt, Dr. Paul F.; Braun, Prof. Garwood; Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.Seniors honor three faculty members1:32/191953
[ ]Arashiro, Mitsunori GusTells of Okinawa and "new democracy" (por)1:12/191953
[ ]Kelly, LizClub presents "An evening with Liz Kelly" Feb 204:432/261953
[ ]Kessner, Prof. Robert H.Glories2:32/261953
[ ]Schrag, Dr. F. JamesWill discuss teacher aims (por)3:42/261953
[ ]Plays"Cuckoos on the Hearth" is thrill-tickler opener (pic)1:13/51953
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities"Shelve" discrimination issue1:33/51953
[ ]Bloomhardt, Dr. Paul F.TORCH salutes: three youngsters (por)3:33/51953
[ ]Braun, Prof. GarwoodTorch salutes: three youngsters (por)3:13/51953
[ ]Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.Torch salutes: three youngsters3:23/51953
[ ]History of WittenbergFounder's Day 1848-19533:13/121953
[ ]Goettman, BillGoettman gets highest Wittenberg cage honor (MVP)4:53/121953
[ ]Hawken, JackHawken tops4:33/121953
[ ]DiscriminationMinority students burst race prejudice bubble1:53/121953
[ ]Belgum, Dr. David R.New teacher (por)1:43/121953
[ ]Plays"Abie's Irish Rose"1:43/201953
[ ]Art AuctionArt auction success, say artists, patrons1:43/201953
[ ]Ermarth, Prof. Margaret SittlerErmarth announces new associate professor of history here (por)4:33/201953
[ ]Ivy RingSenate OK's4:13/201953
[ ]Lintz, ChuckSeven jobs, seven days a week for campus cop (por)3:13/201953
[ ]OratorsSpeech squad wins first place in state contest4:13/201953
[ ]McCormick, Robert W.Takes over baseball varsity1:13/201953
[ ]Art AuctionArt auction success, say artists, patrons2:33/261953
[ ]DramatiqueDramatique planned for Friday at 8 P.M.1:43/261953
[ ]SophomoresFollies to open April 84:43/261953
[ ]MacPherson, Miss GeorgiaMacPherson to study in Paris, tour Europe in summer (pic)4:13/261953
[ ]Brown, Mrs. MarthaTotal 36 years service3:23/261953
[ ]Watkins, Mrs. MyraTotal 36 years service3:13/261953
[ ]Plays"Craig's Wife" is presented (pic)4:14/171953
[ ]Crocker, BernieBernie Crocker in national (por)4:34/171953
[ ]Leamer HallDedicate hall in ceremony2:34/171953
[ ]Kelley, G. VernonKelley elected president of Ohio Speech Association2:44/171953
[ ]Doellman, LeeLee Doellman newly elected president of. . . Panhel4:34/171953
[ ]Ostrom, Dr. John W.Ostrom English text released by publisher5:14/171953
[ ]Luther, MartinStudents, faculty preview new film3:34/171953
[ ]Varsity NightA good judge gives varisty night to DL1:44/241953
[ ]Dorm LeagueA good judge gives Varsity Night to Dorm League1:44/241953
[ ]Outing ClubBares inside story of Easter mountain trip4:44/241953
[ ]Hoge, WilsonHoge announces new admissions director (pic)1:34/241953
[ ]Metzger, Miss Pauline E.New Home Ec. head (por)3:14/241953
[ ]Bishop, RogerRoger Bishop honored with Best Athlete award (por)4:14/241953
[ ]Plays"Craig's Wife" is presented1:45/11953
[ ]TorchWin Award4:25/11953
[ ]Neal, RichardWins election1:45/11953
[ ]Henderson, Don"best athlete"4:15/71953
[ ]Commencement225 seniors to graduate June 82:15/71953
[ ]Spring, MiriamElected new Phi Delt prexy3:55/71953
[ ]Honor DayHonor to whom honor is due1:15/71953
[ ]Alma MaterLee Doellman (por)1:45/71953
[ ]Doellman, LeeLee Doellman alma mater (por)1:45/71953
[ ]Oak OrationMary Weimer2:15/71953
[ ]Hertz, Dr. Karl H.New sociology professor3:15/71953
[ ]McCormick, Robert W.Resigns4:55/71953
[ ]Alpha Delta PiAlpha Delta Pi wins sing cup (por)1:45/151953
[ ]Snyder, Dr. Lawrence E.Alpha Kappa Delta to initiate Snyder (por)3:35/151953
[ ]Student DayCollegians romp on free day1:15/151953
[ ]Graves, CynthiaGraves selected to edit publications1:15/151953
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolHamma Divinity School to graduate 231:55/151953
[ ]Lyders, Mary AnneLyders selected to edit publications (por)1:15/151953
[ ]Dorm LeagueDorm League repeats win with "Hallelujah Chorus" (por)1:55/221953
[ ]CurriculumForestry program begins in fall5:45/221953
[ ]Morrell, Dr. Minnie CateSouthern prof joins staff2:25/221953
[ ]Student SenateBegin second year. Organization described4:19/111953
[ ]CampusCampus welcomes improvements1:19/181953
[ ]Ermarth, Prof. Margaret SittlerErmarth announces new associate professor of history here (por)1:49/181953
[ ]FacultyFaculty leads double life3:29/181953
[ ]Moeckel, EdmondFor some freshmen, life begins at 30 (por)2:49/181953
[ ]Knauer, BernardKnauer joins staff (por)4:49/181953
[ ]Henderson, DonNew captains and coach4:3, 59/181953
[ ]Metzger, Miss Pauline E.New Home Ec. Head1:49/181953
[ ]Hertz, Dr. Karl H.New sociology professor1:49/181953
[ ]Belgum, Dr. David R.New teacher (por)1:49/181953
[ ]Posposel, MiriamReceives $300 scholarship (por)1:19/181953
[ ]Morrell, Dr. Minnie CateSouthern prof joins staff1:49/181953
[ ]Auman, Dr. Russell; Johns, Dr. Constantine; Nave, Dr. Floyd R.Three among "new 12" return to Alma Mater1:49/181953
[ ]FootballTigers4:39/181953
[ ]MacPherson, Miss Georgia"I love Paris in the summer."3:49/251953
[ ]Weiser, Miss Florence SarahA glance at the dietician3:49/251953
[ ]Alumnae/AlumniAlumni creates new all-time record3:19/251953
[ ]CurriculumHistory of the Near East is added2:39/251953
[ ]TorchMeet your 1953-54 staff1:19/251953
[ ]Plays"Curse of an Aching Heart" is new play5:310/21953
[ ]Juedes, CliffPlucky Cliff6:310/21953
[ ]Victory BellThe bell tolls2:410/21953
[ ]Preaching MissionHamma formulates2:110/91953
[ ]HomecomingPlans work to climax as Oct. 17 draws near1:410/91953
[ ]Victory BellTheft voices victory voice1:210/91953
[ ]Bodenberg, Dr. E.T.They add the "B" to biology3:210/91953
[ ]Beaver, Prof. W.C.They add the "B" to biology (por)3:210/91953
[ ]Braun, Prof. GarwoodThey add the "B" to Biology (por)3:210/91953
[ ]Homecoming Queen1953 Lucy Perrier110/171953
[ ]HomecomingDisplays (pic)110/171953
[ ]Bush, Prof. EverettGeographic ties brighten campus (por)3:410/171953
[ ]Student UnionHolds grand premiere2:410/171953
[ ]Percier, LucilleHomecoming Queen 1953 (por)110/171953
[ ]Juedes, Cliff; Knauer, BernardMeet the coaches4:610/171953
[ ]Ness, Ralph E. TomMeet the coaches4:410/171953
[ ]Reck, W. EmersonPublic relations imortance mounts3:710/171953
[ ]Football, History ofWill history repeat?4:210/171953
[ ]Plays"Curse of an Aching Heart" is new play1:410/231953
[ ]Preaching Mission"Where shall men turn?" is theme1:110/231953
[ ]Victory BellBell's return peals1:110/231953
[ ]Chi OmegaChi Omegas take cups3:210/231953
[ ]HomecomingPhi Gams, Chi Os take cups3:210/231953
[ ]Wylie, Lloyd R.Sees stars (por)3:210/231953
[ ]Phi Gamma DeltaTake cups3:210/231953
[ ]Phi Gamma DeltaThe winnahs! (por)3:210/231953
[ ]Plays"Curse of an Aching Heart" is new play1:110/301953
[ ]Preaching Mission"Where shall men turn?" is theme1:410/301953
[ ]Lowry, Dr. Howard F.Community celebrates Luther reformation1:410/301953
[ ]Neal, RichardFrom the campus sketchbook3:310/301953
[ ]Snyder, Dr. Lawrence E.He is a Pennsylvanian still (por)3:410/301953
[ ]Junior PanhellenicJunior Panhellenic organizes1;510/301953
[ ]Student CourtSelf-analyses1:210/301953
[ ]Lesher, BillStudent court self-analysis (por)1:210/301953
[ ]Dad's DayDads have their annual campus day1:411/61953
[ ]Lesher, BillFrom the campus sketchbook2:411/61953
[ ]Plays"Lost Horizon" portrays human nature1:311/201953
[ ]Gifts; Cromer, Charles, S.College places gift in general assets1:411/201953
[ ]Varble, BillWittenberg's All-Ohio candidates (por)4:111/201953
[ ]Plays"Lost Horizon" portrays human nature1:112/41953
[ ]Weaver ChapelBoard approves plan for chapel-library1:512/41953
[ ]HomecomingCode3:212/41953
[ ]Varble, Billis MVP4:412/41953
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesQuota system adopted1:312/41953
[ ]Plays"Lost Horizon" portrays human nature1:412/111953
[ ]Alpha Tau OmegaAlpha Tau Omega adopts German girl3:312/111953
[ ]ChoirChoir record now on sale5:212/111953
[ ]Weaver ChapelGround-breaking delayed1:112/111953
[ ]BookstoreNew bookstore to serve three-fold purpose5:112/111953
[ ]Bloomhardt, Dr. Paul F.Professor's life a thrilling adventure (por)3:112/111953
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolSits High4:112/111953
[ ]Albert, Rev. Harold R.Christmas convo will feature pastor Albert1:112/181953
[ ]Weaver ChapelDozer tumbles trees to prepare chapel-library site1:212/181953
[ ]Owens, LeeLambda Chi chooses 1953 "Crescent Queen"1:512/181953
[ ]FeesStudents paid 57% of educational costs1:312/181953