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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Military ServiceConfused draft status explained by Hershey2:41/111952
[ ]Student SenateMove to merge "Big 3" in student senate drive1:41/111952
[ ]Ostrom, Dr. John W.Poe scholar to receive honor from Gettysburg1:11/111952
[ ]CurriculumCollege completes plans for combined education program1:11/171952
[ ]Reimherr, Rev. OttoLeaving for place in Maryland1:41/171952
[ ]Springfield Wittenberg campaignMillion dollar dive begins1:41/171952
[ ]Lynn, JennyVariety is the spice of this coed's private life (por)2:11/171952
[ ]Thompson, RalstonWork shown in Texas art exhibition3:21/171952
[ ]Springfield Wittenberg campaignMillion dollar dive begins1:12/81952
[ ]Springfield Wittenberg campaignMillion dollar dive begins:22/81952
[ ]Springfield Wittenberg campaignMillion dollar dive begins1:12/141952
[ ]Abbott, EdEd Abbott new Student Council President1:42/281952
[ ]Randell, NeilReared on opening nights, show business is his life2:32/281952
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesSorority Courtesy Week appears on way out1:12/281952
[ ]Bloomhardt, Dr. Paul F.Bloomhardt speaks on life of Christ (por)1:13/61952
[ ]Chi OmegaChi Omega is penalized for violating pledge quota1:23/61952
[ ]Springfield Wittenberg campaignMillion dollar dive begins1:43/61952
[ ]Robins, Hugh PerkSets record in cage finals (por)4:13/61952
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesSorority Courtesy Week appears on way out1:43/61952
[ ]FacultyThirteen of faculty named noteworthy1:23/61952
[ ]Hites, Dr. Laird T.College receives fossil2:23/131952
[ ]Thompson, CarrollDirects Midland publicity1:23/131952
[ ]Rapkin, Thomas D.Pi Kap president deported1:13/131952
[ ]Robins, Hugh PerkRobins sets another4:43/131952
[ ]Swimming and DivingThe Lutheran tankmen4:13/131952
[ ]English ClubCouncil approved new organization (por)1:13/201952
[ ]Hayes, ChuckHayes elected new TORCH editor for 19520=-531:43/201952
[ ]CampusOne-way campus traffic1:13/201952
[ ]Chi OmegaPanhell revokes penalty1:33/201952
[ ]DebateWittenberg places in all finals at speech tournay1:33/201952
[ ]Weaver, E. O.55 years of loyal service1:14/71952
[ ]Outing ClubCampus campers to brave the elements4:14/71952
[ ]Student SenateConsitution is ready for student body; revisions completed1:44/181952
[ ]Crocker, BernieDudley, Crocker star in "arty" comedy1:14/181952
[ ]Leamer HallNew Hamma building (por)3:34/181952
[ ]Outing ClubOuters' first venture ends up at "laff-riot"3:14/181952
[ ]Student SenateFaculty tables senate plan1:14/241952
[ ]Student SenateHas potential power34/241952
[ ]Remsberg, Dr. Robert G.Honored (por)2:44/241952
[ ]Coe, JoannePanhell prexy (por)1:54/241952
[ ]Phi Gamma Delta; Varsity Nightcapture varsity night1:45/11952
[ ]Varsity NightDorm League takes top honors1:45/11952
[ ]Stacy, JohnHeads LSA3:25/11952
[ ]Dorm LeagueMountain skit takes honors in 17th annual Varsity Night1:45/11952
[ ]Goettman, BillReach for the sky4:45/11952
[ ]Schulz, MarieSchulz, Albl new business managers for publication (por)1:45/11952
[ ]Wittenberger (annual)Smash all advertising records in '52 yearbook2:45/11952
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolTo graduate on May 18th2:45/11952
[ ]Stacy, JohnAnother presidency (Psi Chi)1:25/81952
[ ]CommencementGraduation is June 9; 267 seniors to march1:25/81952
[ ]Ostrom, Dr. John W.Impulse carries away prof3:35/81952
[ ]Alma Mater; Coe, JoanneJoanne Coe elected Alma Mater (por)3:45/81952
[ ]Shanor, Rev. Dr. Carl W.Joins faculty1:45/81952
[ ]Sidewalk Art ShowAnnual show stimulates interest, controversies3:45/161952
[ ]Student SenateApproves senate plann1:45/161952
[ ]Clarihew, BerylBeryl Clarihew to head English club1:35/161952
[ ]Dorm LeagueDorm League win sing1:45/161952
[ ]Ostrom, Dr. John W.English text is accepted for publication3:15/161952
[ ]FacultyFaculty honored with 25 years of service3:35/161952
[ ]Mourouzis, GeorgeClass of '52 officers4:15/231952
[ ]Mourouzis, GeorgeClass of '52 officers2:55/231952
[ ]Robins, Hugh PerkClass of '52 officers (por)4:15/231952
[ ]Johnson, JoanClass of 1952 officers4:15/231952
[ ]Awards; Ostrom, Dr. John W.; Kantzer, Margaret; Bishop, LoyalFete Faculty (por4:15/231952
[ ]Anderson, BobHere are the top 20 in campus service2:55/231952
[ ]Booth, Fred; Johnson, Joan; Mitchell, Marilyn; Robins, Hugh Perk; Sauer, KennethHere are top twenty in campus service2:55/231952
[ ]Abbott, EdHere are top twenty in campus service, Class of '522:55/231952
[ ]Laatsch, Melvin H. Laatsch to cruise around the world2:45/231952
[ ]Lada, GubbyOfficer of class of 19524:15/231952
[ ]Lada, GubbyOne of top twenty in campus service2:55/231952
[ ]Behlen, GenePi Delt prexy4:35/231952
[ ]Bush, Prof. EverettReturn of the native (pic)3:25/231952
[ ]Bush, Prof. EverettReturn of the native (por)3:25/231952
[ ]Chi OmegaSinging their way to victory (por)4:15/231952
[ ]Beattie, MarilynTop 20 in campus service, class of '522:55/231952
[ ]Reck, W. EmersonTwelve faculty are in '52 "Who's Who"1:15/231952
[ ]Krueger, Dr. RaymondTwelve faculty are in '52 Who's who1:15/231952
[ ]Ostrom, Dr. John W.Twelve faculty are in '52 Who's Who1:15/231952
[ ]Barker, Dr. John W.Twelve faculty are in 1952 Who's Who1:15/231952
[ ]Beaver, Prof. W.C.; Nystrom, Dr. Wendell C.Twelve faculty are in Who's Who1:15/231952
[ ]Auten, Miss AgnesAuten, Miss Agnes succumbs1:39/251952
[ ]CampusCampus building boom2:19/251952
[ ]Schweikart, RobertFive new two returning professors join faculty5:19/251952
[ ]Bush, Prof. Everett; Glasoe, Dr. Paul; Timmons, L. R.Five new, two returning professors join faculty5:19/251952
[ ]HomecomingGala reunion planned for Oct. 111:49/251952
[ ]Juedes, Cliff; McCormick, Robert W.; Ness, Ralph E. TomLutheran leaders6:49/251952
[ ]Pearson, WilliamLutheran leaders (por)6:49/251952
[ ]Bush, Prof. EverettOne of seven professors joining faculty5:19/251952
[ ]McCormick, Robert W.Saturday's hero5:39/251952
[ ]Wood, Dr. ArthurTeaching sociology at Wittenberg1:29/251952
[ ]Adler, JohnAdler shows good potential as guard4:310/21952
[ ]CampusCampus gets face lift3:310/21952
[ ]Hatton, Mrs. AdaCashier...breeds worms that won't turn2:410/21952
[ ]FeesCollege approves 7% tuition raise for first semester 19531:410/21952
[ ]Adler, Johnelected frosh prexy (por)2:510/21952
[ ]Foreign StudentsIcelander among five new foreign students3:210/21952
[ ]Wittenberger (annual)moves offices3:410/21952
[ ]HomecomingOne will be a queen (por)1:410/21952
[ ]Homecoming Queen1952 Janice Sampson1:110/111952
[ ]Russi, Mrs. Harold E. AnneAlums, undergrads pay homage to reverend Russi (por)2:210/111952
[ ]Flack, Dr. E.E.Bible scholar2:410/111952
[ ]Kappa DeltaKD celebrates 25th campus year1:310/111952
[ ]HomecomingSampson is queen (por)1:110/111952
[ ]Auden, W.H."Clever fellow" here Nov. 21:310/231952
[ ]Trueblood, Dr. EltonConvo philosophy1:1, 6:110/231952
[ ]HomecomingGamma Phi, Phi Gam take display cups6:110/231952
[ ]Gamma Phi BetaThe winners!6:310/231952
[ ]Preaching Missionto replace Emphasis Week1:410/231952
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesCampus pledge project1:110/301952
[ ]Shanor, Rev. Dr. Carl W.Faith gives life meaning, Pastor Shanor tells convo.1:210/301952
[ ]Eisenhower, Dwight D.National student poll picks1:310/301952
[ ]President's homePresident's new home (por)1:410/301952
[ ]Weng, Rev. Dr. Armin Georgeto address Reformation service Sunday1:110/301952
[ ]Preaching Missionto replace Emphasis week (por)1:510/301952
[ ]Plays"Abie's Irish Rose"1:311/61952
[ ]Plays"Caludia"1:311/61952
[ ]Eisenhower, Dwight D.As Wittenberg goes, so goes the nation (por)1:511/61952
[ ]Brownson, Prof. E. JamesBrush to baton (por)4:211/61952
[ ]Mitchell, HobartPoetry in song (por)1:411/61952
[ ]Weng, Rev. Dr. Armin GeorgeTells reformation crowd of Luther times1:411/61952
[ ]Plays"Claudia"1:311/201952
[ ]Alumnae/AlumniAlumni set $50,000 as goal for 1953 drive2:111/201952
[ ]Bloomhardt, Dr. Paul F.Bloomhardt to give Thanksgiving address (por)3:511/201952
[ ]Dunkel, James; FootballDunkel looks back over...season4:311/201952
[ ]Albright, Dr. WilliamFrom ruins, new ideas in Albright lectures (por)1:411/201952
[ ]Kantonen, Dr. Taito A.Kantonen elected to Theology Commission; only U.S. member2:211/201952
[ ]Kessler Foundation LecturesNew ideas in Albright lectures, from ruins (pic)1:411/201952
[ ]Traub, StanleyNew Phi Psi prexy2:311/201952
[ ]International Relations ClubReorganize IRC group2:111/201952
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesSenate legislature debates IFC, Panhell jurisdiction over Greeks1:111/201952
[ ]Plays"Abie's Irish Rose"1:312/41952
[ ]Clarihew, BerylFlinner vacates Senate post until finish of semester (por)1:112/41952
[ ]Labenda, DonLabenda is named MVP (por)4:112/41952
[ ]Sjoholm, ThorstenU.S. "Buys" foreign friends2:412/41952
[ ]Plays"Abie's Irish Rose"1:212/111952
[ ]Plays"Abie's Irish Rose" was two hours of fun: critic.1:112/111952
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesIFC wins national award for training program1:112/111952