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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Thompson, CarrollAccepts church news/publicity editorship1:11/111951
[ ]Coyle, Dr. WilliamCoyle and Civil War compatible as new combined course added2:31/111951
[ ]Lada, GubbyLada replaces Jac Blough as new student council head1:11/111951
[ ]Marriage SchoolMarriage school set for June1:31/111951
[ ]Lutz, Harry E.;DeathsOldest alum dies; class of 18791:21/111951
[ ]Beacham, John C.Alumni secretary resigns after able year (por)1:11/181951
[ ]Military ServiceReport on draft situation given by prexy at convo1:31/181951
[ ]Saeman, HenrySports editor--Torch terror!2:31/181951
[ ]CampusThree new buildings authorized as inflation scare hastens action1:31/181951
[ ]Dierolf, ClaudeCasual Claude digs dramatics; no neophyte with publications2:42/81951
[ ]CurriculumNew Civil War course combines history and period literature2:52/81951
[ ]Hamma choirchoir plans three-state tour2:42/151951
[ ]Douglas, Lloyd C.;DeathsFamous author dies1:12/151951
[ ]Strock, Dr. J. RoyIndian educator, noted cellist to be featured at next convos1:42/151951
[ ]Friedrick, Rev. James K.Religious movie producer to speak Feb 191:12/151951
[ ]Winston, Miss Mildred E.; United Lutheran Church in America (ULCA)ULCA education secretary here for student workshop1:22/151951
[ ]Beaver, Prof. W.C.Beaver mixes philosophy with biology lab techniques (por)2:32/221951
[ ]TorchHow we go to press2:32/221951
[ ]Roger Williams FellowshipNew religious group formed for Baptists1:52/221951
[ ]Religious GroupsRoger Williams, Lutheran Student Assoc., Canterbury, Westminster, and Newman Club are groups on campus12/221951
[ ]CurriculumSpecial remedial reading course for students to start Monday1:12/221951
[ ]Ivy Oration1951 - Helen Snyder1:23/11951
[ ]ChoirChoir leaves Sunday on two-week jaunt1:13/11951
[ ]Buchholtz, JohnClass meetings focus toward graduation (Oak Orator)1:23/11951
[ ]Eisenberg, MauriceFamous cellist featured in...convo.1:43/11951
[ ]TorchHow we go to press2:33/11951
[ ]Snyder, HelenIvy Orator1:23/11951
[ ]Oak OrationJohn Buchholtz1:23/11951
[ ]Christensen, Harold L.Harold Christensen resigns to join Chicago insurance staff1:53/71951
[ ]Robins, Hugh PerkMVP for second consecutive season1:13/71951
[ ]Morris, EarlNoted attorney is to be convocation guest1:33/71951
[ ]Plays"Magnificent Obsession" scheduled for Apr 4, 5, 71:53/151951
[ ]ChoirChoir leaves Sunday on two-week jaunt1:13/151951
[ ]Ostrom, Dr. John W.Selected member of scholastic society1:43/151951
[ ]Reck, W. EmersonWittenberg VP is writing book, not on public relations2:33/151951
[ ]TorchApril 1 issue4/11951
[ ]Allison, BernardBernie Allison, vet of 28 trips across briny, intramural head2:34/51951
[ ]Military ServiceCollege is named draft center1:24/51951
[ ]Summer CoursesExpanded to aid accelerated curriculum1:14/51951
[ ]Anderson, BobNew Torch editors announced (por)1:34/51951
[ ]PlaysWermer scores in "Obsession" (por)1:14/51951
[ ]Plays"Night of Drama" features three student-directed plays1:24/121951
[ ]Pershing, Benjamin H."Triple-threat" prof, adds more laurels to Wittenberg (por)2:34/121951
[ ]Lohnes, Mr. G. R.Ohio banker to lecture on economics1:54/121951
[ ]Semmons, Marlene...chosen to appear on an NBC television program2:34/191951
[ ]Behlen, Gene; Clarihew, BerylClarihew, Behlen will be editors of next yearbook (por)1:34/191951
[ ]Teeter, CharlotteSelected as an attendant in the Pi Kappy Alpha "Dream Girl" contest1:34/191951
[ ]Anderson, BobAnderson elected Inter-frat prexy1:14/261951
[ ]CampusCampus facelifting reaches Reci, Keller4:54/261951
[ ]Phi Gamma DeltaCaptures varsity night1:44/261951
[ ]Abbott, EdElected ... to ... vice president (Student Council) (por)1:34/261951
[ ]DebateFreshman debaters take championship1:44/261951
[ ]Harkness, RichardHarkness will talk Monday2:34/261951
[ ]Lada, GubbyLada elected president of Student Council (pic)1:34/261951
[ ]Alma MaterMarilyn Mitchell (por)1:24/261951
[ ]Mitchell, MarilynMitchell is to be reigning queen at the Alma Mater ceremonies (por)1:24/261951
[ ]TorchNational honor comes to TORCH1:54/261951
[ ]Leamer HallNew Hamma building3:14/261951
[ ]Honor DayStudents honored during Monday's convocation1:14/261951
[ ]CommencementCommencement activities planned1:25/31951
[ ]Dierolf, ClaudeTen facluty contracts cancelled due to expected enrollment drop2:35/31951
[ ]Allison, Bernard; Cressman, Dr. Charles P.; Stewart, Lincoln; Wagner, EvelynTen faculty contracts cancelled due to expected enrollment drop2:35/31951
[ ]Schulz, MarieYearbook business manager (por)1:35/31951
[ ]Booth, FredBoost "W" elects Booth1:25/101951
[ ]Fun DayFun day begins at 3:10 May 171:45/101951
[ ]Doellman, LeeLee Doellman sets freshman record2:35/101951
[ ]Sauer, KennethTo head Theta Chi Delta1:25/101951
[ ]Phi Kappa PsiWin sing for third time since 19451:15/101951
[ ]Cressman, Dr. Charles P.Cressman gains degree in sociology from UP1:55/171951
[ ]Fun DayFun day begins at 3:10 May 171:25/171951
[ ]Gamma Phi BetaGamma Phis triumph in second straight sing1:35/171951
[ ]Heath, WilliamHeath given memorial award (por)1:15/171951
[ ]Maurice, WilliamNamed as Alumni secretary1:35/171951
[ ]Commencement332 grads-elect finish on June 41:25/241951
[ ]CommencementGraduation speakers announced by prexy1:55/241951
[ ]Class of 1951;AwardsThirty members of Class of '51 feted by student committee sponsored poll3:35/241951
[ ]BaseballTigers cop diamond title (pic)4:15/241951
[ ]Wrolstad, Merald E.Wrols signs last "thirty" to follow Mac and fade (por)2:45/241951
[ ]Braun, Prof. Garwood; Brownson, Prof. E. James; Curry, Howard M.; Pearson, William; Roselius, Roland E.; Schultz, Robert; Van Metrign, Ralph M.Faculty adds seven profs1:49/271951
[ ]CurriculumMusic students given credit for activities1:29/271951
[ ]Remsberg, Dr. Robert G.Named full professor3:39/271951
[ ]FootballOfficial's signals4:49/271951
[ ]Grimm, Paul; Bishop, LoyalBishop, Grimm named season grid captains4:310/41951
[ ]HomecomingPlans set; queen candidates chosen1:110/41951
[ ]Remsberg, Dr. Robert G.Remsburgs tour Holy Lands, dusty Africa, Egyptian Idols2:410/41951
[ ]Student CouncilTradition handicaps council in student-faculty meetings2:310/41951
[ ]Management Development CenterLocal industrial chiefs here; don frosh dinks for week (por)2:410/111951
[ ]Student CouncilStudent council speaks; needs only to be heard2:310/111951
[ ]Homecoming Queen1951 Marilyn Beattie110/201951
[ ]HomecomingBarbecue supper with beef--900 lbs1:410/201951
[ ]Beattie, MarilynBeattie is homecoming queen (por)1:110/201951
[ ]Bishop, LoyalLoyal Bishop new senior class prexy (por)3:110/201951
[ ]CampusNew look in face lifting2:310/201951
[ ]HomecomingSchedule1:110/201951
[ ]HomecomingSocial groups display homecoming spirit for alumni4, 510/201951
[ ]HomecomingBeattie is homecoming queen (por)110/211951
[ ]Albert, Rev. Harold R.Albert, Rev. Harold R. addresses week of religion1:111/11951
[ ]Student CouncilLacks Cooperation from students, faculty2:411/11951
[ ]Alpha Delta PiPhi Kappa Psi, Alpha Delta Pi displays win2:311/11951
[ ]Phi Kappa PsiPhi Psis and Alpha Deltas display winners2:311/11951
[ ]Hazen ForumSaints, cynics meet to open Hazen forum1:411/11951
[ ]HomecomingSocial groups display homecoming spirit for alumni2:311/11951
[ ]Balazs, FredericViolinist slated on next convo1:211/11951
[ ]Volenti, Fernandoperforms at convocation Monday1:111/81951
[ ]Plays"You Can't Take it With You": Gay comedy opens in campus theatre Dec. 181:412/61951
[ ]Weaver ChapelBoard flashes green light on new chapel1:412/61951
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesIFC ranked 2nd best in national conference1:112/61951
[ ]Sisto, YolandaLady flier abandons horse medicine for air glamor1:412/61951
[ ]Interfraternity CouncilRanked second best in national conference1:112/61951
[ ]Alumnae/AlumniWho's who reveals our famous Alumni4:312/61951
[ ]Plays"You Can't Take it With You": Gay comedy opens in campus theatre Dec. 181:212/131951
[ ]Buchholtz, JohnBuchholtz second in Oration contest1:512/131951
[ ]ChoirChoir scores in concert2:312/131951
[ ]Pearson, Norman ArthurEx-truant covets title as "family" black sheep (por)2:412/131951
[ ]Schneider, Dr. John PhilipGone, but not forgotten1:412/131951
[ ]Lundin, Jack;Phi Psi-Gamma Phi chorus;Phi Kappa;Saddlemire, Dr. Gerald;Christmas;[Photos]"Hark! The Herald Angels Sing"1:112/211951
[ ]Plays"You Can't Take it With You" scores in Blair Theatre opening this week3:112/211951
[ ]Opinion;Traffic AccidentsAs We See It - Death Likes A Holiday2:112/211951
[ ]Opinion;Student GovernmentAs We See It - Don't Read This2:112/211951
[ ]Opinion;ChristmasAs We See It - Yuletide Spirit, Etc .. 2:112/211951
[ ][Photo];Fraternities;ChristmasBig boys become little boys as fraternity fetes county home youngsters4:112/211951
[ ]Campus Life;Theta Eta Kappa;Psi Chi;Streich, MarjorieBy The Way....2:212/211951
[ ]Student Activities;Brief SurveyCampus Crier2:212/211951
[ ]WAA;Phi Delta PiCoed Initiations3:312/211951
[ ][Photo];Dunn, Eddie;BasketballEDDIE DUNN DOOD IT! 4:212/211951
[ ]Sports;Basketball;Maurer, Howard "Red"Four Xmas Contests Slated For Cagers4:212/211951
[ ][Photo];ChapelGerman students singing in the chapel service Wednesday4:112/211951
[ ]Maurer, Howard "Red";Sports;Basketball;Robins, Perk;Dunn, Eddie;[Photo];Pair of Wins Evens Hoop Record - Tigers Down Hiram,Case in Two Conference Wins4:212/211951
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities;Christmas;Snow and Cold Highlight Pre-Xmas Formal Dances3:412/211951
[ ]Student Accounts;Riots;Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.;[Photos]Student Bank Crashes; Campus Riot Quelled2:312/211951
[ ]Debate;Tryouts Open For First Year Debate3:312/211951
[ ]Vesper Service;Reccius, Barbara;Neda, Donna;Pospesel, Miriam;Vespers In Ferncliff3:312/211951