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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Anthony, RayDance set for first day of term1:41/111950
[ ]Cine AssociationGroup plans list of film classics3:11/111950
[ ]WrestlingGrunt and groan boys must conform to regular intercollegiate rules4:31/111950
[ ]Wittenberg MoviePremiere held this month1:41/111950
[ ]Hayes, ChuckStudent wins berth as roaming scribe for Chicago paper2:41/111950
[ ]Plays"Rope" set for March 22-251:32/21950
[ ]Wittenberg MoviePremiere held this moth3:32/81950
[ ]University of LifePresented here features well-known lecturers1:12/81950
[ ]March of DimesCampus-wide drive opens today12/151950
[ ]ChoirChoir plans concert tour over 2500 miles2:32/151950
[ ]Barker, Dr. John W.; Lutz, Dr. Arthur; Morgan, Dr. J. WaylandFaculty members honored in book2:32/151950
[ ]University of LifePresented here features well-known lecturers1:52/151950
[ ]March of DimesCampus-wide drive opens today1:42/221950
[ ]Hamma choirChoir goeson tour for CHEY drive3:42/221950
[ ]ChoirChoir plans concert tour over 2500 miles (por)1:12/221950
[ ]Barker, Dr. John W.Criminalistics expert for police force (por)3:42/221950
[ ]Wallace, DeaneSeniors see final action Friday (por)4:42/221950
[ ]Thompson, CarrollTwo appointed to staff2;12/221950
[ ]DebateDebate take third place in statewide tournamentNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:23/11950
[ ]Pearson, Norman ArthurChristen, Pearson take over Torch reigns as co-editors for coming year (por)1:13/81950
[ ]Career Development and Placement; Office of Career Development and Placement; Placement ServiceCollege offers placement service for graduates1:13/81950
[ ]Dorsey, JimmyDorsey signed for spring dance (por)1:33/81950
[ ]Remsberg, Dr. Robert G.Featured as Founder's Day Speaker1:23/81950
[ ]Robins, Hugh PerkNamed MVP at post season hoop banquet (por)4:43/81950
[ ]Plays"Rope" set for March 22-25 (pic)3:43/151950
[ ]Plays"Wallflower" picked by drama class1:23/151950
[ ]Visual Aids Workshop; Lutheran ChurchPastors meet for workshop1:23/151950
[ ]Balazs, FredericWell-known violinist appears on Monday convocation program1:13/151950
[ ]Plays"Rope" set for March 22-25 (pic)1:43/221950
[ ]Plays"Wallflower" picked by drama class4:33/221950
[ ]Bryden, EwenBryden leaves books for ball4:43/221950
[ ]Schweikart, RobertWins state meet; speech presented in national3:13/221950
[ ]Plays"Rope" set for March 22-25 (pic)3:13/291950
[ ]CurriculumNew course for seniors given1:14/141950
[ ]Taft, Mrs. MarthaTo speak, (commencement)1:34/141950
[ ]Junior-Senior PromFirst prom since war; set for Apr. 28th1:34/191950
[ ]Lada, GubbyLada named to tope managerial "Torch" post (pic)2:44/191950
[ ]Carle, FrankieCarle comes calling for all-campus dance (por)2:44/261950
[ ]Recitation HallCollege building program booms as construction of new addition begins3:14/261950
[ ]Shields, Harold L.From the sidelines4:44/261950
[ ]Alma MaterHelen Snyder (por)1:14/261950
[ ]Buchholtz, JohnInterfraternity council elects1:14/261950
[ ]Phi Kappa Psi; Varsity NightPhi Psi's take first place (por)1:34/261950
[ ]Snyder, HelenVoted to reign as queen over Alma Mater pageant (por)1:14/261950
[ ]Plays"Wallflower" picked by drama class3:15/31950
[ ]Hobo DayGrandma to replace King Jeff with new Gay Nineties picnic1:15/31950
[ ]Gay Nineties PicnicGrandma to replace King Jeff with the new Gay Ninties picnic1:15/31950
[ ]Glasoe, Dr. PaulGranted research aid2:35/31950
[ ]Weiskotten, RobertTo head Wittenberger along with Warth1:45/31950
[ ]FeesTuition cut granted to family groups1:25/31950
[ ]Warth, JoanWarth, Weiskotten to head Wittenberger1:45/31950
[ ]TorchWins four awards in OCNA convention1:15/31950
[ ]Plays"Wallflower" picked by drama class4:45/111950
[ ]Gay Nineties PicnicGay Ninties picnic15/111950
[ ]Hobo DayGrandma to replace King Jeff with new Gay Nineties picnic15/111950
[ ]Glasoe, Dr. PaulMissing: One Stanley Steamer15/111950
[ ]Dudycha, Dr. GeorgeDudycha to head Psych dept.; Hoefler added as speech professor1:45/181950
[ ]Fortney, Harold B.; Haugse, Eugene; Hawes, Robert E.; Keasey, Lester DeanFaculty leaves for doctorates3:45/181950
[ ]Hawes, Robert E.Faculty leaves for doctorates3:$5/181950
[ ]Alpha Tau OmegaFraternity under suspension until 1951, is official administrational decree1:15/181950
[ ]Hottman, BillHottman, Norris, Pic and Pen duo, fall victims of June graduation (por)1:35/181950
[ ]Norris, JohnnyHottman, Norris, Pick and Pen duo, fall victims of June graduation (por)1:35/181950
[ ]Sidewalk Art ShowWittenberg artists collect works for first annual sidewalk art exhibit today1:15/181950
[ ]Plays"Night must Fall": Drama scheduled for early November run3:59/211950
[ ]Dudycha, Dr. George; Hossom, Dr. H.K.Dudycha, Hossom head list of new professors1:19/211950
[ ]Ness, Ralph E. TomEx Lakewooder to mentor new Tiger grid machine; sports good record4:49/211950
[ ]Phi Mu DeltaFacelifting is order of day for Greek social groups as spirited rushing season rolls on3:19/211950
[ ]Thompson, CarrollHeads new church news service3:39/211950
[ ]Krueger, Rev. Ralph M.Krueger now acting as Wittenberg pastor1:39/211950
[ ]Marquart, Dr. J. RogerMarquart named new college doctor; to double as team physician1:19/211950
[ ]ConvocationsOverall convo view improved greatly1:59/211950
[ ]Van Why, Professor John B.Professor's sudden departure startles campus. Ness is new athletic field4:39/211950
[ ]Phi Gamma DeltaTake spring sings3:59/211950
[ ]Gamma Phi BetaThe Gamma Phis take spring sings3:59/211950
[ ]Tasuki, Kikychi "Polly"Tokyo girl discusses U.S., Japan2:49/211950
[ ]Fleming, ArthurOWU president Fleming to speak here Monday (por)1:19/281950
[ ]Traver, Dr. Amos J.Publishes new volume for laymen1:29/281950
[ ]Klive, VisvaldisStudent, sought by Reds, narrates experiences3:29/281950
[ ]Ostrom, Dr. John W.To write intro for new series1:39/281950
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolWin over varsity of Wittenberg 6-04:19/281950
[ ]Fischer, Dr. MartinCollege donated rare book collections and color exhibit1:310/51950
[ ]Religious Emphasis WeekFirst all-student Religious Emphasis Week set1:210/51950
[ ]Fleming, ArthurFleming cites role of college youth now3:410/51950
[ ]Kissing Bridge; FiresKissing Bridge damaged by fire1:410/51950
[ ]Religious Emphasis WeekFirst all-student Religious Emphasis Week set (por)1:110/121950
[ ]Bainton, Rev. Roland H.Noted reformation authority presents six-lecture series on Luther history3:110/121950
[ ]Kessler Foundation LecturesReformation authority presents Luther history lecture3:110/121950
[ ]Albert, Rev. Harold R.Sittler, Albert head Religious Emphasis program scheduled for coming week (por)1:110/121950
[ ]Sittler, Dr. Joseph Jr.Sittler, Albert heads Religious emphasis program scheduled for coming week1:110/121950
[ ]Laatsch, Melvin H. Witt's satorical wonder has high campus personality rating.2:410/121950
[ ]Schweikart, RobertWittenberg student wins second in nation peace speech contest1:310/121950
[ ]Campus Calendar QueenCampus Calendar Queen polled2:310/191950
[ ]Theta Chi DeltaChemistry honorary starts new lecture series1:410/191950
[ ]Luddington, RobertEvening in Paris fascinates Wittenberg fine arts student studying in Europe3:210/191950
[ ]Lutz, Dr. ArthurPhysics prof doubles as lensman; offered services to Torch2:410/191950
[ ]HomecomingQueen candidates, attendants, presented by parties (por)1:210/191950
[ ]Christian Higher Education Year (CHEY)cHEY nets over $750,000 for Wittenberg, Hamma2:410/261950
[ ]Ostrom, Dr. John W.Ravens--dank tarns vex Ostrom; "Don't call me Edgar" quoth he2:410/261950
[ ]Campus Calendar QueenSemmons Varsity "W's" Calendar Girl (por)1:210/261950
[ ]Semmons, MarleneVarsity "W"s calendar girl1:210/261950
[ ]Snyder, HelenWitt coed receives award for scholarship3:210/261950
[ ]Homecoming Queen1950 Charlotte Teeter1:211/41950
[ ]Military ServiceDean Nystrom explains student draft situation; reserves call five6:411/41950
[ ]Teeter, CharlotteIs Homecoming queen111/41950
[ ]Laughton, CharlesLaughton at Wittenberg convo6:111/41950
[ ]Alpha Delta PiLousy weather dampens homecoming displays (por)411/41950
[ ]Dorm LeagueLousy weather dampens Homecoming displays (por)511/41950
[ ]HomecomingLousy weather dampens homecoming displays--but not spirit4, 511/41950
[ ]Bloomhardt, Dr. Paul F.Orient, fishing, summer home in Maine claims biography prof (por)1:411/41950
[ ]Bacon, Miss KatherinePianist here Monday6:111/41950
[ ]HomecomingTeeter is homecoming queen (por)1:211/41950
[ ]Plays"Night must Fall": is hailed by audience1:411/171950
[ ]Ohio Wesleyan University;Sports;Football;RivalryBishops Tangle With Might Army As Season Opener For 19514:311/171950
[ ]Bridge TournamentBridge Tourney By Mail Set For February, April1:211/171950
[ ]Ohio Division of the National Association of Educational Buyers;Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.Buyers, Busines Managers Convene1:311/171950
[ ]Hall, Harry R.;Economics;BusinessEcon Speaker Series Announces Third Man's Theme3:311/171950
[ ]Ezry (Tiger);ComicsEzry3:111/171950
[ ]Philanthropy;Women's League;Fraternities and SororitiesFood For Needy Is Theme Of Monday's Convo1:411/171950
[ ]Sports;Football;Donnelly, JimFreshman Gridders Hold Baby Bishops--Lose To Tiger Varsity4:411/171950
[ ]Bush, Prof. EverettGeography prof misses winters of New England with real snow2:311/171950
[ ]Juedes, Clifford B.;BasketballJuedes New Frosh Cage Coach For 1950 Season4:111/171950
[ ]FootballLocal gridmen have best season since undefeated, united team of '404:111/171950
[ ]Sports;FootballLocal Gridmen Have Best Season Since Undefeated, Untied Team of '404:111/171950
[ ]Sports;RivalryMissing Skull And Stuffed Tiger Create Near Riot1:411/171950
[ ]Sports;Basketball;Maurer, Howard "Red"Mt. Union Added To Wittenberg 1950 Season Basketball Schedule4:211/171950
[ ]Cesana, Otto;Kenton, Stan;Jazz OrchestraNew Sounds In Modern Music2:211/171950
[ ]Nestler, NewtNewt Quips Merrily On; Prolific Our Boy Is2:411/171950
[ ]Fund Raising;World Student Service Fund;Foreign StudentsOff the Cuff - Cents Make Sense2:111/171950
[ ]Homecoming QueenOff the Cuff - Who Is the Fairest of Them All?2:111/171950
[ ]Phi Kappa Psi;Del Medico, Vincent J.;Zimmer, Frederick P.;Phi Gamma DeltaPhi Psis Elect Officers; Phi Gamma Delta; Dorm League Parties Scheduled3:411/171950
[ ]Psi Chi;Psychology DepartmentPsi Chi, Psych Honorary, To Hold Initiation Dec. 131:311/171950
[ ]Study Abroad;Mexico;Exchange ProgramsScholarship For Study South Of The Border Granted By Government2:211/171950
[ ]Sports;FootballSecond Migration Day Planned for Valparaiso Saturday Tilt1:111/171950
[ ]Military ServiceSelective service deferment procedure announced by dean3:111/171950
[ ]Semmons, Marlene;Campus Calendar QueenSemmons one of top four beauties in Esquire Calendar Girl contest1:411/171950
[ ]Schrag, Dr. E. F;Sociology DepartmentSociology Panel Set For Nov. 201:111/171950
[ ]Powder Bowl;Delta Zeta;Gamma PhiSorority Gridders Will Vie Nov. 214:211/171950
[ ]International Relations ClubStatewide convention on campus, Nov 17-191:211/171950
[ ]Sports;Football;Varble, Bill;Hammond, Bill;Bishop, LoyalTigers 19-0 Win Is First Denison Blank Since 19463:511/171950
[ ]Sports;FootballTigers, Bishops Tie 7-7 In Final Home Game4:111/171950
[ ]Grading;ComicsTorch Toons - Wittenberg's Grading System2:311/171950
[ ]Freshney, Bill;Freshmen-Sophomore ClashTug-Of-War Replaced By Egg Toss for Frosh-Soph Contest1:411/171950
[ ]Women's Athletic Association (WAA)WAA Sponsors Open House This Friday4:511/171950
[ ]Godfrey, ErnestGodfrey to speak at convocation1:211/211950
[ ]Weiser, Miss Florence SarahNew food coordinator named1:311/211950
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesRevamped fraternity program receives wide publicity1:111/211950
[ ]Wylie, Lloyd R.Wittenberg star searcher aided in determing Naval time (por)2:311/211950
[ ]Thompson, RalstonFine arts director penned mean poetry at undergrad2:312/71950
[ ]ConvocationsHere lies convo card 19502:112/71950
[ ]Yano, TdurskiJapanese university head lectures at Wittenberg1:212/71950
[ ]Class ScheduleSchedule change voted by faculty for replacement of school time1:112/71950
[ ]Gerhard, Dr. MelittaBiography of German poet ends two decades of work for prof.2:412/141950
[ ]Boatman, Claude E.Chem professor isolates 17 new salts1:412/141950
[ ]Military ServiceEffect of war scare on students discussed1:412/141950
[ ]Kantonen, Dr. Taito A.Finland's industrialism praised by Kantonen1:112/141950
[ ]GiftsCollege receives gifts1:112/201950