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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Student UnionCelebrates one year of cokes, coffee, crackpots3:31/141948
[ ]Deep River QuartetteDeep River Quartette to have spotlight in convo.1:21/141948
[ ]Dunmire, Rev. Howard;DeathsFormer publicity director dies1:31/141948
[ ]Dizmang, Oscar K.Oscar K. Dizmang accepts government post1:31/141948
[ ]Stavers, Jean BeanerPersonality parade1:31/141948
[ ]VeteransSubsistence raise anticipated1:11/141948
[ ]Rollins, Mary AnnTwelve chosen for Who's Who1;11/141948
[ ]Stroup, PaulTwelve chosen for Who's Who1:11/141948
[ ]Bauer, Art Bud; Brenner, Tom; Atkinson, Carol; Bristle, Nancy; Leffingwell, BobTwelve chosen for Who's Who (por)1:11/141948
[ ]Dunkel, JamesTwelve choses for Who's Who. (por)1:11/141948
[ ]Myers HallDormers propose lights for Myers1:51/211948
[ ]Flack, Dr. E.E.Flack edits commentary1:51/211948
[ ]Makowski, EdMakowski now a promising freshman cager1:11/211948
[ ]Student CouncilProposed election code presented to CouncilNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:42/91948
[ ]Plays"Gammer Gurton's Needle" to be presented by Thespians in Feb1:22/111948
[ ]CurriculumCurriculum offers free-time theatre courses3:42/111948
[ ]Pershing, Benjamin H.Receives award by Cuban historical academy1:22/111948
[ ]ChapelRobert H. Hiller Memorial Chancel dedicated1:32/111948
[ ]MacPherson, Miss GeorgiaBook of poems publishedNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:42/131948
[ ]Krueger, Dr. RaymondKrueger plans bridge class1:12/181948
[ ]ConvocationsPoll indicates convos pet peeve1:52/181948
[ ]ChoirChoir makes ready for four-state tour1:42/251948
[ ]DebateDebate win in Earlham contest1:32/251948
[ ]VeteransMost vetshere will gain from new law1:32/251948
[ ]Fellmeth, Gene"Lefty" is leaving5:23/41948
[ ]Basketball"Next season to be wild and wooly"5:53/41948
[ ]VeteransAfter two years1:23/41948
[ ]VeteransAfter two years: trailer life still cramped and crazy4:33/41948
[ ]BasketballChalk talk (por)1:23/41948
[ ]Student CouncilCouncil hears plan of new Wittenberg student6:13/41948
[ ]DebateDebate places fourth in state meet6:33/41948
[ ]Simojoki, Dr. MartiiFinnish student hears lectures in three languages4:13/41948
[ ]Krueger, Dr. RaymondKrueger plans bridge class6:23/41948
[ ]GradingNine week grading system continued6:13/41948
[ ]Sutcliffe, HarryPersonality parade1:33/41948
[ ]Gamma Phi BetaThe Gamma Phis won1:13/41948
[ ]Perrine, JeanneA bachelor or a Master's degree3:43/101948
[ ]Esping, AudreyPortrait (por)3:13/101948
[ ]Fellmeth, GeneSeven receive basketball letters; Fellmeth most valuable second time4:53/101948
[ ]ChoirChoir makes ready for four-state tour (por)1:43/171948
[ ]Fellmeth, GenePersonality Parade2:33/171948
[ ]Brenner, TomPersonality parade--Headliners of 47-482:33/171948
[ ]Leffingwell, BobPersonality parade: headliners of 47-482:33/171948
[ ]Tracey, Miss Minnie B.Receives Doctor's degree1:23/171948
[ ]Student CouncilTwo proposals made for elections code1:53/171948
[ ]Snyder, Dr. Lawrence E.Your convo speaker...1:33/171948
[ ]Honor Day36th...slated Monday1:34/71948
[ ]Stull, JamesAssumes LSA duties as prexy1:14/71948
[ ]Teeter, Mary AliceAttendant1:14/71948
[ ]AthleticsConference passes new eligibility law4:34/71948
[ ]Thompson, RalstonGains more plaudits1:24/71948
[ ]Anderson, RachelMiss Wittenberger, 1948 (por)1:14/71948
[ ]Pitzer, ElwoodPitzer baseball coach4:14/71948
[ ]Alma Mater(June) Lindow, Alma Mater (por)1:34/141948
[ ]Honor Day36th...slated Monday1:14/141948
[ ]Lindow, JuneAlma Mater (por)1:34/141948
[ ]Lilje, Rev. HansYour convo speaker1:14/141948
[ ]Hobo DayDate set1:54/211948
[ ]Club 400Exclusive new club for Wittenberg students opens for business Friday night1:44/211948
[ ]Lilje, Rev. HansGerman bishop next Hamma speaker1:44/211948
[ ]Moore, BillOne man team...4:24/211948
[ ]Stroup, PaulRe-elected YMCA President1:54/211948
[ ]TorchReceives first class award1:34/211948
[ ]Doering, EdSC elects two officers (por)1:54/211948
[ ]Plays"Papa is All" opening in Blair theatre1:24/281948
[ ]CampusCampus suffers $2500 hurricane loss1:4-54/281948
[ ]Clinton, DonaldPersonality parade2:34/281948
[ ]Hilbrink, BernardThree new staff heads appointed for 1948-49 TORCH1:14/281948
[ ]Baker, JeanThree new staff heads appointed for 1948-49 Torch (por)1:14/281948
[ ]Moll, WallyBoost W, Inter frat council elect officers for 48-49 (por)1:24/301948
[ ]Fisher, EarlFisher comes home to rest1:14/301948
[ ]Plays"Importance of Being Earnest", new type production closes play season1:25/51948
[ ]Tennis1948 squad picture4:45/51948
[ ]Carrasco, RudyCarrasco's mural goes to Cincinnati1:25/51948
[ ]Hobo DayDate set1:35/51948
[ ]Norris, JohnnyNorris takes first1:35/51948
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolStudent ordained4:15/51948
[ ]Plays"Importance of Being Earnest", new type production closes play season1:35/121948
[ ]Phi Kappa PsiCaptures men's all campus sing1:15/121948
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolDiplomas to be awarded sunday1:35/121948
[ ]Nygren, Rev. Prof. AndersGonvo to feature Swedish minister1:25/121948
[ ]Student CouncilNew...constitutions goes before students1:55/121948
[ ]Hobo Day -- History1912-48 Hobo Day boasts thirty-seven year span1:15/191948
[ ]Chi OmegaChi Omega wins intersorority sing1:15/191948
[ ]Hobo DayDate set1:55/191948
[ ]Commencement103rd Commencement begins activities June 41:15/271948
[ ]Track and Field1948 Tiger track team--six wins and no losses1:15/271948
[ ]Hobo DayDate set35/271948
[ ]Track and FieldOnly undefeated track squad in state1:55/271948
[ ]Alpha Phi OmegaService fraternity installed on Sunday1:45/271948
[ ]Norris, JohnnyPersonality parade3:36/61948
[ ]Allison, Bernard; Brand, C.A.; Bremer, Otto; Cowdrick, Dr. Ruth; Coyle, Dr. William; Dierolf, Claude; Dueker, James E.; Hites, Dr. Laird T.; Lind, Karl G.; Mallett, Dr. D. M.; McKnight, Robert J.; Mertz, J. L.; Prichard, Wayne; Riesner, Marianna; Schrag, 21 new members added to faculty1:49/151948
[ ]Reck, W. EmersonAccepts position as Wittenberg Vice President1:59/151948
[ ]Allison, BernardNew Tiger coach directs frosh squad4:29/151948
[ ]Doering, EdPersonality parade2:39/151948
[ ]Rhoads, HaroldRhoads and Spragg to publish Wittenberger1:19/151948
[ ]Spragg, DeanRhoads and Spragg to publish Wittenberger9/151948
[ ]CampusSummer facelifting39/151948
[ ]Brickels, John; Edwards, BillTwo ex-Tiger stars hold coaching posts with Browns4:19/151948
[ ]TorchWins first class collegiate press award1:39/151948
[ ]Brees, Prof. Paul R.Brees gains doctorate1:19/221948
[ ]VeteransCllege takes over titles of housing units3:59/221948
[ ]Kaltreider, CarlKaltreider receives award (por)1:39/221948
[ ]Bisesser, BettyPre-med Indian lass discovers courting wide open compared to native land3:19/221948
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolRefectory is open1:29/221948
[ ]CampusTree surgeons battle falling tree menace1:39/221948
[ ]Ostrom, Dr. John W.Book on Edgar Allen Poe to be published next month1:19/291948
[ ]Student CouncilFaculty approves council constitution1:39/291948
[ ]Kretzschmar, BlaiseFrenchman finds U.S. wasteful, charming3:19/291948
[ ]Beymer, JohnnyPersonality parade2:39/291948
[ ]Smith, Wray C.Appointed to new position (por)1:610/11948
[ ]Student CouncilFaculty approves council constitution1:410/61948
[ ]Heinlein, Dr. Christian PaulHeinlein joins psychology department3:310/61948
[ ]ChoirNinety-one members in choir1:110/61948
[ ]Wittenberger (annual)Office in Myers Hall holds open house1:410/61948
[ ]Zenk, DottiePersonality parade2:310/61948
[ ]Rey, WalterU.S. Wonderful to German student3:110/61948
[ ]HomecomingStudent homecoming committees selected1:510/131948
[ ]FinancesUCLA approves college aid program3:510/131948
[ ]Koo-Tus-Pah-He-TooIndian tenor at convocation1:210/181948
[ ]Zung, S. S.Tells of Rural China4:610/181948
[ ]Teeter, Mary AliceHomecoming Queen candidates110/201948
[ ]Van Why, Professor John B.Personality parade2;310/201948
[ ]Bryden, EwenPhysical education major pitches pro-baseball with N.Y. Giants farm team4:210/201948
[ ]Wee, Dr. MorrisReligious week begins Oct. 24; Dr. Wee to speak1:510/201948
[ ]Homecoming Queen1948 Mary Alice Teeter110/271948
[ ]Ostrom, Dr. John W.Book on Edgar Allen Poe to be published next month110/271948
[ ]Ostrom, Dr. John W.Book on Edgar Allen Poe to be published next month4:110/271948
[ ]Bishop, Charles; Clinton, Donald; Klar, Lois; Norris, JohnnyJunior class officers110/271948
[ ]Teeter, Mary AliceQueen110/271948
[ ]Bender, Marty; Beymer, Johnny; Janicky, Vera; Lindow, JuneSenior class officers110/271948
[ ]HomecomingStudent homecoming committees selected4:310/271948
[ ]FinancesWittenberg College to get $474,000 from Lutheran Churches2:310/271948
[ ]History of WittenbergBound "Torch" issues recall events of past years4:411/61948
[ ]HomecomingDisplays2, 511/61948
[ ]Beta Theta PiFraternity winner (homecoming displays)511/61948
[ ]HomecomingStudent homecoming committees selected1:211/61948
[ ]Schaffer, WilliamTo speak at Youth Crusade6:511/61948
[ ]Alpha Xi DeltaWins award for homecoming displays211/61948
[ ]Perkins, RichardBush achieves honor1:311/101948
[ ]Osmond, MurrayFormer art students gain success in painting1:311/101948
[ ]Tug-of-WarFreshman cap issue to be decided Tuesday4:311/101948
[ ]Wittenberg EnrollmentOne third of students from out-of-state2:511/101948
[ ]Janicky, VeraPersonality parade2:311/101948
[ ]Reck, W. EmersonPublicity book rolls off press1:111/101948
[ ]Bridge TournamentSchool gets invitation to enter bridge tourney3:211/101948
[ ]Rhoads, Harold; Schreiber, Jack; Shreck, Carolyn; Stull, JamesSixteen students selected by faculty to college Who's Who1:411/101948
[ ]Clinton, DonaldWho's who1:411/101948
[ ]Ostrom, Dr. John W.Work gets favorable reviews1:211/101948
[ ]Plays"The Late George Apley" given by speech dept.1:411/171948
[ ]Tug-of-WarFreshmen win1:411/171948
[ ]MariemmaSpanish dancer performs Friday1:111/171948
[ ]Plays"The Late George Apley" given by speech dept.1:411/231948
[ ]Phi Gamma Delta; Varsity NightPhi Gams win trophy1:111/231948
[ ]Phi Gamma Deltawin Varsity night trophy1:111/231948
[ ]Plays"The Late George Apley" given by speech dept.1:312/81948
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesAdmission of Negroes into frats delayed year by convention3:512/81948
[ ]Browne, DickTigers select Most Valuable Player4:312/81948
[ ]DebateWomen place third1:412/81948
[ ]Allison, Bernie;Sports;FootballAllison Holds Classes for Prospective Frosh Football Candidates4:312/151948
[ ]Alpha Phi Omega;Philanthropy;Toys for TotsAlpha Phi Omega Backs Toys For Tots Campaign1:512/151948
[ ]Jurkat, ElmerArt Class Display4:512/151948
[ ]Billman, George;Red CrossBillman Elected Chairman Of Red Cross Unit2:312/151948
[ ]Convocations;Christmas;Choir;OrchestraChoir, Orchestra, Appear At Convo1:412/151948
[ ]Christmas;GiftsCo-Ed Ponders Her Christmas Gifts3:112/151948
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities;SportsCoed Sports4:112/151948
[ ]Hites, Dr. Laird T.;DeathsDr. Hites, Psychology professor, dies1:312/151948
[ ]Schwiebert, Dr. Ernest;Military Service;[Photo]Dr. Schwiebert Accepts Post In U.S. Military Rule1:412/151948
[ ]Students;Education Figures2:312/151948
[ ]Voss, Walt;Philanthropy;Toys for TotsEt Cetera2:412/151948
[ ]Comics;Ezry (Tiger);ChristmasEzry3:112/151948
[ ]Faculty;Christmas;ChristmasFaculty Hold Christmas Party Tomorrow1:112/151948
[ ]DebateFirst Year Debate Squad Announced1:112/151948
[ ]Varsity Night;Fraternities;Withers, Carl;Abbott, Al;Mautz, Earl;Sprague, SidFraternity Presidents Agree That Varsity Night Should Be Changed; Disagree As To How1:312/151948
[ ]Hester, Keith;Radio stationFreshman Operates Radio Station4:312/151948
[ ]Basketball;Lambda Chi Alpha;FreshmenFrosh Cagers Swamp Lambda Chi Alpha4:312/151948
[ ]Long, Dr. Dean;EducationGeneral Education A Must,' Professor States At Special Faculty Meeting, Monday1:112/151948
[ ]Traffic Accidents;His Memo Read: 'Buy Tire Chains'2:112/151948
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities;Christmas;Hours Without Credit2:312/151948
[ ]Lutheran Students' Association of AmericaLutheran Student Association3:212/151948
[ ]Dating;Leap YearMen Can Relax Again And Women Wait As Another Leap Year Passes3:412/151948
[ ]Intramural Sports;FraternitiesMen's Intramurals4:412/151948
[ ]Santa Claus;No Santa Claus?2:112/151948
[ ]Comics;Christmas;Personality Parade2:212/151948
[ ]Phi Sigma IotaPhi Sigma Iota3:212/151948
[ ]Gaver, Caroline;Renz, Bill;Hanneman, Irma;Studer, Erwin;Elliot, Carol;Kendig, Walt;Selberling, Jane;Gibson, Boyd;Barrett, Jean;Minnich, Rob;Rhodes, Arlene;Hall, Jack;[Photos];Pins and Promises2:212/151948
[ ]Michelfelder, Martha;Brandt, Ruth V.;Baker, Robert;PoetryPoems By Wittenbergers To Be Published3:512/151948
[ ]Speech Department;Kelley, VernonSpeech Students Judge Contest4:412/151948
[ ]Springfield;TheatreSpringfield Civic Theater Hunts Talent4:512/151948
[ ]Student UnionStudent Union To Celebrate1:212/151948
[ ]Swimming and Diving;TravelSwimming Team Heads South For Florida Warmup4:112/151948
[ ]The WittenbergerThe WITTENBERGER? It's Here1:412/151948
[ ]Fraternities;Dove, Dave;Christmas;[Photo]There isn't a Santa Claus? ...1:312/151948
[ ]Sports;BasketballTigers Clash With Invading Kentucky Squad Tomorrow4:512/151948
[ ]Sports;BasketballTigers Down Georgetown In Overtime - Nab 72-61 Decision For First Win4:212/151948
[ ]Study Abroad;Summer Courses;NorwayUniversity of Oslo Announces Special Summer Classes3:312/151948
[ ]AttendanceWatch Those Cuts! They Spell T-r-o-u-b-l-e1:212/151948