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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Plays"Ah, Wildernis" to run1/201947
[ ]Speakers BureauDr. Ward heads1:21/201947
[ ]Student UnionFood and music welcomed1:3, 5:6,1/201947
[ ]Daley, HerbHerb Daley named swimming coach3:11/201947
[ ]CurriculumNystrom announces additional courses4:31/201947
[ ]Blue KeyBlue Key revitalized1:42/141947
[ ]Christensen, Harold L.; Mendenhall, Helen; Jex, Mrs. Patty; Leiter, Lloyd; Young, Charles D.; Dismang, D.O.K.Faculty adds 10 new professors1:52/141947
[ ]Glass, CarlFaculty adds 10 new profs1;52/141947
[ ]Gire, MyronGire appointed Director of Personnel1:22/141947
[ ]Student UnionLounge completed4:32/141947
[ ]Fine Arts ClubSeven students direct new club1:22/141947
[ ]Plays"You Can't Take it With You" comedy to be presented1:52/281947
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesStatewide interfrat discusses hazing1:32/281947
[ ]Ostrom, Dr. John W.Author of new book on Poe letters1:43/141947
[ ]CafeteriaNew cafeteria to open Feb. 32:53/141947
[ ]Fellmeth, GeneRecord breaker receives honor (por)3:43/141947
[ ]Basketball; Fellmeth, GeneSeason ends; Fellmeth most valuable3:33/141947
[ ]ChoirSix Ohio cities will hear choir1:13/141947
[ ]Norris, JohnnySpring marionette show now under construction1:13/141947
[ ]Stetler, HarryTo get special award3:53/141947
[ ]CurriculumWard initiates new industrial training course1:43/141947
[ ]Thompson, RalstonWins 1st in show for 3rd year1:23/141947
[ ]OratorsWittenberg to be host to contestants this year1:33/141947
[ ]Most Valuable Players (MVPs)1937-471:13/281947
[ ]Speakers BureauDr. Ward heads6:13/281947
[ ]Endter, CharlesEndter takes first in state oratory.1:13/281947
[ ]OratorsEndter takes first place in state contest1:13/281947
[ ]DebateGrowth of debater; woes, miseries and fun1:13/281947
[ ]LibraryLibrary addition awarded college1:23/281947
[ ]Doering, EdNew coeditors. . . take over next issue (por)1:23/281947
[ ]Spragg, DeanNew coeditors..take over next issue (por)3/281947
[ ]Summer CoursesSessions held in Mexico and Guatemala7;13/281947
[ ]Golfto return to active status3:53/281947
[ ]ChoirChoir sings Seven Last Words on tour1:34/181947
[ ]Downey, JanetDowney elected as Alma Mater Queen (por)1:54/181947
[ ]Endter, CharlesEndter takes first in state oratory1:44/181947
[ ]Honor DayHonor Day awards made1:14/181947
[ ]Alma MaterJanet Downey elected Alma Mater queen (pic)1:54/181947
[ ]Leffingwell, BobNew officers elected (por)1:54/181947
[ ]Phi Mu DeltaPhi Mu's capture bowling3:34/181947
[ ]Simon, Dr. FrankTo conduct band here1:24/181947
[ ]Plays"Mrs. Moonlight"1:15/21947
[ ]Endter, CharlesEndter excels in national oratory (por)1:55/21947
[ ]Fellmeth, GeneFellmeth awarded All-Ohio honors1:25/21947
[ ]Speakers BureauLocal speakers address schools1:25/21947
[ ]Dorm LeagueDormant Dormers dummy up Greeks2:45/161947
[ ]Hobo DayHobo Day5:15/161947
[ ]TorchThe Wittenberg Itch5/161947
[ ]Alma Mater"America" to be Alma Mater theme1:45/291947
[ ]Alpha Xi DeltaAlpha Xi Delta takes spring sing award1:45/291947
[ ]CommencementCommencement 1947 has full schedule1:45/291947
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolGraduates nine ministers1:25/291947
[ ]Hobo DayHobo Day5:45/291947
[ ]Tulloss, President Rees EdgarTo tour Northern Europe1:55/291947
[ ]TorchAppears in new dress1:29/151947
[ ]Wittenberg EnrollmentEnrollment hits all time high (1,430)3:59/151947
[ ]Ezra (Tiger)Introducing "Ezry"1:49/151947
[ ]Albrecht, Walter Jr.; Alexander, Mrs. Warren; Belding, Robert; Bush, Prof. Everett; Cotterman, A.D.; Endter, Charles; Freeman, Charles; Glasoe, Dr. Paul; Hillbrink, Mrs. Jean; Humbard, Jesse; Larson, W. Douglas; Lugo-Silva, Enrique; Lund, Rev. Gene; McCulNew professors arrive on campus1:19/151947
[ ]Tulloss, President Rees EdgarReturns from Europe1:39/151947
[ ]FootballTigers preparing for Fifty-third grid season4;19/151947
[ ]CurriculumAviation course announced here1:59/251947
[ ]Baughman, Dr. Willis J.Baughman's plans become reality as new lab opens4:19/251947
[ ]Broadcasting StudioNew campus broadcasting studio opens1:19/251947
[ ]Dunkel, JamesPersonality parade2:49/251947
[ ]Pi Sigma AlphaPoli Sci fraternity granted chapter1:39/251947
[ ]Fok, Shiu YingShiu Ying amazed by America's wealth2:49/251947
[ ]Blackburn, J. RobertCoaches map Saturday's strategy (por)1:110/21947
[ ]Bauer, Art BudPersonality parade2:310/21947
[ ]CampusWWG board plans Home Ec building1:510/21947
[ ]Luther, GeorgeLuther of victory (por)4:510/91947
[ ]Beymer, JohnnyThe margin... (por)4:310/91947
[ ]Newman ClubTo be organized3:210/91947
[ ]Thompson, RalstonTriumphs in Dayton artists exhibit1:210/91947
[ ]Berger, PeterAustrian enrolled here after nine years of travel2:310/161947
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesDelayed rush plan rejected1:410/161947
[ ]Rollins, Mary AnnPersonality parade2:310/161947
[ ]Taylor, JimPortrait3:210/161947
[ ]ConvocationsStudent Council displays criticism of present convos1:410/161947
[ ]VeteransFigures show that vets are sticking1:111/61947
[ ]HomecomingGame, feast, dance mark homecoming1:411/61947
[ ]Roessler, JeanPortrait3:111/61947
[ ]MajorettesStrutters' steps stop students4:311/61947
[ ]Sidlinger, HankTypical of members of Wittebnerg's marching band...1:411/61947
[ ]Peng, FuYour convo speaker2:211/61947
[ ]Homecoming Queen1947 Audrey Esping1:211/151947
[ ]Seiberling, JaneAttendant1:211/151947
[ ]Teeter, Mary AliceAttendant1:411/151947
[ ]Popke, MikeFreshman star and outstanding prospect (por)7:411/151947
[ ]FootballFrosh squad1:111/151947
[ ]Esping, AudreyHomecoming queen (por)1:311/151947
[ ]Kappa DeltaHouse decoration winners411/151947
[ ]HomecomingHouse decoration winners Kappa Delta, Phi Gamma Delta4, 511/151947
[ ]Phi Gamma DeltaHouse decoration winners Kappa Delta, Phi Gamma Delta4,511/151947
[ ]Luther, George; Taylor, JimPersonality parade2:311/151947
[ ]Pi Sigma AlphaPoli Sci fraternity granted chapter3:211/151947
[ ]HomecomingQueen Audrey Esping (por)1:211/151947
[ ]HomecomingThere were decorations then3:411/151947
[ ]Football, History ofTiger records reveal 29 victories7:511/151947
[ ]FootballYardage gainers for the 1947 Tiger gridiron 117:211/151947
[ ]Dibelius, Bishop OttoBerlin bishop to speak at Hamma1:111/201947
[ ]Pi Sigma AlphaPoli Sci fraternity granted chapter1:211/201947
[ ]Bostrum, Dr. Otto; Mendenhall, Dr. GeorgeSeminarians greet new professors1:511/201947
[ ]HomecomingTigers slip and skid to slippery victory3:511/201947
[ ]Engineering Science ClubTwo new groups formally installed1:211/201947
[ ]Ostrom, Dr. John W.Comments on news over WJEL1:312/41947
[ ]Basketballkentucky trip cage opener4:312/41947
[ ]Taylor, JimMost valuable player and no. 1 fan4:412/41947
[ ]PlaysMurder Mystery, "Mr. and Mrs. North" next play1:112/41947
[ ]Varsity NightPrograms hailed as best ever1:512/41947
[ ]Perrine, JeanneStory wins contest; is published2:112/41947
[ ]Phi Gamma DeltaVarsity nite program hailed as best ever; Phi Gams take cup home1:512/41947
[ ]Thompson, RalstonDiscusses art job prospects1:312/111947
[ ]AthleticsOhio conference reverses ruling4:512/111947
[ ]Ray, Leonard LennyPersonality parade2:312/111947
[ ]Seiberling, JanePortrait3:112/111947
[ ]Voigt, Dr. Gilbert P.Resigns. Ostrom new head of English department1:112/111947
[ ]Ostrom, Dr. John W.Voigt resigns; Ostrom new head of English department1:112/111947
[ ]DebateWomen take second place1:412/111947
[ ]Thompson, RalstonArtists exhibit in national shows1:212/181947
[ ]Interfraternity CouncilChanges name of men's song contest1:112/181947
[ ]Inter-fraternity SingIFC changes name of men's song contest1:112/181947
[ ]Taylor, JimMost valuable player and no. 1 fan4:412/181947
[ ]Bender, MartyPersonality parade2:312/181947
[ ]Puls, Rev. speak at Christmas convocation1:512/181947