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[ ]FacultyFaculty to give 10 minute lectures at short chapel to establish more intimate relations between faculty and student bodyNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:31/41946
[ ]Student UnionBoard of Directors gives approval for student center1:51/181946
[ ]VeteransMarried vets will inhabit Woodlawn1:31/181946
[ ]ChapelNew arrangement...will add beauty1:41/181946
[ ]BasketballResume of sports news3:21/181946
[ ]Perkins, RichardThompson, Perkins submit paintings in regional show1:11/181946
[ ]Student UnionWWL sponsors drive for student union1:41/181946
[ ]Valbracht, Rev. Louis H.Addresses students5:22/151946
[ ]Blair HallBlair opens doors for students again4:32/151946
[ ]Christian Service InstituteCollege announces Christian Service Institute1:42/151946
[ ]Madsen, BorgeDanish scholar likes our attitude (por)1:12/151946
[ ]Dorm LeagueDorm league active again1:52/151946
[ ]Hewitt, BettyHewitt sketch4:42/151946
[ ]VeteransMarried vets will inhabit Woodlawn5:22/151946
[ ]Chapel; Hiller, Professor Robert H.New chancel is Hiller memorial5:12/151946
[ ]Niuffer, Miss Margaret E.; Osborne, Don W.; Zook, Paul D.New professors added to staff1:22/151946
[ ]Nystrom, Dr. Wendell C.Nystrom becomes new acting dean1:42/151946
[ ]Honors coursesProvide for private studies2:52/151946
[ ]BasketballResume of sports news3:12/151946
[ ]Blair HallBlair opens doors for students again1:13/11946
[ ]Student UnionBoard of Directors gives approval for student center5:13/11946
[ ]BasketballCagers second in state and conference1:43/11946
[ ]Christian Service InstituteCollege announces Christian Service Institute1:13/11946
[ ]FacultyCollege completes retirement plan1:53/11946
[ ]CurriculumEducation called into court5:53/11946
[ ]Rugh, Lois JeanneFrom the campus sketchbook4:43/11946
[ ]Blackburn, J. Robert; Chilcote, MarthaTwo Wittenbergers return to teach (por)1:23/11946
[ ]VeteransG.I. trailer homes quickly filled1:13/221946
[ ]Stetler, HarryMost valuable player3:13/221946
[ ]Stavers, Jean BeanerStavers is editor, Pieper manager1:43/221946
[ ]Pieper, PaulStavers is editor, Pieper, manager1:43/221946
[ ]BasketballTeam plans eastern trip3:13/221946
[ ]Tiger MascotWittenberg Tiger3:23/221946
[ ]Shatzer, Charles GallatinAnnual honors1:44/51946
[ ]Eddy, SherwoodEddy is future speaker (por)1:34/51946
[ ]CurriculumEnglish course added5:44/51946
[ ]Stirewalt, SueEx-editor excells in all4:44/51946
[ ]Hobo DayHobo Day a worthy tradition1:14/51946
[ ]Myers HallHow the other half lives, or at home in Myers5:44/51946
[ ]Plays"The Devil's Disciple" to be presented.1:14/171946
[ ]Jones, Norma JeanAlma Mater1:54/171946
[ ]ChoirChoir tours Ohio cities1:24/171946
[ ]Newell, Betty JaneFrom the campus sketchbook4;44/171946
[ ]Uptegraph, Clarence EugeneFrom the campus sketchbook4:54/171946
[ ]Alma MaterNorma Jean Jones (pic)1:54/171946
[ ]Schneider, Dr. John PhilipRecalls dreams of old1:24/171946
[ ]Class DaySeniors cancel usual Class Day exercises1:44/171946
[ ]Student UnionStudents support Student Union Drive1:34/171946
[ ]Honor DayStudents to receive cups and awards1:54/171946
[ ]Plays"The Devil's Disciple" to be presented. (pic)1:35/31946
[ ]Ivy Oration1946 - William Schaffer1:15/31946
[ ]Blackburn, J. RobertBlackburn new assistant coach (por)3:15/31946
[ ]ChoirChoir tours Ohio cities5:35/31946
[ ]Crockett, RuthFrom the campus sketchbook6:25/31946
[ ]Oak OrationRichard Becher1:15/31946
[ ]Weaver ObservatorySecrets of building exposed4:15/31946
[ ]Commencement; Newell, Betty Jane; Recher, Richard; Schaffer, WilliamSeniors choose speakers1:15/31946
[ ]Rugh, Lois JeanneSeniors choose speakers (gift orator)1:15/31946
[ ]Snider, PappyUnsung hero No. 15:25/31946
[ ]Student UnionBoard gives approval for Union plans1:45/171946
[ ]VeteransCollege assigned added housing1:55/171946
[ ]Hobo DayHobo Day a worthy tradition1:45/171946
[ ]Women's Guildplans new building1:35/171946
[ ]TorchSecond in bi-weeklies1:15/171946
[ ]Phi Mu DeltaSororities to sing Monday; Phi Mu Delta wins Men's1:25/171946
[ ]CurriculumStudies program planned for fall1:25/171946
[ ]Perkins, RichardThompson, Perkins display at Chicago1:15/171946
[ ]Wappner, LoisThree honoraries elect officers1:55/171946
[ ]BaseballTigers score five wins, one loss3:15/171946
[ ]CommencementActivities begin (schedule)1:15/311946
[ ]Perkins, RichardBush achieves honor1:35/311946
[ ]Chi OmegaChi Omega wins sorority sing1:25/311946
[ ]Basketballeastern basketball games out3:55/311946
[ ]Hobo DayHobo Day a worthy tradition5:35/311946
[ ]Hobo DayHobo Day a worthy tradition4:45/311946
[ ]Ullom, Harry H.Participates in Peace contest1:15/311946
[ ]Patmos, A. EdwardPatmos to get degree1:55/311946
[ ]CommencementSeniors choose speakers (por)1:25/311946
[ ]Alma MaterStudents honor Alma Mater in festivities tomorrow1:45/311946
[ ]BaseballTigers end with 7 wins; 1 loss; down Ashland, Wilmington3:15/311946
[ ]Auten, Miss Agnes; Doughman, Betty; Fisher, Miss Ilo; Fortney, Harold B.; Keefer, Edward W.; Minich, Dr. Paul R.; Poage, Miss Leila; Silas, Paul G.; Sturm, Louis; Wilder, Harry; Wylie, Lloyd R.Faculty adds 32 new professors1:39/151946
[ ]Summer CoursesAttended by 8521:19/201946
[ ]Weaver, E. O.College receives $500,0001:59/201946
[ ]Kline, Mrs. Randall; Boatman, Claude E.; Stewart, Lincoln; Swinebroad, Jefferson D.; Cressman, Dr. Charles P.; Gerhard, Dr. Melitta; Gire, Myron; Miller, C.; Schaffer, WilliamFaculty adds 32 new professors1:39/201946
[ ]Foreign StudentsForeign students enrolled at Wittenberg1:29/201946
[ ]Horn, MaryFrom the campus sketchbook6:59/201946
[ ]Blackburn, J. RobertMaurer and Blackburn head football squad3:19/201946
[ ]VeteransTemporary dorms occupied1:49/201946
[ ]Delta Sigma Phi; Lambda Chi AlphaThree fraternities open new houses1:19/201946
[ ]Phi Mu DeltaThree fraternities to open new houses1:19/201946
[ ]FootballTiger gridders prepare for opener3:59/201946
[ ]Allbeck, Willard DowWittenberg professor writes history of Hamma Divinity2:59/201946
[ ]Bloomhardt, Dr. Paul F.Bloomhardt spends exciting year in Europe4:410/41946
[ ]ChoirChoir to broadcast1:310/41946
[ ]Women's LeagueCompiles high campus record5:410/41946
[ ]AthleticsFall intramural program back to pre-war status3:210/41946
[ ]Stetler, HarryFrom the campus sketchbook6:410/41946
[ ]Frankenhaueser, MarianneMarianne and Barbro enjoy friendly life in America1:110/41946
[ ]ChapelTolloss states plans for $500,000 chapel6:310/41946
[ ]ChoirChoir returns; trip successful1:110/111946
[ ]Varsity NightEvent set for Nov. 161:310/111946
[ ]Dziama, SteveFrom the campus sketchbook4:410/111946
[ ]SpringfieldIntroducing2:410/111946
[ ]Tiger MascotMeet Atom1:310/111946
[ ]Student UnionStudent Union work progressing rapidly3:310/111946
[ ]Homecoming Queen1946 Ruth Sherriff1:610/261946
[ ]Lui, Nien-tsuiChinese girl studies here (por)7:110/261946
[ ]HomecomingGames reviewed from 19354:210/261946
[ ]Sheriff, RuthHomecoming Queen1:510/261946
[ ]HomecomingSC dance starts festivities1:310/261946
[ ]HomecomingSheriff homecoming queen (por)1:610/261946
[ ]CheerleadersTen students lead cheers3:410/261946
[ ]HomecomingTradition grows on campus1:510/261946
[ ]Thompson, RalstonArt displayed nationally1:211/81946
[ ]Chi OmegaChi Os and Figis awarded cups (Homecoming displays)1:111/81946
[ ]Phi Gamma DeltaChi Os and Fijis awarded cups (homecoming displays)1:111/81946
[ ]History of WittenbergTraditions and history unfolded1:111/81946
[ ]Varsity NightEvent set for Nov. 161:111/221946
[ ]Gerhard, Dr. MelittaNotable for extensive talent, interest5:411/221946
[ ]Phi Gamma DeltaWin varsity nite with musical skit (por)1:111/221946
[ ]Whittaker, Lt. James C."We thought we heard the angels sing"2:312/201946
[ ]BasketballCagers set .500 pace (por)3:312/201946
[ ]MosaicFirst MOSAIC, new magazine out today1:112/201946
[ ]Richie, BobFrom the campus sketchbook2:412/201946
[ ]Sutcliffe, HarryHanicap no bar5:212/201946
[ ]VeteransMatthies states FPHA situation1:112/201946
[ ]CafeteriaNew cafeteria to open Feb. 31:312/201946
[ ]Student UnionStudent union to open in Myers Hall on January 61:512/201946